Flippen Awesome

Mckayla and Kyla will appear at the Cartoon Networks 3rd Annual Hall of Game awards show on February 11th


32 Responses to “Flippen Awesome”

  1. gymbo Says:

    Yeah I LOLed when I saw it too

  2. Case Says:

    Damn that little 7 year old was impressive! Don’t let Marta near her.

    I’ve seen nominee #3 in person…she’s pretty decent for that level.

    Aly…inflection please? Just do it for me.

  3. GymMom Says:

    Here you go. Shawn told the Des Moines Register she is “opening a gym” in West Des Moines with the Woodward Camp, which I believe has something to do with BMX etc. The gym apparently will be for kids to train for all sports from gymnastics to BMX??? I’ll believe it when I see it?


  4. GymMom Says:

    Better question is how does Chow feel about this? I honestly don’t think anyone has done any market research to see if there is a demand for that kind of gym in West Des Moines Iowa?

    My suspicion is that this other company Woodward is putting up the gym and Shawn will promote it.

    • GymMom Says:

      Gabby was at the SAG Awards last night with her mother & sister. I think it’s funny she doesn’t seem to be getting hired for jobs like the other 4? Ha ha And she burned her bridges in her hometown, so she isn’t even getting anything there or in Iowa!

      • Short1 Says:

        If she isn’t getting hired for as many jobs as the others, I honestly wouldn’t be all that surprised; no disrespect to Gabby, but I just don’t see her being as marketable as McKayla, Aly, or Jordyn (and last I heard Kyla hadn’t gone pro?). As 2008 showed, an AA gold medal doesn’t always translate to the most endorsements and money (as Shawn and Alicia have made a LOT more money than Nastia).

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Gabby really shot down any shot she had at making a good name for herself after the whole Oprah thing. It’s also obvious she isn’t media trained. She comes off as blabbering and foolish. No respectful company would want that promoting their products.

        Out of all the 2012 girls, the most “promotable” are McKayla and Aly – and look at who’s getting most of the jobs.

      • GymMom Says:

        Yes Gabby, her fat mother & sisters are milking it for everything they can! Do they honestly think any of the celebs they’re stalking will remember them in 2 years? While it may be fun to attend the SAG Awards & the Golden Globes, it makes them look like crazed celeb stalkers! Gabby shot herself in the foot multiple times since London, starting with throwing her Dad under the bus. When he showed up to watch her in the Olympic Trials in June, she claimed then his presence helped her focus & win her spot on the Olympic Team in several interviews. Her mother clearly made bad decisions, including encouraging Gabby to disparage her Dad in interviews and allowing her to be interviewed by Oprah including concocting the “racism” allegations in an attempt to cover up the unpaid $20,000 to Excalibur Gym.

      • Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

        Gabby definitely isn’t as marketable as Aly & McKayla. McKayla’s all sass, Aly’s the girl next door, and lest I forget Jordyn is very loved in her hometown so she has a bunch of good deals too. Gabby, meanwhile, has no hometown to speak of, and comes across as cocky in interviews lots of times. The Oprah interview was just bull.

        Regarding the Shawn gym thing, maybe this will be a place with obstacles courses etc. where kids can work out while still making friends and having fun. It shouldn’t affect Chow’s since Chow has already made a name for himself in the elite gymnastics world.

        And I agree with the AA gold medal doesn’t translate to more money. Alicia definitely had more deals as compared to Nastia.

    • tulip Says:

      Does anyone remember an article a few months ago where Gabby claimed that they were homeless a few times because Dad didn’t pay support? The first thing I thought after reading it was that Excalibur was absolutely right. If the Douglas family is homeless, how can they afford all Gabby’s gym fees, travel, supplies, etc… Excalibur said they floated Gabby money and other types of support. Claims of homelessness kind of proves that point to me. (FYI- I always believed that Excalibur was telling the truth.)

      Do you think her stupid mom realizes that they are telling a different story every day?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Even though I totally believe Excalibur too, where they went wrong was when they targeted Gabby for not paying the bills and even calling her out on what she said to Oprah – they should have just left that alone and let the truth come out for itself.

        Excalibur should have just stuck all blame and pointed fingers at her mom and not even mention Gabby. Everyone was just so up in arms that Excalibur would “attack a child” but really, if they had left “the child” out of the equation and just focused on the clown of a mom, it wouldn’t have been as bad. I think. Maybe I’m wrong, but whatever. They were stupid to begin with by thinking someone like Natalie would pay her bills. She’s full of entitlement – I mean c’mon lady is on disability when we all can see she is clearly cheating the system. If the cow can fly around the world with her daughter, the clown can get to work like the rest of us.

        That being said, they should have just not funded Gabby’s training and said “oh well.” Or started a donation program, or fundraiser. They let the friendship thing get in the way of business. Now they have no one to fault but themselves, and they just look the worst for it because a) Gabby left the gym stating she didn’t get the “right” training (so who’s going to want to go to that gym now if you have Olympic dreams on your mind) and b) they criticized her after her racist comments. Yeah, she totally dragged them under the bus but their response was not classy either.

        Either way, karma’s a b*tch and I just hope it hits the clown in the face at some point. There must be disappointment already seeing as to how the money is obviously not falling from the sky for them like everyone had originally thought.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t agree. They bent over backwards for her and she basically sold them down the river. They had every right to defend themselves.

        I am so sick of the attitudes “she is only 16” being excuses for bad behavior from people. 16 is old enough to k now better.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Technically I don’t agree either but that’s how the media handles things. You try to fling mud back and if the person is of a “young” age you are the one that ends up “looking bad” in their minds. It just adds to the entitled attitudes of teenagers these days but that’s unfortunately the way it is. If Excalibur had focused more of the anger on the mom and the mom’s irresponsibility, it would have been harder for people to backlash at Excalibur for “picking on a child” because that would not have been the case. And legally, Gabby is under 18 so her mom has full responsibility for Gabby’s actions, no matter what Gabby did or said to the media.

        I just think Excalibur could have taken a “higher road” approach. They acted too quickly but I’m sure it was because they were so shocked about it all. They should have done the whole “hold your breath for 10 seconds” thing and really thought about how they would be perceived in the media.

        I think at the end of the day it will be Gabby – if she has a soul, at all – that will end up feeling bad for what she did to people that really cared about her and had her back. People that went above and beyond to help her achieve her dream. She stomped on them, so she’s going to be the one who ends up feeling guilty at the end of the day, and I’m fine with that.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        IMO, They were called racists and took offense. I don’t blame them. This is their lively hood. How they make a living and Gabby tried to ruin it with half truths she herself admitted might not have been racists. I believe her exact comment was something like, “Could they have said that to me because I am black” I have learned a lot about gymnastics and how gyms work from watching the sport and there is a huge pecking order on how things are done.

        Watch dance moms. The ones there the longest think they are owed the best chair in the building because their kid won last week. Gym is just like that.

  5. H Says:

    Always happy for Aly, but can someone please put her back into the gym;-)

    Btw how much publicity do Aly, Gabby etc get in the US,
    regarding getting known to the general public?

    • GymMom Says:

      It seems like Aly & Jo get alot of attention in their hometowns? Gabby gets alot of negative attention…for instance that wig & dress she wore to the Golden Globes…she was slammed for that…rightly so!

      McKayla is probably the most well publicized of the 5 girls…in my opinion. Aly has gotten the most endorsement deals.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t even see black people attaching themselves to Gabby. I figured she would be at all their award shows and crap but they don’t even want to claim her.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        and now that the election is over I’m sure Michelle Obama doesn’t even “remember” who Gabby is…

      • tulip Says:

        Sanity, not only Michelle, I’m sure that Oprah doesn’t remember Gabby

    • Biyatch Says:

      Aly is at least occasionally back in the gym now. More so then previously at least and hopefully will go back full time since the tour is no more. Part of me thinks she should just worry about beam and floor for this year and if she is set on doing the AA, plan on that for 2014.

      McKayla has been tweeting about being back on the Hart of Dixie set so how much she’s in the gym is debatable.

      Have seen Aly everywhere in magazines in her Pandora ad (People, Marie Claire, Shape, etc.) so thats getting her good exposure and she’s sitting front row at Elie Tahari at NY Fashion Week in a few. She’s still pretty visible.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That reminds me I took a picture of her people ad for Pandora and meant to tweet it.

        Mirai was scored correctly. She did cheat almost all her jumps but others cheated to and they weren’t deducted.

        I find Gracie Gold unwatchable as a skater. She is nothing but jumps. I agree Christina Gao was lowballed

      • GymMom Says:

        Since her retirement in June, the 2008 Olympic gold medalist has appeared on a second season of Dancing With the Stars and been working on a variety of projects. None has her more excited than a gym that she plans to open with Woodward Camp in West Des Moines this year, the newspaper reports.

        Johnson said the facility will be a place for children to try a variety of sports from BMX to gymnastics. She said she’ll be helping to design the curriculum.

        “I’ve never been this excited about a project,” Johnson told USA Today. “Kids and fitness and exercise and having the freedom to learn what you want to do is kind of my passion. I feel like gymnastics was a little restrictive in not allowing me to have freedom and to be able to give that option is our main focus.” …

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Every stupid new project she gets she’s “never been more excited about it.”


    • H Says:

      Thanks for all the info:-)
      Not easy keeping track of it north on the globe:-)

      Who do you think they will name for the second spot scam(?)American Cup?

      • Biyatch Says:

        I would say Katelyn or Lexie for sure but you never know what Marta is going to do. After all she picked Aly out of “nowhere” in 2010 and look how that turned out. If I had to guess however I would say its Lexie’s spot to lose as the reigning junior champ.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think it will be Ohashi. I am surprised she left her off the first time but I am so weary of her Woga bias I might feel that way because of that.

        I hope it is someone we never thought of. Lexi is okay but I don’t see her being around in four years. She is pretty much a one event gymnast

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