While I was sleeping

Aly was named the 5th best sports story of the year by one of Boston’s newspapers.

She is currently on their websites front sports page.

The Obnoxious Boston sports fan also named Aly to his list but I lost the link. He’s obnoxious anyway so who cares:)

Sports Illustrated thinks Kyla Ross could be the gymnast to beat in the US. He also names Lexie Preissmen and Kaitlyn Ohashi.

Shannon Miller being Shannon Miller. I wonder if she gets tired of listening to herself???:)

I like this article. Which medal is which? Neither Shannon or Aly know.


44 Responses to “While I was sleeping”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Look at Brady’s frowny-face on that website, lol!

    Good for Aly, she deserves it.

    I hope Kyla Ross can keep the others at bay. I really do. But I rarely get what I hope for. The dude makes a good point that in 2009, USA won 1-2 in the AA at Worlds and neither of them could make the 2012 team.

    Damn Geddert and his stupid quote about it being a little girl’s sport. It seems that only in the US is it a little girl’s sport because there are too many little girls biting at the heels of the bigger girls, so the bigger girls get faded away by Karolyi and clan. Russia and Romania are definitely not counting their “big girls” out because that’s who they rely on the most. I don’t know what Romania is going to do now with more retirements and Ponor definitely gone. I’m kind of sad for them.

    The same can be said of the “little girls” for China – simply because they have their pickings with a big population/ankle biters. Although that couldn’t really be said this past Olympics because they took two of their ’08 girls to the ’12 games (although I’d bet my pay check that at least one of those ’08 girls wasn’t really 16 in ’08…)

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I will give the cnnsi guy credit. He actually did some re-search

    • gingercrush Says:

      The whole fame thing in the US is another factor. But really who wants Gabby Douglas to stay around? I don’t. Am completely over Jordyn who was lucky to win her Worlds Gold and I do not want to see that coach again. McKayla needs some fan to go uglify her face. And Raisman is supposed to be into fashion but I just see Jewish trailer trash.

      Kyla can stay but that is because she doesn’t want to be all into the fame stuff which I like. My only concern is she needs to upgrade and bring that amanar back.

      Anyway have you seen the Russian juniors? You think Aliya Mustafina has form issues you should see that lot. And Romania. Hmm will they finally not win a team medal in Rio? Chinese juniors are looking pretty good. Still they are yet to find a Cheng Fei replacement.

      Anyway happy New Years people.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am with you. Out with the old,in with the new. Accept Kyla.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah only Bross might be coming back too it appears.

        I like Finnegan. She’s not entirely new, but I think she has great potential if she can get her bars in order.

      • catherine Says:

        Well Shelgunova has been better, she was recovering. But Kuzmina, Bondareva, Baturina, Kharenkova, Dmitrieva and Spiridonova have beautiful work. And Shelgunova is Miss Consistency..

        As for Romania, they are extremely lucky no team finals at worlds next year. They still have Bulimar and Iordache to shine next year individually. They have some great 2014 and 2015 juniors though- Munteanu, Zarzu, Iridon, Jurca and Blendea so I wouldn’t write them off in Rio.

    • mim Says:

      im sure i just read an interview with ponor that said she wasn’t ruling out rio. it was like “im retired for now but i might starting trainin again in 2 years because i love gymnastics so much, so rio could be on the cards” sort of interview! 🙂

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I thought Geddert’s statement about gymnastics being for “little girls” was really stupid when he said it. Statements and attitudes like that encourage eating disorders IMO (which we saw a lot of in the eighties and nineties but thankfully not so much nowadays.) It is not true anyway. I think it was kind of true in the late eighties and early nineties before they raised the age limit but now it definitely is not true. Most of the girls who took home medals this year for example did not have “little girl” bodies so why would you say that is necessary to succeed? Look at how well Aly did even though she was actually a little older than some of the other girls and definitely has a mature body type. Jo’s lack of success was due to a lot of factors, mainly her stress fracture and bad luck IMO, but had nothing to do with her body type. And look at Beth Tweddle, who is still doing great even though she is 27 years old. My point is the older girls can still compete as long as they have the right attitude and dedication. Of course that is the biggest problem with the US girls. Once they compete in one Olympics they usually lose their dedication level with all the distractions and competing interests. The comeback attempts are too little and too late. I personally would love to see Jo try to make Rio in 2016 but only if she legitimately gets back in the gym and trains seriously just as the younger girls do. It’s the half-ass comeback attempts that put me over the edge.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah I agree Terri. That (what all you said) combined with the knowledge that there is another crop of girls biting at your heels to take your spot. Marta treats the US athletes as if they are expendable, which she only gets away with because she does have so much talent at her fingertips. So many little girls want to be the next major gymnastics star.

        Part of all that too is every little girl sees Mary Lou/Shannon Miller/Nastia/Shawn/McKayla/Aly – etc. – they see how they’ve benefited from the “distractions” (let’s face it, little girls aren’t crazy gymnastics followers like we are; they only become acquainted with their “idols” after they’ve achieved a big win and have become somewhat famous for it after the fact) – so they all go out for the sport. Some quit/lose interest, but for many that are talented they go on, and the US is a rather wealthy country that has the means to provide many nationally-acclaimed gyms all over the country so there are plenty of resources for all of these little girls to achieve their dreams. We all know only a fraction of them ever make it, but still Marta has SO MUCH to choose from relative to other countries – it all is part of why their careers are so short. Distractions and too much competition from upcoming youngsters.

        Even though Aly/Jordyn/etc. were not “little girls” in their body types and ages (well, none of the Fierce Five were little girls anymore at the Olympics, technically) they were indeed the rising crop of youngsters biting at the heels of the 2008 “little girls” who went through the distractions (except Bridget) and made comeback attempts only to find that the youngsters were too good for them to have a chance.

        I almost think it’s unfortunate that none of the 2008 team made the 2012 team (EXCEPT NASTIA I WOULD HAVE SCREAMED BLOODY HELL IF SHE HAD MADE IT) only because I see how that would really make any of the Fierce Five (minus Kyla) think twice before making their own comeback attempts after London. I can just see it in their minds, “look what happened to Alicia and Shawn…” and let’s face it, they see how Marta favors WOGA athletes and they see the upcoming girls (I’m not sure about Priessman, but Ohashi and a few others are obviously already prepping themselves for 2016) and they know Marta doesn’t care what you did in 2012, or that you are capable of winning gold – and they saw how Marta favored the youngsters going in to the Olympics (she had no qualms keeping a performing/hitting Shawn from making the 2011 World team over a really iffy/inconsistent Gabby) – that was them in 2011/12 so they were OK with it, but in 2016 they will be the “older girls” trying to derail the “younger girls” from making their own Olympic dreams come true. I can’t help but think most of them won’t bother going for it, and I can’t even blame them given the ways of Marta.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        As usual Sanity you make great points. If I wanted to give Geddert the benefit of the doubt, which I don’t, I would say he only meant “little girl sport” in the way you just described, which is that there is always so much competition from the “new girls” coming up, who are every bit as talented as the “old girls” but most likely way more dedicated, that it is unrealistic to think the older girls can make a second Olympics. (Again, I do not think that is what Geddert was saying – I think he was talking about body-type, especially since as I recall he talked a lot about “center of gravity” and things like that). Just think what Jo’s mindset has to be right now. She probably realizes that to have any chance at Rio she has to get back in the gym right away and start training eight hours a day, six days a week, with all the social isolation that comes with that. To do that for four years is a tall order for a 17-year-old girl who has had not only a glimpse of fame and fortune but also the fun that comes from hanging out and having a good time with your friends and just being a “normal” teenager. Add to that the knowledge that she will always be one step away from having an injury that derails the whole attempt (something that is more likely with older gymnasts), and she faces a hoard of competition from very talented and dedicated newcomers. Other than Kyla I would say Joe comes nearest to having the right mindset to pull this off, but it is still very unlikely.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah I agree with you here, too. Of all of them (minus Kyla) Jordyn seems the least “into” the fame path. That being said though I bet the only reason she’s returning to this sport (at this time) is because she loves it and it’s likely her last chance to do it competitively, ever again. I think that’s a big reason why the 2008 comebacks took place (minus Nastia) – they realized it would be their last chance to compete at this level in the sport they love. I totally see where they are coming from.

        I bet at this point Jo is thinking she’ll do it for another year or so, max. Yet I can’t help but think if she is in full shape in 2014/15 she’ll probably be like ASac and figure “why not go for it again, it’s only another few months or so.” The Olympics are almost like a four-year trap! That’s why I do see the point of waiting another year before making a comeback (enjoy being a teen for a bit longer before prescribing yourself to another Olympic round), but I also think it’s beneficial to come back early – the earlier the better. Your body changes so fast (especially these gymnasts I would imagine) that sometimes I’m sure if you wait too long it would be nearly impossible to get your skills back.

        It looked like Jo had a lot of skills that she didn’t even use at the Olympics (like the double layout on floor). I’d like to see that. And Kyla – I hope she can get her amanar back.

  2. nero Says:

    Actually the medals are engraved on the side and Aly didn’t notice until someone told her. The TF says Artistic Gymnastics Women’s Team and that’s the one that has a dent in it 🙂

    How could she not notice? If I just won an Olympic Gold medal I would flip it around and stare at and look over it for hours

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Well the article is dated 8/9 so that is a little bit of an excuse for Aly. But I’m with you Nero that if I won an Olympic medal I would be examining every aspect of it for hours.

      I was amazed though when I first read the article though that the USOC would be so cheap as to not note somewhere on the medals which event they are for.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        My husband read an article somewhere showing what the medals were actually “worth” on a materials standpoint. It’s crazy. I think a silver medal is really only “worth” $10 and the gold somewhere in the $50 range, but I could be wrong. Could have been bronze $10, silver $50, and gold in the $200 range. Whatever it was it was VERY unimpressive.

        For all the hard work these athletes dedicate to going for these medals, it kind of seemed just all really cheap. They are only “covered” in the material so not pure gold, per se. I would bet earlier Olympic medals were worth more – were actually solid gold or something as opposed to just airbrushed with it. Of course they were probably smaller, but hey – if I’m dedicating a good portion of my life to trying to get a medal, I’d want that sucker to be SOLID (gold, silver, bronze). Not this airbrushed thing where in a few years it will look like crap.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Did you hear that Carly Patterson was so proud of her gold medal she had it bronzed? (Silly old joke but I just couldn’t help myself.)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        LOL – nice.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Wouldn’t that be LOCOG? USOC couldn’t mark the medals.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    I love Shannon but I have no interest in that article, given how long it is…

  4. GymMom Says:

    This is Shawn’s new website…so sad! She is reliving the past instead of moving forward.


  5. mim Says:

    ooh yes sanity i agree about sarah finnegan. im suckered in by her grace and finesse
    on floor, beam and even vault but she bends her arms on her kips on bars and it drives. me. absolutely. mental.

    i just really want her to shine. i like her more than the new seniors for 2013 but worry she’ll fade into the background because of marta’s katelyn adoration.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Yeah I really feel if Finnegan’s bars were within reach of Kyla’s, she would have made that team. But I love Kyla too, so…

      I just hope Finnegan sticks it out and kills Ohashi, gets higher execution on difficulty on bars, and makes it to Rio. She’s too pretty of a gymnast to quit now…

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think Finnegan had tons of potential especially if she can work on her bars she probably wouldn’t even need more than a clean DTY on vault if all of her other D scores are high enough

  6. exgymgurl Says:

    Interesting that Rebecca who was Aly’s American Girl doll is the only one on back order through the end of the month. I think that speaks to her marketing power in a big way. The only reason that doll would be on backorder would be because Aly came out with pictures that was her AG doll from when she was little.

    Love it and Hope Alys marketing power continues…

    • Case Says:

      I’m hearting Aly right now, especially after she spent time at that Sandy Hook gym. Only took a couple hours but was such a nice gesture.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah I didn’t see Gabby do any of that, and it’s not like she doesn’t have the time considering she has nearly NO endorsement deals…and Virginia Beach is not all that far from Connecticut…

    • exgymgurl Says:

      I meant to say end of January. Not end of December, so actually its backordered for over a month and a half. And yes, Aly is certainly proving herself to be a class act. However, either USA gymnastics initiated this, or Alys super agent or the gym club asked her agent. Gabby probably wasnt asked, because honestly, has she done any gym appearances even on tour for goodwill? This is not a paid gig, and I get the impression she doesnt do anything without a $$ attached to it. While appearances like this are definitely the “right thing” to do no matter what religion you are, they also make you infinitely more marketable. Thus the long line of athletes and celebs that have attached themselves to the cause. I think its awesome that Aly took time out of her first real “vacation” since the olympics to do this. She probably paid her own transportation down there ( which isn’t a ton) but I doubt if Gabby and her mom would ever do anything that required them to pay their own gas or train fare, They just dont have it in them…..

  7. catherine Says:

    Bleacher Report Top 100 athletes of the year has come out. Kohei is number 100, Mustafina 46, Gabby 20 and Aly 11. Your fave Tom Brady is 17, Phelps 14, Missy Franklin 8 and Messi 1.

    LOL. Uchimura is a better gymnast than all of the others. Why is Mustafina so far behind with a higher medal count when Aly is 11? Ugh Gabby is far too high! Much as I like Aly, so is she.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Ugh, Bleacher report. Highly USA biased and they know nothing. They claimed before the Olympics that if Gabby won the gold medal in the AA, she would be the “best gymnast the US has ever produced.” Guess they negated their own claim. Idiots.

      What’s really sad is I had to look Messi up. A soccer player as best athlete? Really? Sorry – guess I’m a bit biased when they say a member of a team would represent best athlete.

      • mim Says:

        bite your tongue, messi is awesome! lol.

      • catherine Says:

        Nahh he is awesome, he will be remembered with Maradona and Pele and already is seen as such..and he’s still pretty young. Soccer is insanely popular worldwide, except USA, so I think it would be easy to underestimate how much of an icon he is to his sport and worldwide.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I played soccer for half my youth, I know who Pele is and I have no clue who this guy is (accept his name popped up on my news feed) and I watch sports. I know I am American so….

      • guest Says:

        I am not American. Soccer (non-American would call it “Football”) is undoubtedly the most popular sports in my country as many of the world. If you live outside the USA, you can easily feel how awesome and popular Messi is. I know soccer is still developing and is not mainstream sports in the US right now so I appreciate the editor has some international sense (opposite to American-biased angle) to treat Messi is the top sports icon in the world.

    • Guest Says:

      USA always look down on men gymnastics (it is opposite to asian countries) and they treat it as a gay sport, but I agree the rank of Messi because he scored 91 goals a year and broke the world record of annual goals which was made by Gerd Müller (86 goals) 40 years ago.

      Except USA, soccer is the most popular sports in the world and Messi is a genius after Pele and Maradona. It is rare that a soccer player can be valued by US media.

    • nero Says:

      Missy Franklin is a beast. She could challenge Phelps for most medals at the Olympics I think.
      Phelps’ first Olympics 15 years old-no medals
      Missy’s First Olympics 17 years old-5 medals

      Phelps’ 2nd Olympics-8 medals
      Missy’s 2nd Olympics-maybe 6-7

      Phelps’ 3rd Olympics-8 medals
      Missy’s 3rd Olympics-maybe 6-7

      Phelps’ 4th Olympics-6 medals
      Missy’s 4th Olympics-maybe 5-6

      Plus Phelps said he never wanted to swim past 30, if Missy Dara Torres’ it I think she could do it.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t know if Missy can hold on like Phelps did. He truly was a phenom. Before Missy there was Natalie Coughlin, who also had amazing potential and was a world record holder in the backstroke (2008 Olympics). Missy the new “youngster” de-throned Coughlin. It will only be a matter of time before someone de-thrones Missy, much as I love her.

        I loved Coughlin, too.

      • Guest Says:

        But very few female athletes can maintain themselves on the top-fit status for a long time. Just like Serena Williams is the strongest female tennis player in these 10 years, but her consistence cannot be compared with Roger Federer.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I just love how most of you guys here are sports fans – not just gym fans. I used to be on a forum where you got booed for evening mentioning other sports, and most of the regular posters thought all other sports were stupid.
        I love all sports and follow a lot – so I am happy you guys like sports too! 🙂

  8. nero Says:

    They didn’t even spell Jordyn’s name right……


  9. H Says:

    Happy new Year to you “over there” 🙂

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