Tour Talk

I don’t have 27 minutes or any patience left to watch this video so feel to leave some feedback in the comments section if anything good is said:)

Unless it has to do with Legendre. What he has to say is ZzZzZzzZzZzzzzz


18 Responses to “Tour Talk”

  1. Dee Says:

    Horton has always been a favorite of mine, so his answers were sort of fun. I listened to about 10 minutes and then turned it off. Nothing real interesting that I could hear.

  2. Catherine Says:

    Wow I cannot stand John MacReady. Ha he asks them all to say whatttsssup because he’s a total loser, and they all give it a go except Kyla who says ‘What’s up’ and laughs. She is so endearing. Jon has a good story of how he started in gymnastics..broke away from his mam in a Target and climbed 25 feet up a pole when he was 4. MacReady makes a mess of not knowing Anna Li’s parents were in the 84 Olympics. Anna and Kyla are giggling to each other while they are not being asked a question. Blah blah juggling school. Steven could rival Aly for boring monotone voice when they find the question boring.

    Steven says he’s the worst dancer. I think all of the guys were pretty crap though. Ha question texted in ‘What is up with Jon Horton’s hair?’ and he says ‘Is it not awesome?’. Horton and Legendre have a laugh about the time Legendre landed a handspring double front on his face. ‘No, it was your face man!’. Horton seems very likeable. Kyla says Trials were more nervewracking than the Olympics. ‘Do you watch make it or break it?’ Anna was a stunt on it once..for who I wonder..Steven and Jon say no, Kyla says no not really. Apparently Chris Brooks is obsessed with it. Boring advice part next. Kyla’s least favourite event is floor. Anna has issues with double double off bars timing..sometimes does triple doubles. Kyla’s scariest is shposh 1/2.

    Probably not worth watching.

  3. sainabou nyang Says:

    Nastia with Boginskaya. Perhaps shes seeking employment at Woga.

    • Catherine Says:

      Still seems to have a love affair with lip liner. She is one of the few I never liked and whose routines I skip over.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I know. She looks nothing like her young days. You look at Nadia and shes aged well, but Bokindskaya looks like she went crazy with the plastic surgery. I didn’t realize she lives in the US or perhaps shes visiting.

  4. sanitynmotion Says:

    WHY the eff does Anna Li get introduced as a member of the Olympic team? No wonder her Twitter is full of self deceit. HELlo. I turned it off after that.

    Kyla might not like floor but she needs to upgrade her routine if she wants to stand a chance this next quad. I hope she does.

    Thanks Catherine for telling us the major points.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I think Anna Li is done. I keep seeing in different blogs that she wants to come back for worlds next year. Good luck my dear because Marta has a smorgasbord of Seniors to choose from next year and the years to come.

      • Catherine Says:

        She’s well in shape and is adding stuff to her bars routine all the time. I don’t think she’s done, but I would agree Marta thinks she’s done. So maybe not worlds, but I’d like to see that bars routine get an outing at Jesolo or Pac Rims or something. The new code allows for an extra swings for the old impossible releases..Counter kim, mo salto etc. Anna is well capable of one of those if she’s trying for a Kovacs. Not a fan of the Olympian tag, but I am a fan of her innovative bars and drive to keep going.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If you are talking Anna Li she said she was done in that gymcastic podcast.

      • catherine Says:

        Oh, interesting. Not sure why she bothered then learning harder moves after trials. I don’t listen to gymcastic.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Consider yourself lucky. You did not waste your hour:)

  5. exgymgurl Says:

    major snore… thats what you get for your VIP seat price chalk talk, and now that its all over the internet I hope its worth it to everyone….WOW… I would be so disappointed to spend my $$ on that, Legendre is so stiff, and gets irritated with horton for talking about his freshman year at Oklahoma…anna li makes me want to fall asleep and Kyla is right there behind her, sometimes not even answering the question that is asked and just talking about something else randomly. I think maybe if they got that male gymnast they kept talking about that cut hortons hair, that watches MIoBI maybe he would be more entertaining.
    My guess is one of the fierce 5 always comes out with someone else… I wonder which chalk talk this was. Anyone have an idea what city it was? At least Kyla is saying Ummm less

  6. JAS4 Says:

    I think Chris Brooks is my favorite US male Gymnast personality wise he is like the McKayla of Men’s Gymnastics lol

  7. Gym# Says:

    LOL Kyla said she is no good at sports with balls!

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