Jas has started this petition to change the two per Country rule.

You can sign it here

I really like the idea of everyone being allowed to compete in the prelims to qualify for event finals.


Mckayla will judge the Miss America contest.


48 Responses to “Petition”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Thanks 🙂 Now if only the FIG will get it through their heads that their rules suck and need to be changed lol!

  2. gigi Says:

    Is the only way to sign the petition is by making a donation?

    • JAS4 Says:

      I just checked it out it said that once you click sign your signature is already on the petition it just ask to consider making a donation afterwards but you don’t actually have to

  3. Biyatch Says:

    Teen Choice Live Tour Details

  4. terrigymfan Says:

    I’m starting to think that the days of having repeat US women’s gymnastic Olympians are largely a thing of the past. The last one was Dominique Dawes in 2000. The problem is there are too many distractions for the US girls immediately following the Olympics, whether it’s going on tours, doing commercials, showing up at awards ceremonies and talk shows, doing acting gigs, whatever. By the time these girls even think about getting back in the gym they are out of shape and have lost their competitive fire. Some will probably try comebacks but, as we have seen in the past, it will be too late – injuries and “older” bodies will be too much to overcome. Contrast this to the Romanians and Russians who are already back in the gym plugging away. Maybe Kyla has a chance but I just can’t see anybody else at all. I would love to see McKayla do a TTY and go for gold in Rio but it isn’t going to happen.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I know Terri, but hopefully Kyla will be the exception.
      Any so called comeback wont be until 2016. That seems to be the new trend now. Why compete another four years when you can wait until Olympic year to start training.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        The deal is you can’t wait until the Olympic year to start training. You only think you can. LOL

      • Flippateer Says:

        “Why compete another four years when you can wait until Olympic year to start training.”

        That definitely was the trend this past quad. It sounded like some of the gymnasts (Shawn, Nastia) were burned out, enjoying the distractions out of the gym, and genuinely thought they were done with gymnastics immediately after the Olympics — but then realized that they missed elite and were lured back by the prospect of making a team that was poised to win the gold medal that they missed in ’08.

        I’m hoping that the members of this year’s team who think they might want Rio learn from that and head back into the gym in earnest soon. Like others here, I’m really hoping that McKayla decides to try for TTY and hoping that her recent injuries don’t make that impossible.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        To be fair that was only Nastia’s style. ASac started her training in ’09, Shawn in ’10, and Bridget never stopped but was just out because of injuries. I’m not sure if Chellsie even stopped either – but also had the same injury problem.

    • JAS4 Says:

      I was really hoping that after the tour they would get back in the gym and start training for Worlds but the second tour won’t even be over until March so that doesn’t leave much time for them to get back in shape and upgrade before Worlds

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Gabby needs to retire

      • JAS4 Says:

        She probably won’t officially until after she attempts a Nastia style comeback expecting to be handed a spot on the Rio team which Marta will probably promise her if she can hit one bar routine in the next four years lol

      • Guest Says:

        But I don’t think Gabby like the type of falling the face on the mat to get standing ovation.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think Gabby will make an attempt at coming back and then get shocked when she realizes she’s no longer the favorite and is getting scores in the low-14’s for the same routines she did in 2011/12. You know, when all of a sudden she’s not getting credit for her beam connections and they are taking the full deduction for running off of the floor mat after a tumbling pass.

        Then, she will “get injured” and her comeback attempt will be over. She will have her agent ask about DWTS but not get any response.

        At least, this would make the most sense to me…

    • mim Says:

      i think having a TTY named after you forever is so much cooler than being on a tv show that no-one will remember in 5 years time. damn you mckayla, wanted it to be a maroney vault but it’s just not going to happen 😦

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I totally agree Terri – there may be exceptions in the future depending on the gymnast and their personality (like Kyla, who doesn’t see a need to be in the spotlight), but overall, I guess it’s not hard to fault either. After putting in all of those years/hours in the gym, it makes sense to enjoy the spoils from making it to the ultimate goal: the Olympics. It just seems so corny to us that it has to be done via stupid tours and cheesy television shows, but I guess we have to realize this is gymnastics, not a sport like football or baseball or basketball or golf, where actually staying in your sport/longevity/competing actually pays off financially (for males, at least – let’s be honest). Gymnastics just doesn’t pay off financially unless you become a successful Olympian, really. And considering all the sacrifices you have to make just for the chance at that – I can see why these girls leave the sport after that success.

      That’s why I appreciated the comebacks of ASac (most of all of them) and even Shawn Johnson, who made an effort at least two years before the Olympics. They could have/did have a real shot if it weren’t for a number of factors (injuries, Marta, not being named Nastia Liukin, and let’s face it a really talented group of newbies)…and I can’t blame this Fierce Five crowd (minus Kyla) for not coming back and making a go of it just by seeing/observing what happened to the ’08 crowd. They aren’t stupid. Oh, and I should have given a shout out to Bridget and Chellsie for their comebacks too, obviously.

      And remember what happened to Nastia in ’09 when she kind of did a half-ass comeback for the Covergirl Classics. She just did beam, and it was after the tour and all that, and she had mentioned how many opportunities she had to turn down just to get back into the gym and make a play for another Worlds. I think that really ate into her “marketability” because instead of doing the cheesy TV shows and what not, she opted to go to the gym and be invisible. Then after all that, she decided to quit gymnastics (again) and pursue those opportunities (probably realizing her mistake, especially after Shawn landed the DWTS gig). I think all that really hurt her (in addition to her lousy personality) and who knows, she probably advised the Fierce Five to take the opportunities while they can get them, because they wear off pretty fast (like one or two years after the Olympics). Then, if they have it in them to make a go for it, they can return to the gym and potentially try for another Olympic team. It’s probably a better plan this way because it also gives their bodies a chance to heal – ASac might have even done herself a disservice by coming back “too early” from ’08 – it was in her third year of her comeback that she injured herself (’11 Worlds; she started her comeback in ’09, won the gold on vault at Worlds in ’10) and maybe if she had waited another year that torn Achilles would not have happened at the time it did.

      Anyways, it just sucks for us “hard core” fans because we were deeply involved in the Fierce Five waaaaay before they became that. In a weird way their gold medal win did us fans a disservice because now they are too popular to want to come back and do gymnastics anymore. Maybe if they had won silver or bronze, they would have come back with that vengeance for gold, but then again who knows. I think it’s safe to say that it would be very surprising if any of the Fierce Five (even Kyla) make it on the Rio team. Especially of the US churns out a crop of seniors like they did the last go ’round.

      • H Says:

         It will be interesting to see how it all turns out in the next 4 years. Hopefully this blog is still going strong, and we can look back at these comments.

        I believe that Aly will come back. She have seen it be possible close up with ASac, and Alys body type is strong.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        That’s a pretty good point- that golds don’t motivate people the way less medals or finishing short of the podium do. And an Olympic gold is usually considered a great note to end on.

        Also, does anybody know if gymnasts have to pay for their training in Russia or Romania? China, obviously, funds their gymnasts. And I think in most of the non-top four countries, gymnasts have to pay, as well. So that could be another factor for continuing vs. quitting… (if you’re not getting media/sponsor deals from a successful competition).

  5. Catherine Says:

    McKayla had more surgery today, says it’s the last. Maybe she’ll be in rehab before Christmas? Still plenty of time to judge pageants while she’s waiting. I have no time for contests like those (though I reserve full revulsion for child pageants) but she is such a perfect judge…young..sassy..beautiful..not likely to just go umm and omm like a tool.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Ive always been disgusted by child pageants. Little girls should not be walking around in heels and having thei faces plastered with make up.

      Ok so it looks like Mckayla, Gabby, Aly, and Jordyn won’t be back for 2013.

    • Guest Says:

      Maybe any of Fierce 5 cannot make the spot on Rio 2016 (It is not hard to predict by seeing back which US female gymnast made the next Olympic sicne Sydney 2000). Mckayla also said she would like to be on next season’s DWTS. Do you think her leg is fully recovered at that time?

      • mim Says:

        too many other girls waiting in the wings for their chance.

        the tour thing just seems ridiculous to me. don’t they (well, gabby and jo) have that little thing called school to deal with as well?

        i love that kyla has just gone about her business without too much fuss.

      • hurms22 Says:

        I dunno about Gabby but Jo has postponed her graduation a year so her other commitments don’t interfere with school and mess up her high GPA (she has a 3.9something from what I heard).

  6. exgymgurl Says:

    OMG!!! Water found it’s level… I called it when I saw Gabbys website her mom designed… she was on WENDY WILLIAMS…..

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I love how you people can watch this child make a fool out of herself without cringing. The sight of her makes me ill so I don’t look at

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Im just excited because I said it when you initially posted over a year ago how silly gabbys site was. I said it was right there with Wendy WIlliams and Wendy actually had more class. You see her cringe when gabby tries the how you doin? Did you hear gabby correct her. You dont correct an interviewer on a press junket its just bad form. Especially about something so minor. How after all the press she has done can she mess up and “Im going to Rio” and what a train wreck she is and she has become. This is the only interview Ive watched that shes given, and only because like I said, I called it and it turns out Wendy WIlliams has more class.

  7. nero Says:

    Ohashi has a new floor routine, hopefully it’s something a little spunky. And apparently the guy was there to choreograph something for Becca also!! I don’t care about her knees or her lack of finesse on beam or floor I need Becca to become a World Champion. Whether it’s this year individually or the next 2 years with the team. Girl deserves some golden hardware for being a BAMF Terminator constantly held together by tape.

  8. kittykat Says:

    Gabby, I do not want to see your crotch. Who thought this photo was a good idea?

  9. gymparent Says:

    On another note, has anybody seen the video interview of Kim Zmeskal on Gymnastike. It has Jordyn Wieber midway through the interview ;-).

  10. exgymgurl Says:

    OMG that picture is gross just gross… She doesnt even look human the way that she is posed. Its gross.

    • icemeltsfast Says:

      But her outfit, too! It doesn’t quite look like a sports bra.. is it the standard ensemble that all gymnasts wear under their leos?

      • hurms22 Says:

        No. Gymnasts wear high cut briefs and sports bras. Except I think that the bras gymnasts wear aren’t quite as compressing, I think that’s the right word, as sports bras.

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