Stop, Its Aly time

Aly will be in a new documentary. She will introduce it in Florida at the Jewish film festival.

Aly will judge an art contest.

Aly went to the Golden Globe after parties and hung out with Kobe BRYANT. Those links involve cheese. I don’t like cheese so go to google and put in Aly’s name. There are tons of articles.

In non Aly news, Lance Armstrong is a cheater and he is so far off the grid he has no clue Oprah isn’t relevant anymore yet he still decided to go to her to “break the truth” Feel free to comment on this but I honestly never liked Lance so I could care less that he cheated. I like what he did for cancer but after having cancer if he was dumb enough to put steroids into his body he pretty much deserves what he is getting now.


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  1. JAS4 Says:

    Wonder if she will question him into saying things for ratings like with Gabby? Lol

  2. nero Says:

    I thought Aly looked really pretty at the Golden Globes. I didn’t watch but I felt like the gymnasts were honoring the actors with THEIR presence. Like, oh hey Anne Hathaway you starved yourself for 2 weeks and sang your own part in Les Miserables? Yeah well can you do an Amanar, a double arabian off beam or a one and half twist to double arabian punch layout?? NO? THEN SIT DOWN!!!

    And apparently Shawn will be doing the Teen Choice Tour or whatever it’s called…..UGH. BEGONE!!!

    • H Says:

      I come from the theatre world and now YOU were really funny!

    • terrigymfan Says:

      In a similar vein Nero, when the emcee at the Miss America Pageant asked McKayla what it was like judging a big competition rather than performing in one (which sort of implied appearing as a contestant in a Miss America Pageant is comparable to competing in gymnastics at the Olympics), it would have been funny if McKayla had said, “Are you serious? Hell I could stroll out on a stage in a bikini and give superficial answers to softball questions but I’d like to see one of these girls try to doing a fricking Amanar.”

  3. Guest Says:

    “Those links involve cheese.”
    I love the word what you said GTT. 🙂

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am so glad someone got what I meant. Kudos to you:) Not sure if anyone remembers Gabby’s nick name is bree (like bree cheese, spelling I have no clue)

  4. GymMom Says:

    I want to know what all the Lance defenders have to say now? Ha ha ha

    • mim Says:

      i know, right? it was only a matter of time before it all came out. the cycling community is small and the doping stuff has been mumbled about for long enough.

      no integrity, no sportsmanship.. it’s disgusting. shame he is just one of many though.

      • Gymbee Says:

        With cycling it was such an evil cycle (literally) too. Riders thought it was getting hard – drugged up – organisers thought stages got too easy, so made them longer, which made riders do even more drugs to be able to keep up.

    • H Says:

      Not a defender, but i heard he went to Oprah because she paid the most …

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Interesting – I didn’t know this (my head’s obviously been up my ass). I at first wanted to believe him, but I always want to believe the best of athletes I admire. I’m sad and sorry to see this but I guess I should not be surprised. It’s just sad that sports has come to this anymore. I thought he had a genetic thing going for him too, that his body was able to process oxygen a lot faster? Silly me.

      And I’m not surprised at all he’d go to wherever paid him the most.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I NEVER liked him. I always found him to be phony but I wanted to believe him too. I wanted to believe that he wouldn’t be dumb enough to cheat after having cancer.

    • Kylie Says:

      Interestingly the media still seem to be painting him in a creditable light!!

  5. Lithi Says:

    Those LIVESTRONG bracelets got played out so quick when they came out. They became the must-haves of slacktivist douchebags who worshiped Abercrombie and Fitch. Good riddance.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Yeah I can’t lie – I wore one of them. But at the time, my gramps had cancer he eventually passed away from so I guess it was my way of coping/dealing with that. I wanted to say I supported research into all types of cancer, not just the pink band, you know? My Livestrong bracelet is still tucked away in my swimming bag (where I used to take it off during practice) and I haven’t worn it in awhile. Guess that thing needs to retire. It does feel fake. It’s a real shame.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I confess I wanted to believe he didn’t do it too, especially given his cancer story and all the work he has done for charity. It also seemed a little hard to believe that he would have been so aggressive in denying he doped ifhe had in fact done so. I mean it is one thing to deny you did something when you did it but to aggressively sue everybody and all that? I of course have no respect for him at all. What a complete Grade A jerk. He thinks of course that people are going to respect and forgive him now for “coming clean” but we all know it is just another one of his schemes. The sad thing is that I truly believe there are cases where people are falsely accused and smeared by innuendo and rumors. No one is going to give them any benefit of the doubt now after this.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        The thing that really ticks me off about Lance is that, as I think I have mentioned before, we are into aerobic sports in my family, mainly long distance running and swimming. Not into biking so much but because of the similarities Lance was always a big hero to my son, who’s 16 now. He’s old enough now that he wasn’t exactly shocked by Lance’s admission but he at least wanted to believe Lance was telling the truth. It’s bad enough when someone is a big liar and phony but it’s much worse when they set themselves up as heroes for all these kids, all for money and fame of course, and very intentionally deceive them and everybody else for years in attempt to maintain their fame and fortune.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I know – and I think the media is trying to “save” his reputation a bit (not drag him through the dirt as much) because of his link with cancer survivors. The whole thing is sad; what a deception.

        And is it silly of me to wonder if Sheryl Crow had a clue? lol.

  6. Case Says:

    Lance is a cheater, but I hate the fact the steroid era destroyed so many great sports in the late 90s/early 2000s. I mean, here we were thinking we were seeing legendary performances (McGuire, Clemens, Armstrong, Marian Jones, and on and on) and it was all bullshit. I was SO happy the cheaters were left out of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

  7. Gymbee Says:

    Ugh Lance. So calculating. Only admitting to cheating because it serves himself, I bet not because he’s feeling guilty.
    He is so far down in the ditch already that he probably figured it would be better for his public image to admit it and take the cycling bosses with him.
    I used to really like cycling, each summer I watched TdF until all the winners got caught the next day.

    I am glad we have Aly – imagine if Gabby took all the spotlight after the Olympics?

    • Guest Says:

      Don’t forget McKayla also. Thanks to her “not impressed” meme. 😉

      • Gymbee Says:

        Definitely 🙂 I am so glad she did that face haha! AND that Aly took home the most medals. Between the two of them they are doing a good job over-shadowing miss Douglas hehe.

      • Guest Says:

        If Mckayla was born in 20 years earlier, she would not got those publicity (and criticism rather) when she did same face beacuse there was no internet power to make those parody to boost her. So she is very lucky that she grows in internet era.

  8. Biyatch Says:

    Love Aly and so glad she’s getting so much positive recognition. The gymternet was so brutal on her and I really feel like this is her just her throwing it back in their face, mainstream media loves her and the girl next door quality she has.

    I do feel a little bit bad for Jordyn however and mostly blame the media. This is what happens when you anoint someone before the actual event. (And how stupid the media looks when someone comes out of the woodwork, but not even really Aly was right there all year while Jo’s looked vulnerable on bars/beam connections all year.) While she will always have the title of world all around champion for mainstream its Olympics or bust. It must be hard on her to see Aly and Gabby (and even McKayla in some respect) receiving the star treatment that the media led you to believe she was destined for. It’s hard to overlook the opportunities that Gabby, Aly, and Mac are getting that Jo isn’t.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      The one thing I hate about gymnastics and to a lesser degree the other Olympics sports is the overemphasis of the Olympics over everything else in between. Everybody acts like a girl is some big failure if she does not win a gold medal at the Olympics in whatever her specialty is (including aa) notwithstanding all the other successes the gymnast has had on the international stage. (Actually, they think she is an even bigger “failure” if she has had success at Worlds because of the expectations.) Success on the highest international level, though, depends so much on a girl “peaking” at the right time, which depends on so many factors that to a large extent are beyond the girl’s control (her age, being injury-free, etc.) and which, for female gymnasts, occurs only during a very short window of time. We’ve seen time and time again that the girl who wins the aa at Worlds is not the same girl who wins the aa at the OIympics just a year later. To me winning Worlds is every bit as hard and as impressive but unfortunately the mainstream media and general public doesn’t look at it that way because they only pay attention during the Olympics.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Ah, Terri I can’t agree more. Timing is everything, and it’s a huge struggle to maintain dominance in this sport. That’s why Shannon Miller is so damn special.

      I have to also make the point (going off of what Biyatch said) that the media never really accepted Jordyn as the “it” girl or star in the first place, even after she won Worlds. I think for the same reasons they never really got excited over Shannon Miller, even though she is the BEST US GYMNAST OF ALL TIME. Like Shannon, Jordyn never played to the camera, never showed much personality…she was there to compete and she was all seriousness. In other words, she was “boring.” The media could not be more obvious about wishing they had another girl to pan to – someone more “interesting.” I think that’s why they immediately went to Gabby the second she was getting more exposure (The American Cup). They made a big deal out of things, made up rivalries and such hoping that the current “it” girl would be de-throned by this more outspoken (and garish) one. And with that it was almost like the judges were playing to the media’s wishes. It was almost like they figured “put someone like Gabby front and center, get her to be the winner – and this will make the sport more popular, because little girls don’t look to people like Jordyn and think ‘I wanna be just like her.'” It’s lame but it’s true – it was all too obvious when Gabby could fall on beam and yet still come within tenths of Jordyn’s AA score to “almost” beat her. It was disgusting.

      In other words, they are all still looking for the “next Mary Lou” (vomit).

      The media wants their “American Darling” gymnast to be flashy, bubbly, and to have the looks. Nastia had the looks (sans the forehead) but she didn’t have the personality. Fail. Shawn had the personality and looks and yet she didn’t win the AA gold medal (but everyone thinks she did) – so in her case, she came out on top. ASac had the looks/personality but not the medals backing her up. Now I guess you can say she has the medals, but that last one was a total gimme.

      Fast forward to this quad and Aly didn’t have the looks but had the consistency (she was ignored until she beat expectations – she has the Boston and Jewish community now backing her, but before the media painted “her” to be the “bad one” that “took” Jordyn’s spot even though she came in first and Gabby was really the one that took Jordyn’s spot). I’ll say it time and time again, if Aly didn’t make the AA competition, there wouldn’t be a peep about this two-per-country rule. McKayla has the looks/personality but kind of like ASac (in the year leading up to the Olympics) was not involved in the competition enough to be much of a factor only doing one apparatus (yet her one vault is probably the most memorable thing about that entire competition in London).

      In any case, I really feel like the media de-throned Jordyn even before the Olympics. The focus was on Gabby. And the judges delivered because if they had judged the way they were supposed to, Gabby wouldn’t have made that AA competition. If Aly had made the same mistakes Gabby did she wouldn’t have been there. Aly was the “surprise” making her stand out as the one that took Jordyn’s spot but in reality they just gave it to Gabby because they were looking for her to be the “it” girl from day one. That’s why I’m not surprised she won the AA either – all she had to do was not make a mistake and that title was hers. Well she did it – but the sport just looks stupid now. Yet I’ll continue to watch it. Sigh.

      • Biyatch Says:

        The terrible trios/NBC portrayal of Aly as the spot stealer/ Jordyn who’s left out of the AA was seriously disgraceful. Ooooh we see a teenagers life long dream slip away, lets highlight it so the whole country can watch her squirm and get her heart broken. If you listen to the BBC prelims its not until they pan to Jordyn crying that Christine even mentions it. I don’t think Shannon mentions it at all.

    • Guest Says:

      Besides gymnastics, most of the Olympic sports are just only getting mainstream attentions when it comes to Olympic games.

      Not like the commercialized high-earning sports such as tennis, golf, soccer, those have more important competitions than Olympics every year.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Swimming is the same way, unfortunately. It is too bad but it’s reality. If you want to be a sports star you need to be really really good in these sports:

        Soccer (not so much in the US, but if you’re “hot” it helps)

        Even then, being a “female” sports star your options are much more limited. Scratch out Football, Baseball, Basketball, and even Soccer on that list above and hope you are very attractive, too – because that’s what will really earn you the big bucks. In fact, if you’re good enough to be in the higher ranks of tennis for instance, but never win but are really really attractive, you’ll make far much more money than any amazing female swimmer will make (Ana Kournikova or however you spell it, that’s you). Even attractive female swimmers such as Natalie Coughlin (who has been to at least three Olympics and has TWELVE Olympic medals) don’t make near as much dough as a “hot” mediocre tennis player because of the sport (not glamorous enough – your’e not running around on a court in skirts and such).

      • Guest Says:

        Not like swimming or athletics, women gymnastics is a sport of very short life peak, so it is hard to blame the gymnasts to seek opportunities outside the gym world after they got success in Olympics, especically that the internal competition in US is far more fierce than other countries then no one can guarantee to maintein the level to fight for the spot of the next Olympics.

  9. terrigymfan Says:

    I liked the article about Aly in the Palm Beach Post. Personally I think it is great that she is being honored by the Jewish Community. If I were Jewish I would be proud of her too. I really liked it when she dedicated her gold medal floor routine to the Israel athletes who were murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympics. I think it is outrageous that the IOC has never honored their memories with even a minute of silence. The greatest tragedy in the history of the Olympics and never an acknowledgement by the IOC? Of course they are simply appeasing all the Arab countries who hate Israel but it still disgusts me. Aly stuck it in the IOC’s face IMO.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Yeah it disgusts me too. Never should human murder be OK, no matter what religion you align with.

    • Lis Says:

      As someone who is Jewish, I am incredibly proud of Aly and I’m impressed with her maturity on the subject of the 1972 Olympics.

    • Kazic Says:

      Aly is a stand-up gal no doubt about it. I am very glad she’s done as well for herself post Olympics as she has. Even the Russians like her, and you know they like to pretend like we don’t exist lolol.

  10. Exgymgurl Says:

    I hope derek hough joins the teen choice tour 😉

  11. Jen Smith Says:

    Have you seen the ad Aly’s in for Pandora jewelry (it’s some type of a charm bracelet)? She looks very beautiful.

  12. sainabou nyang Says:

    Just read on fangymnastics that Andreaa Raducan has the English version of her tell all book out. She’ll be in Las Vegas in a few days promoting the book.

    I dont know much about raducan except for the story about her AA medak being stripped. Im hoping she puts some dirt in there about Belu and Bitang.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I want to buy

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Lol Im hoping to get it from my local library.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Lets try to get andreea on jeff probst. I have a friend that works there and they are really stretching for guests. I think they would take her. Write it on their FB page…. tweet it to them. That would be a story I would be interested in hearing. She has to have CRAZY perspective on romanian gymnastics, and if shes in Vegas it isnt that far from LA

    • Catherine Says:

      Can’t wait to get it off amazon..can’t get any damn gymnastics books in this country even in ginormous book stores. Football, golf and boxing. That is it!

  13. Exgymgurl Says:

    According to creepy tumbler stalker guy it looks like shes doing teen choice tour with mark ballas……. I was almost right. Its now going to get publicity on e news etc.

    • GymMom Says:

      Shawn looks like she gained weight since DWTS? That’s why she has a big sweatshirt on. Sorry but her yo yo weight issues don’t say much for her as a person promoting Nike Fitness products? Just my opinion. It tells me that either the products don’t work or she isn’t using them as much as she claims to?

      Hanging with the great @ShawnJohnson all day, showing off @Nike+ Kinect Training!

      A post shared by Joseph Teegardin (@josephteegardin) on

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think someone like Shawn, with her body type, will always have a hard time keeping weight off. She will always have to work harder than an average person to maintain a “slimmer” physique. Look at her parents.

        That being said there’s nothing wrong with her promoting overall fitness and health. Good for her. I am sick of seeing super skinny people with barely any muscle tone being promoted as “fit” anyways – time for some reality checks. If she gained a pound or two that’s normal from time to time – and hey, we all had to go through the holidays recently didn’t we? I think most of this nation’s population likely gained a pound or two over the holidays. Bring on the eggnog, and forego the workouts.

      • GymMom Says:

        As a spokesperson for Nike Fitness, there is really no excuse for Shawn’s yo yo weight. We might gain weight but we’re not getting paid to promote Nike Fitness. That would be like the coaches on The Biggest Loser showing up overweight and then telling the contestants they need to lose weight. The credibility factor is huge when it involves endorsements. If Shawn with all the best shoes, clothing, equipment and personal trainers, plus a paycheck can’t control her weight, where does that leave the rest of us???

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t know – maybe we should ask Jessica Simpson…

        (lol, the point I’m making here is that the yo-yo/credibility factor doesn’t stop major conglomerates from paying celebrities to endorse them, even if the “message” doesn’t come across perfectly)

      • GymMom Says:

        I just feel like Shawn should be able to keep her weight down, especially given her age? Look at the people who are promoting fitness products! I ordered a Pilates bench a few years ago because of Susan Lucci!!! Obviously Nike Fitness Kinect is a fail! That’s the message I get when I look at Shawn! By the way, her father is not overweight.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Shawn looks pretty fit to me. She’s the type though that is never going to look thin or “sleek” with just the exercise. There is going to have to be serious avoidance of eating anything fattening to have any chance of that. That’s always the toughest part.

      • mim Says:

        i know when i hit 20 and couldn’t eat what i wanted/not strictly exercise anymore. everyone is different, and just because shawn is young doesn’t mean she should easily keep weight off. age isn’t a factor, genetics and lifestyle are more significant factors.

        maybe she’s on the pill? i gained weight like crazy and had a major appetite on birth control. went off it for a year and literally hardly ate a thing!

      • Gymbee Says:

        I think Shawn looks great, she looks healthy. And I love that she is muscular, and not flirting with a BMI that WHO would class as underweight or malnourished.

      • Guest Says:

        Shawn was a powerhouse gymnast in her previous career, so she had to eat and train to grow and maintein the muscle. When she stop training, the muscle can easily transform to fat then it cause the weight issue (just like her in 2009-2010). Now she is retired and does not need to train as a gymnast then she can choose some other normal training scheme to shake off the extra muscle and fat to stay fit. The cooperation with Nike fitness is good for her.

  14. terrigymfan Says:

    Anybody have an opinion on the Manti Te’o story? It’s pretty wild but I can tell you one thing. There is no way in hell that guy was just an innocent dupe in all this. He’s lying through the teeth when he says he was just a victim of a hoax. He was in on it and hoaxing everybody else. I cannot believe the Notre Dame administration is defending him. He ranks right up their with Lance IMO.

    • Biyatch Says:

      RE ND ADMINISTRATION: Notre Dame Says Manti Te’o Is a Victim. That’s Rich, Considering Their History of Ignoring Actual Victims.

      “Notre Dame is notorious for covering up sexual assault allegations involving its football players, but the school declared star linebacker Manti Te’o a “victim” within mere hours after the news broke that his saintlike dead girlfriend never actually existed. Why is Notre Dame in such a rush to assert Te’o’s victimhood while the investigation is still proceeding? Easy: because it strengthens the hero narrative the school relies on for profit and glory. Acknowledging the real victims of jock culture only hurts that narrative.”

      He’s either an idiot for being in a three year relationship with a hard driving and then intentionally overselling the story (which is pretty shitty) or he’s part of it and just a downright shitty person. He had an interview scheduled with ESPN today that he cancelled. My guess is MAJOR damage control.

      ND likes to pretend they have shiny halos above their head, those halos are looking pretty dull today.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Can’t believe it, it even made the news in Scandinavia haha. And American Football gets absolutely NO coverage, maybe just a brief note each year on which team won the SuperBowl.

      Anyway, his dad said they met up in Hawaii, etc etc, and now he is claiming they never met?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I have an opinion. I am from Boston. I am a BC football fan and Notre dame is the team we always beat during the Brady Quinn years but they were always ranked and we never were ( we are very inconsistent, heck we suck) so I used hate how they would be hyped but we always seemed to win or we gave them a really good fight.

      This is how I even know who Brady Quinn is. The media always hyped Notre Dame and every year they would lose and it would take forever for them to fall in the rankings. They were the only team that would happen too. It used to drive me insane.

      This Teo guy lied and now he is caught. He said he met her and she was his girlfriend which never actually happened.

      There could be a chance he thought she was real and then he found out she wasn’t and he didn’t want to be embarrassed? but I somehow doubt it.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Thats what he’s saying. He met a girl ( and in fact there is a stanford student with a name that is close who resembles this “online relationship” person that was created, and his cousin the creep perpetuated it with one of his female friends, obtained a phone number and created the identity. THen had her die. It sounds like he was manipulated the whole way through it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t buy that. He told ESPN he met her. Doesn’t sound like he was duped to me. IMO

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I have to give props to deadspin on this. I thought it was just a national enquirer-type rag site but the story on Te’o was pretty thorough and solid investigative journalism IMO. Now if they would only do one on USA Gymnastics.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I’m so confused. So someone with some wacky name Teo had a make-believe girlfriend and she died and now …? What? This is just weird. I would google this but unfortunately I have to write a report on Vegas. Long story.

      • Biyatch Says:

        the best and original article is on 🙂 it explains everything.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Thanks Biyatch. I couldn’t help it I had to read it. From the looks of it, it seems like it was an obvious hoax to stir publicity for the guy and for Notre Dame. Not sure what the point overall was though; wouldn’t have it been easier to make up a fake relative as opposed to a fake girlfriend who got sick and died? – I mean, was that the plan from the beginning? Make up a relationship and then BAM sob story, over? Just overall really odd. Also if he met her at a game how did she become not real? Unless the girl was in on it too, which she clearly wasn’t.

        This is the funny thing about FB and Twitter nowadays. People try to get away with this sort of stuff but in the end they always get caught. How many relationships have been broken off/ruined because someone was caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing via social media websites? You don’t have to hire a lawyer or a spy anymore to figure out if someone’s cheating. You just wait until they (or more likely, someone else) eventually slips up or mistakenly posts/claims something.

        This whole thing is really weird and kind of disturbing, but it’s no different than what celebrities do in their daily lives (lie/manipulate the public to try and get attention). It’s lame – and in this case, really lame – but at least nobody was really murdered or hurt. People were just duped and now they feel stupid about it.

  15. terrigymfan Says:

    Notre Dame always wants to act holier than thou and they can never admit they are no different than any other institution. Scumbags popped up in all institutions every now and then but ND, more than most, denies it and even attempts to cover it up. If you saw all the absurd interviews Te’o gave back in October after the “death” of his “girlfriend,” you would realize there is no way he thought, as he claims, that this was just some girl he had met on the Internet and had never seen. (Of course he doesn’t say anything about her being just an “Internet” girlfriend during the interviews.) He lays it on thick about how they would talk for hours on the phone about her leukemia and car accident and how she was such a beautiful person. At some earlier point he and his family said he originally met her (not online but in person) at a ND-Stanford football game in CA in 2009 when he was out there to play a football game (she was supposedly a student at Stanford). When a reporter for ESPN asked whether he was going to her funeral, he said, “I can’t. She asked me on her deathbed to go to this Saturday’s game and not let down the team.” The reporter asked who her family was and he said, “They like their privacy and do not want to be identified.” His father is in on it too because he has said for a long time that the girl came out and visited their family on many occasions. A girl who never existed did that? The idea that others would play such an elaborate hoax on Te’o, spending hours on the phone with him and all that makes no sense whatsoever. There were indeed others in on this – in addition to his father his CA friend who created the fictitious facebook /twitter accounts of the girl were in on it – but Te’o was at the center.

  16. GymMom Says:

    I don’t care to hear any more about the Notre Dame football player & his obvious ploy to win the Heisman Trophy! These Big 10 football programs will do ANYTHING to promote their programs! It’s disgusting!

    Remember Cam Newton? He was a common thief in college and he was still celebrated! His father was involved in his scams just like the kid from Notre Dame!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Cam Newton is still celebrated in the NFL – he is doing a pretty good job for Carolina. He was a thief? Sad how these awful people end up being so successful.

      I’m glad Cam Newton’s rookie record was taken this year by Andrew Luck. I hope he’s not a bad person. I was actually rooting for the Colts to take it all this year but I think (obviously) it’s too soon to hope for that.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Colts, We don’t root for no stinking Colts. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING????

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Hey, I liked them! They are from Indiana, so you gotta feel sorry for ’em. 🙂 I’m a sucker for the underdog, they had a pretty gnarly season last year…

      • terrigymfan Says:

        GymMom’s “Scam Newton” comments were dead on though!:)

        BTW GTT, my money’s on the Patriots this year. I can’t imagine any of the other remaining teams are going to stop them this year.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Sorry I hate Tom Brady and that’s the only reason I don’t like the Patriots. Seems like he takes them to the Superbowl and then FAILS. I guess GTT is hoping that doesn’t happen this year.

        You both might hate me but I’m kind of hoping we see the 49’ers at the Ravens this year…

        …and then I hope the 49’ers win. 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Brady has won 3 SB and then he lost two and he was hardly alone losing last years SB.

        Guess I am going to have to root against the Pacers because of you then. I am big on revenge and this will be my payback:)

        What other teams does Indiana have??? NBA-Pacers NFL- Colts NHL (drawing a blank) AND MLB (EEEWWWWW, The Indians. I hate the Indians. I will plan my revenge hating them.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        lol you go on and hate the Packers, since I like the Vikings!

        I just liked the Colts cuz they were underdogs. I’m not an Indiana fan of anything else. Plus how cool would it have been to see them beat the Broncos this year (if they had made it through and all). Hey, Bridget Sloan is from Indiana, right?

        You can hate the Indians too. I won’t hate the Red Sox if you won’t hate the Twins. 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t hate the Twins. We are good.

        Peyton may be gone but I still hate the Colts. I was glad when they lost, sorryNOTsorry

        I still like funny Bridget but she rooted against the Patriots last year so I have decided I have to hate her. She tweeted something obnoxious about never rooting for the Pats.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        BTW, Sanity. Cam was at Florida originally and got kicked out for stealing somebody’s computer from a dorm room. That’s why he had to go to junior college for a year before winding up at Auburn.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        That’s stupid on Cam’s part. I’m shocked he would be bereft of a computer given he was likely on a football scholarship and don’t they give those guys basically anything they want?

        That being said, I guess at least he doesn’t kill poor defenseless animals like Vick did. I’ll take a thief any day over a dog killer.

        Although this gives me a reason not to like Carolina. 🙂

  17. exgymgurl Says:

    Hey Gym Mom…. Regarding Cam, Florida and Auburn are SEC schools and NOT “Big 10” Notre Dame is not a “Big 10” school either they are unafilliated. I dont get what any of this has to do with the “Big 10” conference…. ???

    • terrigymfan Says:

      You must be a grad/fan of a Big 10 school exgymgirl. LOL.

    • GymMom Says:

      SEC, Big 10…college football is corrupt from beginning to end! Penn State covered up for pedophiles and many young boys were irreparably damaged. Cam Newton is a dirtbag! I don’t watch college football anymore because of the scummy operations!

  18. GymMom Says:

    The dirtbag Cam Newton’s laptop that he stole & then painted his name on it!

  19. GymMom Says:

    Cam Newton’s Dad solicited cash in exchange for a promise that Cam would sign to play. Another dirtbag!

  20. GymMom Says:

    My daughter attends a Big 10 school and actually dated a starting football player there last year. It was very enlightening for her. Needless to say, she is no longer dating him.

  21. sportsfan Says:

    Cam Newton’s dad was a pastor who’s church was under foreclosure. After Cam was kicked out of Florida, and he went to Blynn Community College where he went on to win a National Championship. After that, a bidding war started for his services from many different schools. When Cam committed to Auburn, his father’s church miraculously came up with the needed funds, and the foreclosure was over. Later, it was found out that Auburn “allegedly” paid $250,000 for Cam to commit to them. Then the NCAA decided not to investigate further into Cam’s recruitment, due to the current SEC bias in college sports. That last part is my opinion, however.

  22. exgymgurl Says:

    Texas which is a Big12 school actually sent two players home from the alamo bowl game because they were “suspected” and “under investigation for rape” so I wouldnt say all BIG football is corrupt. Especially considering who the players were, and that the crime took place in TX it could have easily been swept under the rug. Instead it was immediately dealth with.

    As for football all being corrupt, I have a son that is 13 years old and 5’11” with a size 14 foot. Most of the boys he plays football with are WORSHIPPED by their parents, and the parents LIVES revolve around these boys football “careers” from the time they are about8 or 9 so yes they act arrogant and like they are above everything. Mostly because parents coaches and everyone else spoils them. This is not football at the collegiate level. The collegiate level is a continuation of what you see in Pee Wee, in Pop Warner and the other independent football leagues. I blame the way these parents cater to these boys that are treated like GODS from an early age…

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