I miss you Sarah and I want to answer your Question

I still read Sarah’s blog (Girlfrommalibu.wordpress.com) and I secretly post every once in a while and I wanted to answer this question she asked but I wanted to make sure she knew it was me so I decided to write this blog on my site.

Sarah, I love you and your blog and I understand your humor but I am hesitant to link to your blog at all anymore because it rarely has anything to do with gymnastics. When you posed this question at your blog I had to answer it at mine.

Which direction would you prefer me to take?

A. Gymnastics stories ONLY and nothing personal, unless it’s lightly woven in to the gymnastics stories.

B. Mostly gymnastics stories, but the occasional personal story is fine.

C. I’m happy with about half and half.

D. I’d rather mostly read about you and your insane life, but I do like gymnastics, so do some of those stories once in awhile.

E. Forget about gymnastics – just tell me about what’s happening in your personal life.

F. It doesn’t matter what I think. I want you to write about whatever you want to write about.

G. Please send me information on buying a Sybian, because that’s the only useful thing you’ve ever talked about here.

My Answer lies somewhere between B and F. It is your blog and you should be able to write about what you want but my favorite blogs of yours were always about the gymnasts and it did not include half naked pictures. I miss the days of your Nastia bashing and your blogs about the sport.

So Sarah if you are reading this blog I have a suggestion, Start a blog about gymnastics to do with your blog about your life and the sport. Your awesome, funny writing about the sport deserves to be seen and I am afraid you are chasing some people away with the sex stuff. Not me of course:)


27 Responses to “I miss you Sarah and I want to answer your Question”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    You know what’s funny I realized I “found” your blog through Sarah’s blog, because I remember reading a story she wrote on Shannon Miller and going WTF…is that true? (I”m naive, but I get it now). Anyways, I credit Sarah! for this great find and I’ll have to start reading her blog again because after awhile it was no longer available.

    Sex stuff? (Although that wouldn’t chase me away either…as long as it’s not about under-aged gymnasts…but I doubt she’d do that).

  2. Case Says:

    Well written response. I loved loved loved Sarah’s blog, but I’ll be honest, I rarely visit because I’m scared of the pictures that might pop up in the middle of an article. I’m no prude, but I am cautious. Lol.

  3. JAS4 Says:

    I actually found Sarah’s blog through this blog because people were talking about how she was gone from blogging for awhile. I haven’t checked it out lately but I’d like to start reading it again!

  4. mim Says:

    i’d seen other “serious” gym blogs tweet about this blog recently, saying it was offensive/porn etc. but from what you guys have said, it’s not too bad then?

    • mim Says:

      okay i peeked. they do not know who kyla ross or anastasia grishina are…. 😐

      it’s more a bi/lesbian-curious, anorexic drunken sex diary. i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s written by some 50 year old man, ha. i’ll stick to GTT for my more “ballsy” (for want of a better word) gym blogging.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        LOL Sarah’s blog is not where you want to go for no-holds-barred, serious gymnastics talk. Sarah’s is more like, “I’m being naughty by reading this, please don’t tell my mom.” The funny thing about Sarah though is that sometimes you think she couldn’t really know anything about gymnastics, and then suddenly she will have a post or thread revealing some remarkable insight and knowledge about gymnastics. She used to have a lot of those but it has been less and less lately.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Someone joked a few months ago that Sarah is really a 40 year old man and I think it fits.lol

        She used to post about gymnastics and it was hilarious. I reposted a lot of her blogs. She means everything she says to be funny even the racist stuff and if people grasped her humor they would know she doesn’t literally mean it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It’s become that bad.lol but she isn’t being serious with half the stuff she says but it is not a place for people with no sense of humor.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I don’t think Sarah has a mean bone in her body. You have to read her blog with the complete understanding that it is meant to entertain and not be taken seriously. If you can free yourself of all the conventional mindsets of what is “offensive” and “non-offensive” you are in for some serious laughs reading her blog. My own thought is she does live in Malibu and is a woman in her early 20’s but a lot of the “friends” and other characters she has created, as well as the various life events she relates, are not real or at best are only loosely based on people she knows and things that have happened to her. It doesn’t really matter though because she is entertaining.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        My favorite (from back when I was reading it) was all the articles about “ASuk” and her knockers. lol.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        LOL Big “knockers” on gymnasts seems to be a recurrent theme with Sarah.

  5. exgymgurl Says:

    Sarah is not a 50 yr old man, and while I am not her, I have had email exchanges with her and I am convinced she is not a 50 yr old man. She used to have 2 blogs one about breaking her collarbone and one called elitegymnasticsstars. I wish she would go back to two blogs. She has a lot to contribute. I wish you would write more about the wiggles or the Fresh Beat Band, which is a younger americanized Nickelodeon version of the Wiggles. Just my 2 cents.


  6. Guest Says:

    Shawn and Derek on Ellen. But The “bittersweet” comment somebody wishing didn’t happen.

  7. terrigymfan Says:

    I used to wonder if Sarah was really who she says she is – a girl in her early twenties living in Malibu with no apparent source of income other than her parents – but now believe there is at least a good chance she really is who she says she is. She definitely is a talented writer and has a great imagination. I personally enjoy her blog as crazy as it is although lately she has been posting a lot of “porn” pictures. They are not illegal or anything (no underaged kids) but I wish she wouldn’t do it since they don’t add anything and I am sure it drives a lot of people away. I can see why GTT doesn’t want to link to Sarah’s blog because it would be shocking to quite a few people I am sure.

    I also hope Sarah is greatly exaggerating about her lifestyle. She says she is always drunk and eats almost nothing. If that is really true she has a serious substance abuse problem and an eating disorder and is headed for some real trouble. She seems like a good person to me and I hope for the best for her.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      If she writes that well while drunk…that’s pretty talented. I’d imagine it’d be hard to type? haha. What do I know though. I was a bit taken by some of those photos (what’s the point of those?) – guess that’s her way of expression? But it didn’t make sense to me either. They seemed to not even fit in with what she was talking about – with the exception of one expression she used.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t believe Sarah’s friends are real for a second. I think she is just being Sarah.

    • mim Says:

      i haven’t seen her older stuff i just had a quick peek so my opinion might not hold true to others who have followed her for awhile… but the sex stuff doesn’t put me off, more the pro-ana stuff. it’s just really sad to read about actually. doesn’t the poor girl know that much beer makes you gain weight/a pot belly anyway? her gym stuff sounds like would be an entertaining read but i couldn’t find much of it from recent posts.

      ah well, each to their own! 🙂

  8. Sarah! Says:

    I’m glad you answered my content question, but I’m not sure why you answered it on your site. I knew your initial comment on mine was from you – you put the name of your blog in your screen name. You said in the past that you’ve made comments on my site, and in your most recent post you added “secretly,” which is fine, although I always wished I had known which commenter was you.

    Thank you for missing me. I know I disappear a lot, but I always manage to return more screwed up than before, one way or the other. And thank you for linking my site in your post, even though I understand why you’re hesitant to do so – you probably care about the moral fitness of your readers and know that sending them over to me is like sending a cat into the wolverine den.

    One thing I’ve always liked about you is that you are a strong believer in freedom of speech. You make it plain on your site that you’ll write what you want and anybody who doesn’t like it can leave. I’m not as vocal as you are about that (I’m not from Mass.), but feel exactly the same way. I guess the difference is that I write about stuff nobody in their right mind would write about.

    As to your answer to my content question, you said “somewhere between B and F – I assume you mean one of the two, not those two and all the others in between. B was mostly gymnastics stories with a few personal ones, and F was it doesn’t matter, because it’s your site. I got a few other similar answers.

    I know you liked some of my Nastia-bashing, but I’m moving to the next generation and am now bashing The Flying Monkey, Aly the Jew and the rest, to the extent I can get motivated to do it. Thank you for thinking I am funny. I try very hard.

    Earlier today, actually, I was thinking about (not seriously considering, but thinking about) starting Live . . . From Malibu! up again and doing all my “personal” and life-opinion writing over there and keeping The Girl From Malibu only for gymnastics. I haven’t ruled it out, but there are a lot of implications in a move like that, and I would have to talk to my attorneys. Ha ha. (I won’t have to have attorneys until Moceanu finds my site.)

    I’m glad I haven’t chased you away.

    Are you going to take my sex survey???

    Oh, and a quick note to Mim, who commented on your post: You said “it’s more a bi/lesbian-curious, anorexic drunken sex diary” That’s the best description I think I’ve ever heard – but as GTT and others pointed out, it hasn’t always been like that, and hopefully it will veer back toward more gymnastics.

    If I ever write a book it will be called “Sarah!: The Bi/Lesbian-curious, Anorexic, Drunken Sex Diary of a 20-year Old Girl Who Has Yet To Do Anything Productive With Her Life.”


    • gymtruthteller Says:

      When I said B and F I didn’t mean b to F, Just B and F.

      The blog is your blog and I would never tell you what to write but I also love your writing and wish it was just gym stuff but I recognize that girl from mailbu is YOUR blog and you have the right to write what you like.

  9. GymMom Says:

    Sarah sounds like she needs a wake-up call to do something for someone else, as opposed to hyper-focusing on herself. It’s boring as hell in my opinion. Basically it’s a waste of a life.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      A waste of life to you is cathartic for someone else and if half of what Sarah says is true if it helps her to express it at her blog who are we to say no?

      It is pretty simple to me. If you don’t like something, DON’T READ IT:)

  10. GymMom Says:

    I don’t plan to read her blog.

  11. Sarah! Says:

    People talk more about me on your site than on my site.


    • Sarah's!Friends Says:

      For Sarah!’s friends, I think she might like a little extra support around now, as you’ll see if you’ll read her site (if you haven’t today).

  12. Sarah's!Friends Says:

    Just another friend, I guess.

    The trick with the modulations is to forget about the song and train scales and chord tones over the changes until you’re fluent and faster than the song requires, then go back to the song.

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