My American Cup

Hello all. I am back from the American Cup. A competition I like to call people watching.

I had a great time with my two B.F.F’s Riley and Quinn. They are kind of loud and obnoxious and yelled at some little girl for standing in their way because as you know from my past competitions, little gymnasts can be rude, ignorant little fuckers and the only people in this world that trump little asshole gymnasts is their stage parents.

I did see some great stuff so here we go.

I saw Nastia yell at some guy that I believe works for USA-gymnastics or NBC. He was setting up her table for NBC and he said something to her, pointed at the table and she yelled at him, rolled her eyes and turned to the right and shook her head. Nastia is a crazy ass spoiled little Russian bitch. It is that simple.

After Katelyn was done with her practice on beam Valeri spent about ten minutes with his daughter talking by Floor while Katelyn was over by the floor apparently coaching herself. I remember thinking, why is she training herself over by floor?

I also saw this hilarious phony like interaction between Gabby and Nastia. Nastia came over to Gabby and they has a conversation with a few “smiles”. Then when they ended the conversation Nastia went to hug Gabby and Gabby looked a little shocked that a hug was coming her way. She had this look of okay, a hug. It was pretty funny to watch because they sat next to each other for at least a half an hour (about 5 feet between them) before even looking at each other. Gabby acted like she could care less that Nastia was around.

I watched Gabby Douglas on the sidelines quite a bit. It might surprise you to hear this but she actually seemed quite normal for the most part. Several people came up to talk to her and she posed for pictures with them. These weren’t regular people but someone that works behind the scenes but she wasn’t yelling at them like a certain Nastia Liukin. She did ignore people when they called her name from the crowd unless Aly was around but overall I didn’t see any Diva like behavior. I did get a picture of her in the process of picking her nose. She did this a few times.

My friend Quinn was like, Gabby dresses like my grandmother and I spit my water on my lap. Thanks for that Quinn:)

2013 American cup

Aly Raisman is in the process of being the star of a new movie called, Miss Congeniality 3. If someone called her name she turned around and waved. If someone blew her a kiss she turned around and blew them a kiss. She never seemed to ignore anyone that paid her any attention to her and the phony smile we see on Nastia whenever a camera is around was not on Aly’s face at all during this competition.

When Aly sat down at the table she noticed Nastia and waved. I never looked at Nastia but Aly seemed genuine in being happy to see Nastia. I did not get the impression that they had seen each other at all before this time

Now about the competition.

Katelyn Ohashi looked like she was miserable the entire time she competed. When we first walked down to our seats Katelyn was on beam. She was hitting everything she tried but every time Valeri looked at her she gave him the dirtiest look known to man kind. She seemed annoyed by everything he said to her. The only other time I saw that look on a gymnasts face it was Vanessa Atler in 2000 and we all know that Vanessa hated training at Woga. I remember Vanessa mouthing back at Valeri and rolling her eyes in 2000.

I was actually quite surprised by the scores Katelyn received. They were scam overscored but not nearly the overscoring we have seen her get in the past. Her vault was piked at the hips and her twist seemed close to not being complete but I thought her beam was a little bit of an underscore.

Katelyn ignored Simone most of the time I watched her. During the competition she ignored Simone until Simone fell. Than all of a sudden she talked with her. At one point Katelyn was about to take a step back and was getting close to the end of the mat and Simone touched her on the shoulder. Katelyn just looked at her like, why are you touching me and Simone smiled and pointed to the mat Katelyn almost backed off of.

I didn’t get the impression Katelyn was being rude I think she was just focused on what she had to do but as soon as Simone fell her tune changed.


Simone Biles is a star in the making. I even enjoyed watching her live. She easily had the loudest applause for the women from the first introduction. I think she would have won this competition without the fall on beam. When she fell she was crying on the beam which is never a good thing to do.


Victoria Moors is one miserable little I only saw her crack a smile once when she saw Aly sitting and she went up to talk to her. They seemed excited to see each other.

At one point after beam she and Simone and Katelyn were about to talk and Valeri literally swished Katelyn and Simone away from the talk. Victoria went back to the mad look.

Vanessa Ferrari spent most of her time alone and she never smiled either. She had the same look of, why am I hear the entire day.

Elizabeth Seitz spent a long time on beam. I never saw her coach anywhere.

The little girl from Great Britain also looked miserable the entire time. She never changed her expression.

The little girl from Japan also spent a long time on beam training. She worked a lot on her double turn trying to connect it to another turn.

Kyla was not a happy camper either. I personally think she wanted to be competing and wasn’t happy about being on the sidelines but at least she smiled and talked with other gymnasts. After the meet was over she was smiling a lot and I saw her and Katelyn posing with some stuffed animal.

1. Katelyn Ohashi 5.8 14.900 6.2 14.566 6.8 15.333 5.8 14.400 59.199
2. Simone Biles 6.3 15.733 6.1 14.800 5.8 13.133 6.1 14.000 57.666
3. Victoria Moors 5.8 14.900 5.3 13.566 5.7 14.000 5.9 14.600 57.066
4. Elisabeth Seitz 5.8 14.766 6.0 14.500 5.6 13.866 5.3 13.566 56.698
5. Vanessa Ferrari 5.3 14.333 5.6 13.666 5.7 13.633 6.1 14.466 56.098
6. Gabrielle Jupp 5.0 13.866 5.3 13.700 6.3 14.433 5.5 13.666 55.665
7. Asuka Teramoto 5.3 14.000 5.6 14.100 5.4 13.366 4.6 12.800 54.266
8. Maegan Chant 5.4 14.133 4.9 12.800 5.3 11.933 5.7 12.533 51.399


1. Jake Dalton 6.5 15.700 5.0 13.333 6.2 15.166 6.0 15.433 6.3 15.033 6.1 14.733 89.398
2. Oleg Vernyayev 6.6 14.333 6.7 15.033 6.1 14.766 6.0 15.000 6.8 13.966 6.1 14.200 87.298
3. Marcel Nguyen 6.0 14.433 5.0 13.033 6.1 15.166 5.6 14.900 6.5 15.133 6.2 14.366 87.031
4. Hiroki Ishikawa 6.2 14.866 5.8 14.533 5.6 13.566 5.2 14.600 6.3 14.966 6.3 14.000 86.531
5. Kristian Thomas 6.3 15.400 5.7 14.033 5.7 14.366 5.6 14.000 6.0 14.166 6.0 13.866 85.831
6. Danell Leyva 6.1 12.800 6.4 14.566 5.6 14.433 5.6 15.033 6.7 14.833 6.9 13.600 85.265
7. Sergio Sasaki 6.5 13.800 6.1 14.333 5.7 14.400 6.0 14.200 6.1 14.333 4.9 12.166 83.232
8. Jorge Hugo Giraldo 5.7 14.133 6.0 14.100 5.8 14.266 5.2 13.200 6.4 14.966 5.5 11.633 82.298


I watched Marta but she never did anything fun or annoying. She just stood there, watching. She even smiled and talked with people.

That is all I remember for now on specific attitudes. The guys are a lot friendlier than the women. They were always seen talking to each other. The only guy that looked annoyed or pissed was Daniel Pervis. He is really cute in person.

Jake Dalton is also really cute and he was amazing yesterday on floor. His first pass was amazing and even his pommels looked okay.

LLeyva looked a mess. It was weird that the on guy training the longest looked like shit.

The guy from Ukraine is really tiny.


Not sure about twitter updates because I can’t sign out of my real name on my phone but I am working on it.


See you tomorrow




119 Responses to “My American Cup”

  1. Kazic Says:

    Not exactly SCAM related but does anyone know if Russian Champuinships is being streamed anywhere? It starts on the 3rd.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      There is a link but I didn’t save it. I am looking around to see if I can find it again

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    I hope you meet Nastia 🙂

  3. GymMom Says:

    So today the former Iowa Governor gave Shawn a plaque commemorating an award for character she received in 2009. Shawn’a weight gain is unmistakeable in this video & photos I saw taken today at this event. A reporter asked what her future plans are. Most of her answer was hard to understand but she said “I live and breathe fitness and I live and breathe kids.” REALLY???

    And what kind of outfit is that to wear to accept an award from the former Governor. Her red sports bra was showing & her hair was a mess.

  4. Guest Says:

    Shawn is trying to have meat free and planning to change her body in this two months. Would it be some project related to Nike?

    So my body needs a change and I want to mix it up a little…. I’m going meat free for the next 2 months… Who is with me???— Shawn Johnson (@ShawnJohnson) 2013年3月1日

    • tortuga Says:

      Does having large breasts qualify someone for weight gain? Sure breasts are fat cells but do you think that makes someone look bad seeing that you’re comparing her to being pre-pubescent before?You can’t even see her waist because her shirt is so loose. Going meatless all at once can make some people drop weight/ become sick really fast if not done properly. Hopefully she will make sure to have the variety and vitamins she needs to stay healthy.

    • GymMom Says:

      I saw that on her Twitter. Why is she asking for recipes? For what exactly? Is she giving up red meat?

      I saw she was at the Nike campus yesterday. I wonder if they told her she had to lose weight? Actually some people who have become vegetarians have gained weight, depending on what they eat.

      If you watch the video I posted, you can actually see her stomach sticking out when she was standing sideways. Wearing those jackets is a clue she has gained weight.

      I saw she posted her Nike Stretching Guide with her photo when she was in good shape a few years ago. Talk about deceptive advertising!

    • Guest Says:

      Would anyone think she is trying to swing off the extra muscle (thighs as example) which she trained in her gymnastics career by the meat-free meal so that she expects to look slimmer?

      • GymMom Says:

        I am bothered by Shawn pretending she is physically fit. She is one of those people who thinks she can overindulge after a grueling work-out. I know people exactly like that.

      • Guest Says:

        Let’s see how it is going about her body shape after two months.

      • Gymnerd Says:

        Gym Mom, how on earth would you know that??

    • Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

      GymMom, Shawn posted pictures of her Nike shoot from a year ago when she was super fit, and she captioned it with something like this ‘(not verbatim but this is what she meant) I’m using my old photos as an inspiration to be as fit as I once was.’ YES, Shawn DID gain weight from a year ago, and she’s clearly not as toned as she was then. She is not fat now though either. And yes, she is working on getting back her old toned physique.

      I know you don’t like her, but why don’t we just support her on her journey of body acceptance?

      Also, how do you know that Shawn is not physically fit? You’re not with her 24/7 to know her eating and exercising habits. What she posts on twitter barely scratches the surface.

  5. JAS4 Says:

    Let the over scoring begin! Lol

  6. GymMom Says:

    This “fitness” facade of Shawn’s is similar to what she did after the 2008 Olympics after she had gained alot of weight. She was espousing healthy eating and holding herself out as an example to kids. It was like the proverbial elephant in the room.

    • Alex Says:

      GymMom, you make this board a bad experience for me. You are hateful, narrow minded, and have only negative things to say about many of our athletes. I can only think that you must be unhappy…you obsess about these young girls in a very strange way. I urge you to go out and do something to lift others up- volunteer and do good- instead of hiding behind your computer screen typing nasty, hateful things. Moving forward I am going to skip over all of your posts, and I imagine I won’t be the only one.

  7. DL Says:

    I wonder if Raisman had also turned down DWTS, if it would be Wieber or Douglas asked next:

    It was recently announced that your teammate Aly Raisman is going to be on Dancing with the Stars. Is that something you would ever consider doing?

    I was asked to do it but I turned it down because I am back in the gym training for the Olympics. Gymnastics comes first, but maybe one day in the future I would. It’s such a fun thing and it’s awesome that they are representing gymnasts on it. Shawn Johnson did it and now Aly Raisman and then hopefully more from there. I’m excited for her and I know she’s going to do really well.

    • Guest Says:

      We don’t know if it is truth that DWTS producer invited Mckayla first but I read the previous interview (in All-Star season finale with Shawn/Derek) that Mckayla also said she would do it when she was asked.

      The possible reason that Aly was asked first would be Aly is the only one senior in Fierce 5 and she is not restricted by the labour law of LA. (According to Shawn’s experience in season 8)

      • Biyatch Says:

        I think McKayla comes off as really snotty in regards to Aly saying she turned it down. I like McKayla I just wish shed turn the selfie/ attention whore ways down. We all assumed that Aly got the call because of the 18 thing, but that was before they put a 16 y/o on the show.

      • GymMom Says:

        I don’t think McKayla should have divulged that ABC asked her to do DWTS & that she turned it down, even if its true. What was the point of that? To show that Aly was 2nd choice? It sounded like a 3rd grade passive aggressive put-down & was unnecessary. Then she tried to sugar coat it by mentioning that she thought it was great that gymnasts were involved in DWTS.

        Perhaps DWTSpreliminarily reached out to McKayla’s agent or something, but maybe it wasn’t a formal offer & she’s mad Aly was chosen instead of her??

      • GymMom Says:

        McKayla Fox & Friends a few days ago. She comes across as a combination of Shawn & Gabby. The first thing she says is that “alot of companies asked me but”…..she then went on to basically say her coach approved her to endorse 7UP 10. It came across as cocky, insecure and juvenile. In other words….she picks & chooses which I don’t believe for one minute. It’s becoming evident she is jealous of Aly’s endorsements etc.

        Personally, a young gymnast promoting soda with artificial sweeteners is not a good idea. Think of all the really young kids who will be drinking the toxic sodas because she’s promoting them.

        Aly has gotten some great product endorsements including Poland Spring and Pandora. Bottled water is a better product for an athlete to endorse than diet soda.

        Aly has also travelled to the Dominican Republic for David Ortiz golf tournament & she has dropped the puck at a Bruins game.

        Alot of big names congratulated Aly about DWTS. McKayla made a low budget music video with a D-lister(Jared Leto) & appeared on Hart of Dixie which my 19 yr old daughter told me nobody watches.

        Aly tweeted about their family vacation to Mexico also. It seems like Aly has a much more stable home life than McKayla’s.

        McKayla hurt her image of being a sweetheart with her snarky comments about turning down DWTS.

        I remember now the video clip she posted from the Cartoon Network show when she panned over to Aly sitting in the first row & she rolled her eyes because she(McKayla) was not in the first row. Very passive aggressive.

        Someone tweeted to McKayla that she was gaining weight? She might have gained a little but nothing too noticeable. Her clothing choices are often not flattering, but are typical of a girl her age. Those leggings all the girls wear with UGGS are not flattering on everyone.

      • Case Says:

        I can totally see McKayla getting asked first for DWTS. Even though she’s under 18, she lives in L.A. So the whole “needing a guardian” thing wouldn’t be as big a deal.

        I don’t think McKayla should have come out and said she was first choice. It just looks bad.

      • katecoursey Says:

        I get the feeling she sometimes just speaks without thinking. But honestly, Dancing with the Stars is so desperate for talent, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they asked both McKayla and Aly to be on the show. If that’s the case, she probably didn’t mean for it to come across as “oh Aly was their second choice behind me.”

      • DL Says:

        The Disney 16 yo on DWTS may be an emancipated minor, which solves the child labour problem.

        I agree that it’s kind of wrong for an athlete to endorse a soda, especially a teen athlete.

      • hurms22 Says:

        I think the labour laws only apply to the time/practices in which they are actually filmed?

  8. Catherine Says:

    Can’t wait! It would be amazing if Simone threw the triple she’s training. Should be an excellent fight for gold and bronze is wide open. If Gabby Jupp could do it that would be huge for her debut.

    • mimi Says:

      is gabby capable of a TTY? that’s awesome.

      i must admit i wish mckayla would maroney that TTY up but i guess simone would be the next best thing 🙂

      • Catherine Says:

        Oops I mean if Gabby can get the bronze! Haha I am so unclear. GB are notoriously weak on vault (and beam, but Gabby and Angel kick ass on beam as 2013 seniors) so if she produced a DTY at some stage that would be awesome for her. In fact in Beth’s gymnastic interview she says the scariest skill for her to learn and what scares her more than anything is a Yurchenko 1.5.

  9. mimi Says:

    for anyone who watched the nastia cup – sydney johnson-scharfp is just the cutest thing ever. future floor/beam star!

  10. Biyatch Says:

    Aly’s “big” announcement:

    • GymMom Says:

      Another thing that pissed McKayla off, along with not being invited to AC where it looks like Aly & Gabby are having a blast.

      I noticed Jordyn tweeted good luck to some of the gymnasts competing this weekend, but nothing from McKayla?

      And Shawn isn’t there either. I guess they’re just not that popular? Ha ha

  11. Catherine Says:

    GTT you need to watch this, fantastic snark ‘translating’.

    • DL Says:

      Haha, when I saw the interview without the snarking earlier, when she said that she was embarrassed that she had to do a PowerPoint presentation on her achievement my first thought was that she LOVED every second of being able to tell the whole class about her amazing life.

    • icemeltsfast Says:

      This was hilarious. (:
      “now i have to write 5 page papers” oh goodness hahaha

  12. Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

    Hey guys do you have any links to SCAM that can be watched outside the US?

  13. GymMom Says:

    Shawn tweeted this photo telling everyone to use the Nike Stretch Guide after doing a workout with her trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

    The impression given is that if you do, you will look like Shawn does in that OLD photo. The deception is that she doesn’t look like that anymore & probably never will.

    Shawn has an expensive personal trainer who trains singer Pink & other Hollywood celebrities and she has access to high-end services that provide all your daily meals & smacks. The only thing Shawn has to do is get fit. She is not in college and she doesn’t have a job to go to everyday. She only has to worry about getting in shape in order to hang on to her Nike endorsements etc.

    The message to me says….if Shawn can’t do it…who else can do it? If the thought of people scrutinizing her isn’t enough incentive, what is???

    What former athletes have jobs in front of the camera or otherwise who carry extra pounds? Even the thought of opening a gym with her name on it isn’t enough incentive to get fit.

    Being a role model means walking the walk. In my humble opinion, Shawn needs to step it up & get it together. Otherwise she will end up an obese has-been.

  14. Biyatch Says:

    Biles just over a point lead heading to beam. Ohashi isnt getting the overscores I thought she would. Beam is where this is going to get VERY interesting.

    • Case Says:

      Thanks for the update Biyatch. Please keep posting them for those of us who can’t watch live at the moment.

    • Catherine Says:

      Yes! Biles was great on bars. Katelyn will eat into her lead now bigtime but not by a whole point and then they go to floor where Simone has more difficulty..

  15. GymMom Says:

    Now this is what I consider being fit! Kelly Rowland’s walks the walk! Shawn hired Jeanette to get her into shape for DWTS more than a year ago. One year later Shawn is heavier than when she started with Jeanette. But she is trying to prove otherwise which I’m not buying! If you’re fit, you don’t wear big coats to cover up your body.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Ummm you do wear big coats in Iowa and Portland where its quite chilly this time of year. In fact Ive been known to wear multiple layers for warmth when im super thin. Just saying. And Shawn and Jordyn not being there…. Neither was ASac which is shocking cause she lives in MA and has a deal with Under Armour

  16. GymMom Says:

    GTT any interesting sightings at AC?

  17. sainabou nyang Says:

    My thoughts so far:

    Jake “sexy ass” Dalton is having a better competition than danell who I hear is sick with flu. Also Marcell is such a cutie along with sergio.

    Katelyn girl I was whit knuckling it thru ur bar routine. Those damn piroettes have got to be fixes. But you did well.

    Good job Simone on that vault, even though fucking nbc didn’t show it.

    Kudos to Gabby jupp for a nice clean routine.

    Victoria moors not bad.

  18. Biyatch Says:

    ohashi was good but not fantastic on beam. got a 15.333/6.8D. I think it was typical SCAM cup scoring as far as connections. They werent all there that she got credit for.

    • Case Says:

      Biles falls off beam and hands the competition to WOGA. Ugh.

      • Catherine Says:

        Here’s the shit part- Ohashi would be the leader even without the fall. Simones execution for beam is too low. Wayyy more solid on it than Katelyn, sans fall.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Whats this BS the fig came up with regarding arm swings when doing leaps on beam. You cant swing ur arms back when doing a switch leap??? WTF?

  19. Biyatch Says:

    simone’s off on her flight series

  20. Biyatch Says:

    Can I just comment how nice it was to watch a major gymnastics competition without having to see Geddert and his mug on my tv. I think even Valeri>Geddert. Did miss Mihai and his fist pumps however… LOL

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Im not home, is nastia in addition to elfie or in place of elfie? And did kyla do beam exhibition?

      • Biyatch Says:

        kyla did beam at the end… pretty typical kyla. it was nastia, tim and al with andrea on the floor

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      I agree geddert is a tool. Didnt miss his mugging for camera. Liukin seems happier with katelyn than he ever did with becca bross. He said something to simone about staying in bounds on floor and her coach looked at him and said i couldnt keep any of those passes in bounds ….. Def a mental game dig on both sides 🙂

  21. Biyatch Says:

    Victoria Moors was fantabulous on floor today, especially her double double. Stuck cold and very light on her feet. Thought this was cute of her with Aly and Gabby. (PS notice Alys Prada and Gabby’s Gucci (i believe). Spend that endorsement $$$ girls)

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Damn Gabby and Aly are moving on up if they’re rocking designer bags.

      Agreed. i like this Vicky Moors in in 2013 who once again rocked floor. I want to see her in a floor final soon.

      I was impressed with Gabby Jupp who appeared to be very confident. Nice clean bars.

      Did anyone see Asukas routines at all? Screw NBC for not showing it.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yes, all of them. The German feed skipped the background I could faintly hear NBC’s cutting to ads music very frequently though. Shannon said her best event is bars but its actually beam. She didn’t seem as on as London but she’s getting over an injury. Gorgeous floor and beam, nice bars. Her vault is pretty weak, a 1.5, but I was thrilled she even landed it. She’s 4’6 so power is not her thing, doesn’t have a stocky frame either.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      That was actually the most normal an least arrogant ive ever heard gabby sound. Not that she was likeable but she was not grating. Kudos to te new agent for sticking it to her and getting her to improve. She disnt sound like an arrogant gang banger. And ohashis beam with the full twist…… Wow and i didnt think she was that overscored. Ohashi needs a lot of polish. Wish larissa had competed. And Kyla will need some upgrades with control ready to compete this next quad. Same with Wieber. Raisman I think will be okay, but Gabby looks like the puberty fairy is hitting an her face is widening like she looks more like her mom. Maybe its just my TV.

    • Kt Says:

      Victoria seems very impressive! the crowd really loved her! i thought she did great! her vault was good her floor was just really exciting to watch!

    • Kelley Lynskey (@Meatless_Ball29) Says:

      That’s a Louis Vuitton actually.

  22. Gigi Says:

    If this question has been asked and answered already, please forgive me. But when did the Visa America Cup become a more introduction event of new people who I’ve never heard of before? And does any one else cringe at the thought of the word “Super girl” for Nastia’s event? Ick.

    • Catherine Says:

      It’s in off season and given the amount of difficulty they now do, its more important than ever to be paced correctly. China are still in winter training, learning and perfecting. Its a massive distance to travel compared to cottbus and Doha, which take place at more convenient times of the year for them. Romania are doing the same, taking their time to build up and use other world cups instead that are much nearer.

      It clashes with Russian championships, which are a huge deal as they will determine the euros team. Even if it didn’t I don’t think they’d send any wag as they were losses at 2011.

  23. sainabou nyang Says:

    What did everyone think of Nastias commentary? She was ok but she has no chemistry with Tim and Al. As annoying as Elfi is, she as a better flow with Tim and Al.

    • Lis Says:

      I expected her to be AWFUL. So I was surprised that she wasn’t terrible. She gave some commentary that was pretty informative. I was super sick of the “Nastia, what is your dad thinking? Katelyn Ohashi looks to your photo on the walls” type of comments made by the others.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Someone in another gym site thought Nastia was a little bitchy when critiquing simones bar. There was a comment about Simone not being able to do a pak salto. I would rather watch her bars over alys anyday.

      Katelyn is too cute. She had the oh shit I’m in trouble look after her FX because she messed up her Last pass. It sucks that already NBC s starting to hype her up. She has the talent but she needs to clean it up. I also wonder about her mental game and if she has the same fire and desire to go to the Olympics like Nastia,carly, and Rebecca did.

      • gia20 Says:

        About that comment Nastia made about Simone’s pak salto. What she said was that Simone herself admitted that she has no problem doing the pak in combination but if she has to do it by itself she has lots of trouble pulling it off.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I listened to some of it and honestly my thoughts were that Nastia is trying too hard to sound like Elfie. I really wasn’t a fan. Just came off fake.

  24. katecoursey Says:

    Didn’t watch live, but I just saw Ohashi’s vault online…definitely better than she’s done in the past (especially after Visas 2012), but there’s no way she can pull around an amanar without more power. That amanar downgrade will help, but if she wants to be up there for international AA contention she’ll definitely need to make up those points elsewhere. I wonder if it’s worth it to really focus on vault, or if she’ll try to upgrade bars/beam/floor more and just give up on the amanar.

    Also, she and Bross both land their DTYs with one leg in front of the other…not good on those knees.

  25. Kt Says:

    So i went and brought my little sister Kyla. We walked in to and peaked at the girls warming up and we saw Kyla Ross warm up. It was really surreal for Kyla, seeing her idol just feets away and Kyla towers over everyone. I felt bad when Kyla and her friend asked MULTIPLE times when is Kyla Ross going to go?

    We managed to get there early enough to get Alys autograph we were many a few people after the first 300 but they allowed us to meet her. Again, Kyla seemed very shocked to be seeing Aly in person.

    Gabby looks really different. Her face looks so different just from a few months ago. I do not like Gabby but i try to be positive about ALL gymnast in front of my little sister who sees them as amazing Olympians.

    I have been paying attention to Gabby as of late and i really like her gymnastics. Everything she does seems very clean. Although her difficulty is not all there yet.

    i sat right in front of the parallel bars so anytime mens were on pb we saw ourselves on tv. (Kyla was excited about that). It is actually really scary watching pb.

    I overall really enjoyed the competition. I wish Kyla did more than just beam because LIKE in the training videos she seemed more than ready to do all 4 events. a mens favorite was forsure Jake and also Marcel. He seems to be very nice. I LOVED biles on vault and her bars were nice. I got a great video of it. I knew it was be near impossible for Biles to beat katelyn after her beam score but i crosse my fingers she would do good. ANd i was sad she had a few mis steps on floor because it all looked like it vould be really beautiful!
    We tried to stick around to get autographs or pictures with some of them but all we could get was a wave from Kyla.

    • icemeltsfast Says:

      How did you enjoy the random harlem shake?? lol

      • Kt Says:

        All the dances during rotations were weird and random and it was USA gym way of getting the meet to look exciting and fun. I didn’t mind it. I sat near parallel bars so I barely could see aly gabby or nastia. I did get to talk to aly during the autograph session and she was really nice to my friend and I and conversate s with my little sister who was quite star struck!

  26. KS Says:

    I know it’s right after the olympics so I wasn’t expecting much, but I was a little disappointed with what I feel was a lack of fire from a majority of the gymnasts from both the men’s and women’s side.

    I actually really like Biles. With time I know she’ll be great, and has the potential to be one of my favorite gymnasts this year.

    Not the biggest Ohashi fan, but I loved her new floor music. It’s definitely a nice change of pace from her last one. And I loved the shoulder shimmy she does in the middle of her routine, it was too adorable. Though I was very pissed off when the commentators (especially Nastia) failed to mention Rebecca’s name when talking about WOGA, Ohashi, Carly, and Nastia. Yah she never went to the Olympics, but she’s still a great gymnast that WOGA was lucky to have last quad.

    Kyla was pretty solid on beam. She’s definitely taller, but now that I look at her right next to her coach, I don’t think she’s grown as dramatically as I initially thought.

    Victoria impressed me today too. I hope we get to see more of her this year.

    Also can someone clarify that arm swing/connections thing on beam?

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Okay watching that nastia interview its obvious shes had botox. Seriously her forehead doesnt move and she has no thinking lines between her eyes. Obvious. As for WOGA vaults they need to swap athletes with Mihai. Seriously an exchange program of bars for vaults…..

      • Biyatch Says:

        i was thinking woga should hire asac to come in every so often and work on vault.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        But she’s still young! 23 year olds don’t necessarily have wrinkles. Anyways, I’m finally getting a chance to watch this because it was uploaded ( on youtube. So far, I don’t think Nastia was a bad commentator in my opinion. Especially as her first outing!

        However, this makes me lose some hope that Shannon will ever be able to replace Elfi or Al. I don’t understand why she is delagated to the online commentary only??

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I was surprised to about the arm swing rule, which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. When a gymnast is getting ready to do any kind of leap on beam they can’t swing their arm back before the leap as they’ve done in the past. Their arms have to be forward or out to the side i believe to get the credit.

      • lol Says:

        That is so they can’t use the arm movement to sell a connection when it isn’t really connected. I like that rule

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        I think Jordyn Wieber’s beam routine prompted this rule, lol. You basically can’t get fwd element to backward element CV anymore because they are not rebounding. It does suck for the gymnasts who didn’t abuse this but FIG is really pushing for fluidity anyways.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        If that means no more of that front layout, back layout, back handspring combination then I’m all for it. I’m so sick of that – it’s like in EVERY beam routine.

    • Catherine Says:

      Men’s was certainly a splat fest. A mixture of illness like Danell and ambitious new upgrades being attempted. And sheer bad luck too of course.

      I was very impressed with Jupp, Biles and Ohashi as new seniors. I didn’t expect such high difficulty from Ferrari so that was awesome too. As for Maegan Chant, it just got to her but hopefully she comes back stronger. Great vault potential especially. Seitz was playing it a little safe, but then it is off season I suppose. Moors really stepped up her game and Teramoto has been out for a while after recovering from injury and I thought she gave her best shot- bars were particularly impressive, she’s capable of more on beam and floor though. She won’t be able to upgrade her vault unless she grows. Jupp should be able to upgrade hers- will need better technique and GB are weak on vault.

      I don’t think anyone underperformed, given the time of year etc. Except Chant of course but she just fell apart a bit, should be able to display vast improvement next time.

  27. kittykat Says:

    Ohashi’s vault was much better, but still looked like it had the potential to be another bross incident to be honest. Considering that Gabby Jupp’s fabulous FTY got an E score of 8.866 whilst Ohashi’s got 9.100, SCAM scoring sucks.
    Also, do my eyes deceive me or does Jake Dalton really do a double layout half out as a first pass? woah

    • kittykat Says:

      also, Gabby Jupp has beautiful form and is just utterly lovely on UB

    • DL Says:

      From what I saw Ohashi had a major leg separation in the air. WTF 9.100.

    • Kt Says:

      Hah, I said to my friend how katelyn is probably over scored on floor and she’s like it looked nice what do u mean? Like she doesn’t really follow gymnastics. And I was saying that her vault was ok but not worth the… 14.9? Or w.e it was she earned… I mean come on.. Some really good gymnast get those scores and katelyn is just borderline lucky to get her vault around!!

  28. Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

    IMO Katelyn wasn’t really overscored anywhere but vault. That 9.1 E score was a few tenths too high, considering her form in the air plus her form when she landed. But yes, some of the other gymnasts who didn’t have that high a difficulty in the apparatuses were underscored.

    • stephen Says:

      While i agree that katelyn’s vault was overscored, I think we need to get used to the fact that vault is overscored most of the time during major meets and especially at the last olympics.I mean, Aly scored a 15.9 in the all around with a 3 tenth step , an off-line landing and messy leg form

  29. Kelley Lynskey (@Meatless_Ball29) Says:

    Am I the only one who thought Nastia’s voice sounded like a 1-800 phone sex operator the way she was talking?

  30. sainabou nyang Says:

    I like Katelyn but like I said before, I question how bad she wants this. I don’t feel the intensity, fire, or desire to go to the Olympics like Rebecca, Carly, or Nastia. Someone asked AJ about her on formspring and he predicts her lasting for two world champs.
    She’s starting to win me over even with the annoying overscoring.

    Jake beating Danell will light a fire in his ass. I know he was sick but even at Winter cup Danell was struggling.

    When Simone fell, I thought oh shit Marta must be having a shit fit and shell hear it later. Thank god she rocked bars.

    I’m curious now about camp in two weeks. Who else is going to Jesolo. I think Simone should go to get another int’l meet under her belt. If she thought podium training for scam was hard try doing it in another country in a different time zone.

  31. Biyatch Says:

    Thanks for your observations GTT. Did you see Marta interact with Aly and Gabby at all? Wondering if she still cares about them or if its out with the old/in with the new. On tv Gabby and Aly genuinely seemed to enjoy each others company, is that how it came across in person?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I didn’t really notice. I saw her talk to Nastia and Kyla but never noticed if she talked to Gabby and Aly.

      It was a long day and I saw Aly and Gabby talk while they sat with each other but Aly spent a lot of time on her phone and waving to the crowd. They didn’t seem to hate each other but there were some smiles and a lot of silence but they sat together for 3 plus hours. I would say they get along fine. I think Aly likes everyone

  32. hhollis Says:

    I haven’t read all the comments yet- but did anyone else hear Nastia when she was commentating….she meant to say “the fun part about yada yada…” however what she really said was “the fun FART… ummm part…pardon me”. It was awkward.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I thought Nastia was a little better than I expected quite frankly. She sounded a little like her lines were overly rehearsed (like when she asked Gabby and Aly a question), and she occasionally repeated the same thought in her commentary. That’s to be expected though for someone inexperienced. Her voice sounded fine to me – not nearly the high and sort of whiny voice you hear in those Subway commercials. Overall she did pretty good for a first time out IMO. Al was actually more annoying constantly making such an issue out of Valerie being her father.

  33. sanitynmotion Says:

    Simone was crying on the beam while competing or after?

    You know, I’m liking Simone more and more every time I see her. I kind of dismissed her at the CoverGirl Classic last year or whatever but I’m really digging her now. She’s got those “quick/fire” muscles that makes things look exciting, and I was insanely impressed by her bars. I was expecting something around the likes of Aly Raisman but what I got was actually more in tune to Gabby Douglas, just with less toe point. But that can be fixed and honestly I think that she can out-do Gabby Douglas in a few years…take out that Weiler kip in the beginning though (I hate those).

    I haven’t seen her floor yet (Simone’s) – why was that score so low? She mess up? I was seeing in podium training she has insane tumbling?

    I wonder if Valerie Liukin is just a big jerk in real life. Why does Katelyn stay with him if he pisses her off? It’s not like there aren’t any other/better coaches out there…part of me thinks she might be a good fit at Gage. She’s basically a Sarah Finnegan with a worse vault and floor but better bars.

    • GymAnon Says:

      If Simone was crying after beam, she sure bounced back. I loved her attitude at the end when she was talking with Katelyn 🙂 Had some uncontrolled landings on her tumbling passes but oh my goodness, so much power! With some more experience she’s going to be a big, big star.

      Do girls ever escape WOGA? Bross is still kicking around there coaching, isn’t she?

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Simone was killed with the landing deductions. She never stuck any pass and took to many large steps. She has so much power and energy that she needs to learn to contain. Which I think she will.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      After she fell off beam she was crying, when she got back on the beam she was crying. Not total water works but enough where he eyes were filled with tears.

  34. sanitynmotion Says:

    I just saw the Gabby/Aly interview…haven’t been able to watch the SCAM competition yet. Long story. But I have to say I was impressed the way both Gabby and Aly interviewed – mainly Gabby. I think she may have gotten some media training! None of that “you know” and “like” – not nearly as much.

    And Gabby’s face has grown considerably – I don’t know what it is; her cheek bones are wider?

  35. gymidiot Says:

    Question (forgive me if this is idiotic): the commentators on the broadcast version mentioned that Worlds this year is an “individual” competition only. What does this mean? Why is there no team competition? Is this just something they do every year after the Olympics?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      They have been doing it from what I can recall at least since 1992-1993.

      It just means no team competition. Worlds will have an AA and event finals.

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