American Cup Podium training


No upgrades on any Kyla routine I saw but she has upgrades ready. I have no clue why she isn’t using them but with Marta in charge you can guess. Off to watch the rest

Gymnastike also has coverage. Here is an interview with Kyla.


37 Responses to “American Cup Podium training”

  1. gymfan1415 Says:

    apperently kyla isn’t showing upgrades because her heel injury has not been allowing her to train at that level

  2. Catherine Says:

    Examiner made the point that she is fine, just not able to show the numbers of repetitions needed. She thinks Kyla will still only do beam. I also think her height has been a problem. I’m trying to work out how tall she is, I’d give her a good 5’4 anyway.

    Simone has lots of upgrades, and room for more. So powerful though I hope she can improve some of her leaps and her feet. A layout on beam, double cossack turn, full in beam dismount, piked tkachev to pak, maloney, another new release and double double on floor. Katelyn has gotten her DTY back though and now has a dance series on beam so she will be relatively tough to beat. It depends, I know Simone has 6.3 on vault and Katelyn has 7.2 beam and 5.8 vault…it’s not enough to really know.

    I hope Kyla does more than one event if she’s up for it. Bars and beam would be great. Katelyn does look ‘on’ but her tumbling was sloppy, her vault was okay but her chest was down and her bars are riddled with little errors. Her beam is great though apart from slowish connections and the piked layout full. Simone’s layout actually isn’t brilliant either, she should be able to get it higher than that- Chinese style.

    • Catherine Says:

      And after rewatching the part of the first podium training that I missed- a 1 and a half into double pike, and what looks like a 3.5 are in the works. Both landed perfectly. Also in her interview she said she is training TTY’s! I knew she was capable but it’s still amazinnggg to hear.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    I love Kyla but she really needs to start laying off the “ums.” It’s kind of a crack-up but if she’s doing that when she’s 20 I’ll be a little worried for her sake!

    I have to wonder – I know she’s got a bruised heel but she was podium training all events so it’s not “to the point” where further injury is an issue I would assume – since if it were, she wouldn’t be there. I feel like they headlined her in the meet to draw ticket sales knowing they would eventually replace her. I still don’t buy the whole “bruised heel” as a sole reason for replacing her. Something smells fishy there, like I’ve said before. I have a feeling that the “camp” held was really an internal competition for two spots to compete at the American Cup (not just the 1 spot).

    I don’t know why she wouldn’t show the upgrades if she’s been training them but whatever. Marta will be Marta.

    Does anyone know if Kyla can throw an amanar around still? I wonder that given her growth spurt.

  4. KS Says:

    Still bummed that she’s not competing, but I’m glad to hear she’s going to the meets in Jesolo and Germany, unless I misunderstood the interview and those teams haven’t been decided yet.

    But I can’t help but notice she’s a little shaky on beam. I wonder if that’s due to her heel or she’s still getting used to her height.

  5. Catherine Says:

    I’m wondering if Simone can win? Someone just coded her beam as 6.5. Katelyn’s is already known to be 7.2, so 0.7 advantage..after vault this is lessened to 0.2 advantage. Simone will thrash Katelyn’s difficulty on floor, so she will have the advantage after 3 rotations (if they do bars last in my hypothetical rotation order). I would think bars would be equal enough, with Simone probably having the upper hand. Katelyn will get things credited that shouldn’t be but still face heavier deductions there than Simone.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Simone will have issues getting credited on beam and so will Kaitlyn is the judges do their jobs.

      I say Kaitlyn wins big because usa-gymnastics will have nothing less.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        At least Marta was watching Kyla on bars, and said good… Im still going to say shes closer to 5’6″

      • Case Says:

        I agree with you, I’m thinking 5’6 too.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think Katelyn will win as long as she doesn’t have a major mistake (fall) on an apparatus. They will deduct Simone for form issues and missed connections but Katelyn will get credit for iffy connections.

        I have yet to see a competition done in the last couple years where the judges were all doing their jobs. 🙂 Or treating each gymnast without bias.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LOL, Yes well I know judges suck. Pretty much everyone sucks for me today

      • Biyatch Says:

        Overscored Ohashi for the win. lol.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I’m guessing Kyla is somewhere between 5’4” and 5’5”. The only reason I’m not saying taller is because when I saw Ohashi up close at the WOGA Classic I could not believe how short she is. Much shorter than most of the other gymnasts around her even though many were juniors and younger. I’d say 4’6” is a stretch. She may actually be a little shorter. So I think Kyla looks even taller than she really is when she is next to Ohashi. No doubt though than Kyla has grown unbelievably in the past year.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        That doesn’t bode well for Ohashi if she’s that short. She’s going to have to go through a major growth spurt at some point…that could be disastrous on her vaults.

  6. Dee Says:

    I don’t understand why USA gymnastics always has the gymnasts wearing pink.

    I hate pink.

  7. gingercrush Says:

    Yay Biles is going to become a favourite of mine. I love Full-In dismounts off beam.

    Katelyn Ohashi looks to be one of those gymnasts I just do not get rather like Khourkina or Liukin.

    • tortuga Says:

      I personally never understood the craze of Khorkina or Liukin but I like Katelyn’s form and style more than the other two.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Katelyn is a much better gymnast than Nastia but Katelyn is not the issue, the judges are. If they are going to try and cheat for her I am going to have an issue.

        A a junior they tried to fix two National titles for her, mistake after mistake was ignored. It will be worse as a senior.

        If Katelyn starts acting like Nastia it might get mean but so far she seems normal.

      • tortuga Says:

        Agreed. Hopefully that will change. I want Katelyn to do well fairly. I like her so far. Personality and gymnastics wise. As for full in dismounts I don’t like sloppy tucking dismounts (i.e. Nastia on bars, ewww) but if Simone has nice form like Shannon or Shawn it will look good.

  8. mimi Says:

    im finding some of the stretching/prepping for podium training fascinating. i just realised i really had no idea how they warmed up lol.

    • tortuga Says:

      Yeah, it’s actually pretty neat that all optional level gymnasts learn the same warm up, and can always just jump right in with a group and know what to do.

  9. JAS4 Says:

    If Kyla does a beam exhibition I hope she at least shows some of her beam upgrades.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Remember how at the us classics and nationals in 2011 chellsie memmel warmed up alone and ate on the competition floor? I so miss that. I hope wieber does it next year.

  10. sanitynmotion Says:

    Just saw the floor exercises for the second part of podium training – the purple leos.

    I like Ohashi’s music actually. I like the fact she doesn’t take long pauses in the corners, and her dance elements are nice. She is still coming along on her tumbling though – seems she under-rotates a bit on the double pike.

    Simone’s floor was a bit frantic for me; a lot of awkward dance elements and I didn’t really understand the flow but man can she tumble. It’s like she just runs from one tumbling element to another and almost gains energy as she progresses through each run. I was almost losing my breath just trying to keep up with her!

    Kyla…seems like she’s keeping her floor from last year but she didn’t even bother to do any of her tumbling sequences (I know she has a heel thing, but she said in an interview “it’s not that bad” and it more or less limited her training up to the event, which was the reason they pulled her out). BTW, I’m now convinced more than ever they knew Kyla would not be doing this meet for at least 6 weeks prior.

    I’m wondering if floor is really where her growth spurt is killing her. She still did a nice DTY but by looking at it I couldn’t tell if she was still capable of pulling another half twist around.She is super tall; her legs go on forever.

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