American Cup Ticket for sale. I hate USA-gymnastics

Kyla “injured” and now I have to sit through Kaitlyn Ohashi? Oh Happy days, NOT. Koko is injured too?

If I thought anyone would buy it I would sell it.

Simone Biles, woo freaking de-who. Someone better give me some details on Simone because if you see someone sleeping in their chair at the American Cup it is so going to be me.

I wish I had 100 bucks to throw away because I would stay home. I know myself and there is still a chance I might wake up Saturday morning and turn back over and go to sleep.

Why will Kyla do an exhibition on beam with a bruised heal?

Hey I found a reason to be happy-ish. Canadian Meagan Chant is coached by Christina Bontas who I actually liked as a gymnast back in the day. I’ll spend my time looking for Bontas:)


An article about Peter Vidmar’s daughter and her College gymnastics career.

Aly is officially a member of DWTS season 8 million.


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  1. Case Says:

    I talked to Marta and she said she broke Kyla just because she knew you would be in attendance. Lol.

    Seriously…that sucks. At least you’ll get to see WOGA’s finest in action.

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    EXACTLY what I was saying before in the Jenny Kirk comments. Something is up.

    Marta keeps pulling these stunts and nobody will want to buy tickets to these events. It’s like buying tickets to go see Madonna and then at the last minute she bows out and you’re left having to sit through Ke$ha…no thanks.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That is exactly how I feel. The only reason I was going was to see Kyla and after the fact Koko. I have seen Vanessa Ferrari already and I have no interest in the mens event.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I feel so bad for you GTT. I have the DVR set to record the American Cup this weekend since I will be out Saturday and now I feel like I wasted effort pushing the record button.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        At least you still have your money:) oh and your time. I think the time I will spend getting there is what annoys me the most. I could stay home and sleep. I need my sleep.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        I think they are just writing a check to vanessa ferrari…… What did kyla do to piss off the powers that be? Unless they think shes enough of a star that they need to start making new stars for 2016. If ohashi thinks she can win with a bad ncaa 1.5 shes nas-de-lusional

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        There is no way Ohashi is not winning this and 1.5 is pushing it. She will vault a Yurchenko full and Kyla does have an issue from what I was told.

  3. Gymbee Says:

    Kyla will do beam, because to quote Steve Penny “her safety is of the utmost importance”.

  4. Says:

    That sucks…sorry.

  5. Kittykat Says:

    Guys, guys, guys, Peyton Ernst made the national team!!!! AND got assignments, IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW, fuck scam, this made my day

  6. Catherine Says:

    Simone is a powerhouse, but one with more potential on beam and bars than the others. She’s also very watchable on floor and should be able to produce a really good routine there. At Classics she had a double layout-scissone that was SKY high, it looks great. She also has an amanar and it’s number 2 behind Maroney and ahead of Ebee and the others because. She looks well capable of a TTY, enormous power.

    Upgrade wise she’s supposed to have a second vault though no need for that here. And a piked Tkachev and Ray on bars. I hope her form has improved on bars and beam.

    Look out for Asuka Teramoto! She’s a tiny munchkin who really draws you in. Her beam and floor will be highlights of the entire thing, she’s brilliant. I hope she has upgraded on them. I’m hoping Gabby Jupp can overtake Rebecca Tunney as number 1 all-arounder becauuse Rebecca’s awkwardness takes away from her gymnastics and her form errors stand out so much on her long gangly frame. Gabby is great on beam.

    I’m betting 1) Biles 2) Ohashi 3) Seitz

  7. sainabou nyang Says:

    I’ll still watch it because I do like Simone and I hope shes improved her form on bars and beam

    Oh well hopefully we’ll see Kyla at Jesolo or the friendly meet.

  8. Kt Says:

    Just told my little sister Kyla who is a HUGE Kyla Ross fan that we are officially going to the American Cup and she can see Kyla do gymnastics! and she was so excited! i cant wait to break to her the great news that Kyla will not be there… And does anyone know why Lexie Priessmen was not selected? i am curious. I’ll still go in the hopes of Kyla at least humoring us with beam so my little sister can meet her idol but i and im sure my 5 year sister will be very dissapointed we just paid $75 on tickets for someone who will not be there … DUE to injury…

    • Catherine Says:

      Aww. Kyla is definitely going to be there in some capacity though. Word is Lexie is injured, a sprained ankle from last year that wasn’t rested enough and is troubling her again. I would think this has to be true as there’s no way she would be passed up if healthy.

      • Kt Says:

        Im just hoping i can see a little but of Kyla! I always loved her quietness, and how hard working she is. and i hope Lexie is better for visa champs.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      They knew weeks ago she would not be there and waited until now to tell us. That pisses me off. Its too late to sell the ticket.

      I never would have gone if Kyla was not named to the team. I could have spent this money on other things

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        It doesn’t surprise me they waited until the last minute. They do that all the time. Who would go to this event when it’s all unknowns that are competing at this point?

        USAG screwed you over, dude. I feel for you. I’d be pissed too if I were in your shoes.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Yes they did. BIG time

  9. Biyatch Says:

    Was watching one of the Aly and Mark interviews (I believe on either ET or E!) and Mark was saying that through two rehearsals the hardest thing with Aly was counting music and music cues. Aly said that with her floor exercise that was never something she worked on (duh) because she was focused on tumbling. It will be interesting to see how she picks it up.

    • Catherine Says:

      I used to find that hard but picked it up really quickly- 4/4, 9/8, 2/4 and 6/8 was what we had to know in Irish dancing. Plenty of false starts! But I’ve lost it now, I’d have to relearn it.

  10. gingercrush Says:

    That sucks. I wanted to see Kyla Ross. Wow kind of a blow with both her and Price now injured when the two seemed to be building momentum. I really hope it doesn’t hurt their world chances too much.

    Though I totally do not understand why Ross would be doing a beam exhibition. As for Ohashi. Good luck to her. This could well be a turning point in her career. Either she comes out of the American Cup as a future AAer or she continues as a specialist. Biles should be interesting too.

    Hmm I’m rather curious as to why you like Bontas since she doesn’t seem to be the gymnast I thought you’d like.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I didn’t know a lot about gymnastics in the early 90’s so I loved Bontas as a tumbler and I loved her beam. I don’t care how bad her bars were I always felt she should have won the 91 worlds at least back in the 90’s.

      • Catherine Says:

        Fun Bontas fact: She trained a DLO off beam. She was so awesome on floor. I have a soft spot for Nia Dennis and had for Vega because they are/were coached by Li Li and Teodora Ungureanu respectively. Gina Gogean is coaching a rising Romanian star Asiana Peng…known for her artistry!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LOVED Li Li. By the way Gina was a decent dancer as a junior til Belu took over her routines. She even had difficulty.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yeah it’s easy to forget. A counter Kim from her is kinda mindblowing.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        The thing is there is no one in this field internationally. Vanessa ferrari is the only world medalist and shes there for the $$. Did kyla go to camp unable to verify floor? It just all seems totally silly unless they are trying to let a non US person win so that people wont think its fixed for the amerian competitors.

      • Catherine Says:

        Not a chance, they don’t have the difficulty. Seitz will take bronze.

  11. Biyatch Says:

    Big news that I dont think anyone else has mentioned…

    Gabby dumped Shade and is now using Alicia’s agent at CAA

    • Tortuga Says:

      Wonder if that has to do with not getting enough opportunities. Like DWTS. Hmmm…

    • GymMom Says:

      Awwww too bad so sad…Gabby is unmarketable! Nobody can get her any gigs or major endorsements! She needs to face that!

    • GymMom Says:

      I still see Gabby listed on Shade Global’s website?

      • Biyatch Says:

        I heard it as a rumor from a client of another CAA Sports agent and then confirmed on the USAG site.

      • GymMom Says:

        Oh interesting. Gabby & her mother strike again…biting the hand that feeds them! Ha ha

        Did you read about Shawn’s new job on 2 Holland America cruises? 2 of DWTS pros along with Shawn & Carson Kressley. He’s funny but not a serious dancer. He’s doing 2 cruises & Shawn’s doing 2…in 2013 & 2014. Cruise entertainers are the bottom of the barrel. And if there’s not enough interest, those cruises could be cancelled. Shawn is desperate!

      • tortuga Says:

        If it’s only 2 cruises it sounds more like just trying something new as a fun opportunity. Vacation/ Paying gig. It’s not like that’s her only source of income available. I still think a gig with a monkey on the red carpet of the Oscars with E! is much worse.

      • GymMom Says:

        After the Carnival Cruise debacles in Italy & a few weeks ago, cruising is losing ground in the minds of the public… my opinion.

        Regarding the DWTS cruises, it’s interesting that none of the other winners or contestants signed on to do it. 16 seasons of DWTS and that’s it??? Carson Kressley & Shawn?

        I wonder how much longer Nike will stick with Shawn? She isn’t too popular in Iowa, where she wants to open a gym. I don’t see that as a successful endeavor for her. She should get a business degree and/or a degree in kinesiology like she planned to do, before she thinks about going into business.

        Ha ha watching Kelly Ripa talk about the new cast of DWTS. Kelly mentioned Aly and then talked about how Shawn………ummmmmm…..what’s her last name again(she couldn’t remember Shawn’s last name). Shawn is a has-been!

      • kay Says:

        I noticed Sabrina Vega wasn’t on that list. Can anyone clarify whether or not she turned pro after 2011 worlds?

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I don’t think what Shawn is doing on the cruises is that “bottom of the barrell.” I’ve been on a few cruises and while the normal dance cast are usually just people trying to break into the entertainment world, every now and then some cruises lines – especially the better ones like Holland America — fly in fairly well-known celebrities for one-night gigs. They advertise this in advance as a draw for that particular cruise.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I don’t think cruise entertainers are the bottom of the barrel. I know a couple of cruise entertainers, they get a free 3 week cruise to Bora Bora every year as a holiday. Rest of the year they have normal, high-paying jobs. Great way to get a free cruise, getting paid for doing your hobby basically.

      • Guest Says:

        Maybe cast of DWTS can get VIP suites. ABC and BBC also sponsor the event. It is still a good way to get a free crusie tour and also be paid.

      • hurms22 Says:

        Vega is not pro and is probably going to join Florida.

      • Alex Says:

        Geez you are mean spirited, GymMom

      • byrdisthewyrd Says:

        I second that Alex! Also as a lady from Iowa, Shawn is very much loved here! I’m not sure where you’re getting your repeated comment that people in Iowa are sick of Shawn, GymMom. We don’t have an extended history of celebrities or accomplished athletes come out of this state but when one does come along, we are definitely proud. Let’s just say, she’s a pretty big deal.

    • Case Says:

      That’s certainly noteworthy. You don’t make a move like that six months after winning the Olympic AA gold unless you truly aren’t getting any opportunities.

      Shade did much better for Shawn….much, much better.

      • GymMom Says:

        She did better for Shawn because Shawn didn’t go on Oprah & whine! For God’s sake Gabby, you won Gold in London. Why didn’t you just be grateful because you didn’t deserve the Gold? There was the controversy with them not paying the gym in Virgnia Beach leading up to London. Gabby & her Dad gave interviews at the Olympic Trials where she claimed he was the catalyst which led to her success there. Then her mother made a big deal about people criticizing Gabby’s hair in London. All of this led to the media digging into the family’s background regarding her mother filing for bankruptcy a few months before London, after which the entire family travelled to and stayed in London to watch Gabby. Her mother filed bankruptcy to avoid having to pay creditors with the money they were hoping Gabby earned after the Olympics was the lowest!

        Then there was her horrible performance in the Individuals in London when she slipped off the beam & just hung there.

        Then her Vanity Fair and so MANY other interviews Gabby did….blasting her old gym repeatedly, slamming her father publicly(after telling media he helped her at Olympic Trials)…..all with the now famous Gabby arrogant stupidity!

        The Oprah interview guaranteed Gabby would never get Nike or any other major endorsements! Companies steer clear of controversy..,.no matter how many Twitter followers you have.

        How many times did Gabby change her story about how long she was staying on Kelloggs Tour?

        Gabby has absolutely zero credibility plus the added bonus of having to put up with her lazy, fat mother & sisters also contributed to her overall trainwreck effect.

        Switching agents won’t change any of this.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Gabby’s window of opportunity for catching the “fame train” is done. She shot herself in the foot when she used her post-Olympic win time to throw mud around as opposed to acting gracious and humble. Nobody likes a “champion” that uses their win as an opportunity to bash/hate on others – especially when part of it comes out of your own dirty laundry (with the whole family/dad story).

        Gabby tried playing the victim card and people do not care to see that. It just looks bad and nobody looks up to a complainer.

        I don’t feel sorry for her one bit; and I hope those creditors go after her mother.

      • Short1 Says:

        @GymMom I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned companies steering clear of controversy. No matter what spin is put on the story of Gabby and her former gym (depending on whose side one believes/is on), it’s still controversy, and that’s the last thing most companies want to be associated with.

        @Case I think part of Shade doing better for Shawn had to do with Shawn being more marketable (as well as the absence of controversy, at least that I am aware of).

        Overall, I think it just goes to show that the color and/or number of medals an athlete wins at an Olympics isn’t necessarily indicative of how many endorsements they’re going to get and how much money they’re going to make (as the one GymCastic podcast that discussed some of the ’08s earnings pointed out). If the athlete isn’t marketable, or isn’t as marketable as others who, maybe didn’t have as much Olympic success (either individually or with a team), they probably aren’t going to make as much money post-Olympics.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Regarding having to pay creditors with money – would Gabby have to pay back her mothers debt? Could they legally have gone after Gabbys money?

      • GymMom Says:

        Gabby is a minor and her mother has control over her life including any money she earns.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I’m pretty sure that Gabby’s mom’s creditors cannot go after Gabby’s earnings to satisfy Gabby’s mom’s bankruptcy debts. That’s true even though Gabby was the beneficiary of the debt her mom incurred. The only problem would be if Gabby’s earnings are being sent directly into an account in her mom’s name only. No one would be that stupid. Most likely the Gabby’s earnings are being put into a trust for her benefit. Gabby’s mom is probably the trustee and might be able to pay bills with the money but the money in the trust should be untouchable by her mom’s bankrupt creditors. Bottom line is it is highly unlikely Excalibur and the other creditors of Gabby’s mom are going to be able to go after Gabby’s earnings to satisfy the debts her mom incurred.

        I am not sure it is true that Gabby’s mom has the right to spend Gabby’s earnings anyway she sees fit. That’s what she might in fact do but, again, I am not sure she has the legal right to spend Gabby’s money beyond using some reasonable amount of it to pay for Gabby’s remaining upbringing. I know in California there are laws requiring a portion of children’s earnings to go into trust until they reach majority. They passed these laws to prevent parents from squandering their children’s earnings. In most other states there is not as much protection but the parent still has no legal right just to squander a child’s earnings.

    • Guest Says:

      Gabby’s big mouth against her former gym with Oprah ruined her marketability and opportunity unless you are dominating the big-title sports like Serena Williams.

      If I were the company manager, I might consider that if the spokeperson speaks something harmful the benefit of myself, so Aly would be the better choices of endorsement.

      So it is not Shade’s fault. We can see she works with Shawn very well.

      • GymMom Says:

        Sheryl Shade has suffered in the credibility arena too, after the abuse of their nanny by her husband, which she condoned.

        But I agree in the case of Gabby, that’s a lost cause….nobody can unring all the bells! It’s over for her in terms in major emdorsements.

      • Gymnerd Says:

        Oh, no…she’ll just write a “tell-all” book whining about how she didn’t get any deals because she’s black. Shade’s probably “racist” as well. You watch.

    • Biyatch Says:


  12. GymMom Says:

    GTT…don’t blow a gasket but even David Ortiz congratulated Aly today. Ha ha I know Gabby is fuming! Ha ha

  13. Exgymgurl Says:

    Okay zamo may have had a heart attack? Now i feel old…

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      And ohashi didnt even compete floor at the woga classic, and her bars was watered down. How much can they overscore that?

  14. Guest Says:

    Dancing with the Stars: At Sea
    Shawn and Mark also have the appearence. I wonder the slot to be announced would be Aly?

  15. GymMom Says:

    I see McKayla tweeted that she is planning to join her friends at camp? Any thougts???

    • terrigymfan Says:

      McKayla has started working out again in her gym so maybe this is a sign she is getting serious again about her gymnastics career. I sure hope so. She still has a lot of potential to do great things in gymnastics IMO, if she sets her mind to it. Love to see her do a TTY and also become an aa’er.

      What’s funny about McKayla is her personality is so different from most gymnasts it seems, and really always has been. She is such a social animal while gymnastics is such a solitary sport. I mean for years spending 8 hours a day six days a week or whatever it is training to be able to compete at the Olympic level just doesn’t seem consistent with someone who enjoys interacting and socialize with others as much as she does. Obviously though not all gymnasts fit the stereotype.

      • H Says:

        I thought her coach said that she was kind of almost to serious in the gym/while training. I see her more like enthusiasts and a reflective/serious person at the same time.

        She brings hope and light where she goes, but in the other hand she can be quite deep. At least that is how I can see her – but again, I can be totally wrong:-)

      • tortuga Says:

        I would also really like to see McKayla become a possible AA gymnast. She has great form and the “international look.” I just hope her injuries won’t set her back to much or be a sign that her body is wearing out. She’s got a good body type to keep going as well seeing that it looks like it hasn’t changed much since the Olympics. I enjoyed her floor and beam as well. She could use some upgrades on beam (especially bars) and fix that 3rd pass on floor but over all I think she’s got a lot to work with.

      • GymAnon Says:

        I’d also love to see McKayla refocus on gymnastics and maybe become an AAer. I was glad to hear she’s training again and hope she stays healthy; seeing her and Wieber next year will be interesting.

        And H, I remember the interview you were thinking of. It’s from a Gymnastike blog (which I refuse to link on principle :P). Artur said about her: “She’s very serious with what she does in the gym. I cannot joke with her. I can say something funny and she will smile and walk away and then back to [being] serious and about her training.” She reminds me of a close friend who’s really bubbly and outgoing but, if you get her alone, can be quite deep and thoughtful and internally driven.

    • katecoursey Says:

      A lot of people thought Maroney would get caught up with Hollywood after the Olympics, and I must admit, I worried she would. I’m glad to see she seems to be committed to a few more years of competitive gymnastics. I wanna see a triple or double back!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Me too. Out of all of them, I still don’t think McKayla, Kyla, or even Gabby have hit their full potential.

        I also like the story of Weiber coming back for redemption.

        Should be an interesting quad if most of the Fierce Five attempt comebacks. I don’t see Marta treating them the same way she treated the Beijing squad. Except Jordyn of course.

  16. lol Says:

    I don`t think Gabby being on Oprah was the dagger. I think it was the cocky attitude that turned people off. Who wants to endorse someone that says things like, “ Oh I was America`s sweet heart before the Olympics” when asked how she felt being America`s sweetheart after her win. She acted like Bolt and that might be fine for endorsdements in an adult but no one wants to see that oin a sixteen year old child. What parent would want their kid acting like that? Gabby is unlikable.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I agree. Her attitude turned the general public off. I’ll never forget when I was talking to an old friend of my husband’s who didn’t know I was insanely into gymnastics; he said how that “girl that won the gold medal – what’s her name, Gabby? I really thought she was something, but I saw her on some show after and the way she was talking…that really turned me off. I was not a fan of her attitude.”

      Sad thing is Gabby probably thinks her lack of marketability has nothing to do with her!

  17. GymAnon Says:

    Ah interesting, I think Gabby is the first of the FF to congratulate Aly on Twitter/IG.

  18. Biyatch Says:

    Under Armour replaces adidas, teams up with GK.

  19. sainabou nyang Says:

    Watching live podium training of scam from my desk. Simone is killing vault.Kylas is also vaulting with a bruised heel ?????

    • byrdisthewyrd Says:

      Maybe we’ll get even more from Kyla than expected! That will be great for ticket buyers. She’s looking good!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Where do you get to see this podium training? Are there any You Tube vids?

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Yep they were uploaded an hour ago.
        Kyla looks a lot taller but she still looks to be in shape. Warm up is looking good. Ohashi is much improved since Woga classic. Simone looks much better on bars and beam. Waiting to see video of the floor routines.

    • tortuga Says:

      Gymnastike is posting some on Facebook and Couch Gymnast has quick hits via Facebook also,

  20. AKF009 (@AKF009) Says:

    watched podium training too, I am pretty sure I saw simone biles do a 3.5 twist, double twisting double, double layout with a full twist, and 1.5 twist step out to double pike. WOW if those are here passes!

  21. tortuga Says:

    Couch gymnast also thought Simone was doing a 3.5 twist. Sounds like a killer floor routine. Excited to see that.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I’d be stoked to see that floor routine – dang, that Simone is ALL MUSCLE.

      If Kyla is training all four events, I’m still scratching my head on the decision to take her out of the meet. I really think something is up that we don’t know about.

      Looks like Katelyn took out that first connection after her arabian? I think that’s a good idea.

      Kyla looked pretty solid on beam. I didn’t see any obvious upgrades, maybe the front flip? I wish she’d upgrade her dismount on beam. Hopefully she’s not showing them for the sake of her heel?

  22. tortuga Says:

    I know it won’t happen but I’d like they just said let them all compete. It’s an unfair advantage to any other country but they seem like they will be exciting to watch now.

  23. sanitynmotion Says:

    Wow, Kyla has grown at least 3 inches since the Olympics. I wonder how tall she is now. At least it looks like she’s been able to keep her skills. I can’t help but think she may no longer be able to get an amanar around though. I hope I’m wrong.

    Ohashi’s release moves on bars are very low – they remind me of Ivana Hong. She also has leg separation issues and I can’t help but think of Nastia with those pirouettes. I guess what I mean to say here is that she’s good on bars but not what I would call “great” or “fantastic.”

    Biles actually shows a lot of potential on bars – I hate those weiler kips or whatever they’re called though. I have yet to see them look good in an UB routine. Biles reminds me of Raisman in terms of toe point but already her form is a little better than Aly’s. If she keeps working on it she could be pretty solid.

    • AKF009 (@AKF009) Says:

      I agree – I think Ohashi was really struggling on Uneven bars in my opinion, the pirouettes were very late, large leg separations, low releases. And she was really struggling on vault too even with doing layout timers, she was bending at the hips and piking down – no lift off the table. Would be shocked if she competed the double full. On beam, I did see her connect her arabian to split jump on one occasion, but not sure if would count as being connected.

      Kyla has grown and unfortunately I think her bars looks a bit labored to me now- almost like seeing Bross at trials, just doesn’t look as free. The only upgrade I saw from kyla was a Tour Jet’e 1/2 on floor in the ring position – taking the head back like mattie larson did at trials in 08.

      Biles does do that annoying wailer kip half connecting to shaposh, but she has a bit of difficulty getting that up to the high bar. I think she fell once on it. Reminds me a bit of Price on bars. Tkatchev piked into pac salto is nice, she fell on it once too though. On beam she had a really nice upgrade as the chinese do with that back handspring back handspring to layout 2 feet. Also full twisting double tuck dismount in combination like Shawn Johnson. But her leaps were atrocious and she tries that Tour Jet’e 1/2 like Raisman did a while back and it is no way all the way around. She needs to take it out ASAP. Hope this update helps for people who don’t have time to watch the whole youtube podium training.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah I just don’t get why everyone is so “crazed” about Ohashi’s bar routine. IMO she’s a solid beamer, but that’s mostly it. I guess I was a little disappointed.

        I didn’t think Kyla’s swing/bars were labored at all really – she looked pretty much like she did before, but she definitely has grown.

        I totally agree about Biles’ leaps. She definitely needs to work on those.

  24. sainabou nyang Says:

    I am digging the new background theme GTT.
    At first I thought I had gone to the wrong site.

    Simones form on bars look much better than Alys. But I agree that shes struggling on the shaposh.

    Kyla doesn’t look that bad on bars imo.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I don’t see a new background theme? Maybe I’m out of it?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I didn’t put in a new When I look at it I don’t see a new background. Whats it look like?

      • Uglyfatkid Says:

        It looks like WordPress just updated the way they format the mobile versions of their blogs. The font and color scheme changed slightly to blue headings an a different shade of gray for the rest. Thats all that looks different to me. It’s an improvement…but nothing major really.

      • Catherine Says:

        Its still white and blue, just more optimised for mobile. Header is a bit different, new mobile icon. I think it loads faster.

  25. exgymgurl Says:

    From watching warmups in podium training, Ross is TOWERING over Ohashi and Biles. When they are bent over she looks to have 4 inches of leg length on each of them at least. The bad news may be that once her torso grows she outgrows gymnastics. My guess is shes about 5’4″

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I want to solace myself with the fact Khorkina was 5’6″ but this code does not favor the likes of Khorkina.

      And I worry that what eventually will hold her back is floor – I’m not sure what other skills she can have on floor that will let her hold her own in an AA format. And I don’t see her being used as a “specialist” for beam/bars in the future unless she gets some major upgrades, especially on bars.

      At least she’s strong physically. We all knew this was coming given the height of her parents.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Now Im thinking 5’6″ after looking again. She was already 5’2″ at the olympics. And if Ohashi is only 4’6″ according to Usagym last year, Kyla is almost a foot taller. Easily. This isnt a heel injury this is difficulty adjusting to a growth spurt. And its all in her legs. Tell me can the taller gymnasts still get more bars separation in international elite? Or in NCAA? I know back in the day the bars would be set differently for taller gymnasts.

        She may end up taller than Khorkina. I dont know why USA Gymnatics hasnt commented. Or updated her bio. But shes not 5’2″….

      • Case Says:

        Holy shizz Kyla is tall. She seriously has grown at least three inches since London.

        If she can adjust to her new height it would be amazing but wow, just wow.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Izbasa is 5’6″ and is a pretty decent AAer so hopefully Kyla just needs to adjust to her new height. If she could learn a Mustafina Vault like Izbasa and Maroney it has a 6.1 SV which is only 0.3 less than the Amanar which she could make up for on other events.

      • mimi Says:

        im 5’6, kyla could easily be my height. just saw a photo of her with simone and katelyn, they barely reach kyla’s shoulders.

  26. Kt Says:

    USA gymnastics posted a whole podium training video. if anyone is interested.

  27. Exgymgurl Says:

    Does te ticket get you into the nasty piukin cup for bulimia?

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