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I have been looking for a blog idea for hours and I can’t come up with one so I thought I would throw out some off topic opinions that you guys can answer too if you like?


Why do I have a Twitter? It is just going to get me in trouble. So I sent a tweet to a gymnast and then deleted it a few minutes later realizing that yelling at stupidity is a waste of my time. I should make a game out of it. How many gymnasts can I get to block me from Almost all of these gymnasts tweet something stupid now and then and I could totally tweet them back a response about how stupid they sound. Oh the fun I could have.

:Why is beating a women okay if the man is a celebrity?
This same idiot gymnast I am talking about above has a picture of Chris Brown on her profile. Why is this third rate gymnast a fan of a man who beat a women ? A lot of celebrities including the “victim” still defend this guy. I don’t get it.

Is every black person voting for Obama?:Sorry to go political on you but….. With the exception of an 80’s actress every single black celebrity seems to be voting for Obama. I have never seen anything like it? Can you explain to me why that is?

A moronic basketball player that shares his nick name with this blog actually came out 4 years ago and said he was voting for Obama just because he was black. He then added after there were other reasons too but I had to laugh. This guy is worth millions of dollars and the democrats always want to tax the rich so why do all these Hollywood people and idiots like this NBA player seriously want to vote for a party that wants to raise taxes on the rich?

I really do think some people are afraid to come out against Obama because they are afraid of being labeled a racist. Ben Affleck insists he voted for Obama last election. He even campaigned for him but I don’t believe for a second that he actually voted for him. Same with the rest of these idiot celebrities.

E-mail Steve Penney ( ) : Sure Chellsie doesn’t care anymore but I refuse to let him forget what he did. I think I will e-mail him every few months for fun:)

MLB playoffs : Who are you rooting for? In the AL I give you a big fat DUH!!!!!!!!!! for my answer. I am from Boston, Duh, duh, duh:) As for the NL, I like both teams but I am rooting for the SF Giants. If they lose I will probably root for the Cardinals. I just can’t root for the AL unless it is the Mets they are playing.

Something funny : This picture is a classic.

American Idol: Who watches it? I don’t at least not every year but I did listen to it one year. My roommate watched it and I was in the hall on the computer we shared (the year that horrible Macy Gray rip off won) and I quickly realized it was fixed from start to finish so why waste my time? If the best singer does not win then it is not a singing competition. It’s a popularity competition. I do love how Simon would say, you did a great job on that song but something was missing. Um HELLO, If the singer did a great job singing then WTF are you talking

I have watched some of it on youtube after the fact because I love Kelly Clarkson and was curious about Carrie Underwood. I did watch a few episodes the year before last maybe because they had this hot guy that played the guitar but I’ll be damned if I can remember his name.

Does anyone still watch Glee anymore? : I think the show has lost its way. When the best singers graduate and the dumbest character with the worst voice on the show sings the most you know you have a problem.

Any new TV Shows you love? : Arrow was pretty good but its only been one episode. I did not like heartland. I guess I will stick with ABC’s Sunday night line up of, Once upon a time and revenge and then turn over to, The mentalist.

Sorry for these lame ass questions but I am trying to stay away from the reality of life.


76 Responses to “Off Topic”

  1. gingercrush Says:

    next time post details on how to create the ultimate Nastia Voodoo doll.

    I’m going to pierce her neck šŸ˜‰

    • gingercrush Says:

      My Gabby doll don’t fly no more and my Maroney voodoo doll is now the perfect Amanar vaulter as she has no capability of talking.

  2. GymMom Says:

    Sorry in advance but I had to share this photo. Apparently someone “styled” her? OMIGOD…it’s hilarious that she thinks she looks good!

  3. gingercrush Says:

    I don’t think American gymnasts are meant to be fashionable. They all resemble trash. Both during and after gymnastics.

    Go Queen Shannon who has embraced her plasticity.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Not sure if this it the singer you meant, but American Idol season 7 winner David Cook is pretty awesome. He is the best damn thing (IMO, of course) to ever come from that show. He’s cute, he’s a humanitarian who is always doing chairty gigs and he sings rock.
    I’ve seen him twice in concert and it’s pretty good.

    But I can’t watch the show anymore b/c the judges are just gross. Sorry, but AI will always be Randy, Paula and Simon to me.

    PS-How about a blog entry where you choose former US gymnasts for the 2012 team? We already know what the competition looked like this past Olympics. I think it’d be interesting to imagine how past competitors would have faired.

    (Sorry, I just finished my statistics midterm and am looking for a distraction before my next one. It’s an online test, so of course I am surfing the web instead of buckling down. LOL)

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Being a runner up on AI is better than winning. I.E Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson. They went on to have great careers.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Clay Aiken had much more popularity than Ruben Studard (sp?) That was one of the few seasons I actually watched.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It’s not Cook. This guy had long blond hair. I just found him.

      In case anyone is wondering this is my type:) Accept I hate long hair on guys.

      His name is Casey James.

  5. JAS4 Says:

    How about a blog on what you think the 2012 team and alternates will be doing in 10+years and also what you think will be happening with Nastia, Alicia, Bross, Shawn, etc…. In the next few years I would love to hear your take on it lol especially Nastia lol

  6. sainabou nyang Says:

    My thoughts lol:

    Rihanna: I’ve always wondered what really happened that night, but if she chooses to stay with a guy who beat her so be it. I can’t be bothered with these crazy celebs.

    Obama: Its funny because I had a debate this morning with my fellow bus riders about last nights debate. I was asked if I watched the,debate and I said no because I don’t care about this election. Plus the winner has already been predetermined. I do think in my opinion that the majority of the blacj community will vote for obama because he’s black while the rest are willing to give him anoyher chance. I didnt vote for him the first time because I see him like the rest of his colleagues on the hill as just anothe politician.

    MLB playoffs: Don’t like baseball

    A.Idol: Lost interest after Kelly Clarkson. I agree that its a fixed competition designed for the popular singer to win. All you have to dois look at some of the previous winners and where they are now as proof.

    Glee: The corniest show I’ve ever watched.

    New tv shows: Just started watching Homeland. Love it!!!!

  7. sainabou nyang Says:

    GTT i remember you doing a past blog on critiquing the 01-04 quad and Martas selection for Athens. I loved that one but I didnt see any for the next two quads. Would love to see that as well as your thoughts/ prediction for the new quad.

  8. Case Says:

    GTT…I can’t convince you to root for the Tigers? If for no other reason than they are dismantling the Yankees (actually the Yankees are rolling over and handing them the pennant, but I digress.)

    On the MLB, all of a sudden I am living a dream. My team is looking good deep in the playoffs. Come on Tigers, you can do it.

    On the other topics….

    Obama: I haven’t paid much attention to this election at all because I think Obama is going to win again and it is not going to be close. Makes me sick but I just get that vibe.

    A Idol: Haven’t watched since Fantasia’s season. I think that show has run its course.

    Glee: Loved that show during Seasons 1 and 2. Loved the concept, the music…it was just fun. But then it just jumped the shark and got silly. Haven’t watched it since.

    Not really into any new TV shows right now.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I do like the Tigers but I love the SF Giants. The last time they won it I liked the way they acted when they won. When they won the divisional series they went out and clapped hands like it was any other win. None of that over the top celebrating like every other team does. It doesn’t bother me when its done by young players that have never been there but when I see the Jeters of the world acting like they have never been to the post season before and just won a world series it annoys the hell out of me. I know my team acts the same way but the two times we won we had a bunch of guys with no experience winning and the ones we did have were guys like Curt Schilling who acted happy but waited until we beat the Yankees to get crazy. In 07 the biggest idiot was Papelbon but it was his second year in the league, he had never made the post season before. Maybe I am a hypocrite because come to think of it the Yankees (and Angels, orioles and TAMPA) are pretty much the only teams that piss me off and I kind of hate

      I will be happy when the Tigers take out the Yankees because I will like all 3 teams left and won’t be upset if any of them win. I like how well the Tigers are doing with no help from Prince Fielder. Buying free agents never works out for anyone but NY (Certainly not for the red sox and Pujols didn’t help the Angels) and you guys are killing it as a team.

      I wouldn’t mind the Cardinals winning it because how funny will it be if they win and Pujols isn’t there. That would be awesome.

      • Guest Says:

        Agree with your assessment on Prince. Honestly, most of the fans didn’t think that signing made much sense but our owner is 83 years old, has done wonderful things for the city of Detroit, desperately wants a World Series title before he croaks and was willing to throw that $$$ out there. I guess the biggest upside to it is Cabrera got much better pitches to hit this year and therefore a Triple Crown.

  9. Tortuga Says:

    Do any of you watch Dance Moms? I personally enjoy watching the dancers. That’s been one of my more recent favorite shows. Oh and I find Breaking Amish to be a very interesting social experiment.

  10. Biyatch Says:

    I kind of love/am surprised that Aly is the only one of the 5 (well 4, w/o Kyla) that GK has sponsored/ given their own leo line. I surprised Shade hasn’t tried to throw Gabby all into that, especially since Gabby has already modeled for them/ there is the Shawn connection already.

    Lots of rumor that there is a second tour the “teen choice live tour.” That Gabby, Jo and Aly will all be participating in. If this is the case probably no American Cup and trying to get everything together for worlds might even be difficult if any of them are trying to make a comeback. Or perhaps if they are they are doing it Alicia style and taking the year after the Olympics off. Should be interesting.

    Oh and the topic of your post… i kind of like the show Revolution. I always feel like Im missing something when Im watching it, like i need to go back and watch it again, but it definitely keeps you guessing.

    American Idol needs to go away… I feel like reality shows like that lose their sparkle after the first couple seasons.

    Glee is better this year than last year but it is a lot of recycled story lines. It got so preachy at one point that you were like is this an after school special or a primetime dramedy. We get it bullying is bad. I like the NY story lines way better then the high school ones now. I feel like the Greece episode is just going to be awful.

    Love Revenge and 2 Broke Girls. Excited for “Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23” to come back. That show was surprisingly awesome.

    • GymMom Says:

      I watched Revolution for several weeks but I’m done. Too much violence and ridiculous premise. I really enjoyed “Cheer” on CMT. The finale was on Friday night. The show produced by Kelly Ripa & her husband followed a competitive cheer team from South Jersey to the World Championship. I fell in love with “Baby May” one of the flyers. My daughter did competitive cheer, which was brutal. She was a flyer, so we experienced our share of injuries, mostly minor. I hope they do a second season?

      I enjoy The Voice. Although I probably won’t watch next season when Usher and Shakira replace Christina and Cee-Loo?

      I’m still mad that Harry’s Law was moved to Sundays and then cancelled last year. It was a great show. I watch alot of NBA games with my grandson. He likes the LA Lakers(YUCK) but I watch with him anyway.

      There’s a few good shows on the Food Channel…Restaurant Impossible and Restaurant Stake-Out. I like Giada’s show on the Food Channel as well.

      Shawn still thinks she’s on Gymnastics With the Stars! Her routine last night was 50% tumbling. And her costume was awful again. She talked about the “broken heel” on the shoe she danced with? The heel was bent…those dancing heels are not meant for tumbling. I guess Shawn couldn’t put that together? I just don’t like her anymore! And her partner Derek drives me nuts too. They tweeted photos of Shawn’s “injuries” rehearsing all week, which is a well-known psychological “trick” that is used to gain sympathy for the “injured” dancer.

      I like Craig Ferguson’s show too.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I refuse to watch any show that has an ex Lost producer or writer so Revolution was out from the start for me. I refuse to put myself through another ending like Lost and the screwing over of Kate and Sawyer in favor of that idiot other women.

  11. sanitynmotion Says:

    OK so if course I want to know what the Twitter comment was. I saw you had deleted it (mentioned that) but I never saw what the comment actually was.

    Beating women is never okay, but apparently you get away with everything if you are a handsome/talented/young celebrity. His career should have been over at that point. It was in my mind. If a politician did this sort of thing he/she would never have a career ever again.

    I haven’t paid attention to baseball now that football is on. Sorry. I feel like the baseball season drags on for far too long.

    I think it said a lot when Stacy Dash (Clueless actress) got verbally man-slaughtered for supporting Romney on her Twitter account. I mean – she’ll never get a Hollywood job ever again (not like she was getting anything anyways), but it says a lot when others were calling HER racist for not supporting Obama because of his skin color. Hello?!. If a white person claimed support for Romney because of his skin color though – we’d never hear the end of how racist that person was.

    I feel like most people ignore the fact Obama is half-white. Even he himself ignores it.

    I feel like Obama will win again (I cringe at the thought but I accept the inevitable) but my Dad really thinks Romney will win. He says a President has never won a second term with an approval rate below 50%. I guess we’ll see. I for one wish that there wasn’t so much hate going around in this country. Never before have I felt that we were so divided. I can hardly go on Facebook without seeing someone name-calling or saying something stupid/mean to someone else because of their political affiliations. I can appreciate a good-natured debate but when it just results in a name-calling fiasco, you know people have just lost it. I feel like so many people are just desperate because of their own predicaments and it’s just sad.

    I started watching American Idol in its third season (when Fantasia/Donald Duck won) and stopped after David Cook (who I believe is your hot guitar player). I always liked Randy/Simon/Paula but the show itself just got old. I think they should have cancelled it years ago. I am watching X Factor though and actually really enjoying it this year – there’s a lot of good young talent and Britney is so the new Paula. Her facial expressions alone. I’m also a total Britney fan (YES autotune!) so I find it all just entertaining.

    Other than that I love Grey’s Anatomy – have watched since the first episode. I enjoy other stupid reality TV shows too, but will stop there.

    Oh, and I’ve never watched Glee. It looked too cheesy (I hate it when people sing in a “drama” anyways and the one Grey’s Anatomy episode they turned into a musical was atrocious).

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I like Private Practice but Greys was too bloody for me.

      I forget what she said, something like OMG how disrespectful don’t you know thats the President and I said something like You do know this is a debate right? not a game of candyland and then I think I said I am so glad an idiot like you is too young to vote in this Country but that isn’t word perfect.

      I hate kids that follow their parents opinion and are too stupid to form their own opinion. My mother and I usually vote the same but we get into it all the time about how her side is not perfect. That’s what kills me. Mitt is a tool but Obama is an idiot and I can see that. Why can’t other people see that their party is far from perfect?

      • mim Says:

        GTT i think some of my posts are ending up in your trash/spam.

        but i did write something to the same effect. people need to acknowledge both sides are not perfect and at the end of the day, all politicians make promises that they can’t and don’t keep.

        i can’t stand grey’s anatomy. medical shows with whiny drama queen leads make me run the other way. except for private practice, i can handle her.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I will look. I only found one and I am about to approve it. Bye the way I love Bones when I can actually watch it.Most of the times I am hiding my eyes at the gross stuff

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Singing drama is big on Glee especially stupid Rachael. Over the top

  12. catherine Says:

    I wish your presidential election was more interesting. Our last one was fun- the candidates included a former IRA leader, a gay human rights activist senator, a religious nutjob, an entrepeneur who has a tv show and a miniature guy in his 70s who looks like a hobbit and talks a bit like Gollum. Enormous entertainments in those debates!

    I don’t really watch tv. Sometimes I watch trashy easy tv like 16 and pregnant, toddlers and tiaras and antm/bintm. Very seldom.

    Music wise most of my favourite bands are long broken up. The only one still actually releasing albums and touring is Rammstein. Saw them this year and it was unreal. If you don’t know their music, its still actually worth going because of the performance they put on and all of the pyro. I listen to chart and I like dance as well.

    I don’t watch American idol though it does eventually screen here. I rewatch the hyped x factor contestants on YouTube. The actual shows have ads every 5 minutes and drowning in sob stories, unbearable.

    If Rihanna does forgive Chris brown or whatever, then she is a classic case of domestic abuse. Usually they take so much and make excuses and take them back. A lot of them have to nearly die to finally wall away. Therefore I don’t see how she is at fault for nor hating him. Hopefully she will in time.

    • mim Says:

      that sounds awesome about your election. australian politics has never been so boring, predictable and awful. everyone has become quite apathetic about it because they’re all the same, petty and un-inspirational people. our PM tripped over in her heels the other day, bless her. that’s as exciting as it gets here.

  13. Dee Says:

    That gas picture made me LOL and I’m in a library. Don’t mind the crazy lady gawfing in the corner!

    I can’t stand Chris brown and I don’t know why anyone endorses his crap after that. Also, I know it is Rihanna’s choice to be with him (recently hear a radio segment that they are at least banging it out together or even seeing each other again) but I think she is a massive idiot for continuing to go back to him. I mean, who knows what really happened that night but I wish she would keep away from him and he would vanish.

    As for politics, I refuse to follow it this time. I’m just voting straight party and prayin it works out. Last election I worked myself into such a tizzy that I decided not to do it again this time.

    • Dee Says:

      Ok so I feel I sensitive for calling Rihanna a massive idiot, I really mean I wish she would figure it out and that the media would stop covering it. I hope she got help, and I really would like to think she eventually stops going back to him, but it’s not my business and I’m not really a fan of him or her anyway.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I agree Dee that the thing to do is vote a straight ticket and otherwise not worry about it because you can’t do anything about it I know a lot of people thing voting a straight ticket is unthinking but I disagree. The national elections are more about which party gets (or stays) in power than anything else. I personally think Romney and Obama are both very competent and have presidential “stature” but the parties they reperesent are worlds apart on what they represent.

  14. Kelley Lynskey (@Meatless_Ball29) Says:

    Hello fellow Gymtruthtellers! So I’ve been lurking on his blog for a while now (Which BTW the blog entries make my cold small Grinch like heart grow a few sizes entry after entry) So after months of reading my lazy ass is officially writing my 1st post here so yeah buddy! My personal favorite entires are the “Mean Blogs” that IMPO don’t seem to be as mean as they are just truthful! Anyways in regards to Twitter & following Gymnast’s well it is a joyous & special (ED) experience that I recommend everyone experience for themselves if you aren’t already doing so! It is both pleasurable & painful to see all the stupid shit they post! I know people say if something bothers you to just ignore it & turn the other cheek..I don’t have that self control, I always just gotta put my 2 cents in! Well a few months ago after “Nasty Lookin” posted something about her (Duh cause what else would she be posting on other then herself) being in London I responded with a comment she wasn’t well too fond of so she she blocked me & I got angry/death threat Tweets for a bunch of angry 12 yr olds hahah! I gotta tell you that was one of the most rewarding moments of my life. I felt like I truly accomplished something getting blocked by that bitch! Immature….Maybe! Fun….HELL YEAH! So yeah I guess that concludes my 1st post! The End-Kelley

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That is the funniest thing I have ever These gymnasts are used to people kissing their butts. I guess its the ego thing.

      If I actually tweeted these gymnasts my real opinion I would be blocked too.

      Thanks for posting

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Are you the one that posted something like “great, we’ll get to see your annoying a$$ all over London trying to take the attention away from the “real” athletes” or something like that? Haha, that was an awesome post if so. It’s so stupid that they go to the lengths to block people. They can’t think that they are likeable by EVERYONE. Nobody that is even a Z lister is liked by EVERYONE.

      • Kelley Lynskey (@Meatless_Ball29) Says:

        HAHAHAH yes that would be me!;) I agree people are way too sensitive! But the funniest part about that was all the angry Tweets I got from angry 12 yr olds who told me I was “Stoopid” “Need 2 shut up cuz U R jealous” & my personal fave “She could always make da team in 2016 if she works hard on bars ā¤ you Nastia" Ohhh its the little things in life…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I love 12 year God help this Country in 35 years

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        HAH we were talking about you on this blog how we loved that comment and were thinking of recruiting you to this blog, lol. Guess we didn’t have to. I was surprised she left it up as long as she did!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        OMG I remember that That was awesome

      • Guest Says:

        LOL that was your tweet Kelley? You’ll fit in here just fine. Welcome!

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Those 12 yr olds are probably right. Marta probably has already promised Nastia that she is on the team in 2016 if she can complete just one bar routine.

      • Dee Says:

        Hahahhahahahhahahah OMG you are a twitter legend!!! I think we even discussed that tweet to nastia on here hahahhahahahhahahah

      • mim Says:

        i saw that twitter comment kelley! i may have favourited it haha. šŸ™‚

  15. Kelley Lynskey (@Meatless_Ball29) Says:

    So I must have taken note from the Gymnast & have been brain dead myself when I wrote that post, Sorry for the typos! I mean I guess it just depends recently Aly Raisman posted an Instagram pic of her Kyla & Jordyn in Kobe Bryant locker, me being me I couldn’t resist & commented “Kobe’s dream 3 white girls in his locker” I was told I crude & disgusting (They are absolutely right with that one) but I wasn’t blocked! Ohhh how I love the “Lets see if this posts gets me blocked” Twitter game!

    • terrigymfan Says:

      If Aly said you were crude and disgusting but didn’t block you it means she thought it was funny and was glad you said it.

  16. exgymgurl Says:

    I like watching web therapy with Lisa Kudrow, and the Guild online. That is it…. the rest of it I have not developed any strong must see TV feelings for. Aly Jordyn and Gabby in a tour by themselves… maybe they can do half time at the Harlem Globetrotters…

  17. catherine Says:

    Off off topic..Sabrina Vega has moved to gage! I am a bit surprised..she does need more difficulty alright.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Wow but its funny because someone in another blog asked the question if she had had another coach would she have been on the Olympic team.

      • mim Says:

        ooh, i thought someone (can’t remember who sorry!) suggested she only went to worlds BECAUSE of her coach (rather than her abilities).. but i guess it didn’t really work in her favour for london though.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        The thing with Sabrina in my opinion is that she was not a head case she just doesn’t have the difficulty. I wonder if Marta is behind this? Al Fong is not playing around he’s getting his gymnast on that Rio team. He will be the John Geddert if the next quad.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        she’ll get to be subjected to Al Fong and his gloves. Lol

        The move to Gage might bite her in the behind if shes looking to make the worlds team next year or even be in the top rankings with the new seniors. I see her going into NCAA.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That is interesting info

    • Dee Says:

      So vega is still alive! This is a stupid question bc I’m too lazy to look it up, but I’m assuming that means she had to move away from home?

  18. sainabou nyang Says:

    Who is this Felicia Haino girl they are calling the next Kyla Ross? I don’t really pay attention to the level gymnast but perhaps I will. This next quad I have a feelings is going to be bett than the current one. With level 10s aiming to get into Elite.Every gym in the country is going to be fighting to get their gymnast on the Rio team but I have a feeling Gage and TX dream will come out on top.

    • mim Says:

      i have a feeling bailie key is the next big thing. hoping kim paces her according, dont want her to burn out too early!

  19. mim Says:

    re obama: i’d say many (educated) aussies take a great interest in the US election because our foreign policy and economy is inextricably linked to the US. obama gets A LOT of love here and many see the republicans as a joke. the pollies on the (US) right are portrayed as caricatures here and a lot of their policies seem downright inconceivable (i.e. how people like palin and santorum were ever even considered as potential elected politicians BLOWS. MY MIND.) with that said, clearly neither side is perfect and at the end of the day, politicians all make promises they cannot and do not keep regardless on what side of the spectrum they’re on. so i take debates and campaigns with a grain of salt. but i still wish hilary was pres instead of obama.

    re rhianna: can’t stand the girl even aside from the chris brown drama. but i do think she is a victim of domestic violence and she is very much continuing the cycle of DV. her situation is textbook. it’s like whitney and bobby round 2. sends a terrible message to impressionable youth and i can’t believe that chris brown has come out okay in it all. i try not to pay attention to ANYTHING related to either of them. GTT you said it best – why lose sleep over it if she doesn’t. i’ve worked with enough of this crap in real life so i dont want to read about it at home with celebrities.

    re glee: i loved glee season 1, watched season 2 and most of 3, but basically i just want to punch rachel in the face most of the time so season 4 isn’t getting a look in from me. it’s big news here at the moment because apparently this guy that was on australian idol has a fairly big role (no idea who he is playing) on it this season.

    re shows: haven’t watched tv for ages but will catch up with everything online and watch to keep up with the US. i love revenge, new girl, suits, bones and (when it’s on) pretty little liars. im very much into Low Brow entertainment. i also watch trashy reality tv when it’s on to numb the brain, except i draw the line at honey boo boo.

  20. Sarah! Says:


    • gymtruthteller Says:

      They went alright, they went home and I happen to know your a Dodgers fan and don’t really mean that. This is why I am not banning you for that comment:)

  21. Sarah! Says:

    I still don’t know how you get so many comments on a subject like this when I write about Podkopayeva throwing up all over the hotel room on her wedding night and nobody says a fucking thing. Maybe I just need more time in the ranks



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