Mckayla Maroney’s bad attitude Updated

LOL at this article and the pictures.

I know you people love her but this way of acting is plain wrong. You want to hate the judges go and not hug them but this was plain bad sportsmanship and Mckayla Maroney should be put in a time out. We can’t smack kids anymore for bad behavior, too many cops get involved:)

(and for the stupid I am just kidding about smacking her:)


Every 4 year fans are all about Mary Lou. This is why I am glad the Olympics are over and I am still debating if we should call them worst Olympics ever!



50 Responses to “Mckayla Maroney’s bad attitude Updated”

  1. gigi Says:

    I have to agree. I was very disappointed in her attitude especially since the twit won a medal!! She did this on the Olympic stage and it makes Americans look petty and ungracious.

  2. Kate Coursey Says:

    I liked that she wasn’t all fake-happy and fake-smiley. That just bugs the hell out of me, because let’s face it, she has a right to be pissed at herself. She’s by far the best in the world, but today just happened to not go her way, even after hitting those vaults dozens of times in competitions. She’s as consistent as they come, so I imagine it was a shock to land on her ass.

    But this video…I just don’t get it. She hugs the gold medal winner, but not the bronze? If anything, it should be the other way around. It sort of looks to me like she saw the girl, but looked slightly away just as the girl went in for a hug, plus the girl was kind of tentative about it, so maybe she didn’t even realize the girl wanted to hug her. Honestly it just looks awkward, and I think she was still so stunned by what happened that she wasn’t really thinking. I don’t think she intentionally meant to snub the girl. We can’t know what’s going on in her head, and I think it’s hard to make snap judgements off of what the TV people choose to show us.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Come on now, she ignored her. It was obvious. Why is something she will have to answer, I think I read she apologized on twitter.

      I think we should call these gymnasts out when they do wrong so they can learn not to do it again. I think Mckayla might get it now.

      I totally agree with you that she should not have to smile if she doesn’t want too. Smiling when you tank is pretty fake.imo

      • exgymgurl Says:

        She did apologize on twitter, quite extensively it took 3 tweets, and she stated she did hug Paseka out of view of cameras.

      • Kate Coursey Says:

        Idk, that’s not what it looks like to me, but I guess we’ll never know. I’m honestly just so sick of the TV people trying to build up drama (NBC especially). Like when they made a big deal about Aliya “slapping” her coach? Ugh. But yeah, I think she was trying real hard not to cry, and just not paying attention.

    • Jeco Says:

      I completely agree with you! McKayla looked stunned and a bit dazed and Sandra hugged her for a very long time. It is unfair to assume her intent and personality by viewing a video clip or a picture. If you search long enough you will find the picture that will tell the story you want to be told!! Judge the girls on their gymnastics, not their preconceived personalities.

  3. Sofia Says:

    Sorry, but I completely disagree, Paseka reached to shake her hand, Mckayla did so, then turned away, not seeing the Russian reach to hug her…the Russian girl turned away, understandably, not wanting to push it. \Mckayla didn’t see her reach to hug her, I don’t think she deliberately snubbed her at all!! I honestly think this is being made too much of, and the fact that a girl stood between them and the camera didn’t help. Mckayla was shocked and ashamed of herself, probably wanted to die or fall through the floor. I am sure she was too stunned to even be much aware of what was going on around her. I watched the footage again and again, and this is my conclusion.. I think too many people are making too much of this, ignoring the comments Mckayla made, blaming herself for “falling on her butt” and saying that she was not unhappy with silver but with her performance. It doesn’t help that she was already, before this happened, being called a “bitch face”. Kid can’t help how she looks, and by all accounts from those who know her, she is sweet. She was probably utterly humiliated beyond anything we can imagine.

    • Kate Coursey Says:

      She has the most excellent athlete bitch face I’ve ever seen, but it’s mostly just her angular features. Seems super sweet in real life, and all the other girls seem to like her.

    • Jeco Says:

      I agree!! I have seen her be called “bitch face”. This is unbelievable cruel and unfair to a young lady who both shows maturity and sportsmanship!!

  4. Kazic Says:

    She has replied to this on a twitter. Someone tell me how to put up a picture of it and I shall. She said she didn’t see it and wouldn’t snub anyone intentionally.

    • elitefan Says:

      21h McKayla Maroney ‏@McKaylaMaroney
      Sportsmanship is so important to me and I hope you know i would never do that intentionally!! Please forgive me!!
      Reply Retweet Favorite
      22h McKayla Maroney ‏@McKaylaMaroney
      I wasn’t thinking straight and I totally forgot what to do, but don’t worry.. I gave them both hugs after!! ❤
      Reply Retweet Favorite
      22h McKayla Maroney ‏@McKaylaMaroney
      For anyone who thought I didn't want to hug Maria and Sandra that's not the case(: They are my friends, and I'm proud of them both!

      Couldn't copy a picture, but these are the tweets. I read that this is only her second fall since the age of EIGHT on vault in competition (…think those who are saying she was in shock are correct.

  5. formergymgirl Says:

    Now that the gymnastics is over, i’d be interested in hearing everyone’s observations from these Olympics. Here are my observations:

    1. Expect the unexpected – i.e. McKayla Maroney. If anyone was a lock for a gold it was her. What happened was just a pure freak accident but i just goes to show that mistakes do happen to even the best. I think all the hype surrounding her vaulting got to her head a little, she looked just a little too self-assured to me. I actually predicted she’d fall in event finals…………
    2. Sui Lu – I thought she showed incredible bad sportsmanship after winning silver on beam. Taking her medal off as she walked off the podium was just ridiculous. I get the dissapointment but it’s the Olympics! Be gracious! I actually thought she deserved the gold and thought her execution was better than Deng’s. The BBC showed their sheep jumps side by side and Sui Lu’s was far better.
    3. The tie-break rule is ridiculous and cruel – so many good gymnasts lost medals at the hands of this unnecessary rule. What’s the harm in sharing a medal?
    4. The judges kept fucking up – how many inquiries and scores were overtuned. Save the unnecessary drama and get it right first time! Some gymnasts hopes of a medal were dashed due to the judges constant screwing up.
    5. The judges had a boner for Gabby Douglas. She was overscored, especially on beam and floor and vault come to think of it.
    6. The US as a team were and are untouchable.
    7. Gabby Douglas is a one hit wonder. Event finals proved this. I knew she would fall on beam. She won’t win next year’s worlds guaranteed. I bet she won’t even compete as she will be too busy touring and cashing in, etc.
    8. Gabby Douglas is fame hungry. Thank God I don’t live in the US so I don’t have to see her annoying ass smiling back at me everywhere I turn. She will be popping up right left and centre. I feel for you Americans.
    9. Gabby Douglas is cocky and has a bad attitude. Did anyone else notice how when she was annouced as Olympic champion she stepped right up on to the podium and then shook the girls hands either side of her? Every other gymnast has ALWAYS walked around the front of the podium and shook the other medalists’ hands BEFORE stepping on the podium.
    10. Some gymnasts were completely gifted in their scores. Ponor comes to mind.
    11. Komova needs to toughen up. She has no fight in her. When something goes wrong she just gives up. She will never win with that attitude.
    12. Yay for Aly. All her victories were well deserved. She seems so nice. That’s a role model. She should be America’s sweetheart, not Gabby.
    13. Gymnastics is a cruel sport – i.e. Jordyn Wieber. I truely believe the US media totally screwed her over from day one with the whole Gabby rivalrey thing. She was not respected as the current world champion. They wanted to manufacture this big drama when there was no need. If they hadn’t have done that I believe things would have turned out different as I really believe it must have had some adverse affect on Jordyn mentally going into the games. She was totally underscored the whole time she was there.
    14. The 2 per country rule stinks and needs to be scraped – too many immensely talented gymnasts are missing out on the AA because of this. The fact that thw current world champion does not get the compete for the Olympic crown is R I D I C U L O U S! This rule needs to be obliterated now! The best in the world should get to compete and if that means the AA is made up of all gymnasts from just the US, Russa and Romania for instance then so be it!

    Sorry for the long post!

    p.s. anyone notice that pic of Nasty with Gabby and those attention seeking gold hot pants? Maybe she was off to audition at Stringfellows (famous strip joint in London).

    • Kazic Says:

      You basically said it all, except I wouldn’t be so negative about Gabby. I just really hope I am wrong about teh impending family drama trainwreck I can see coming.

      I will think about it and then post my own list ^_^ Right now I have a Russian who is demanding food >_>

      • Kazic Says:

        I think most of what I would add to your list has to do with the Russian team, Komova crumpled under the pressure of being the hope of Russian Gymnastics. Meanwhile Mustifina proved why she’s a beast. It’s funnny because I went into these games a fan of Komova and indifferent about Musty, and now I think as it closes my feelings are reversed. I don’t think Komova has what it takes when rubber meets the road, though I still like her. Mustifina however is a champ. I also feel she’s a little less harsh than she was prior to her injury, and it makes me like her more.

        My main question concerning our squad and the Russians’ is, how many do you think will be back. For the U.S. I think Jordyn (at least for a year), Mckayla, and Kyla are a lock to return. For Russia I feel positive Mustifina’s in for a few years (itll be interesting to see how it goes when her sister joins her) and Komova as well (if she can pull herself together), but I am unsure about the rest. How about you guys?

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Yeah you you’ve basically echoed what many of us have said. Expect the unexpected should be the new motto for the Olympics.

      I Hope Rio is a hell of a lot better with strong teams ready to fight for gold. that’s what I like to see is the uncertainty of who will win.

      With Gabby I believe she will try to come back and train bit with all her distractions-money, appearances, family drama, etc.. I think she will take off and come back right before rio.

      Komova I believe will be back. Tim Daggett will make sure of it because all he will talk about in 2013 os her seeking redemption, etcc…

  6. Wha? Says:

    This Olympics was definately all over the place. Gymtruth- will you be discussing Gabby’s family money troubles? I hope Aly doesn’t get a “Boston Beatdown” from A-Suk lol

  7. CKY9 Says:

    I’m a big fan of McKayla and surely one of zillions that thought she was a sure thing to win this–seeing replays of this moment is definitely a downer. Regardless of how you perform, you DO have to play the sportsmanship game. I know her mind was probably racing and replaying what she had just done so I don’t take it to be a personal sting to Paseka… though I know that doesn’t count for much. I just wish she had handled it better… to explain this moment, people have talked about the chaos of the final score and McKayla being the second to last vaulter so she hadn’t had much time to digest her own performance… but she also had some cringeworthy shots on the podium with lips smirked, arms crossed and just looking outright disgusted. Probably with herself mostly–I don’t think she had it out personally for anyone. It’s hard to be the best and not perform your best–everyone can understand that. She is probably the only vaulter who can eat a score like that and still stand on the podium so she should be happy that she salvaged a silver.

    • Catherine Says:

      She said she was very happy to get silver, just gutted with herself.

      • CKY9 Says:

        Yeah, that’s the hardest part. Reminds me of Michelle Kwan in Salt Lake when she did herself in and then had to wait for judgement. I’m still devastated for her but you know… she did get a silver! She at least got to compete in her premier event… Jordyn Wieber didn’t even get that much. 😦

  8. Jessica Says:

    When I saw that pic of Maroney with her pursed lips, I immediately thought back to Komova at worlds. Shitty attitutes make for (perceived) shitty sportsmanship. Yeah, you’re upset and all…but don’t be a bitch about it. Those pictures-which will now live for eternity on the interwebs-don’t convey sadness, they convey pissy tantrum-esque poses that will forever mark that moment.
    I love MAG and I watched the vault finals in which Sam Mikulak was freaking amazing and didn’t get on the podium. He cheered on his competitors and when the last vaulter-and winner-walked by him, Sam grabbed him, hugged him and told him how incredible he was. Al Trau…whatever his name is….is usually a dumbass, but he made the comment that Sam Mikulak deserved a gold medal in sportsmanship. Amen. Perhaps he needs to give etiquette lessons to Maroney.
    Anyways…thank goodness its over. Now we can get to speculating who’ll rule the next quad! :p

    • Catherine Says:

      It’s different. Sam was not going in as ‘give him the gold already’. It doesn’t really compare. Those who come to do their best always display good sportmanship, almost always. It’s much harder when you ARE the favourite and then that happens.

    • CKY9 Says:

      The indoor vollyball commentator said this the other night–winning is a benefit of performing well. But you can perform well without winning–Mikulak put out everything he had and has nothing to regret. McKayla, however, has much to regret here so I don’t think her disappointment is unfounded. If she’d done her best and still gotten beat by Izbasa or anyone else, that’s one thing… but she beat herself and that’s a whole different story.

      But overall, I do think WAG needs to address sportsmanship/media/medal ceremony 101.

  9. gilttrip Says:

    I ❤ McKayla. I really do. But I used her as the example of how not to act when on podium. (Or anywhere when receiving an award.) Komova already set the example of what not to do and team USA should know better. But really, the worst was Gabby saying she was "caged in at the village" after vault. Really? Poor thing. We all should have such a pretty gilt cage. : {

  10. Kylie Says:

    Fails: That USA white leotard… too much crack, Komovas attitude (sorry I know she is 17 but if she was a NZer she would be given a right shake up), AA, Larisa not up to usual standard and Tie Breaks ( For fucks sake it is ok for 2 athletes to tie in other sports why not gymnastics).

    Success: USA Team, Alys redemption, Musty, Maroneys vault in team final, Chinese 1-2 on beam, Tweedle and Hambuechen winning medals, and Ponor getting a medal on floor.

  11. Catherine Says:

    I don’t agree. She was clearly completely in shock- too much hype going into this. Also, judging her from a second of footage is wrong. Podium too, she smiled when she had to. She came out on twitter and said she hugged Paseka AND Sandra and that sportmanship is extremely important to her. In her interview she didn’t piss about, she basically said shit happens and that she’s not dissapointed with silver, but in herself. Answered loads of questions too. I’m sick of ‘bad sportmanship’, these girls have their dreams crushed and people are judging on far too little. Dreams crushed and being that young, McKayla at least held it together. In her own words she said she hugged both and that she wasn’t annoyed at her fellow medallists. That should be enough for everyone. I can;t imagine what it’s like to have such a huge fluke happen to you and then come on the internet and have so many people call you a brat.

    • CKY9 Says:

      I also think she wanted to keep everyone at bay (even her own coach) because she was afraid she’d lose her composure. She was clearly shell-shocked from her own performance–I think she just wanted to hold it together long enough get through the ceremony, media questions and then cry it out later in private. That’s not being bratty… that’s survival.

    • Kazic Says:

      I concur. They are young, cut them some slack. I don’t think Maroney would have gone to such lengths on twitter defending herself, if she really meant to snub them. I accept her version of events. *shrug*

  12. sanitynmotion Says:

    My friend who used to coach said the same thing about McKayla…she would not let her get away with that sort of bad attitude.

    • Catherine Says:

      Even though in her own words she hugged both of them? She sounded quite upset at the accusations levelled against her. After her vault she was in shock. On podium it looked like she was processing what went wrong. In the interview she broke down at the end. There’s no evidence that she displayed any bad feeling towards her competitors, just shock at the result.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Im sure she was in shock…I doubt it was on purpose. Although I don’t consider komova being a bad sport this time around because Abe cried, either. I feel bad for Maroney shell be reliving that moment probably the rest of her life. Hope she can stick around for 2016.

      • Gymbee Says:

        She broke down? 😦 Where did you hear that?

        I wouldn’t put too much on a few seconds of clip. She looked quite shocked anyway.

      • Catherine Says:

        In the report of her interview..I think NBC or NY times or somewhere like that had it, it was giving her quotes and saying she didn’t shy away from questions or make excuses for herself, just stood there..but at the end she did break down. I suppose it sunk in then.

  13. Catherine Says:

    Yeah and that’s not a surprise as I’m hearing from several sources including the one that posed most of her interview about Arthur’s reaction: “he just said there goes your gold”. Jeez. As if she needed to be told. But yes, it looks like she’s willing herself not to crack and on the podium it looks like she’s mentally going through what happened to ber block on vault 2. She did break down in the interview at the end. No gymnast went in with more expectation to these games, she handled herself really well.

  14. nero Says:

    Baha, almost all of the five girls have more twitter followers than Shawn and Nastia. Usher in the new generation please!!! Except we’ll have to deal with Shawn on DWTS blah

    I guess the whole team is supposed to be on Letterman? He’s a shitty interviewer and a perv I would rather them go on Conan or one of the Jimmy’s, at least it would probably be more fun. The whole team on Craig Ferguson would be great

    • JAS4 Says:

      I’m sure the media frenzy is only just beginning lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It has. One of those tabloid shows just quoted Gabby talking about her dead beat daddy. FYI, I didn’t make up dead beat daddy it was lead words on one of those access hollywood type shows. I just forget which one right now.

  15. Kittykat Says:

    Okay I think this is clearly a misunderstanding, the massive hug she gave Sandra? It doesn’take sense that she’d not want to Maria, add that to the apology and I reckon the gymternet is doing what it does best and making drama out of nothing

  16. elitefan Says:

    Speaking of sportsmanship, I loved the thumbs up Aliya gave Aly after they hugged during floor finals 🙂

  17. mim Says:

    mckayla sounds mortified by all this. i know how sick and in shock i was after her vault, i think she was absolutely devastated beyond measure and probably wasn’t taking it all in. genuinely believe she didnt mean to snub paseka.

    im a huge mckayla fan and would happily admit if she had been a bad sport but i don’t think she was. just in shock and confused and upset
    while trying to act normal. can’t imagine what it’s like to have that sort of blow with thousands of people watching. same for vika, sui, cata and many other gymnasts. but harder when the whole world had basically hung that gold around mckayla’s neck months ago.

  18. gymnerd Says:

    I just think she was in shock. She expected herself to get gold.

  19. UsernameAlreadyTaken Says:

    Seriously? It’s time to quit turning understandable feelings of personal anguish into excuses for embarassing sportsmanship. I get that she’s young but so are many Olympic athletes who lose. Remember: the girl she snubbed, got even less than silver and still, like hundreds of other athletes in Olympic events managed to compose herself enough to hug/congratulate her. But you’ll create more excuses, like she didn’t really want the gold like Mckayla did? Or unlike Mckayla, didn’t expect to win gold anyway so wasn’t as disappointing for her?

    Well there’s something to be said for sportsmanship in losing AND winning, and the fact Mckayla couldn’t see past her nose to appreciate and acknowledge the talent in her opponents and obviously on her high horse comparing how much more qualified *she* was at taking the gold – is poor sportsmanship from the start. Y’kno some things happen for a reason (losing when you think you’re unbeatable n got it in the bag, snubbing when you realize you don’t, her embarrassing behavior excused by the ppl (not all but most) of her country in the typical amarican way; always someone else’s fault, have to always be the winner or it’s not fair, when you cant deny act completely oblivious and shocked, justify rudeness and expect others to put up with it bc you’re the exception…etc).
    I know it’s hard back-peddling when she’s practically struted around like she owned the joint but at least don’t go excusing her in her moments of plain uglyness. It’s ok to think she’s great and to expect great things of her, thats at least understandable. It’s also understandable when that doesn’t happen..Only it did bc it was still silver (hello!!)

    If another country did this AND looked bitchy on the podium, it woulda been bashing all around being ohsooooo disgusted like ‘Auuh, have you ever?!?!?’ and replayed countless of times.

    So be real, if she’s disappointed in herself she knows that’s her issue not her moment to bring down girls who are happy and grateful to be there. You can be disappointed in yourself while still being/showing happiness for others (if you’re just genuinely NOT, says more about your character….and maybe that you can’t handle a lil competition. After all, that’s primarily what the olympics (any competition) is about but guess some ppl need to lose to learn that (and then learn to lose). Hopefully she has humbled herself after this experience …Bc next Olypics she will be an adult and will be expected to conduct herself as one, win or lose, no excuses.

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