Same old stuff but new

Kyla threw out the first pitch at a Padres game. Here is the same video. One from you tube and one from MLB. You can chose which to watch. MLB has better quality video but youtube is easier and since my 3 month old computer does nothing but crash I chose youtube:)

Here is a cute video of the girls on tour. If the advertising for this show was done like this and the girls came across like they do in this video I think the tour would be selling a lot more tickets and in case you are wondering the, You’re welcome from Jordyn 14 seconds in is a replica catch phrase of how Sadie from the TV show Awkward.

Here is another video where they try and get us to spend 200 bucks to watch a tour on concrete. OMG, Where is Gabby&^^%$#:)

One more video of Kyla visiting a gym. Apparently Kyla is the only one willing to do these anymore.

Jordyn Interview It’s cute she is selling the ‘team is the most important” angle after the Olympics:)


30 Responses to “Same old stuff but new”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Hopefully Gabby was being useful and buying some real mats for the tour with her mega millions and that’s why she wasn’t in the video lol

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    Lol gabby is hanging with her new BFF michelle Obama

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Gabby probably wants extra $$ to do appearnces at gyms, to promote the tour, or to do anything really….. I think Sheryl Slade is having an issue differentiating her from the “team ” hype so shes staying away from the team promotion. Kyla will probably be done once the west coast shows are over, so she was probably assigned the orange county / san diego promotion….. Where are all pf gabbys endorsement deals? I thought they were FLOWING in for her and they were picking the best ones??? NEWS FLASH they all have Kellogs…. Jordyn also has a bunch…. And the preolympic ones….. I thought gabby had 90′ million dollars…. LOL

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It took awhile for Nastia to get her endorsements. I am sure some will come eventually but 90 million was always a gross exaggeration.

  3. nero Says:

    OMG WHERE IZ GABBY!!!!!111 They obvs hate her!

    Anyway, so Shawn is making a tour stop? The only thing worse than an ex-gymnast desperately trying to hang on to the small ounce of fame they have left by going on this tour (Nastia)

    Is an ex-gymnast who lied about getting ready to compete going on tour to pimp out the their fame whore machine that ISN’T gymnastics. I just hope Shawn’s knee doesn’t explode walking amongst the gymnastics equipment.

    I’m happy Jordyn is keeping her options open when it comes to training. I’m sure right after the Olympics she was completely burnt out and done. But after a few months off and having fun she might miss her daily routine and want to go back.

    I hope this quad is filled with a bunch of ‘old faces’ More Komova, Mustafina, Iordache, Ross, Raisman and Wieber showdowns would be fun.

    • Guest Says:

      I think Shawn will do some floor stuff only because she had said she wants to show her new floor routine which was choreographed by Mark Ballas before announcing retirement. And I wonder will Derek come with her.

      • GymMom Says:

        It doesn’t sound like Shawn & Derek will be doing much other than signing autographs & watching the show?

    • Guest Says:

      I have read some article. Derek will come.

    • Guest Says:

      Some rehearsal video of Shawn and Derek. They are looking good together.

      • nero Says:

        Ack. Derek is so, hmmmm I can’t think of the word. DWTS drinking game could be
        A. Every time Shawn mentions her knee
        B. Saying retiring was ‘bittersweet’
        C. Mentioning how the Fierce Five are her sisters and she went to London to cheer them on

        I think I’ll be dead by week 3

  4. Kel Says:

    I love that Jordyn seems more excited about training now. Maybe all she needed was some time off and fun. I thought it was interesting that she said she doesn’t plan to go to college right away…she definitely seemed like she was leaving the door to Rio open. Gabby seems like such an afterthought now…I rarely hear or see her name anymore. I definitely don’t think she will reach the endorsement deal status of Shawn.

    On another note…I feel bad for people who are spending so much money on these tickets. I have watched the you tube playbacks and the show definitely seems pretty lame. I think Kellogg’s could take some pointers from World Champions on Ice or Smucker’s Stars on Ice…the figure skaters have fun, but they also infuse their routines with a fair amount of difficulty. I don’t hesitate to spend money on those shows, but there is no way I am going to the Kellogg’s Tour (especially now that the Fierce Five maybe down to the Fierce Two…Aly and Jordyn…for most of the stops).

    • Biyatch Says:

      I like Jordyn a lot but I can’t see her making it to Rio or possibly even if she keeps training to WC in 2013. She’s going through/went through a growth spurt and I don’t know how much more her she can physically take. She was elite at such a young age its kinda amazing she was able to make it through the Olympic cycle.

      I would say the same for Aly although she seems to be getting smaller/ has proven to be physically unbreakable to matter what Marta has thrown at her. Im surprised, at least as stated publicly how little orthopedic work the girls returning from the olympics have needed. i feel like in 2008 everyone came home broken and in need of surgery.

      I can’t wait for the inevitable drama that will unfold with worlds next year with only 4 spots available. Sounds like def Kyla, Price and Finnigan are in through Worlds. Anna Li talks but most accept she has the alternate label stamped permanently. Add in Ross, plus the other ’12ers. then you have the newest peak to soon woga darrrrrling and preissman. some will probs be broken but thats a ton of girls for 4 spots. DRAMARAMMA

      • nero Says:

        I wonder if Jordyn focused more on leaning out her muscles instead of bulking them up would help? Ponor, Izbasa and Khorkina have shown they can do gymnastics post puberty and be relatively ‘tall’. Even Mustafina is just as tall, if not taller than Jo.

        There’s a pic of Jo lifting 45 pound weights with her LEGS. Maybe doing yoga or pilates could help lean them out. I think her selection of skills let her down more than her body. Get rid of the weilers on bars and have actual beam connections and I think she could do it!

      • JAS4 Says:

        She will just have to adjust and it may take some time but she will get used to having a different body type. She may not need an Amanar anymore since its been devalued unless she just wants to keep it but I’d like to see her have a beam routine with connections that she can hit and more difficulty. I think it would also be good if she got a new bar routine that flows a little better but still has enough difficulty. I loved her old floor routine but I think a new floor routine with higher difficulty would be good as well. And like I’ve said before I would love to see Jordyn learn a second vault. I think she has a lot of potential there she may not be a McKayla or ASac but I think with a second vault she could challenge for some vault medals.

      • nero Says:

        I don’t think they would risk injury by training a second vault. Plus I think I remember Geddert saying she doesn’t go forward well. Probably why she never did any front tucks/pikes on beam, or a double arabian on floor.

        How about she works on her endurance and on floor does a double double, double layout, 1/2 to triple and full-in. Just me? Wishful thinking? Never going to happen?

      • JAS4 Says:

        That would be an awesome floor routine!

      • mim Says:

        i really want kyla and sarah to rise up as the real stars of this next quad. i’d be shocked if kyla didn’t make the worlds team but im hoping finny doesn’t get overlooked.

        for whatever reason, i just don’t warm to lexie. she just looks like a cheerleader to me haha, even though she’s a solid and talented gymnast.

        but i agree- bring on worlds drama!

      • Catherine Says:

        I think Katelyn could trump Lexie to an AA spot because with a fixed vault- her bars and beam outweigh Lexie and she is fairly guaranteed a beam medal- her beam is 7.2 in the new code, 7.3 with rearranging of the same elements and 7.5 with her old full in dismount back. Kyla for the other AA-er, and another strong contender for beam and bars titles if she upgrades..a lot. McKayla if she is fit is good for vault and floor. Othwersie, I’ll sub Simone in for her. The last place goes to either Sarah or Maddie, very valuable floors. I’d give it to Sarah as her beam is better than Maddie’s. Lexie could quite easily oust Kyla if Kyla does not upgrade enough, especially as this team of 4 needs more vault and floor emphasis and neithe are Kyla’s real forte.

  5. Kel Says:

    Why are there only 4 spots for Worlds? Shouldn’t there be 5?

    • catherine Says:

      Its an individual one with no team comp, so that’s why. Will be very tough for USA to narrow down that much.

      • nero Says:

        When does Polina Shchennikova turn senior? Her beam mount is to die for, she better keep it. Plus girl is from Colorado, holla!!!

      • Catherine Says:

        2014. I compiled a list of gymnasts turning senior 2013-2016 here Yes I really like her style…she seems like a better Nastia! Hope she can keep her originality.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That is so sad that Hernandez doesn’t turn senior until 2016. Hopefully she doesn’t get screwed. I love her beam and like her overall.

      • nero Says:

        Awesome list, thanks! Interesting how most of USA’s ‘top prospects’ turn senior the year after the Olympics when most of the stars of Olympics past turned senior the year before the Olympics. Carly, Shawn and 4/5 of the Fierce Five had only been to one Worlds or no Worlds at all!

        I’m sure that means some unknown will pop up in 2015 or early 2016 and throw everyone’s predictions off.

      • Catherine Says:

        It’s frankly amazing at the insane rate Hernandez progressed..something like 7 levels in only a few years or something. She can hopefully assert herself more in a team situation than her this quad equivalent, Kyla. She’ll need to build her other events, because beam and floor remain not the best events to be exceptional on.

        Yes, almost all of USA’s best seniors are 2013, which means one or two are set for burn-out. Hundley 2014 Schennikova 2014 Key 2015 and Hernandez 2016 are the only exciting ones that aren’t. It also means USA have a big advantage for worlds next year because most other countries have their major talent emerging 2014-2015 so much greater depth for the USA to choose from again in the meantime. Romania in particular will very much so need all of their seniors..several of their juniors have actually retired. They do have quality 2014 and 2015 girls, but only a handful.

  6. Exgymgurl Says:

    you forgot skyler memmell chellsies sister 🙂

    • Case Says:

      What’s the latest on mini-Memmel? Haven’t heard much on her.

      • hurms22 Says:

        I follow her on Twitter apparently she also had shoulder surgery in May or June, can’t tell. The most recent competition footage I can find of her is from 2010 JO. Is she planning on going elite?

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