Remembering the past

Daniela Silivas recently attended the Gymnastics tour and relayed a conversation she had with Gabby Douglas on her facebook page. (This was sent to me by anonymous) Apparently Gabby had no clue who she was even when she told Gabby her name.

How does anyone who competes in a sport not know who the 3 time Olympic champion is? Wouldn’t you think that she would at least know the name?

Kathy Johnson had this reply on the facebook page,

Kathy Johnson Clarke No, Daniela, it is NOT OK!! I know my gymnastics history, and not just because it’s my job! She should have known or someone should have told her. It’s an American thing and it drives me crazy! You made your place in history and I hope you know that there are so many of us who are honored beyond words to know you :).

I seriously doubt this is just an American thing. I doubt Viktoria Komova knows who Shannon Miller is and if she does she would probably pretend she didn’t. I personally find this a sad state of all gymnasts not just the US gymnasts.


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  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    I’m sorry to say I had to Google Daniela Silivas but at least the name rang a bell in my head…she was before I paid attention to gymnastics. If you’re in the sport though you “should” know…I mean I know a bunch of random swimmers and not just in my own country.

    Do we call this ignorance, oblivious, or…?

    I still find it sad Shannon Miller doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Yet we have to be stuck with Mary Lou in our face every Olympiad. Gag.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      At least the name sounded familiar to you. Gabby had no clue. She is not alone I bet the other gymnasts have no clue either. Someone on you tube saw a video of Silivas doing her mount and said, oh she is doing the Moceanu. It was just sad. (For those that don;’t know Silivas had it first and she copied a version of it from Daniela)

  2. gingercrush Says:

    Silivas was an amazing gymnast. But the current lot of gymnasts do’t strike me as a smart lot.

  3. terrigymfan Says:

    It’s sad although not surprising. I am sure if you polled most NFL players they would have no idea who Johnny Unitas was. And I agree it’s not an American phenomenon. It’s a youth phenomenon – probably always has been. Most kids don’t know history of any sort. Silivas really was a great though. She won gold in 3 individual events at the 1988 Olympics, bronze in the 4th, and silver in the aa (many people say she should have won gold). And this was at a time when the Soviets were still fielding those powerhouse teams.

    GTT, what is your take on Kathy Johnson? I always thought she was breath of fresh air as far as her willingness to tell it like it is. How many people in the gymnastics world are willing to be openly critical of Gabby right now. Kathy has never held back on her criticism of other “untouchables” in the gymnastics world either, including Bela Karolyi and NBC’s Olympic coverage.

    I would love to see exactly what Silivas said on her facebook page about Gabby. Did your friend send you that?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It was a facebook page so i don’t think it was that big of a calling out but it was nice none the less.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      From what I was told she just posted a picture and someone asked her if Gabby knew who she was and Danila said she had no clue.

  4. catherine Says:

    Jesus…I wouldn’t expect her to name the 1988 Romanian team but Silivas? She is a legend, the 88 aa is still hotly contested and she is regularly voted as the best all arounder ever.

  5. sainabou nyang Says:

    Yeah this is just an example of young people in this generation of gymnastics not being uo on their gymnastics history. Not saying its required that they know about the past but if I were a coach I would have the sit and review old clips of past competions especially if they aee including a former gymnasts move in their routine.

    Btw why so many pasr legends appearing at the kelloggs tour? First Boginskya now Silivas.

  6. Formergymgirl Says:

    I have Daniela Silivas as a friend on my facebook (don’t know how!!!) and I just checked her page but couldn’t see any comnents about Gabby

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      This post was under a picture of Gabby and her kids at the tour. SHE NEVER POSTED ABOUT GABBY. She answered a question asked by her.

  7. DL Says:

    Nellie Kim’s been cheating forever!

    “The all-around duel between Silivaş and Shushunova is widely acknowledged to have been one of the finest contests in the history of the sport, not to mention most hotly debated. In particular, Silivaş’ score on vault came under scrutiny. Of the six judges on the panel, three marked her first vault as a perfect 10.0; two others gave her 9.9s. The Soviet judge on the panel Nellie Kim, however, only scored Silivaş at a 9.8. On her second vault attempt Silivaş took a hop on her landing; all six judges gave her 9.9s.”

  8. Dee Says:

    I sort of think gymnasts should know as much history as possible but it might be hard for them to know too much about Olympiads that occurred before they were even born. It is always striking for me when the younger ones at my gym don’t know the Mag 7 because they are too young and have Carly as their first Olympic memory. I guess I’ve followed the sport for so long that knowing history is something I’ve picked up along the way but then again, there are some legends that you would think girls that have been in a gym their entire lives would know, regardless of how young they are. I had a poster of Silvia’s in my room as a kid!

  9. JAS4 Says:

    I’m sure Nastia is the best American gymnast ever according to the Russians lol

  10. Shlak Says:

    I am actually quite sure Lady Komova knows exactly who Shannon Miller is.

  11. mim Says:

    i had to do a quick google too. the name was familiar though. i dont know too much of pre-90s gymnastics to be honest but im learning!

    i think in whatever field you’re working/involved with particularly, it’s always good to know the history of what came before you. i doubt gabby is any different from the others though. maybe aly, she was always the one that talked about the mag7 so i guess she has some sense of history!

    i dont know, you’d think they’d pick it up in the gym/from their coaches as their whole lives seem to be gymnastics.

  12. HPP Says:

    Gabby probably doesn’t even know who Nastia Liukin is.

  13. sainabou nyang Says:

    Paul Hamm offering online tutorials on coaching.

    Also Vika and Musty did a recent radio interview about their plans for the new season. Anyone here speak Russia that can translate?

  14. exgymgurl Says:

    Paul Hamm is sober? and remembers gymnastics???

    I dont know why this surprises anyone… Gabby probably doesnt know who Shawn Johnson is other than “that white chick that poses in pictures with me and Chow”

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Lol I guess so. I read part of the article. He said something about how his coaches always taped his routines and they would spend hours watching them and critiquing them. I never paid much attention to the Hamm twins brothers partly because I couldn’t St
      Stand the sound of their voices.

  15. Case Says:

    Tour update:

    Last night’s stop was in Detroit. I did not attend but some friends did and said it was insanely loud for Jordyn. They also said the show itself was kind of dumb but it was a lovely way for hometown fans to show Jo how much she is appreciated. They went wild every time she took the floor.

    Pretty much what I’d expect you’d see in Boston too GTT.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Boston has the most ticket sales of any tour stop. I told people before Boston loves its sports stars.

  16. Margaret Says:

    Will you please write about Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin’s fall out (she’s not at her wedding–they grew up together and it was obvious from instagram during London they avoided each other). And its obvious Shawn Johnson can’t stand her either. Got any stories to share?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Wait,Carly and Nastia had a fall out and they avoided each other i9n London.; First I have heard of that and I could have sworn they have tweeted each other since then.

      Maybe Nastia blew off Carly’s wedding. I cannot write about something I don’t know about but maybe the info will show up eventually.

  17. dianajc99 Says:

    you know they youth of today should be proud that they can look up and famous and not so famous gymnast from the past on you tube.
    I was a child/adolecent of post soviet age and i know who daniela silivas is but it wasen’t until you tube that i got to see more than a picture of here.

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