Jordyn Wieber to compete in 2013

According to all of you in the comments section and an anonymous facebook stalker who sent me this:)

John Geddert on facebook…..Its my birthday and the world was supposed to end, now that would have been a unique birthday present. Instead I got one that is much better, actually one of my favorite gifts ever. Jordyn informed me that she wants to start training again seriously and intends to compete at Championships in August. One step at a time of course, but what a great birthday present. Have to say I am a bit geeked about this….

The next tour she is on will end in March. Unless Jordyn plans on getting in shape during the tour (which will be hard to do but not impossible) she is giving herself 5 months to be ready for Nationals. That is pretty close to Nastia-ing it IMO.

Yes she is a nice kid and as far as I am concerned she was screwed by Marta last year and that led to her injury but if she is going to only give it half an effort she might as well not waste her time.


36 Responses to “Jordyn Wieber to compete in 2013”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Maybe she’s only going to do part of the new tour, or even back out of it completely. I agree though she needs to give herself at least a strong 8 months to get back into full shape. I’m glad she’s making a run for it though; I feel like we only got to see one solid senior year from her before she made the Olympic team and after she held herself together so well at the Olympics that was when I started to really become a fan of hers – because she’s genuine and isn’t out there to become a Hollywood whore.

    The only bummer is we all know with this announcement Marta is in some back room somewhere with her voo doll hoping Jordyn doesn’t ruin her team selections.

    And gawd I hope Geddert won’t push those beam “connections” on her again.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I wish the rumor about her leaving Gedderts was true. The rumor I heard was she decided to leave Geddert and changed her mind but it wasn’t told to me by anyone that proved they were in the know.

  2. Aoibhe Says:

    Lets not get to excited? I’ve a feeling this will be like nastia in 2009. Yano, do a couple beam routines and whatnot. Although, I could be wrong

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      There is a huge difference. Nastia was the AA Olympic champion (gag me) and Jordyn is just part of the team but I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up being right.

  3. Sofia Says:

    I think this is very doable for Jordyn. First of all, she hasn’t been entirely out of the sport and out of shape (no major weight gain, she does tumble and do watered down gymnastics for the tour). Second of all, John and Jordyn and Kathy have shown integrity in the past, I doubt very much that they will let her compete if she is not ready. Thirldy, this is not for international competition, it is for nationals. If she is out performed by other gymnasts, that will be reflected in her scores, and she will not be replacing anyone else on a major team, preventing someone else from their life long goals. She has to start somewhere, and hasn’t waited nearly as long as many gymnasts who try for a come back. I don’t think it is out of the question for any of the fierce five to continue their gymnastics careers if they want to, and if they commit to the rigors demanded of them to compete at that level. Finally, isn’t classics required to qualify to nationals? Again, if Jordyn doesn’t qualify (unless her Olympic participation automatically qualifies her) she won’t compete, what is wrong with her trying? Just my thoughts. I am very happy about the news. I like Jordyn and think she has unfinished business that she deserves a chance to finish. I also think she is god for the sport. She is no drama and all work, she is a fierce competitor who has never taken anything for granted, and finally, I just want to see her compete again! She is a joy to watch, strong, dynamic and clean.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Of course she can try, its her life and I am glad she isn’t quitting but if she is going to half ass it then I don’t see the point.

      • Sofia Says:

        But there is no evidence that she is half assing, that is what i was trying to say. ; )

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        There is evidence IMO. She isn’t training full time. She is doing this teen live tour where as all the Russians and even Kyla have been back in the gym for months.

        I am not knocking her, I like Jordyn but I don’t want to see her attempt at a comeback if it is going to be only half assed.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        The exciting thing is I can’t see Jordyn the type to half ass anything. She’s never had anything handed to her (like, um, COUGH nastia COUGH) and she has to know the adversity she’ll face with a comeback (given what she’s seen with the 2008 girls and I would think that she has to be a bit savvy as to how Marta operates at this point, given how she was basically being manipulated/used with the whole Gabby rivalry thing and witnessing how all of a sudden Gabby’s scores were growing astronomically whereas her gymnastics wasn’t).

        Given all that, I’m thinking she’s thought this through a lot and probably figures it’s her last time to shine at what she’s spent her whole life doing. I’m actually surprised by her decision but personally glad. I would have figured of all the Fierce Five, she and Aly would be the last two to come back. Although I figured that of ASac as well four years ago.

    • Biyatch Says:

      She does get an automatic pass to Nationals. No Classics necessary.

  4. sanitynmotion Says:

    You know what I just realized we are basing a lot of our assumptions on what Geddert is saying – and we all were shown what a tool he can be. He might be spouting off “Jordyn will compete in 2013” but has Jordyn ever said anything to commit to next year?

    I’m thinking a more likely reality is Jordyn said to Geddert she wishes to resume full training when she’s done with the tour crap, and will “feel it out” for 2013 but most likely, she’ll be making a more realistic comback in 2014.

    Basically I’m saying Geddert might just be sticking his foot in his mouth again. I guess we can rely on the fact Jordyn will be going back to her gym to attempt a comeback but we don’t know for sure when she’ll be ready to compete.

    For all we know she might go back to her gym and decide that it isn’t for her after all and then just attend UCLA in the fall…

  5. Case Says:

    Word I’ve heard is that she is going to resume training after the Teen Live tour. Jo has always been one to set lofty goals so she put it out there that she’d like to try for Nationals in 2013…however, there is an understanding at Twistars that it may take longer to get back to competitive shape.

    I don’t believe she ever intended to leave Geddert. I do believe she didn’t want to pay fees while she was touring for six months and not utilizing his services. Her relationship with John and his wife runs pretty deep.

    Gabby and Aly are prime for trying late 2015 returns.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Why should she pay him any fee’s at all?

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I think there is almost no chance Gabby or Aly or anybody else is going to make the Rio team if they wait to 2015 to start training I n fact, I’d say they better get back in gym really soon. Going as far back as 1992, every US Olympic gymnast who has quit training for a year or more and then tried to make the Olympic team has failed. Zmeskal, Shannon (in 2000), Chellsie, Nastia, and Shawn are all examples. Dawes was on 3 teams. I am pretty sure even between 1996 and 2000 she did not have an extended period when she was not training. Stopping training for a significant oeriod of time and then trying to make the Olympic team again has proven not to work time and time again.

  6. nero Says:

    I stand by what I said with Jo only doing bars and beam next year. That way she can still be in the gym for 6-7 hours but it wouldn’t be stretched out over conditioning and 4 routines, just conditioning and 2 routines.

    Maybe she should do yoga or pilates to lean out her muscle?

    There’s a video on youtube of the tour and one part is the ‘beam sequence’ most of the girls do a back-handspring or front tuck but Jo throws a back pike to back tuck like a pro. That might be a cool combo, split jump+back pike+back tuck? And obviously just have her full by itself

    • Biyatch Says:

      Can you link that video. I can’t see her just doing bars and beam because I can’t see someone like Jordyn being content with just showing up at Nationals. The attitude has always seemed to be aiming higher than that. Especially with Katelyn as a new comer and Kyla back in the mix, her potential impact on those two events is minimized, particularly if Kyla has upgraded. I could however see beam and floor.

      • nero Says:

        I think she should just do bars and beam for 2013. I fully expect/want her to do AA by 2014. If she really wants to aim for Rio her only chance would be as an AAer.

        Jo is at 2:30. I watched all parts and it actually wasn’t as unbearable as I thought it would be. The trampoline people do a cool Tron theme in the first part I think

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t see Marta going for just beam and bars. I think if she added floor she would have a better shot.

      • mim Says:

        id love to see a jordyn / katelyn showdown but only if jo is in prime condition.

        however, i won believe she’s aiming for nationals until I see her actually walk in at nationals.

  7. gingercrush Says:

    Geddert is a big tool and sorry but for me he has no integrity. He was told prior to qualifications at the Olympics that Jordyn’s beam connections were iffy and he ignored it. As a result she didn’t make the AA final that easily could have been her Gold.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Well said. I still can’t believe how stupid he was.

    • catherine Says:

      Well gold was out of her reach when her connections were shot down. It meant she had about 25 in difficulty, Gabby and Vika were pushing 26 and Mustafina and Aly had higher as well. Subbing her in place of either US gymnast means she still would have had quite the task to medal.

      • nero Says:

        It depends on who she would have replaced. People like to focus on her beam routine, but she really was only one tiny mistake from making AA. Gabby beat her by less than 3 tenths, if Jo wouldn’t have landed OOB on vault she would have been in, if she didn’t arch her back on bars she would have been in or if she didn’t pick her foot up on beam on her side jump she would have been in. Fix just ONE of those things and the AA podium would have been much different.

        If she would have replaced Gabby she definitely would have won silver, if she replaced Aly it would have been bronze

        15.933 on vault-same as TF
        14.833 on bars-same as qual (I think without her form break she could have broke 15)
        15.000 on beam- her D score was down to a 6.0 right? Her E score at Worlds last year was over a 9 so I rounded up from her qual score
        15.000 on floor- same as TF

        Total 60.766 possibly a 61 if her bars were spot on. I think the fact that Jo had a problem on every single event in quals and was STILL able to score over a 60 shows she was a medal threat.

  8. sainabou nyang Says:

    Oh man the camps next year are gonna even more brutal than ever before There will be about 13 new seniors or close to that number. Some not on the national team. It might be smart for Jordyn to focus on bars and beam for 2013. Less chance of an injury.

  9. JAS4 Says:

    I could see Jordyn mostly training bars,beam, and floor and maybe just doing a DTY on vault for this year that way she could still keep up her AA but work on building skills back up and all but she needs to be her best on at least two of the events to have a shot at Worlds this year with only a 4 member team if she could learn a second vault this quad and if she can still do her Amanar as well as doing AA I think she would make it much harder for Marta to brush her aside for future international assignments this quad

  10. Case Says:

    Her original intent is to train AA.

  11. Biyatch Says:

    Looks like the tour (which i still contend seems like a train wreck) has been reduced from over 40 cities to under 30. February 7- March 24.

    • mim Says:

      well i guess that’s in jordyn’s benefit really, gymnastics wise.

      i couldn’t imagine anything worse than being on tour. unless i was, like, beyonce or something and touring luxuriously around the world. that whole bus sleeping situation horrified me haha. it’s nice they had fun on the Kellogg’s one but you’d think one tour would be enough!

    • gingercrush Says:

      I’ve never seen the point in watching gymnasts with little artistry in their normal programs try and be artistic in a whole show. I just don’t see the point. Not even the most artistic of gymnasts can make those shows any good.

      Except for maybe the 1980s Soviet Union gymnasts. Now that would be watchable.

  12. exgymgurl Says:

    Watch it get cut more…. Poorly conceived…. I have no idea what its about …

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