Bela saves the day. Dawes is an idiot

Aly Raisman has a beam bronze medal because Bela screamed from the sidelines to protest the score.

Here is a video of it that I got off facebook and I guess IG 2 reported this about Bela. Nice to know he is not 100% inept and explain to me why Mihai was clueless?

37 seconds into the video you see Mihai yelling for what back at someone in the crowd. Wait til the media gets ahold of this. The Legend grows and in the end the US gymnastics program and Dominique Moceanu stand to lose:)


I finally got to see Sandra win the vault gold medal.
This place has other videos too. The announcer


Did I miss Aly Raisman winning floor last year at worlds? oh and the comments Dawes makes about Jordyn are classic Fox. They are now painting Gabby as the saint and Jordyn as the failure. Dawes shakes her head in agreement at these comments

Jordyn Wiever “enters these Olympics as the face of USA gymnastics and leaves as it’s greatest disappointment.”

Funny Dawes but Jordyn still has the same gold you do and an AA title. I guess you don’t remember choking 3 times. I don’t know you would think being in Jordyn’s situation minus the injury would lead you to have some sympathy.

The most obnoxious part of this video is the idea that Jordyn should come back and Marta would love her to come back. Of course Marta wants her back now that Gabby has her gold medal there is very little doubt she won’t be back. Marta needs Jordyn. I hope Jordyn tells her to ******** off.

Thanks to Biyatch for the link


Jordyn on

and Beam and floor.


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49 Responses to “Bela saves the day. Dawes is an idiot”

  1. Biyatch Says:

    FoxSports Slams Geddert

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      did you watch the video? Dawes is a tool

      • Biyatch Says:

        i liked the article better than the video. and yeah dawes is so obsessed with gabby she basically glides over aly’s performance and just hammers jordyn.

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      It’s funny that Dawes likes Gabby so much, does she realize this is the girl who will cause her own fame train to come chugging to a stop????? Oh she does that’s why she has now aboard Gabby’s

  2. gymnastwannabe Says:

    Thanks for the video about Bela. I haven’t seen the competition, yet. I loved the look on Aly’s face…SO happy for her!! I didn’t like the FoxSports Slam. They totally slam Jordyn at the end; I don’t think it’s necessary to say she’s a disappointment. Come on – really? I think that people forget these are kids who’ve worked so hard…let’s celebrate their successes and leave it there. Now, if the athletes are rude or arrogant, fine, make a comment….but otherwise, I think the media needs to grow up.

  3. Kel Says:

    I think what this Olympics has taught me is that you shouldn’t expect things to turn out the way you think they should. I am happy for Aly today…glad they did the inquiry. However, I find myself so sad for Jordyn. Whether it was fatigue (mental or physical), injury, or she was just a little off in qualifications…it just sucks. I did notice that even back at Nationals, she just didn’t seem to be quite herself. She seemed tired. I have more admiration for her than I ever have…she is a true champion and role model. I hope she gets well and stays around for a bit. I have my doubts that she will stick around for another Olympics, but I bet success at Worlds might help ease the pain a bit. I hope her coach takes some pointers from Jordyn about how to lose gracefully.

  4. JAS4 Says:

    Dawes also doesn’t realize that if they were scored properly in prelims Gabby wouldn’t have even been in the AA finals

  5. sainabou nyang Says:

    Go bela. It was like he had a flash back of the judges trying to screw nadia.

  6. sainabou nyang Says:

    Omg just finished watching aly on beam, camera zoomed to bela amd Kathy kelly yelling to mihai to contest it. Showing mihai running around looking for a pen to fill out form. Now some lady running to nelly kim.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      All I could keep saying is what a travesty. Bad judges aside NBC making this drama actually made me feel sorry for Ponor. I know she was overscored and really should have been 4th but it is just unfair to rip medals out of gymnasts hands.


      • sainabou nyang Says:

        nbc was totally eating this up. But this was insane. Mihai looked scared to contest it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        He didn’t have a clue what the hell they were I loved that part, They were like protest and he was like, ‘Protest what”

        I love Aly and am glad she did well but living in Boston she is on twenty four seven and I am kind of sick of seeing

        She is on every channel, every news. It is just crazy. Living in a sports town can be killer sometimes:)

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Marta looked like she wanted hop over the barricade.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        It wouldn’t have surprised me if bela went down to the judges table himself and started raising hell.

      • gymnastwannabe Says:

        I gotta say watching it on NBC was comical…not for poor Ponor, of course, who handled it with true class…but watching the judges and Mihai run and look confused and Marta and Bela wanting to run down but being stuck in the stands like they were stranded. I was surprised to read, though, that it cost $300 to challenge. If a country wins the challenge, they don’t have to pay but they pay if they loose the challenge. For poorer countries, isn’t this a lot of money? I get that they don’t want everyone to challenge things but seems strange that money is involved. Aly’s face when she won should be framed.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It was very comical in a train wreck type of

      • exgmgurl Says:

  7. nero Says:

    At the end of the video they weren’t talking about Jordyn coming back they were talking about Gabby, they just had pictures of Jordyn.

    They said she achieved every girl’s dream and couldn’t refocus after winning AA. So we’re making excuses for Gabby but not for Jordyn? So Gabby can suck it up in EF because she’s tired but Jordyn can’t because she’s injured?

    I really really hope Jordyn can come back to shove it in people’s faces like Dawes, Reiter and douche-agent Evan

    She’s not a disappointment, she had one OK day in quals, one great day in TF and one bad day in EF. Gabby had one OK day, 2 great days and 2 shitty days

    And I love how they say that this should be Aly’s day…..but then they talk about Gabby

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      If gabby doesn’t come back and Jordyn and the other girls do this is will make things interesting for 2013 going into amer. Cup, nationals , and the ultimate prize- worlds. marta is gonna make those girls fight for a spot on that team. It’s gonna be the olympians versus the new quad.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        anyone else think it seems cold between Aly and Jordyn?

      • nero Says:

        No, I think she’s just disappointed. She’s probably also pretty jealous of Aly. They all have their personal goals, Aly achieved hers and Jordyn didn’t. There’s going to be some envy there

        But they seemed to have a pretty strong friendship going into this, I’d be surprised if they started to drift because of this. It’s easy to be in the moment and look at this Olympics as Mr. Reiter would put it a ‘failure’ but from everything I’ve read about Jo and her family they’ve always made sure to remind her it’s not winning that defines her

        Like I said I’m sure she’s pretty envious of Aly and Gabby right now, but after a while she can look back at her career as a success. Plus Aly doesn’t seem like the type to be smug and ‘I have more medals than you’

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I wasn’t talking about Jordyn. I was talking about Aly. These two were always huddled in a corner chit chatting and they did not do that at all today or during the AA. Jordyn seems fine it’s Aly that barely looks at her.

      • Kate Coursey Says:

        Aly seems like a really sweet girl, and I love how they all appear to be genuine friends….Jordyn and Aly and Mckayla in particular. I imagine things are a little tense with Jordyn and Aly competing against each other, but hopefully they’ll go back to normal post-Olympics. Must be rough to compete against your best friend.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Ha. That didn’t seem to bother Nastia though – she achieved every girls dream too an still I’d well in finals.

  8. gymnastwannabe Says:

    I hope Jordyn is smart and just ignores people like Dawes who are just trying to bank in some fame and money on Gabby’s back…Dawes need to take some lessons from Jordyn on class. I know I may not be liked for this comment, but I think (and am hoping) Gabby has turned herself around since her comment at pre-lims. Since the team win, she has been complimenting her teammates and appears more humble. I think people like Dawes are putting a lot on her shoulders by saying she represents all African American people…and the stupid comments about her hair? …let’s be happy for the girls and remember they are “girls”

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t agree. She has sounded entitled like in the article I posted where she made excuses for her mistakes and pretty much admitted she didn’t train hard enough since her AA medal. Wasting a spot in finals that quite honestly she did not even earn.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Can’t wait to see and comment when I’m back from vaca…thx GTT for keeping us up to date 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Thanks for contributing. Hope your vaca is great. I love my vaca but am sad it is over in 5 days #screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. mim Says:

    bbc didn’t show any of the drama with aly and the inquiry… hopefully someone loads the NBC version on YouTube, i want to see Bela and Marta freak out. drama! I bet they wouldn’t have protested for jordyn though… but lucikly for aly they love her!

    aly probably doesn’t know how to be around jordyn… she’s happy and excited for her own success but probably doesn’t want to rub it I. jordyn’s face, directly or indirectly. its difficult when you’re excited for yourself but trying to be sensitive to your friends.

    can anyone put me on to American media/interviews? where is the main
    place to watch, NBC?

  10. kittykat Says:

    wow, Dawes is a bitch!!! I’m surprised that she’d say things like that and allow the reporters to say things like that on live TV

  11. sainabou nyang Says:

    On the front page of the NY daily news “Gabby crashes, but awesome Aly grabs gold.

    NY post Aly is on the front page being called the statr of David who also honored the Israeli athletesfrom the Munich, but of course tge IOC cut it out.

  12. Catherine Says:

    Yeah BBC showed nothing of all of this, watched it back on eurosport and Marta and Bela weren’t shown at all, so I thought it was Mihai who filed the inquiry. Good on Karolyi’s for that one because duhh, the d-score is wrong..he should have been filing the second that was shown. None of the coaches except Jenny and Chow are showing themselves in a good light really..Geddert being a tool everywhere, and then Arthur saying to McKayla ‘there goes your gold medal’. She was really in need of the OBVIOUS.

  13. Kadie Says:

    No one has commented in the media yet that the way gabby Douglas failed in the event finals was expected! She has never been a reliable gymnast, but she managed to pull it together for the two biggest nights of her life. But how she performed in the event finals is more of the gabby people were expecting. All of a sudden no body remembers how she was known for her inconsistencies. I know no one will, but it still bothers me all the same.

    And I know there are no nastia lovers here, but she pulled it together for 3 event final medals. Shawn got 2. There should be no excuses for gabby not pulling it together.

    Shame on Dawes. Absolute crap. Jordyn showed more class in her “failure” than Dawes ever showed in hers. Jordyn didn’t perform her best, but I stick by my feeling that she earned an aa spot.

    Gtt, I have to agree with you a bit on aly. So happy that her work has paid off, but she was a lil cold to Jo. I think she is relishing this spotlight, and she deserves to, but I hope she keeps that humble girl attitude that scored her so many fans to begin with.

    • Catherine Says:

      I used to love Dawes, and the routine that stuck with me was the perfect 10 Hilton Challenge one. Now that she’s nasty I picture her 1996 compulsory beam and how much she sucked at that.

  14. sainabou nyang Says:

    I would love to find her interview where she mentions honoring the Israeli athletes.

  15. (@lygill) Says:

    is it true that Belu and Bitang didn’t congratulate Ponor on her silver?

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I didn’t see them shun her but mariana looked pissed about ponor being shut out of medals on beam.

      I read on couch gymnast that belu and bitang are retiring. I’m not sure if this is set in stone but Bitang is quoted as saying her and Belu are tired an ready to move on since their contract is up.

  16. nero Says:

    That Reiter guy seems to be relishing in calling a 17 year old Olympic Champion a failure I just looked at his twitter, yuck. has some pics of the girls around London, they all seem to be in good spirits and having fun with each other, I’m sure they’re all happy it’s finally over.

    Jordyn is in a pretty high walking boot. But reading what a lot of people have been saying she’s in it for ‘show’. She doesn’t have a stress fracture, it’s just an excuse because she didn’t do as well as expected. If they wanted to use it as an excuse it would have come out after qualifications. Look at Maroney and ‘toe-gate’.

    This is what pisses me off. I’ve read the excuse thing on some neutral sites like ESPN and other media. If it came out that LeBron had a stress fracture or Kobe they would be touted as heroes. How brave of them to go play when they’re injured, they are truly America’s heroes.

    But because a teenage girl comes out and says it, she’s ‘faking’ and ‘making excuses’

  17. Aerial Says:

    Soooo over Gabby. And to be honest, watching her on beam yesterday (despite the wobbles and fall) I thought her awkward, athletic, abrupt movement style and barely pointed toes were more apparent than ever. That look seemed so unpolished compared to the pointed toes and fluid movements (falls or not) of others. And ironically, her soul sista Dawes had the exact same style and momentum.

    Aly was my least favourite on this team and I had been one to say I wouldn’t mind if someone else was chosen over her. And I can eat my words and admit I’m one of the people who became a fan of her as a person enough to be happy for her successes when she received them. She was beastly on beam but deserved third, and definitely deserved the floor win. The fact that she has no attitude, doesn’t ham for the cam and is so natural/humble made me want her to win those medals, and I’m the biggest fan around of the ballerinas!

    I felt really shitty for Jordyn. As she walked off floor finals (where she didn’t have much of a chance to start with) I felt my stomach turn. I hope the joy of the team gold and the fact she has been living the life in the village the entire time, unlike previous quads of gymnasts – holy luxury and attention week as documented by their Twitters! – will be enough to make up for a disappointing experience as an individual.

    Today, I feel like I have my life back! Can live life not avoiding my phone, computer, the TV and idiot spoiler people. Is it just me or did these competitions seem to last longer than in other games? Probably just me. Glad the girls are staying to participate in the closing ceremonies. Which means they get the entire star-studded experience start-to-finish (save for watching opening ceremonies on TV.)

  18. Kadie Says:

    So this hasn’t been talked about at all, and I like aly, so this isn’t meant to disrespect her. But does anyone think she was a bit overscored on a few events? Aa vault, aa bars, and I know we have commented on floor Ef.

    I’ve watched everything over and over again. I’m wondering if Marta was expecting judging retributions for jordyns worlds scores, which is why she was pushing gabs-a lot. The more I look at it, the more I think the fix was for komova. But if y’all think I’m wrong lemme know.

    Just wondering if others saw what I saw

    I’d like ur input Gtt 🙂 you’ve become my nastics go to

    • JAS4 Says:

      I do think there was some overscoring for Aly as well as several other athletes but I’m not sure if Marta expected it or not because Gabby was thought of as a bars specialist until the American Cup when she was ridiculously over scored to have a higher AA total but Aly has been a Marta favorite for awhile so I would have thought she would have pushed her more as an AA favorite but then again I’m sure that Marta knew Aly’s bars would hold her back in the AA so I guess that’s why she gave the spotlight to Gabby over someone like Kyla since Gabby is one of her favorites if Kyla had upgraded especially on floor she could have been a serious AA threat but I have a feeling Marta doesn’t like Jordyn or Kyla much so she wanted to make sure they were shoved out of the spotlight by her three favorites Aly, Gabby, and McKayla

  19. JAS4 Says:

  20. sanitynmotion Says:

    I still haven’t seen these event finals but now that I can see the complete posts, my god did Dawes actually call WEIBER a disappointment? Wow. Coming from someone who could never pull out the goods herself when it counted? When was the last time Dawes was a world champ? Oh yeah…never. Because she couldn’t handle pressure. Jordyn was more than capable of handling pressure. She just got screwed over by bad judging calls and her coach trying to fix what wasn’t broken on her beam routine.

    I was lukewarm on Dawes – I was always a Miller fan – but now I just hope she pounds sand. So easy for her to criticize now that she doesn’t compete anymore. Her only claim to fame was being on that Mag 7 team, and now that is all going away with this new Fab/Fierce/Whatever Five Team.

    I think Geddert learned his lesson but he’s having a hard time taking it all in. I understand she was injured and all but that’s not why she didn’t make the AA and she really had no chance of medaling on floor anyways. If anything beam was her event and he kind of ruined that for her by forcing those stupid connections. Beam went from being her signature event to being her downfall. How strange is that. I think he kind of knows it in the back of his head and it’s hard for him going from being on top to being virtually ignored. He knows if Jordyn leaves the sport he’ll be completely forgotten about.

    I really am sick of hearing that Aly was the one that knocked Jordyn out of the AA. People are idiots. Aly qualified ahead of Gabby, who really should have been the one being knocked out, but then she went ahead and won it all, which really just shows those FIG rules need to be done with. The two per country just makes it non-competitive, really.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Today I went back and watched the all around from the 96 games just for fun. Ive never really had an opinion on Dawes. I didn’t dislike hee but i cant say i was a fan of hers. To me she was another gymnast.

      However I remember that she felk during floor exercise but couldn’t remember when and lo and behold it was during the AA where she had the freakin lead. Maybe it was seeing shannon mess up that knocked her concentration but she pretty much screwed herself out of medal.

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