Who will get the second American Cup spot


Gym is dead and I am bored. Only thing I feel like doing is tweeting obnoxious comments about the Yankees on twitter (That never gets old) but I am pretty sure Carolyn might smack me if I do that so I thought I would start a discussion on who should get the second American Cup spot since Elizabeth Price has withdrawn.

The questions:

Who should get the second spot? (Me: it should be Lexie. Junior National AA Champion

Who will get the second spot? (ME: Kaitlyn Ohashi. Marta’s blind Woga love)

Who do you want to get the second spot? (None of these girls interest me. If being fair it should be Lexie. Of the list of gymnasts I mentioned I would have said Sarah Finnegan but she is injured.

I am off to make a picture for the blog:)

National team members:

Kyla Ross- Going
Kennedy Baker
Brenna Dowell
Sabrina Vega
Simone Biles
Katelyn Ohashi
Lexie Priessman

This is a pretty small list. Who am I missing?

Madison Desch Injured
Rebecca Bross Not Training
Gabby Douglas Not training
Sarah Finnegan Injured
Anna Li One event gymnast currently not training
Nastia Liukin torturing NY, Not training
McKayla Maroney Not training
Elizabeth Price Injured
Aly Raisman Not training
Alicia Sacramone Not Training
Bridget Sloan At Florida
Jordyn Wieber Not ready to compete


99 Responses to “Who will get the second American Cup spot”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Maddie is injured. Has to be Lexie really. Katelyn maybe as exhibition 2-3 events? We’ve no idea if her vault has been fixed yet so I don’t know if she is a legit prospect for aa at the moment. McKaya was pictured at her gym in Leo etc, she would need quite a bit of time to get back into shape obvs. Her IG interview published this month says acting is just a distraction at the moment, she’s serious about gymnastics and will be trying for worlds.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I will scratch Maddie off the list. I agree the second spot seems to be either Lexie or Kaitlyns. I would rather it be Lexie. The over scoring train of Kaitlyn turns me off

    • Kate Coursey Says:

      I just read the IG interview with McKayla, and was surprised at how serious she seems about coming back…I hoped she would, obviously, but I thought acting might distract her. But in the interview she’s pretty clear about her desire to continue training.

    • mimi Says:

      in mckayla’s interview with gymnastike at metroplex, she said she’s been back in the gym for a week but is focusing on strength training and conditioning. she also said she’s aiming for worlds this year in that interview too.

      im sure she’s balancing the fine line of not hyping it up too much (in case she doesn’t get up to the standard quick enough and then disappoints herself plus fans) and downplaying it (doesn’t want to look like she’s not serious about training and knuckling down so marta can see she’s a serious contender).

  2. Case Says:

    I agree with GTT. It’s going to be Katelyn. Marta won’t leave WOGA out if she doesn’t have to.

  3. Mgym200 Says:

    I’m assuming it will be Katelyn but I wouldn’t put it past martha to take the scores from verification in February (when they show whole routines they are judged and given scores, just like at meets) and just go from that. Based on that I think Lexie or Simone have a shot. Lets hope Katelyn doesn’t even attempt an amanar. I don’t think anyone needs to see another dislocated knee from woga.
    I’m interested to hear who everyone thinks will be added to the junior team. Right now they are only left with three girls (Amelia, Bailie, Polina). From what I heard some of the usuals didn’t preform as well at camp (nica, Laurie Hernandez, etc) but some under the radar girls were scoring big numbers (mykayla skinner, Meredith Sylvia). So… What does everyone think?

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I think I read somewhere that Meredith Sylvia from Parkettes was invited to camp.

      What were the issues with Laurie and nica?

      I like Nica Hults but why do I feel that a gym like Gymmax would be better for her. Didn’t she jump from level9 to elite? I think she is capable of mastering the techniques and clean execution that Kylas gym can offer.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I never liked Nica but lately the more I watch her the most impressed I become with her. Her beam was always okay but I recently watched a floor routine and she looked better on that. This was a few months ago.

        She’s hurt again

  4. sainabou nyang Says:

    Im going with Katelyn as well. Although I think it should be Lexie. The thing is Katelyn capable of beating Kyla?

    So Maddie is injured too? Damn what is Al fong doing?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Kaitlyn can beat Kyla because even when she falls she gets ridiculous scores.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I would agree that Katelyn can whoop kyla on bars and beam, no it would come down to Floor and vault.

        Kyla needs an ass kicking floor routine like a 6.3-6.5.

        Whats the best/highest score Kyla has ever received for her amanar or DTY?

        With the overscoring what’s the best bar,beam, anf floor score, Katelyns received?

  5. sanitynmotion Says:

    I think Marta will end up taking whoever Marta wants, since whatever Marta wants Marta gets. So the question is, who does Marta want?

    She goes with Lexie then maybe she’ll get injured there and won’t have to worry about her for the rest of the year (this is me trying to put myself in Marta’s shoes). We all know SCAM is not a “big” meet especially in the year just after the Olympics. She might want to save her WOGA hopeful for the larger meets – like Worlds.

    Simone Biles would be cool to see more of. I can see her getting an exhibition spot if they choose to keep that around. Part of me wonders if that spot was made up just last year so that Marta could start the Gabby vs. Jordyn rivalry story line. I don’t remember exhibition spots in SCAM in years past. But I could be wrong.

    Damn I hope Kyla has upgrades. And does them. Especially on floor. I’ll give Katelyn solid scores for beam but her vault is really weak and so is her floor. I don’t remember her bars. If Kyla could rock floor, she should take Katelyn out. But then again we all know how Marta goes about the scoring. Nothing makes sense.

    This sport is on the same notch as figure skating when it comes to scoring. Ugh.

  6. sainabou nyang Says:

    Lets do a score prediction or scores they are capable of.

    Kyla vs lexie:
    Lexie vault: 15.7-15.8
    Kyla vault dty: 15.2is range
    kyla amanar: mid 15s
    Lexie bars: low 14s
    Kyla bars;low to mid 15s
    Kyla beam: same as bars
    Lexie beam:mid to high 14s
    Kyla floor: a tricky one bt shes scored in the 14s
    Lexie floor: high 14s is double

    If we take out lexie and replace with katelyn you have:

    Katelyn fty with over score: 14
    Katele bars with overscore: 15.8 assuming her d score is still in the 6.8 ranfe
    Katelyn beam with overscore: high 15
    Katelyn floor with overscore:somewhere in the 14 range. If she scores at least a 15 on floor,kyla will lose.

    • Catherine Says:

      Ah its scam, lexie’s amanar will get a 16. Her floor will get at least 15.5, as her start value is enormous…full twisting double layout, double double, 1.5 to full in tuck…and a 4th pass I forget. Didn’t Aly get a 15.8 last year? And I think Lexie will have a higher Sv. Katelyn’s beam d score is 7.2, she can get 7.3 if she rearranges a connection, and higher again if she gets her old dismount back. If she has a 7.5 beam that’s a big advantage.Her bars need work, and floor. Vault needs an overhaul. Hard to see if she can win.

  7. mimi Says:

    i like katelyn’s gymnastics (well, her beam and bars) but i’d hate to see marta’s favouritism and possible overscoring get in the way of her humbly working hard and achieving things on merit. lexie is obviously strong and capable of high scores, but im not sure, i just feel like she’s more of a cheerleader or an NCAA type than an elite gymnast which is RIDICULOUS because her tumbling is insane and she’s obviously got the elite skills. maybe it’s the stupid hair ribbons they wear at CGA and all the fake tan that make her seem like a cheerleader, because i know she’s a capable gymnast.

    how does marta feel about lexie? is it just a matter of loving katelyn more than any of the other girls and likes lexie? ambivalent? or puts up with her because she’s got the difficulty?

    marta might want to save katelyn and use lexie instead, and put katelyn on beam/bars exhibition.

    brenna and kennedy are not exciting enough. simone might be an interesting pick, especially in contrast to kyla.

    • mimi Says:

      ooh forgot about mckayla skinner. maybe someone who is more of a quiet achiever?

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      If Katelyn still has a crappy vault Marta should bring her as an exhibition beam/bars instead. Plus im assuming that Katelyn will be at woga classic which is like 2 weeks before scam. So if she’s not vaulting safely at woga classic…

  8. JAS4 Says:

    I think it should be Lexie but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Marta chose Ohashi instead. I agree with letting Ohashi do a bars/beam exhibition(especially if Marta must have WOGA there.) I think Simone would be a good choice for exhibition as well.

  9. Biyatch Says:

    Alicia made it official… http://usagym.org/pages/features/130129_sacramone/

    • Biyatch Says:

      Globe article:


      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Still don’t agree with the “most decorated” thing but ASac definitely did get better with age. I wish she’d write that damn tell-all.

        My biggest bummer for her was her injury at worlds. I would have loved to have seen that ASac vault.

    • Case Says:

      Best of luck to ASac. Hopefully Brady puts a ring on it so she’s set for life. I’m glad to hear that she’ll be commentating. Nine National teams?? Quite a feat to show that kind of longevity in the sport.

    • mimi Says:

      ok. so when is the tell all book coming out 😉

    • lol Says:

      Ten medals my ass. Shannon and Nastia never announced retirement but Alicia thinks she is worthy of an announcement?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        You know why it’s smart to announce it like so? It’s another means for her to promote her sock company. So I don’t fault her for that – it’s pretty smart to be honest. Use the media to your advantage.

      • Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

        I don’t see what’s wrong with announcing one’s retirement…?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The point isn’t she announced her retirement. The point if she thinks she is special enough to announce it. Nastia said she was done at Trials and never announced her retirement in any kind of planned arena and she at least had a case to announce it. Alicia is a one trick pony (her floor was overrated)

      • Biyatch Says:

        Better Alicia has the medal than annoying whiny Anna Li

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        In Anna Li’s warped up mind she has the medal, too. I give Anna props for continuing after college and being the mad bar worker she is, but at least have some humility. She’s more of a one-trick pony than McKayla, by far.

        I just think it’s silly when you’re an ALTERNATE and you’re trying to say you were on the team. If you didn’t compete, you weren’t on the team. Of course that should go for ASac too but Marta didn’t have it that way. I still think that 10th medal was Marta’s way of convincing herself that it was OK to play mind games with ASac come London.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That medal was to knock Shannon Miller out of the record books. Marta hates the fact that Shannon stole Kim Zmeskal’s thunder then Moceanu’s and she has never forgotten that. You NEVER see Marta talking to Shannon or see pictures of them together despite the fact that Shannon is at every meet.

        Bela tried ton take credit for Shannon in 2000 which is why he hyped her so much. She was on her way to making that team until she got injured.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah that too. I guess Marta was going to give it to the first person that had the chance to take it away.

        However I call bullshit on the whole “decorated” thing because Shannon has 10 world medals and 6 Olympic medals – HELLO, how can ANYONE say ASac is most decorated when she’s got 10 World, and only ONE Olympic (not even gold)? That doesn’t make sense. Worlds comes every year so it shouldn’t be that which makes someone most decorated. They should count Olympic AND World and by that standard, Shannon remains in a class all her own. She even has more Olympic medals than Nastia – in fact, Nastia’s got only one gold Olympic medal (and she pimps that out for what it’s worth) whereas Shannon has two. Lame.

        There was that one time where the mics were on during a commercial break at a live competition…think it was for nationals or something, maybe Trials…but Shannon goes over to Tim and Elfie and they were wondering how to introduce her because “she’s no longer the most decorated.” I was screaming at my computer. Like WTF she’s no longer the most decorated?! Gimme a break! She’s got more flippin medals than ANYONE, and more Olympic medals to boot. She came back with “Olympic beam gold medalist” but she’s so much more than that. I wish she could have come back with “well, I’d still be most decorated because I do have five more Olympic medals than the ‘most decorated.'”


      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I remember that. Shannon pointed out they were world medals and not overall.

        I also remember I think it was couch gymnast sitting next to Marta during one of the worlds when Lauren from Australia was competing. Marta saw her beam routine and made some type of comment about a Peggy Liddick gymnast having actual difficulty in her beam routine which was a knock at Shannon Miller.

        She is still bitter

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Aw, I love these tid bits. You should share them more often. 🙂 How catty is Marta…

        Not only did Shannon have amazing difficulty (didn’t she even do a full twisting double back dismount? You never even see those anymore) but she had amazing form. She makes Aly and even Shawn look like horses on that beam…no offense.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The couch gymnast posted that stuff about what Marta said. She never mentioned Shannon but the dig was obviously at ehr since no one else from Steve was successful cept maybe Jennie Thompson.

        I don’t remember Moceanu or Strug or Zmeskal for that matter having any difficulty in any of their routines. Do you? Marta is just bitter

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        It was so long ago to be honest. I remember Shannon having a lot of back layouts at one point…and of course “The Miller”…I remember Moceanu’s mount (which was kind of cool) but that’s it. I am pretty sure Shannon’s beam had just as much, if not more, difficulty as Zmeskal or Moceanu or Strug. I don’t get why Marta would even try to make a dig at Miller since she WON the freakin OLYMPICS on beam. It just makes Marta look stupid but hey, people let her rule the roost and get away with what she does. Makes me mad but I’m happy it doesn’t affect my life the way it has other peoples.’

        I just really hope she pisses the wrong person off and a tell-all book eventually comes out. Something of that nature.

        I still don’t understand how Marta’s been in this country for decades and she sounds like a problematic ESL student.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Moceanu’s mount was Daniela Silivas’s mount.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I remember someone said that…I wasn’t around to watch Silvias. But at least it’s cool. You don’t see any “cool” mounts anymore.

        I even liked Gutsu’s mount in ’92…difficult but cool.

        I liked McCool’s mount too.

        Was it Marta that now encourages the “jump on the beam” mounts? I heard that somewhere. That she would prefer for the mount to be “safe” so we avoid ASac Beijing moments…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Shannon has 7 Olympic medals

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        So she has almost as many Olympic medals as World medals. The whole ASac being most decorated is complete BS. Just say she “has the most world medals.”

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She might have the most world medals but she certainly didn’t earn them.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Bela in his 1994/95 book said complimentary things about Shannon – that he always knew she was tough and a great gymnast blah blah – but that was after she had kicked all his gymnasts’ asses in 1992 and she was famous. He didn’t say anything like that before the 1992 Olympics. Typical Bela, always jumping on the bandwagon trying to take credit for something he had nothing to do with. Marta is different in that she never struck me as always trying to take credit for something she didn’t have anything to do with. But she harbors grudges big time and is always looking for ways to dish out payback. GTT is so right that she resented Shannon for 92 and is still paying her back by ignoring her.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t get the impression Bela is as bitter as Marta is. I am sure in private he is but he is pretty even when he talks about her in public.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Bela has mellowed in his old age. Happens to a lot of people I guess. I actually don’t mind him too much now. (Doesn’t mean though that I have changed my mind one iota about the way he acted when he was coaching.) Now Marta, that’s another story. Nothing has changed with her.

      • Catherine Says:

        When Bela roared at Mihai to contest Aly’s beam score, which Mihai didn’t even cop, I was delighted he was there. I kind of get why they wouldn’t be Shannon’s number 1 fan when she made shit of their gymnasts for years and years, but I definitely agree that Bela at least has mellowed. Marta seems to me like someone who carries a permanent hate list around.

  10. christina Says:

    The question is who of the 2 girls will be ready to compete AA at this point of the season without risking a weak performance or an injury. If they are both well prepared I hope it will be Katelyn. I see your point when you say that Lexie is the jr AA champ, so she’d deserve to go and I hate Katelyn’s/WOGA oversocring as much as you all do but at the end of the day Katelyn is soooo much prettier to watch. Nothing againist Lexie personally, she’s a powerhouse and she seems to be a really nice girl but she’s like Raisman 2 (Raisman is her idol after all). Her luck of artistry, her bend knees everywhere, the weak sing on bars and the messy dance skills on beam annoy me. Katelyn was never a great vaulter but her DTY was absolutely decent until before 2012 nationals where she was coming from an injury and her other 3 events are fantastic. She’s also very clean. However deep inside I hope that both Katelyn and Lexie won’t be ready and then Kennedy Baker will end up going instead. A girl can dream… lol

    • Kate Coursey Says:

      Agreed. I haven’t paid a lot of attention to junior scoring, so I can’t really comment on Katelyn’s overscoring, but I definitely enjoy watching her more than Lexie. Lexie’s great, but sometimes I find her a little boring, and Katelyn’s beam routine kinda makes up for her vault in my mind.

  11. Case Says:

    Nastia’s already whining about her 8 am Calculus class. Bets on how fast she drops out???

  12. exgymgurl Says:

    You forgot Sabrina Vega who is now training at GAGE …..is she still even on the national team??? … Why is Nastia taking calculus? It should be more like “college math”….

    Okay I think Marta will give it to whomever wins at camp, and I dont think thats Ohashi…

  13. exgymgurl Says:

    I guess no one forgot sabrina… she just doesnt even really enter the conversation. Anyway.. ASac officially retires taking her out of the USADA drug testing pool.

    Okay this is going to sound a little wierd BUT I think puberty and the growth spurt were pushed on Nastia early in her quad (2005-2006) so she wouldnt end up in the middle of it in 2008. Im wondering if Katelyn with a similar body type wouldnt do better to go through a growth spurt and puberty now so it doesnt hit her in 2012. We all know in Romania they give them a shot to “delay” the minute that they menstruate….. but with the age minimum being 16 what if they could actually time it so it doesnt hurt the quad… maybe Kyla is being allowed to grow now so she can adjust now so the spurt doesnt hurt her in 2016…… I just got thinking because puberty hit Shawn Johnson almost immediately after 2008. What does it do for elite female gymnasts if you can time puberty so it maximizes their career?

    • Case Says:

      I see what your saying but the whole notion of ‘timing puberty’ just seems wrong to me.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Interesting Exgymgirl. So you think they gave Nastia shots to make her go through puberty in 2005/2006 when she might not have started until 2008 which would have been terrible timing for her Olympic bid? I know they sometimes give boys who have delayed puberty testosterone injections to induce puberty but I hadn’t heard they “jump start” puberty for girls like that. I have always heard the Romanians and probably the Russians too gave injections to girl gymnasts to delay their puberty so it is not inconceivable they came up with something to jump start it too, and of course Valerie with his Russian connections might have had access to all that. Conspiracy theories, I love them!

      You are absolutely right though that bad puberty timing can be a killer for an elite gymnasts’ Olympic career. I sure hope nobody in the US and other western countries are monkeying around with that but you never know. (I would say I also hope the Russians, Romanians, and Chinese aren’t either but that’s probably wishful thinking.)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Totally wishful thinking on your part Terri (haha) but I recall the Russian head judge (the one just given the boot) saying something like Shawn Johnson was only a couple months away from not being able to make that Olympic team because of puberty about to hit – and he said that BEFORE the fact. And he was totally right! (about her puberty hitting her nearly months after the Olympics)…

        So it amazes me…I mean, I know they have been around pre-pubescent girls for so long, but it’s amazing they “know” when puberty is about to hit. Kind of creepy but in the sport of gymnastics I’ve heard all too often that the big “fear” for these girls is puberty.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        LOL I always find it a bit creepy when these adult male coaches, most in their thirties or forties, talk about the pubertal status of these teenage girls. The Russian coaches in particular have no qualms about saying this girl hasn’t hit puberty, this girl has hit puberty, this girl is about to hit puberty etc. It’s like, “Now how exactly are you getting this inside information?”

      • exgymgurl Says:

        They probably stopped “suppressing puberty” for Nastia in 05/06 so she could be ready in 2008. You dont have to give a girl a shot to bring it on, you can just stop suppressing it. Birth control / hormone shots and the like are by no means against the rules unless they are performance enhancing. So no it would completely not surprise me if Katelyn is not on the same path, let it happen now so by 2016 we are fine. Kyla growing 2-3 inches after her olympic bid doesnt surprise me, nor does McKayla growing a little. With Jordyn it hit absolutely wrong, and that was part of the issue. In the months leading up to true puberty gymnasts are not as good. Im sure for the Russians Komova hasnt hit, Mustafina has, and for the Romanians Izbasa and Ponor both have and that was it. I found it interesting that Bulimar had grown over two inches since the olympics acc to that Romanian team christmas interview. Bitang jumps in and knows exactly how much shes grown. Porgras and Racea ( Racea in particular) hit puberty right as the Bitang / Belu were coming in in this quad, and the growth spurt etc left her unable to do bars she had previously done. Porgras was getting injured left right center because puberty had hit her too, ( I think the federation pushed her into retirement knowing she was going to hit puberty before the 2012 olympics)

        Honestly most of the drugs only work until a girl is about 17-18 and then the efficacy goes down hill. Its crucial for all of the girls in this quad that will be ready for 2016 and hitting those ages to go through puberty as quickly as possible now so their bodies can re-adjust. I would bet you EBee is going through it right now and thus the injuries. When the growth plates are expanding so fast the soft tissue / joints particularly become susceptible. If you go back and look at Jordyns vaulting before 2011 worlds at some meet she did with Kyla, McKayla, and Sabrina as a Junior Senior mix deal when Sabrina was still a Junior it makes sense. Also it may be why Kyla lost her Amanar and some of her floor if she was getting there this summer.

        And its true. Everyone knew Shawn Johnson was only months away whether she kept training or not in 2008. And everyone knew Nastia had already undergone the change…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        People would actually do this to their kids?

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Yes people that adopt kids where puberty hits early put them on puberty suppression medicine so that they can grow normally and hit a normal size. You dont even need to do that in most cases its 100 lbs and a certain percentage body fat and boom puberty will hit within a few months. Most of the time it is done to delay puberty so a child can get to a normal height. Its called precocious puberty. This is routinely done to gymnasts in other countries in much the same way where Im guessing the parent doesnt have much control. In the US Im guessing parents are psycho and would do this to help their childs career. From what I hear the Ohashis are tiger parents and would definitely consider this.

        For papa Valeri and his wife both products of the Soviet system, this would have seemed normal so why not do this with Nastia….? It would not surprise me at all if specific parents and coaches and doctors were not doing this.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Wow – that is all just weird to me. But I can’t say I don’t believe you because I can totally see something like this happening. ANOTHER reason why a tell-all needs to come out…

        Tiger parents? Like crazies in other words? i.e. Bross’ dad?

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I always thought there are a lot of “late bloomers” among elite gymnasts because of their intense training/low body fat percentages and because of the self-selection factor (girls who are lighter and develop later having a competitive advantage). The idea that parents would give their daughters drugs to suppress and manipulate the timing of their puberty just to further their gymnastics careers is mind boggling to me. All of these drugs/artificial hormones have potentially dangerous physical and emotional side effects. You are playing with fire with that stuff IMO. I wouldn’t give them to my kids unless it was absolutely medically necessary.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah I see your point there. I had a really good friend who’s older sister was really into hard-core gymnastics. She never made elite level or anything like that but my friend told me she didn’t get her period until she was like 20 and that was because of all of the pounding her body took during her training. I know she wasn’t using any sort of drugs but I always thought puberty hit late for these girls because of the training, not any sort of drug…

      • mimi Says:

        in high school my best friend was a ballerina, and delayed puberty as much as possible by really restricting her diet. she was terrified of getting her period and growing boobs. she probably naturally should have hit it around 13 which is when she started to restrict and train harder.

        then when she realised ballet was not going to happen professionally and scaled back, puberty hit later (around 16 yrs old) and she got ginormous boobs. then she flaunted them for all it was worth haha.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Sounds like McKayla. LOL

    • terrigymfan Says:

      That’s what I thought too but you never know what some people will do. Just think about all the other sports (cycling, baseball, football, etc.) where athletes take these dangerous steroids to get a competitive advantage. It is not inconceivable it could be happening in U.S. gymnastics. At least in those sports it is athletes doing it to their own bodies. In gymnastics we are talking about a parent doing it to their child’s body.

  14. Biyatch Says:

    2nd MLT episode. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1ckbY0-OWpNUzJ0RjJhR19PdWM/edit

    Its interesting comparing MLT’s style in this documentary to what we saw from Mihai in Aly’s. Both MLT and Mihai were harsh at points, but MLT just seems psycho and messing with her girls much more psychologically then Mihai. Part of it could be that her group is much bigger but between the quote of the day and the known bible study MLT just seems like a nut job. Granted we saw Mihai with Aly who is by all accounts the model gymnast in terms of work ethic, would have been interesting to see him with Alicia back in the day. I can just imagine screaming matches across the gym and Alicia throwing foam pit at Mihai.

    Also of note Lexie is planning on leaping out of two of her tumbling passes. This would give her a 6.8 D score…

    • stephen Says:

      I think the leaps at the end of tumbling passes for this code need to ba at least a “B” difficulty rating though to be credited. I’m sure Mary Lee/Lexie will realise that soon enough 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am pretty sure they took out that rule about the jump having to be at least a B skill.

      • Catherine Says:

        That’s the killer, it was exactly that in the draft code. And then after the Olympics when they had just witnessed gymnast after gymnast with lame-ass leaps, and even a floor final with Mitchell in it..they took out the B and left it as A.

        But that’s not all, they’ve just changed how a switch ring leap will look. The back leg has to be bent at a 90 degree angle, or face deduction- and less than 45 and it won’t be credited at all. It looks FUGLY. I have some examples on my blog of insanely beautiful ones that we’ll never see in this quad, and the actual one that they now have to emulate. And *cough* Gabby’s, which I think could well be the reason they’ve just cracked down on it. She put it on her book cover ffs.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Saw your blog Catherine. I agree those ring leaps are going to look fugly. Anything that cites Bross as the “correct” form – we know there’s trouble. I like Bross but her gymnastics left more to be desired.

        Gabby’s leap should have just been deducted or counted as a split leap. It didn’t look much different than that.

        As for the leaps out of floor passes, I find them overall distracting and blatantly used to cover for not-so-clean landings. Lauren Mitchell used them for nearly every damn tumbling pass and it really irked me. I’ve only seen a select few done that well. I actually thought Aly’s was OK at the end of her routine but a lot of times she almost got too much power and her arms would flail, so again it would be distracting.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Biyatch keep them coming. MLT is a little out there for sure. Then you have Courtney looking like her bodyguard.
      Amelia is such a wiseass lol. I was looking forward to seeing the dog, Sophie Lee Tracy. Shes the real star of the show.

      • mimi Says:

        im usually not one to be calling people out on their weight… but courtney looks like a huge bouncer. it might just be the unflattering way she dresses, but i was shocked!

    • natty Says:

      I had the misfortune of meeting MLT once at congress. I dropped in on one of her beam clinics, and was totally blown away by how good the 2 girls she had on beam were. she had these 2 doing more advanced drills while she also presented 2 other, less skilled girls doing drills.
      I had always thought so highly of her bc of all that I had read/been told about her.
      Boy, was I wrong. I went up to her and was full of the thrill of meeting one of the greats in coaching. I mumbled about how awesome her 2 advanced girls were, and what perfect technique they had….and then:WHAM! Like being slapped across the face, she bit my head off in front of a whole slew of other coaches and gymnasts about why wasnt I praising her other two girls?! Didnt I know that the 2 advanced girls werent the only ones presenting…and then she asked me if I even knew the other 2 girls names!! I didnt, and she asked me why not?!
      Then she wanted to know why I didnt go over to them and thank them for coming, and about how proud of them she was and that their parents were there, so why did I come up to her and not tell their parents how proud of them they should be? after all, the parents had traveled all this way…blah blah….
      she told me that they poured their blood, sweat and tears into their drills, and were so hard working and had come so far…and they needed to be appreciated too!!
      making me feel like a total JERK!!!
      Ok, I wanted to DIE.
      MLT had been my hero.
      I slunk away, as other coaches saw the look of horror on my face and the tears starting to form.
      I made it to the bathroom where I cried quietly into my hands.

    • Lis Says:

      The link doesn’t work anymore! Do you have another one?

  15. Biyatch Says:

    Oh and one more post for the morning… the psychos from Westboro Baptist Church are going after Aly…

    I can’t bring myself to watch the video and I don’t want to even post the tweet but its on the WBC twitter account if you feel like looking it up, shit like this is just so despicable.

    • mimi Says:

      those westboro people make me feel physically sick to my stomach. im not game to look if they are trying to bring aly down.

    • lol Says:

      Does it. Say why they are going after Aly? Sabrina Vega is on the list above.

      • Biyatch Says:

        Because she’s Jewish and performed to Hava Nagila. They are anti-Semitic bigots. The video they attached was basically 21st century Nazi propaganda. No one should be subjected to that.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        no real baptists in the south even like these people. they’re crazy protesting soldiers funerals, and just being idiots….Aly is in good company and must be popular for them to go after her.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I’m also a Baptist exgymgirl (I assuming you are too from your comment) and appreciate your saying that. It sickens me that this hate group is calling itself a “Baptist” church because I am sure some people get the wrong idea about Baptists because of them.

    • tulip Says:

      Absolute nutjobs. They are not allowed into some countries (England, for startes) because they are considered terrorists.

    • Case Says:

      So tired of those freaks.

      • natty Says:

        For real, didnt the news report that they are actually being charged with committing hate crimes? So I want to know when they are doing prison time?

    • Kate Coursey Says:

      When I think of this church, I just feel so, so awful for the little four-year-olds who are out there waving signs saying Thank God for Dead Soldiers or Thank God for School Shootings or God Hates Jews…these kids don’t know any better, and their parents are absolutely destroying their minds.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Well said Kate. I don’t consider them a “church” though – they only are using that term – and certainly have nothing to do with any legitimate Baptist organization I am familiar with. I understand this group has about forty members, and most of them are family members of Fred Phelps, their crazed leader. He’s a scumbag on a power trip, not much different than David Koresh if you ask me. What I can’t believe is that the Supreme Court, in an 8-1 decision, said the First Amendment gives them the right to picket funerals and disturb grieving relatives. They picket a lot for service members’ funerals because of the military’s new non-discrimination policy concerning gays.
        Regarding Aly, I am hopeful that the tweet that appeared on their Twitter account this morning does not mean they have actually put her on their picket list or attack list. The tweet says something about Aly performing to the Hava Nagila and then links to a video the WBC posted on YouTube three years ago. The video is outrageously anti-Semitic but doesn’t refer to Aly. Hopefully that is all they will say about Aly, but still it is a little scary that her name wound up on their twitter account.
        I also hope CPS has their eyes on them. It always seems that the leaders of these cults not only brainwash the children with their hate-filled ideas but also abuse them, including sexually.

      • Kate Coursey Says:

        Yeah it’s almost all one family. (Although I did see a news story about a girl whose father, a filmmaker, tried to make a documentary about WBC, but he ended up getting sucked in and moved their entire family across the country to be part of the church. When the girl decided she wanted out, her family disowned her.) I am only two years out of high school, and the WBC picketed my high school during my senior year. Apparently, my high school is secretly devoted to turning kids gay, which is funny, because after four years I came out as straight as ever.

        Logically, I get the freedom of speech argument. But sometimes it makes me so pissed off, that I wish we could just scrap the Constitution in their case and kick them out of the US. I wish CPS could legally take those kids away. I don’t care if people raise their kids in a certain religion, but this is such a horrific and vile environment in which to bring up children, even without possible physical/sexual abuse.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        This oddly enough sounds a lot like the Fundamentalist mormon group (FLDS) – anyone ever read that book Under the Banner of Heaven? Yikes.

        No offense to Mormonism but Joe Smith basically created a religion so he could get away with being a polygamist pedophile, and then almost be worshiped for it.

      • Catherine Says:

        When I hear of them, I’m kind of delighted we do not have fundamentalist churches here. We do of course, have a previously all-mighty Catholic Church which did its best to bring us back to the dark ages and wreaked untold damage…but no fundamentalists.

        Oh and they hate Ireland, I forget why. Not soldier related, we do not have a millitary. (Technically we do, for peacekeeping missions). Damnit, I refuse to look them up and find out why.

      • GymMom Says:

        They’re only a “church” for tax purposes! They’re abhorrent!

      • Kate Coursey Says:

        Hahahaha I live in Utah, so I’m surrounded by Mormons :). We do get a few of the FLDS people down in southern Utah…it’s always hard not to stare when they walk into a store or gas station or something.

      • natty Says:

        OK, for anyone interested, heres the link to the news story about the petition on the White House website to get them labed as a hate group:

  16. Dee Says:

    Is there any reason you won’t post my comments?

    I am asking in the most respectful way I can, since joking about it doesn’t work.


    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Hi. I am sorry you feel singled out not being approved. The thing is I decided before not to approve anyone new and have done a pretty good job sticking to that. Plus private comments are in a different place then original comments so I don’t always see when people need to be approved.

      Well you are approved now so enjoy 🙂

      Just so you know I have a life besides this blog so sometimes things take awhile.

      • Dee Says:

        Thank you for letting me know. I assumed I had done something to offend you!

        I appreciate the fact you have a life otherwise your posts would be boring.

  17. natty Says:

    sanitynmotion…there is no reply button to click on your response above, to my post on MLT.

    lets just say I was already older than most and had never been to a big meet before, like nationals or worlds.

    it was a thrill of a lifetime for me to go, and I had a great time.

    But I was so far out of the loop as far as gymnastics, I really felt out of place at congress to begin with, and that experience with her just crumbled me.

    I was interested in trying to learn new things, and perhaps get back into coaching…

    the highlight though was going to a clinic with dr bill sands, who used to coach me in a high school girls class back in the day.

    it was a thrill to go up and talk with him about the old days and how we have both come full circle.

    he was by far and away, the very best coach I had ever had the pleasure to work with, and that was only once a week!

    I saw chellsie too and paul hamm…it was just like on tv, but only in person! :-p

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