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I know nice blogger is boring compared to Mean blogger but I thought I would say something nice for a change.

Liu Xuan winning beam at the 2000 Olympics was a great moment. It got even better after the Olympics when Ekaterina Lobaznyuk and Elena Produnova ( the second and third place Russians) went home and whined to the media that they were robbed.

Liu was great but I was a huge Ling Jie fan even with those horrible pink things in her hair with the red Chinese leo. I wish she had pulled it together for this final and I still think she should have won gold on bars (dead hangs and all) but that is a personal preference.

Gotta love the judge from Kazakhstan. Doing its best to cheat for the Russians. Damn Soviet Union


10 Responses to “Nice Blogger”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    It wouldn’t be an Olympics if a Russian wasn’t robbed of a medal lol

  2. gingercrush Says:

    Stop hating on Russia. But I love the Chinese and Romanians. Just not Americans, lol.

    Oh and I deserve a prize for I watched the Mexico Open which was well dire except for Belyavskiy and the Ukranian.

  3. gingercrush Says:

    Hmm actually what was the last Olympics that there wasn’t a claim of cheating?

    2012 had all sorts
    2008 had the Chinese underage scandal. UB Final was controversial and Cheng Fei’s bronze was controversial too
    2004 had Khourkina/Patterson (some would say Khourkina shouldn’t have even got silver)
    2000 Had the whole incorrect Vault incident and the Chinese underage

    So it must be 1996? Or were their claims of favouritism towards the Americans. Hmm Amanar’s Bronze in AA doesn’t count does it?

    1992 and 1988 both involved the AA. 1984 didn’t feature the Russians. 1980 had accusations that Nadia should have won or Nadia was totally held up (I go with this one).

    Not sure about 1972 or 1976 but 1968 Caslavska was screwed in Event Finals.

    That doesn’t even count the mens side and rhythmic gymnastics has their own scandals.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I think in 1996 the claim was that the crowd was too noisy and the Americans were used to that so it went in their favor. Also home-team bias but the same can be said for the Chinese in 2008.

      In order for anything to be “changed” though it usually takes something egregious, like blatant cheating that is obvious even to the E4Y fans. It’s bad enough the code changes every year.

      I wish they’d change the damn judges. And kick out Nellie Kim (cheater).

  4. catherine Says:

    Didn’t Nadia crash a fecking vault in 1980? Not sure if that was aa or ef but she did have a mistake in the aa. I know they were gunning for a soviet to win, and of course, paralysed mukhina in the process, but Nadia shot herself in the foot with that one.

    In 2000 I wanted Yang Yun to win everything. if you picked top 10 greatest chinese, they would all be from 1995-2000. What an era. I do love produnovas stuck badass dismount on broken foot but the rest of the routine sucked and lobaznyuk was just outclassed.

    • Viola Roadkill Says:

      Nadia fell off UB in optionals, and made mistakes in her beam routine in AA finals. She said herself that Davydova deserved the gold.

      • Catherine Says:

        Ah thank you. She saved the vault crash for ef then. She actually said in the BBC Faster, Higher, Stronger that she was pretty much robbed and the only way they were able to beat her was because of her mistake.

  5. Viola Roadkill Says:

    The Russians claimed they were robbed in EFs? Really? I never heard that. There was no way either of them were better than Xuan.

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