Excalibur Outrage. Gabby Douglas plays the “race card” Updated

Who has time to waste on Gabby Douglas’s mom backtracking her fat ass to some more BS. I don’t. Apparently she backtracks the race issue a bit.

Excailbur’s response.

More BS

ONE and two

This is really becoming so stupid. Everyone gets bullied. Lets whine to everyone about it

Lets just say that the people associated with Excalibur Gymnastics are none too happy with Gabby Douglas’s interview on Oprah tonight. I did not watch it so I won’t comment on what she said but this came over a facebook feed and someone sent it to me by the mother of an ex gymnast from the gym and she sounds very angry. I am not naming her name because this is her private facebook but I can totally understand why she would be upset.

I started my blog on Gabby and race multiple times and could never get it right so I just stopped trying. As a white person I might not have ever been discriminated against due to me being black but that doesn’t mean I have not put up with some crap due to my gender or color. It happens all the time. I just chose not to complain about it. That is the way I handled it.

Gabby being black is a non issue for me. She keeps bringing up the fact she is black. So do the people in her camp. Her brother was the first person I saw write on twitter about race and he is black. It was never an issue for me or for anyone else that can’t stand her. It’s her attitude that pisses me off.

My opinion is simple. Until we stop putting ourselves into categories, ANY categories things are never going to change. Whoever originally came up with the comments ” the human race” got it right.

What do you think?

Shame shame shame on you Gabby Douglas .I just watched the Oprah show so excited to see you and I was so disappointed in what was said. How dare you insinuate that excallibur treated you poorly because of your race. That fact is Excalibur has had more Afro Americans on the national team than any other club in the USA. Marcia, Morgan, Sheriese, Britney and yes Gabby. I do not think God wants people to hate and especially the people that helped you achieve your dream. You should show a little more respect to those who did so much for you and the coaches and girls who actually stopped there practice to watch you compete in the Olympic finals. Girls were spread out on the mats cheering for you and even had signs made for you, does that sound like a group of bully’s to you?Excalibur has been nothing but supportive of you and it is just a shame to see how unappreciative you are to everyone who was there for you in the beginning. God knows the truth and I truly pitty that you feel the need to lie about others in order for your sob story to sound convincing. Everyone knows how amazing of a gymnast you are and you have many young girls looking up to you and I am sure that you have hurt some of you former teammates with your heartless remarks. I hope you can find it in you to tell the truth one of these days.

Here is what an ex black gymnast from Excailbur has to say about this. I feel bad posting ehr words but it needs to be said

Morgan Jay
This is the last thing I am going to say. People have NO reason to lie, but everyone knows and should know that the truth has a way of being exaggerated and turned into something bigger to create a story out of it that people can relate to. It’s only human to say my experiences with gymnastics have not all been phenomenal, but that is just the sport itself, but many of my experiences have been great and memorable and these experiences have made me stronger and have pushed me to be the person I am today. I do feel I reached many of my dreams and had many successes in the sport of gymnastics and a ton of them during the time I was in club gymnastics. It just pains me that many of my teammates (sisters/bestfriends) are being hurt by outside people who do not even know ANYTHING about the situation at hand and only know what they see on tv or in social media. i love Excalibur Gymnastics and would never regret a moment of my life I have spent in this gym including the future time I am going to be apart of this organization. I just pray people will open their eyes and realize one persons experience is not a reflection of an entire organization and the young and teenage gymnasts who are working hard everyday to make their dreams a reality.


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96 Responses to “Excalibur Outrage. Gabby Douglas plays the “race card” Updated”

  1. Dee Says:

    You know that gym won’t stay silent for long after this Oprah thing is done airing…

    I have not yet watched it, but I was thinking about this tonight and it sounds like the Oprah thing was a big ploy to cover up some crap that has been coming out lately about Gabby/her family and make everything seem just fine. Nothing hides dysfunctional family bullshit like a good “bullying” story nowadays!

    Such a shame. This gym’s reputation could be tarnished for a long time over this stuff.

    • Surfergirl Says:

      @ Dee. I don’t know much about Excalibur. Having said that I take what Gabby said with a grain of salt. I have strong opinions about Gabby which I won’t share at this time. However, I find her comments to be ill timed and unnecessary. For crying out loud, she is an Olympic Gold Medalist. Even if the so called bullying occurred, but it behind you, take the high road, show some class. I would hope she will get some coaching from her agent as how to be gracious when asked difficult questions. Hopefully, the general public will also take her comments with a grain of salt and that gym’s rep won’t be tarnished.

      • Surfergirl Says:

        p.s. Doesn’t she the Excalibur people a great deal of money or was that just a rumor???? My mama always told me, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” or in his case the hands that fed you. Mama taught me to be nice because what goes around comes around. Message to Gabby: Karma can be a bitch, so watch out!

      • tulip Says:

        Good points. I especially agree with you about showing some class as champion. Especially considering that it’s been a whopping two weeks since winning.
        Did Oprah bring up the bankruptcy? Curious what would have been said. If Excalibur had won their suit, that can be included in the debt discharcange. Honestly, that is the first thing I thought of when hearing that her mom had filed- “there goes the Excalibur fees”.
        As I said before, Oprah is a blatant racist who’s always looking for a way to play the race card. In a sense she’s using Gabby to further her own personal agenda. I notice she didn’t have anyone on, such as her four fellow Olympians, to discuss.
        Her advisors need to be asking what they’re trying to accomplish in the long-term because this kind of stuff sours people who see right through it.
        Lester Holt of NBC said it best.
        ” some people say that you are an inspiration for African American girls. I say that’s selling you short. you’re an inspiration for all girls and boys”.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Oprah, Michelle obama, and every other celebrity 4 year fan/band wagonner are using Gabby for their own agenda. If she hadn’t one that Gold there would have been no interview last night. Even if she had won the Silver. I felt that whole interview was for Oprah. Hell the interview before that one with Oprah interviewing Rihanna showed Oprah being so two-faced.

        Tulip, Lester Holt had it right what she did was an accoplishment but the overall message should be about being a young girl working to achieve your dreams.

    • Gymnerd Says:

      “Bullying” is such a buzzword these days. (Was it here that we were talking about this earlier?) We’re raising a generation of wimps.

      Guess Gabby wasn’t content just to smear her former coaches (“I told my mom, ‘I need a better coach, and I need it now'” – really???!!!!) Now she has to drag her old teammates and the entire gym’s reputation through the mud.

      I will NOT be buying her book or any product she endorses.

  2. JAS4 Says:

    Yeah I just find it odd that the bullying thing is just now coming out (it could have happened who knows) but it might be more believable if she hadn’t changed her story about her Dad and all and also its after the story came out about her Mom being sued by Excalibur for 20,000 so it just sounds like retaliation to make Excalibur the bad guys

  3. Gymnerd Says:

    “It was never an issue for me or for anyone else that can’t stand her. It’s her attitude that pisses me off.”

    Yes!!!!! I don’t give a shit if she’s white, black or green. If a white gymnast had said some of the things she’s said (let’s start with, “Everyone has to learn to deal with disappointment”), I’d be cringing at her, too. I couldn’t stand Moceanu either. Does this mean I’m prejudiced against Romanians?

    • Gymnerd Says:

      P.S. Good fight going on over on Excalibur’s FB page.


      (See the thread started on August 14.)

      • Case Says:

        Can you provide the highlights for those of us that do not Facebook?

      • tulip Says:

        Interesting. It looks like one of her key coaches is black.
        Randy Stageberg the former elite who now competes for Florida had a lot of things to say. She’s former Excalibur and trained with Gabby. Doesn’t believe Gabby. Talks about all the things the coaches did for G that were above and beyond. Such as driving her to and from the gym because Gs mom couldn’t. Paying for things out of pocket like… Everything!
        There are a few random people who appear to have no involvement who are jumping into the debate. Such as a class act named Tyisha who says something like “giggle. No matter what, she will always be rich and famous” because apparently that is all that matters in the world.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Kristina Coccia getting in on the discussion as well, agrees with the Stagebergs:

      “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Excalibur coaches for many years- never once would I question their coaching or love for their athletes. In fact, Dena and Jim were the first coaches to congratulate other athletes, as well as their own. I couldn’t agree more with Randy Stageberg. While I wasn’t personally coached by Jim, Dena or Gustavo- what Gabby is saying makes me sick. I know numerous gymnasts who experienced nothing but fantastic memories from Excalibur. Pay back the money you owe, stop playing the victim and respect the coaches who got you to the Elite level. Because the Excalibur family is one that I personally remember during my career. This entire story makes me sick sometimes.”

  4. Case Says:

    Excalibur is taking a beating post-Olympics. Do any of you know much about that gym? It can’t be that much of a shithole, can it? They’ve had several National Team members.

    I’m sure it’s not Liang Chow caliber, but it looks to be the premier gym in that area of the country.

    Just wondering what that gym is all about…cause I just can’t believe it is as bad as it is coming off right now.

    PS – At least Gabby’s white host family was presented positively. Probably because of all the free shit they did for her.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I loved the comment her host dad said about her wanting to quit. Very honest and up front.

      I also hate in all of this how her dad and Excalibur are being shitted on without being able to defend themselves

      • Gymnerd Says:


      • Kazic Says:

        Her host family seem like really awesome people. As for her dad, I don’t think he deserves too much pity. He only seemed to start showing up when Gabby started “making it.”

    • Aerial Says:

      The Walkers are NOT thought of well as coaches by many “fans”. As a gym in general and their other coaches – I don’t know too much. I know some of their former elites styles/routines used to be made fun of.
      However, I thought the Gabby crap in relation to the gym sounded nasty from her camp too. I wouldn’t judge the relationship or agreements with her coaches as that’s private and we just don’t know, but what both parties admitted aloud, seemed pretty shady on the Douglas side.
      Randy Stageberg is a well-respected athlete and person, and “Sharky” is known as not much of a gymnast but a really kind and positive person. Very interesting they put their names out there behind their statements. Sharky may not really know much since she wasn’t coached by them and didn’t attend their gym, but I’m sure Randy knows shiz.

  5. Catherine Says:

    I did not like the mudslinging Excalibur did in that article a few months back, but it was obvious they had a genuine grievance..they got Gabby up to that level, Chow honed her but he built on what she already had and not once has anyone seemed to credit them with that. Oh and the fact that appear to have bankrolled her and Gabby’s mother had not at that point paid them back. Lovely. And now this. I would be royally pissed off if I was them. Publicly slandered as not being good enough with no credit given to them, financially out of pocket for her sake..and now the race card?

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      After watching that interview I felt that if it did happen then it might have been a few isolated incidents of one or two girls making stupid comments. I dont think that was Gabby sole reason for leaving Excalibur. I think she left because she thought Excalibur couldn’t get her to the Olympics

      This interview was 30 min and about 80%
      was Oprah pumping her for info on the bullying and racial comments. In my opinion I felt Oprah was doing more of the race card. Anytime someone says I’m not pulling the race card their pulling the race!!!

      I thought i had one annoyance with this interview but there are more lije Oprah should have had someone from Excalibur sitting across from Gabby instead of a stupid phone call.

      my feelings for gabby have always been neutral but the things I’ve always noticed about her is her lack of humbleness, this I and me, and her tone in interviews.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I hate bullying but I do think the word is overused these days. What is nothing more than “they weren’t friendly to me” is called bullying. Usually there’s fault on both sides in the typical situation where one kid says another kid was being “mean” or “unfriendly” to them. I have three kids and like probably most parents there have been times when they have come home upset or crying saything this kid or that kid had been “mean” to them, almost always because something the other kid said that hurt their feelings. Of course the initial story I always received was that it was entirely the other kid’s fault, but when I pressed for more detail, it has almost always turned out that their was plenty of fault on both sides.

        Gabby’s bullying claim sounds a little more like that than anything else. The fact that Excalibur is suing her for $20,000 (didn’t know that until JAS pointed it out) makes me suspicious her mom in behind this. BTW, I have heard they owe a lot of money to people/gyms. I bet her mom is behind on whatever she is supposed to pay Gabby’s host family for her room and board. I wonder how quickly she is going to pay off these debts now that she is in the money.

      • mim Says:

        i agree, the term bullying is thrown around too easily these days. it also bothers me because i’ve actually seen how the effects of systematic, long-term *genuine* bullying have on children and teens. im talking where children have been victimised by groups of other kids to the point of suffering from PTSD, suicidal thoughts etc. it’s horrible.

        if gabby was on the receiving end of a few mean comments in isolation, im annoyed she’s allowed to call it bullying.

  6. Aerial Says:

    Wow. Thanks for posting this blog. I’ve had “icky” feelings about this for awhile now. I find it hard to believe that she was literally bullied due to racial issues at a gym known for multicultural enrollment and staff. The pictures show a variety of cultures and backgrounds of people forming the Excalibur community. I think it sucks she is saying things like this after she was treated like a princess, left without paying any bills, and has made it seem like moving gyms was her only option to train.

    I only caught the last 10 minutes, so am forming opinions of what y’all have shared too. I do have a new statement ringing in my head that I saw and loathe. The father where she boards saying something like, “God sent me a black girl to fill the void.” I am well-travelled on an annual basis in the mid-southern states due to family relocated throughout, and I have definitely noticed a huge difference in what people say and think regarding race. Of course I understand and have studied the history and events that occurred and afteraffects still lingering. I am glad to have grown up in a place like Toronto where “minority” was not something I was aware of growing up – I never thought twice about all our different colours of skin because there was always such a great diversity of people around me. It doesn’t mean certain groups of people didn’t experience certain things, but that I NEVER heard things like that in the classroom, in the workforce, in university, socially. Where I teach now, while it’s not quite so diverse, still far more diverse than what my relatives have experienced. They look at my class pictures each year and their number one topic of conversation is about all the kids with “different skin colour” and where they came from, when, is this typical, etc.

    Basically why I’m rambling about this is to say I’m probably not a fair judge of this situation as I have experienced something much different in my life, and it’s not a fair test, but any time I hear someone say something like, “A black girl saved my life” or whatever, it turns my stomach. You would never hear something like that here and classifying certain groups of people by their skin colour and not their personality, character, skills. Is the family riveted to the fact she has a different skin colour? Why don’t they say, “This girl from Virginia” or “this delightful little spirit” or “this incredible athlete and student” or whatever? And then on Twitter Oprah writes that statement was her favourite and the most moving of the whole interview. Are you kidding me? Gabby retweeted it and I’m sure is loving the whole attention due solely to race.

    I am not expressing myself well, but I have so much to say about this that I’m trying. I understand that she was the first African-American (if her roots are actually from Africa?? That term can be so wrong too, and I would personally be insulted if that was the case) to win the Olympics, and I’ve read enough people with similar backgrounds to Gabby explaining why that is huge and meaningful to them, so that I can’t judge and I respect that being pointed out. I am assuming Iowa is filled with only two things, cornfields and white people, in order that this black kid is mentioned non-stop and not simply this kid. But sometimes I think Oprah is doing a disservice to “her brothers and sisters” as she says (alienating everyone else in the audience who considers her a sister due to admirations and simply being a part of the human race) by always pointing out such things about her black guests. I have enjoyed learning about experiences in life I didn’t know about, but at this point – continuing to have a focus on this isn’t the story. Gabby was welcomed by a family of a different background. Her sporting community and fans don’t see colour, they looks for skills, polish, daring, execution, personality, expression. She won. She’s a star now. She’s rich. Drop the “black kid” stuff. She’s a human being!

  7. Biyatch Says:

    It seems that by playing the race card Gabby is limiting her audience. It isn’t like there have been dozens of American women who have been Olympic AA champion. She’s only the fourth EVER. Why limit yourself. There is a huge difference between taking pride in who you are and using it as an excuse.

    If Aly had won the AA would Oprah have been putting her on a pedestal as the first Jewish-American to win all-around gold? Of course not. The media took the Aly is Jewish story with the Munich 11 and ran with it. While I do think Aly is proud of her heritage, she is not letting that story define her performance (which it would be very easy to do, trust me the Jewish community has anointed her the mensch of the olympics).

    Gabbys win is a massive accomplishment where she’s black, white, green, yellow or even their beloved hot pink.

    It looks like all of Aly’s public campaigning for a subway commercial might be working, Subway keeps tweeting/retweeting about her. Move over Nastia. I wonder if Visa is going to choose a couple new athletes too, I think it was Alicia and Nastia that had the sponsorships.

    World selection will be very interesting next year, Kyla should be primed for a spot since she’s already back in the gym plus possibly Price and Finnegan (you know Marta’s totally stringing Anna Li along.)Then with Lexie and Kaitlyn, if any of the other girls come back it could be a fight for those 4 spots.

    • Gymbee Says:

      I agree that she is limiting her audience. We didn’t see Nastia saying “First Russian-American to win the AA” or “first foreign-born American to win the AA” haha.
      Did Amy Chow make a big deal about being the first Asian-American to win a gold medal in gymnastics?

      • Katherine Says:

        Russian-Americans are a european americans therefore white americans. Asian Americans are this country’s most prized and successful immigrant group. I think your analogy falls way short. African Americans are this country’s most marginalized group and they are not in gymnastics mainly because of socio economic status. That’s why it’s a big deal. If you fail to see why that’s a bigger deal than blonde haired Nastia, I don’t know what else to say, with all due respect.

      • Kazic Says:

        I agree with Katherine. I don’t see her limiting her audience per-se. Why can’t she celebrate her win as a Black American, and an American? I haven’t seen her shun “mainstream” markets.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Is Anna Li really considering hanging on for worlds next year.

      Alsi what is martas issue with anna? I’ve heard bits and pieces . Something about annas mother being accused of giving secrets to the chinese, etc..

      • Aerial Says:

        She tweeted a picture of herself under a Rio sign and said something about, “This really could be a sign” or something. Not stating the obvious but hinting at personal motivation.

        She’s like, what, 29? Why stop now? She’ll probably continue to make routines half the time and sometimes be named to teams if others falter, then get injured. With the shape she’s in, she could repeat the cycle another decade!

      • hurms22 Says:

        All I’ve heard really was that Anna’s parents were still in contact with the Chinese gym federation.

      • mim Says:

        what? isn’t anna only 23/24?

      • Biyatch Says:

        her father was the chinese head coach in 2008. there was a rule regarding trials/maybe visas that because of that her mother couldnt be on the floor. had to do with the caquatto drama.

  8. Lily Says:

    Thought you guys would find this page interesting
    It would’ve knocked Gabby’s confidence down a bit, wouldn’t it?

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I saw this. They have the results book out for the olympic competitions. I have to review but there is talk that the book shows the inconsistancies with the E scores.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yeah I just made a post about it about what I found ridiculous. Some of it is kinda hilarious, the dicrepancies.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        A blog is in the works on this if I ever have the time. The AA scoring is hilarious and the judges in prelims that think Gabby’s Amanar was better than Mckayla’s is a bloggers dream:)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        GTT pleeeze finish that blog. 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Which one? I have started so many.lol

        I want to read that link for the scores and put a judge with their score but it will take time, vacation and a few drinks:)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        All of them. Do it, do it, do it…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        lol. Everyones comments don’t quote when in wordpress for me so a lot of times I don’t know what situation we are talking about.

      • Kel Says:

        I looked at it last night…I believe for Jordyn’s qual beam routine, her E scores ranged from 8.2 to 9.0. WTF???!!! It didn’t just happen to Jordyn…happened to so many of the gymnasts. Showed just how subjective this sport it and makes you wonder if the judges were looking at the same gymnast competing.

  9. terrigymfan Says:

    Actually Biyatch, it’s a little known fact that Mary Lou Retton is actually Jewish. She “converted” to Christianity shortly before the1984 Olympics, and changed her last name to a less “Jewish-sounding” name (much like many Jewish actors did in the old days), in order to have broader market appeal in what was a less enlightened age in terms of Jewish-Gentile relations. So there already has been a Jewish aa champ.

  10. lol Says:

    So sick of gabby already. She wants this to be about color. Hope she enjoys her fame in the black world because all this whining won`t fly in the main stream media.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      There are a lot of stupid white people that will buy her BS. White people can be saps. Oh know now I will be accused of being racist against white people aha.

      • Gymnerd Says:

        And if you had any doubt that people are buying it, head on over to IG’s page for a while.

  11. Catherine Says:

    LOL this post has made it onto IG. Cue ‘bitterest person in the gym blogosphere’ and no actual discussion of the points being made.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Catherine, what do you mean by IG? Are you referring to International Gymnastic’s magazine’s website forum? Unfortunately they will not let a lot of people (including me) join.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yes. I tried to join ages ago, forgot about it..,went back on and I was banned. They ban ‘lurkers’ apparently. I tried again and it was eventually approved. So give it another shot I think. It’s worth it for a few posters alone, but there is a lot of ‘you’re wrong’, fairly nonexistent moderation of trolls and ‘usa suck! NO Russia suck!’ kinda thing going on. I have about 8 posters on ignore.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Can I put you down as a reference? I will just say “Catherine.” Last time I think I didn’t get in because I didn’t have a reference.

      • catherine Says:

        I got in without one I think. Anyway, I got creative and called myself mushroom on it ha, not Catherine. But go for it, don’t mind at all.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        No telling what sort of Freudian implications are underlying your selection of “Mushroom” as a moniker. LOL But thanks I’ll see it I can get in. I’ll feel like I’ve joined an exclusive club if I get in.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I’m in! Thanks Catherine aka Mushroom. That’s how you get things in this world — find a “mover and shaker” and then do some name dropping.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I tried to get in and had no luck whatsoever. Terri, is it interesting at all? Post anything interesting please. 🙂

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I’m sorry Sandy but IG is a pretty exclusive club and we don’t just let everybody in. What sort of references do you have? Also, we understand you have been known to criticize Nastia and the great and wonderful Marta from time to time. I am not sure you are the right “fit” for our club.

        Actually, I think if you put down a name of a current member it will let you in. You can put me down (terrigymfan). I haven’t had a chance to browse much myself.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Whodo I have to pay to try and get on IG as GTTFan or NastiaLiukinSucks .lol or GabbysEgo

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t even have to read it. I have not been to IG in awhile and I don’t miss Nastia fanatic whining like a 12 year old girl.lol He never changes and he still tries to post here sometimes using different names. How pathetic is that?

      I don’t care what IG thinks because we all know what that board is about. What a waste.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I just had to try to join just to browse around. I am sure I will get bored in about five minutes.

      • catherine Says:

        The tool count is extremely high alright, but I keep going back because there are a handful of awesome people there.

        Ha Terri mushroom comes from that 10yr old video badger badger mushroom thing..it was in my head at the time. I actually hate mushrooms..

      • Aerial Says:

        I belong to that board and barely ever read it. I find it mostly filled with tween fan comments and no new information, and lots of people that can’t handle a negative thought or comment. I much prefer the vibe here 🙂

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Yes Aerial I got on it and browsed around a little and my reaction is pretty much the same. You can pretty much tell right away that a site is pretty superficial when all the comments are one sentence or so and sometimes even less rhan that. I am sure there are some members on there worth listening to but probably not a lot.

  12. Katherine Says:

    This post is a little disheartening. I’m not surprised though because this is always how whites react when blacks mention racism. Racism is not over people, ignoring it is not gonna make it go away. And I think people can talk about whatever they want. I hate when people tell blacks not to make everything about color but growing up black in this country, nobody ever lets you forget your color. I sympathize because I get that whites aren’t able to see their privilege and I get that non racist whites might be frustrated. I spoke to other black gymnasts that have even more horrific stories than Gabby. Expose it, don’t sugar coat it and stop telling blacks to stop whining and maybe something can be done about the issue. It reminds me of a photo I saw where one side was a picture of slavery and the caption said “get over it” and the other side was a picture of the holocaust and the caption said “never forget”

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Your comments were just as racist as you think mine were. As a white person I should be offended but I am not. Frankly every single black person I know thinks they are being discriminated against because they are black every time they don’t get their own way. see it every day at my part time job in retail. God I can’t wait to quit that crappy job (new car, GTT, NEW CAR)

      Gabby has so far played the race card and whined about her father not paying child support and now she has a new excuse to why she left her gym something she never mentioned before. Before it was all about the bad training she was getting.

      Gabby and her mother are looking for an excuse to not pay back the gym owners at Excalibur. It’s that simple.

      Now before you freak out at me I am talking about MY experience. Of course racism still happens but don’t think for a second it is only about black people being screwed. Hating on someone because of their color is the description of racism and if a white person is being treated badly because they are white it is still racism. I bet your don’t agree with that either. I said before I have been discriminated against because I am white but my guess is you could care less about that. I find that typical.

      Slavery happened how many years ago? Every black person in the world is not owed something just because they are black. That is stupid. Unless you are still alive and were a slave you are owed nothing and that includes an apology.

      I do love how people hate me and this blog yet continue to read every thing I say and in some cases use a different name to post under after they throw fits and say they are leaving forever.lol

      My guess is you are probably one of those people.

      • Katherine Says:

        wow gtt, this is my first time visiting your blog I swear., You should know from my naive post that I got slammed for LOL. I cant believe you got ‘racist’ from my statement. I wasn’t offended by your post nor was I surprised I was just disheartened. “Frankly every single black person I know thinks they are being discriminated against because they are black every time they don’t get their own way. ” Ok that’s not an offensive statement? So now discrimination is imagined?? ok lol
        I don’t know you so I don’t know that you were discriminated against because you were white. You are being very very defensive here. Calm down a little.
        “Of course racism still happens but don’t think for a second it is only about black people being screwed.” Of course I know that . But that’s neither here nor there in terms of what I’m talking about right now. Of course I know white people can face discrimination and racism. Duh. Anyone can. But glossing over the fact that white privilege exists in the USA is
        very dangerous.
        re: slavery, you missed my whole point. Jewish people are not told to stop whining or get over the Holocast. If you say that, you are seen as a bigot at least. But they didn’t get put in concentration camp. But new jewish generations shouldn’t forget it either! I don’t want an apology or retribution from any white person. I will say though, It really is ironic that people say that slavery happened sooo long ago and it shouldn’t affect us but one of gabby’s teammates called her a “slave” in jest. irony.

        And finally re: Gabby. To be completely honest, I’m only talking about her teammates taunting her. I saw the oprah special. I don’t know about the whole financial situation with excalibur. I’m not touching all of that with a 10 foot pole until i read about it properly. I do know that there is racism in gymnastics though so I don’t doubt that Gabby’s teammates were you know, taunting her etc…
        Again you can check my IP address,
        it’s clean lol

        @sainabou nyang yes black people taunting Arabs is no bueno lol kind of a random comment lol.

    • tulip Says:

      I’m not clear what part of Gabby’s story is “horrific”, as you put it. She trained at two world class gymnastics centers, was a Marta favorite (which does mean something) and accomplished her sky high goals, which very few can say. It also sounds like her VA coaches believed in her so much that they stepped in financially when her family was not able. That doesn’t sound horrific- that sounds heroic.

      And I actually agree with you on the whining part. This country is the land of opportunity. I think everyone should quit whining and turn that energy into something constructive. Imagine how far this country could go!

      I’ve been made fun of because of my skin color too. Teenage girls are nightmares to each other.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Katherine you aren’t wrong when you say racism is here to stay. There will always be racist assholes who will feel superior towards another race.However Ive seen black people turn around and make racist comments towards arabs yelling towel head or shouting bacon, etc.. And me as a black women i feel ashamed that we are treating people like this.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I find it disheartening and equally racist this remark, from Katherine: “…this is always how whites react when blacks mention racism.”

      I’m sorry, but how is THAT not a racist statement? I doubt you have anything quantitative backing that statement up, which is more of a “general” statement that clumps all “white” people (and their actions) together. That is wrong and part of the problem today that continues – and why yes, racism is here to stay. Unfortunately.

      I agree, there are racist people out there, of many colors actually. The term “racist” does not apply only to white people. There are also murderers, hypocrites, psychopaths, and many more – also, these terms do not apply only to white people. As far as I’m concerned these days it comes down to this: there is one race. The human race.

      And I’m really tired of the slavery thing being used as an excuse. Black people alive in this day and age (in the US) were not slaves and never have been. The US is a wonderful place where if you put forth your best efforts and work hard, they will pay off. THAT’S the statement and belief/mantra Gabby should be parading around, NOT “oh woe is me I got made fun of by a bunch of ignorant pricks in my former gym.” I got made fun of too and man, I can’t imagine any better way of “getting back” at those assholes other than claiming the best title my sport offers. Who cares about those girls. Teenagers and kids in general can be awful to one another; how you grow up from that and move beyond it defines you – she really could have played the “class” card instead of the race card and made that a non-issue. Embrace your win and your title, embrace how your hard work payed off, and embrace the fact you can take your message out there and “inspire” others to do what you did. Embrace those bar judges that found three more tenths to give you. I don’t care. Don’t make this about some girls that picked on you a few years ago.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That was exactly my point to her. She thinks she can be “racist” and say derogatory stuff about all white people but took offense to me and I didn’t even do that.

        SICK of the hypocrisy

      • Katherine Says:

        @sanity motion

        Yes that has been my experience that whites get hyper defensive when blacks talk about discrimination. Sorry that I said “all” or “always” if that’s the part that offends you. but this whole blog post is exactly what I’m talking about. it proves my point exactly.
        again I fail to see where I say only whites are racists lol I never said that now will I ever say something like that.

        I’m not using slavery as an excuse for anything- you also missed my point. Jewish generations now and future ones will not be told to forget the holocaust or get over it even though they’ve never been in concentration camp.

        Again, I agree with you that gabby shouldn’t make it about those girls that taunted her but at the end of the day she can talk about it if she wants

        As a biracial person, I definitely wish that people only see the human race as one race. I wish, but that’s not really happening.
        What did I say that was derogatory about white people?

        The whole concept of the “race card” is sickening imo. People act like blacks are ecstatic when someone discriminates against them. Not the case.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You know what you said that sounded racist and denying it with an LOL doesn’t change that.

        We know that racism exists and maybe people would care more about it if 99% a black person did not get their own way they complained it was because they were black. My experience is 100%.

  13. sanitynmotion Says:

    This is negative publicity and will most likely blow up in gabbys face. Her agent is stupid. There’s a reason Shawn is still riding the fame train. She’s positive overall and says nothing negative or mean about anyone. The dishing gets drama in the short term but the fickle media will find something else to focus on right away. Positive promotion far outlasts negative. Gabbys millions she stands to make are being eaten away with this course they’ve chosen to take.

    • Katherine Says:

      I have to say I agree with this. Oprah was prodding the issue though. Hopefully Gabby’s said her piece and just moves on from this. No more mentioning it.

    • Gymnerd Says:

      Don’t Gabby & Shawn have the same agent? Or is Gabby the one who’s represented by Tasha now?

      • Catherine Says:

        Yes they do. It’s a good point though, with all the negativity Gabby is not going to have a lot of lasting power. Nastia didn’t either because she looked like a cold hard bitch next to Shawn. Positivity is a winner. Jordyn is the one with Tasha as her agent.

      • Guest Says:

        Although both of Shawn and Gabby have the same agent, the agent cannot control all what they say or what they do. Shawn is much more intelligent and mature to think and talk at that age.

  14. Luckystar Says:

    Racism does still exist and I don’t have a problem with Gabby telling people about incidents where she was bullied because of her race. It might make other girls who have been bullied for traits they can’t help feel better.

    However, painting her former gym as some awful racist institution because a few of the girls weren’t nice to her is terrible. She didn’t leave because of bullying. She left because she’d reached the highest level of gymnastics she could train for there and she knew going to Chow’s was the only way she would make the Olympics.

    She even said as much in all of her preolympic interviews so to change story now is pandering and obnoxious.

  15. Exgymgurl Says:

    I have a huge problem with Gabbys mom. She was a deadbeat and now she’s making excuses why she won’t pay them back. Because the girls at the gym were racist. Im sure Randi Stageburgs parents are even more irritated with this.I’m sure it irritated the other team parents that excalibur covered gabby while they were working hard and sacrificing to cover fees. That would irritate me as a parent. Its odd, she only owes Excalibur about 40k and if she’s making millions, talk to Excalibur about donating it to them into a scholarship program. That way she gets a tax deduction and everyone would come out a winner…..Move forward, be positive…. But I think behind the fake smile she has is an incredible ignorance and selfishness. It’s like I did this therefore I’m entitled…. Sad

  16. Aerial Says:

    I obviously am missing something major. I’ve looked twice and can’t find where on their FB page this excalibur debate is. Please help this simple person out… thanks!!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Search “Excalibur gymnastics” on FB and it will pop up…or should.

      • Aerial Says:

        Thank you – I have the page but am assuming the thread was deleted after I searced. There are no posts for Aug. 14th. Unfortunately I think I missed the drama!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        It’s still there. I’ll try to copy/paste below:

        Cecelia Moceanu Gabby said she left the gym to get better coaching now it’s because a few girls “allegedly” said she should clean the bars. Maybe Gabby should make up her mind why she left? oh and maybe she should PAY back this gym for supporting her career when no one gave a crap about her. They gave the family money and they are so rude they won’t even pay them back. Disgusting is right, Gabby and her mother are disgusting.
        13 hours ago · Like · 4

        Naita Chamberlain Hmm and I should ask you Cecelia, whats have you done for your country lately. It’s obvious from what she’s saying that there was some ill treatment from the gym, so whether she should pay her back or not is none of your concern. And remember she’s the talent, the gm didnt give her the talent, SHE’S THE TALENT!!
        13 hours ago · Like · 4

        MaryMargaret Finney Cecelia, you have already been banned by the USAG FB page and have made your dislike of any Douglas very clear. No one knows for sure what happened or how it was perceived. I suspect that Gabby felt a change in coaching was needed and that is not unusual, and what was said by fellow students is not the same as the adults at the gym. I think people are trying to make this a bigger deal than it really was.
        13 hours ago · Like · 1

        Naita Chamberlain Haha funny that you said that Mary, this chick is obviously trying to look for someone to listen to her. And you’re right Mary maybe she needed a change whatever her reasons are, but still think she’s a great role model and not disgusting like some other pathetic people are calling her and her family, right Cecelia???
        13 hours ago · Like · 2

        Cecelia Moceanu Mary is lucky I didn’t get her fired for calling Kyla Ross names on usa-gymnastics facebook. She should talk. Gabby is a liar and out for attention and all you racists are defending her because you are black.
        13 hours ago · Like

        MaryMargaret Finney Cecelia, not sure where you think I work or what power you seem to feel that you have to “get me fired”. I also believe that the person that got removed from the site was you my dear not me.
        12 hours ago · Like · 3

        MaryMargaret Finney Naita, Thanks for the support. So funny that someone or some FB ID must resort to “threatening” a person’s job just because they do not like what the person says or having their opinions challenged. I am truly disappointed at the level that this issue has reached. I hope that all organizations that work with young people in sports will use this as a learning moment for how words can hurt even if on said in joking or jest, how what is said in today’s world will be interpreted in various ways by various people. People have been judging every move, facial expression or words uttered by Gabby and the other young ladies for weeks now with some positive results and some negative comments and now people are “mad” at this organization because of a comment made by a young lady in a TV interview. Again, I really respect the Excalibur organization for allowing the posts on this page.

  17. Emily Says:

    They obviously want to make Gabby into some kind of “Cinderella” story, from rags to riches. Only problem is that Gabby is not a likable character, so it just comes off as whining.

    I’m not positive on Gabby’s parents…are they separated or divorced? If they got divorced while her dad was in the service, she is entitled to half of his paycheck, and he has no say in it. Same with child support, he has no option to not pay, it gets taken out of his check automatically. The US military is pretty serious about taking care of your family: married or not. Not having money could come from the reliance on child support though. (are her sisters full blood related?) I’ve known many people who use that money as their income, so when the kid turns 18 and the money stops coming in, they go into debt or have their house foreclosed.

  18. sanitynmotion Says:

    When I look at the facts as they are or were presented, nothing makes sense about Gabby and her situation. Before she won the AA medal, she left Excalibur because she needed a better coach to get her to the Olympic caliber, and she liked Chow because she saw him with Shawn in ’08. Also, her father was active in the military, wasn’t home that much, but she communicated with him frequently via Skype and she loved him/missed him.

    Then, all of a sudden, she wins the medal and the skeletons come out. Her dad is a “deadbeat” and has no interest in her or her family; they barely talk. He’s not around. He doesn’t pay anything (which is bullshit since if he works for the government, or any reporting company, they will automatically take child support payments out of the pay check before he gets compensated).

    She was bullied at Excalibur too, which was a reason (or so Oprah wants us to believe) that she left. OK, every child at some point in there lives gets bullied. But if it were THAT intolerable or THAT horrible for her, she would have told her mom about it and her mom would have done something. Or she just would have quit gymnastics, because who would want to be in that type of environment in that sort of competitive sport. OR she would have changed gyms MUCH earlier. End of story.

    I’m not buying it. If this is the way she wants to represent herself she’s doing herself a major disservice. Nobody likes it when people wine or cry or come out with sob stories; especially when they don’t really jive. There’s a hidden agenda here and I think a lot of it has to do with the money that the Douglas family owes this gym; they obviously do not want to pay a single cent of it and will slander the crap out of them to make them just go away. I hope they don’t back down because this is just wrong.

    Not as many companies will want to endorse an athlete like Gabby, who’s so quick to turn and bite the hand that feeds (fed) her. It’s not a good situation. Most companies now will be leery because Gabby carries some “baggage” and they will not want to be associated with that. They might think this will paint her in a positive light and she will be the “Cinderella” story of the time, but this just looks callous and pitiful. Anyone who looks into this situation more will see the writing on the wall; that Gabby’s mom basically screwed this gym over financially with significant debt, and instead of quietly paying them and making it so that everyone could be happy for Gabby, she’s playing greedy bitch who doesn’t have to pay what’s due. Well, I really wish they could reverse her filing for BK and make her pay all what else she probably owes, since she’s not in the position to make money. I really don’t care if Gabby goes BK or runs out of money – this is a lesson they need to learn. You should always repay your debts, and yes – karma is a bitch.

    • JAS4 Says:

      Didn’t she(or her Mom) go to a gym in Texas which was rumored to be WOGA first but they refused because they were friends with Excalibur so then she went to Chow’s gym

      • Aerial Says:

        I didn’t hear that – I did hear she considered two gyms, one of them Chows – and I remember people speculating if the other gym was WOGA.

        We are pretty much the only board to share the feelings we do about this topic – anyone else noticed?

        Also – I don’t get why people are dogging Excalibur for releasing a statement after being accused of bullying and racism. Everyone is all “poor Gabby, it’s so wrong to attack a teenaged girl, you should always shut up and be gracious when it’s a kid and they should just be thankful she trained there and they should have trained her for free.” WTF? People would be livid if another less-favored athlete pulled the same shit.

        And I’m sorry, but they are running a business reliant on their customers. If I was accused of something, I would definitely advocate for myself. Why is it more about Gabby than their own lives? Why is her need for fame (untainted fame) supposed to supercede their lives, business, family, reputations and feelings? I for one liked the statement Excalibur released, and would have done the same.

    • Lauren H Says:

      sanity, you said everything I’ve been thinking about this interview to a T. I watched this on Sunday, finding much of the interview nauseating, but one thing really rubbed me the wrong way…the out of nowhere bashing of Gabby’s dad.

      Up until this interview, anytime I ever saw Gabby’s dad mentioned in fluff pieces or in interviews, he was always depicted as a father bravely serving his country overseas, cheering for his daughter from afar, while Gabby waited and prayed anxiously for his safe return home. NBC (and Gabby) really played the military brat card to the hilt, which I always thought was obnoxious because despite how difficult it is to have a loved won serving in the military, what does any of that have to do with gymnastics? But I digress…

      Jump ahead less than one year later and now Gabby’s dad is a deadbeat who doesn’t pay child support, and doesn’t have a relationship with his daughter?! I’m calling bull shit on this.

  19. Aerial Says:

    From Dena Walker: http://hamptonroads.com/2012/08/douglas-tells-oprah-she-felt-bullied-va-beach-gym

    I had to LOL at this comment, whether it’s spam or not: “She was bullied at the gym, sorry to hear that. While she was bullied there she was bullying my daughter at school.”

  20. Jamie Says:

    There are whole levels of crazy going on with the mom. Did you hear the part of the interview where Gabby said her mom gave her a new phone so her father couldn’t contact her? Ugh… Nothing screams “crazy power freak” like keeping your kids away from their father. I wonder if we will hear from Dad anytime soon?

  21. tulip Says:

    Good link Aerial

  22. DL Says:

    Gah, what we really want to know is if she’s training for 2013 and whether she’ll have upgrades. I thought it was interesting that Chow says that she hasn’t peaked yet. (But yeah, with the shitshow that’s going on, she’ll probably retire or flame out really badly.)

    Oprah sucks at addressing racism. She’s concentrating on interpersonal racism, which everyone has suffered. Everyone has felt humiliated at one time due to stuff related to race.

    If Oprah was smart, she would shy away from what amounts to namecalling (insinuating that the all the Excalibur gym family are racist–such a shitty thing to do to all those girls and their parents), and stick to looking at the institutional racism that hurts everyone involved. It’s NOT the day to day namecalling that’s the real problem. To keep the conversation fixated on hair and stupid jokes misses the point entirely.

  23. Kadie Says:

    Yahoo just posted an article of people dismissing gabbys claim. And pretty much mocking her on wanting to be called Gabrielle, since you know, the beauty of it makes it so much more appealing. Blah

  24. GymMom Says:

    In watching the Oprah interview, I noticed the odd body language of Gabby as Oprah coached her. She kept shrugging her shoulder etc. Seroously, if Gabby & her mother are so concerned about racism & bullying, they need to look no further than Gabby’s agent Sheryl Shade & her husband. They just lost a court case that their former black nanny filed against them after Shade’s husband verbally and physically assaulted her a couple of years ago. When a doctor who reduced in the Shades building found the nanny in the lobby after the assault, he thought she had been mugged? Google “Sheryl Shade Nanny Racism” to read about this. Gabby impressed with her gymnastics in London but not with her mouth ever since. She and her father were both interviewed by the Des Moines Register in July when he watched her at the Olympic Trials in San Jose. She even said that she was having trouble focusing there and seeing her Dad helped her win a spot on the Olympic Team. She talked in numerous interviews about his multiple deployments and how she skyped with him. THEN…all of a sudden she started bad-mouthing her Dad in interviews in London and thereafter. Where is the credibility there? The Olympic Committee pays for one parent to travel to the Olympics. I read that Gabby’s grandparents in Ohio raised $47,000 in donations from customers of their bar and also the local Veterans of Foreign Wars, that paid for Gabby’s siblings, grandparents and other extended family to travel & stay in London?? REALLY?? This is the same woman who is filed for Bankruptcy in January??? I bet she didn’t report that “income” to the US Bankruptcy Court?

    Last week Gabby’s mother got another “makeover” for a “photoshoot” related to a local organization that provides support to single mothers. This organization is giving her an award for her “single parenting” of Gabby?? This is a woman who married Gabby’s father TWICE!!!

    How about Gabby’s mother & sister inserting themselves into the Essence photoshoot in NYC right after the Olympics?? WHO DOES THAT???

    We didn’t see Shawn Johnson’s mother until recently in the Bounty commercials which she did reluctantly.

    The TRUTH is Gabby stayed with her coach Dena Walker in Virginia and Dena was her “surrogate” mother on trips to compete, including paying Gabby’s travel expenses.

    In Iowa, the Partons took Gabby in rent-free and they covered ALL of her expenses during the 2 years she lived with them. When Gabby’s
    mother claims to have “sacrificed” for Gabby’s training….when was that??? She owes so much money to the gym in Virginia and by the time she landed in Iowa, she was getting money from USA Gymnastics to pay Coach Chow. There is so much info out there that clearly illustrates the kind of dysfunctional USERS this family is!

    The news media is hell-bent on running with the bullying story, especially the “nose job” comment that was jokingly made at a party amongst girls discussing what kind of plastic surgery they wanted to get.

    Thanks for the great blog!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The whole situation is sad and pathetic. Gabby’s mother is the worst kind of human being.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Thanks for the great info GymMom. I’ve suspected this was the true story behind Gabby’s mom. I’ve also suspected thst the true source of these bullying/racism stories is Gabby’s mom fomented by her scumbag agent as well as Oprah.

      I also have to say I feel sorry for Gabby. She’s 16 and responsible for her own mouth but it is difficult for any kid to know how to act right when they grow up with so many negative role models around them.

      • GymMom Says:

        I don’t feel too sorry for Gabby. Nobody put a gun to her head to throw her Dad under the bus. And since she’s now paying the bills, she can decide whether or not to contact her father.

        It disgusts me that hard-working people in Ohio paid for the entire family and then some to go to London. Oprah interviewed the grandparents & extended family but none of that made it on the air. It didn’t fit with the “single mother all alone” story.

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