Mckayla Maroney is a thief


If I was Miller I would sue for royalties. Not only did she steal her not impressed look but she stole her scrunchie too:)

I got the picture of Shannon off of tumblr. I made the picture above. I could not find the blog again of the person that originally pointed out the look Mckayla stole from Shannon so if you were the one that noticed let me know and I will credit you.


Aly Raisman recently tweeted some comments about the MIAA getting rid of boys gymnastics in High school here in Massachusetts. Here is what that fraud of a newspaper named the Herald has to say about it.


I was looking at Alicia Sacramone’s twitter to find Sam Peszek’s twitter handle and it looks like she isn’t following Nastia anymore. I don’t think she followers a lot of gymnasts except her buddies like Sloan.


35 Responses to “Mckayla Maroney is a thief”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Um, that is simply quite awesome.

    Was this after Shannon tried coming back at 2000 Trials? Gotta love how she kept consistent with the white scrunchie…

  2. terrigymfan Says:

    That is hilarious. They actually look quite a bit alike in this photo. I never thought they looked anything alike before.

  3. Catherine Says:

    Ha, McKayla would get off on the technicality of her face being much more bunched up so it’s different. The biggest thief right now is Brazil..they’ve invited Alexandrov over to consider a contract for their National Team, and he’s there now. They already stole another hard done by Russian coach for their juniors, Ostapenko. I love Brazil but damnit, he’s such a great coach for Mustafina…

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Yeah but it’s Russia’s fault that he’s over there. They could have kept him but just like USAG, the Russian federation is corrupt.

      How cool would it be if Musty became Brazilian, lol.

      • Kazic Says:

        Can’t blame him if he leaves. Like Catherine said, they drove Ostapenko away too. Doesn’t he have a contract with the Russian Gym Fed to coach Musty though?

        Thought it was hilarious in a recent interview Valentina was kissing Musty’s ass. She’s not as dumb as I thought because she finally realized that she’d probably be out of a job if not for that kid being an insane badass during the Olympics. It’s certainly a shame about Komova though. Hopefully she’ll be able to turn it around though her issues are going to make it interesting this year. Excited to see what their new seniors will do.

        Someone should show that to Shannon. She’d probably get a kick out of it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am waiting for the Mckayla fans to attack this blog and think I am being serious about

      • mimi Says:

        im pissed off australia didnt get in first.
        out with peggy, in with alexandrov i say!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I like Peggy only because she was Shannon Miller’s coach. I still root for her as the underdog since her athlete was the one to be Marta’s thorn in her side. Too bad her decision to rely on old vets over the newbies crippled her this Olympics.

        I still hope she somehow succeeds.

      • mim Says:

        i think there’s a lot of people in aust who are unhappy with peggy as a figurehead. lots of internal admin issues with various state clubs, good coaches being let go or leaving, bad decisions like not preparing girls to get enough difficulty, picking favourites just like marta does, being incredibly vague and defensive about how crap london was.. some fresh HCing wouldn’t be a bad thing down here!

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        What I don’t understand about Peggy is that if she was one who handcrafted Shannons floor and beam, what the heck happened when she went to Australia. Nothing against Mitchell who’s floor and beam are ok but it lacks the polish Shannon had. Peggy might be someone who is a better coach instead of the one in charge of the Australia program.

        If her plan for the London games was to rely on veterans the veterans should have been in better shape.

  4. exgymgurl Says:

    I think I follow sam on twitter if you cant find it email me and I will send you my twitter…. so sad about alexandrov.

  5. mim Says:

    someone should tweet this photo to shannon, it’s cute/funny!

  6. JAS4 Says:

    That’s too funny lol! I found a picture of my daughter when she was a baby making a not impressed face and immediately thought of McKayla lol but I guess it was Shannon is not impressed first lol!

  7. JAS4 Says:

    Maybe they all decided to boycott Nastia on twitter lol

  8. Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

    I remember Alicia and Nastia refollowed each other during the tour (after unfollowing each other after ‘the great falling out’) but lol Alicia just unfollowed her again. Alicia has never really followed a lot of gymnasts – the only ones she follows are Sam, Bridget, Macko Caquatto and of course more recently Chellsie. (I spend a lot of time stalking gymnasts on twitter please don’t judge 😉 )

    • mim Says:

      what was the great falling out between alicia and nastia? is this after trials (where i assume every gymnast competing for a spot not called nastia liukin was annoyed at her free pass to trials) or long before that?

      • Gymbee Says:

        I think it was long before, back when Alicia was training for years, and Nastia was named to the national team without verifying anything at camp or competing or something. She got so many free passes, and she didnt show up to camp like the others had to do.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      We don’t judge you. In fact we appreciate your stalking

  9. sainabou nyang Says:

    Has anyone listened to the latest gymcastic podcast? Bridget Sloan was the guest and it was Pretty good. They asked her about the remark Marta made about her weight after scam 2009. I don’t remember the interview where Marta made the remark. Anyone remember it?

  10. exgymgurl Says:

    Of course marta is saying oh your so much better since you lost some weight… thats just amazing….. why would this surprise ANYONE that knew ANYTHING about gymnastics…. ?????

  11. Jen Smith Says:

    I knew what she was saying, but I worked at the Ranch so when the woman named Marta is signing your pay checks, you tend to learn the accents! “Ahh, now that you lost weight…” you’re so much better. Bridget was trying to get away. And fast. Smart girl, that Bridget.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Martas an idiot. There was nothing wrong with Bridgets size. Plus she was in good shape after Beijing going into 2009.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Well the more times the camera catches moments like these, maybe it will cause for someone to demand an investigation on the “inside” of USAG, haha. I have to wonder if Marta was trying to play mind games with Bridget. Man, to be a fly on the wall during the closed door training camps!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Worked at the ranch? We need more info then

  12. JAS4 Says:

    Marta probably wasn’t a big Bridget fan since she was a competitive threat to Rebecca who was Marta’s new WOGA hopeful at the time

  13. GymAnon Says:

    I have notes on a Twitter timeline that chronicles the timing of Alicia and Nastia’s fallout. I could put that together if anyone’s interested.

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