Moments in time: Floor routines, The 90’s

I am getting old and losing my memory but here are three so far. I should update with some more

Routine: Henrietta Onodi

Low landing on the last pass should have still won her Gold on floor IMO but there was no way the HBIC was going to let Henrietta beat a Romanian.

Routine: Shannon Miller GWG, 1994

There were a million versions of this floor routine of Shannon’s that I could have used for this but The Goodwill Games event finals is by far my favorite.

Shannon competed at Nationals in the US and The Goodwill Games IN Russia in a matter of weeks and all she got for her troubles was to be treated like crap by USA-gymnastics. They never wanted her to be their “it” gymnast much preferring anyone coached by Bela Karolyi and it really must have killed them that she went onto to be America’s best gymnast. Anyway after being jet lagged Shannon showed just who she was winning 4 medals in the event finals after losing her first AA in 2 years.

Liz Reid College Gymnastics

For years I was told if I wanted to be known as someone that knew about dance I had to be a fan of Elizabeth Reid. I resisted and resisted until I saw this routine. This I liked even if she has some weird “balletic” choreography at 42 seconds in:)


71 Responses to “Moments in time: Floor routines, The 90’s”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Shannon Miller ruled the 90’s. USAG can go to hell.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I like this better,

    Shannon Miller owned the 90’s, SUCK IT USAG

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I’m sure Shannon was aware of all the BS but she never let it stop and still kept it classy. Success is the greatest revenge USAG.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Yeah well I wrote mine on the spur of the moment. You’re way more creative GTT than I’ll ever be.

  3. GymMom Says:

    Thanks for posting. Like you…I LOVE Shannon!

  4. catherine Says:

    Love that routine. I might throw up some videos of these- Liubov sheremeta 1997 inga skarupa 1999 Tatiana groshkova 1990 Annika Reeder 1998 mo huilan 1995. There are loads more but they are the standouts.

  5. gingercrush Says:

    List making is always hard. You tend to forget everything as you’re about to decide things.

    I am a sucker for Podkopayeva’s Olympic routine.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I hate it. In fact I never liked it. (Ducking so you don’t kill me) Lilia was a good dancer but her technique on her ballet moves is poor and I think she gets too much credit for that routine.

      • gingercrush Says:

        hehehe lol I also like Moceanu’s floor routines.

        I should hate them being posey and cutesy but they work for me.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think I should have saved the word hate for Moceanu’s 96 floor That was horrid. I take it back Lilia I just didn’t like your floor but the word hate was too mean. Forgive me Lilia

      • catherine Says:

        Moceanus floor is all kinds of awful. I hate it the most of any 90s floor. Dominque Dawes floor at 92 dodge challenge was great. Betty okinos floor was alright. Aside from Shannon, fairly bleak USA field in the 90s though. Ukraine were constantly awesome, Romania were exciting but lacking in charisma and dance. Russia were only okay. Hate khorkina on floor. China had some lovely ones.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t do cutsy routines unless someone in 10.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Oh gawd I HATED Moceanu’s floor routine in ’96…hate hate hate!!!

    • Lis Says:

      I, too, love Lilia’s routine from the ’96 Olympics. I don’t have the extensive knowledge that a lot of you have, but I go back to that routine over and over. My favorite floor routines are those where I feel like the gymnast has drawn me in. Lilia did so.

  6. DL Says:

    The music in all these routines really brings home the fact that most routines now have horrible music. I thought I was misremembering how much better it was before, but it really was much better.

  7. Dee Says:

    Dear Henrietta Onodi,
    Hope you don’t mind, but I saw at least three dance elements in your routine that I am going to steal and put in mine. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, they say.

  8. Kadie Says:

    Gotta have me some SIMONA AMANAR!!!!! Kotchekova. Lysenko. Huilan. And yes, Shannon owned the 90s. Love every routine she ever did. And…. DoMo 98 goodwill games. I only liked her gymnastics at that one meet 🙂

    • Dee Says:

      I loved Shannon too. I loved her beam even more than her floor…I watched her 96 Olympic beam routine until the tape wore out!

  9. GymMom Says:

    You girls are harsh! LOL! Seriously, I love the honesty. I did Floor in high school & college, so that’s where my affinity lies.

  10. GymMom Says:

    Chellsie news:

    • Gymnerd Says:

      My “free trial” (did I have one????) has ended. What was the gist of it?

      • GymMom Says:

        I guess people have to pay to subscribe to the Des Moines Register? I accessed the site with my iPhone but not with my laptop? Weird. Chellsie was interviewed about the Kellogg’s Tour in Des Moines on Friday. She talked about her Aug 31 2013 wedding and that after the tour she is done with gymnastics. I didn’t know she was getting married? I think the fierce five have done alot of the promotional press before the tours in different cities but Chellsie was chosen for Des Moines Iowa? Probably because Gabby was appearing at the Hy-Vee grocery store to sign autographs. It was noted that Gabby didn’t speak to the news media at Hy-Vee? Wow, even more weird,considering Gabby trained in Iowa for 2 years?? That may be because Kelloggs doesn’t want Gabby telling the media she is leaving the tour? I mean this girl has run her mouth all over the country including to Oprah and all of a sudden she avoids the media in her adopted “hometown?” Instead they brought Chellsie in early to do press?? Oh and GAG…Shawn & Derek are going to be appearing in the Kellogg’s show in Des Moines on Friday…”dancing” in one of the large group numbers. Gabby had originally signed on for the whole tour, then she said she was only doing half of the show’s tour? I think she’s going to leave the tour…unless she changes her mind again? The Gabby “buzz” seems to be dying down…Thank God!

        One more thing…I saw the racist Sheryl Shade in the front row at DWTS during Shawn’s dance Monday night. That bitch is the worst of them all.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Gymmom it might have something to do with the latest video interviewof gabby on usag website. Chow has been visiting Gabby apparently on some of the tour stops I guess closest to Iowa. Gabby says she will be heading back to training soon and would like to compete at scam next year but wants to pace herself. I’ll believe when I see it. She also mentioned wanting to stay with the Partons or having her family hopefully move to Iowa.

      • mim Says:

        what is “Hy-Vee”?! it sounds like the name of a questionable feminine product or something haha.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I had never heard of it until I someone posted about them sponsoring Shawn as well but I think it’s a grocery store chain in Iowa and the mid west we don’t have them here in the southeast where I am (at least I’ve never seen or heard of it lol)

    • Gymnerd Says:

      Thanks for the info, GymMom!

  11. Lissa Says:

    Shannon always rules. Moceanu’s routine…I’m the opposite of most people. I thought it was dumb in 1996 and have since grown to appreciate it. Other pleasurable 90s routines to remember: Ludivine Furnon, 1995 worlds. Sonia Fraguas, 1992 worlds (don’t let the music bias you. It’s actually choregraphed!). Silvia Mitova, 1991 worlds.

  12. Case Says:

    Loved Produnova’s floor. I’ll try to find some links to my favorite routines of hers.

  13. Catherine Says:

  14. Catherine Says:

    Double full in!

    The only good cute routine

  15. sainabou nyang Says:

    Coach Chow in his glory days on floor. Too bad he missed the Olympics he could have gone up against Valeri. Lol

  16. Case Says:

    Shout out to Vanessa Atler. If only her career was as pretty as her first pass in this routine.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      You know what’s funny it wasn’t too long after this I stopped watching gymnastics entirely until 2008. I loved Vanessa Atler. I was so bummed about what ended up happening to her.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Sorry I have to write something else. Vanessa Atler’s hair and overall style would have fit PERFECTLY with this last quad. Just sayin’.

      • Case Says:

        That’s an interesting observation. She was about a decade too soon. The current era would have appreciated her much more.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah totally. She could have left out bars (like ASac) and just focused on vault, beam, and floor. She had a nice rudi vault, right? And her floor/beam were great. I think the whole bars thing was what really did her in. So sad. It says something though that she was able to land the endorsements she did and yet never participated in a Worlds or Olympic competition.

      • GymMom Says:

        Don’t apologize. I agree with you about Vanessa.

      • Catherine Says:

        She did, she was at 1999 worlds. It was quite the disaster, but moments of greatness shone through- like vault.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Oh whoops. I thought I had read somewhere the age rules never allowed her to compete at a major competition like Worlds or Olympics. Didn’t realize she was at the ’99 Worlds (I had probably stopped watching gymnastics by then).

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She competed and finished 7th in prelims. Was no where near the AA gymnast everyone insists she was. She even hit bars. Also Vanessa the “great vaulter” did not even make vault finals. She made beam and floor finals I believe.

        She hurt her foot on floor during the AA and finished dead last. I don’t think she finished the routine or if she did she did like a back flip for tumbling.

        She was too young for the 97 worlds but competed in 99.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You are killing me with this Vanessa Atler love. KILLING

        I would tell you what I think of her but then it would ruin my future blog titled, the ten most overrated US gymnasts OF ALL TIME.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        LOL GTT you gave yourself away! Although you’d have to admit Atler would give Raisman a run for her money today. (If she were part of this past quad).

        I liked her expression and she seemed like such a good fun-loving kid. Plus she was powerful but also way better on the floor dancing-wise (than Raisman).

        On your top 10 list, I’m betting the top two belong to G-Doug and A-Liuk. A-Liuk or N-Liuk, hrm…

        I probably would get shot for saying this but I’d almost want to put Khorkina on there as well. And Kerri Strug. The only reason people know who she is anymore is because of that vault.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Gabby is not on the list, yet anyway. She hit for one AA medal and has nothing else of merit as an individual. She might be on the list in the future especially if her fans keep up their BS.

        Nastia is of course on the but as overrated as a gymnast as I think she is she has medals to back up her name. Gymnasts like Atler NEVER accomplished anything yet her fans insist she would have won the AA at the 00 Olympics if you know, she actually made the team:)

      • Catherine Says:

        Pfft, that AA was glorious-Karpenko-no-weak-event’s to lose. I really like Atler’s floor and vault. Beam isn’t bad either. I would not put her in any kind of top 10 list (except shortlisted for floor) and she is definitely not one of the best gymnasts ever. BUT she is one of the best America produced.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Prove it. Show me what Vanessa Atler accomplished to put her on ANY top list of best US gymnasts? Sorry I do not agree and her lack of success backs me up.

      • Catherine Says:

        Well that’s just it, her bars and her head messed everything up for her. She had what, 3 nationals titles in the bag until she went for the Comaneci? I would not say she is the best AA-er or anything, certainly not. I think she is one of the most talented ever produced, the fact she never fulfilled her promise does not really change that the huge talent was there in the first place. It totally knocks her down from being called a ‘great’. There are quite a few others, who usually through injury never fulfilled their promise or had to retire early- Sabina Cojocar comes to mind- but are still one of the best talents to emerge from their nation. That’s where I’d lump Atler into.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t give people credit for what they might have accomplished and Vanessa was outscored throughout her entire career especially in the US. Even when she made mistakes they gave her the benefit of the doubt.

        She has no major titles (outside her National titles) to her name even though she was given every opportunity and I will never lump her in with the greats that went and accomplished things without the benefit she has been given.

        We shall agree to disagree

      • catherine Says:

        Yes I do tend to give credit for killer potential, and for amazing showings and innovations etc. at small comps, like chuichi cup etc. Plenty of unbelievably great gymnasts never made a worlds or olympics team. Much better than atler herself. I take several things into account when choosing lists, medals and longevity are not the priority. Yes, agree to disagree ha.

    • Catherine Says:

      Love her. If only she didn’t have an enormous dickhead for a coach. Even Kelli Hill couldn’t save her after that. I wonder if they had taken out the Comaneci salto in 1997 would things have turned out differently..

      I’m disgusted he is still in a position of power in gymnastics.

    • Dee Says:

      Atler’s first pass is one of my all time favorites. So amazing.

  17. sanitynmotion Says:

    After looking at some of these older routines, I would vote in favor of the code changing to the following:

    1. Only three tumbling passes allowed (not four) – this would encourage more artistry/dance elements and would further differentiate the overall artistic quality of floor between gymnasts (as it is, all FX routines are starting to look the same now and it pisses me off). I know this would NOT benefit the likes of Aly Raisman.

    2. Allow the layout step when landing. The “thud” landings are bad enough and I can’t imagine that the gymnasts’ knees are thanking them.

    3. Require that of the three tumbling passes, one must be a front element (land forward), one a back element (land backwards), and one twisting element. I couldn’t help but notice 2 of Onodi’s passes were full twisting double backs. We get it. You can do them, and they are nice.

    4. Require more than one full turn as a dance element (like double twist or more I guess) – I thought Aly Raisman’s one single turn was just plain stupid looking. I mean, I can do that and I’m not and never have been a gymnast.

    5. Last but not least, there’s a difference between stepping out of bounds, landing out of bounds, and landing out of bounds and taking multiple steps (GABBY DOUGLAS, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU). Stepping out of bounds should deduct let’s say three tenths of a point; landing out of bounds five tenths; and landing/stepping a full point (I would consider that to basically be a fall in my mind). I’m still wondering how the heck she made the AA final after that…

    • Catherine Says:

      1. Check out Park Eun Kyung’s floor routine. It has 7 tumbling passes. Despite all that, she still manages to win the award for worst dance EVER. A must watch. In saying that, I love love love Chellsie’s 08 Trials routine, which had 5 I believe. So I think 4 is fine as it is.

      2. There will be one allowed in the new code, so just one tumbling pass will be allowed the lunge. I agree, it looks elegant and sticks are seriously harsh on the knees.

      3. No, when I rewatched the entire 96 AA I was bored to tears by the forward tumbling. Only Lilia actually did it justice, everyone else had to use mediocre passes to fulfil it. Snore. The current code requires twisting, double salto, and combination pass. I think the combo is being dumped for the new code but I think that’s diverse enough.

      4. Not pushed either way, but Aly is quite isolated in that regard. LOADS of triple turns, Memmel’s, L-turns, double turns, double scorpions (THE best turn ever, single or double).

      5. This already kind of happens- 1 foot out of bounds, landing out of bounds etc. do have different deductions. They are doing something with this in the new code but I can’t remember what. They are also fixing the vault deductions I’m pretty sure so you can longer do a Paseka/Komova on it and get away with it.

      • Dee Says:

        I checked out Park Eun Kyung’s floor routine on youtube, per your suggestion, Catherine. My favorite comment had to be “Too much tumbling!! Poor girl’s knackered!”, which cracked me up.

        That routine was so painful I think I am done watching gymnastics for the day. I think 4 passes is just fine!

      • Catherine Says:

        Haha ah it’s such a masterpiece..first for not collapsing with exhaustion at the end of the routine.,though her landings did get lower and lower and second for having absolutely NO feeling in her dance. Have you ever seen such total cursory movements? And people rag on Aly for that!

        Quick watch an amazing routine to get back into the spirit! I’ll post Parky’s for anyone who wants a laugh.

      • Catherine Says:

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Well thanks for commenting on my rant, lol. Park’s routine…what can I say lol. The tumbling was pretty impressive but the dancing was like…she was dead inside!

    • Case Says:

      I think flying into the judge’s table, if it results in knocking Nellie Kim unconscious, should be an automatic two point bonus.

      • Catherine Says:

        Hahaha, evil, I like it. Check out Daniel Purvis of GB at Euros this year, he DID land on a judge. Brilliant. Pity it was MAG so no Nellie.

  18. Lis Says:

    I really don’t have the knowledge you guys have. My memory is just not what it used to be;) But other than Shannon’s routine you’ve mentioned (which I LOVED), I adored Amanda Borden’s ’96 Olympic floor routine. Was it the hardest? No. Did she pull me in to it? Yes. I think “favorite” is hard to define because everyone looks for different things.

  19. JAS4 Says:

    Shannon rules the 90s so I’m pretty sure Bela and Marta have tried to block that decade out (maybe that’s why Marta couldn’t remember what team Dom M. Was on lol)

  20. Formergymgirl Says:

    Here are some links to routines from the 90’s that I liked, mainly in terms of the choreography or the effortless way the routines flowed:

    Tatiana Ignatova, USSR (1992):
    Sarah Mercer, GBR (1990):
    Natalia Kalinina, USSR (1990):
    Henrietta Onodi, HGR (1990):
    and 1992:

    And for a laugh, take a look at this one from Elena Zamolodchikova – pissed my pants because the dancing is so bad it’s hilarious!

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