Kyla on the news

I lost count on the ums at 21 but Kyla is such a sweet kid she agree’s to go down the street and visit kids at the Y , on the

I can’t believe the gaul of the announcer to ask for this favor out of the blue. Ball-sey biatch:)


This video also says that Kyla will be throwing out the first pitch at a San Diego Padre’s game either tonight or tomorrow night.

Article about a gym visit. oh Kyla, Chris Brown =’s bad.

Here is the video from a gym visit. Little girls are so cute when they see their idols. If you only have time for one video watch this one. it’s the cutest.

More Kyla and some more all in San Diego.

Old Kyla video, some not in English.



15 Responses to “Kyla on the news”

  1. GymMom Says:

    Thanks for the link. Good to see Kyla get some press.

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    Shell get better and the ums will go away. She hadn’t done much press pre or post Olympics by herself so I think it’s a really really good start. She was very nervous but composed. She doesn’t have Alys monotone or Jordyns fake answers or Gabbys annoying self worship, or McKaylas confidence but she’s solid and very sweet and that comes through. She seems the least phased by all of this …BTW Gabby is probably only leaving the tour because they are having to cancel shows. Wouldn’t surprise me if half the shows have been cancelled. And Kyla is probably picking up Aly and McKayla’s press. it’s probably in the USA gymnastics national team contract they have to do a certain amount. I’m shocked Gabby is training at all, unless she really didn’t get 90M from Kellogs (which I doubt or shed be on the whole tour….). She’s probably cutting out to do other more lucrative appearances after she’s done what she Has to to get a paycheck……….that’s great training. All her mom sees are $$$$

  3. Case Says:

    I’ve trained and coached public speakers before and I swear I could help you in 2.5 seconds Kyla. Your “um” problem is so correctable and you have so much potential in the spotlight. Call me anytime for your free consult. Lol.

  4. Surfergirl Says:

    GTT, thanks for the link. The YMCA video really sealed the deal for me. Kyla is so genuine. I loved how she asked the 17 year old if she picked her college. Kyla really seemed interested. I’m sure she will get better as far the ums, etc. but she is so natural. I think that’s what makes her so endearing. Hey, so does McKayla have a broken leg or a torn ACL?

  5. GymMom Says:

    It sounds like some people in Virginia Beach don’t want Gabby to appear at AT &T to sign autographs to promote not texting and driving next week? Wow, the comments at the link below!

    • DL Says:

      I’m beginning to think all those endorsement offers are not going to materialize.

      • Gymnerd Says:

        Gee, that’s….too bad…..

      • GymMom Says:

        What products is Gabby going to endorse? She’s got a credibility problem to begin with. Then there’s her stage mother from hell.

        I see she has jumped onboard to support an X Factor contestant who claims she was “bullied”…..sobbing before she sang on the show. Some of this girl’s(X Factor contestant) classmates have come forward to cry bs on her “bullying.” So her and Gabby have a lot in common. I don’t watch X Factor, AGT or Idol because all the “drama” seems fake and contrived.

        I am sick to death of hearing sob stories about “bullying!” We ALL were “bullied” at one time or another.

        My daughter was bullied in middle & high school. She told me about it, I reported it and the school dealt with it. The reason I don’t believe Gabby was “bullied” is her mother would have made a huge scene at the gym, like she did when people criticized Gabby’s hair in London. Her mother went after the critics on Twitter and she gave multiple interviews about it. But the first thing Gabby did after the Olympics was to get new tracks put it, giving credence to her critics. Seems like her mother was bothered the most by Gabby’s hair in London.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Her mom took what was then an “opportunity” and pounced on it. Then they tried to sell that “bullying” aspect further. It just resulted in more backlash than anything to be honest, and so now Gabby’s representation is cast in a negative, not positive, light. Sponsors want to support someone who WINS and continues to be a positive influence. Gabby’s influence is now negative, and people are talking more about her trash talking her former gym than her win. That was their mistake; making it about being “bullied” over her win. Oprah really did her a disservice. I don’t care though. She’s 16 and should have been smarter about it.

        Shawn was definitely smart about it when she Gabby’s age, and I could tell even before that that she was outcast by her own damn Olympic teammates. I still remember her warming up for something (nationals I think) the year after she won worlds. All the other girls were grouped together in a corner stretching, and she was on another corner by herself. The announcer even said “it’s lonely at the top” indicating she was kind of a social outcast because at the time she was so much better than anyone else – and later we all figured Nastia was on some mission to get Shawn to feel bad for beating her. Well, Shawn never disclosed anything negative about her teammates and was only supportive when ASac let them all down. That’s the trick. Continue to be uplifting and promote positivism – the sponsors will be all over you.

        Now that Gabby is all about this though they want nothing to do with her.

        And as for that X Factor performance she was totally off key, even though her voice had a good quality to it. I honestly think she was more overcome with Demi and Britney sitting in front of her than her past bullying experiences. The show made a big deal about it for promotion. They do this all the time. Most of what you see on reality shows really is “scripted” in a sense but the audience buys it because they don’t know any better.

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