Gymnastics tour bloopers

The first time I see Gabby for more then ten seconds in forever and she does something obnoxious (about 39 seconds in) Sigh, This is why I avoid


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  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Haha finally Aly shows some personality…I didn’t really pay attention to Gabby.

  2. GymMom Says:

    It says the video is private?

  3. exgymgurl Says:

    I hope someone copied it, they set it private

  4. Catherine Says:

    Ooo it was by USAG? I’m intrigued now. Was there anything controversial said? Otherwise I can’t see why they’d remove it.

  5. GymMom Says:

    This link works.

  6. GymMom Says:

    Yeah, other gymnasts on the tour posted it but they’ve all been removed.

  7. GymMom Says:

    By the way, Shawn danced to 3rd place tonight on DWTS behind 2nd place Giles Marini & in first place tonight….Sabrina Bryan(not sure who she is?) I don’t know how, but it looks like Shawn & Kirstie are both gaining weight?

  8. Lis Says:

    Found it – but it might be gone soon!

  9. GymMom Says:

    I apologize in advance for posting this clip chock full of bs!

  10. Alex Says:

    Let’s not start with the body bashing…this isn’t IG. I think the new rule should be that you don’t get to make any negative comments about someone else’s physique unless you’re willing to post a pic of yourself in a leotard for all to critique. 😉 No, I’m kidding about that. However, I think with everything we say and write, we have the opportunity to make all of us better or worse. Let’s not bring it down.

    • Catherine Says:

      I would be inclined to agree with your main sentiment, but I don’t think it’s for you to say what goes and what doesn’t go on someone else’ blog.

    • GymMom Says:

      Shawn sets herself up for commentary on her body. She talks ad nauseum about the Nike Fuel bracelet, working out with a Hollywood trainer and she posts photos of the healthy foods she eats. Given all of the above, she should be thinner than she is? I am the same height as Shawn and I know it’s hard to maintain a healthy body size. When I was Shawn’s age, it was a lot easier. Being ALOT older, it’s even more difficult. By the way, Kirstie Alley is currently being sued because of false promises of significant weight loss related to a line of organic foods she developed. I’m tired of celebrities promoting products like Sensa etc as shortcuts to easy weight loss. Do Shawn or Kirstie think we can’t see?

      • Catherine Says:

        No she does not. She is quite clearly fit. She does not invite people to comment negatively on her weight. She came out and said last time around that the comments that were made severely upset her. I somehow doubt now that she is slightly older that it is now okay to criticise her. It’s never okay to criticise someone for their weight. She’s a stocky build and always has been, but she is fit and healthy.

      • GymMom Says:

        Putting on skimpy unattractive for her body outfits on national tv and too short dresses on red carpets is part of Shawn’s problem. Someone needs to tell her what she wears doesn’t look good on her.

        As far as the Nike Fuel bracelet, it doesn’t matter how hard she works out, if she’s eating the wrong things. My husband who never notices anyone’s weight, commented to me that it looks like Shawn has gained weight. When they are on DWTS, they eat craft services aka high fat fast food. I am the same height as Shawn and I can barely eat anything without gaining weight. And by the way, people have no problem bashing girls like Bristol Palin about her weight, jaw surgery & even the fact that she had a baby “out of wedlock”(I hate that term). Shawn has a tendency to wear clothes that accentuate her problem areas. Girls with heavy thighs shouldn’t wear short dresses and especially not with heavy looking platform shoes/sandals. She should wear more empire waist dresses, a tad bit longer dresses and less clunky shoes.

      • Catherine Says:

        No it doesn’t, and she should have more sense to dress for her bodytype.

        I don’t see how it matters so much if Shawn gains weight. She’s not training 6 hours a day anymore. I doubt she lives off lettuce but i would say she eats relatively balanced when she has the option to. If she didn’t, she’d be far bigger even with the calories dance practice would be burning.

        I know that people don’t have a problem with bashing celebrities for their weight. I do have a problem with it. I don’t do it. If someone loses a lot of weight and looks gaunt and unnatural for their frame, I think it’s sad and I hope they get back on track. If someone baloons in weight I would feel sad for them too because I doubt they would be happy with it and it speaks volumes about where their head is at. If someone like Shawn who no longer has to watch her weight obsessively gains some weight but is fit and healthy- I think it’s GREAT. She looks happy with herself and her body image. She will always have to watch herself but it would be great if she could continue to motivate herself to stick in and around her current weight.

        I just don’t see a big news story or reason to comment on ‘Former gymnast gains some weight, remains fit and healthy’.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I think by being a celebrity athlete, it does put yourself out there for criticism. Being a celebrity in general does. Let’s be honest, nobody is 100% liked or loved. Even Nastia. lol.

      That being said, anyone would have to admit that your body can’t be the same it was when you were training 6+ hours a day, 6 days a week. Shawn’s body eight months ago was much more “taught” and toned and all, but she’s living a more “normal” life now and no longer a professional athlete. She keeps fit, eats right, and does what she needs to do to promote a healthy lifestyle (probably very heavily influenced with the Nike contract) and I don’t personally hold her to that “gymnast” standard because I know it’s nearly impossible unless she was in comeback mode again. I think she looks great considering – no, she doesn’t have a tiny waist but that’s her natural build. I’m the same way actually. I only have a waist if I either starve myself or work out 6+ hours a day (which I used to do – the working out one, not the starving one…I like food, lol).

      Look at Shawn’s mom – that’s what Shawn’s destined to look like unless she keeps doing what she’s currently doing. Her genetics are rough for having a lean, fit body. She’s putting up a great fight. We all saw how she gained weight really fast after Beijing – she almost didn’t look like herself. That was her body trying to be what it was supposed to be. I think now she’s finally in a place where she has figured out what she needs to do to be at her “happy” weight. And to be honest, I think she looks great. No longer gymnast Shawn, but still very fit and healthy.

      • GymMom Says:

        All good points about Shawn. Personally I hope Shawn goes to college, for no other reason than to get some real life experience away from the spotlight. If she doesn’t, she will regret not doing it. She doesn’t have the classic elegance, speaking skills or grace of say Shannon Miller. I don’t foresee Shawn doing much commentating unless she trains with a voice coach. She has an inflated sense of her importance and that will ultimately not end well for her. I think it’s sad that her parents show people the mirror ball trophy more often than her Olympic medals. It’s a sad commentary overall. They are nice people but I think they need to remember they are still her parents who need to give her some good advice, starting with her appearance. I noticed last week and again last night that Shawn was shocked(chin drop) that she wasn’t given higher scores, as if she were entitled to them because after all, she’s “Shawn Johnson!” Honestly, this season of DWTS is terrible. Other than Shawn’s dance, I have been watching The Voice on NBC. The D-Listers on the show are awful. Shawn can’t believe she’s not the front-runner?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah I’ve said it on another post that Shawn’s heading towards an identity crisis after this DWTS show is over. She spent her childhood training, then was shoved into the big/circus spotlight during the 2 years or so of her senior gymnastics career, then headed straight to the Hollywood/celebrity scene after the Olympics and did not stop since.

        I still really think a big part of her gymnastics comeback was motivated by her losing sight of the fame train as it was starting to leave without her (the “excitement” of her being an Olympic champ was starting to wane and the general public and sponsors were looking elsewhere). It was like she didn’t know what to do with herself; she wasn’t ready to accept the normal lifestyle and go to college, so she figured why not go back to what made her famous in the first place. Then I really think as the 2012 Olympics were coming up, the train was starting to head back in her direction and she chose to jump right back on it rather than continue with the comeback. Her agent was starting to find more opportunities for her that would take her away from training, and so she did that and cited her knee for the main reason for retiring. Now she’s back enjoying that time on the train, but with the general public’s attention on the Fierce Five that train is bound to leave without her sooner rather than later and likely won’t return to pick her up this time around.

        She has nothing really to “bring her back” – done with gymnastics and for sure DWTS will not have another All Star cast (that show really missed the opportunity of picking up some “new” Olympic stars over this current crop of D lister wash-outs). All gymnastics promotion will go to the Fierce Five (rightly so) and so she’s basically done. You notice how nobody gives a crap about Mary Lou/Carly/Nastia during non-Olympic years anymore, why would they give a crap about Shawn? Especially with the likes of the new crop? And with USAG making such a big deal of the past AA Olympic winners over general gold medalists, who knows if they’ll even sponsor Shawn making a return appearance in Rio. It’s not like they’ll do that for Shannon Miller (the best USA gymnast of all time) so why would they do it for Shawn?

        It said a lot to me when she was talking about going to college durig her comeback and then put that off for DWTS. I do hope she eventually goes – and you’re right, she does not have the maturity or charisma to be a good broadcaster/host. She’s trying to make a name brand for herself but I think she’ll fall short given her actual athletic career is over.

  11. sainabou nyang Says:

    Hilarious. I watched this and almost died. He has inspired to start gymnastics lol.

  12. sanitynmotion Says:

    Kind of off topic, but one of my pet peeves is when celebrities endorse weight loss products. Yeah Jessica Simpson, if Weight Watchers paid ME $4 million, I’d lose weight in a heartbeat. And I wouldn’t even have to use their products; the $4 million would be motivation in and of itself.

    • GymMom Says:

      I don’t think it’s off-topic. I feel the same way. Actually, what irritates me more are people like Oprah who have personal chefs, access to trainers, in-home gyms etc. who can’t lose weight! I mean come on!

      Look at the Moms who take care of homes & kids without help and who work at ok paying jobs. Imagine what a walk in the park it would be to have a nanny take care of the kids while they work out? People like Kirstie Alley, Jesssica Simpson and even Shawn have access to trainers, chefs and whatever else is necessary to lose weight and/or stay in shape. I turn the channel whenever Jennifer Hudson starts singing on a Weight Watchers ad.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        YES I don’t know why or how I could forget about Oprah. That sickens me too. Here you are having access to all the best trainers, chefs, etc. that money can buy and you have this whole “I just can’t do it” excuse. Look at Jennifer Aniston. She takes her yoga instructor WITH her on all of her elaborate vacations and is fed by a chef with every meal. No wonder SHE has an amazing body. Same with Madonna. It’s not that hard when you have all that money, people.

        I partly think Oprah does it (the whole “I can’t lose weight” thing) on purpose to appeal more to the general public, especially all those moms that make up the majority of the available viewing audience. How appealing is it to them that this woman who is richer than snot has the same problem they do? (Haha, what gets me too is that there are so many women out there who claim they can’t get rid of their baby weight even though the baby is 21 years old).

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I have the same pet peeve whenever I see a celebrity or athlete or anybody advertising something or claiming you should do something like they are doing when it would be so easy to do it if you had their time, money, and access to resources. I used to hate these USGA commercials during golf tournaments when so pro golfer chastises the audience for “slow play” on a golf course. The golfer always says something like, “So and so other pro golfer and I recently completed 18 holes in less than 3 hours, so how come you can’t do that too.” Well yes I could play 18 holes in 3 hours if I had a caddy, if I were playing on a beautiful golf course with no one in front of me, if I were a scratch golfer and not hitting the ball of the fairway, and if I were playing with only one other person (not 3 or 4 like normal) who was also a scratch golfer.
      Sanity, you seem like you work in a corporate setting, right? Have you ever been to a presentation by a “corporate athlete”? These are consultants companies hire to give pitches and “morale-building” session. They are usually are ex-athletes telling you how you should stay in shape and it is going to do all these great things for your work life and personal life. I saw one where is was this very attractive early thirty something blonde. She was in great shape and wore a clinging satiny dress to show off her perfect boobs (fake I suspect) and toned arms, legs, and six pack tummy. She was very obnoxious – bragging about all her athletic and other accomplishments – and made all of us feel guilty about not being in as good of shape as she was. Of course I’m thinking to myself, “I could look like you if my entire job was to work out all day and stay in shape (and if I got a boob job too LOL)!”

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yes it’s a huge pet peeve of mine. I don’t know much about golf but if I did, that would piss me off, too. 🙂

        I do work in a “somewhat’ corporate setting – I used to be 100% corporate but learned I hated it. Long story. I now work for a former boss that is awesome and allows me to work remotely (not always in an office) and it’s a bit more flexible. That being said though, I’m lucky “now” to be able to dedicate an hour of my day to working out. And I have no kids, so I have no clue how working moms do it. I’d really like to know to be honest.

        My job (like millions of others I’m sure) requires for me to sit in front of a computer for most of the day. Can’t imagine that burns many calories. Then you go home and either a) work out or b) take care of the kids, then have dinner, then hang out with fam/hubby and go to bed. Again, not real calorie burners there (unless you can work out), and if you have kids forget it.

        The types of “motivational speakers” you talk about irritate the crap out of me. That lady is no different than a Jessica Simpson of sorts being paid to lose weight. It’s her JOB to look really good so she can go out there and talk about it and pretend any “traditional” working mom (or working dad for that matter) can have their cake and eat it too. It’s “do-able” to look like me (fake boobs, tanning bed user, uses supplements daily and gets at least 2 hrs per day to work out to keep shape/muscular) and work your white collar jobs and go home to your kids! Yadda yada. I call BS.

        Out of anyone, I would actually really be interested in advice on how to stay fit/in shape from a “real” working mom who :

        A) has to work at least 8 hrs a day
        B) does not have a doctor/lawyer/rich-as-f*ck husband to wean off of
        C) does not have rich parents to wean off of
        D) does not have one of those jobs where you can get away with leaving for hours at a time to work out and nobody notices (i.e., a public sector or County job – no offense to any of those who have one, just consider me jealous)
        E) works a job where the requirements do not entail being physically fit
        F) has a husband who also has to work (at least 8 hrs a day)
        G) is not anorexic, or taking some weird form of medication for weight loss…

        All of my friends who have kids and look good/still have muscles (meaning – they have time to work out on an almost daily basis) fall under one of the reasons above. All of my friends that are like me (NOT falling under any of the above descriptions) and have kids basically have had to give up working out completely to have a family because there’s no time for both on a consistent basis. OR they get up at like 4 a.m., work out, do their daily routine, and are in bed by 8 p.m. but that routine fails after the sixth time in a row.

        And, unfortunately I’m a night owl and I don’t get off work until about 6 p.m., so it’d be a bit hard to fit in all of the “after work” stuff within 2 hrs – especially on days where I have to commute and I’m not home until 7. Anyways. Blah.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I agree with all of you about the celebrity weight loss promotion being annoying! I also have a similar build to Shawn and after having two little ones I have had a hard time getting rid of the weight but its not impossible it just doesn’t happen as fast as it does for celebrities lol I get excited over losing a pound or two lol

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Sanity I think I fit the criteria you just laid out almost exactly, only my husband happens to be an attorney but we are not rich! When you have three kids who all will be going to college in the not too distant future – the first in two years – you sock everything back you can even when you have two incomes. We do make enough to have a cleaning lady come over once a week. It would really be crazy if we didn’t do that. I think I keep myself in pretty decent shape under the circumstances. I mainly do it by going for a run or a swim at 5:15 in the morning. I usually get back by 6:45 am in time to get everybody ready for school. Sometimes I go to an early morning yoga class instead. I keep pretty slim by doing that although I am kind of lucky in that I always have had a fairly slim build. I admit though that it doesn’t give me the ultra sleek “hard body” look that so many of those fitness gurus suggest you are supposed to look like. The trade off for me is pretty much giving up watching TV at night. That is why when people talk on this blog about pop culture such as reality TV, the latest singers, etc. you don’t hear much from me because I am pretty ignorant of all that. Believe me I am no cultural snob. I am sure I will start watching all that stuff once again after all the kids are out of the house. Right now though I am dead tired by 9:00 pm after getting everybody fed, the kitchen cleaned up, etc. and am looking to go to sleep. I know it is sad but it’s the truth! The weekends are a little better but they are pretty hectic too. By hubby is pretty good about helping out – he is mainly the driver to all the activities – but you know how that goes.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        lol well Terri that’s great advice to be honest. You should write a blog, no joke, on how to stay fit and be a mom under “normal” circumstances. That would mean way more to people like me than those women that make the speeches to corporations.

        I bet that the college tuitions coming up are fearsome for sure. Even since I’ve been to college the tuition has gone up to the point where I’m having panic attacks and I haven’t even had a kid yet!

        I’m a night owl so I need to figure out how to be a “morning person”…I used to get up early for swim practice but I was pretty much half the age I am now and I could get by with 5 hours of sleep a night. I understand about giving up TV…I’m slowly but surely trying to get “rid” of the TV shows I watch. Reality shows are more easy to give up than dramas and the only drama I still watch is Grey’s Anatomy…so when that show eventually gets cancelled I should be OK. 🙂 lol. Although now I want to watch “Awkward” (from what was said on this blog about it) but I can’t let myself.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I tried working out at a gym late at night but I was just too exhausted mentally and physically to get a good workout. Plus I like running some and I don’t feel safe running in the dark. It’s dark in the morning too but my hubby goes with me then. He absolutely refuses to go at 9 or 10 at night. Re the college funds, it’s doable without too much pain but IMO you need start early with the 529 plans. Right after they are born is mot too early really.

  13. Kate Coursey Says:

    Haha. Aly’s actually kind of adorable in this, and for once she doesn’t sound monotone.

  14. Guest Says:

    There is an article from People talking about weight issue of Shawn.,,20635281,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

  15. GymMom Says:

    That link you posted from People didn’t work, but I found the article and here’s the link. So obviously Shawn thinks she needs to lose weight too?

    There are some other factors like hormones in meat or chicken she might be eating and/or hormone mimics in personal care products and in non-organic foods full of pesticides. When I started menopause I found out how much hormones affected my weight! Prior to that, I had no weight problems. I had to completely switch over to organic, vegetarian and recently…gluten-free in order to maintain my weight. Additionally, I had to get rid of ALL of my lotions, hair care, make-up & all my personal care products which contained parabens & other ingredients that mimic hormones. Those spray tans, make-up etc they use on DWTS are not “clean.” It’s weird because not everyone is affected by them. One of the worst offenders and possible caused of breast cancer are anti-perspirants containing parabens. The parabens have been found intact in breast tissue….having penetrated the skin. If you want to check your products..the Environmental Working Group website. You can also get lists of produce with the highest pesticide loads so you can buy organic. I gained 40 pounds when menopause started without having changed the way I have eaten my entire life. I was exercising like crazy but the weight just kept coming on. I researched & studied until I found answers to reverse the weight gain, which I did.,,20635281,00.html

    • GymMom Says:

      Ok now that’s weird…the link from People I posted doesn’t work either? Do a Google search for “Shawn Johnson weight issues People” to read the story.

    • Guest Says:

      Copy the whole link including the comma after the blue link would be work.
      Shawn didn’t say she considers she is “fat” now, but DWTS training didn’t help to lose her weight because she used to have the intense training in gymnastic room so she does workout with Nike trainer to keep in shape. Also, People just tried to create sensationalism on the theme.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Your preaching to the choir here GymMom about all the hormones and other terrible stuff they put in the things we eat. I am convinced it is why so many kids are going through puberty so early nowadays, although I am sure all the junk food and lack of exercise has a lot to do with it. We try to eat just organic food in my house but there is di much bad stuff around that it is pretty overwhelming, especially when you eat out. The thought that it is in deodorant and things like that is downright scary.

      • GymMom Says:

        Yes I use Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Lavender Spray Mist. It’s the only product that works with nothing toxic in it. I was using Tom’s Deodorant until my underarms turned dark….very scarey! I had a hard time giving up bread because I’m Italian, but I found some awesome gluten-free bread made by Udi’s which I buy at Trader Joes. It makes great sandwiches and toast. I am experimenting with gluten-free flour in my baking & Italian cooking….gnocchi etc. I am still working on tweaking some things. Personally I am very leery of spray tans. And DWTS couldn’t function without them. LOL!

      • GymMom Says:

        Oh, we rarely eat out because its hard to identify what and where the menu items come from. And by the way, none of the hot deli food at Whole Foods is organic. We all need to cook more and eat out less. It’s amazing how little time a good simple meal takes to prepare. I make my own spaghetti sauce, do all my own baking other than the bread I mentioned above & we’re better off for it.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Wow GymMom. We all need to come over to your place for dinner!

  16. GymMom Says:

    Jordyn reposted this on Twitter. LOL!

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