Mckayla transcends sport,

I had a conversation with my nephew and I forget how it started but it ended with him asking me about Mckayla, whats her name, the gymnast. Yep the kid that hates sports, doesn’t watch sports, doesn’t like sports and only learns enough about sports to torment his Aunt not only knew who she was but how she fell and lost the Gold medal.

If a kid that hates sports knows her by name (half of it anyway) especially this kid, believe me Mckayla Maroney has transcended sports. That is what these Mckayla is not impressed pictures have done for her.

Some interview on the news. Who wants to watch and tell me what is said?

Kyla, Mckayla and…..throwing out the first pitch. Mckayla plays the role of attention seeker here waiting to throw the first pitch out after her teammates do though I think she is trying the whole Mckayla is not impressed at their throws and it kind of looks planned but who knows. Notice Gabby and the look she gives after the picture, like she can’t be bothered playing second fiddle to Mckayla and she does not even acknowledge the player she just threw the ball too.

Just Jared and the first pitch.

An article about the Dodgers first pitch.


I am not sure if I posted this article or not but here is one about Kyla being given the key to the city.


46 Responses to “Mckayla transcends sport,”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Gabby having a superior additude why am I not surprised lol

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    Gabrielle douglas? Snotty? I’m beginning to think Oprah bought her gold medal…. For ratings for her failing network #OPRAHFAIL

  3. Kylie Says:

    They throw like little girls.

  4. sanitynmotion Says:

    This is one of the only situations where a silver may have just won McKayla more publicity than a gold.

    • nero Says:

      Amazing isn’t it? And she turned a negative right around into a positive. She did what you’re supposed to do with negative publicity; clarified her disappointment, apologized for the way she acted, laughed it off and joined in the fun. Another Fierce Five member might want to take a lesson from little miss Mckayla

    • Guest Says:

      Thanks to the power of internet, the internet spoof makes fun of her and then let she have the graceful way to swing the negative publicity away. She would have not been as lucky if she had not been born in the internet world.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah that’s a good point. If the Internet weren’t around she’d just be that “pouty face girl” who didn’t live up to her hype.

        Honestly in my opinion she shouldn’t have even won the silver – a fall is a fall and on any other apparatus you’d be out. I understand the whole difficulty thing but that’s the case on other apparatuses as well. You do a full back on beam and fall, you’re still done no matter what you tried to attempt. That’s why you don’t see them done as often as, say that stupid combination skill front aerial, back aerial back handspring thing that you see on EVERY beam routine these days…

      • Catherine Says:

        Well it’s far more costly on another apparatus- a full point, on vault because it’s averaged it’s 0.5. Nobody is outstanding enough on another event for 1.0 deduction to still get them a medal, or even the 0.5. On vault, McKayla is for the 0.5 hit. She qualified with an 0.5 lead and took gold in worlds with the same lead. I find it fascinating that had she landed the amanar in bounds she would have taken gold. I see it as the code is the code and it’s everyone’s else’ problem that they were not good enough to annihilate a girl with such a deduction. She would have been in the 08 vault final, and others.

  5. terrigymfan Says:

    I’ve mentioned before my 16 year old son has a crush Mckayla right now. He loves sports and followed the gymnasts during the Olympics but he says all the kids (well a lot at least) are talking about Mckayla right now. Many are not sports buffs and a lot didn’t even watch the Olympics. But when the meme went around she became a hot topic, and even more because of her personality (and looks of course) on the talk shows.

    The problem though is all these talk shows and throwing out the first pitches is about over. The Kelloggs tour is mainly for gymnast fans or at least sports fans. I cannot see there being much media attention on Mckayla or any of the girls just because of the Kellogg tour.

    The only way Mckayla will really have lasting starpower with the general public is if she goes Hollywood. I can’t think of s single gymnast who became a successful actress even though a few have tried. I personally believe though that Mckayla has a decent chance of becoming a very successful actress if she tries. She has the looks and charisma to do so. I hate for her to give up gymnastics too early though.

    • Guest Says:

      DWTS is one of the chance for her if she is invited. But I think producer would prefer Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte to make the drama of rivalry. If not DWTS, do you suggest any other Hollywood chances or reality shows she is capable of?

    • mim Says:

      she’s been making the rounds of tv show sets (how i met your mother, pretty little liars etc) so i wonder if her agents have organised that for her so she can network or if it’s just a fun perk.

      i think she just wants to be an actress to be famous, not because she actually loves acting but i can’t hold that against her considering 99% of people who are actors probably did so for the exact same reason.

  6. nero Says:

    Gabby, Mckayla and Kyla were on Ellen. Too bad all 5 of them couldn’t have gone, especially Jo since she was on before. I remember Ellen saying Jo would win gold at the Olympics for sure now since she was on her show!

  7. Guest Says:

    UK media looks having interest in Shawn and Derek now.

    • nero Says:

      If I ever fell in love with a man that had Mr. Derek Hough’s facial hair I would demand he shave it off immediately before we went any further.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      It’s sad to see Shawn doing this again. Like, this is the best you can do? What happens when this stupid show is over? I don’t think she’ll win this time around. Even so, it’s kind of a waste of time I would think but I guess this is the best she can do for now and I’m sure Nike is happy that she can promote their stuff in/out of workouts. Lame.

      She has a bag similar to McKayla’s …it might be bigger, actually. Again, lame. I dunno, I’m always going to have a chip on my shoulder now that she was telling people she was training “can’t wait for you to see my floor exercise” when she so obviously was not. I still don’t understand how her knee can’t do gymnastics but it can do dancing, where you’re twisting/turning it all the time and wearing high heels while doing so.

      • mim Says:

        to be fair though, isn’t shawn’s knee thing more that she can’t do gymnastics because of the way gymnasts land on the floor after jumps, moreso than twisting/turning motions? i have a vague recollection of it being something to do with when she lands, the knee can’t withstand the force of the landing and can’t really stay supported or something.

        but i agree, it’s sad to see shawn become a bit of a fame whore!

    • Guest Says:

      TMZ called them Twins. How do you think?

  8. Catherine Says:

    McKayla can do whatever she wants as long as she sticks around for at least one more worlds- 2013 or 2014. She needs to do a triple and the world needs to see one of her floor routines on the world stage. So many people are like omg omg dat amanar and yet don’t know that she’s one of what 3 people? to do a 3.5 on floor. Nastia’s 2005 effort doesn’t count of course..what a joke that was.

    • Case Says:

      Agree Catherine…that 3.5 should not be forgotten easily. However, I cannot fault McKayla for heading the Hollywood route. She’s got what it takes and is just charismatic as can be. I’ll be cheering her on whichever path she chooses.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      As long as Mckayla doesn’t let the fame go to her head. That’s the thing about Hollywood it builds you up but loves to tear you down at the same time.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Aunt Joyce posted a pic of the girls rehearsing for the VMA. mckayla has on a cute dress that I want and its age appropriate. Kylas and Gabbys dresses are ok.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I’ll also be cheering Mckayla on for whatever path she chooses but I do hope she sticks around for awhile, hopefully through the next Olympics but at least through another worlds. She really does have the opportunity to set an athletic standard — a TTY with incredible height, length, and beauty — that could stand for years. She is only 16 and the Hollywood stuff will still be there in four years.

      One thing I hope is that she has the good sense to stay out of the sun or at least put loads of super-high SPF on her face and body if she goes out. I hate to say this but I think Shawn has spent a lot of time in the sun and it is starting to show.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t see McKayla lasting that long in the Hollywood world. She is pretty and all and is thin/athletic but she still has a really young face and overall “look.” She should wait it out a couple years, get the TTY done, and then come back to it. Hollywood would just eat her up and spit her out for now. Why mess with that. The Hollywood life is so fast-paced, I would hate to see her get all messed up from it. But I guess we’ll wait and see. I’m sure her agent is trying to pimp her out as much as she/he can.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I absolutely agree Sandy. She is way too young (and young looking) for adult roles. The only thing I could see her in is one of those high school sitcoms. Nowadays they seem willing to make just about any corny show featuring a teen girl or boy as the central character who originally became famous for some other reason. I can just see one where Mckayla is a gymnast who somehow happens to attend a local high school with all “regular” non-gymnast friends. There would be all the typical stock characters around her – the loyal, pretty but not too pretty friend, the superficial snobby cheerleader type who is actually jealous of Mckayla, the nerdy boy who is always hanging around, the hot “stud” boyfriend, and of course a bunch of clueless adult characters. It would be amazing because even though she is supposed to be training for the next Olympics, you rarely actually see her in the gym but rather at the local hangout with all her friends.

        That would be pretty funny but I would just about cry if I saw Mckayla stoop that low. I would love to see her as a serious adult actress in a few years, but only after she has made her final mark in gymnastics. If she jumps on what she can get in the Hollywood and celebrity scene now, I’m afraid she will be spit out and a has been in just a few years, and will have forfeited the opportunity for true greatness (which I think she can achieve) in gymnastics. And God forbid if in the meantime she hooks up with one of those parasitic Hollywood guys twice her age.

  9. Catherine Says:

    KTLA..Gabby is asked about bullying, not really specifically. She does the whole ‘if it’s happening to you, tell someone’ spiel. No further blackening of Excalibur. Moreso brave to speak out kind of vibe. Moves on to how McKayla felt about all her criticism over the face..she says it was sad when so many people thought she was being disrespectful but it was not the case blah blah dissapointed in her performance, not the medal. Says her team helped her out when that criticism happened. Says life goes on.

    Kyla is asked about being the youngest and how it felt to be on the world stage etc. They seem dissapointed they have nothing juicy for her. Kyla says it was different because she hadn’t been at worlds like the rest and quote ‘the olympics was ONE OF the biggest competitions I had ever done’. LOL what, ONE of?? Anyway. Says she is happy to have solid performances as her contribution.

    All asked about heroes and what they in turn are saying to people who consider THEM heroes. Gabby’s is Dominque Dawes. Surprise! Says she is thrilled to be compared to her and happy to pass down the message that it’spossible, they can do it. Interviewers ask McKayla what she is saying to young girls, so the hero question goes by the wayside, damn. McKayla says stick by your dream never give up etc. Kyla says stick by your dream work hard everyday. End of interview, kelloggs tour pimped. Interviewers were much more interested in McKayla than the others. Not a bad interview, but Kyla’s never given much to work with. Gabby not given the chance to really spout on and say how she has inspired a nation or to blacken Excalibur. So fairly stock material all round.

    • Case Says:

      I laughed when they called Aly “penguin hands” for the way she waves. It was cute in a genuine way.

      One of the downsides to Kyla not turning pro is she does not have representation to guide her on the media front. Those ‘ums’ could be easily fixed with some coaching.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Yeah but her parents can easily hire a coach to help her. I have nothing against going pro, but Kyla is one gymnast that I’m glad has not so far. I hate the manufactured spoon fed scripted responses you hear from the others. Some gymnast are not meant for NCAA and i can understand them going pro. Kyla I truly believe that the next four years will be her best years. She has the team medal now all she needs are individual medals from worlds and hopefully rio.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’m rooting for Kyla, too. She seems way more grounded. She works hard but she really wants to make a name for herself. I would love to see her and Finnegan in the next go-round.

      • Kazic Says:

        I think Kyla is the most likely return prospect for Rio.

        I really hope Mckayla can, as it was mentioned, make her mark on the sport. She has a rare gift, and she has the opportunity to set a benchmark that no one else will reach for a long time.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        In my opinion, if Kyla doesn’t go pro, collects some world titles, medals in rio, retires, and heads off to college all without being going crazy, that would be awesome. I would call that a successful gymnastics career.

      • Kazic Says:

        Saina what’s wrong with going pro?

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Kazic I’ve always had mixed feelings about. I can understand why some gymnast like Jordyn choose too because doing college gymnastics may not be for them. Nothing against NCAA. I think if the gymnast is going to go pro they have a strong foundation surrounding them-i.e parents, etc.. I look at Rebecca Bross who gave up her NCAA eligibility and now look at her. Granted we didn’t know that her career was pretty much done earlier

    • lol Says:

      Gabby is officisally playing the black card now. Before it was a different gymnast with an after thought for dawes now dawes is her idol? Don`t think so. Who did kyla and mckayla say were their idols?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        They really weren’t given a chance to say who was their idols…it went on to “what are you telling young girls that look up to you” – that kind of thing. It was kind of a boring interview. The best part was when they were showing pictures of them and McKayla laughed at how Aly’s wave always has “penguin hands.” I also thought it cute when the interviewer said they looked tired and McKayla responded with “that’s not nice, I’m wide awake now!”

        Gabby has horrible media responses. Kyla says “um” a lot but Gabby says just as many “you know” and also she just kind of repeats the question that is asked of her. “Yeah I had bullying experiences you know but you just gotta speak up you know I was strong, kinda kept it on the inside you know but yeah just speak up and do what you can and that’s the best you can do…” I was like “huh?” to most of her answers. She rambles, says “you know” every third word and is just so vague in her answers. She also could have used this opportunity to clarify that it wasn’t the coaches per se, it was her teammates or gym mates that were making fun of her. She obviously doesn’t care about how devastating her remarks were on her former gym. I mean I don’t condone what her gym did (airing her and her mom’s dirty laundry after the American cup) but at least take the opportunity to spin something around and make it positive. She’s only going to continue to hurt herself with negative stuff. But I’ve said that before.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yes I wanted to hear the others say theirs, but they weren’t given a chance. I’d imagine Nastia, Alicia and Shannon?

        And yes, Gabby’s cloud of negativity is really getting old and still isn’t doing her any good. McKayla saying that she was sad at the criticism she got, but that she managed to get over it and see the funny side and be proud of her medal comes across as the PERFECT way to turn a negative into a positive. Though clearly she acts her age on instagram and in some of her responses, she is able to act much much older when she has to.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Kyla said in an interview prior to this that she looks up to Shannon. I think McKayla just wanted to “beat” ASac – she didn’t idolize her. I wonder who her real idol is though. Actually, she said she really looks up to Miley Cyrus (gag).

  10. Biyatch Says:

    I wonder if the girls were told by their reps not to mention that they are at the Democratic convention on twitter. Don’t want to splinter their fan base. Gabby, Aly and Jordyn have been silent about being in Charlotte and the event they are participating in.

    • Case Says:

      I’m surprised Gabby’s been quiet about it. I figured the Obamas and Oprah would be advertising that for her.

      The others…yes, I agree they probably are quiet for a reason.

    • Biyatch Says:

      Gabby’s following Shawn, saying the pledge of allegiance tonight.

    • Catherine Says:

      Probably a wise move, not to outwardly broadcast political stuff on twitter. Aly and Jordyn have ran into Eva Longoria and Isla Fisher at the airport..Aly looks SO beautiful with her hair straight and down.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I always thought these girls were nice looking in theiregymnastics leotards but I think they are really attractive in sweats or street clothers when they have their hair down. I remember someone saying on this blog a couple of months ago that Jo was homely or something. That is utter nonsense. She is very attractive and has the nicest smile. So does Aly. Kyla and Gabby are nice looking too. Of course Mckayla is.

  11. terrigymfan Says:

    I watched the girls’ Letterman appearance again and at one point he says they should outlaw the balance beam. One of the girls said, “I tend to agree with you.” Does anybody know who that was? It was hilarious.

  12. nero Says:

    Watched the VMAs, it was either that or the DNC so I chose the lesser of two evils. Thought all of them looked nice, I loved Jordyn’s dress the most and Kyla’s. It was cute when they messed up introducing Alicia Keys.

    Then only Gabby comes out to do gymnastics stuff….of course. Who’s bright idea was it to but a baggy top on her while doing BHS?? She’s 16 and her top came up with her bra showing a bunch of times.

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