Gymtruthteller on Tumbler?

I didn’t know either Until today anyway. I totally forgot I started this until I got an update telling me that I had a follower. So I made a picture.

Can someone explain to me exactly what “tumblr” is? I know its a blog but what is the purpose again?

So I have been looking around tumbler and its one big stalker love fest. Kind of weird IMO


Anyone else have a tumbler? I would like to follow the followers of this blog? I know Kelley has one but I can’t find the link so please add it to the comments:)


25 Responses to “Gymtruthteller on Tumbler?”

  1. Kazic Says:

    That’s basically it. It’s a blog network. Unlike wordpress, it’s more interconnected. You can like people’s posts, follow them, and/or reblog them on your own blog. It allows for sharing or ideas and opinions, you don’t just put things out there in a vacuum.

  2. Kazic Says:

    It is kind of stalkerish. Be careful, or you can tun into some weird shit. I’ll link you to mine, but I am going to make a new one first.I would suggest that you follow “what should gym fans call me” it might not have any spaces. Her tumblr is a fantastic gif-centered one that isn’t creepy. Also, she speaks Russian. The only warning for her is she’s not a fan of republicans, so it comes out sometimes lol.

    Also follow Honey Boo Boo Child. She’s an editor the at The Couch Gymnast. Also very liberal though, and she posts about it a lot. She also curses (just being upfront so no one sees something that offends them lol).

    • Short1 Says:

      I agree, there’s definitely some weird sh*t on there that you can stumble upon if you aren’t careful (but I think most of that can be avoided by avoiding certain tags). It seems like many of the worst stalkerish/super creepy bloggers (i.e. most of the ‘shippers’) have found something new to obsess about now that the Olympics are over.

      Here’s my personal blog if anyone is interested (my sub-blogs are also listed for those who may be interested in any of them):

      • Kazic Says:

        Yes Short, avoiding some tags can help, but one of the problems with that is, some of the shippers also post regular gym pics. Those are of course tagged normally. So I go to their page for the pics, and realize that they are into the creepy stuff as well lol. And no, they aren’t gone, they have just dug into these specific tags now. When this bizarre craze started, right after the Olympics, they were posting all this crap in the regular tags. They were being reports left and right for it (I know, I helped lol), and were getting really pissy about it. They just can’t understand why people would be offended by stories that place REAL, UNDERAGE PEOPLE in sexual situations -_-. Anyway, they created their own tags now, so that may be why you think they have disappeared.

        GTT may I post a list of Tags to avoid (just the ones I know), or would you just like an email? I don’t want to violate your TOS.

      • Short1 Says:

        Yes Kazic, I know they haven’t all disappeared, but I would say things have calmed down considerably within the last month or so, compared to how it was during and right after the Olympics. I know they’re now using their own tags and whatnot, and that’s what I was referring to in terms of avoiding certain tags. I’m also aware of the bizarre craze (and all the reporting and as well as people getting pissy about it), as I am by no means new to Tumblr, I was just trying to be discrete.

      • Kazic Says:

        Lol sorry. I feel no need to be discrete when the people doing it need to be called out. But yeah, sorry in that sounded like I was putting all of tumblr’s business out in the street haha.

        Seriously, my eyes will never be the same after they beheld the horror that was the gymnasts tags right after the Olympics. It was awfullllllll >.>

      • Short1 Says:

        That’s okay, I was just trying to avoid (completely) opening that can of worms.

        Yeah, mine probably won’t be the same again either…I think the quote, “some things you just can’t un-see” applies here. I’m just glad they’re keeping it out of the gymnastics tag (at least as far as I have seen).

  3. Kelley Lynskey (@Meatless_Ball29) Says:

    Hey girl hey!;) I already started following you but heres my link

  4. JAS4 Says:

    I don’t even have one lol I suppose I should get one lol it seems a hybrid of twitter and blogging lol

  5. mim Says:

    i had a travel one when i was living in france. then i realised one certain poster reblogged every single thing i posted, photos and text. it totally freaked me out so i deleted it all haha

    now i tend to pin photos i like from tumblrs with pretty pics onto my pinterest account (mainly shoes/outfits and interior design), otherwise i dont really “use” tumblr.

    • Kazic Says:

      Lol Mim, and that’s one of the problems with it. You can just reblog things without the source’s permission, so it’s important to closely monitor the content you release. I wouldn’t post anything I don’t feel comfortable being in someone else’s possession (a good rule of thumb for the internet in general IMO) just to be safe.

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    Tumblr scares me.

  7. Biyatch Says:

    Well if Anna was talking about Alicia at least the can pose for a pic together.

  8. Guest Says:

    Shawn in CMA Awards/

  9. Dee Says:

    I find tumblr to be scary but I do laugh at some of them, like the dog-shaming one. It’s worth a look…funny stuff.

    I stayed away from the gymnast ones because of the story about people writing fanfic stories about aly and musty being lovers. It disturbed me enough to stay away, lol.

    GTT if you start using one ill look at it, but I love blogs the most. I personally can’t see myself making one, I can’t even use twitter hahah.

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