Wrapping up life like a TV movie

So like it was 10 O’clock at night and of course I started a movie on youtube. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could end our drama like a TV movie? Created a fake profile and pretend you are a guy to make fun of your BFF? I’ll forgive you in thirty five minutes. Lets all have lunch at school like the last 2 hours never happened?

The reason I am writing this is because I can be a total bitch. Sometimes I might take it to the extreme. No I have not learned a life lesson, I just realized watching this over the top, drama filled lifetime movie that sometimes I can be mean for the sake of being mean and sometimes I am mean to an under age kid who might read this and think I hate them.

In reality while I don’t like the way certain spoiled brats act my comments are directed at the way you are acting, not so much at you. So if you happen to be a 16 year old AA champion and you call yourself, America’s sweetheart 20 times in an interview just because I point out that your ego needs to change that doesn’t mean I don’t think you should not exist. You deserve to live just PLEASE, Don’t end up in my living room.

I am not going to stop being me but as my disclaimer said, I am what I am so read at your own risk.

TV Movie


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  1. Kate Coursey Says:

    You weren’t by any chance watching Cyberbully, were you?

  2. GymMom Says:

    I don’t think you need to qualify your blog posts. When certain 16 year olds act inappropriately, if the adults in their life don’t call them out on it, someone else needs to do it.

  3. mim Says:

    i think it is very easy for anyone hide behind a computer screen, criticise and not be held accountable for saying horrible things. but to be honest, i think for the most part a lot of the comments on this blog are tongue-in-cheek, said in jest and/or have some snarky validity.

    personally, i would hope that there are adults monitoring the internet use of the under-age/teenage gymnasts (i.e. not letting them read anything about them online to keep their sanity!) and advising on what is appropriate/inappropriate behaviour.

    (not sure what movie that is but i totally had a weirdo girl try doing that to me in high school for goodness knows what reason, i was always nice to her prior even though she was friendless and strange, so still scratching my head why she tried to be a fake boyfriend to me online. in retaliation, my friends and i pranked phone called her back for nearly a month before she caught on and then stopped. oh the maturity of 15 year olds! haha).

  4. sanitynmotion Says:

    I’m so glad that Facebook did not exist when I was in high school. SO GLAD. As it is if I ever have kids I won’t even know how to effectively deal with that…well, besides not giving them a cell phone (or just give them a phone that dials only five people and does not allow Internet access/FB/texting) and blocking every social media site on the home computer. Sigh.

    In any event, I’m a total advocate of free speech. I also remember being 16 pretty well. Not my best year but I know that at that age I was very conscious of treating others well and with respect. I was heavily involved in the sport of swimming, which like gymnastics is a “team” environment but involves competing against your teammates time and time again on an individual basis. I never would say anything about a teammate that even comes close as to what Gabby said after Jordyn didn’t make the AA. Never. I remember swimming butterfly against an older (senior) girl who I liked. I was a sophomore, and I won the race. She immediately burst into tears because her position on the medley relay was all of a sudden in jeopardy. I went over and hugged her, and never did I say a thing about beating her nor did I rub it in her face. In fact I suggested it was a fluke to try and make her feel better. It’s just something as a person I could never do (tell someone after experiencing a loss that “we all got to learn to deal with disappointment”). I mean – that’s a comment that a complete asshole would make, even as a 16-year-old. So I really don’t think what we say is harsh. What we say is real.

    • GymMom Says:

      Both of my daughters were bullied in high school…mostly by other girls who weren’t experiencing success. Also, I was shocked to find out how incredibly mean and vicious girls can be to each other. With my older daughter, MySpace was used for online attacks. With my younger daughter, it was Facebook. They both survived it, but there were points in time, I wasn’t sure I would survive it?

      I wasn’t bullied growing up, so this was new territory for me. I know I made mistakes, but I am proud of the way my daughters handled themselves. My older daughter graduated from college with high honors and she is a case manager for individuals with intellectual disabilities. My younger daughter is currently in a pre-law curriculum, plans to attend law school and eventually work with as a children’s legal advocate.

      I was appalled by Gabby’s remark directed at Jordyn.

      The news media is unable to say any even remotely critical of Gabby because she’s black. Her mother is being honored for her “wonderful parenting” when in fact Dena Walker at Excalibur and the Partons in Iowa raised Gabby. Natalie Hawkins doesn’t deserve parenting awards! She never taught Gabby how to act, obviously. Now that Gabby has earned some money, her mother is flitting all over the country with Gabby. She makes me ill. I don’t see anything wrong with correcting erroneous information put out there by Gabby and her mother.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        GymMom, I agree that it can be shocking how mean kids can be to each other. I have a 16-year-old son who was the victim of a bullying incident recently. He confronted the bully and has taken care of it. I am very proud of him for the way he handled it just like you are of the way your daughters handled the bullying they confronted. If we have taught my son anything, though, is that he should not going to take this one incident and play “victim” or use it as an excuse down the line for the failure to reach some goal or to throw people under the bus. I am confident he is not going to do that, and it sounds like your daughters have a healthy attitude about what happened to them too. That is what I have always had a problem with what Gabby has said. It doesn’t sound like anything more that what most kids go through at some point. Bringing this up down and calling it “bullying” is not appropriate and, I suspect, there is an ulterior motive behind it.

        BTW, I take it you daughters were pretty seriously in gymnastics, is that right?

    • mim Says:

      same here sanitynmotion. i was a teen in that great time of internet (msn) without facebook and mobile phones without cameras. of course kids and teens were mean to each other, but not on the same scale

  5. Exgymgurl Says:

    How or what created Gabby and why does she have so many RABID fans is a more interesting question…Why was she so grossly overscored? Why would anyone with half a brain want her ( and Im not being racist here because Im actually filtering what I want to say) Tactless, unrefined, rude, nasty, unredeeming self endorsing their products. Its not dislike either, these are just basic facts and Gabrielle or whatever her name is is just not likeable. Shawn is very likeable. Aly Jordyn McKayla Kyla… all likeable, Aly and Jordyn much moreso than I previously thought….Gabby its like get away… anyone that has to incessantly talk about everyone running up to her and telling her how great she is and relating how everyone is telling her shes their role model, ITS NOT TRUE. NO PARENT IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WANTS THIER CHILD TO BE RUDE AND NASTY. Even Nastia is more likeable, and Im choking as I say that.

    Its like my landlord. She says on her web page how everyone turns to her for wisdom advice and how much she helps other people. She is the last person I would go to because if she did give me advice it would be judgemental, stupid, useless and she would lord it over me and tell everyone about it.

    If you have to constantly tell people how inspiring you are and what a great role model you are… odds are you arent. Odds are you are more like the guy that tells everyone what a ladies man he is and how many girls hes been with when in reality hes getting zero….

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      LOL about the “ladies man” dude. It told me a lot when someone who doesn’t follow gymnastics at all (but who appreciates and likes sports) told me that at first they really liked Gabby (I’m sticking with Gabby since it’s easier to type) and thought her gymnastics was great, then said as the Olympics drew on and she was being interviewed more, she “turned me off”…if non-gymnastics fans can see it by just paying attention, then I think a lot of people see it and are aware. Nobody likes a braggart. The fan base that she has are blatantly ignoring her attitude, obviously – and I think that has a lot to do with her race. In their eyes, she can get away with that attitude because of her race and the fact she represents a minority and the whole “rags to riches” thing, where she came from a “struggling” background and was still able to make it in a sport that costs tens of thousands of dollars and is a “rich girl’s” sport. People like to ignore reality if it makes them feel better about themselves/gives them hope and positivism.

      I still don’t understand the whole overscoring thing though. It was blatant through 2012. I thought it would have been a “US” thing at first, but no – turned out to be an international thing with these judges. I just don’t understand, what is the point of the bias and what were they trying to achieve. Maybe they knew that if a black girl won it would give the sport a lot more recognition? But that doesn’t make sense because during the Olympics it’s the sport with some of the “most” recognition in general. It was like there was some sort of conspiracy: “if Gabby doesn’t have a major mistake (which she did anyways on floor in quals), let’s have her win.”

      Again call me old school but I wish it’d go back to the way it was in the ’90s. I remember Shannon stepping out of bounds and it was over for her in the AA competition in ’96. Nowadays you can still make podium with a FALL – or in Gabby’s case, make a mistake like LEAPING/RUNNING out of bounds and still make the top 3 in AA quals scores. Makes no sense.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Sanity I think most of the turning the other cheek towards her attitude comes my folks in the black community. There is nothing wrong with having confidence but when you always bragging and always referring to yourself in the “I’m this and I’m that” way its a turn, off to most of America. Say what you want about Rihanna but she had it right when Oprah asked her about her being a role model-“To be a role model means perfection. Everyone puts you in a pedestal. No one can achieve perfection. I never want my fans to think Im above them. I always want to be as close to the ground as possible.”

        Gabby needs to only look at SJ and see how its done.

        means you are ab. That everyone puts you on a pedestal.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Same experience here – one of my friends asked me about Gabby Douglas, and why she was so arrogant. I was surprised that she had picked up on it, not being a gym fan.

      • mim Says:

        to be fair though, the overscoring isn’t her fault.
        however, i think whoever is in the background have really tried to give gabby the boost of confidence (pre-olympics) that she needed to hit and not headcase mid-routine. she delivered, she hit but then it’s almost gone to over-confidence.

      • Kazic Says:

        Mim I agree. It’s not her fault. I think marta rigged the US meets because she saw potential. No idea how the scoring went the way it did at the Olympics.

        Ugh Saina please never complement Riri for anything lol. Gabby annoys ne because I want to root for her. She makes it so hard though lol. Why can’t she be like Dominique Dawes -_-

    • GymMom Says:

      Everyone should be able to boldly state facts about Gabby, without fear of being labeled a “racist.” I don’t think anyone has to carefully choose their words to describe the rude little classless BRAT! She will grow up to feel entitled which will ultimately destroy her. Shawn was well brought up and in spite of her annoying me, she has always been gracious.

      Shawn’s parents had to refinance their small home in order to pay for their expenses leading up to the 2008 Olympics. They are the most humble unassuming people you will ever meet. They’re not on Twitter, waiting with baited breath waiting to retweet their daughter’s tweets.

      Regarding Gabby’s getting tracks put in by celeb hair stylist Ted Gibson..pretty comes from inside. No amount of hair and makeup will change Gabby’s selfish, abhorrent behavior and how she appears.

      It’s why her endorsements will be few & far between. Shawn was almost immediately signed by Hy-Vee Grocery chain and she was given a brand new Range Rover to drive for 3 years. Gabby seems to be claiming Iowa as her hometown but good luck getting signed by Hy-Vee or any other Iowa businesses! Her mother has already slammed Iowa as not having any black hair salons, not to mention she didn’t finish paying the Iowa orthodontist who put Gabby’s braces on. Did anyone see the shameless attempts by members of Gabby’s family to try & get Nike to sign Gabby? Another nail in the endorsements “coffin” there. I mean the Kelloggs deal was automatic and all 5 of them got it. Beyond the tour, I don’t see any of them being asked to shill cereal.

      Credibility, likeability, and believability are traits that Gabby doesn’t possess. The news/sports media are following a “script” that involves elevating a “poor little put-upon black girl from a single parent home”….no matter what. Never mind that the above description is not even close to an accurate description of Gabby. I cannot wait for Gabby to fade off into oblivion!

      Shawn didn’t come from a wealthy family. Rita wrote in her blog how their friends generously donated unsolicited funds to defray costs for them to travel to San Jose and London. I don’t think the other 3 girls come from wealthy families either, but everyone wants us to feel sorry for poor Gabby? Well I don’t!!!

      • lol Says:

        I saw gtt`s side of things until I read your opinion. Spot on. Gabby deserveds what she gets.

      • Case Says:

        Gabby is Carly Patterson reincarnated. Carly’s most awesome endorsement was Tyson Chicken….and that is largely blamed on her poor post-Olympic interviews.

        The shame to me is that Gabby is actually pretty cute, bubbly and well spoken. She just needs to check her ego at the door before it bankrupts her faster than her mama will.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Case you are spot on. Gabby is a cute girl but god can’t stand the ego. We can say shes only 16, but look at how Jordyn handled herself with class and dignity after not making the AA and shes only 17! Most adults don’t even have that kind of class. I don’t think we’re being malicious and mean towards Gabby or any of the other youg gymnast but we are bein honest. If people think were mean, they should take a look at how Hollywood treats young people. Everyone is fair game regardless if how old you are.

      • catherine Says:

        I am pretty sure the maroneys are loaded. A lot of mckaylas photos show her house slightly and its like something off MTV cribs except nicer. Her dad is a lawyer and her baby sister is in gymnastics too. The raismans look like they are too, judging by the house on her documentary.

      • sanitynmotioncor11ney Says:

        What did Carly do in her post-Olympic interviews? I figured her problem was mostly due to lack of a personality so she was easily forgotten. I never thought she was a “brat” or anything – just blah. Nastia kind of has the same problem, but her looks have helped her some.

        You almost need the “right” sort of personality to appeal to the public audiences and maintain the public’s interest. People like you more when they can feel a sort of “commonality” with you. That’s why humble/thankful/down-to-Earth celebrities tend to be more appealing than those that think their crap don’t stink. It comes out in interviews and interactions with others. That being said, the media might be trying to get Gabby to be “America’s Sweetheart” but her interactions and sayings are a turn-off, big time. No sponsor wants that sort of personality affiliated with their product. Plus, Gabby’s interview responses have been so inconsistent and people quick to point out full of lies. She’s just so idiotic to think that negative press would be a good thing for her. As an athlete, positive press is the only thing that will continue bringing sponsors to the table so she shot her own self in the foot.

        What Gabby almost “needs” to do at this point – for the sake of her reputation – is go back to gymnastics, win another meet (worlds?) and then make a big point of how disappointed she is in herself for her attitude/accusations post the Olympics. She should pay her outstanding loans to Excalibur and issue a formal apology. Then pay off her ortho or whatever. Honestly the fact that she has a deadbeat mom who’s just traveling with her on her promotions while collecting disability is another thing not going her way (not a positive thing, especially in the midst of this class warfare we are now having)…also, she should never have gotten involved politically. She keeps shooting herself in the foot. I’m not impressed with her “handlers” for allowing this to happen, but I don’t care at this point.

      • sanitynmotioncor11ney Says:

        Maroney’s family is loaded. They live in really nice areas (first Laguna Niguel – where average home prices are near and above the millions, and now Long Beach – also expensive in certain areas, where I’m sure she lives). Kyla’s family is pretty well off too. Her mom works part time at a fancy mall but basically I think it’s because she’s bored.

        Raisman’s family is also loaded – ASac’s was too. Not as loaded as Maroney but close.

        The Weibers weren’t loaded but they were definitely upper middle class.

        Shawn Johnson’s family wasn’t loaded at all – but it paid off. That’s the “true” nice story of being able to make a gymnastics career “pay off.” They all sacrificed a lot and Shawn delivered in a big way. She’s also given back too – which is nice. Can’t see Gabby giving Chow thousands of dollars in an instance where their gym floods, can you? Hahahaha.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Spot on GymMom! It still pains me to think about Gabby winning the AA. I forget about it, but I get reminded now and then, and think “whyyy!?”. It shouldn’t bug me that much, but it does.

      • Dee Says:

        Gabby winning the AA ruined the Olympics for me. I hate that the biggest brat of all won, and does not even seen to appreciate it or realize how special it is. To her family it was just one big paycheck. I guess that’s why it bothers me so much?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        It bothers me too actually. I’m really starting to hate her mother. She’s primarily the reason I believe Gabby acts like an idiotic bratface.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree. I started a blog called worst Olympics ever just because she won the AA or should I say won the title. I still am not convinced she deserved to beat Komova

    • Gymnerd Says:

      ” Why would anyone with half a brain want her ( and Im not being racist here because Im actually filtering what I want to say) Tactless, unrefined, rude, nasty, unredeeming self endorsing their products. Its not dislike either, these are just basic facts and Gabrielle or whatever her name is is just not likeable.”

      Exgymgurl – you forgot “conceited.” 😀 GREAT post.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      LOL Exgymgurl at your comment that you are not inspiring if you are the one telling everybody how inspiring you are. It reminds me of a talk I went to about good leadership skills. The guy who was speaking, who really was an inspirational leader, said, “If you are always going around telling everyone you are the leader, you are not the leader.”

  6. GymMom Says:

    Read these quotes from Gabby. I know potential endorsement opportunities started evaporating afterwards.

    “Olympic all-around champ is going to be attached to my name,” she said after her last event final on Tuesday. “Life is going to be crazy for me . . . A lot of people are going to notice me more. There’s going to be parades. It’s going to be insane. I’m ready for it.”

    “My life is going to change so much,” Douglas says. “I made the history books. I’m not going to go anywhere without anyone noticing me or wanting a picture or an autograph. … It’s definitely a good feeling.”

    For the record, there were NO PARADES! The delusions of grandeur are sickening. I don’t remember any other Olympic athlete EVER tooting their own horn in this manner.

    RIGHT NOW is the pinnacle of Gabby’s career. With each passing day, her popularity diminishes.

    In the last 4 years, I don’t remember Shawn once tweeting a photo of her boarding a private plane & I know she was on plenty of them. And Shawn was the same age as Gabby when she competed in Beijing. Classless is a good word to describe Gabby & her entire family.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Gabby won’t last long and it will have nothing to do with race in my opinion. Frankly outside of the gymnastics community no one could care less who wins the AA whether you are white, black, asian, etc…. The whole fierce five hype has died down. All people care about now is football.
      Also people hate athletes who arent humble and down to earth. Hopefully as Gabby gets older she’ll be more grounded and stop with the “Im Americas sweetheart” or “I changed history”. Because A) America has already forgotten about her and her teammates as I knew they would because they have short attention spans.

    • Biyatch Says:

      Aly got a parade. 🙂 And I think Jordyn grand marshaled a parade that was already planned in her town.

      Gabby apparently signed a deal today with Nintendo and I’m wondering if she got an AT&T deal because her “homecoming” in Virginia Beach is being held at an AT&T store.

      The Visa sponsorships are a big one that should be up for grabs with Alicia and Nastia officially retired. You wonder if GK will make a move to add any of the girls, I think they only sponsor Aly right now. Or the bigger names of Under Armour/Nike.

      • Case Says:

        Biyatch, Gabby’s AT&T sponsorship is similar to Jordyn’s current sponsorship. They are both promoting that “don’t text and drive” campaign.

      • lol Says:

        Nintrendo? I thought that died after atari? A flying squirrel game would be so lame. If that is what she is getting at this point that means there are no endorsements coming.

      • sanitynmotioncor11ney Says:

        What did her family do to try and get her sponsored by Nike? Funny how she is going after Shawn’s current sponsors, and Shawn’s retired. LOL.

    • Case Says:

      There were two parades that I’m aware of….except they were for Aly and Jordyn. 🙂 Kyla might have actually had one too.

      Gabby screwed herself out of a parade when she dogged Virginia Beach (well dogged Excalibur, but then VA Beach by association). Plus she hadn’t lived there for two years. Conversely, she hadn’t lived in Des Moines long enough for them to really “claim” her and throw a parade for her, especially when Shawn grew up there her whole life. Gabby was definitely delusional about everyone throwing her parades.

  7. Exgymgurl Says:

    I cant believe gabbys mom never paid the orthodontist… thats like worse than LiLo walking out of a jewelry store with jewelry thinking shes entitled….Thats the other thing Gabby thinks shes entitled to everything. I really think thats what will bring her down. After Sheryl Slade set up her makeover she said it was OKAY whe the appropriate response was to gush say how great the guy was and how if he couldnt silence her critics nothing would and how “grateful ” she was that they stepped up and how lucky she was when most girls that get picked on for their hair cant afford that. Instead she said something like it didnt really feel like me… well if thats the case then keep it to yourself and tell the stylist what is you next time … or maybe the me it didnt feel like was kinder, classier, and less entitled…

  8. Case Says:

    Just because I was curious I did a little research. As far as endorsements/deals go this is what I’m aware of thus far. If you have more feel free to add them.

    Ralph Lauren
    Poland Springs
    Tru Moo Milk

    P & G
    AT & T

    AT & T
    P & G
    AutoOwners Insurance

    Ralph Lauren

  9. GymMom Says:

    Oh wow…a couple dozen people at the A T & T store in Virginia Beach to see Gabby today? Not a great showing. You will gag listening to the interview with her. Further proof of her exaggerating AGAIN…she referred to her “brothers and sisters?” She has ONE brother! She is so FAKE!

    I also couldn’t believe the way she was dressed for a corporate appearance! Fake eyelashes with a red shiny athletic warm-up jacket over some tan capris??? Unreal!


    • sanitynmotion Says:

      She looks utterly ridiculous.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      By “brothers and sisters,” was she talking about people in general or about her actual brothers and sister?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Brothers and sisters is something black people call their friends. I love that you don’t know this.lol

    • Gymbee Says:

      “I’m planning to do the 2016 Olympics” – first time I heard a gymnast so boldly coming out and saying they plan to do an olympics. Mostly it’s “I am training to MAKE the team” or “it’s my dream” blabla.

      It surprises me how bad she is at doing interviews still.

      • catherine Says:

        Yep its really grating. There are soooo many talented girls coming up behind her and she just witnessed the 08 girls all fail to make the team. No harm in saying training with the hope of Rio in mind etc.

    • Case Says:

      LMAO. Hate to say it, but Jordyn had hundreds of people at her AT&T store signing an hour from where she lives. People started lining up at 7:00 am for her 1:00 pm appearance.

      Sounds like they had to pull homeless folks in for Gabby.

    • Gymnerd Says:

      “Douglas also said she hasn’t talked with former teammates or coaches from a local gym since she described past bullying and racism there during an August television interview with Oprah Winfrey.

      “No regrets,” she said of the interview. “I mean, everything has just been fine now, so I’m kinda a happy camper.””


      Dumbass. She could have done a lot of damage control even by saying her words were taken out of context, she was grateful to Excalibur for giving her her start, etc. Oh well…I’m kind of enjoying watching her shoot herself in the foot. And I hope the other girls are making her life MISERABLE on tour.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yeah, complete missed opportunity to try to smooth the situation. I say ‘missed’ but clearly she does not care. It will lower her reputation in VA, and lower her rep overall I think.

  10. GymMom Says:

    Read the 1 comment directed to Gabby on this link. Wow….


  11. GymMom Says:

    terri she said she missed walking on the Boardwalk with her “brothers and sisters” referring to her family.

  12. GymMom Says:

    Oh the A T & T is not a paid endorsement. Gabby & Jordyn did psa’s for their “Don’t text & drive” initiative. Gabby doesn’t even drive!

    I noticed that Gabby was wearing Nikes with a white swoosh…another lame attempt to get signed by Nike, no doubt?? I feel like that’s why she was dressed like that…in order to wear those Nikes?? She looked ridiculous wearing fake eyelashes in the middle of the day and at her young age! How many 16 yr olds wear fake eyelashes? My daughter who is 19 wore them ONCE to her senior prom, but not since. Again, not a good image for potential endorsement deals.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      GymMom, are you sure AT&T is not paying for Gabby and Jordyn to show up at those Do Not Text campaign stops? It’s a public service campaign but AT&T is doing it to create goodwill and having celebs as part of it helps out. I’m pretty sure those girls aren’t doing this for nothing.

  13. GymMom Says:

    Most recent comments on the Virginia Pilot story about Gabby’s A T & T appearance today.

    Submitted by BillDavis07 on Tue, 09/18/2012 at 5:25 pm.
    Yeah, they all showed up today:
    “Several dozen adults and children waited outside in the rain, including girls in leotards.”
    Better find some new drama girl because you’re fading quick.

    Submitted by Graduate2011 on Tue, 09/18/2012 at 5:09 pm.
    It’s ashame that she hasn’t even talked to the people at the gym. When she was training here, did her mom know about the “so-called” racism going on? If she did, I think she would have spoken to the gym personnel. Gabby is too young and niave(sp?) to know what is really going on. Your comments on Oprah, which I am sure were inticed by Oprah, has taken away from you a huge amount of people that enjoyed seeing what you accomplished at the Olympics. This whole thing puts Oprah on my “don’t watch” list.

    Submitted by CarlWVA on Tue, 09/18/2012 at 5:14 pm.
    And Va Beach should forget her. Her attack on her Va Beach gym was totally uncalled for; those people did nothing but support her and she stabbed them in the back.

    Submitted by Graduate2011 on Tue, 09/18/2012 at 5:30 pm.
    I also believe that no gym in the area would want anything to do with her.

    Submitted by jimmyf on Tue, 09/18/2012 at 5:41 pm.
    Glad to see a talented Olympic athlete in town, but I think Gabby played the race card at the way-wrong time in our history. The race card has been played and played and played again so much so that it has diminished the charge entirely. With all the laws, special rights protections, federal agencies and even a President who is half/black, many people are starting to see the charges of racism for what it has really become in recent years-a grab for attention or simply a crutch to blame others for not giving you your way, deserved or not.
    I can overlook the babble of a teenaged girl, but she needs to be VERY careful how she throws that accusation around else she might find herself being accused of being a racist herself one day.

    • Gymbee Says:

      What about:

      “Constant negative comments only confirm her experiences. You people are so mean. This girl is amazing! Don’t worry you have so many fans that love you!”

      What about, constant negative comments, from people not in any way connected to Excalibur, and stand nothing to gain, maybe have a point? I haven’t seen any negative comments about Kyla or Jordyn, for instance. Maybe because they give no reason to receive them?

      I am not saying people who are bullied deserve it because of who they are, but someone saying they think Gabby is arrogant is NOT bullying.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Please don’t get me wrong here because Gabby is 16 and old enough to be responsible for her own mouth, and I can fully understand why the folks in Virginia Beach and Excalibur are ticked about this because they have been backstabbed in my view, but I still think her comments about Excalibur were her more her mother talking than Gabby. I feel like you can kind of tell when someone (especially a kid) is saying something because someone else like a parentis putting her/him up to it rather than it really is coming from themselves, and that is what I have also felt about this Excalibur thing. Even when I watch this video clip here at the AT&T store I get that sense. I personally don’t think Gabby is a bad kid but she is being manipulated by people around her to no end.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Definitely. I think it’s a little bit of both. Manipulative mother. I’m not in a position to say anything about how she has been raised – but she certainly doesn’t come across as humble.

  14. GymMom Says:

    I doubt the girls got paid to do the psa’s for A T & T?

    • Case Says:

      They got paid to make the appearances for sure.

      They may not have been paid specifically for the PSAs, but Jo for sure is on some kind of paid endorsement deal. Her brother also tweeted something about all of them getting free iPhones from AT&T during the Olympics.

    • hurms22 Says:

      I thought Jordyn’s PSA was through auto owners?

      • Case Says:

        She’s done PSAs for both AutoOwners and AT&T. Apparently she is very concerned about texting and driving. Lol.

  15. GymMom Says:

    And stating TRUE FACTS is not bullying…in my opinion.

  16. GymMom Says:

    I feel that Gabby isn’t influenced by anyone. She has a mouth that doesn’t quit! She was the one who told her mother she was quitting gymnastics if she couldn’t go to Iowa? She runs things which is a sign of poor or non-existent parenting.

  17. GymMom Says:

    Kind of interesting, that Shawn is worth about $5 million dollars and the break-down of her sponsors. I know she made close to half a million dollars on DWTS.


  18. Exgymgurl Says:

    funnier still that on that site nastia shows up at 2.3 million


    and gabby douglas at 300K


  19. GymMom Says:

    Nice honor for Jordyn…emceeing an event where New Jersey’s Mayor Corey Booker is speaking for an organization that provides things to kids and teens in poverty.


  20. mim Says:

    the thing is gabby is 16. she still has time to grow up, become more humble and kind of reign in the ego a bit. she probably has no one around her (other than chow) telling her what’s appropriate, what’s not appropriate. honestly, she’s probably an insecure girl overcompensating and “faking” confidence. the optimist in me thinks there’s a nice girl inside her somewhere and hopefully she’ll just mature and realise her demeanour isn’t the most endearing.

    • Gymnerd Says:

      You’re a much nicer person than I am. And she did spend a couple of years with the Partons(?) – they struck me as good people who tried to raise her right.

    • Case Says:

      Why isn’t Sheryl Shade trying to manage it? She’s repped tons of athletes, including many gymnasts.

      • GymMom Says:

        Sheryl Shade has her own problems trying to hang on after the NY Court ruled against her & her husband in a lawsuit brought by her former nanny.

  21. GymMom Says:

    I remember reading something Gabby said during the Olympics after she won AA, regarding how excited she was to “go shopping.” She went on to say she mostly wore warm-ups etc that were given to her. She also said something about feeling good that she could “take her family shopping.” Her 2 sisters are grown and they should be paying their own way! Her mother is like Lindsay Lohan’s mother, holding her hand out for her child’s money. That’s by is undoubtedly paying her mother’s way to travel all over the place, which is disgusting.

    Excalibur should be paid back by Gabby since her mother will never pay them. After all, they helped get her the medals she won in London. In this life, those who helped us need to be acknowledged and reimbursed as is necessary to avoid carrying around bad karma. I believe Gabby’s mother made an agreement with Excalibur to repay the coaching & travel costs incurred by Gabby, if she made it to the Olympics, which she did. To not honor that agreement is going to bring bad karma to the family going forward.

    • Gymnerd Says:

      I’d bet you dollars to donuts that Excalibur would forgive the debt, if Gabby would just acknowledge that they got her to the elite level and give them some credit. Too late now, though.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I think the agreement was that when Gabby made the national team, the gym would get paid back via the monthly stipend that the national team pays out to its athletes. When she went to Chow’s I’m not sure if she was a national team member or not, but I’m sure all the debt owed was not nearly paid back. Of course Gabby’s mom didn’t care. She treats that gym as if it’s just another creditor in her catalog. Did her mom declare BK? I bet she’s the type that went running around spending her way knowing she could just declare BK and have it all taken care of. What a pathetic excuse for a human being (Gabby’s mom, not Gabby).

  22. Biyatch Says:

    New Aly article: http://www.lvrj.com/sports/u-s-captain-takes-show-on-road-170302146.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Seems like she stayed with the tour in Vegas on off days this week rather than flying back to the east coast. Must be night to finally stay in one time zone for more than 4 days at a time.

    I wonder how many more stops on the tour Kyla’s going to do. Does anyone know how the travel expenses for the tour (especially when she’s meeting up places away from the immediate area of her home) and NCAA eligibility works. I’m sure they have people who look into it to make sure she retains eligibility I am just curious as to whats allowed and what isn’t as I know in other sports some of the things that these girls have gotten to do would be major problems to get through NCAA clearinghouse.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Hollie vise toured and retained eligibility as did shayla worley. I think its similar to going to camp / getting training allowance from USA Gymnastics. They pay flights etc. Plus Kyla got a payout for a gold medal. Wonder how that works

      • Biyatch Says:

        There is an exception written into NCAA rules that Olympic athletes are allowed to accept the cash from the USOC. Additionally, if their respective federation gives out a medal payout they can accept that, USA SWimming gives out a significant payout. However, they aren’t allowed to except extra performance based cashed incentives from their federations. The example of this was that Missy Franklin would have been eligible for a bonus because she broke a WR but could not take it if she wanted to keep ncaa eligibility.

        Im more curious about other perks, the earrings the Mass. jeweler made for all the girls, the P&G packages, etc. If a football/basketball player accepted these they would be considered impermissible benefits. I would assume there is some sort of loophole for all the olympic swag.

      • GymMom Says:

        I’m sure that acceptance of jewelry and other gifts would disqualify an athlete per the NCAA rules.

  23. GymMom Says:

    Here is an article praising both of Gabby’s parents for having BOTH supported her road to London, including quotes from all of them. Then shortly after, Timothy Douglas was thrown under the bus by BOTH Gabby & her mother.


  24. GymMom Says:

    Portions of an article in the Des Moines Register right after the Olympic Trials in San Jose. Gabby actually credited her father with helping her focus and eventually do well at Trials:

    “While he couldn’t make it to the London Games, Timothy Douglas did fly into San Jose, Calif., to watch his daughter earn her spot on the U.S. team earlier in the summer.

    At the time, Gabby recalled hearing her name coming down from the crowd at the trials. She looked up to see her father waving a U.S. flag with her name written across the stripes.

    “There’s a feeling that you can’t describe,” the elder Douglas told the Des Moines Register after the reunion. “I just missed her so much.”

    Douglas said he provided advice from afar, encouraging his daughter to never give up on her dreams of a gold medal. The pair kept in touch via Skype.

    Gabby Douglas credited the surprise visit for giving her a huge boost in the qualifying competition.

    “I was like, ‘OK, you’ve got to get it together,’” she recalled. “Seeing him made my night, actually.”

    • Gymbee Says:

      I definitely read an article saying that her father AND his family members did go to London, but had to see the Olympics on TV because they didn’t have tickets or something. My god, everything with her has so much complication and drama.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Maybe not the best source, but here: http://hollywoodlife.com/2012/08/09/gabby-douglas-father-child-neglect-charges-dad-olympics-2012/

        Although Timothy Douglas was in London for the Olympics, he claims he was not in the stands to watch his daughter, Gabby Douglas, win Olympic gold because she refused to give him tickets to the competition.

        (I thought all the athletes got 2 tickets each? That’s how it was with the T&F athletes anyway.)

      • GymMom Says:

        Gabby’s mother was so worried that Gabby’s Dad was going to “ruin things” aka “tell the truth” that he in fact is not a deadbeat Dad. That would mean the whole “poor little impoverished black girl from a single-parent home” storyline would be exposed as fake.

  25. GymMom Says:

    Link to story about Sheryl Shade’s Nanny/Racism problem.


  26. Dee Says:

    ugh GTT now I”m watching that stupid movie LOL

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