BREAKING NEWS, no more: Crisis averted

Her latest picture

This was just facebooked by Grace Chiu who shoots all the gymnastics at the Olympics.

New update from Grace. All is fine and please explain to me how telling people there was trouble to get everyone out is f******* okay with anyone?????????????


Grace Chiu GraceClick Wow, what a panic! After being told 5 times that it was not a drill, I gathered all my crap, headed out of the venue media centre, noticed people still working in the stadium, got out anyway, snapped a few shots of props, & learned that it was a false alarm. Definitely a ploy to get people to leave… as was the case during every event.

I hope it is not serious but this is a real facebook update. GTT breaking news.

If you sign onto facebook you can see the comment yourself.

Grace Chiu GraceClick
34 minutes ago near Bow, United Kingdom
They’re evacuating the Olympic Stadium. Seriously. Being told there’s some kind of emergency & they want us to leave.


58 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS, no more: Crisis averted”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Wow! Hope everything is alright!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She has no further updates and cnn has not caught on so I don’t know what is going on.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I couldn’t find anything online or in twitter yet

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I only saw this one post by Grace and I linked it. I think you can see her page from any facebook. Maybe it was something small and she just freaked out. She had time to update but hasn’t.

  2. Aerial Says:

    I thought it would be over by now? Or are people still partying in there at 2am?

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    Maybe they just want everyone out?

  4. Aerial Says:

    Strange. I checked a few times on CNN before she posted the update. Glad the games aren’t actually closing on some kind of crisis.

  5. JAS4 Says:

    Clearly they have never heard of the boy who cried wolf lol

  6. Biyatch Says:

    Rando comment but looking at some of the girls twitter pictures, its hard to not notice kayla’s major growth spurt. She might not make it through the next quad. Also Aly seems to be shrinking a bit, with Jordyn going the opposite way. The pictures of them together really shows a striking difference.

    • nero Says:

      I hope all of the girls can ‘settle in’, if you know what I mean. Aly and Jordyn were fighting their bodies after Worlds, hopefully after the tour they can all manage their gymnastics again. Ponor and Izbasa are like 5’5, so it’s not entirely impossible

      And on a side note, Shawn might have the pimpiest agent on the face of the planet. Shawn got partnered with Derek Hough for DWTS meaning she will most certainly make it to top 3. Unless of course her knee falls off or something.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Is it bad if I almost hope her knee can’t handle it, only because I’m still bitter she totally led her fans on up through nationals? I’m just kind of sick of the 2008 squad still getting recognition after what the 2012 squad did. Aly and Gabby have more Olympic gold medals than she or Nastia have…combined.

      • nero Says:

        I think it was totally stupid for DWTS to schedule an All Stars season right after the Olympics. Lolo Jones, Lochte and I’m sure others have said they would do DWTS. Not to mention Gabby and Mckayla would probably do it. They could have done an Olympic special or something.

        This whole thing proves my point that more people know Shawn as a dancer not as a gymnast. I’m sick of her making such a big deal about her knee and now it’s totally super duper fine.

        She’s going to go far, maybe even win again because her partner is ‘the chosen one’. I think it will be interesting to see how she comes off, she can’t do the cute innocent golly shucks geez I’m just a teenager stuff this time around. Nastia is fading, it’s time for Shawn to do the same.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I was thinking the same thing – stupid of NBC or ABC or whoever broadcasts that show to do an “All Stars” cast right after the Olympics, when they could have fielded a great showing of CURRENT Olympians. Lame. Misty May could have reprised a role, and McKayla would have been a great addition. Gabby is honestly probably going to be too “A list” to be on that show, sadly (but funny at the same time).

        We all know Nastia is screaming inside that another American, namely a BLACK/AFRICAN-AMERICAN, took her former title. She will get written off like Carly Patterson now, big time. It will happen so fast she won’t know what to do with herself. Gabby’s win will be bigger than any former woman’s win. Her People cover came out so fast – and it’s a major feat to get a People cover like that. Notice how the rest of the team is completely ignored.

        Now I could do a total separate rant about the People article and cover but I might have to save that for later…

      • Gymbee Says:

        Agreed! The whole knee thing and her saying “can’t wait to show people my new routines wooo” when she knew she was retiring left a bitter taste in my mouth.
        I have this “gymnast” list on twitter that I compiled, but I had to take her off there cause every other tweet was about stupid Bounty, or “I have a big announcement soon!” ugh. I bet she will make a huge deal about her knee, combined with tears, in just about every “behind the scenes” bit on the show.

      • Guest Says:

        The agent Shade of Shawn and Gabby may be happy that she got two big Stars of gymnastics. I feel that Shawn has the potential to transit from Olympian to the entertainment side just like Bruce Jenner.

      • Guest Says:

        At least Shawn has the ablility to get her publicity outside the gymnastics area. I didn’t blame her if she get the achievements in the entertainment side.

        But Nastia just looks like she cannot survive anymore without stealing the attention from other gymnasts, just like being so called PIG representative to make spotlight in World Championships, naming the Nasty Cup, being commentator in Nationals in the past few years, felling her face on floor in Trials to steal the headline, making her face in the photos of members of 2012 squad, like a parasite of the 2012 squad in the tour in the future.

  7. (@lygill) Says:

    does anyone know where i can watch/download the full broadcast of the 2012 visa championships?

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      You should be able to watch it on you tube. should have it up by now.

      also speaking of competitions I just watched the Chinese junior nationals on youtube and man is there some good talent possibly for Rio. If those Juniors stay consistant the next for years USA better watch out.

    • Aerial Says:

      At my house. Ha. My DVR is now filled with Worlds, USAs, and some of the Olympic competitions. Life was way easier with VCRs and instant record. Anyways, was gonna suggest what sainabou did.

    • (@lygill) Says:

      Haha I kinda want to have my own copy as it’s Sac’s last Visas. Anyway, thanks!

      • Aerial Says:

        I get it. Years ago you could purchase the competitions from USAG – on VHS and then DVDs. (I did that early-mid 90s a few times.) You could check at their website to see if that’s still a possibility. I’m assuming with the computer, youtube, streaming, etc. generation that may be out of date and no longer profitable but worth a check!
        (I always liked those tapes as they featured every competitor, every routine, and especially if it was a Worlds, it was a real treat to see them all.)

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That was where I first discovered Annika Reeder. The 1996 Olympic vcr tapes from USA-gymnastics where they missed all of Ukraine’s beam routines because the battery ran out. The memories:)

  8. Gymbee Says:

    Wonder what she meant with “Definitely a ploy to get people to leave… as was the case during every event.” – I was at the Olympic Stadium working every evening until around midnight, incl yesterday, and there were no security alerts whatsoever. Three friends of mine worked in the media centre, and they’re saying the same thing.

  9. Biyatch Says:

    Justin Marshall ‏@J_Marshall1992
    @Wade_davidson10 ooh. Id have to go… Marry @ShawnJohnson Fuck @McKaylaMaroney and Kill @ASac3 😮

    Alicia Sacramone ‏@ASac3
    first off @J_Marshall1992 @mckaylamaroney is 16 and id never let her near you, second I’d knock you senseless #dontunderestimategirls

    Alicia Sacramone ‏@ASac3
    I love and appreciate all of my fans, but my teammates are family and I’ll stick up for/protect them when I see fit including idiotic tweets

    • JAS4 Says:

      Glad she is standing up to the pervs!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Why is she bothering? People like this want their 15 minutes of fame. Ignore them and report, end of problem. Oh I guess this is just Alicia wanting attention cuz you know she is like their ring leader, unless you beat

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I agree the best thing to do is to ignore these perverts and report them. I am sure ASac actually responding to the guy just gave him the thrill he was seeking. Still, it pisses me off that these low lifes think they can make any perverted comment they feel like just because they can hide behind the Internet. They’d get punched in the mouth if they said that in real life.

        BTW GTT, just got back from vacation. Spent a lot of time in Boston and the New England area. Beautiful area of the country! Also went up to Montreal and Quebec City which was also beautiful.

      • Dee Says:

        I had to LOL at the tweet that asked if she got so mad because she was the one the guy said “kill” for instead of the other two choices.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        If he killed McKayla, married ASac, and f*cked Shawn, guaranteed ASac wouldn’t say a damned thing.

        But yeah anytime these ladies post a photo on Instagram, I refuse to look at the comments. It’s sad how many perverts there are out there.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        LOL. When you don’t even turn on a pervert enough for him to want to “f*ck” or “marry” you — he just want’s to “kill” you –it’s time for a full makeover.

        Re the pervert comments, it’s the world we live in now so there is no use worrying about it but it still ticks me off.

  10. sanitynmotion Says:

    GTT I have to overall thank you for this blog and for creating it. I can’t lie, now that the Olympics are over my conclusion is that this blog (in general) was actually more enjoyable than watching the Olympics itself. I hope it continues, if for anything it gives me some sanity outside of work. Kind of sad there’s less to talk about now that the Olys are over.

    I don’t even remember how I found this blog to be honest. I wasn’t searching for Nastia or any specific gymnast. I actually found Sarah!’s blog first and was kind of confused about it until I “understood” after reading a few entries. To be honest I was a little taken back by her essay on Shannon Miller (I’m a Miller fan) but then realized it was supposed to be funny. At first I was like “what the heck is this…?” Haha. Then I read the stuff on Shawn Johnson being stupid and despite being a fan of hers as well, laughed. So now that I think about it, I think that site led me here (then her site was shut down or something). Anyways, wanted to post a big thank you!

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Sandy I echo everything you just said. I was actually on vacation for a lot of the Olympics and we only got to see the events on TV at night. My main source of info during the day was this blog from my iPhone. Thanks GTT for creating it and keeping it going.

      Like you just said Sandy, it is sad to see the comments slowing down now that the Olympics are over. Oh well, back to the real world.

      Speaking of Sarah, did you notice that she has her blog back up and running? Looks like she started it back up on August 1 but I just noticed it today.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She’s been back here too. SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        and thanks but I think this blog is gaining members because of you guys. I vent and you all take it from there. So thank you’s:)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Can you vent more? I’m having withdrawals LOL…

      • JAS4 Says:

        Me too! Lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I have SEVERAL controversial blogs in the works but for some reason I am hesitant to post them. One is race related.It won’t go over well with some.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Please do post them!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am still working on the blog so I will eventually. I am kind of sick of gymnastics these days. It is always this way. The build up to the Olympics is hueg and it gets here and I get annoyed.

      • DL Says:

        Hah, yes, totally suffering from withdrawal too. I need the snark on all their talk show appearances!

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I am too. Which is why Im watching past Olympics on youtube.

        GTT I’m curious what is about your next blog that is making you hesistant to post it? As long as your not preaching white power I say go for it.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Ah, yes, go for it on the controversial blog post. I think I know what it might pertain to. Controversial leads to great discussions anyways – hey, in the past wasn’t Dr. King himself controversial?

        I’m not a racist. I am a white European trash member, but that doesn’t make me racist. But I can almost guess as to what this blog will be about.

        I really hope you post it because I would love to rant too. 🙂

      • mim Says:

        yes please to controversial blog posting! anything that can generate healthy debate or discussion is a-okay in my book (provided it’s not unreasonably offensive).

        im not sick of the gymnastics/olympics yet! in australia only the swimmers (and other medal winners) exist but even still it’s super easy to avoid all the media hype. im actively searching for the “fierce 5” interviews/tv circuit online because there’s none of that happening at home. so far all the girls seem like they are having fun and enjoying all the attention (and why shouldn’t they, they all deserve it!).

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Sometimes healthy honest dialog is good.

      Im a black female who loves your blog GTT and I dont think your racist. I love how you and honest everyone is in this blog.

  11. sanitynmotion Says:

    I had to unfollow Shawn Johnson from Twitter. All this DWTS crap is making me really irritated. Wasn’t it just like two months ago she could barely do anything physical on her knee? Ugh.

    I’m not going to watch that show either (not like I ever did).

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I voted for her every night when she did it last time because her winning that must have really pissed off Nastia and that was all the joy I had at that time.:)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I did too! Haha.

        Who’s Nastia?

      • gymtruthteller Says:


      • Guest Says:

        I would rather watch Shawn posting somethings about DWTS than see the Russian trying to stealing attention from the Fab 5 through the Olympics and spectacular tour.

      • Guest Says:

        DWTS reminds me one thing. I remember when Shawn was announced to be in DWTS, the Russian said she declined the “offer” and said she wanted to focus on World Championship of 2009 (All we knows what the ending was). And we have seen who tried to do the media whoring things during past 2 years. This article just pissed off her.

        And I like that quote most.
        “I had (gymnastics gold medalist) Mary Lou Retton tell me that a couple weeks ago,” Shade said. “She was like, ‘Everybody thinks Shawn won, anyway.’ ”

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Thanks for that article! It’s a perfect example of everything matters in your personality/looks and how you are marketed. I LOVE how even Mary Lou acknowledges that the perception is that Shawn beat Nastia. Hahahahaha….and Nastia’s fat f*ck of an agent actually thinks he’s doing a good job. Obviously not. However he doesn’t have as much to work with (with Nastia) since she lacks a “likeable” personality and to be honest, is kind of boring. Weiber could be put in that category too (boring) but her showing emotion at the Olympics has made her an American sweetheart as well. Let’s hope her agent does her job…although I question this if it’s Tasha Sweigert or however she spells her last name.

        I feel bad for people like Harper but it’s obviously way easier to market someone like Lolo Jones who has the back story and, more importantly, the looks. If Harper had Lolo’s looks she’d be the famous one. Sorry but it’s true. Even with Shawn and Nastia it’s obvious one is more “appealing” in the looks department than the other. Shawn has that “smile” too that made Mary Lou famous.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I wonder how they will market Lolo now that she leaves another Olympics with no medals.

        I remember im Beijing someone saying how shawns parents had to mortgage their house or something to pay for her gymnastics. You take that story and market it plus Shawns wholesome image and it doesn’t matter that she came ib second in the AA.

        As for the cold eyed Russian shes unable to come across as real,
        genuine,and humbl and genuine in front of the cover. I always say when a person smiles and the smile

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I wonder how they will market Lolo now that she leaves another Olympics with no medals.

        I remember im Beijing someone saying how shawns parents had to mortgage their house or something to pay for her gymnastics. You take that story and market it plus Shawns wholesome image and it doesn’t matter that she came ib second in the AA.

        With the cold eyed Russian I’ve always watched her in interviews and thought that she doesn’t come across as real, genuine, or humble.

      • Guest Says:

        Shawn looks more mature compared with past few years. I think she can handle more sexy dance because she is 20 and dating now, so I wonder how Derek will choreograph it. Just having a new expectation.

      • mim Says:

        wow she looks a lot older than 20…. ease up on the fake tan girl!

  12. JAS4 Says:

    Don’t know if anyone posted this yet bu I thought it was pretty interesting 🙂

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