Gabby Douglas does the Onion


LMAO I swear I did not write this but I could have:P

I probably could have done a better job and used actual quotes by Gabby:)

Someone sent me the link and they got the picture online:)


Jordyn Wieber doesn’t think we should text and drive. Damn Olympians think they are politicians these days:) and no, NO ONE should text and drive, duh

This link has some pictures from tonight
t but I can’t guarantee they will be there in the future.

An article about her first pitch

Here is a direct link to a picture

Small article and video about the VMA’s

Geddert doesn’t believe in Jordyn. Tool she isn’t that old.

Aly Q and a



119 Responses to “Gabby Douglas does the Onion”

  1. gym1002 Says:

    That is hysterical!

  2. JAS4 Says:

    That’s too funny! I might be wrong but I think Gabby won’t be ready to return to her abnormal life until the fame train starts slowing down in a year or two lol

  3. Kazic Says:

    This is hilarious. I wish I had thought of something like this.

  4. Catherine Says:

    WOW that is just perfect. The headline, the photo. Brilliant work.

  5. Gymbee Says:

    Sweeet, I love the Onion! What did they do with Shawn again, didn’t they “put her down”? Love it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    Her expression could be labeled “Gabby is not impressed.” Then she could compete with McKayla.

  7. terrigymfan Says:

    Okay, I am showing my naivety here since I am not familiar with The Onion. Is this article a parody or did Gabby actually say these things?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Yes it is meant as a joke

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Hah. I was starting to think, “You know, that Gabby’s not half bad after all – she’s got a really good sense of humor” – then it clicked that this was a parody.

  8. terrigymfan Says:

    I think it is interesting that Jordan is so nervous about throwing a baseball, which apparently is something she has never done. As someone who loved playing softball growing up and even played baseball with the guys at times, I was always amazed to see girls (and a few wimpy guys too) who “threw like a girl.” Throwing a baseball or softball seems so natural for kids who grew up doing that it is hard to comprehend that it is actually a skill that has to be learned and even a world class gymnast cannot necessarily do it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It is a lot harder than it looks. I play baseball with my nephews and nieces all the time and half the time the ball goes left when I am aiming right.

      The pitchers mound is a lot further than you think it

      • terrigymfan Says:

        And hitting a baseball is even harder. Just ask Michael Jordan.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Jordan wasn’t given 5 extra steps to the basket when he played baseball. That is why he couldn’t be successful at it. Maybe if the umpires would have given him say 10 strikes instead of 3 he would have hit 500 with 130 homeruns:)

        I won’t debate Jordan was a great basketball player but the rules did not apply to him when he played and a lot of times when he broke the rules like taking 5 steps to the basket he was never called for the foul so he got extra opportunities.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I always laugh at these athletes who think just because they are great at one sport they are going to be great at another. Jordan also thought he could be a professiomal golfer. As I recall he was taken for several hundred thousand dollars by gamblers because of his hubris.

        Jordan was a grest basketball player but he is unbelievably arrogant. Did you hear about how he invited one of his high school teammates to some ceremony where Jordan was getting an award — the teammate was the guy who beat out Jordan for the team — and then pulled the “loot me now you loser” routine on the guy at the ceremony?

    • Case Says:

      Jo did fine last night. Her aim was dead on, just threw it a little short and it bounced once. She had her boot on so I’m sure that made it a little tougher. She got a standing ovation. Hell, she probably could have thrown it underhanded and gotten a standing ovation. Thought it was cute when the Tigers catcher asked her for her autograph too.

  9. Gymnerd Says:

    “London was likely the last Olympics for Wieber, given her bigger body type and the age of most Olympic competitors, her coach John Geddert said in London. “Like it or not, this is a little girl’s sport, not a women’s sport,” Geddert said. “And the little girls are going to prevail. Their bodies get off the ground better. You don’t have to deal with curves.””

    Eeeewwww…that just sounds kind of….creepy.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Personally I didn’t think Geddert’s statement was that creepy only because I have seen it said many times by all sorts of people in the gymnastics world, and usually in an even more “creepy” way by referring to “hips and boobs.” I am surprised that Geddert made the comment given that Jordyn has had “curves” for quite some time, and certainly when she won Worlds last year. Plus a lot of the older gymnasts with more “mature” bodies have had a lot of success, including Mustafina and Raisman, so I don’t think what he says is true. It does seem that it becomes more difficult for the girls to avoid injury as they get older. All in all, though, I think Geddert’s statement, even if you think there is some truth to it, was exceedingly ill-timed given he is Jordyn’s coach. It’s like he’s saying she is a has-been and should go ahead and retire.

      • Lauren Says:

        Terrigymfan, I totally agree. I think plenty of female gymnasts with adult bodes can be very successful (particularly the last ten years). I am really starting to not like Geddert, the more he tweets and says.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I think Jordyn still has potential especially if she were to upgrade all events I would love to see her learn a second vault and upgrade everywhere else or even if she left her bars pretty much as is and focused on her best events beam and floor and even learning the second vault and she could try to medal on those events instead of AA although I think she still has potential in the AA but if she were to focus on her best events I think she would have an even better chance of medaling and I think it wouldn’t be as difficult on her body some of the gymnast who have been around for a long time like Ponor and ASac just focuse on their best events but with the U.S. being so deep and the teams being so small I think it would be a good idea to still train all events just in case

      • Kazic Says:

        I think his statements were kind of classless. But I don’t think she would be served by continuing in the sport for much longer. I would love to see her at Worlds next year.

  10. mim Says:

    “When I go back home I’ll finally be able to talk to all the other girls who act as if they’re friends because they have no other choice,” said Douglas….. what on earth does she mean by this? that she had no friends at her gym and people just pretended to be her friend? if so, why does she want to talk to them?

    that quote from her is so confusing. i dont get it!

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I agree Mim that the statement, even as a parody, is confusing. I think the joke is supposed to be that Gabby likes being a total loner so much that she thinks all the other girls back home are pretty much “losers” because they have to interact with each other and therefore act like friends, even though they might not want to do so, when she doesn’t because she can hang out in the gym all day by herself. That point though is contradicted by the fact that it appears she is saying she is looking forward to talking to them to start with. The article overall is pretty funny but that line is confusing and not particularly well-written IMO.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        After reading the article there might be some truth in that gabby might actually be a loner or have a solitary persona. It would explain some of her behavior. Ive never believed her and the other girls were friends. There is no personal chemistry only I guess you can say Gymnastics team chemistry.

      • Kazic Says:

        She’s seemed kind of solitary on the team I actually have a personality a bit like that, so I sympathise. It doesn’t always mean the person is a jerk or arrogant, some people are just kind of natural loners.

      • Gymnerd Says:

        Terri – Apparently she said something similar in the Oprah interview, that she was made to feel “different” and “didn’t really belong and they let her know it.” I couldn’t figure out from the post or article who the alleged “THEY” were.

  11. Alex Says:

    Geddert is a total tool. If we didn’t already know it, the ugly tattoo and that out-of-touch quote in the article seal the deal. Who in their right mind PUBLICLY puts an expiration date on their best athlete? I hope Jordyn goes and trains with Chow or someone who won’t use her star to boost his. Ugh.

  12. Luckystar Says:

    Has this been posted? Blind items and Crazy Days and Nights are both usually bs, but I could see this happening.

    I’ve been mostly staying away from the fab five and every-4year fan overload. I can’t wait for this next quad to get going. I want to see the new gymnasts.

    • mim Says:

      honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true. blind gossip is scarily accurate, i wonder if it will pop up there.

      mckayla RUN AWAY from these creeps please.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I so hope Mckayla doesn’t get caught up in the Hollywood scene. There are so many creeps in that industry. There are creeps everywhere of course but Hollywood takes the cake. She says she wants to be an actress though.

      • mim Says:

        i know 😦 and hollywood is rife with those actors who love the underage. totally gross. hope her parents are aware of that if it’s true.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        If Roman Polanski were still in Hollywood he would be one guy she wouldn’t have to worry about. She is way too old for him. LOL

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Roman Polanski would love her.

    • JAS4 Says:

      Ugh unfortunately for these girls the creeper pervs are probably obsessed with them by now and apparently who ever they guy was that hit on McKayla is a very blatant perv

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I am one person who really can’t blame her parents for hiring security for her since apparently they can afford it. Today’s world is just so scary especially with the Internet and everything and the way anybody can track these girls so easily. The Shawn Johnson stalker incident was really scary.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        There was one tweet I thought was creepy. Some guy tweeted mckayla something about how good it is to be yourself and that when we meet you will see who I am. He was tweeting to the recent pic she posted.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I don’t blame McKayla’s parents for hiring body guards but if she wants to be in the Hollywood limelight, she has to deal with that crap (unfortunately). It comes with the trade. Her mom/bodyguard is likely going to have to accompany her every step of the way especially if her fame continues. I don’t know though – I have yet to see a gymnast able to become a major star. The closest thing is Shawn Johnson. We’ll see I guess but in a few weeks/months I have a feeling the McKayla thing will die down. Hollywood is very fickle.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Yeah, the Shawn Johnson thing would have died down except for the fact she actively kept it going by doing the DWTS thing. I don’t see Mckayla doing that type of thing in the next four years. Even if she doesn’t continue gymnastics I think she will focus on college or something else that is not in the limelight. She will have to be especially careful though for the next few months at least.

      • Guest Says:

        I think Mckayla is still able to hunt some reality show for her next year if not DWTS (Ryan, Phelps are the most possible choices).
        I also have heard that Shawn have interest on Amazing Race. Don’t know if she has further offers after her second DWTS.

  13. sanitynmotion Says:

    Did anyone see the quote at the bottom of the Jordyn texting article?

    “Jordyn Wieber was robbed. She should have been in the AA final if the judges did not overscore Gabby.

    After Gabby was gifted the AA spot they asked her about Jordyn not making the finals and this is what she said

    “We all have to live with disappointment” Gabby Douglas
    2 fans like this.”

    Haha, loved it!

    • terrigymfan Says:

      People do tend to forget that Aly finished ahead of Gabby in prelims and therefore it was Gabby not Aly who arguably “took” Jordyn’s spot. I agree that Gabby was overscored and Jordyn should have received the second spot. I don’t think, though, that Jordyn would have won gold in the aa final if she had competed. She might not have even medaled. I think that stress fracture was starting to take its toll on her.

      • Case Says:

        Agree Terri. In retrospect I think the US was represented by it’s two best medal chances in the AA final given all the other factors in play.

  14. Case Says:

    Looks like Gabby threw out the first pitch at the Mets game this afternoon. We must find the video.

  15. sanitynmotion Says:

    That’s really disappointing Geddert would say that about his best athlete he’s ever had. Even if it could be true, it’s just something you shouldn’t say. What if Jordyn wanted to continue and go for Rio? Should she feel not so inclined because she’s no longer a “little girl?” There have been plenty of examples out there of women being able to continue with the sport in its top level and still be successful. Jordyn has the tenacity and drive to be one of those women if she wanted. Geddert will be lucky to ever go to another Worlds championships again, much less an Olympic games.

    It doesn’t sound like Jordyn will be continuing with elite gymnastics if she’s already set on a college and position there. She’ll probably continue to be an athlete and represent athletics in general but I doubt now she’ll even try for another Worlds. I hope I’m wrong because it’s so inspiring when athletes like her stick around.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      It does seem that it would be impossible to train like you need to for the Olympics when you are in college and being an assistant coach but are not even competing collegiately. But we absolutely know that gymnasts who are no longer “little girls” can compete successfully. Just look at Mustafina. And as I noted earlier Jordyn was hardly a “little girl” when she won Worlds last year, so I just don’t know where Geddert is coming from on this.

    • Kazic Says:

      Yeah, Musty proves it can be done. But it wasn’t easy for her. I really hope Jo stays for Worlds.

  16. Kazic Says: An interesting interview with Gabby.

    • Case Says:

      Very interesting, but not surprising. Somewhere Kyla Ross is smiling and training while the other four are being run ragged.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Not surprising at all. Kyla I know people think your too quiet and boring but honey stay that way. Your gymnastics speaks for itself. Hollywood will eat you up and spit you out.

        Gabby get as much money as you can and get away from Hollywood as quickly as you can.

      • Kazic Says:

        Kyla’s too smart to be loud. I bet we’ll see a different side of her in 4 years.

        Saina that’s what I said. Gabby better buy a sack and catch as much money as she can lol.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Lol Kazic you know that saying be careful what you wish for you just might get it ? Gabby is living it right now. She needs to horde all the cash she can.

      • Kazic Says:

        I hope she does.

        It appears I spoke too soon. Kyla posted a twitpic with her permit…with her home address on it! I and some others were frantically tweeting the team about it. She just took it down. >_> No pictures for these kids!

  17. sanitynmotion Says:

    Even though I think that the US was represented by its two best medal chances in the AA (as Case pointed out earlier), I’m beginning to think that Geddert had a lot to do with Weiber’s eventual phase-out/denial to be an Olympics AA contender.

    Over a year before the Olympic games were starting, I remember watching nationals (I think it was nationals) in 2011 and Elfie said something to the likes of Geddert talking about how Jordyn was ready “now” for the Olympics and his main focus was just on keeping her healthy until the Games started. Meaning there was no intention of significantly upping Jordyn’s difficulty or changing her routines in the slightest. I guess that was a sign of things to come, because Jordyn’s teammates did the opposite; they added difficulty to their routines and kept tweaking them to get higher start values overall. The only change Jordyn did to her routines (really) was add those stupid beam connections that really deteriorated her beam routine overall – so no favors were given to her there. So her teammates passed her up.

    I’m starting to think Geddert was making up all these excuses because deep down, he knows it’s somewhat his fault. I wonder what Jordyn’s internal take on this is.

    • Dee Says:

      They needed to have changed that beam routine…that we all know was his fault.

      It makes me angry that he said that about her body type. She is a wonderful gymnast and is probably the most muscular one I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t call her “big” or “curvy”. The girl is athletic…and isn’t that what girls need now to get some power to do these skills?

      I have always thought Ponor was so pretty and fit, and no one ever says she is “big”…shes is tall and a little more filled out than the younger ones but yet she is one of the top gymnasts of the quad. I guess when you compare jordyn to the older women of the quad it seems crazy that her coach would say that. He should know better than to comment on a 16 year old girls body type for a public source.

      I always thought he was a great coach…but lately I’m surprised by how he is acting. Last year when jordyn was winning everything he was singing her praises…now that she didn’t bring home every possible gold from London Im surprised at how “meh” he is about her. A little too fickle for my taste.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I saw the signs when she didn’t qualify for AA and she went hunting for him and he turned away and left the arena. Maybe he didnt see her coming his way, maybe he wanted to comfort her in private, but I didn’t see him walk out and comfort her.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        NOBODY comforted her; not even her supposed best friends. I thought that whole thing was weird. I know maybe they figure she’d rather be “inside her shell” but it was all over national TV, at least drape an arm around her and help her through the media wagon. It all came off as rather unkind.

        And I don’t know what to make of Geddert; he probably wasn’t allowed on the floor at the time because another male coach was. Probably Mihai for FX.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        To defend Geddert a little bit, I still think that overall he is a pretty good guy. He’s obviously subject to second guessing now since things didn’t turn out as well with Jordyn at the Olympics as was hoped. However, I do agree with you Sandy that I thing he made some strategic missteps with her when he didn’t keep up with the competition on the difficulty of her routines.

        As far as his comment about “curves,” he didn’t actually say that about Jordyn. He was making a general comment espousing one of his theories, and we know he is quick to espouse this theories whether about training regimes, rule changes, judging, or otherwise. Nonetheless he did not exercise very good judgment stating that particular theory at this time given he is Jordyn’s coach.

        The one thing I will definitely give him credit for is I do not think he is a mean guy. I don’t think there is any way he wouldn’t have hugged Jordyn to comfort her if he thought it was the appropriate thing to do at the time. I think most of that is just misperception about exactly the circumstances that existed at the moment.

      • Case Says:

        I was pretty ticked off too when Jordyn was left there to cry alone. A day or two later I read this article from a pretty level headed reporter that made me feel a bit better about it.

      • Kazic Says:

        I do blame Geddert at least in part for Jo not making AA. There was a rumor when it happened that during podium training he was told that she wouldnt recieve a lot of her beam connections, and he ignored it. Since that was mostly what tanked her, a lot of the failure can be placed around his neck.

        A lot of some of the criticism of Jo being “big” reminds me of another of my favorite athletes: Alpine Skier Lindsey Vonn. She’s a big tall, powerful woman, I hear guys all the time try to say she’ fat or curvy. In actuality, she’s just really built, just like Jordyn is.

        I think that unlike a state funded team, even though we partly train together, we aren’t quite as cohesive. We are very much a group of individuals working together, instead of a unit. I might get some flak for that, but it’s not exactly a critique of our program, just an observation. If you compare how we act, to the Russian team, there’s a marked difference. Those girls do everything together. For good or ill, they are a family. So they express themselves as one. Just look at how they comforted each other in TF.

        It’s not the same with us. Quals was the only place we suffered a major disappointment, so you could gauge how we would act in such a situation. I don’t think the girls were being cold, they just didn’t know quite how to react. They may have called themselves giving Jo some space. Thank God for Hannah Whelan and Beth Tweddle though. Those are some classy dames.

        On a related note, I was quite surprised how well the Brits recieved us. We were probably the second loudest cheered team (behind team gb of course), and we got a lot of support from the GB girls. During the floor routines they were basically a second cheering section. And as everyone knows, while Aly went to go give her congrats to Russia, the rest of our team was all wrapped up in the GB team. They seemed very supportive of us in a way I did not expect. It could be at least partly because no one seems to like poor Russia lol. They got almost no cheers. Can any of our international people here shed some light on the situation for me?

      • Kazic Says:

        Oh I also forgot to add that though it kills me Jo didn’t make AA, the way they were scoring her, I don’t think she was ever in contention for Gold. If she had gone, our Gold medalist wouldn’t have, which would probably have given the top spot to Komova. Ah what could have been. Though I am glad we are 3 time AA champs.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Kazic, your comment that the Russians are cohesive and act as a team is generally true but I didn’t see it so much this time around. In fact it seemed like they were almost bickering at times, including with their coaches, and all that crying showed little discipline if you ask me. The US girls acted much more as a team this time around. In the old days the Russians (or before that the Soviets) were so very disciplined. I cannot imagine their coaches letting them do all that balling.

      • Kazic Says:

        Terri when did you see them bicker? I heard some of their practices we difficult, but they had a lot of injuries. Also what crying? I only saw tears when they lost. Doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me.

        I dunno. Maybe it has to do with being american and having more access to our girls than other programs, but to me we are definitely more individualistic. Doesn’t mean we aren’t a team, and didn’t support one another.

      • Dee Says:

        To his credit, I did hear somewhere that he later visited her and they hugged/talked about the letdown from prelims.

        The hardest part about prelims (for me) was watching the girls leave jordyn behind, but part of it was due to them being shoved into the media area right after and I’m not sure that there was time to meet as a team and hug it out. She was left alone for what seemed like a long time of you watched the live feed.

        I will agree though that gymnastics in America is all about individualism. This team seemed to be closer friends-wise than any I’ve seen in a long time…but you have to think that in the back of all their minds they cared more about their individual chances at gold than all the team hoopla….because in the good ‘ole US of A, individual gold is really where the money/fame is at. (unlike in other countries where it seems as though team medals are more celebrated, no matter the color – just look at Russia and the Audi/prize money)

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Kazik, maybe it was more that I heard reports that they were bickering than I actually saw it. I did see Mustafina sling her coach’s arm off her when he tried to comfort her after she had a bad routine once. It was blatantly disrespectful IMO. I also saw a ridiculous amount of crying among them. The team did it as a whole when they lost team finals and Komova did it when she lost to Gabby in aa finals. Yes of course it was when they lost, but I think it showed a lack of discipline and allowing your emotions to get the best of you. I don’t know how that played with the Russian public but I bet a lot of Russians were a little embarrassed about it. I am pretty sure a lot of us here in America would have been embarrassed if our team had lost (or Gabby had lost) and had put on that kind of a display.

        Don’t get me wrong Kazic. I really do like the Russians, especially Mustafina and Komova and hope they continue to compete. I am just giving my honest assessment of their team chemistry, or at least their level of discipline, this time around.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah for a “little girls” sport it’s surprising how little attention is focused on mentality and overall psyche of these athletes. These girls are so young they don’t know any better, gymnastics is all they live for, and they’re being told from a young age that gold is the only medal that counts. Even Komova stated somewhere how her viewpoints were “if you get the silver you may as well not get a medal at all.” SOMEONE had to have taught her that attitude and let’s face it, it’s becoming that way internationally. It’s like if you don’t win gold you’re a loser. I hate that mentality. It should be about being there, competing for your country, and having a good time (not everybody gets to participate in an Olympic games!) I loved how the Canadians were psyched to get FIFTH place. That’s what it should be about.

        Sadly it’s even getting that way in the States, too. When Mike Phelps won silver in the 200 fly it was nothing but disappointment on his mom’s face. I wanted to be like ARE YOU KIDDING ME he’s won like 23+ medals and you’re going to have a “boo hoo” face over SILVER? I personally would KILL to win a silver at the Olympics. How awesome would that be. But nooooo it’s all about gold. It’s the way it is because endorsements typically revolve around gold medal athletes. If you are a silver medalist they’ll ignore you (unless you’re beautiful, like Lolo Jones, or have been the reigning person in that sport for a loooong time, like Kwan). So anyways, that being said, it just saddens me that the focus is on the color of medal you won over the type of person you are.

        And yes, they should totally have therapists for these gymnasts. Geddert was kind of spot on when he mentioned that the 3 up 3 count scenario is very detrimental to a young girl’s psyche; all that pressure and if they mess up, they will never get over it.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Sandy, you make a good point about the Russian v. Soviet teams. I am probably remembering more the old Soviet and Unified Teams. They always seemed incredibly disciplined to me. Of course they always won and dominated so there was no reason to cry. The more recent Russian teams might have been cohesive but I am not so sure “disciplined” or “good sports” applies much.

        I agree that the Russians’ reaction to losing might stem from the fact there probably is a lot more pressure on them. Gymnastics is such a premier sport in that country and a matter of national pride. I am sure all those girls felt like they let their country down by not winning team gold, and of course Komova felt that way about not winning gold in the aa. I am sure the US girls felt those same emotions but not nearly as intensely. Mckayla’s reaction to not winning gold in aa – which was to act annoyed but not to cry – says a lot in my view about the difference in how the US girls viewed this versus how the Russians viewed this. I actually think the US is at a very happy point in terms of pressure. It is enough to make them perform at a high level but not so much to be counterproductive. I think the pressure the Russians were feeling was so intense that it did affect their performance, at least in the team final, and certainly resulted in the outbursts of crying when they realized they were going to lose.

        I’ve said though that I do like the Russian gymnasts very much. They really do have an elegant and beautiful style about them that is quite different from the more powerful style of the US team. I like Mustafina, notwithstanding the way she treated her coach that one time, because she has such an unusually strong-willed personality and also is a great gymnast. And Komova is such an elegant and beautiful gymnast. If she can grow up a little and get a little more toughness about her, I can see her taking gold in the aa in Rio.

      • mim Says:

        from an international person/non american – i was 100% behind the US team, i think they are such a talented bunch and after following them for awhile, i was cheering for them as if they were from my own country. i was so proud for them winning gold. if i had attended i probably would have cheered just as much for musty, sui and of course beth! i couldn’t tell you how the aussie media were because this olympic coverage was so terrible and received many complaints, only really focused on australians so as soon as we were (rightfully) out of team finals there was little attention to gymnastics at all, except for a bit of lauren mitchell fluff here and there. in the news though, the most hype was for aly on floor, even moreso than gabby for AA.

        the russians this year just seemed to want it to badly that it unfocused them. there just seemed to be a lack of maturity from them, or mental strength. even afan seemed to lose focus, and she’s the veteran. i know they are all mostly teens, but you’d never see, for example, the chinese girls act up too much. even in their tears they still were pretty classy (the image of he kexin wiping away her teammates tears was precious). im like a broken record about this but the girls need sports psychs. or better than the ones they have because i still can’t get over how rattled they were in team finals.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        And one other thing about the crying Russians. I loved the Russians this year – I have really learned to appreciate their gymnastics especially compared to the US (no offense to the US, I love them too they are my country, but just the dance moves Mustafina does on beam doesn’t hold a candle to the awkward-looking move Aly does where she lays down on the beam and runs her hand along it, for instance), but the Russians have never really displayed maturity at the Olympics from what I can remember. Maybe as a Soviet team, yes, but I remember instances where the Russians took off their silver medals in disgust in Sydney or of course when Khorkina ranted about how she should have been the winner over Carly in 2004…the Russians have always been emotional basket cases, even when they win! I’m thinking part of it must be a culture thing and the other part of it is that these are young girls who have been doing basically one thing all of their lives and have no concept of the outside world other than gymnastics. So I can understand the tears from Komova because she feels like she disappointed her country and her teammates, and she disappointed herself. She qualified first going into Worlds in 2011 and the Olympics, only to lose out to an American. That’s kind of a bummer, from anyone’s standpoint. And she later on was more graceful after the AA by stating that Gabby did beautifully and deserved the win.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        One more thing Sandy totally off point. You mentioned you would be so happy to win a silver medal at the Olympics. My husband and I were at a neighborhood party about four years ago. The subject of Michael Phelps came up and my husband mentioned to the guy next to him, who we had never met before, that it was just incredible that a guy could win 8 gold medals at one Olympics. The guy nonchalantly replied, “Yeah, it was tough enough winning two.” It turns out this guy won two gold medals in swimming at the 1996 Olympics (he was on relay teams, but gold is gold). Talk about the understatement of the year!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Wow, that’s cool. I’d be stoked just to be an Olympian. But I guess as you grow through a sport you’re really good at, the expectations mount to the point where you look beyond just making the Games to getting a medal.

        Even so, I do get bummed about the total emphasis on gold. I think it should speak more as to your character; part of the reason why I liked Shawn Johnson so much was she was always humble, always congratulated her teammates, and was such a great fighter even though she didn’t win that AA – her floor routine in the AA was incredible and I remember thinking “wow, she did that even though she basically knew the gold couldn’t be hers.” She actually did burst into tears right after but wiped them away – she later said it was all the emotion finally coming out of her from the stress of competition. I couldn’t help but think a little had to do with not meeting the expectation of her to bring home the gold. It didn’t matter to me though because her character showed much more about her and who she was and I found her much more of an icon/model in the sport than Liukin – even though at this point I didn’t even know the stuff about Liukin (calling Memmel fat and all that).

        I actually laughed when Mustafina shrugged off her coach because I was thinking “he should know better than to want to console her right now.” She had just fallen off of beam and was obviously pissed at herself. When she’s pissed you don’t get in her way for the first few minutes…I think her coach later realized this. It wasn’t the main dude that tried to hug her I don’t think (Alexander Alexandrov) but another dude. I have to give her credit though for coming back and doing a decent floor routine after that. I read in an interview too that she came to the Games expecting only to do two routines: vault and bars. She wasn’t expected to do floor or beam in quals until Grishina basically backed out, and then she had to do it. She did an awesome showing considering that!

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I was probably being a little harsh saying Mustafina was being disrespectful. She is definitely a strong-willed girl and I like her a lot.

        I also think there is nothing wrong with tears, especially when there is sudden and unexpected disappointment such as what happened to Shawn or Jordyn. In both cases though they got control of themselves very quickly. What surprised me so much about the Russians during the team performance was they weren’t even close to the US team. Enough said about that though. Komova does need to get emotionally tougher and more mature. She did a little give up a couple of times during event finals — more or less didn’t even try to stay on the beam or recover when starting to fall to the side when landing on vault — which displayed immaturity. I do like her very much and think she is a wonderful gymnast. I’m expecting a more mature Komova at future competitions, especially if she sticks around until Rio.

        I also agree that people act like getting silver is “losing” (that commercial with Shawn parodied that actually). No, silver is beating every single gymnast in the entire world except one. It’s ridiculous to call that losing.

        BTW, if there is ever a gymnast who is turning “only” winning silver into a good thing it is Mckayla. The way she immediately joined in the fun of the “Mckalya is not impressed” thing is great. I know her fame on this will die down soon but she really has unbelievable charisma. She was great on Letterman. I love it when Letterman asked her a question that was designed to get her to say she thinks it was a unfair that people were making such a big deal about a look she probably had on her face for about 2 seconds during the medal ceremony, but instead of agreeing with Letterman, she immediately says, “But it’s funny,” which essentially was the opposite thing Letterman was trying to get her to say. People love the fact that rather than getting annoyed at the joke she has joined right in the fun.

        And my poor son, who is almost 16 and about to start his junior year in high school, just has an unbelievable crush right now on Mckayla. I suspect he is not the only teenage boy like that.

      • Kazic Says:

        I don’t see a problem with the Russians crying when they lost. On the matter Musty said this: “There is no joy on our faces because we are a little tired. We still haven’t fully processed it all. First, we cried with pain, then – with joy. We knew that we could have been better. Even though we would not have been first, but we could have competed more confidently. Although overtaking the United States would have probably been impossible. The American women have now proven that they are the best.” Kinda sums it up, and makes the whole thing a bit classier, if you like. She said this at the press conference right after they lost.

        As for the rumors about them bickering, I don’t trust them, because all the ones I heard were coming from NBC. Also, I know that USA was pretty lucky in that we didn’t have any major injuries. Russia was battling a few things, so they may have had some temperment issues. Like I said, I’m not going to factor too much speculation into my opinion of them. I think that their gymnastics is beautiful. They all get dance training and it shows. That graceful ability is one of the hallmarks of their program. I never really appreciated the sheep jump on beam till I saw Komova do it. She’s incredible.

        But one of my major issues with their program some of you guys have mentioned it already) is they have a gold or nothing attitude. IMO it’s one of their primary issues. It was indeed Komova who said that Silver was like no medal at all, and when Alexandrov was asked about it, he agreed with her. It’s a bad attitude and they need to cut it out.They put so much pressure on the girls that they crack. I don’t say that to mean than the US didn’t want to win, but again as it was mentioned, I don’t think something like Mckayla’s situation would have happened in Russia. That’s one thing I was very proud of her for (though she wasn’t great on the podium) was how she handled it afterward. She could have let it wreck her, but she found the humor in it.

        Concerning Russian attitudes, I have a bit of an inside track there as there is a Russian in my house. According to him, they don’t look unfavorably on showing ones emotions, as long as you aren’t being a bad sport about it. You can see this exibited in some of the interviews that have been given. If you look at the Americans, we say oh we just want to do our best, blah blah, Russians named the US as their chiefest rival and said they hoped to beat us. There’s just a cultural difference there I think. I am not sure you can compare the soviets, because they were stoic cause they knew they’d get sent to the salt mines if they cried lol.

        About Musty’s moment with her coach, it still surprises me that they try to mess with her when she’s effed up a routine. I’ve never met the kid, and I know not to do that. You would think the coaches who have spent years with her would know that too. It definitely wasn’t her finest moment, but she’s a very intense competitior. Again, I think it was more about inward fustration rather than being mad at Alexandrof. Terri I get if it rubbed you wrong, that’s just her personality. If you look at some of her interviews outside of competitions, you will find that the laser focus does have an off switch.

        As for Vika, she does need to learn to control herself better. My hope is that she will mature enough emotionally in these 4 years to be able to shrug off disappointment. She did talk about retiring, but decided to continue in the sport. And she should, she does some amazing things.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Kazik, outstanding comment above about the Russian team. You make a lot of great points.

        I was probably unclear about my feelings about Musty. She definitely does not rub me the wrong way. I very much like her feistiness actually. I did think her moment with her coach was over-the-top, but maybe it is just because I am not used to seeing athletes here in the States, even professional men athletes, be so ballsy with their coaches. Thanks for providing the quote from her press conference after team finals, which I had not seen before. Showed a lot of class on her part. Actually I never thought the Russians showed any poor sportsmansip. Maybe in the past a couple of times but certainly not this year.

        As for Komova, It appears we think alike on her. She is a beautiful, wonderful gymnast who should do even better wirh a llittle more maturity.

        And you are absolutely right that anything said by Daggert, Elfie, and Al can’t be trusted as far as you can throw a stick. I still wiil not forgive those three for the way they piled on Rebecca Tunney at the American Cup earlier this year.

      • Kazic Says:

        You had good points too. The Russians need to work on consistency. They might have less issues with consistency though, if they placed less emphasis on first place. Like I was saying, I don’t want to give the impression that I think they are perfect. There’s big cracks in their foundation, and it all showed through in TF in London. But I think they will fight like hell in the next few years to polish things up.

        I really do feel that we are more of a team of individuals. Part of that simply has to do with American culture though. It who we are as a people. We place a great deal of emphasis on the individual and individual accomplishments. Disfunctional or not, the Russians (and Chinese, though too a lesser extent because they are taught to be more stoic) seem to be more of a family. Hey, it’s not as though it’s not working for us. We have the shiny gold hardware to prove it lol. I just admire seeing team-mates really support one another.

        I am totally in agreement with you about the Terrible Trio. I am currently rewatching the 2011 American cup, and listening to them commentate is making my ears bleed. They are especially crucifying poor Musty, calling her names, the whole nine. The way they lambasted Rebecca Tunney at the 2012 American Cup, who’s a jewel by the way, was despicable. If I had reports of the Russians arguing at the Olympics from another source, I would be willing to factor it into my opinions. But since it’s from the Nationalist Nazis, I am inclined to ignore it 😉

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Rebecca is just a little darling IMO. If you listened to those 3 NBC a…holes you would have thought after the American Cup she was going to lie in some corner in the fetal position for the next six months crying like a baby and sucking her thumb. Instead she wound up finishing around 13th in the aa finals at the Olympics, a very fine showing for such a young girl IMO.

      • Kazic Says:

        Yeah Tunney’s great, and has plenty of gymnastics left in her. I love her fun loving attitude.

        If anyone is interested in another Musty interview (she’s a bit shy in this one): Don’t think I have posted that one.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I just think about the Russian coach before Alexandrov who I love by the way. From watching him him interviews he seems to have a good relationship with musty and the girls and can handle their mood swings. When I think about Arkayev or whatever his name is and if he were still the Russian coach what this team would have been likein London.

    • tulip Says:

      You have an excellent point about preparation and upgrades. Gabby literally became a different gymnast in the year before the Olympics. Chow took her from being a bars specialist with that Nationals beam meltdown to Olympic champ. Her upgrades were pretty incredible and fast. Amanar, full on beam, more release moves on bars and her floor tumbling.

      And like you said, Jordyn really didn’t. Again, wonder about the line between Marta and Geddert decision making

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Does Chow get credit for that or was it a case of the judges overscoring her that she knew even if she messed up she would still score well so she wasn’t nervous.

        Nastia in 08 even said after prelims she was going to win if she stayed on by the way the judges were scoring her and so she wasn’t nervous. Gabby got that same benefit.

  18. gingercrush Says:

    John Geddert is a tool and pathetic. And he was both of those prior to the London Olympics only most of you being American and all couldn’t see it.

    He has been a trainwreck and I can’t believe anyone thinks he is a pretty decent guy.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Obviously you are entitled to your opinion but please explain why you think we couldn’t see it if we are American?

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Maybe ginger is saying because we’re American and therefore rooting for him by means of him having one of the best athletes on the team. I dunno. But if it’s something like “you’re American; hence you are dumb” then that’s a ballsy statement.

      I saw another comment on here about what a “not-so-great” person he is and I too would like further insight on that. All we are “privy” too is his blogs and then what we see on TV and the Internet. We don’t know one thing about him, although from his Twitter feeds during the games and then after in some articles, and add on to this his tattoo, my impression of him has really been on the decline. Before the Games I was like “hooray! Someone finally sticking up for his athlete and hinting to Marta her training camps hurt more than help.” I appreciated that voice. Then it seemed as though when things weren’t going his way he became like a little child skulking in the corner and whining. After witnessing this all I have to say is that Wieber impresses the crap out of me, despite having that personality type for a coach. Wow. Her parents/family seem pretty down to earth and reasonable, too. I hope all good things come her way.

      But anyways, I’d like more insight on Geddert if anyone has any. And I ditto Terri’s question about the American thing. Hey, no country is perfect!

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Everybody has their opinion on Geddert but I don’t see what being an American has to do with it. In fact a lot of his biggest critics on here have been from Americans.

      • Dee Says:

        Yea that was a little bit of a ballsy statement and it would be interesting to have it elaborated on…hmmm.

        I always thought he was a strong coach with a great program and that he did a good job with jordyn. However, I think the Olympics totally went to his head and that is when I personally saw the biggest change in him. The other coaches seemed to stay unchanged by the entire thing, whether or not it was their first time to the Games…

        I think his program is going to boom, just like the rest of the Fab Five’s gyms, but after all his Marta bashing/fighting against, I think it will be a veryyyy long time before we see an elite come out of his gym and have success anywhere close to what he had with jordyn.

    • Kazic Says:

      I dunno. I’m half ‘murrican, and I can tell Geddard is kind of a tool. Just because he coaches an athlete I like and respect immensely doesn’t make me blind to his faults.

  19. newbie Says:

    I’d love it if John Geddert had a blog about things he learned from the Olympics. He always seemed kind of “ballsy” on his blogs – and I am curious if he will ever admit he messed up with her beam routine, and not upgrading her other events… I mean it looked like she had a pretty good double layout in the videos from USA Gymnastics, it’s a shame he didn’t put any of those in the routines.

  20. Exgymgurl Says:

    I think geddert has a huge ego. I think the size of his tattoo is representative of the size of his ego. He helped someone get to the Olympics. he didn’t win gold, yet you’d think looking at his back he did. He kind of needs to go back to being a great level 10 coach for a while. I don’t see him getting transfers like Liukin and Chao, although if McKenzie Wofford needed a new coach and wanted to stay elite and make a run at it… LOL

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I honestly think this is the last we’ll be seeing of Geddert. He kind of black balled himself prior to the Marta camps. He was getting very ballsy leading up to the Olympics, and now that his athlete is no longer the leader of Team USA, I highly doubt Marta will look at one of his gymnasts ever again if she doesn’t “have” to.

      Out of all the coaches I think Mihai and Chow came out looking like gold. They have repeated two rounds of the Olympics with some great athletes. I hope we see more of them, for sure.

      Valerie Liukin can also go off to where Geddert’s about to be taken as well in my book.

      • Kazic Says:

        Valeri needs to learn how to peak his athletes (excluding nastia) properly and then we’ll talk lol.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I also have a feeling Sandy that this is about it for Geddert. I’ve always thought that a great gymnast is about 95% due to the talent and inner makeup of the gymnast and maybe 5% due to coaching, so it was mostly luck on Geddert’s part anyway that he wound up with such a great gymnast. I do give him credit for pretty much admitting as much on one of his blogs.

        As much as I loved seeing him openly criticize Marta in his blogs, we’ve seen time and again what happens to a coach or gymnast who crosses her. She is like an elephant in that she never forgets.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Valeri is practically Martas brother. I can’t even imagine those two

      • Case Says:

        Does anyone know why Marta chose him to be team coach? She must have seen something in him, right? She’s a tough customer so I just wonder how that all came to pass.

      • Dee Says:

        I think, Although I can’t be for certain, that you get picked as Olympic team coach if you are the coach of the current world champion? I think that is honestly the only reason he was given that title.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I was confused as to the decision making process. Geddert said from the start he was just figurehead and all decisions were made by consensus among all the coaches. Bela complained after prelims that Jordyn didn’t make aa finals because the coaches, over Marta’s objection, had Jordyn go too soon in the order on some events. All in all it sounded like Marta did not contol things in London.

      • Aerial Says:

        I was assuming that since he coached 4/5 of the girls at Worlds as head coach, he was chosen to be a consistent link for this job. Personally, I hoped it would be Chow. Guy has his athletes train less, they’re happier, he doesn’t gauge his own happiness on their outcomes, and still they are superb.

      • mim Says:

        terri, i was really confused by that too. geddert’s blog posts hinted at him not being happy with the lineup (jordyn going too soon), then bela comes out saying the orders screwed jordyn out of AA finals… so who on earth was deciding the lineup? all the other coaches outvoting john? was bela bullshitting to save face for jordyn missing out on AA? was it a autocratic decision made by marta? i’d really love to know, because something didn’t quite add up there.

  21. catherine Says:

    This is amazing, its the total figurehead president of my country laying into Michael graham. Never knew he had it in him! Its 2 years old but only going viral now.

    Anyway, I think geddert cannot but shoulder some of the blame, for resting on his laurels about difficulty and for keeping those joke beam connections. There’s a bit of a history with some coaches leaving things clearly not working in routines, I don’t get it..atler’s comaneci salto and maroneys third pass coming to mind.

    • Dee Says:

      I think that sometimes coaches get caught up in the “if you hit this, the routine will score amazingly” trap and keep making the gymnast practice passes, connections or skills that in reality….just are not working for that particular athlete. And sometimes they are just connections that wouldnt work at all.

      I wish he would have listened (if the rumor is true) and had jordyn change the beam routine.

    • mim Says:

      im still confused why mckayla was told to keep her third pass on floor. way too risky!

  22. Kel Says:

    I totally get what people are saying about Geddert and how he may be partly to blame for Jordyn not qualifying to the AA. However, I feel like Jordyn bears some of this responsibility too. As an athlete, wouldn’t you see everyone around you upgrading and want to upgrade? Wouldn’t you want to push the limits of what you can do in the sport, while trying to maintain your health of course? They both seemed content to keep her routines the same. I love Jordyn and I still think she should have qualified based on her performances in qualifications, but at the same time I was growing a little bored of her routines. They just weren’t exciting anymore. I disagree with others in that I really think if Jordyn had competed in the AA final, she would have won silver. I think Komova would have won gold. Jordyn wasn’t at her best in qualifications and her scores on that day would have won the silver in the finals.

    • Dee Says:

      I see what you are saying but I think at the later stages of the game (nationals – trials) it was all about perfecting what she already had. To upgrade at that time might have been a risk…but who knows. She might have asked to upgrade and he might have said to just maintain what she already had? I thought I had heard her coach say that after nationals? Maybe in a blog?

  23. terrigymfan Says:

    This is totally off subject from anything else said tonight, but the Red Sox must be playing at home tonight since we haven’t heard from GTT all evening.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Yes they were home. I was at that debacle of a baseball game and I don’t want to discuss it…………………:)

  24. tulip Says:

    Here we go. Offrah interviewed Gabby who talks about being bullied by other gymnasts. I’m sure Offrah will go on and on about it. I cannot stand that woman. She is as racist as the people she calls out for the same thing. How she got middle America to see through that is quite an accomplishment.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Don’t you understand that everyone not black is racist? Isn’t that the thought process?

      Oprah is a fucking idiot. It is that simple.

      • tulip Says:

        I get it now, thanks to Oprah for setting me straight. Haven’t tuned in to her interviews yet and don’t think I can do it now.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t watch Gabby stuff. I have a sinking feeling in my stomach as it is, Gabby would just make me toss my cookies

      • tulip Says:

        I get it now, thanks to Oprah for setting me straight. Haven’t tuned in to her interviews yet and don’t think I can do it now.

        Do you think O would bring on her National teammates to see what they think?

      • Gymnerd Says:

        I watched the preview on YouTube and Gabby was “bulllllllllllllllllied” at Excalibur for being “different.” Does this mean because she’s black? I’d bully her just because she’s an annoying, arrogant little bitch.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That would be my guess. If Gabby was bullied it was because she acted like she was better than everyone else. Those types of kids being bullied have only themselves to blame.

      • mim Says:

        im so glad it’s easy for me to avoid the media hoopla unless i go searching for it myself.

        oprah is uber annoying. when gabby talks about being “bullied” is she referring to her olympic teammates or other girls at her gym/s?

        but i mean who knows… maybe she was bullied, and her cockiness/slight arrogance is her way of asserting herself/not being the victim anymore. the way teens react to traumatic situations can be completely unrealistic/unreasonable/different from an adult reaction. or maybe she really is just up herself. we’ll never really know.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Maybe she was bullied because she acted like she was better than everyone else and that is how she acts with her teammates.I am sure she acted that way at her old gym

  25. tulip Says:

    I was referring to the.discussion way up there lol of preparations during the previous year and questions about Jordyn keeping her routines for the most part. Gabby did have loads of upgrades fast as did most of the others except Jo and Kyla. I will always wonder how much of a role Marta played in those decisions. She’s never been shy about playing favorites, even though that rocket scientist Tim Daggett says otherwise.

    GTT, didn’t you or someone here say that Marta didn’t want to waste too much of her time on Kyla’s routines because the plan was for Nastia to have her spot? I just wonder why some were allowed/encouraged to upgrade and others weren’t.

    During prelims and AA finals, I believe completely that Gabby got gifted connections that others didn’t. And floor was overscored.

    I had always looked at 08 as the classic example of judging bias. Nastia was handed her AA gold and am glad you shared that about knowing she’s the winner if she stayed on. Why be
    nervous when you already know the results. And Fei wins bronze for landing on her head aka not completing the vault. It’s all a corrupt mess and with Marta, the FIG with Nastia as athletic representative/wannabe competitor, Nellie Kim etc… I don’t see it changing until the coaches and athletes revolt. Sad. Wish everyone was judged the same way.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I said Nastia was told if she hit her routine on day two she would be put on the team but who she would replace was never mentioned.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’m almost 99% sure it would have been Kyla. Marta was planning on taking Maroney since day 1 for her vault capabilities alone (McKayla saying she “knew she was on the team for vault only anyways” after the toe thing kind of clued me in to that). It was supposedly a guaranteed gold at the time (lol). Marta holding back Kyla on floor gives me every indication she was putting Kyla in the “bars/beam” specialist category, against Nastia, and notice how very little attention Kyla was getting in the mainstream media anyways. It was like Marta was holding her back so nobody would really know/have any clue someone way better was getting screwed over for the likes of Nastia. Nastia is “known” whereas Kyla (before these Olympics really) was not.

        Also, and maybe this is just me driving some sort of conspiracy theory, but Tim/Elfie and crew really could only speak of how Kyla was supposedly “underperforming” and not meeting her potential every meet they got to commentate on. Even when Kyla would beat Gabby at bars day 1 at nationals (or Trials?) it was like “hush hush.” It was only until the second day of nationals or first day of Trials (I forget) where one of them mentioned that Marta “did” have her eye on Kyla and said “I love Kyla!” It was almost as if they too saw that there was a chance Nastia wasn’t going to pick up her bars in time and they were “resigned” to accept this new girl on the scene.

        Sorry, I rant. I’m just really glad Nastia fell and Kyla got her due Olympics. How awful would it have been if Nastia was on that team and got a team gold. We’d never hear the end of it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I never would have written that blog if Nastia was on this team. They could have brought her just for bars and still won even if she tanked. OMG that is

        I agree with you about NBC but I really think the scary commentators were doing what they were told. Marta wanted to take Nastia and would have if she had hit but she also saw her suck in practice and she must have known early that Nastia had no shot of hitting that routine. That is why it went from, Kyla was borderline to Kyla was great.

        How much more proof do we need besides the Memmell situation to know that Marta will do whatever she wants and she doesn’t care what we think.

        That reminds me, time to send Steve Penney another e-mail telling him what an ass he is. Just because they won doesn’t mean it changes what he did. I will continue to remind him at least twice a year.

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