Mean Blogger 2

Dominique Dawes is a snobby biatch. Not to mention phony. She has always been jealous of other gymnasts and has talked about them behind their backs all the while pretending to be nice to their faces`. That is the worst kind of biatch.

I once knew a girl that trained at her gym and Dominique wouldn’t even talk to the younger kids. If you were Elise Ray she would but anyone that wasn’t part of the in group was treated badly by the Queen Dawes.

So my second Mean blogger is for Dominique Dawes. Watching her choke away 3 AA medals by default due to others small mistakes has been a highlight of my Gymnastics watching over the years.

The truth is that Dominique Dawes would not have won the AA’s in 93 and 94 if Shannon Miller had not made mistakes too so to act like Dominique should have won is complete bull shit. Dawes choked away two opportunities that were only there because others also made mistakes, just smaller mistakes. Erase Dawes mistake and the only fair thing would be to erase every mistake.

In 1996 it’s the same thing. The most she would have gotten was third and she was overscored on bars. So many gymnasts made mistakes in that AA where even if she had hit she would have had trouble making the podium. So cry bitch and thanks for the memories that made me smile:)

1993 worlds

1996 AA


72 Responses to “Mean Blogger 2”

  1. Lis Says:

    When I was a teenager, I loved her. I live in the DC area and had an opportunity after the ’96 games to see her at something. My mom took my friend and I. We got autographs later, but she was definitely bitchy. It made me sad:( I still like her as a gymnast, though, her Hindorff (sp?) was amazing and I loved her back-to-back tumbling passes.

  2. mim Says:

    i must admit i tend to take “my friend said she was bitchy” stories about people (friends, acquaintances, celebrities, whoever) with a grain of salt, depending on how reasonable the person saying it is. too many times i’ve found the bitchy person to be lovely and the name caller to have personal gripes, or a warped sense of judgment/terrible judge of character (not saying this about you GTT! just in general) but i have read enough stories to this effect where id say it’s probably spot on about dominique dawes.

    i’m meh about her though. both her personality and gymnastics. don’t hate her, don’t love her.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      This girl loved everyone else at the gym (accept Kelli and Dominique and her own coach Jen Bundy, she had a love hate relationship with her) and she said that the first time she met Dominique she said hello back but every time after that Dominique was a prima donna to her and the other gymnasts. If they said hello to her she would ignore them and she always acted like they had to jump off the beam or bars if she wanted them) If you weren’t a member of the elite group (this girl was a level ten ) it was like you did not deserve to be there.

      This isn’t a case of sour grapes. This girl never wanted to be elite and she hated training at Hills but had no choice (parents weren’t supportive move out of town type I guess)

  3. Sarah! Says:

    I’m glad to see you can still get your hair up. I have little use for Dawes, myself; it’s just that The Flying Monkey is a much better whipping post these days, so I leave Dawes alone.

    Have you seen Gabby’s Super Mario Brothers or whatever the fuck it was commercial? A reader sent me a link to it, so that coming up soon.


  4. terrigymfan Says:

    All you have to do is read Dawes’ wikipedia article to realize how full of herself she is. I think I said before that it is longer than the one on World War II. It is nauseating. Also, every time she interviews someone she starts talking more about herself than the other person. Definitely a prima donna.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      There is an interview with Gabby where Dawes keeps saying things like, lets talk about how I was your idol. I didn’t watch the interview but someone told me about it. It sounded quite

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Speaking of interviews I would love fate to get Don and Jordyn in a room together for an interview. dom would ask asinine questions abou Jordyns feelings about not qualifying for the AA. Then Jordyn would ask with a straight face and sweet as can be Dom how did you cope when you fell on your tumbling pass and knew you jad no chance at an AA medal.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Didn’t she interview McKayla before the Olympics, and it was all “me me me”?

      • mim Says:

        yeah, i remember that. it was kinda rude actually! mckayla handled it alright though.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah she actually said “did you know my coach had ME do the 2.5 off the old vaulting board and I did it in gym (landing in foam) but never competition.” Dawes was totally trying to hint that she would have had an amanar easily if she had been of the generation with the new vaulting board. I was kind of shocked actually that a) she was bringing up what SHE used to do in the gym – like who fucking cares that was 20 years ago and b) that she had the audacity to look at the best vaulter in the world and kind of pretend she was on a level playing field.

        Girl is a wench. A complete wench.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am calling her a liar. She never even could get a DTY so how could she get a 2.5. Miller even competed a DTY once and in 93 the commentators talked about her possibly throwing it (I think it was the Britt commentator)

        There was that whole story in Shannon’s book about Peggy and Shannon getting the DTY but Steve was pissed he didn’t teach her it and he wouldn’t let her use it.

        I often wonder how much better off Miller would have been with just Peggy as her coach

      • gingercrush Says:

        I thought Maroney and Dawes were both terrible in that interview. If only Maroney could not speak.

  5. Kadie Says:

    Love this post…

    Can’t take away the talent Dawes had, but it pisses me off that people were SO quick to point out millers flaws, or speculate that Miller was overscored, but those same critiques never came Dawes way.

    Yes, her hindorff was high flying and amazing, but I always thought her bars were overscored. Bad toe point, always the arch in the lower back during handstands, and she never seemed penalized as harshly for ” less than stuck ” landings. Her 96 Olympic tf bars score was friggin ridiculous. Shannon’s was far and away SUPERIOR. Also, and I might get shot down here, her beam? Guhh the form! Not so great. Vault? Overrated. Floor? Yea, she was pretty awesome at floor, tho her choreography was not so pretty

    Every interview with Dawes screams “egomaniac”. Again, you can’t take away the talent she had, and her 94 nationals will never happen again in gymnastics ( although under the new code, I think the true aa gymnast might come back), but she reeked of arrogance and superiority complexes that were never checked. Anyone ever see that video with her and Dwight Howard? Bet she loved every second of it.

    Every time I watch the 96 Olympics I feel like Dawes has this dialogue going on in her head ” alright enough of this Shannon spectacular. Move over bitch, I’m coming for ya”

  6. JAS4 Says:

    I think both of the drama Doms are right up there with Gabby lol

  7. DL Says:

    She never hit when it counted internationally, did she? My main memory of her is from 1993 Worlds, when she fell on her second vault and threw away her medal chances. It was good TV (she could have stuck with the FTY) but she really has never been Miller’s equal so it’s kind of laughable looking back now that it was billed as a rivalry between them.

  8. sainabou nyang Says:

    I remember in thr AA at the 96 when she sat her tumbling pass she went and sat down bawling. Meanwhile Shannon was sitting like two seats away bawling as well. NBC had set the camera right in front of them. I kept wondering as a young girl watching why they weren’t consoling each other. But today as an adult I realize that those two probably weren’t close and Dom probably could have cared less that Shannon wasn’t medalinf either.

  9. Catherine Says:

    I like her as a gymnast. Within reason- her beam is extremely painful to watch and everyone who thinks Raisman’s beam is the epitome of bad form needs to watch Dawes’ beam on loop first. Her bars were pretty cool, again not perfect, and often overscored. But she was a decent vaulter and great to watch on floor. Her 1992 Dodge Challenge floor is one of my top 10 floor routines ever. She definitely got more power on floor when she grew a bit, but she never got it back to her earlier standard or performance.

    The calling Jordyn ‘dissapointing’ and clinging to Gabby is definitely annoying. At least Jordyn is the reigning Olympic champion and she didn’t even choke in prelims, which of course Dawes herself did in actual competition several times. There’s also an interview she did on McKayla which manages to go on about how she did amanars into a pit and about how she didn’t have to deal with commuting to gym because she lived with her coach blah blah HELLO you are not the interviewee…

    • DL Says:

      Hah, that interview where she’s talking about throwing Amanars into the pit–I think she thinks she’s “relating” when really she’s showing off.

  10. terrigymfan Says:

    Post-Olympic comments by John Geddert:

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      He writes at the bottom he’s starting a new website:

      Speaking of Web Sites, coaches, gymnasts and parents will want to take a look at THEGYMNASTICSCOACH.COM. This is my project and designed as a coaches/gymnast/parent education blog site. The topics cover a full array of issues and will deliver some experienced based observations and advise so as to help shorten the learning curve in this complex sport. “ASK JOHN” is a tool you can use to seek advise on any area related to gymnastics that you may be struggling with. Whether it be technique oriented, organizational details for setting up a productive training program, dealing with staff, parents, coaches or athletes, I will do my best to help point you in the right direction. THEGYMNASTICSCOACH.COM is newly RE-DESIGNED and easy to navigate. Check it out!

      OK so who wants to “ask John” to spill the beans on Marta? Would be curious his take on the whole Nastia situation. I’m sure he had to know…

      I don’t care about training programs, I want insider info on Marta. LOL.

    • Kate Coursey Says:

      Geddert can be a tool sometimes, but in this case he’s right. Some of the media reports on Jordyn were downright sickening. People kept accusing her of faking an injury (because apparently, it’s difficult to believe that a gymnast might actually be injured). We know now that the injury was real, and Jordyn is way too classy to use it as an excuse. Let’s face it, Jordyn should’ve been in the All Around after Gabby’s performance in qualifications, and she handled herself really well considering all the blatant overscoring that went down.

      It just pisses me off when I hear the four year fans going on and on about how Gabby is the best in the world, way better than Jordyn, blah blah blah. Gabby has one title to her name. She was lucky. She peaked at just the right time (being a few months younger than Jordyn), she had a hit day (while missing in prelims and both EFs), and she was the only major AA contender who wasn’t injured.

      Jordyn dominated for almost four years. Until Gabby achieves that kind of longevity, she’s not the better gymnast.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Gabby also knew that even if she messed up she would still get good scores. The judges let it be known all year and than the Olympic judges did the same BS thing.

        Something is fishy about all of this. Nelli Kim cannot be trusted.

      • JAS4 Says:

        And with Nellie herself already saying the scoring was questionable in London ( to try and put the blame on other judges as if she didn’t have anything to do with it) makes me wonder if the Russians (or maybe Geddert) aren’t doing some serious questioning of the FIG lol

  11. sainabou nyang Says:

    Can’t wait for this bio to come out from Chow. Too bad there won’t be any juicy secrets on usag.But perhaps he’ll reveal the real story on how Gabby ended up at his gym.

  12. sanitynmotion Says:

    Ugh, her Wikipedia is EMBARRASSING. I love how Shannon’s Wikipedia doesn’t even mention all of “her” national titles yet Dawes’ are like front and center, probably because the only times she could actually earn medals of any gold color was at domestic meets. We get it. You did well at nationals. If Dawes only listed “her” Olympic and World medals it’d be definitely just even more embarrassing compared to Shannon, especially considering she went to THREE Olympics (and Shannon only went to two).

    I used to be a fan of Dawes (even though she was my idol’s “rival”) because she had that spunk and energy on floor. I just liked her. But after what she said about Jordyn in London and after what I’ve seen during her interviews with others…not a fan.

    Also, I think this statement is false on her Wikipedia:

    “The team, later nicknamed Magnificent 7, dominated the team competition. A key member of the team, Dawes performed without serious error and was the only team member to have all eight of her scores count towards the total.”

    Didn’t all of Shannon’s scores count too? If what I remember was correct, Shannon’s scores were the highest out of everyone’s.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I just checked out the 1996 scores. It does say Shannon had one score dropped from the team competition – her score of 9.618 on floor exercise optionals (it looks to me like, for each event, they took the top 5 scores of the seven team members that competed). Dawes had no score dropped. Shannon’s overall total for the team competition, though, was 78.028 v. 77.786 for Dawes. It’s a completely petty thing to point out IMO. Whoever wrote her Wikipedia article (no doubt she either wrote it herself or was behind it) went out of their way to point out every obscure and irrelevant thing they could think of to “promote” Dawes. I am not sure I have even seen a Wikipedia article that is such a biased self-promotional piece as is the Dawes’ article.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah I mean she apparently went out of her way to find “anything” she could to make herself look better than she really was. It’s rather sickening, actually.

        Only she could be behind it. Nobody would know these obscure facts out of their heads and just write them in a Wikipedia article. Unless they were like a complete Dawes stalker but only when it came to her gymnastics.

      • HPP Says:

        I just checked out Dawes’ Wikipedia page for myself…what a desperate narcissist.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Ive always been more impressed with how a gymnast does internationally than how they do domestically. If you win scam or Your countries national championships good but if you win a World title(not by default) even better.

  13. Biyatch Says:

    Per twitter: Kyla’s headed back to the ranch.

    • mim Says:

      i saw this too 🙂 go kyla! hope she gets some support from marta in the next quad, or at least isn’t screwed over in favour of katelyn.

  14. lol Says:

    Dawes only won the aa because miller fell. Same when moceanu won, it was by default. Shannon should have won beam and floor. At the ninety fouir nationals. Usag set that up for dominique. They wanted miller to fail.

  15. Dee Says:

    I loved her as a kid. Three olympics is no joke. However, her twitter during the London Olympics was too bitchtastic, even for me. I hated how she was commenting on the high bar final, and she was outright rude about Jordyn.

    Apparently she got engaged in London but doesn’t want a ring and was tweeting about getting a tattoo instead, and someone tweeted back to her that this was a dumb idea and she threw a mini hissy fit. It was pretty entertaining.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I’d be curious to see what she said to that…I refuse to follow her on Twitter.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Aunt Joyce had her pegged as a Lesbian and Steve Penny having the hots for her. Lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Someone sent me an e-mail awhile ago saying Dawes blocked her/him on twitter because this person said once to Dawes that all her tweets about race were racist and Dawes yelled at her/him and banned them.

      I also got a e-mail from someone that said Anna Li banned them when they told her to stop calling herself an Olympian when she wasn’t one. This person said she wasn’t rude (no her exact word above) and she was a huge fan for years.Not sure why she would tell her she isn’t an Olympian if she was a fan but technically she was not an Olympian.

      i love my random e-mail

    • Dee Says:

      Truthfully, the Anna Li twitter bio has bothered me for a while. I feel like a bitch saying this, but if you are an alternate you are not an “Olympian”. At least someone said it, even if they did get banned.

      I am not sure who was calling Dawes out on the tattoo thing, seemed like it was a random fan. She probably banned them after throwing her fit. It seems as though she lays down the ban hammer to anyone who doesn’t stroke her ego/questions her. I thought she was a tad racist during the London games on twitter, but I don’t follow her so at least I could just click out when I was tired of snooping.

      • Biyatch Says:

        She’s also not a world champion but she has that on her bio too. I don’t know why but something about her just rubs me the wrong way. I was glad when they left Alicia on the team over her.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Girl needs a reality check. If she’s an Olympian, so is Jana Bieger. Does Finnegan or Price have that on their Twitters? Idiot. Plus she got injured so in fact eventually got dropped as an alternate.

        I am glad someone called her out on it. I wish more people would. Notice Anna you’re not one of the “Fierce Five?” Hello?!

        Rebecca Bross is more of a world champ than she is.

  16. Katie Says:

    I just still can’t believe they put her on the 2000 team.

  17. gymnastwannabe Says:

    I like Geddert’s blog. I love how he slams Bill Reiter for saying Jordyn was the biggest disappointment of the olympics. I wonder if he also wanted to slam Dawes for saying the exact same crap. It is one thing for Reiter to say this but for Dawes who knows gymnastics and knows what an accomplished gymnast Jordyn is…double shame on her. I loved watching Dawes perform and had no ill feelings toward her until she said this crap…she only hurt her own image.

  18. terrigymfan Says:

    My recollection of Dawes as a competitor was she was very powerful – the original flying squirrel is an apt description — and was spectacular at times but was often out of control. I remember her stepping out of bounds a lot. I didn’t know that much about her personality while she was competing but got turned off by her this year by her self-centered attitude and arrogance and her unfair criticism of Jo. I knew she was a headcase when I saw her wikipedia article.

  19. gingercrush Says:

    Meh. She is American. They’re all awful 😉

  20. Guest Says:

    I saw McKayla showing some sass to Shawn and Derek in DWTS rehearsal. 🙂

    • mim Says:

      wow, she did so well! really great chore too.. and she hardly looks puffed!

    • Tortuga Says:

      I’m surprised GymMom hasn’t come on to tell us how “awful” Shawn looks in her revealing outfit. Shawn did so great last night! I actually watched most of the episode instead of just her. And I actually voted! Like GTT said a vote for Shawn is a vote against Nastia.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Also I wanted to say in that outfit you can see that Shawn is really more muscle that belly flab. He abdominals aren’t as pulled back as some others so some clothes make her look bigger than she actually is. But that’s just my oppinion.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        The idea that Shawn is “fat” is crazy. I bet people would be shocked at how flat and muscular Shawn’s tummy is if we saw her in a bikini. She looks great to me.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah I’ll bet most people would actually kill for her abs (including me, lol).

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Yeah Shawn’s dancing is pretty impressive I must say. Last time she was on the show she was a little more “clunky” but now she looks like she’s one of the professionals. Wow. Impressed. She did fabulous.

      And she’s completely toned. I’m glad she showed off her stomach – she’s completely toned and taught. She just doesn’t have the narrow waist most other Hollywood types have. She’s built like an athlete.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think she does a great job dancing. I always have thought that. (DWTS dancing not gym dancing) but I never thought was was as bad as others made her out to be

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I never thought she was “bad” either just not as good as she is now. Compared to her competition she’s way better (even during the other season she was on).

        I hate Melissa Rycroft so I don’t count her.

    • Guest Says:

      Here is the full video clip with rehearsal.

  21. Kelley Lynskey (@Meatless_Ball29) Says:

    It’s funny cause on some other Gym site I wont name names but hint it rhymes with dinternaional Hymnst Tonline Borum someone stated something along the lines of “You know your career is over when you go on DWTS” Ummmm interesting cause In my mind when you go on the Kellogg’s tour of Champions is really when your career is over! I cringe every time I think about that show….

  22. Katie Says:

    Finally! I found it! I remember reading some obn

  23. Katie Says:

    Oxious Dawes interview where she was shit talking Shannon after the 2000 trials.

    ”I guess if someone says they deserve to be on the team like she did — at least that’s what I read, I wasn’t in her interviews — then I guess people assume she’ll be on it,” said Dawes, who began her comeback in April and placed seventh in the overall competition. ”I don’t think I deserved to be on the team. I came here and wanted to prove I belonged. Just because you made it in ’92 and in ’96, that doesn’t give you the right to think you belong in 2000.”

    She really was the first Gabby.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      When did Miller would ever come out and say anything remotely controversial? She is the queen of political correctness. Dawes is a tool.

      So Miller said she deserved to be on the team but it wasn’t any time she was interviewed? Sounds to me like Dawes either pulled this out of her ass or she was told by Hill to motivate her.

      The only thing I ever heard Miller say was she wanted to help the team. The typical BS answer from all gymnasts.

      • Katie Says:

        I know! I was really into gymnastics at that point (I fell off a little bit after the Sydney Olympics until 2005) and I never read anything even remotely arrogant during a Shannon interview. I met Shannon at a book signing for that Magnificent 7 book. She was very very shy. I was younger than her and also very very shy so between the two of us, we probably uttered no more than 10 words. She wasn’t snotty at all, just very quiet and timid. That’s why when Dawes said this crap in the post, I was like “whatever”

      • Katie Says:

        My mom brought along my Krista Quiner biography on Shannon, although there were strict rules that Shannon would ONLY sign the mag 7 picture book, but Shannon smiled when my mom asked her to sign the bio (bc I didn’t have the nerve to even ask)

  24. Katie Says:

    Sorry for the split comments

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