LMAO, I love you tube

Gymnastics tour anyone? Save your money watch it on you tube. For now at least.

PLEASE tell me I did not see them drop Nastia in the middle of the “Fierce five” in this one.lol Kyla is way in the back and not even part of the group number. How do you leave her out in favor of Nastia? This is disgusting. I don’t care how many tour stops she is doing.

You can find the rest of the videos by the same user.

I watched 3 parts and now have to get off the floor from laughing right off my chair. Have fun, bring a bag in case you throw up.:)

Mckayla is not impressed with the Washington Nationals rookie hazing. I am not impressed with their choke job either:)

This sight is hilarious. I must search for Tim and Elfi:)


171 Responses to “LMAO, I love you tube”

  1. Catherine Says:

    And it’s only the first show! I think I can brave watching one in its entiriety. But just..wow..

  2. Sofia Says:

    Oh dear!! I was afraid this would be cheesy, but this is REALLY cheesy! I wonder if Nastia gets top billing in the whole show, while the other girls play corps de ballet? They all look stiff and frightened, but hopefully, they will develop as performers as the tour continues…yikes! Anyone seen it live yet?

  3. Biyatch Says:

    Thought y’all would appreciate this as sometimes this blog goes off on baseball tangents. I’m a Nats fan and was simultaneously amused and disturbed by these pix.


  4. DL Says:

    I ask myself, do I really want to watch Nastia make sweet love to the beam?

  5. Kelly Says:

    hahahaha. look at this. all the four girls and then gabby taking pics by herself.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Typical Gabby

    • GymMom Says:

      Oh wow….Gabby stepped away from the group…unreal!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I think someone posted this on the blog already…or maybe I’m losing my mind. But yeah I love how she goes off and tries to make it be like “Oh, see they want my picture WITHOUT you four in it.” Uh huh. Like when she headed off right after they realized they won team Finals and she was trying to be center of attention. Then she realized the other four were getting all the attention and she was like “oh…wait…better go back and be with them.”

      Then in her book she’ll say how she was excluded from the other girls and had to room by herself and cried every night. Gag. Me.

  6. Aerial Says:

    I won’t watch the previews so I won’t spoil my cool night out in the States (haha) but I’m starting to think my dear mother is really gonna like it!

  7. Exgymgurl Says:

    It reminds me of beauty school dropout in grease but not in a good fun campy retro kinda way

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      it also reminds me of the movie watcher in the woods when they are chanting for narek / Karen?.. Maybe we should write our own tour..

  8. sainabou nyang Says:

    Was this a seance? I love it we have two more months of this!

  9. Case Says:

    Oh my word…this looks like a hot mess. But…it’s such a hot mess I might actually go see it now.

    Nastia falling like an angel from the sky??? Total train wreck.

  10. JAS4 Says:

    Wow it’s like a pg strip club kind of thing lol

  11. DL Says:

    So when Kyla’s not on the tour who is going to sit in that fifth ring?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Probably Nastia.lol

      • Case Says:

        I’d bet my life on it being Nastia. She’s inserting herself into as many Fierce Five photos as possible. She’s probably counting the minutes until Kyla leaves.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah – Nastia will insert herself into the place where she thinks she “should” have been. I’m so relieved she face planted her last bar routine. If she got away with getting on that team and being part of the team gold medal hoopla I seriously would have considered giving up being a fan of this sport. No joke.

      • Gymnerd Says:

        It might be fun to watch Gabby & Nastia battle it out for “queen bitch” status. Maybe they’ll do us a giant favor and push each other out of the rings.

    • DL Says:

      Haha, I was thinking Nastia would get in there and try to rewrite history.

  12. Dee Says:

    That tour sneak peek was horrific. How do they not bust out laughing in the middle of Nastia falling from the sky? There is no way I could keep a straight face and stand on a beam during all that mess.

  13. mim Says:

    im loving how trashy and cheesy this tour is. i can’t even believe it’s for real. if nothing else, at least it’s entertaining!

  14. Biyatch Says:

    Twitter going crazy with rumors that McKayla broke her leg and Aly broke her arm on tour.

    • Biyatch Says:

      “Both McKayla and Aly fell off bars in the first few minutes. McKayla had to be carried out by two medics and neither reappeared during the rest of the show. Aly fell from the higher bar and landed hands and chest first but I could hear her legs smack against the concrete floor not covered by the mat. She walked away from it but after a few moments looked like she walked herself off to the medics. At the end when they introduced the performers they introduced “The Fierce Three.” Only Jo, gabby and Kyla.

      • Gymnerd Says:

        Biyatch, I’ve been all over the gym boards trying to confirm/disprove the rumor – where did you see it on Twitter? I’m HOPING it’s a joke (Aly & McKayla on bars? Really??) This would just suck, if true.

      • Biyatch Says:


      • tulip Says:

        So they have entire elite careers free of these type of injuries and this stupid half assed tour/money grab breaks two of them!

        I sincerely hope that the parents of these minors, all but Aly are under 18, pull the girls until safety can be guaranteed. If Kyla kept her NCAA eligibility and gets badly injured here, or something awful like that, there will be hell to pay. USAG is always preaching safety and this is a highly visible screw up from that perspective.

      • tulip Says:

        Nastia will use this to her advantage, no doubt. She’ll make herself THE star of the show. Shes having fame whore dreams as we speak.

    • mim Says:

      i just saw this as well on couch gymnast: http://www.thecouchgymnast.com/?p=7236

      like it said on this blog, it’s not surprising i suppose given the fact they are out of training, busy with media, probably not eating the way they do during training, staying up late, travelling, being distracted etc…

      the tour seems way too intense if the girls wanted to get back into training, especially given how ridiculous it looks. i know kyla isn’t doing all of them, but i read yesterday that apparently gabby and mckayla weren’t doing the full tour either. im hoping it was for them to go back to training but im thinking it is to do more media individually… but i guess mckayla will be out for awhile.

      • Dee Says:

        The couch article seems convincing. I always thought the set ups for these tours were not safe enough to do elite skills. Alys twitter said she was doing her floor routine as part of the show and I think that is crazy…it’s not safe in a poorly lit arena. Let alone bar releases on non-regulation mats (by the looks of it).

      • mim Says:

        i know, i can’t believe there wasn’t adequate safety equipment! aly’s legs landing on concrete floors rather than proper mats blows my mind. negligence much?!

        it sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, but i doubt the girls will want to mess up their futures (regardless how keen they are on gymnastics) with USAG by suing.

      • Gymnerd Says:

        Thanks, both of you, for the links. I was all set to ask if this person was a reliable poster, till I saw the picture of McKayla being carried off the floor. Wow…..WTF were the (producers?) thinking????

      • Dee Says:

        For what it’s worth, nastia said in a parade magazine article that she did more “behind the scenes production stuff” for this tour….link on usag’s website.


      • Gymnerd Says:

        @Dee – maybe she greased McKayla & Aly’s bars? 😦

      • Dee Says:

        LOL you never know!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Nastia probably choreographed this herself, but if this is true the tour should be cancelled for hurting its top performers. Obviously the correct safety measures were not taken into account. Ridiculous. If anything, get injured when you’re competing at 100% difficulty during a major competition, not while you’re in a princess gown twirling bars and doing simple level 5 crap.

      • Dee Says:

        The thing that makes me so mad is that they were not doing simple skills, but actual difficult routine segments in a place totally not adequate for that level of gymnastics. I feel like these routines are harder than years past…who in their right mind choreographed this?

  15. mim Says:

    for anyone who is interested, this was linked in the gymnastics examiner blog about aly and mckayla’s falls on bars: http://riverabee.tumblr.com/post/31257480714/ok-so-heres-my-account-of-what-happened-at-the

    • Dee Says:

      “fate has lent a hand”

      Could the title be any more dramatic? Lol

      And the stands look empty??

      The bar set up looks sketchy. I can’t believe they were doing releases!

      • mim Says:

        i know! a bit of an OTT title but why not given the cheesiness of the tour lol.

        judging from that photo, it looks like no-one is going to show. at least in canada.

      • Gymnerd Says:

        ^ I think the Ontario here is the California one.

      • mim Says:

        ahhh, ok! my north american geography isn’t too flash obviously πŸ™‚

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Dee I thought the bars looked to be placed too close together.Than it looks like you had people dancing sort of under the bars while someone was performing on them.

  16. gingercrush Says:

    OK am I a bitch for laughing about them hurting themselves. Especially Raisman who just looks ugly on bars. Looks like the bars were returning some karma.

  17. gingercrush Says:

    Now if only the beam can do something to Miss Douglas.

  18. Case Says:

    Holy hell…do we believe this to be true? If so, I’m with the group wondering why in the world you would put McKayla and Aly on bars of all places?

    And wow if they both got hurt on show two of a 40 city tour. People are going to be pissed because they wanted to see them.

    I’ll wait for the inevitable tweets from the Fierce Five themselves.

    • catherine Says:

      It is, couch gymnast and examiner have both reported it, quoting from the tumblr of someone who was there. There’s a photo of mckayla being carried by medics. People are allowed be gutted that it happened but pissed that two of the girls will miss several dates due to injury is a bit much, im sure they would rather be healthy themselves.

      • Case Says:

        I didn’t word that well. I would assume that folks that bought tickets would be pissed they won’t get to see two of the top stars because they received injuries due to poor lighting/padding/whatver.

        Of course everyone would hope Aly and McKayla would be healthy.

      • Dee Says:

        It has to be true, especially since twitter has gone silent…wonder of noone is allowed to tweet about it…

      • mim Says:

        yeah i noticed that too, it’s like they’ve had a gag order put on all of them aside from the “so much fun on tour!” comments. im guessing it’s to give them time to talk to legal about it and figure out how to proceed without admitting fault publicly.

    • Elitefan Says:

      McKayla just tweeted a picture of hospital food. Overnight stay prob = relatively serious or else being really cautious…when she was injured at nationals she was out of the hospital an hour later or something…

  19. sainabou nyang Says:

    I expected injuries but not this soon.
    Whose bright idea was it to put them on the bars? Why you would have anyone especially weak bar workers doing routines on poor padding is beyond me.

    It looks like they are doing the same routines for every tour date.. I predict by the middle of the tour some of them will get bored and try to leave.

    • catherine Says:

      In poor lighting and with insufficient padding is the real problem. Mckayla was smart and tried to save impact on her feet and legs by only doing a flyaway dismount. Reports say she landed awkwardly trying to distribute the weight away from her injured leg and then fell after. Others are doing dlo dismounts. Aly fell on a snap which is surprising, her legs smacked onto concrete..owww. Id imagine mckayla was on bars because it wouldn’t aggravate her injuries, and aly is generally consistent on them too.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      wwgym.com has the full video. It looks like Mckayla landed wrong and her leg turned in. The medics carry her away and Aly gets on the same bars and does her routine. She gets hurt and walks over to someone and walks of slightly limping. The other girls keep it going for the crowd.

      Someone is going to have to do damage control.Because this is a mess.

      • mim Says:

        absolutely a mess. im really curious how USAG will try to avoid liability for this, especially as the mckayla is a minor. they surely have a duty of care to ensure safe conditions for the gymnasts. i can’t conceive why their routines have to be done half in the dark to be considering “entertaining”.

        it’s a massive, to put it quite frankly, fuck up.

    • DL Says:

      I just don’t get why the mat area is so small and then it’s just concrete. Terrifying.

    • Case Says:

      Marta is probably raging right now. Tony the Tiger better run for his life.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I was thinking the same thing. If Aly is out for the the next few weeks therr goes the ticket sales. Do we know what Aly’s injuries are?

  20. mim Says:

    as an aside from the injury news… does anyone know the scoop on the boy musty is hugging on her twitter? just friends? a love interest? a beard? im super curious haha.

  21. Sjo Says:

    Forget about Aly and Mack’s injuries. I’m still flabbergasted about Nastia floating down the middle like a goddess and having the Fierce Five waving their hands as to worship her. What the hell? I want to give Nastia a high five across the face when she reach the ground. Who the hell choreograph that scene? (um…Nastia?) How dare that Russian biyatch push the young Kyla to the side so she can be part of the Fierce Five circle. Someone need to tell Nastia she’s a “has been” and need to go away or be in the background. The Tour is a celebration of gymnastics and the current crop of Olympians, not the biyatch from 4 years ago. What a joke.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I’m sure Nastia choreographed it. And the fact she’s doing aerial type stunts at a gymnastics show. The comments below that video are spot on.

      I’m a bit confused though because it looked like a blonde girl descended, and then Nastia came in and took over for her? Isn’t Nastia the one in black? And the way she descended (whoever it was) she kind of just plopped on the floor and sat there folding up the fabric – the whole thing just looked odd. And Jordyn looked like “can we just get this shit over with already.”

  22. Case Says:

    Looks like Aly is out a couple of weeks based on the most recent reports. McKayla may be done for the duration? Wow.

    So when Kyla leaves the show to resume training and Gabby takes off to do media, is Jordyn going to sit in the rings by herself? Irony.

    • Catherine Says:

      Oooo link? I wonder when USAG will make their statement and if they will push blame on crappy mats far far away from themselves or what.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I think they will add Nastia,Anna, Asac, sarah to the rings.

      Let us pray no one else gets hurt other wise Nastia will be doing the show by herself or Marta will shut it down.

  23. sainabou nyang Says:

    FIG president responding to outrage over scoring at Olympics. The part about a sport without fairness is not a sport made me laugh.


    • Catherine Says:

      It doesn’t say anything! He just touches on things and then runs to something else. He does manage to imply that he’s not happy Aly’s score was appealed ehhh what..??

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        That’s what I thought when I read it. Completely talking around the issue and spouting BS.

    • tulip Says:

      So we can just look forward to more of the same. As I’ve said before, the corruption is too deep and benefits too many people for it to be changed. The athletes usually end up getting short changed because of a lack of fairness.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I agree. I can’t stand it when someone mumbles something suggesting they are unhappy but you can’t figure out what their stance is. Is he saying we should have a tiebreaker or rather just award each gymnast a medal (which is what I think should happen). I couldn’t figure out what he was saying. It did look like he was saying Aly’s appeal shouldn’t have been granted or was decided too quickly, but again I couldn’t figure it out.

      Also, has anybody heard any follow-up about those two judges who were banned from the Olympics because of misconduct during Worlds, like who they were, which countries they represent, and exactly what did they do to get banned? It is amazing how a story like that can come out and then there be no follow-up whatsoever by the media.

  24. Biyatch Says:

    Theres a youtube video up of the injuries. McKayla’s flyaway looks pretty routine and just a freak occurrence probably due to the leg already being injured. Aly’s missed release is bizarre and she’s lucky she was able to walk away from it. If there really wasn’t proper matting in place someone has a lot of answering to do.

    I agree with others sentiment what the heck were those two doing on bars? After following regimented training for their entire lives they are changing the routine and asking them to do difficult routines on their worst apparatus. Not to mention these girls never got any significant recovery time that most of the US girls have needed in the past post Olympics/World Championships.

    • Dee Says:

      woah, I just saw the video.

      I think, if the stress fracture rumors are true about McKayla, the leg just gave out. It’s only a matter of time with those types of injuries if you keep pushing it…and that dismount was all it needed. It’s a shame, but really…if you know you have a stress fracture, should you be doing flips and landing from 6, 7 feet in the air? Whoever was in charge of that should have taken her injury/risk into consideration.

      Aly’s fall was horrific. She completely peeled off the bar. I read she apparently has a broken arm, and I can totally see how that would happen. However, it’s lucky as hell that she didn’t break her neck (from what I saw,anyway).

      Watching this video made me pissed. This tour is asanine. Dark lights, blasting music, strobes, running from apparatus to apparatus….and doing elite level skills does not a good combination make. These tours are so dumb to begin with, and now two people are hurt one right after another. I don’t remember seeing a tour video where athletes were doing routines like that…usually it’s like, giant, giant, flyaway and everyone is satisfied.

      If anyone else wants to see it, here is where I found it:


      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I said in an earlier posting that this tour should not be three months and instead 30 days. In fact they shouldnt be having the tour dates so closed together. Its one thing if they are only singing and dancing but these girls are not on their normal training schedule and lets be honest how much rehearsal time do you think theyre getting?

        Kyla do your time and get out before they break you too.

      • Case Says:

        I just watched it too. Aly….holy hell…she IS lucky she wasn’t hurt worse. That was quite a fall. I’ve never seen her struggle on the shaposh before so I’m surprised it happened but when she landed on the damn concrete my stomach churned.

        Agree with the rest of you…the conditions on that tour are not sufficient for performing level 4 gymnastics, much less more complicated manuevers.

        Add to the fact they probably aren’t sleeping well at all on those party busses and you have a recipe for disaster.

        The rest of the girls who hope to continue elite careers should not be performing in such poor lighting and matting. Unless they make major changes, there will likely be other injuries.

      • Dee Says:

        I totally agree, Case. You know for a fact that they are not training anywhere close to what they were during their elite careers and although they have done those routines/skills for their entire lifetimes, conditions do not really allow for them to be in the best of shape.

    • david0688 Says:

      Wow, how come people are not hearing about the injuries in the sports media?

  25. Case Says:

    Okay here’s an update on Aly from a Boston based news source. Says she’s fine which is good news.


    • Catherine Says:

      I wonder what fine means? Not wanting to be dramatic but if she had broken her arm etc. she would still be ‘fine’. It’s moreso a head/neck injury where they wouldn’t be able to shrug it off like that.

      • Dee Says:

        True, although a broken anything would take her off the tour for a while, which would mean upset fans and I think that USAG really does not want that. Maybe the arm was just a rumor, which would be nice. I still can’t believe she fell like that.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yes, very much a fluke. Interesting to see from that video that transitions are either shaps or standing and jumping to the high bar..should really have been the only transition allowed I think. It probably affected her that she had to get on the bars McKayla had just been carried away in pain from..would get inside anyone’s head, and they’re very close.

  26. Biyatch Says:

    I can’t believe USAG hasn’t issued a statement, allowing rumor and speculation seems irresponsible.

    • Catherine Says:

      McKayla has put up a photo of her hospital food, underneath her left leg is in a foam type of cast all the way up to her thigh..doesn’t look like it’s only minor. Maybe if there was some sort of hold on twitter updates from them, the fact that the photo is up means a statement is imminent.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      That would be USAG for ya.

  27. sanitynmotion Says:

    Geez they’re doing moves they sometimes fall in during COMPETITION, which at least the venues have proper lighting and padding. This is not good. USAG or Kellogg’s or someone should release a statement or at least be paying the injured in a settlement. Seems like they (the tour sponsors0 throw caution to the wind when there’s money at stake for people paying to see a tour.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Watched that video posted above with the falls, can’t believe they’re doing bars in those conditions! For years I participated in a rec gym show like that, and the lighting was the same. Impossible to see anything, strobe lights blinded you and got you disoriented. And we were doing super-easy stuff, the bravest did giants and fly-aways off bars, no crazy release moves.

      Also, agree with GymMom below, the sexualisation of minors…. That awful bra leotard, they do look like a cheap side-show act.

      I can’t believe the adults/responsibles behind the tour was letting mckayla do bars (or anything other than some prancing around) with a leg injury. She’s a minor, and even though she knows she’s injured, and was trying to land accordingly, it can be hard to speak up to an adult and say “I can’t perform this with my injury” especially when she knows they’re paying her money to do it, people expect it etc. blows my mind that they aren’t protected.

      USAG…. Of course they’re gonna say everything is fine and dandy.

  28. GymMom Says:

    Watching that clip above I was sickened by the sexualization of these athletes! If Kellogg’s is willing to do that, they’ve already proven they don’t care about the performers. The aerial stuff with Nastia and even the Olympic rings really bothered me. It reminded me of cheap circus performers, not world class athletes!

    I remember how Shawn Johnson gained so much weight during that tour. She appeared on some talk shows and she looked awful. She said they for little sleep and ate junk food on the run. Bad idea for world class athletes, especially for 3 months. THAT really started Shawn’s weight problems which plague her still today.

    Its all well and good to see your photo on a box of cornflakes, but it’s probably not good for the gymnasts in the long run to participate in something like this. It really(in this case) cheapens the image they worked so hard to cultivate via their training and home lives.

    Think about how grueling travelling around the country on a bus non-stop for 90 days would be? They’re excited now but with 2 of the headliners getting injured in the 2nd show, that’s got to put a damper on the morale of everyone? If it were my daughter, I would be right there for the entire tour, making sure my daughter was safe. These are just kids who have led sheltered lives who are being thrown to the wolves, so to speak.

    I was creeped out by the music and the 3 girls(Jordyn, Kyla and Gabby) wearing black hooded capes before they got up on the rings, like they were being offered up as some kind of a “sacrifice?” They went from being completely covered up to wearing almost nothing. The exploitation cannot be denied.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I agree wholeheartedly GymMom. The whole thing reminds me of some tawdry Las Vegas burlesque show. To think that barely a month ago these girls were in the Olympics. The ones that look the oddest to me are Jo and Kyla. More than any of the other girls, they always seemed to project the most “wholesome” or “girl-next-door” image to me. To see them in this type of production so soon seems completely surreal.

    • Dee Says:

      That is yet another reason why I hate those tours, GymMom. Seemingly overnight our darling Olympic gymnasts that the country falls in love with every four years turn prance around half naked with gobs of makeup. I totally agree with whoever above said that it ruins the image they worked their lives to create. It cheapens the sport…but most people are still going to go an see it. Ugh.

    • gymnastwannabe Says:

      @GymMom – I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • gymnastwannabe Says:

      @GymMom – I noticed USAG removed comments by fans making comments like yours about the tour. As usual, they can’t hear the truth…sad.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        What did the comments say? I can’t access FB today. USAG just looks guilty by removing them.

      • gymnastwannabe Says:

        There were several about the outfits looking inappropriate, especially the girls on the rings. I don’t remember exact quotes. I went on there today and all the comments are positive.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        They care more about money than the truth

  29. Case Says:

    “A spokesperson for USA Gymnastics told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Monday both girls are fine and both have traveled on with the tour to San Diego.”

    USAG is so full of shizz. If McKayla is fine why is she tweeting from a hospital bed with a brace up to her hip?

  30. Catherine Says:

    An update on Aly Raisman and McKayla Maroney.

    Raisman, who was examined at the arena by the physician for the performance, has bruised knees. She will follow an icing and additional treatment regimen with continued assessment by the medi
    cal staff, but does not require any further testing at this time.

    Maroney is undergoing medical evaluations and tests today to determine the extent of her injury to her left knee. A further update will be provided once Maroney’s injury is diagnosed and confirmed.

    -USAG Facebook. So it’s not Aly’s back or arm. Sounds like she will be fine to continue. McKayla I’d imagine won’t be able to for a while..hope this isn’t a big setback to her, don’t care about the tour, but about her future training.

    • GymMom Says:

      Kelloggs might be purposely withholding info to keep the suspense & talk going to promote the tour? I’m not on Twitter but in looking at the 5 girls Twitter accounts earlier, it seems like they’ve been somewhat quiet yoday?

      • Dee Says:

        I saw that earlier today, too. I bet you usag told them to not tweet about the accidents. Wonder why they took nearly a day to issue a statement?

      • mim Says:

        my guess is they’ve been frantically talking to legal for USAG and/or kellogs. any statement acknowledging the accident could make it seem like they are taking responsibility for it. accepting liability would then open the door for any potential claims against them. it’s all about damage control right now. and any decent lawyer would tell their client to keep their mouth shut in this sort of situation. i think that’s why we got nothing but positive “the tour is so fun” tweets from the other gymnasts.

        i hope aly, mckayla, kyla, gabby and jo’s parents (as well as parents of the other minors on tour) are seriously looking into how the tour is being run. but assuming they are contractually obliged to the tour i guess there isn’t much they can do now.

      • Kazic Says:

        Aly tweeted thanks for all the well wishes, and that sje is fine. Not sure about MM.

    • Dee Says:

      The usag Facebook comment brilliance has started!!! Good lord it is hard to take/fascinating all at once. Who are these people and why do they know nothing about gymnastics LOL

      • Catherine Says:

        My favourite is the person who was ‘bummed because we hoped they would at least be at the meet and greet’ at last night’s show. Yeah who gives a fuck about treating and assessing injured athletes? get out there and sign autographs!

      • Gymbee Says:

        Hahaha my favourite so far:

        “felt like it was the Nastia audition tour for Cirque du Soleil” and “little gymnastics was done by the women, and when the did do gymnastics, Nastia was right there in the middle of everything, continuing her Cirque audition”

        Brilliant πŸ™‚

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Hah, wonder what MaryMargaret is saying then. She’s probably bummed that it wasn’t Kyla who was injured.

        Was ASac doing this clusterf*ck of a tour at all?

      • Gymbee Says:

        ASac tweeted that she will do it. I guess only some stops? Hahaha what if they make her stand on the beam in that white angel-leo and hail Nastia floating down?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I hope ASac busts out a baseball bat and decides to play Nastia pinata, if that were the case.

        Lord knows I would.

      • Dee Says:

        LOL Nastia pinata, good lord!!!

        and LOL @Gymbee…it really does look like a Cirque audition for Nastia. Since she had a hand in the production side of it, do you think that was in the back of her mind while working on it?

      • mim Says:

        nastia pinata = me choking on my coffee.
        oh that is terrible. terrible, but brilliant.
        i’d love to know the status of the friendship between nastia and asac post-trials though haha.

  31. Gymbee Says:

    Haha my husband suggested (after seeing Nastia float from the sky) the injuries are just ways to get themselves the hell out of that travesty, after having seen how it goes down.

  32. terrigymfan Says:

    Are they already doing live competitions rather than just rehearsals? How could they possibly do that? I know someone who was in Cirque de Solei and they rehearsed non-stop for over two months before they had their first show. Not only is it dangerous to go out and do something like this without practice, but the audiences in the first few productions are getting ripped off. It would be like going to a Broadway play and paying full price and then finding out you were seeing the first rehearsal.

  33. Gymbee Says:

    Aly just tweeted:

    Alexandra Raisman ‏@Aly_Raisman
    THANK YOU so much for all the kind words & support. I’m so thankful that I am OK, just some bruising on my knees and the rest of my legs!

    • Gymbee Says:

      Huh and she just tweeted:

      Alexandra Raisman ‏@Aly_Raisman
      @McKaylaMaroney love you so so much. Stay strong

      Hoping she doesn’t know something we don’t 😦

  34. sainabou nyang Says:

    something tells me that this tour wilk be canceling some dates in select cities. The fact that some of the gymnast will not be doing every tour date-vega,.asac, gabby, mckayla , if I purchased a tic for a future show and my favorite gymnast wasn’t going to be there then it would be a waste of money.
    For now these girls are having so much fun but give it a week and they’ll be so bored from doing the same routine that they’ll actually miss Marta and the camps.

  35. GymMom Says:

    What kind of crowds did they get for the first 2 shows? Does anyone know?

    • Dee Says:

      I’m not sure, either. The picture from the Night Of The Injuries made the stands look empty. I’m sure there are some cities that do not care as much about it…I’m guessing the states where the gymnasts are from will be packed, but otherwise, would it really sell out?

      All I know is that the gym I work at has a meet sign up for the Friday that the Travesty Tour is coming to town and kids/parents are actually not signing up for the meet so they can take their kids (even though it is the kick off of our season). I think at least the Philly show might draw a decent crowd. Myself not one of them.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Those seats empty were the 250 a piece seats. No one should pay that. Boston will be pretty filled for Aly. I am sure Philly will too and other sports towns. NY is a bandwagon city, not a sports city so I did not include them:)

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Dee I like your new name for this tour-Travesty Tour. Mines is the The trail of tears or Nastia and the rest of them tour.

      • Case Says:

        Detroit is pretty much a sellout with only limited view and crap seats left. Jordyn has a mega following. It’s like stop 32 though so hopefully she’s still alive and able to perform.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Ontario is in Southern California – both Kyla and McKayla are from cities that aren’t “that far” from there…but Ontario is more bumblef*ck than say LA or Anaheim.

  36. GymMom Says:

    I just checked my city. Ticket prices are anywhere from $75-$200 per seat here. I can’t imagine a scenario where 11,000+ tickets will be sold? That seems to be a lot higher ticket price than when Shawn Johnson headlined 4 years ago?

    Kellogg’s is really cashing in and appear to be putting in as little money on the show as possible? They should have hired a professional choreographer instead of Nastia doing it. She is too inexperienced.

  37. GymMom Says:

    Interesting article about the injuries at Huffington Post, with 89 comments, which you can’t access or read. Kelloggs is hard at work doing damage control aka censoring the news media. I’ve never seen comments hidden at the Huffington Post before.


  38. GymMom Says:

    Here’s where Gabby says she’s only doing half of the Kellogg’s tour & then she’s going back to Iowa to train with Chow.

    Interesting to note that she says she hasn’t been back and that she misses Chow? Ah, she was here for almost a week when Oprah came to interview her, including spending time at the gym. Matter of fact, Gabby’s entire family including her grandparents were here with her.

    She seems to have trouble with the TRUTH!

    I didn’t post the other link promoting Gabby’s appearance at the AT&T store in Virginia Beach on Sept 18th. Its part of an initiative against texting and driving. Does anyone need to hear her tell us not to text and drive??? She doesn’t even have her drivers license. But she’s buying a Bentley when she does. I am sick to death of her!!!


    • MacStabby Says:

      A Bentley? Jesus christ. I bet she doesn’t know anything about them except that they cost a lot of money (like 200Gs.) What an ass.

  39. sanitynmotion Says:

    I didn’t see the Bentley remark but I’m not surprised. Idiot. Just goes to show she’ll waste her money away as soon as she gets it.

    She should take some notes from Missy Franklin, who has a waaaaay better attitude overall than she does. And twice as many gold medals.

    • Case Says:

      Missy Franklin is a breath of fresh air in comparison to some of these idiot gymnasts. She hasn’t let her wins go to her head and she is just a joy to watch.

      Gabby’s Aunt Jemima mother is going to bankrupt her anyways, so she may as well spend all of her money now. I wonder if her host family in Iowa is mortified too. They seemed like reasonable people.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I have to wonder what the Iowa family thinks of Gabby’s attitude. Is this a new attitude of hers (the cockiness) or was she naturally always like this? I can’t imagine she was this much of a brat living with those Iowans; that influence would not be handled well with the other children they had and they seemed like good, solid parents. They obviously really cared about Gabby – seems like they spent their own money to get to London to watch her (I didn’t see any of them holding their hands out asking for people to donate) and they completely stand out of the way when it comes to her promotion. They aren’t all over the press talking about what it was like to “have an Olympian in the house” for 2+ years. Funny how Gabby’s mom gets credit for “raising an Olympian” but she checked out the past two years. Those same two years were really what made her an Olympian in the first place. I can’t imagine she’d be anywhere if she had stayed with Excalibur – no offense, but they haven’t “made” anyone and they came off like real assholes after Gabby supposedly “won” the American cup. Anyways, that’s why I say Chow deserves that medal too because he did a LOT with that girl in the short amount of time he had her (amanar vault, upgraded bars, upgraded tumbling on floor and upgraded beam).

      • Case Says:

        Agree on Chow. Gabby obviously is a talented gymnast but Chow was the one who really harnessed the talent and turned her into a champion.

        It’ll be interesting to see how her return to Iowa goes. I guarantee she’ll have her mother and sisters and the rest of her entourage in tow this time living off her cash. Something tells me that won’t be the recipe for success that living with her host family was.

        This is Moceanu all over again. Gabby’s 16 and clueless and just too young to handle this without sound guidance.

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