Moments in time: Floor routines. The 2000’s

Here is a list of some memorable floor routines. Some of the routines I picked were not due so much to the floor routine itself but to the moment in time for which it happened. Some of you might question my selections (one in particular) but a moment can be bigger sometimes then the routine itself and that is why I chose some of these.

I also would love to hear what some of your favorite floor routines are for 2000 or after. Moments or actual routines. Later I will do the 90’s and maybe 80’s

I am pretty surprised I found this many to be honest. Besides the Anna Pavlova, Shannon Miller, Chellsie Memmel, Bridget Sloan and Jiang Yuyuan ones the rest I pretty much stumbled upon while looking for floor routines. Lets just say some were a little more memorable than others.
With out further ado…

Routine: Anna Pavlova

This was hands down the best floor routine done at the 2008 Olympics. She nailed every pass and the only deductions I saw were her legs crossed on her twist passes. I am still trying to figure out 4 years later how Nastia Liukins shitty routine outscored this even with the higher start value. Execution is supposed to matter and on this day it was clear the judges did not care about it. This is pretty much the only highlight I can remember not having to do with a Chinese gymnast during that Olympics and it is a shame the judges did not feel like doing their jobs and scoring her fairly.

Moment: Bridget Sloan, 2009 National Championships

I just like Bridget Sloan. She reminds me of me in where she is quirky and quick witted and a we bit sarcastic and this is one of those moments that I always remember when thinking of the 2009 National Championships. Bridget needed to nail this routine to win and she did just that.

Moment: Chellsie Memmel. 2008 Olympic Trials day 2

Chellsie does not do pretty gymnastics. It’s a fact but with all the injuries and all the bad luck if you were rooting against her making the 2008 Olympic team you clearly were born without a heart. Chellsie was the last gymnast to compete at Trials and she had the floor to herself and even Marta had to stand up and clap for her (Even though we all know she never wanted Chellsie on her team) If pissing off Marta isn’t enough reason to root for Chellsie I don’t know what is:)

Moment: Shannon Miller, 2000 Olympic Trials

Shannon was injured by the time Trials came around and her tumbling was not up to par but for her to go out at Trials and still be light years ahead of anyone else on the floor in presentation said a lot. This was the most artistic routine at Trials and second place was light years behind it. I was at Trials and Shannon sat down her whip, two and a half twists twice during training which is why she did not add in the punch front.

Moment: Cheng Fie

Cheng Fie clinches Gold for China. I can’t find a version of the routine that shows China’s reaction to winning but watching the US team sit in silence on the sidelines with bitch faces on in good enough for me:)

Routine: Jiang Yuyuan, 2008 Olympic event finals

She was robbed of the Floor bronze medal. It is that simple. She nailed all of her passes but a small step on the first pass. Jiang was a victim of the 3rd/4th gymnast law. NO Country is allowed to have a 3rd/4th great gymnast. It’s not a real law but whenever a Country has a 3rd/4th gymnast capable of winning they always get lowballed. Think Galiyeva, Marinescu and Jiang Yuyuan.

Hollie Vise, 2003 US Nationals.

Hollie was a beautiful dancer. Her overall presentation more than made up for her weak tumbling but what I loved about this floor routine was Hollie putting it to Marta. Marta did not want Hollie as part of her World team but she had no choice when Hollie finished second at Nationals and Marta was forced to take he because she set up the rules. The next year the rules were changed all because sweet little Hollie crashed Marta’s party.

Moment: Andreea Raducan wins AA

The whole AA was a debacle from the start but that hardly dims the fist pump from Andreea Raducan when she won the AA at the 2000 Olympics. The routine itself is blah to me but the smile and the fist pump are just pure joy by a child. Andreea Got robbed.

HAHA, Comedy ending

Watch clueless Nastia with her dirty look and watch how she tries to say something to Alicia but is ignored. Ah the little things:)


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  1. mim Says:

    when cheng shook her fists in victory after that floor routine = one of my favourite moments from the 2008 olympics. i so respect her and gymnastics, so im glad she clinched the victory for china.

    anna pavlova is still one of my favourite russian gymnasts and floor workers. that routine was stunning – clean, artistic and full of expression. and im still grumpy at russia leaving her at home for vault and taking paseka instead.

    i hadn’t seen that clip of chellsie before. i liked how she had the crowd on her side.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Say what you want about their ages that Chinese team was very likable.

      • Dee Says:

        They really were an adorable team. The age stuff took away from that at the time, but now when I watch them I realize I love them just a little.

  2. exgymgurl Says:

    I love the dance clip and how bross, anna li, and asac are doing great and nastia jus stands there… chellsie in the back right trying…. LOLs

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Someone online posted the link and I had to share:)

      Maybe Anna Li does’t like Nastia

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        So you found it. How hard did you laugh at Nastia trying to dance? I thought Russian gymnast were born with grace and style. Ive noticed on this tour that Ana Li seems to be the house mama who all the the young ones go to.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Anna li always rooms with gabby at camp… thats what i like most about gabby

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Is it me or did Rebecca have more rhythm and personality in that clip than any floor routine ive ever seen her do

    • mim Says:

      rebecca was rocking on out, good on her! ๐Ÿ™‚ she wasn’t half bad either!

      i know its terrible but im always pleasantly surprised when i see gymnasts doing other things (besides gymnastics) well. haha. anna li can move, she’s good. don’t know much about her to be honest except for her bars routine but she seems like a cool enough girl. if i was a youngin needing advice or a friend she seems preferable to nastia or a-sac.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    I haven’t watched these yet (I totally will this week) but I have to say I think I liked Cheng Fei’s 2004 floor better (from Athens) however the moment in 2008 couldn’t be beat.

    I also loved ASac’s floor routines (the ones where she didn’t sit a pass in, lol). I always liked her style and music choices. I loved her last (most recent) music choice but never got to see a “clean” routine. Oh well. I guess ASac maybe 2008 Trials or Nationals – one of those FX was good too.

    I never understood how Nastia got the bronze in floor. Never understood at all.

    I always appreciated Sloane too. I felt she was always under-rated. Or whatever. The opposite of over-rated.

    • catherine Says:

      I prefer Cheng Fei’s 2004 routine as well. It was also a great moment, she was a nobody and her floor surprised everyone. Christine still compared it to podkopayeva.

      Hmm 2000’s. Anna Myzdrikova! She handed the title to Mitchell in the end but it was amazing. Yelena Produnova-2000. Viktoria Karpenko. Mattie Larson. Pang Panpan. Mai Murakami. Larisa Iordache. Oana Ban. Daiane Dos Santos.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I must have blocked out the early 2000 (say through 2007) because I have no memories of favorites and I got bored searching.

        I seem to remember liking Andreea Isarescu on floor and I should have added Raducans Olympic routine. I liked one of Tasha S’s but after going back and looking at it I wasn’t as impressed.

      • catherine Says:

        Definitely a lack of great routines then. Oana and Daiane and then a few from Sydney, all that comes to mind. 2004 had very very few.

      • mim Says:

        i agree, baby cheng in 2004 was so great. her athens routine was just lovely!

      • mim Says:

        ooh yes daiane at 2003 worlds was another good one.

      • H Says:

        Me to:-)

    • Biyatch Says:

      I feel like this was the cleanest 2011 floor routine Alicia did. I love the dance expression of this routine, obviously her tumbling wasn’t at the peak at this point and I think this was a day before her achilles snapped. If you took her tumbling from 2005/2007 and added it to the dance and attitude she had it 2011 it would have been something special.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it – not sure I ever saw it. Yeah in 2011 her dance elements were great (and I LOVE that music…). She was having issues tumbling in a straight line and I remember she was running too far into the pass (so she’d step or land out of bounds a lot) but she was on her way to having a really solid floor routine. Would have loved to have seen her and Maroney square off too on the vault, and I think she would have had a much better chance of making the 2012 team (in Maroney’s spot if she got her rudi upgraded). Still bummed about that whole thing. Out of everyone, her comeback was the most legit.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I love that floor routine from Alicia. Love the music and expression, so fierce!

      • Case Says:

        I’d agree Biyatch. I can’t recall another time ASac performed better than that on floor. Up until she blew that Achilles she was looking great.

  4. sanitynmotion Says:

    I love how at the end Nastia does a half-ass shoulder shrug like “ah well, but I won the AA in 2008.” She’s useless. They should have put her in the back if she can’t do choreo. Or better yet, leave her backstage. She can be the water girl.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That is a perfect

      I love how at the end Nastia does a half-ass shoulder shrug like โ€œah well, but I won the AA in 2008.โ€

  5. nero Says:

    looks like Jordyn got the OK to start tumbling again, COME BACK TO ELITE JORDYN

    Speaking of floor routines my favorite will forever be Andreea Raducan 2000 Olympics

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I just added it to my list.

    • catherine Says:

      I fucking HATE raducan’s 2000 routine. I used to be more mild about it but it just wrecks my head now. Not the tumbling, which was great, or the moment. Its the choreo, she is using Irish music and makes absolutely zero effort to fit the music and perform in the same tempo as it. Seriously dismal effort.

  6. gingercrush Says:

    I like Aliya’s Mustafina’s 2010 AA Floor. Love that the music and I don’t care how ugly her triple twist looks.

    I also like Sui Lu’s 2011 FX EF floor routine.

    If you do 80s. You must include Aurelia Dobre, Silivas and – OMG the music alone is amazing

    • catherine Says:

      I get really pissed off everytime I see a roll out skill after mukhina. They should have been banned immediately it became apparent that it was that type of skill at fault. I realise they tried to cover it up after but davidova’s coaches would have known.

      Tatiana Groshkova, Olga Strazheva and Oksana Omelianchik 1985 are the routines of the 80s for me.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Didn’t the roll out skill leave someone paralyzed and it was banned from women’s routines from then on?

      • Catherine Says:

        Yes, Elena Mukhina was paralysed 2 weeks before the 1980 Olympics. The routine above shows her would-be teammate, Davidova, competing one. I’m not sure it was as complex as Mukhina’s planned one, but same dangerous finish nonetheless. Shushunova and several others have competed roll-out skills- YEARS after Mukhina was paralysed. In fact, Khorkina competed one in 93 or 94! They were banned, but not for more than a decade. Disgraceful. They are also going to limit them for men down to one. There has been near misses for both women and men. There is a Korean gymnast who was lucky to survive a mishap on it as well.

        On a side note, check out Elena Mukhina’s 1978 performances. Masterful, no weak event. She added a full twist to the Korbut flip, had her own bars dismount- extremely difficult- and was the first to do a double back off beam and a full in tuck on a crappy old floor.

  7. GymMom Says:

    Apparently Sierra Hassell from Chow’s Gym is on the radar for 2016? What do you think about Gabby’s mother admitting after the Olympics that she arranged for some other mothers of gymnasts to send her videos of Gabby training, against the wishes of Chow?

    • exgymgurl Says:

      I think its the first responsible thing Ive heard that woman try to do to parent. If it was me, Id be sneaking peeks like that also…. God help Chow… Marta loves him… did you see the interview on USAG where she talks about him???? Shes spot on… and he could become a very useful place for headcases in USAgymnastics

  8. JAS4 Says:

    I loved Jordyn’s floor day two of Nationals this year she came out fighting after Marta tried to hand Gabby the National Championship even with a fall

  9. Viola Roadkill Says:

    My favourites of the 2000s: Raducan, Khorkina, Zamo, Produnova, Lobaznyuk, Olaru, Skinner and Moya in Sydney; Khorkina 03 AA; Semenova in 08 and 09; Gaelle Mys at the 08Doha Cup; Kramarenko’s FX in TF at 07Worlds; Izbasa in 2006; Demyanchuk 09WOGA.

  10. sainabou nyang Says:

    JYY smile did it for me during her floor routine in Beijing. I love when a gymnast is actually enjoying what they do on any apparatus and smiles. Cheng Fei raising her fist and tearing up knowing she helped her tean get the gold reminds me of Aly at the end of her floor routine in TF in London.

  11. exgymgurl Says:

    I could use me some serious Khorkina this morning

  12. exgymgurl Says:

    Okay so in retrospect who is smarter? Gabby and her mom for jumping ship to Chows when they were unhappy at Excalibur? Or Rebecca Bross staying at WOGA when Nastia was coming back. If I were the Bross family after that Amanar injury, Id have packed my kid up and left WOGA for Iowa… whether Marta approved or not, it just wasnt the right fit for Bross…

    • exgymgurl Says:

      See Im thinking if Bross had done the same thing Gabby did she might have been an olympian

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      If Bross left Liukin though she’d be blackballed by Marta and probably knew that. She was stuck if you think about it. Although she shouldn’t have allowed herself to be put in the “beam/bars” specialist group – once I heard that I knew her Olympic dreams were over. Not just because Nastia was gunning for it but Kyla as well.

      That being said, the only person a “healthy/fit” Bross could have potentially replaced was (in my mind) Jordyn. I don’t think Marta would have left Aly at home (too consistent) and she obviously was vying for Nastia and Gabby. Since McKayla was also likely going no matter what (for vault), Bross could have fit in well with her if she did floor, bars, and beam. It was looking like Marta was trying to knock Jordyn off her pedestal ever since she won worlds – I mean, her feat was virtually ignored for the “coming of Gabby” and I think if Bross were very consistent (and doing floor) Marta wouldn’t mind putting her on the team over Jordyn because it would guarantee WOGA at least one gymnast on the Olympic team.

      At the end of the day though Bross really had no chance. She was never consistent enough. That’s her biggest issue. I like the kid, hate her gymnastics, and really just don’t know if Marta would ever put her on a world team again.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I have a question. Whats the story or background behind Akopyan? Out of all the coaches I dont really hear much about him.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Personally I heard he was hired by the woman that owns/operates AOGC a few years ago…my friend worked at that gym for a time. She told me he’s a complete jerk and kind of strange. A lot of people don’t like him in the gymnastics community.

        Personally I thought his actions around Maroney were a bit weird at her vault finals. He was rubbing her belly before she went (ew, a little too close for comfort) and then he was all over her after she sat down her second vault. He said something like “well there goes your gold medal.”

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Hes always seemed off anytime he was shown on camera. Everytime I see him I picture him as an ex KGB agent or secret

      • Catherine Says:

        He is the 1983 world vault champion. He does seem very stern and a bit of a prick to be honest at times. McKayla herself said that is what he said after she sat it down. Charming.

      • mim Says:

        i guess if akopyan is a prick it’s good practice for mckayla dealing with jerks in hollywood.

        i might be alone on this, but i was him my initial reaction to mckayla’s vaults in vault finals probably would have been to get mad at her too, as a kneejerk reaction to it. all the hours of training and investing in someone, the countless awesome and stuck vaults and then to eff it up when it counts when all you needed to do was land on your feet like you do every other time? would be so frustrating as a coach i’d imagine. for her sake im hoping it was just a split second moment of disappointment rather than habitual behaviour from him.

    • Case Says:

      I don’t know that Bross would have made the team regardless of her coach. She was horribly inconsistent and so stubborn on that damn Patterson dismount she sat down constantly.

      I’d love to read a tell all book about her. Her family totally bet the farm on her Olympic dream. Their lives revolved around only that since Geddert sent her (or rather, her father) packing at age 6 and she moved to WOGA with her mother.

      Gymnastics were literally her life. Her family did her a tremendous disservice IMO.

      Gotta wonder who’s dream it really was.

      • mim Says:

        oh wow, i didn’t realise geddert asked them to leave his gym! whats the story there? her life sounds like it would make for an interesting (albeit sad) read.

        i love hearing stories of gymnasts whose parents went all out not just for their dream but for a balanced life. gymnastics will usually only be one chapter of their lives, gotta set them
        up to handle and enjoy the other non-gym parts so they aren’t filled with regret or resentment or holding on to something that isn’t there anymore.

  13. GymMom Says:

    Gabby’s mother has had other run-ins with Chow related to her wanting to yank Gabby out of training to get her hair done before the Olympics & other big meets. We know she lost that argument leading up to the Olympics. My point in bringing up the videos she received of Gabby training are further proof of her lack of if we needed any further proof?

  14. GymMom Says:

    Chow is obviously transitioned into his new role as another one of “Marta’s puppet.” He is “bought & paid for.”

  15. sainabou nyang Says:

    Mihai is a busy man. He needs to get a br coach asap.

  16. Formergymgirl Says:

    There were so many beautiful floor routines in the 90’s. I will have to look through youtube for my faves and post links but one that comes to mindis Natalia Kalinina (wrong spelling for sure) from the Soviet team. Her routine from 90/91 is just gorge. She dances effortlessly and her tumbling is also pretty impressive (think she also includs a roll out skill in this routine). To me, that routine epitomises ARTISTIC gynnastics.
    I also liked Henrietta Onodi’s routines from 90 and the 92 Olympics.

    • Catherine Says:

      Ah the 90’s. Mo Huilan 1995 for the epicness. Liubov Sheremeta 1996. Inga Sckarupa 1999. Viktoria Karpenko 1999. Tatiana Groshkova 1990. Shannon Miller 1992. Onodi also, love that routine. Tatiana Lysenko 1992 and 1994. Milo 1992. Vanessa Atler 1998. Dominique Dawes 1992. Elena Produnova 1998 and 1999 Ludivine Furnon 1999 Olga Roschupkina 1999.

  17. Kate Coursey Says:

    Love Cheng’s especially. The Chinese girls were so cute.

    Also, Mckayla Maroney quote from October 2nd:

    “Right now, I’m only 16, and gymnastics will always be a part of me,” she said of her future plans. “I’m really an athletic person and I don’t think I could let go entirely of the sport. I really want to try to go to this next Olympics, [and] after I heal up I’ll be back in the gym working as hard as I possibly could just like I did for this Olympics. You can’t just say that you want to try … you have to be focused for whatever you do, just like acting. So I’ll really be getting into trying to work for the next Olympics, and in between that I’ll be doing, hopefully, little things like what I just did.”

    Sounds like Mckayla seems pretty certain she wants to continue. I hope she does, and I hope she manages a TTY.

    • Catherine Says:

      Excellent. It would of course be awesome if she DID make Rio, but seems so unlikely. Still, she could quite easily make one or two worlds teams with a TTY or Yurchenko double back and a floor routine with a non-ridiculous third pass. Anyway, nice to see a very recent interview confirming she will be heading back to the gym first and foremost.

  18. GymMom Says:

    I really miss the days when the Olympic coverage included showing all the countries competing. I watched online this year, but most people were unable to do that.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I was really disappointed in the Olympic gymnastics coverage…whoever sent that article out on this blog a few days ago they got it exactly right. As it is I can’t go on YouTube and look for routines from 2012 (I’m hoping they eventually get uploaded…) but I can see anything I want to from 2008. Not sure if this time around NBC is hoarding all Olympic coverage and won’t release anything. I tried going to the BBC sites but no luck playing on my computer.

      I really wish they had shown more of the Russians/Romanians and Chinese. All I saw pretty much was USA and anyone directly competitive with USA.

      Does anyone know if/when NBC no longer has control on the Olympics?

      • Biyatch Says:

        i believe nbc’s olympic coverage contract is through 2020

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Try Olympic you tube channel. It has everything. Commentary is by Shannon millee and some brit. So much better than the nbc trio.

      • Cristan Says:

        You have to go to the Olympic Channel on YouTube, Sanity. They have most of the routines there.

  19. GymMom Says:

    I wonder if Shawn is reading this blog? We discussed her weight and it was mentioned that the toxic food could be the cause of her weight gain? She referenced a organic food delivery company that includes a body cleanse on her Twitter earlier tonight. The company is well known to me(I’ve never used it) and its very pricey. Shawn’s dance tonight was the quickstep and it was almost all hybrid tumbling, flipping and jumping…really not a quickstep. The judges said the broke the rules but they ended up with a 26.5 out of 30? They deserved a lower score.

    • mim Says:

      ughhhhh… that was NOT quickstep. it was like some quickstep/jive combo. terrible outfit choice too. why not frock up for a ballroom dance?

      i refuse to watch dancing with the stars here because the music used is always modern and never fits the dance properly (to garner “mainstream” viewers i suppose). at least they used proper music for shawn’s dance.

  20. nero Says:

    I’m done with DWTS. They’re not even trying to hide their bias, the judges and producers have already decided who they want in the final.

    You have some couples who follow the rules and turn out great dances (Sabrina and Louis) but are constantly brushed to the side by the producers and underscored by the judges

    Other couples break the rules because their dance is not going to be great but they do it to spice it up and cater to fan votes (Bristol and Mark) but they are used as the ‘drama’ of the season by the producers and are, rightfully, getting reprimanded and docked points from their scores by the judges

    Then you have another couple, I’m not going to call them the ‘Golden Couple’ they’re more like God’s Children. Now they are good dancers, but instead of following the rules they break them on purpose not to make their dance better but because they CAN. They are allowed to not even attempt a quickstep, just do whatever the fuck they want. Are they called out? Docked multiple points for breaking multiple rules? Told that everyone else is accountable for playing by the rules? No. They are given a standing ovation and almost perfect scores.

    If I were the other contestants I wold be pissed that this certain couple is allowed to do freestyles week after week while they are constrained by the rules

  21. kadie Says:

    Esther moyas routine is one of my all time favs. Spain had a real superstar with her. She was ROBBED of a medal at the olys, BIG TIME. Truly, I think its one of the worst cases of judging bias in gymnastics history. (Maybe not… but it did royally piss me off) She was so clean and energetic, I just loved watching her.

    agree with your love of pavlova. That first pass is a work of perfection.

    I don’t think the 2000s are the best era for floor ( even tho the difficulty is more pronounced)

  22. GymMom Says:

    Completely agree Nero. I will say it the hell is Shawn gaining weight on DWTS when everyone else is losing weight? She must be drinking alcohol….she is quite the partier and made a name for herself when she spent time in Iowa City. Did you see that awful black shirt her Dad was wearing tonight? It looked like it had lace on it? I am beginning to not like Shawn even more than I don’t like Gabby!! Shawn was a huge show-off tonight on DWTS!! That will backfire on her! Derek has had other “ringers” who got voted off because of similar things like what Shawn did tonight!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      What did Shawn do (I’m asking because DWTS bores the crap out of me and I’d rather just be told than have to watch it) ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Guest Says:

    Shawn and Derek are on the top story of People now.,,20637284,00.html

    • nero Says:

      They should just stop assigning dances and call it “Dancing With the Stars- Do Whatever the Fuck You Want Edition” They’re desperate for ratings, the season premiere was down 30% from last season, hopefully the final nail will come soon. I know Derek is leaving but it wont change anything. Somebody else will become the golden boy and Tristan and Tony will continue to get terrible partners.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        DWTS is just like gymnastics. Hold to the rules when it’s convenient, but break from them when you want your “favorites” to have a better shot at winning. Lame. Just like the show, totally lame.

        I think they are finding out (whoever produces this show) that it was a big mistake to do an all star cast right after the Olympics. The show is getting old overall and the ratings are suffering for it.

  24. GymMom Says:

    Shawn is an retired overweight former gymnast! Do you know how many times I’ve heard the judges say “best dance EVER?” Oh and of course there was Nike product placement….Shawn tweeted a photo of her Fuel Band and the FUGLY black Nikes she wore for their dance(MORE CHEATING)!!!
    Everyone else wore dancing shoes! Shawn, no matter how lowcut your top is, it’s not sexy…it’s just FAT!!!

  25. GymMom Says:

    Nike….now selling “dance shoes!” LOL!! Since the Olympic thing fell through for Shawn, I guess outfitting her overweight body for DWTS is the best they can do!

    • Case Says:

      GymMom, I thought you liked Shawn? Now you dislike her because she put on a few pounds? Or because she went to the same gym as Gabby?

      Just trying to keep up here.

    • Tortuga Says:

      GymMom, all the overweight and fat comments seem to be piling up lately. For Shawn to be overweight she would have to have a BMI of 26! Putting her at about 120 pounds which doesn’t look to be the case. Yes she’s not “Hollywood thin” which she would have to be anorexic to achieve. But should we criticize her for trying to be healthy? She has to post things about Nike all the time because she’s they’re spokesperson, it’s part of the deal. Annoying yes, but hey, if I was getting paid by them to endorse their products I would tweet my nike fuel band too.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I don’t think Shawn is overweight. If she’s overweight than 99% of America is overweight. She’s heavier looking because she’s shorter, and we’re all used to seeing “Shawn the gymnast” but that isn’t overweight by any stretch of the imagination.

      And when you’re sponsored there’s a lot of pressure to promote the products. Can’t blame her. Nike thought they were buying into a gymnast who would be an Olympian in London and now they are doing the best they can with her since she’s retired. I’m sure when her contract is up they won’t be renewing her.

  26. GymMom Says:

    The video of their dance tonight at this link.

  27. JAS4 Says:

    I like Olga Korbut’s floor routines from 1972/1976 not because they are special technically or artistically but because she really performs them as if she were on stage in a theater which makes it really fun to watch.

  28. GymMom Says:

    Thanks for posting Olga Korbut’s routines. She had some special qualities for sure. And we really engaged with her.

    • JAS4 Says:

      I really like her routines on all events as well she is just interesting to watch. I wish all gymnast really performed their routines like that lol

  29. gingercrush Says:

    OK I have to go against the grain but Olga Korbut really leaves me cold. The Korbut flip to me is just frightening. Her cuteness does nothing for me either.

    I’d much sooner watch Vera Caslavska or Larissa Latynina rather than Korbut. Comaneci leaves me rather cold as well.

    • catherine Says:

      Do you like Teodora Ungureanu? She is my favourite 70s gymnast, along with Mukhina. I love watching Caslavska myself, but the lack of skill means it does get boring.

      • gingercrush Says:

        She is ok but I haven’t been overly exposed to that period either so i don’t have much knowledge about the period.

  30. Dee Says:

    I’ve never been the biggest memmel fan, but seeing that routine on day 2 of Olympic trials gave me chills. I personally rank it in the top five of my all time favorite elite gym moments.

    I love that you highlighted Anna pavlova, GTT. Another routine of hers that I watched about ten thousand times was her 2004 AA floor routine. I loved the music and the choreo and how that girl did not medal that night I will never understand.

  31. Dee Says:

    Just watched the shuffling video. WTF, nastia.

    Someone on YouTube commented “Nastia you derp”, which sent me into hysterics. What was she doing?! (Besides nothing…)

  32. GymMom Says:

    You can see why Nastia was not asked to be on DWTS? LOL! Even my 5 year old granddaughter can shuffle. Regarding Shawn..I don’t hate her. In my opinion, she is hanging by a thread with Nike. It doesn’t seem like their Fuel Band is working?? If Shawn wants to put herself out there as some kind of health and fitness…I’m not buying anything she’s trying to sell. With a Hollywood trainer, organic food delivery service and 6-8 hours a day of dancing, she shouldn’t look “heavy” on tv! Shawn has become an annoying show-off and in my opinion a huge turn-off.

  33. GymMom Says:

    Melissa Rycroft tied for 1st place last night with her Samba. I’m not a fan of hers but THIS is DANCING.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Ick. For being a Cowboys cheerleader in her former life she really lacked the whole “hip shaking” thing…I’ve seen better moves and flexibility in dancing workout videos. Not impressed (McKayla face, lol).

  34. GymMom Says:

    Last DWTS post today..Sabrina Bryant danced a REAL quick step last week that was flawless! Compare that to Shawn’s quickstep aka tumbling nightmare from last night. You see the “sexiness” brought by the other female dancers which is something Shawn will never bring! Shawn & Sabrina are similar in age. And Sabrina, by the way, has a few extra pounds on her, but she is losing weight on DWTS. Shawn tries to make up her lack of sex appeal with inappropriate tumbling moves…

  35. GymMom Says:

    I love Italy’s Ferrari…her floor in London was good.

  36. GymMom Says:

    Ok I lied…one more post about DWTS…Helio & Julianne Hough’s quickstep that Shawn & Derek based their performance on, last night. It doesn’t even look like the same dance.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Okay i consider myself a card arrying member o the fat police, but 1. Shawn is not fat an has never been called out as a partier. 2. Sabrina ryan is like 25 3. Every reality show skews results. 4. The point of the show is to interpret the dance and be entertaining. If ABC knows the voting and who every week is winning ( which they like idol never announce, just whos safe) the judges want to keep the popular people on the show. They want people to watch. Period.

      And really shawn does look like a fitness model to me. I you think shes fat and u healthy thats great. I almost think gymmom is somehow related to someone else that needs more endorsements. Its ridiculous how much you pick on shawn and her weight. Shes so much thinner now than her last dwts go around….

  37. Tortuga Says:

    I was really rooting for Hollie back then, partially because I went to WOGA but I wasn’t as big of a fan of Carly and definitely not Nastia. I loved her form and presence. I was too young too realize her injury would set her back so much or that her difficulty was just not high enough. I was still pretty bummed that Hollie wouldn’t be on the 2004 Olympic Team.

    • Case Says:

      I absolutely hated that live team selection show they did for Athens. So unfair to Hollie.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Agreed that was awful. I wanted to give her a hug. I’m still a bit resentful about that team.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        OMG same here. I don’t know which decision was worse, Mohini or Annia. At least Annia got an individual medal (same color as Maroney’s BTW). But Hollie Vice was one of a kind and special. She could have been used on balance beam over Kupets when Kupets went down with injury in lieu of Mohini…not sure if it would have given them a better colored medal at the end of the day, but Hollie deserved to be on that team. She got jobbed.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yeah but there’s a big difference between Maroney and Hatch. Hatch was only ever capable of silver, and lucky to get it. Maroney was capable of wiping the floor with the competition and winning by half a point.

        That team was a bit of a disaster alright. Hollie deserved to be on it.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I know that but at the end of the day they came out with the same result. That was my point pretty much with that statement. Other than that I really don’t know what Mohini was doing on that team other than the fact Pam Anderson was backing her financially.

        I’m still pissed at McKayla for sitting down, lol. Whoever said that comment about her coach being angry too – that he spent all that hard work and effort with her and on the ONE day/second it counted, splat. So frustrating. And I’m sure McKayla’s even more angry with herself; I really just hope it fueled the fire for her to return to gymnastics.

        You see – I’d bet my pay check that if Shawn’s beam medal had been silver, she wouldn’t have left the sport so fast.

        So I’m telling myself McKayla’s silver may have been a blessing in disguise.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Mohini was one Ashley Postell fall from not making the Olympic Trials and her making that team made no sense at all. Having her on the team was a mistake and even though she competed well her shit start value being used on floor and beam is why the US lost. They were lucky to have her when Mccoool choked but Tasha should have been on that team over Mohini. She nailed the secret camp and was still left home

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Was Tasha not a “Marta favorite” or something? I wasn’t paying attention to gymnastics at the time.

        I’m guessing Mohini was chosen because USAG thought that Pam’s backing of Mohini would bring in more gymnastics viewership.

        What gets me is that looking back, 2004 was a really solid opportunity for USA to get the women’s team gold. They were 2003 world champs and the talent was just as deep then (I would say) as it was in 2012. Also, it wasn’t like in 2008 where despite the US winning 2007 worlds, the Chinese were highly favored then (home team advantage and higher D scores overall).

        I know there were a bunch of injuries in 2004 (Memmel for one) but still. Marta really did herself a disservice that year by screwing more well-deserved girls in favor of two vaulters. I’m guessing her “team” was thrown off by the rules then of the top two Olympic Trials winners automatically making the team (I’m guessing she never intended to take McCool, and sacrificed Vice for McCool). Of course that rule changed by the time London came around. I can’t help but think she changed that rule because she was afraid someone like Kyla would end up placing top two (say Gabby fell like expected and placed fourth or something) and “having” to make the team over her pet Nastia.

        I really wonder if Kyla ever found out about that whole thing (Nastia being named to the team if she hit ONE bar set).

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Hollie fell at the camp for those Olympics but the real problem was Marta made her think she was in contention for a beam and bars specialist that never existed. They used her picture to advertise for everything and Marta was never going to name her to the team.

        Mohini was never on the radar for that team until Pam Anderson and I heard Mohini resented all the attention Pam giving her money brought. She thinks she deserved to make that team which is a joke.

        Marta thought two vaulters would bring her huge scores and she forgot the lame ass floor routines she had on that team. Just for the record I called it way before anyone else did:)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Can you tell me this because I don’t understand (going back and looking at the 2003 worlds videos) – they brought Terin Humphrey to Worlds in 2003 solely for her floor routine. Fast forward a year and they only use her for bars/beam (I guess she was the specialist Marta was talking about?)…

        Why didn’t they use Terin’s floor over Mohini’s? Wouldn’t that have brought in a better score?

        And Mohini/Anna were only doing DTY vaults, right? Were those “big” vaults for that time? Now those seem sub-par given this quad’s amanar craziness.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Annia Hatch had a beautiful DTY and Marta figured she would score way higher than everyone else. It did not. I will never understand why she took Mohini. It makes no sense.

        Terin did not score well on floor. If I remember correctly she only scored a 9.2 something. Maybe Marta thought she would score higher.

        Mohini missed a dance move on floor all 3 nights of the competition but they gave her credit in the prelims and she scored a 9,5 something. She never scored that well again at the Olympics because they took the credit away and she had a smaller start value. That is what happened in team finals.

        Taking Annia never made sense to me unless Marta she would have a vault medal. She never should have been at that Olympics.

        This is all from memory.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Tasha was a Bela favorite. In fact her entire career is due to Bela. Tasha was a brat but she was clean on floor and that is what the US team needed.

      • Catherine Says:

        Oh I know yeah, just meant at the outset expectations were very different. You often see coaches leaping in the air was frustration when their gymnast crashes a vault. That is PERFECTLY understandable. However I think they should be able to get themselves under control and not snipe or make a nasty comment to the gymnast, who is felling it just as much and more than they are. A truly great coach should be able to mask their feelings at that point. And then destroy the furniture in their room later if they so wish.

      • gingercrush Says:

        Meh I love the Romanian team of 2004. History won’t be kind to them and under the new COP their UB would have been slaughtered. But they were a fine team. Ponor’s Uneven Bars must really really suck because i still can’t wonder whether she could have been AA champ.

      • mim Says:

        i can’t understand why marta wouldn’t want to take courtney mccool! her gymnastics was gorgeous. and im still mad about the hollie vise thing too. ugh. mohini being there because of pammy is just ridic, i can’t even believe marta would buy into that crap.

        the 2004 US team was not my fave whatsoever.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Mccool was a beautiful gymnast but she was not getting credit for her beam connections and her tumbling could be messy. If they thought she would be used on beam they were not paying attention. She did not get credit for her connections at the test event on beam and Marta ignored it.

  38. GymMom Says:

    I am not related to anyone “seeking more endorsements.” If you look at Shawn’s “boobs”…they are the result of excess body fat and not breast tissue. Sabrina is 4-5 yrs older than Shawn..still in the same age range. I wasn’t “calling her out” as a partier. Again, she is easily recognizeable and as such has been seen openly partying in Iowa City etc. where her boyfriend is enrolled. Read his Twitter! He even brags about “partying” with his own Mom. He references “epic hangover” and “going broke” after heavy weekend partying. Shawn has posted photos on her Twitter “partying at tailgates” in Iowa City when her boyfriend played football. He never really played for Iowa, but he was on the roster for like 1 year or so? On a couple of message boards, people have talked about running into her at “parties” in Iowa City and how she “never stops talking.” LOL! By normal standards, Shawn isn’t fat, but the tv cameras add pounds. I can’t think of one other Nike spokesperson that carries extra weight???

    • Case Says:

      Do you have any personal experience with Chow’s gym, GymMom?

    • mim Says:

      im glad she “parties” (safety i hope), because goodness knows she didn’t really get to do much of that as a teen.

      gotta have some fun while you’re young.

  39. GymMom Says:

    I have no personal experience with Chow’s Gym. I found a little blurb about how Shawn was initially introduced to Marta. Apparently Chow sent Marta a video and told her Shawn could help
    USA Gymnastics. Marta thought it was a ” gutsy” move on Chow’s part, so she looked at the video. Interesting.

  40. GymMom Says:

    This guy apparently “partied” with Shawn & others in London?

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Whatever, Shawn is far from being Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton, and I’m sorry I still think she looks great. I think she is super popular, and 21 is a lot different than 25… I grew up a TON between those two numbers. Sabrina Ryan is also a professionally trained dancer, which came out last time she was on DWTS. She was primarily cast in the Cheetah Girls for her dancing and not for her singing. Donnie Osmond even said, she was close to being a professional dancer on one of those shows, and he didnt see how they could fairly put her on DWTS.

      I just think you like to hate on Shawn Gymmom and its cool… I bag on Gabby…. but I think we get the point. You think Shawn is fat and should not have a Nike endorsement, and you think she parties too much and is being overly favorited on DWTS.

      Personally if Im Nike, I love that she wore our tennis shoes for the quick step and got us a free commercial on national television. I also love that she mentions that other thing that youve talked about ad nauseum, because it drives people to ask what is that? And where did she get those Nike shoes?

      She is exactly who you want wearing your products on national television…. I doubt if she reads this blog, but if she does you go Shawn, represent, enjoy the ride and the payout from DWTS, and when youve made your $$ and want to go to college or not. College is not for everyone.

      You dont even seem to like her GymMom and you are talking about it, so mission accomplished for Nike…

    • Catherine Says:

      She has finally hit the legal age, why wouldn’t she go out? I know I did not wait until the legal age and was drinking at 13. At 18 everyone was going out. I cannot imagine having to wait even longer to hit a club. Good for her. Just because she is more famous than your average peasant doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to go out and get drunk. I would want not to see pictures of her stumbling around at 6am every night or anything, as that would be a sad state of affairs for the poor girl. But partying a bit- sure why not…

      I can think of a lot worse ‘healthy eating/living’ ambassadors. There was an infamous case here of a TV presenter who was promoting a weight loss tablet or diet or something and attributed her fairly dramatic weight loss to it. It turned out in the end she had had her stomach stapled. Uproar! Shawn looks healthy, fit , glowing, insert positive adjective here. She may not be able to drop weight like her fellow contestants are doing- but she is so much shorter.

      Aly promotes some milk company via her twitter. Shawn promotes Nika via her twitter. I fail to see a difference, both are promoting what they are paid to do.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        But youโ€™re Irish Catherine. Everybody looks like a teetotaller compared to the Irish. You know what they say about the Irish, donโ€™t you? Where thereโ€™s four Irish people youโ€™ll always find a fifth. Just kidding Catherine. Iโ€™m half Irish.

        What I like about Shawn is she has a sweet, innocent quality about her. She seems like she likes to enjoy life and have a good time but is not mean in any way. Her partying isnโ€™t too much as far as Iโ€™m concern so long as she is not getting drunk or taking drugs. I have no reason to think she is doing either of those but of course donโ€™t really know. I have a feeling though that she might be the type that attracts loser guys.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Hey I’m half Irish too! ๐Ÿ™‚

        I always felt Shawn to be more “genuine” than the most. I loved to watch that girl compete. She always (well, for the most part) nailed it and it seemed like the more pressure, the better she got. She had that quality and I was seriously bummed when she announced she was retiring. I still am not too fond of the way she went about that, but I get that with big-named sponsors she can no longer really be her honest self (she’s literally partly owned).

        And so what if she drinks; she spent most of her life training in a gym and it paid off – that doesn’t happen for most. I say live life to its fullest just don’t do anything stupid.

      • mim Says:

        i still can’t believe you have to be 21 to drink in the US. it’s crazy. if she’s drinking responsibly (which to me is not drink driving, not getting into fights, getting so drunk you don’t know who or where you are and can’t take control of your personal safety or aren’t with people who will take care of you, or doing drugs), i say have fun shawn.

        despite all her training/fame/travels i think she stills seems quite innocent and naive about life but that’s okay, she’s still young.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It should be 25. Some of the idiot teens we have in this Country are too stupid to

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Overall I love the fact that Shawn is way more famous/recognizable than Nastia. Gold AA medal or not, Shawn’s net worth is more, and by the standards set by society that literally means she is more successful, despite Nastia’s continued fall-back on her AA gold medal.

      I’m not a fan of the whole DWTS thing but let’s face it – MILLIONS more people are watching that show over the Kellogg’s tour, and both are equally lame.

  41. Biyatch Says:

    So Chellsie Memmel is doing a live chat and someone asked her who she was sharing a bus with. Her answer was: I share a bus with Alicia Sacramone, Julie Zetlin, Rebecca Bross, Savannah Vinsant, Mary Sanders, John Macready, Kelly Cabrera, Nekai Johnson

    What the hell is Macready doing on that bus? Such a creeper.

  42. GymMom Says:

    Someone else “partying” with Shawn at Veisha, which I found out is a big celebration at Iowa State.

  43. GymMom Says:

  44. sanitynmotion Says:

    Kind of agree with that one poster saying how Michelle Kwan retired, got a degree, and bettered herself. Here Shawn is still chasing after Hollywood with junk reality TV shows.

    Thanks for the post.

    I don’t care if Shawn parties though. I would be curious to hear what she’s like “behind the cameras” – kind of like when Kazic shared that Marion Jones story, does anyone have an SJ story?

  45. GymMom Says:

    I don’t care if Shawn parties, although she’s not yet “legal” at age 20. I posted the links because I had stated previously that her weight gain might be from drinking alcohol? Someone said she wasn’t a known partier? Everyone I know thinks those fuel bracelets are ridiculous! I’m sure Nike would prefer that people purchased their products, as opposed to slamming them? Shawn’s showing her sneakers when all the other contestants feet are chewed up from the high heeled dance shoes makes her look like a cheater, in my opinion. My daughters are close in age to Shawn and neither are fans of hers…for various reasons, not related to competitive gymnastics. Do you think viewers of DWTS are going to go out buy Nike products because of Shawn? I can’t imagine the other DWTS contestants are enamored of Shawn at this point? She’s just so annoying.

    • Catherine Says:

      Ah I thought she had turned 21.I looked it up and she has 3 months to go alright. Nevertheless, if she IS drinking occasionally it’s still not a big deal, most her age and younger would be doing the same.

      I personally don’t care what Shawn eats/drinks/promotes. I don’t care about DWTS, except to note that she seems to be a better dancer this time around. She looks healthy, fit, not overweight..and most importantly, happy. She is still very young and can always use the money she is earning now to go to college if that’s what she wants to do. She is a bit everywhere and she has made stupid comments, but she seems like an extremely nice person and always has done. You are perfectly entitled to rant about Gabby and Shawn all you want of course, but I and others are entitled to wish you would discuss something else or discuss something more positive more often.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I probably shouldn’t be saying this since my son is 16, but it seems pretty crazy that you have to 21 in most states to legally drink when 18 is the “legal” age for almost everything else – signing binding contacts etc. The idea that Shawn, who has ben doing all these “adult” things for what seems like years now, cannot legally drink just seems odd.

      • mim Says:

        alcohol isn’t the devil. if you know your limits and know how to control yourself, it’s fine. if in moderation, it’s fine. it’s when you don’t or you use it for self-medication when it causes problems. otherwise it’s enjoyable.

        terrigymfan i agree about the drinking thing. it’s 18 here, so buy the time you’re 21 most people are over clubbing/drinking every weekend.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Sidenote, I love the Nike Fuel band ๐Ÿ™‚ If I haven’t reached my goal in a day, I always go for a run, no matter how tired I am when I get home from work.

  46. GymMom Says:

    Catherine I will try to post more positive content. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You do not have to be more positive if you do not chose to be. My blog is full of the unpopular opinion and that is the way I like it.

      So don’t be positive if you don’t want to be. I like hearing your side of things and one of these days the Gabby bashing will be back at this blog because I will start reading about her again. The only reason I don’t read about her is because I rant when I do and frankly she is not worth my time. One day she will be however:)

      Same with the Shawn stuff. I like Shawn, always have actually and I don’t agree with anything you have said about her but I respect your right to have that opinion.

  47. GymMom Says:

    I said I would “try” to be more positive? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ And on that note, apparently there were 10’s of people at the Urbandale Iowa Hy-Vee who came to get Gabby’s autograph on their cereal boxes? LOL!

  48. GymMom Says:

    Ha ha ha “Gabby positivity”…..oxymoron!

  49. Lissa Says:

    Pavlova’s 2008 was the best FX of the games without question. I love that you posted Hollie Vise and Bridget Sloan as well. As for Chellsie Memmel…ugh. That routine, despite the insane tumbling and landings just epitomizes everything that is ugly, empty, high scoring gymnastics. (Sorry, but this is the only place I can honestly say that. I get crucificied at the IG forum for saying similar). Jiang’s routine is an example of great expression and poor flow. So chopppy in choreography.

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