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Congrats to Gabby war winning the Olympic AA. I am not watching this. Live blogging is ova!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see the fix has started. These vault judges are seriously blind. How does Gabby take two steps to the side get a score like that? Within 2 tenths of the perfect Mckayla vault. Komova just blew her chance on vault.

I could not tell if Gabby stepped out because the video made sure to not show us.

Gabby needs to fall twice to lose. It ain’t happening. This fix is in. Sigh. If she had been scored correctly on vault she would not be in first right now. That was 4 tenths too high at the very least.

At about 3.18 you can hear who Shannon Miller is looking forward to doing well at the Olympics. I could not agree more. For those that don’t want to watch, It’s Beth Tweddle)

Kohei quote. Love him

“I’m flattered,” he said, insisting that he would be back in four years. “I don’t want to take that as pressure. I want to make artistic gymnastics more artistic, to lift the sport.”

I have an un-easy feeling Gabby is going to get her gifts and be overscored so I think I might not even watch. Oh hell, I’ll be up but I might not be here to post.

I will be checking in to see what you guys have to say so please post whatever you want. If you could keep up the scores that would be great because if I do decide to post and we all know I will (so damn undecisive am I.lol)

Now for those looking for me to post the troll stuff tomorrow when Gabby wins I sure expect to get lots of it and I will be posting it.

I don’t make predictions and like I said I have this sick feeling the new Nastia will be well, the new Nastia so if that happens I probably will wait a day to post. Once I comeback all Gabby love is to ENDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:)

I did the math and I think Mustafina might have a shot at an AA medal. She needs to do the Amanar where she can get an extra 3 tenths to her score (she will lose the other tenths in execution deductions) and hit beam. I just hope they don’t lowball her in favor of Komova,

I am afraid unless someone falls Aly has no chance.

The real question is, Will the floor judges score Komova as tough as they did in qualifying? If they do she might be out of the medals. How FLOOR JUDGES can take the only artistry in the floor competition of medalists with chances for the AA out of the competition makes no sense.

Night all. Off to watch Kohei win

P.S.- Any one else thing the Chinese will sub Jao Jinnan in for one of the otehr Chinese gymnasts? I kind of do.


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500 Responses to “AA Live blogging”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    I’m predicting against your prediction. Komova will win. What did they give her on floor? I didn’t see it in quals…did she have mistakes?

    I still say she wins. I have a feeling she will as long as she doesn’t have any falls.

    Gabby or Aly both have a chance to medal but I got a bad feeling when all of a sudden Aly’s beam score went from over 15 to 14.9 in team finals when her beam didn’t look that much different. In fact I thought it looked a little better from quals. I’ve always said this, but Aly will only medal if someone else (maybe two “someone else’s”) have major issues.

    I basically figure that these judges are anti-American, despite their Gabby gifts, and now that USA team won gold they’ll do what they can to keep them out of getting any more medals, with the exception of Maroney’s other vault. Man, I can be a pessimist.

    1. Komova
    2. USA (probably Gabby)
    3. Musty
    4. Aly
    5. Iordache

    I look forward to the live blogging and comments because I won’t be able to watch live. πŸ™‚

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Aly missed a connection and I am pretty sure her start value was lower. I am going to check

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think she missed the same connection though in both (the front tuck to whatever follows that). Maybe they gave it to her in quals but it was more obvious in quals that she didn’t deserve it I thought. There was a significant pause. That’s why I was so shocked after how they KILLED Jordyn that she got a good score.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        6.4 in team finals. She also had a messy landing on her Patterson. Big step and off.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I remember the opposite. I think her team beam was messy., She had a few bobbles.lol I only watched it once so I could be wrong.

        I think the prelim scoring was lose overall except floor. Look at how Gabby bobbled and got a better score on beam than the hit routine in team finals.

        I am pretty sure they switch judges but we just don’t know how he judge thinks. I don’t trust any judges

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Douglas only got a 6.5 on UB in team finals. I am pretty sure her foot hit the bar on her release move.

      • Catherine Says:

        I don’t think she’s reached her 6.6 yet this year, Nationals and Trials all have her down as 6.4/6.5. If she hit the bar with her foot, it that not 0.5? Or is it only if they smack the other bar?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I only saw it once so I thought she missed hit her foot but she clearly did not get 5 tenths taken away if she did. I think she got a 6.6 at prelims

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You feel free to predict against me.lol I hope you are right

  2. JAS4 Says:

    I think unless there are major errors who ever wins the AA will have to score over a 61 possibly 62 and the highest Aly has ever scored is a little over 60 because of bars if Aly could score a little better than she did on day one on the other three events I think she would at least need to score close to a 14.5 on bars to win and I think she is up first on bars so I don’t think that will happen but I hope she proves me wrong

  3. JAS4 Says:

    Also if a Russian is going to win I think I’d like to see Mustafina take the gold

  4. Catherine Says:

    Want: Larisa (I have faith BBC will let me know how she’s doing), Musty, Vika/Aly. Yes I will take Aly ahead of Gabby, which shows I’m barely able to appreciate Gabby’s gymnastics anymore. Okay, expect: Vika, Gabby, Musty. Musty least likely to implode, she could easily climb then.

  5. gymglitterxx Says:

    I would love Aly to get a medal. But I agree with GTT, the judges want Gabby to have it for some reason and I doubt they will put two Americans on the podium. Komova has a shot at gold, and I think Musty has a shot as well, but those two were shaky as hell in TF.

    Yes I am getting ready for Gabby’s head to EXPLODE.

  6. Gymnastwannabe Says:

    I would sure love for Aly to finally get the spotlight instead of being the third or fourth wheel….yet again. She would take it with such grace and she really has been such a solid all around gymnast.

  7. JAS4 Says:

  8. Jenna (@evrlngwatrfalls) Says:

    I don’t think China will sub Yao for Deng or Huang because she’s so injured. That’s why she fell on all events except bars (which doesn’t use as much leg muscle or require as much pounding) in qualifications – her thigh was still injured. Notice how in TF China couldn’t even use her on balance beam or floor, her two best events. They had to save every bit of her strength for vault (China’s last event) because they needed her DTY so desperately. I heard that head coach Lu even said that he should have brought in Jiang or Tan in instead of Yao but they didn’t realize the seriousness of the injury. My heart breaks for the poor girl. The only event she qualified in is UB and that’s the one event where only with others’ mistakes she could medal. Unless there’s a miraculous recovery, China’s only shot at AA will not be competing. Who knows though…with the way Huang and Deng competed in TF, China might be really desperate. (I wonder if Huang will go for the Amanar?)

    I’m not even sure who to cheer for who might actually medal. I like Aly and hope she makes the podium, but I don’t the judges will let her win. I’m on the anti-Gabby train too – something in her just irks me! I feel like her head already exploded from the ego boost. If she wins AA…ahhhhhhhhh I like Komova and Mustafina – would be fine with them winning, but they never drew me personally. I get a bad feeling though that Komova will crumble. I guess that leaves Lordache!

  9. Kel Says:

    I have a sick feeling that Gabby will win. She has somehow discovered this newfound consistency just in time for the Olympics. Argh!!! If she scores what she did last night, she will win. Last night as our family watched the team final I was lamenting about how I don’t like Gabby. My mom turned to me and said, “Kel, I know you do not like that girl, but she is really good.” I hate to say it, but my mom was right last night. She was good and I am glad she contributed to the team win. That being said, I will be rooting for Aly. I wonder what Jordyn will think if either of her teammates win?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She is overscored and should not even be in this AA. The ends seems to justify the means inside usa-gymnastics so the only hope I have is karma because the things Gabby says and does needs her brought down a peg. 16 or not.

  10. Kel Says:

    I also find it interesting that the media seems to be backing away from their Gabby lovefest. I wonder why that is? I am sure if she wins, she will get attention for a couple of days, but Jordyn is certainly the media darling. Every article I have read has been about Jordyn and all eyes and cameras were on her last night. I love it! Just hope Aly gets a little more attention too.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t agree. She is all over the front page of nbcolympics and the girl that was trending on yahoo the night of the team win. She is all over my internet. I know this because every time I turn around I run into her face.lol

      • Kel Says:

        I have mainly seen Jordyn, Aly, and Mckayla on NBC homepage. I had googled Jordyn and then Gabby and got so many more hits on Jordyn and how she led the team to gold, she will be a legend despite not making the AA final etc…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        This isn’t to you guys but I have some fun troll info. Someone complete idiot who works for the government (don’t worry it isn’t the President.lol) just sent hate mail to this blog using his work internet.

        This guy I am reporting because I am pretty sure his boss is not going to like what he did while using government related internet.

        Department of Veterans Affairs anyone????: and he used his own e-mail. His name is Mark.

      • Kel Says:

        What kinds of hateful things do people say to you?!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        This guy just accused me of being racists because we don’t like Gabby. No one has ever said a bad thing about Gabby because of her color. NO ONE. Her bad attitude is the issue.

        Yet he implied he is racist against Jordyn because she is white. This sounds racist to me and I am reporting him

        Here is what he wrote

        Attention all of you rascist, spineless bloggers out there, get used to seeing black girls like Gabby Douglas because your reign is over. All black athletes have ever needed was the opportunity and now they have that. She was arrogant because she expressed confidence that the hard work that she put in would pay off? She was America’s best not only in London but at the trials as well so find another sport to root for only white people in, it’s over. The biased media coverage for Jordyn Wieber is disgusting and the whole world sees America for what it really is, a nation of hypocritical rascist whiners. You see what has happened in Tennis? America’s best? Venus and Serena that’s who.

      • DL Says:

        Actually, according to the Olympic judges America’s best is Aly Raisman. So if this dude doesn’t like her, according to his logic, he is an anti-Semite.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That comment he left had hatred in it because Jordyn is white. He made a racist comment and I could have his job for this. If you google his e-mail you also get a place of his employment. He works as a track coach with kids and his attitude should not be shaping our youth.

        This is a blog and no one cares Gabby is black. The blogs most hated gymnast of all time at this blog is Nastia. She isn’t black. He is off base.

      • DL Says:

        Better let his workplace know. I mean, that’s your tax dollars he’s wasting by reading blogs at work and making hateful comments.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The stupidity of people makes me roll my eyes. I think we know who the real racist is here.

      • Kel Says:

        OMG! That is so off base. People who have posted on your blog have never mentioned the color of anyone’s skin. The reason most of us do not like her is because she is arrogant and is so self consumed (note the pic on so many websites of the girls holding hands and Gabby with her back turned waving to the crowd).

      • tulip Says:

        What does it say about me that I am most annoyed that our esteemed government employee can’t spell or use good English? lol
        If you’re going to accuse someone, be sure to get it right. While I know what a racist is, I have absolutely no idea what a rascist is. A big fan of the Little Rascals?
        No one cares about Gabby’s skin… the themes I see here are: Marta creating this situation by ensuring that she beat Jordyn at Trials, Marta’s favoritism and Iron Curtain behaviors that had the potential to destroy the team, and how she wanted so bad to screw everyone over in favor of Nastia. She just couldn’t justify it. Nastias arrogance and bad attitude. The judges. And yes, Gabby taking longer to adopt the ‘team first’ attitude than the rest of her team. But she did get there.

        Come to think of it- in the short time I’ve been here, the biggest complaint is about Marta, and by proxy, the spineless Steve Penny.

        And thank you for reporting him. Our tax dollars HARD at work!

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      I agree about Gabby’s overscoring (and Jordyn’s underscoring.) And I am not just saying that because Jordyn is my “favorite”. I started out a genuine fan of all the girls, particularly Gabby for her superior bar routines. However, once I started watching interviews instead of just her gymnastics, THAT is when I (and I’m sure many others) started to dislike Gabby. And what is up with all the .666 scores? They knew exactly what Jordyn needed to keep her out and Gabby in.

      • Gymnastwannabe Says:

        If Gabby didn’t make aa and Jordyn acted like Gabby and said the things Gabby said after prelims, I’d have no respect for Jordyn. You can’t deny the respect Jordyn gave all her teammates after prelims over Gabby’s insensitive words. Aly is a good example of someone showing confidence w/out showing arrogance. I will say, though, I think Gabby has grown bc she expressed her appreciation for her teammates in her interviews today. I think all the girls have been coached to realize the best thing they can do to make themselves look good is to show their appreciation for each other. I hope the best aa athlete wins tomorrow. …sure wish Marta and nbc would realize creating these rivalries is no good for athletes…it all started at the American Cup…not necessary to use this crap to motivate athletes to do better…oh, and some consistency in judging would help too…

      • (@lygill) Says:

        I started out the same way. It was really the interviews that made me dislike Gabby.

      • Casc Says:

        I think it worked the same for everyone. At first you watch her bar routine and you are like “holy …! Who is that girl? I need to learn more about her”. And then you search youtube for interviews, you hear her once or twice and you have enough. I mean, Jordyn and Aly are not too interesting when talkin to the press, but they are not annoying to hear. Yes, we know what they are going to tell, but not everybody can be Alicia Sacramone, right? (also I find interviews with Chellsie pretty interesting, but again, the reason may be as simple as that: they are much older than Jordyn or Aly). I have no idea why I like interviews with Kyla (well, there aren’t too many of them) and McKayla (yes, sometimes she may sound a little arrogant, but cmon, she is the best vaulter in the world, and I hope it will stay like this for some time.

        gymtruthteller: By the way, I think that we have another good topic for blog entry – about interviews with gymnasts.

  11. Jen Says:

    My prediction is ridiculous, but I’ll go through my reasoning on it before I put it out there:

    Viktoria Komova has zero endurance. She could barely get through her beam routine after doing vault and bars in a high pressure situation. She peaked in qualifications. I see a very wobbly beam routine, missing most of those early connections, a splat of her Patterson dismount and a weak, 2011 AA final-esque floor routine.

    This will be the third beam routine Gabby will do in competition. I don’t think she’s going to hit it and even if she does and she’s winning going into floor exercise, I can see repeat of what happened in qualifications happening again. There was almost zero pressure on her after Russia fell in team finals. There will be LOTS of pressure on her if she’s 3/3 going into the last rotation.

    Mustafina doesn’t have the Amanar. If she had it, she would have done it in team finals. If she nails her DTY, she’s got a 15.2ish on vault. She hasn’t done a steady beam routine yet. I’m not sure what’s going on with her there, she was always such a steady competitor, but I think we might see a hit beam rotation from her tomorrow, after being so visibly angry with herself during team finals.

    Aly Raisman is going to hit. Her bars have been constant all year and historically, the more time she has on the equipment, the better her routines get. She’s also a physical specimen. If anyone has enough energy to get through this AA, it’s going to be Aly.

    Iordache is really hurt. Her heel is not going to let her hit her floor, beam and vault the way she needs to in order to medal.

    So my podium:

    1. Mustafina: 61
    V: 15.2
    UB: 15.9
    BB: 15
    FX: 14.9

    2. Raisman: 60.5
    V: 15.8
    UB: 14
    BB: 15.2
    FX: 15.5

    3. Komova 60
    V: 15.6
    UB: 15.8
    BB: 14.3
    FX: 14.3

    4. Douglas: 59.9
    V: 15.9
    UB: 15.3
    BB: 14
    FX: 14.7

    • Kel Says:

      I love your predictions! Gabby keeps surprising me, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins or if she chokes.

    • Catherine Says:

      Iordache went from not training and being reported as ‘out of the AA, may do bars and beam in TF’ to doing all 4 events in prelims, and 3 in TF. She was saving herself though, doing a DTY and no floor. All reports say rest is helping her and that there was only really one day where it really hurt her. I absolutely would not be suprised to see her bring it today. Her full diffiiculty is well above Vika’s- 6.5 vault, 6.9 beam, 6.7 floor, 6.5 bars. I don’t see that happening, I do see 6.7 beam and 6.5 floor, 6.3 bars and 50/50 on that amanar. She has every reason to go for broke, and like Musty she stands to capitalise if Vika and/or Gabby mess up.

      She may still be off form. Or she could surprise everyone. I am rooting for her.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I am rooting for her as well. I think shes the future of romanian gymnastics. That is if last another four years. From what ive been reading in the past few weeks funding for gymnastics has been reduced dramatically and the pickings slim from their junior division.

  12. nero Says:

    I am rooting for Iordache!! Going from possibly out of the Olympics to AA is great, but I doubt she’ll win. A medal would be nice.

    It is all set up for Komova, her beam score in TF solidified it for me. But her floor could be sketch

    Of the Russians I would rather have Mustafina win. I feel like she is more of a fighter and coming back from an ACL tear with no complaints or whining (unlike another certain gymnast *coughshawncough*) is really inspiring. I’m 95% positive she’ll chuck an amanar, I just hope she survives.

    A bronze for Aly would be great, but she also has beam and floor

    If Gabby hits she’s on the podium, probably silver.

    My podium: Komova, Gabby, Mustafina

    • Dee Says:

      I’d rather see mustafina win, also, but I think Komova will turn it on and win. I’m dreading seeing gabby on the podium…not because I’m a racist but because I don’t want to hear any more of her attitude.

    • Jazzy31 Says:

      Yes I think it’s clear that unless Komova falls on her face, she’ll be wearing the gold. I SOOO hope that Aly will have a medal today. I don’t think she’ll get gold, but silver or bronze would be awesome.
      Gabby and Musty are both big question marks b/c either one could hit or bomb and it wouldn’t be surprising.
      I haven’t seen much of the Romanians so I don’t know what to expect from them. But I bet the judges would like to see one of them up there. I did see the gift Ponor got on beam in qualifying and that annoyed me so much that I’m not rooting for them this time.

      • Dee Says:

        I’m still rooting for Ponor in the beam final because I always have been a huge fan of her gymnastics and as a kid, watched that Athens routine thousands of times! But I do agree that she got a total gift.

        I really dont enjoy the fact that we literally saw none of the Romanians so far. I didnt even know, while watching the team final, that they were in 3rd until I saw them on the podium.

      • Jazzy31 Says:

        I won’t be rooting for her b/c I’m annoyed that she’s there! Same for Gabby in the AA, I guess. It’s funny – I didn’t watch much of the ’00-’04 quad of gymnastics so I don’t have much of an attachment to any of those gymnasts. I was so devastated by what happened to Vanessa Atler in 2000 that I kind of gave up on gymnastics for a while.

        I agree about the coverage. I loved seeing the USA rock it and Russia falter (yes, I admit it, I enjoyed it!) but I wish they had showed some other teams. I heard the Canadians celebrated their 5th place finish as much as USA celebrated the gold! I would have loved to see that. I love to see new teams come up through the ranks. I hope we see some varied gymnasts tonight. I’ll watch the live feed but it’s spotty.

  13. JAS4 Says:

    Chellsie is engaged

  14. Lauren Says:

    I’m glad I watched Kohei win during the live stream today, as NBC only decided to show approximately 20 total minutes of coverage, because a buffer on Danell Leyva was apparently more important than actual gymnastics. ::face palm::

    • Dee Says:

      Ha I feel the same way! The live feed was worth it, even with all the commercials. The NBC coverage has been so sparse.

      • Lauren Says:

        Not to mention, Shannon is a gracious, accurate, and fair announcer, and, I’m not sure who the Brit is, but he is fine as well. Unlike Al Trautwig, he does not pretend to know things he doesn’t. When Trautwig said “would the greatest gymnast ever leave an element out like that?” (on Kohei’s high bar) I almost through something at the TV. What an ***hole thing to say!!!! Kohei knew he had it in the bag, and didn’t wanna jeopardize it. Al Trautwig knows nothing, and he never will.

      • mim Says:

        i think the man is an aussie commentator but have no idea what his name is, but it sounds quite familiar! shannon has been a pretty good commentator actually.

      • Dee Says:

        I think the Shut Up Shannon feature is hilarious, but I have to say I really enjoy her commentating much more than the regular NBC crazies. I was pleasantly surprised by her. What do you think would happen if we were able to take Al out and put the guy commentating with Shannon in? To hear him try to make a non-ass out of the NBC broadcasts would be hilarious. His face would probably be “WTF” the whole time!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Al is supposed to be the guy dumbing it down for the once every four year fans… he is supposed to ask dumb questions because those are the questions that are in the once every four year fans heads. We all don’t care for his commentating because we follow gymnastics all the time. I personally love Shannon though.

  15. Johnsonlover Says:

    Komova will win if she did it the way she did at qualifications, Gabby will win if she does it just like team finals, if both Komova or Gabby tanks in even just one event, Aly will win gold, Mustafina silver, and maybe one of them will sneak in there for bronze. In my mind right now, I see it his happening.


    My inner dark side is saying this


    But I want this.


    • Gymbee Says:

      I have the same “want” as you! I do think Aly will end up on the podium though!

    • Dee Says:

      It will be a damn shame if Gabby wins this because of her start value alone, which is possible. I keep riding on the hope that if Aly beat her in prelims, she can do it again. I can see Aly medaling, but I”m not sure if it is going to be gold.

      When the Russians hit, their routines are beautiful. I am not a Komova person, ever had been, but when I saw her beam in prelims I realized just how great she is and for her to be beat by someone with less grace and artistry would be a disgrace…Komova has the big skills and performs them with such beauty.

      • Catherine Says:

        Gabby’s start value is below Vika’s and it’s also below Musty’s if she does an amanar…doubtful at this stage. Iordache even if she waters down a bit on her full difficulty is above her too. Only Aly is behind her, and Musty with no amanar and Iordache with no amanar and with at least one other upgrade not shown.

  16. alex Says:

    Can I say what I want or what I think will actually happen?
    What I WANT is this:
    1. Aly
    2. Vika
    3. Musty
    8. Gabby

    I am mean.

    What I think will happen:
    1. Gabby
    2. Vika
    3. Aly
    4. Musty

    But maybe not. I’d love to be proved wrong. I don’t want Gabby to injure herself, but I’d be okay with a fall or huge stumble and her finishing off the podium. I just don’t like how Jordyn not making the AA finals was all about Gabby. It was a disappointment for GABBY that there wasn’t going to be this Gabby/Jordyn showdown the media had built up. Ugh. I have to remind myself that she’s only 16, but still. I have to think that at 16 you have a little more self-awareness than that. But maybe not….you get excited and caught up in the moment…. I am too old to remember how it was to be 16. But still. Aly for the gold!!!

    • Gymbee Says:

      I don’t think the age is an excuse. Look at Kyla, she’s 15, and Jordyn just turned 17. They don’t act all arrogant, and Jordyn is an olympic and world champion. Those two reasons alone could make anyone get full of herself, but Jo is not.

  17. H Says:

    Correct start value, anyone who knows?

    vault, bars, beam, floor
    Aly 6.5 5.9 6.5 6.5 = 25.4
    Komova 6.5 7.0 6.5 5.8 = 25.8
    Douglas 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.2 = 25.7
    Musta 6.5 7.0 6.2 5.9 = 25.6 (24.9)

    • Catherine Says:

      Aly’s is correct, Gabby’s is 25.8 if she hits 6.6 bars, her full potential. Vika and Musty have floor and beam upgrades, they have the potential to have 26 and 26.1 respectively (Musty with amanar there) Larisa with an amanar and ALL of her upgrades has 26.6, that’s unlikely though. 26.2 with an amanar is more likely, or 25.5 without. She’s the most unpredictable..clearly improved a lot to do 4 in prelims and 3 in TF after being written off a few days before. We’ll see!

      • Catherine Says:

        I mean 26 with an amanar for Larisa, or 25.3 without. Maybe enough incentive for her to go all out and ignore the pain, she doesn’t have to recover for any EF’s.

      • H Says:

        Thanks! Have Vika and Musty done some of the upgrades during this competion?

  18. Luckystar Says:

    I think Vika is going to win this thing. I honestly thought Jordyn was the only one who could seriously rival her, and with her out of the picture it doesn’t seem likely anyone else is going to beat her IMO.

    I like Aly and if Gabby hits like she did yesterday they both have a shot at the podium, but I think the gold is Vika’s to lose. The judges have been gifting Russia the whole competition, and since the US won the TF its going to happen even more often today.

    The Musty fan in me would love to see her on the podium, but her gymnastics isn’t quite what it used to be since her injury.

    Mostly I just want whoever gets those medals to get them because because they are what they earned and deserved. I could even deal with Gabby winning as long as she really is the best in the competition today. I don’t want anyone to be up there on the top of the podium because they were overscored or see anyone left off because they were underscored. It cheapens the sport when the judges F up.

  19. mim Says:

    i hate london time. couldn’t bear to not watch it live though.
    hope it’s a good final!

  20. Luckystar Says:

    Ugh it looks Gabby and Aly are wearing hot pink (I’m hoping it’s red and the lighting is just bad).

  21. Gymbee Says:

    It’s more like purple! Gabby off the line, hope to the side on her amanar. She didn’t go into the red area of the mat. 15.966

  22. Gymbee Says:

    Aly: Landed good, but big hop forward. 15.900

  23. Luckystar Says:

    Vika went oob again today on vault

  24. mim Says:

    FIG twitter tweeting that jordyn is in the audience looking devastated.

    i want to slap them.

    don’t mind vika’s leo… and woah she’s off the mat!

    • Luckystar Says:

      *eye roll* jordyn looks fine. She’s sitting with mckayla and Kyla, and doesn’t look ‘devastated’ at all.

    • tulip Says:

      The FIG should be ashamed- More manufactured drama. Doesn’t this tell you everything about this ruling body?
      Now I have no doubt that the judges are doing what they are told.

  25. Gymbee Says:

    Komova: Hop to the side, steps off the mat and salutes. Didn’t fight to stay on the mat. 15.466.

  26. Catherine Says:

    Here comes the fucking fix. Gabby gets the same score as for her TF vault, but this one was way off line and she stepped into the red. 15.966. They are basically saying if she stuck it they would have given her McKayla’s score JOKE

  27. Catherine Says:

    Musty no amanar. Do not want to see her do a dangerous vault but I’m sad it could mean she has no chance at the podium. Great DTY though! A 15.2 would be nice..

  28. Luckystar Says:

    Aliya stuck her DTY. I hate the code. Her vault looked so much better than all these chucked amanars.

  29. Gymbee Says:

    DTY for Musty, almost stick. Legs a bit messy on second twist. 15.233

  30. Catherine Says:

    Finally a carcrash leo! Carlotta’s is gross. Nice beam though.

  31. mim Says:

    john geddert is pissed already ha. judges should be forced to justify their scoring.

    • mim Says:

      and by pissed i mean pissed off. not drunk. haha. just for clarification.

    • Luckystar Says:

      I honestly think judges should be forced to disclose where their deductions come from, and be penalized for deducting from some gymnasts but not from others who make the same mistakes.

      All this ‘opinion’ shit needs to go unless the mistake is so minor it really is a matter of opinion whether it happened or not. It kills
      me how they get away with blatantly ignoring obvious screw ups from their favorites.

  32. sanitynmotion Says:

    Glad Musty isn’t potentially sacrificing herself. That said, it sounds like Gabby’s vaullt was way overscored. Aly getting a 15.9 also surprises me. What about form? These judges are just ridic.

    I’m glad vault is being downgraded for the next code. A stuck DTY should have the same potential value as a shit amanar.

  33. Gymbee Says:

    Live scoring here btw! http://www.london2012.com/gymnastics-artistic/event/women-all-around/phase=gaw024100/index.html

  34. Catherine Says:

    Musty’s score could help her catch Vika, she has a stronger floor too. But Gabby? Looks like if she stays on beam she’s untouchable with that horrific vault score.

    • mim Says:

      i hope aly gets a more decent score on beam, still don’t get how victoria got a better score than her in TF.

  35. Catherine Says:

    Izbasa’s bars in non-horrible mode. Like, decent. YES being shown Rie Tanaka’s floor!

  36. Catherine Says:

    Yay I really like Marta’s floor πŸ™‚ Rie Tanaka 13.266, she’s thrilled!

  37. sainabou nyang Says:

    Wow reason Blythes quick hits coach for jessica lopez is pisses and ripping her a new one after her bar set. he stormed off the podium.

  38. gymglitterxx Says:

    Livestream showing me a commercial during Gabby’s bars, WTF

  39. Catherine Says:

    Beautiful bars from Elizabeth Seitz, great form. Iordache 14.266 bars, that’s not terrible…come on Larisa!!

  40. sanitynmotion Says:

    WTF: All-Around Gold Would Make Gabby Douglas Most Decorated Gymnast in US History

    who wrote this? they not hear of shannon miller/


    • Gymbee Says:

      How? Nastia has more Olympic medals than her? How about ASac and Shannon?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Exactly! I didn’t even want to mention Nastia but SHANNON MILLER has been to TWO Olympics and has multiple world championship AA gold medals. Gabby: none of those. This guy’s on drugs.

        I’m so antsy because I want to watch SO BAD and AT&T is not letting me log in. HATE.

    • mim Says:

      i hate bleacher report, their articles make me want to tear my hair out. ugh. they’re insane!

    • Dee Says:

      I hate bleacher report…who the hell do they have writing those articles!?

  41. sanitynmotion Says:

    I can’t watch and it’s killing me. I hate AT&T uverse!

  42. Catherine Says:

    Larisa first up on beam coming up, Aly first on bars..wow.

  43. Gymbee Says:

    HUGE wobble for Iordache on beam 😦

  44. mim Says:

    ohhhhh iordache massive wobbles to stay on beam… such a shame.

  45. Gymbee Says:

    Chow and Mihai prepping bars for Aly.

  46. Gymbee Says:

    Tiny hop for Aly on landing. Some minor form breaks during routine.

  47. alex Says:

    I am so nervous. I want this for Aly. Long shot, but I am sending all kinds of good luck thoughts her way….!!!

  48. Gymbee Says:

    14.966 Iordache on beam.

  49. Catherine Says:

    14.966 iordache beam..could have got a 15.3-4 full potential I’d say.

  50. Gymbee Says:

    14.333 Aly bars.

  51. Catherine Says:

    14.333 aly bars

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      YES!!!! That’s good, very reasonable. Now Aly needs to hit beam and floor…omg if she wins gold i’ll cry such happy tears.

      • H Says:

        Good Aly!

      • tulip Says:

        Me too! That girl has been a rock steady competitor, quiet leader, and great example of sportsmanship. She would be a wonderful AA champ. Plus she wouldn’t be an ass like our last hot pink mess of an ego.

  52. Catherine Says:

    go on vika! Knock gabby off gold!

  53. mim Says:

    oh aly keep your legs together! but whatever as long as she brings it on beam and floor..

    ashleigh brennan lands her on behind on vault… ugh kills me that she’s here repping australia and jordyn isnt competing. will never get over it!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I know right? I guess the Olympics wants to resist “true” competition. I just gotta tell myself that even if Jordyn were competing, the judges would screw her over and she’d be hoping for bronze at best.

  54. mim Says:

    komova’s bars…. GORGEOUS.

  55. Biyatch Says:

    So happy for Aly. After the last two worlds. I want this so bad for her. Beam and floor are her time to shine.

  56. Luckystar Says:

    Aly just hugged Komova after she finished her routine. They both did well, but obviously Vika’s on a whole different level on UB.

  57. Gymbee Says:

    Komova gorgeous routine, wee hop on landing. 15.966.

  58. sanitynmotion Says:

    Wow is Komova in the lead now? Wow, 15.966 is a HUGE score.

  59. mim Says:

    rebecca tunney is so cute. she’s all legs like a filly and a bit awkward but you can’t help but like her.

  60. Catherine Says:

    Ferrari doing well, and Deng! LOVELY floor from Rebecca Tunney.

  61. Catherine Says:

    good beam from izbasa. 14.266 deng bars

  62. alex Says:

    Okay, Aly just needed to hang on for bars…..where do you guys think she’ll end up if she hits beam and floor?

  63. Catherine Says:

    Musty NAILS bars!!

  64. Luckystar Says:

    Musty did a solid bar routine.

  65. mim Says:

    whoever was on floor during sandra’s beam reminds of disney movie music haha. half expecting princess jasmine to make an appearance..

    excited to see musty!

  66. Catherine Says:

    I LOVE the current leaderboard- Komova Aly larisa..

  67. alex Says:

    holy crap. 16.1 Musty.

  68. Gymbee Says:

    16.100 for Mustafina on bars!

  69. Catherine Says:

    16.1 musty!!!

  70. Luckystar Says:

    16.1 for Musty!

  71. Gymbee Says:

    Good routine for Gabby, small hop forward on landing.

  72. tulip Says:

    Musty- 16.1 on bars!

  73. Catherine Says:

    Musty only a tenth behind Komova..stronger on floor, beam about equal. Now, a fair score for gabby please

  74. Catherine Says:

    A 15.733, are you joking! She’s 4-5 tenths lower difficulty FFS.

  75. Luckystar Says:

    15.733 for gabby…

  76. mim Says:

    great bars for gabby. she did well.

  77. Catherine Says:

    Aly a point down on podium, but two strongest to go obviously. Go on Aly! Vika Musty Gabby (Gabby in lead…) are only tenths apart..

  78. Gymbee Says:

    After 2 rotations:

    1. Douglas – 31.699
    2. Komova – 31.432
    3. Mustafina – 31.333
    4. Raisman – 30.233

  79. tulip Says:

    Leos are interesting. Lots of bright color. I hate the cutouts in Ferraris shoulders. The Chinese not in red. One in blue and one in hot pink/black. I’ve seen the Russian blue before but don’t remember where- I think they’re pretty. Romanians in hot pink/black..
    Geddert said in his blog that they wore the hot pink to match the arena and look like they belonged there. Wonder if the others feel the same.

  80. mim Says:

    someone just tweeted aly wants gabby to win because she knows she (aly) can’t….. yeah right buddy.

    COME ON ALY! smash the beam and floor pleeeease.

  81. alex Says:

    Come on, Aly….come on!

  82. Catherine Says:

    Predicting 15.3 Gabby’s beam and 15.2 on floor, that’s how inflated this is even on her team scores.

  83. Wha? Says:

    Go Russia!

  84. tulip Says:

    At this point- it’s a battle between these top 4. They all have great events coming up. It’s anyone’s game!
    I hope the judges play fair so that the battle is truly about the best gymnastics. I know, I know… hanging head

  85. Jazzy31 Says:

    Let’s go Aly!!!!!! Grab one of those medals!!!!!

  86. gymglitterxx Says:

    Gabby is due to headcase these olympics………

  87. Gymbee Says:

    Nice beamset from Komova. Few wobbles and a step back on Patterson.

  88. Biyatch Says:


    I don’t like Gabby but if her winning means the Russians don’t, Im in.

  89. Gymbee Says:

    Now waiting for Gabby to have her headcase moment. She is due :-p

  90. Jazzy31 Says:

    That girl that just went on floor looks like ASac. Did she throw on a diff leo and sneak in??

  91. Gymbee Says:

    Mustafina fall! 😦

  92. Luckystar Says:

    Musty fell off beam

  93. Gymbee Says:

    Hannah Whelan 0 on vault. Did not land on her feet.

  94. mim Says:

    deng’s beam was lovely.

  95. Gymbee Says:

    UGH I see Bela in the back! Up to the left behind beam!

  96. Gymbee Says:

    Huh. What do you know. Gabby stayed on beam. Hop back on double pike.

  97. Gymbee Says:

    Iordache few steps back on first pass, OOB.

  98. Luckystar Says:

    Gabby 15.5 beam score

  99. Luckystar Says:

    Big balance check for Aly on beam

  100. Gymbee Says:

    Fuuuuck, Aly had mistakes on beam. She grabbed the beam.

    • mim Says:


      worst. AA. final. ever.

    • tulip Says:

      Her nerves got her badly

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Aly needs to out score Mustafina by over 5 tenths on floor for bronze. Doable but not probable and Gabby could fall and still win since the floor judges seem to hate artistry and Komova will be nailed to the ground.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        This is killing me. All Gabby has to do is finish her floor and we have the next Nastia.

        OMG, OMG, OMG

        OK, the positive side of this: more having fun making fun of her ego? Yeah? I guess that’s one thing.

        And I will be happy for Chow too – look what he did for her. What an amazing coach, overall. Maybe I’m jinxing her by saying that?

  101. Gymbee Says:

    At least she didn’t fall. I guess that’s something. She fights to stay on.

  102. mim Says:

    i can’t decide who is the lesser evil… gabby or vika.

  103. Gymbee Says:

    14.2 Aly.

  104. Luckystar Says:

    Aly 14.2 on beam

    She’s in fifth now

  105. Nina Marie Says:

    Ali’s hand touched the beam. 😦

    • Nina Marie Says:

      I hate to say it, but why does Ali always seem to qualify for the AA and then manage not to medal. Granted, it’s not over until it’s over… but her mistake doesn’t entirely surprise me.

  106. sanitynmotion Says:

    Now everybody is going to really say that Aly making the AA was a fluke and she wasted Jordyn’s spot. Damnit Aly I wish she didn’t mess up on beam – she had been doing so well!

    • Luckystar Says:

      Yeah, which sucks because the real fluke is Aly messing up beam. That never happens, no one could have expected that. I feel so bad for her 😦

      • Han Says:

        I blame the stupid commentator here he has said I don’t know how many times, she’s a rock, she never falls, she never wobbles blah blah I have been screaming at the tv, shut up you will jinx it! I had to mute my tv!

  107. Jazzy31 Says:

    This suuuuuuuucks!!!!!!!! I’m rooting for Komova now. I won’t be able to stand the Gabby coverage if she wins. Aly rocks floor – she could still grab the bronze. aaaaarrrrrggghhh!

  108. mim Says:

    aly is best on floor though… i don’t think it will be enough though. 😦

  109. Catherine Says:

    Did you know that Gabby is a better beam worker than Catalina and Sui Lu? That’s what the judges think. Get fucked judges.

  110. Gymbee Says:

    After 3 rotations:

    1. Douglas 47.199
    2. Komova 46.873
    3. Mustafina 44.966
    4. Deng 44.466
    5. Raisman 44.433

    Raisman can still sneak in to third hopefully!

  111. Kazic Says:

    Sh’es going to win. Floor is one of her better events.

  112. Kel Says:

    I am not watching it live but from all the comments it sounds like Gabby is getting overscored but doing the best overall job. Is that right? If she hits floor this is hers. Can Aly climb back?

    • Catherine Says:

      Yes, beam, vault, bars. All disgusting scores. She is hitting, but the scoring is like SCAM for her. She could quite well hit a 63+ total. Vika deserves this.

    • Luckystar Says:

      Aly’s in fifth the best she can hope for is bronze. Gabby is hitting all her routines but her scores are super inflated. It’s still close between her and Komova, but it looks like Gabby’s going to win.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Her vault was overscored, so was her beam so was her bars but Vika messed up vault so the lead can’t be denied I suppose but it should be closer.

      • Catherine Says:

        True, but forgetting vault the lead should be much closer, enough to tie or beat Gabby really. Pity Vika is weakish on floor.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The bar scores. Everyone went up a like 4 tenths except Vika who only went up 2. Gabby went up 4 and so did Mustafina.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Aly’s parents are in the front row by floor

  113. Sara Says:

    worst AA ever…:( i’m now completely rooting for Komova..

  114. DL Says:

    There’s no way Komova can catch Douglas.

    • mim Says:

      maybe gabby will go OOB on floor….
      gosh i feel mean. but too tired to care.

    • Kazic Says:

      Exactly. Unless she tanks floor comepletely, I would like to introduce you to our new AA Champion…Gabby “Everyone deals with disappointment but me” Douglass. GTT was spot on -_-

  115. Biyatch Says:

    Aly needs to leave it all out there. I think on tuesday musty had a 14.8 and Aly had a 15.3

  116. gymglitterxx Says:

    Sidenote: I do not feel that Den LinLIn is TWENTY

  117. Kel Says:

    No way Jordyn would have won if it had been her and Gabby going head to head. Wonder what she is thinking in the stands?

    • mim Says:

      “bitch be overscored and i’ll never hear the end of this.”

    • DL Says:

      Mustafina 14.6.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Aly needs to stay up and she has a medal. Floor scores look low all around today.

    • Kazic Says:

      Sadly the way things went for her are probably the best of the possible outcomes, in terms of her future marketability. She’s now the breave girl who came back from crushing heartbreak to help lift her team to Team Gold. They were never going to give her AA gold, no matter what.

    • DL Says:

      Oops, but yeah Wieber is way more marketable having not made AA. She would not have won. In fact, she may have come in fourth.

  118. Gymbee Says:

    Messy triple twist for Mustafina, step out of it. Come on Aly!!!

  119. Kel Says:

    I will be happy for Chow if Gabby wins but not Gabby.

  120. Luckystar Says:

    Musty 14.6 on floor

  121. Catherine Says:

    Here we go, and it’s a 16 for Gabby on floor!. Okay 15.4 really…

  122. Gymbee Says:

    Raisman needs 15.133 to catch Mustafina.

  123. Biyatch Says:

    Musty 14.6! Come on Aly

  124. Luckystar Says:

    Gabby’s dancing makes me cringe but her tumbling has been solid so far

  125. Luckystar Says:

    Gabby hit her routine. Gold is hers.

  126. Gymbee Says:

    Gabby good floor. Stayed well in bounds.

  127. Gymbee Says:

    Jordyn, Kyla and McKayla standing ovation in the stands.

  128. Catherine Says:

    I could like Gabby if she had good choreo, a good attitude and was getting fair scores. Scores aren’t her fault but the ‘and the 0.2-3 bonus because you’re gabby!!!’ is ruining this for me.

  129. Gymbee Says:

    15.033 Gabby.

  130. DL Says:

    62.232 wtf!

  131. Luckystar Says:

    15.033 for gabby

    62.232 final score

  132. Sara Says:

    Fuck this..

  133. Catherine Says:

    Vika needs 15.359 to beat Gabby, impossible. GO ALY!!!

  134. mim Says:

    i do kind of like that she smiles during her routine i must admit.

    but jeez aly hope she has the floor of her life.

    vika looks spooked.

  135. Luckystar Says:

    Aly downgraded her floor like she did for TF to avoid going oob

  136. sanitynmotion Says:

    Well got to hand it to her for not headcasing. Wow. Way to peak at the right time.

  137. Jazzy31 Says:

    My damn feed is stuck on a Chevy ad. What the helllllll??????

  138. Luckystar Says:

    The commentators are saying she upgraded at the end of her routine to make up for the downgrade

  139. Kel Says:

    She was way overscored, but I think she also peaked at just the right time. Kind of like Nastia 4 years ago. DAMMIT!!!

  140. Gymbee Says:

    Raisman 15.133. 4th for her unless Komova messes up.

  141. DL Says:


  142. Luckystar Says:

    Aly 15. 566 tied with Musty!

  143. Kazic Says:

    Komova can’t catch her. Never seen her look rattled like she did when Gabby finished.

  144. DL Says:

    Wow, Komova rocked that floor.

  145. Gymbee Says:

    What? Mustafina and Raisman are tied. 59.566.

  146. Luckystar Says:

    I think it is fair that Gabby is in first, given that she was the only one in the top 4 that didn’t make a major mistake, but she was still overscored

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Her vault score was the difference and we can make a case for that being 4 tenths too high. Vika might have a point here.

  147. Biyatch Says:

    Judges just screwed Aly on purpose.

  148. Sara Says:

    Komova did the floor routine of a lifetime..

  149. Luckystar Says:

    Musty will still win over Aly because of the tie breaker. Execution score is taken over D score.

  150. sanitynmotion Says:

    I don’t see how Komova can get 15.3…what’s her D value?

    I’m disappointed for Aly. Fourth again. She seems to never be able to step on that podium when it comes to the AA.

  151. Luckystar Says:

    They showed the rest of the fab five and it was awkward because they weren’t cheering for Gabby lol

  152. Kazic Says:

    They showed Jordyn…she looked, shall we say, less than thrilled :p

  153. Gymbee Says:

    Jordyn doesn’t look that pleased.

    Dammit what an anti-climax this is. I feel nothing but disappointed. I was even happy for Nastia in Beijing. Gabby just looks confused as usual. Raisman looks sad too.

  154. Kel Says:

    Hopefully, Gabby will retire now!

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      i could see gabby around for another year and that’s it. Next year its all about Katelyn ohashi.

      This is also a win for chow, business will be booming for him now.

      • gymglitterxx Says:

        Yes I am very happy ONLY for Chow, LOL. it’s good redemption for him after being so close to having the all around champion last year.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        i think im more happy for chow lol.

        chows gym could possibly be the number 1 gym over woga and gedderts.

      • Cristan Says:

        OMG…I wish I was hallucinating…remember what Nastia was like for the last 4 fucking years? This is going to be so much worse. I think I was just a little bit sick in my mouth.

      • mim Says:

        i like katelyn but worry for her. i think gabby will stick around.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Could marta have two favorites Katelyn and Gabby? Yikes.

  155. Gymbee Says:

    Now they’re showing the mother.

  156. H Says:

    Sad for Aly. Hope she comes strong in EF.

  157. mim Says:

    seeing vika’s face fall when she saw the scores. oh man, i actually felt for her, especially after her solid floor routine. i thought maybe she had it. always the bridesmaid, never the bride for her.

    poor aly too. damn.

  158. Julia Says:

    Burn everything down. Komova gets screwed out of yet another gold medal by an overscored American beam routine. Honestly, worst AA champion since Carly Patterson.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I would probably agree about Komova but I don’t about Patterson. Carly did deserve that gold.

      • Julia Says:

        Yeah, Carly at least hit four for four. I honestly cannot believe this. 15.5 is the highest score on beam yet at the Olympics, and it was completely and totally undeserved.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Same with bars. Gabby had a 6.6 start value and Vika a 7.00 and the scores don’t work

      • Catherine Says:

        Was she given a 6.6? I got no d-scores on BBC.

      • mim Says:

        i still feel like carly didn’t put 100% effort in the team final to save herself for AA. too many uncharacteristic mistakes/not enough fire in her. i could be wrong though, i didnt follow that quad closely.

  159. Jazzy31 Says:

    Why they can’t they both get a bronze?? First this Olympics screws Jordyn, and now Aly. This is fucked.

  160. H Says:

    They have the same score … really iiik!

  161. tulip Says:

    Feel awful for Aly. Not getting the tiebreaker. Why can’t they both win? Wait- that would be fair and we can’t have that

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I thought there were no tie breakers anymore???

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      I feel terrible for Aly as well, sooooooo disappointing. She should still be proud though; she wasn’t even expected to qualify to the all around. And yes Gabby was way overscored, honestly her scores were just strange, like .666 who gets that?

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      They do use tie breakers, they just don’t break it down as far as they did when Nastia lost on uneven bars

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      Kazic, for event finals they use E score followed by D score. For all around, they drop each girl’s lowest score and then base it on whose top 3 scores are highest. So Mustafina got to drop her horrendous beam score.

  162. nero Says:

    Wow Congrats Gabby!! If Komova would have hit vault she would have won, she just kind of gives up

    Jordyn would have won bronze, sigh

    Mckayla could win vault, that would be 3 golds for 3!!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I think the Russian fans are going to be pissed. Gabby was overscored on vault and beam way more than anyone else. They might have a point even with the off mat mistake on vault.

      • gymglitterxx Says:

        Gabby was overscored on vault for sure. If she had stuck, she would have had the same score as Maroney. BULL. SHIT.

      • Kazic Says:

        One thing you can say is that she seemed to have the fewest mistakes. Was she overscored? Yes. But she had a fantastic day.

    • Catherine Says:

      Could win vault! Lol unless Izbasa and Chuso break her legs first, that thing is in the bag.

  163. Luckystar Says:

    I feel bad for Vika she always seems to get silver by such a close margin.

  164. mim Says:

    i wonder what aly just said to gabby! neither looked happy!

  165. Jazzy31 Says:

    Did you guys see Musty waiting w/ Kom while watching the scoreboard? Gabby didn’t bother to do that for Aly.

  166. Gymbee Says:

    Sad for Aly. If she had not had that uncharacteristic beam, she would have come 3rd!

  167. sanitynmotion Says:

    Do you think Russia will challenge the scores? Obviously judging needs to be changed, pronto. How can this sport be taken seriously anymore.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      They can only challenge their scores.

    • mim Says:

      i hope they do!

      • Catherine Says:

        I’m not sure what they can challenge if they can’t challenge Gabby’s! Vault was fair, Vika’s beam got a high score. Vika’s bars slightly lower than expected, not much above Gabby who is 4-5 tenths down in difficulty. Floor, difficulty not shown- she has 6.0 potential on floor, 15.1 was fair, it was GREAT. Now if they could challenge Gabby’s everything except floor, that would be great.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The bar judges in this competition should be checked out. The way scores have been something is suspicious and this is even the Russians best event.

        Vika’s UB scores was too low compared to Gabby. Like I said before she only went up a little less than two tenths when Gabby and Mustafina went up 4 tenths for virtually the same routines.

    • nero Says:

      They would have a point but Vika’s vault sucked so it’s kind of hard to argue against when the winner hit 4 for 4. I don’t think they’ll be pleased though.

      Gabby got a .5 bump on bars, did she add something?

    • Biyatch Says:

      Vika got a 9.1 E score on floor. How much can she really challenge.

  168. Jazzy31 Says:

    Aly finished ahead of Musty during prelims and tied her here. How does she not have a medal? She was the better gymnast at these games.

  169. (@lygill) Says:

    I feel so sorry for Vika. I know Gabby hit, but her gymnastics is just so blah and unexciting!

    Ugh these tiebreakers suck. Poor Aly. She just got Nastia’d!

  170. Catherine Says:

    Another vault zero, though this one was uncontroversial. Hannah Whelan crashed hers, not feet first. Gutted, she was very upset.

  171. Cristan Says:

    The only good thing about Gabby winning AA is that Chow will finally get the recognition he deserves. He is a great coach. First Shawn, and now Gabby. Hopefully the next couple of years won’t be such a Valeria Liukin show now…

  172. Han Says:

    Super happy for chow! Love him!!

    • tulip Says:

      Yes- he is a great coach, seems like a good person, and doesn’t act like a horses ass like one coach I can name. I like!

  173. mim Says:

    BBC commenting this could be the highest AA score in history.

    i wonder if they think gabby was overscored.

    • Catherine Says:

      Nastia, Shawn’s and Yang’s were higher..not by much. Nastia’s 1.6 higher. But then, except for vault everything else had two more elements counting. Highest AA score THIS quad though.

  174. Wha? Says:

    Gabby, overscored much?

  175. JAS4 Says:

    And so Nastia the sequel begins I will say she was good today but very over scored I think things would have been much closer without the blatant over scoring

    • tulip Says:

      I do think that Chow will have a much better influence on how she handles this than Valeri and Nastia. Chow is a humble proud man. Now, her mother is a different story… she will be everywhere!

  176. tulip Says:

    This was a strange all-around for me. I really hope that between the 2 per country rule and the insane tie breaks instead of a tie, that the FIG receive enough negative criticism over their arbitrary dumb rules that they change things. Also- the completely uneven, possibly arbitrary, possibly fixed judging- like after the Paul Hamm mess

    Dreams of fairness…

  177. Kazic Says:

    Poor Vika. She looks crushed. The Soviet Gymnast who handed her the flowers appeared to say something to her.

    • tulip Says:

      Awww… she’s still crying.

      • Kazic Says:

        She really just looked wrecked the whole ceremony. I did like that Gabby hugged both of them though. That was a nice touch.

      • gymglitterxx Says:

        The girls always hug the other competitors during the ceremony, if they don’t it’s considered “refusing to congratulate”

  178. tulip Says:

    Vika not happy on the medal stand. Think she’ll yank the medal?

  179. (@lygill) Says:

    Gabby looks so cocky, like she’s entitled to win this medal, ugh. No show of emotion at all during the ceremony!

  180. tulip Says:

    Musty seems genuinely happy with her bronze

  181. Kazic Says:

    Also Weiber just tweeted Congrats. She is such a class act. One thing that annoys me that Gabby did: she didn’t sing the National Anthem. One reason why I loved when the womens relay swim team one last night, they ALL sang it. Love me some missy franklin. She needs to give gabby some pointers.

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      LOL Gabby probably doesn’t know the words

    • mim Says:

      the girls didn’t sing it in the team final either.
      kazic gotta ask, you yugo background?

      • Wha? Says:

        Jordyn mouthed some of the words

      • Kazic Says:

        What did you ask me? :p

      • gigi Says:

        The only girl who “mouthed” to words was Jordan. I think sometimes the athlete do and sometimes they don’t. It’s not like they are picking their nose or talking during the anthem so I don’t think it’s a big deal if you sing or not.

      • Kazic Says:

        Gigi I know, I like I said, just a pet peeve of mine. It’s not offensive or anything, I just like to see them sing it. Like I said, relay women’s swim team rast night belted it out. Made me smile to see. I like to see that they actually know it :p

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Anymore with the way things are – the pledge of allegiance is basically no longer allowed in most schools – it’s not surprising they don’t mouth it because they don’t know the words.

      • Kazic Says:

        I know. Makes me sad that people representing our country sometimes do not know our national anthem.

  182. sanitynmotion Says:

    I’ll bet Shawn is secretly rattled and perturbed that after all the years she spent with Chow, she got a silver. Gabby spent less than two years with him and now, gold. She probably feels a bit displaced. Maybe Gabby can go against her on DWTS, hah!

    Sad to hear no emotion from Gabby for winning. That’s what makes it so great, IMO. What did Aly say to Gabby at the end?

    • Gymbee Says:

      I was thinking the same haha. I bet she feels a bit cheated.

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      It doesn’t matter how long she spent with Chow, Gabby is simply more talented at the things that matter in gymnastics these days: jumping, flipping, and huge height. I won’t be surprised if the sport is eventually dominated by african-americans like track and field is.

      • Jessica Says:

        I’m gonna have to disagree with that. Historically, African-Americans tend to fall into middle to lower class financial standings. This is a HUGE contributor to why we see so many in that situation turning to sports to pay for college or to professional sports to make their mark. Frankly, gymnastics is too expensive for lower earning families to afford. Track, football, basketball etc. are much easier to afford and easier to accomodate into family life. You can do just about any sport anywhere—not the same story for elite gymnasts. There are only a handful of gyms producing top athlets-and it comes at a price. So, until gymnastics becomes more accomodating and affordable, expect to see your typical white contenders.

      • Luckystar Says:

        I think (and hope) we will start to see more diversity in gymnastics, but I don’t think it will become dominated by any race like we see in track and field.

        Even with the new code that favours muscle over pixies, gymnasts need a very specific body type (petite and muscular) to do their skills. African Americans tend to be taller and have larger bone structure than say the Chinese. This means they do dominate track and field, but also means that for many (but not all as Gabby has obviously demonstrated) gymnastics isn’t the easiest sport.

        Also, unfortunately many countries with a large population black people are not as wealthy as the countries that dominate gymnastics like the USA and China. Track is relatively inexpensive to train for, but building a decked out training center with gymnova equipment is more difficult.

        Like I said, I do hope more opportunity opens up for gymnasts around the world to realize their full potential, but I’m not so sure changes will be all that extreme.

      • Kazic Says:

        Well one good thing about Gabby’s win is that she will probably inspire a generation of young black gymnasts. She’s going to be everywhere media-wise. There are some middle cass black fams in the us, that can manage the cost of training an elite gymnast. And now gabby will provide the motivation.

  183. Biyatch Says:

    Jordyn Wieber ‏@jordyn_wieber
    So proud of you @Aly_Raisman! You amaze me every day! πŸ’—xoxo

  184. nero Says:

    Awww I love Jordyn, I hope she continues

  185. Luckystar Says:

    Showed a glimpse of the medal ceremony. Gabby was wearing that awful grey Nike outfit.

  186. Gymbee Says:

    Congrats @gabrielledoug! You are the Olympic all around champion and you deserve it girl! πŸ’™β€

    Jordyn is such a class act!!

  187. sainabou nyang Says:

    Although gabby didn’t headcase at the Olympics its after the Olympics that im worried about.

    Because shes the first black AA champion everyone is going to want a piece of her. this os why i see her lasting only another year because i can see her not being able to handle the spotlight after a while. but i could be wrong.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She doesn’t need to come back.

      • gymglitterxx Says:

        She won’t be back after the olys. Gabby will hop on that fame train and never look back

    • Kazic Says:

      She certainly doesn’t need to continue gymnastics. Financially and legacy-wise she’s set for life. I just hope she has people around her to keep her on the straight ans narrow.

      Oh Dominque Dawes I am so sorry that this is your torc-bearer. Teach her plz :p

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I agree. Her journey is over.i pray her family doesn’t rob her blind.

      • Kazic Says:

        Me too. I don’t want to see another Mike Tyson: so successful, and yet, so broke.

      • tulip Says:

        sainabou- Good point and a valid concern. She is a minor, so her parents can appoint themselves caretakers of her money. It is hardly unheard of that parents help themselves. Not saying they will. Actors and athletes have been screwed by greedy parents. I hope it doesn’t ever become another Moceaneu emancipation situation where she needs to be legally allowed to manage her finances. If she has an agent, that will help with the accounting side of it.

  188. JAS4 Says:

    I would have like to see an AA with no crazy over scoring and Gabby still may have came out on top but I would have preferred her to do it with out gift scoring so it would have been a fair fight between her and Komova

  189. nero Says:

    I’m sure the Russians were gleeful when Wieber was knocked out. They should have wanted her there because Komova would have won easily

  190. Gymbee Says:

    At least, bye bye Nastia. But in comes Gabby. Between a rock and a hard place…

    • Kazic Says:

      I’ll take Gabby over Nastia. She just needs some media training…and to not be 16. In all fairness though, the last few interviews have been tolerable. I feel like she’s finally getting that there is no I in team. Of course now that she won AA she gets to talk about her favorite subject: herself πŸ˜›

  191. JAS4 Says:


    • nero Says:

      fuck that, they TIED had the exact same score….the SAME score. At least Nastia got a medal out of her tie, Aly gets nothing.

    • Kazic Says:

      Yeah I just saw that tweet. I am a bit pissed that no one, not even USAG knows the rule. If there’s this much confusion, it’s probably a bad rule -_-

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Wait until you see the code of points for 2013. In my opinion major deductions especially on vault.

    • Luckystar Says:

      I’m not a fan of this tiebreaker. I guess it’s supposed to encourage AA gymnasts to be truly AA, but I would rather the tie breaker involve taking E score over D score. I would really love to see execution emphasized more. This tie breaker just feels random.

  192. gilttrip Says:

    Hmmm, an Underdog does not get free coaching for life, then picked up and carried to the nicest coach in gymnastics to help her pull it together. G had the road smoothed before her more than most gymnasts. Po’d about Aly not getting bronze. How about going to the 2 day scoring system? Everyone needs to give it their best every time!

    • Jazzy31 Says:

      Yes! Aly beat Musty in prelims and tied her in AA. How does she not have a medal?? “New Life” needs to go – it just makes it random who gets the AA medals. I wonder what the results would be this time if they added prelims to AA finals this time? I’ll have to figure it out.

  193. sanitynmotion Says:

    Oh gawd more Gabby interviews….kill me now. Lots of them in the future I’ll bet. It will never end.

    The Russians should have hoped that Gabby would have been knocked out, not Jordyn. It could have nearly happened too.

    Gabby’s now set for life and probably doesn’t want to stay in Iowa. She’ll retire for sure. It’ll be like another Shawn Johnson or Tara Lipinski (just referring to people that retired kind of at a young age after winning large)…Sarah Hughes too (ok GTT don’t hate me for mentioning that twat’s name – Lipinski).

    At least Nastia is knocked off her podium. Wonder if she’s somewhat disappointed. I’ll bet she is. I’ll bet Shawn’s even more disappointed in a way for not being able to deliver the same prize to Chow.

    Will be interested to see how Russia reacts. Can only imagine they are pissed.

  194. Jessica Says:

    I really, really like Aly. I do…but you could see the writing on the wall when she made the AA final. Always places in 4th….that’s why I think she should have given up her spot to Jordyn. Gabby may still have beaten Jordyn, but she’d have a better shot at getting on the podium.
    Of course, these are all my opinions. But I think that Mustafina was gifted that bronze. She fell off beam, Aly put her hands down. Where is the justice? It feels like 2008 all over agin. when ASac lost bronze to someone who landed on her hands and knees. It’s just not right.
    And Komova needs etiquette lessons. Bitch may be a pretty gymnast, but she doesn’t know how to be a graceful competitor. I hope she is done competing. Actually, I hope the whole lot of them are done! Time for a new quad of talent!!!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      yeah but if musty had a killer bars set and aly only scored 14.3 (a good score for Aly)…that’s what killed her really, and always does not allow her to medal: her bars.

      The good side of this is that there’s more of a chance that both Aly and Jordyn will continue on in this sport. They have more to give and more goals to achieve. Gabby is done.

    • Kazic Says:

      I disagree. Komova wasn’t nasty on the podium, just crushed.

    • gilttrip Says:

      Next time your boss wants to give you a promtion after years of hard work, say no thanks and give it to the girl next to you, that’s how I feel about any athlete stepping down.

      • Kazic Says:

        I Agree about stepping down. As miffed as I was about Jordyn not getting in the AA, I wouldn’t ask anyone to bow out.

  195. Gymbee Says:

    I’m actually so sad now. It kills me that amazing, classy girls like Jordyn and Raisman probably won’t get the full recognition they deserve now, but arrogant, big-headed Gabby will get all the glory.
    I hope Wieber and Raisman and Maroney will KILL IT in their respective finals.

    • nero Says:

      Gabby has an entire avenue open to her that none of the other girls do. Being the first African American Olympic All Around Champ is a really great accomplishment and should be recognized. The other girls will be shoved in the shadows though, especially Kyla

      • Kazic Says:

        Jordyn won’t be forgotten, and Maroney won’t let herself be lol. It’s true about Gabby and what’s she’s done to represent, but I would have liked her to earn it a little more. Oh well.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Of course she deserves the recognition.
        I’m just sad for Jordyn and Aly.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Yeah but imagine camp without gabby.

      • Kazic Says:

        I am especially sad for Jordyn. She is a true Champion who was not allowed to shine. But in the end, Gabby did rise to the occasion. So I am at least glad that the spot Jordyn lost didn’t go to waste.

      • nero Says:

        I’m sad for Jo, Aly and Kyla. They are great but will be forgotten by the general public.

        Gabby probably wont medal on bars, but she has a shot at beam

        Aly wont medal on beam but can on floor

        I hope against hope against hope Jordyn wins floor, but it wont happen.

        I want sponsors to keep the team together, I think people appreciate a team more but I doubt advertisers will be able to resist having Gabby all on her own

      • Kazic Says:

        Gabby = $$$ lol. Anyone seen this picture yet? pic.twitter.com/5GLA5BmM

        Komova looks so pissed lol.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Lets face it they are all gonna make a lot of money$$$ and can make an entire career out of the team gold alone!

        McKayla could actually be the most marketable and she should leave the games with TWO gold medals equalling Gabby (so far). Although Aly could leave the games with TWO golds as well if she wins floor. Unfortunately Jordyn will be out shone by her teammates at these games but she is still a world champ and olympic champ and she will do just fine. Kyla is great but I don’t think she has reached full potential yet I hope she sticks it out for at least a world championships if not until the next Olys.

      • Kazic Says:

        I agree. They all will be fine. Especially with the 1st Team Gold in 16 years. McKayla is very marketable because she has the wow factor. Watch the vault from TF without your mouth dropping open, I dare you πŸ˜›

  196. nero Says:

    Another thing on Aly. She beat Mustafina on 3 of 4 events, sounds like a better AA to me

  197. alex Says:

    OMG. I am so over this sport. I seriously just feel sick about the AA. Ugh.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The Russians are pissed right now. it is really too bad that they can’t lose gracefully in situations like Irina Slutskaya and Pleshenko because than when they complain about things like this where they have a huge point no one wants to listen

      • alex Says:

        I wish that there was a way to have the routines evaluated by a computer. Amplitude, execution, etc. Take the subjectivity out of it. Ha! Then we could have a human decide whether it was pretty and artistic or not for bonus points. πŸ˜€

      • Anonymous Says:

        I agree. I still remember Produnova ripping the silver medal off her neck in disgust and which was a shame cause she was one of my favorites. Its a shame when athletes cannot “lose gracefully” as you put it even though they didnt lose… they won an Olympic Medal!

      • Kazic Says:

        Don’t get me started on Plushy. He was such a bad loser. I don’t like Evan- he reminds me of a serial killer, but he has the night of his life, and deserved Gold.

        Do you guys really feel Komova wasn’t graceful? She didn’t throw the medal or anything, to me she just looked sad.

  198. CKY9 Says:

    Begrudgingly… congrats to Gabby. She’s been a rock in London but I think it’s a little bit of what Shannon Miller said–she’s so young, she may not really grasp what she’s in the middle of. Judging from her reaction to winning and the whole medal ceremony, she just seems more dumbfounded than anything else.

    I’ve been thinking all week that Gabby has had the benefit of being the one on the rise this year. She hasn’t carried the nation like Wieber has since Worlds but now as Olympic champion and if she continues competing, she’ll get a taste of what she’s done to Wieber all year–someone younger and faster clipping at her heels. Next year, when she’s got the US girls on her heels, we’ll see what happens. Michelle Kwan once said something like… it’s harder to stay in 1st than it is to get there. Amen!

    Komova has nothing to be upset about–she got a gift on vault as it was. Aly qualified 1st on FX with a 15.3… did Komova really think she was gonna get a 15.4 for that 15.8 routine? Not to knock her but realistically… I thought it was pretty obvious that Gabby was gonna hold on to 1st. Sorry to see Komova crushed again but she made a good showing during the medal ceremony at least. She should be proud of 15+ on all 4 events.

    Nice bronze for Mustafina–comeback vindication for sure and did anyone else hear the commentator say she plans to continue competing after London? That’s awesome! Really, the top 3 are all young enough to go another quad.

    Aly… once again, the odd man out. Can’t believe that it came down to a tiebreaker! I thought she was a little underscored on floor though–come on, she had 15.3 and 15.2 in team and I think they mostly have been very consistent routines. But a bit of tough love like with Wieber this week… she should have knocked it out of the park on what she can control and not have to rely on the tiebreak rules to help her out (however dumb they are). That goes for any athlete in the situation. Tough break! Now go get that FX gold!

    And can anyone really comment on AA without commenting on Wieber? It was very odd to see her in the stands. It’s just too stupid that a podium changer is not in the mix. If the 19th qualifier gets axed due to a rule, who cares… #19 will not likely change the podium. But #4 could. Top 10 from all countries qualify and whatever dumb rules FIG wants to do after that… who cares.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      One thing about musty she seems more mature. the old musty pre-injury would have thrown that bronze at the judges.

      Komova look out this girl is gonna be back for rio with a vengeance.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You are right about Gabby… nothing has sunk in for her yet. Not that she didn’t work hard and scarifice a lot but she rose to the top quick without much obstacle (injuries, etc.) which I think makes it feel a little less overwhelming than someone who is older, been in the sport longer, overcame injuries, etc.

  199. sainabou nyang Says:

    Just to give you all some laughs check out the tweets spanny posted from Samuel l jackson who was watching the mens final.
    Nbc should totally hire him and get rid of al andthe gang.

  200. H Says:

    Haven’t Aly got the best floor score throughout the competition?
    Hope she makes it all the way to the top in floor final

    Need something to balance out this not truly fun AA

  201. CKY9 Says:

    Per NBCOlympics, “Mustafina and Raisman finished with identical scores of 59.566, but the Russian got the bronze on a tiebreak. The lowest scores for both gymnasts were dropped, and the remaining three were added up. That gave Mustafina a total of 45.933 and Raisman 45.366.”

    So, Aly lost her 14.2 on beam but still had to eat a 14.3 on bars. Mustafina got to drop her lousy 13.6 beam but her massive 16.1 on bars was the difference.

    Boo all around… they should both get bronze.

  202. JAS4 Says:

    Check out Geddert’s twitter and what he was tweeting/retweeting during the AA lol

  203. Kazic Says:

    And apparently Lindsey Vonn was in the crowd at the AA, She just tweeted a pic of her and a fan, My head just exploded. It’s all my favorite things ever in the same place! Now why can’t I be there? ;_;

  204. Catherine Says:

    I’m so dissapointed and narky! So sad Iordache couldn’t contend and watered down hugely, how dissapointing her. Sad for Aly, and sad that some of the judges were on crack. I look to the Olympics in this day and age for much fairer scoring than SCAM. Did anyone else feel like they were watching SCAM when some of the scores came up? Not just Gabby’s in fairness, though once again her scores were in a league of their own. What is going ON, she has never been scored fairly this year! Why wasn’t scoring as harsh as worlds? A much more exciting competition with fair scoring. When the scoring’s a joke it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, even though Vika handed the victory to Gabby after vault.

    • Kazic Says:

      Like you said, to be fair Gabby wasn’t the only person who got gifts. Also: though she should have won by a much slimmer margin, she did win fairly: she had an amazing night, and a stellar Olympics (and it’s not even over!).

      To me the big screw over was Aly. I feel Musty’s bars were over scored, and it was that score that gave her the bronze tonight. IMO, in the all around competition, the best ALL AROUND should win. That was Aly, not Mustifina.

      • Catherine Says:

        Well Musty did bars before beam, so they weren’t to know that was going to happen. They both screwed up on beam, Aly’s weak bars would have cancelled out Musty’s excellent bars and beam fall had she not had that huge wobble and grabbed the beam, so it kinda works both ways. I AM gutted for Aly though.

      • Kazic Says:

        True. Still feel the bars are a bit high. She has a beautiful routine, but I wouldn’t say it’s as good as Ms. Tweddle, which is what that score says. *shrug*

        I heard a rumor that Aly is upset because she feels that most of the team attention was on Jordyn not making AA, rather than her making it. The media has definitely made her seem like an afterthought.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I feel bad for Aly but that’s what the media is going to do when the world champ gets left out of the AA but I am glad they brought more attention on the ridiculous two per country rule

      • Kazic Says:

        If the media had treated Jordyn like the AA champ in the beginning instead of ignoring her, maybe the judges would have had a harded time throwing her results the way they did -_-

        And yes, that rule is dumb. It’s needs to be the 24 best preformers, period. Why penalize countries with a lot of talent?

      • gymglitterxx Says:

        I can’t wait to see Beth (hopefully) medal in bars; I predict the judges will give her gold as long as she stays on. And I can’t wait to see this because I’m sure she will be grateful and cry or something. It’s much more fun to watch athletes who really appreciate the magnitude of the moment, instead of people who don’t really show any emotion.

  205. gymglitterxx Says:

    Hey I just realized Gabby technically “won” the American cup. It’s creepy how often the American cup winner wins the olympics!

  206. Kazic Says:


    I didn’t see this occur. I think I take back everything I said about Komova not being a poor sport.

  207. The Dude Says:

    Aly, it is now your turn for redemption.

    Kohei and Gabby biffed in prelims and are now Olympic AA Champs. Danell bounced back to a bronze AA after botching his team final. And even though Jordyn didn’t compete in the AA or did AA for team finals, she was the name of everyone’s lips after the team won; coming back with a vengence as a comeback kid.

    Aly, your own moment awaits. Go and get it.

  208. Kylie Says:

    Fuck me I got up at 3.30am for that. I am going to be tired and grumpy all day at work (let alone going to a fundraiser from 6 – midnight tonight). Sigh it is only 9.54am, 7 hours to go.

    Tie breaks are ass, Gabbys attitude is ass and I am just feeling ass.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Word! I’m going to bed grumpy.

      • Kylie Says:

        at least I know who you are now :p
        PS eyes hanging out. Caffeine makes me have panic attacks and I have had caffeine… in for an interesting arvo :p

    • mim Says:

      dont worry i kylie, i can sympathise with you! i watched the AA finale live from 1:30-4am and im still sleep deprived 2 nights later! still annoyed that i was up into the wee hours for that outcome (and then flying to sydney on 3 hours sleep….). i can’t stop thinking about the outcome of it all, so sad for aly.

  209. Kel Says:

    Some thoughts from today…Gabby was overscored but deserved the gold nonetheless. If Jordyn had competed, at best, she would have been 2nd without Gabby competing and 3rd with Gabby competing. Jordyn is a class act with her attitude and tweets. I feel really bad for Aly…she was royally screwed. Her coach talked about how she could not enjoy being in 2nd after the qualification round because all anyone was talking about was how mad they were that Jordyn did not qualify. Gabby may be the least decorated AA gymnast ever…wonder if she will jump on the fame wagon? I sincerely hope most of these girls continue on…I hate liking a gymnast only to have them retire after 1 and a half or 2 years on the senior level. The Russians are sore losers (well at least Komova is).

  210. Kel Says:

    True…I was just caught off guard that she had “stuffed” her medal in her pocket. I just watched Komova’s vault again…it is like she gave up on the landing. I think gold might have been hers if she had stayed on the mat.

  211. Johnsonlover Says:

    Wow what a day, here’s what I’ve got to say about it, good job Gabby, you deserved it as you were the only one that was consistent. But, you pissed me off today. Literally. She just got crowned the queen of gymnastics and she can’t even show a LITTLE bit of emotion or happy tears? COME ON. “I knew I had it” really gabby? You don’t say things like that on tv, what was going on your head when you said that. As for komova, I thought she was going to win, but I wanted her to lose as I dislike her more than anyone, but my heart goes out to her because she had to relive winning silver again to a girl who seemed happy about it of course, definitely showed confidence in herself, but the cockiness came when she said that line, and she didn’t even show any strong feelings, happy or sad. It was disgusting to watch. I never had anything against gabby until she did that, I Teared up more than she did all because of her mom crying. I hope she won’t become the next nastia or Shawn Johnson, disappearing into the fame and then coming back as a failure. I want good things for her just because if her accomplishment, she needs to seriously learn how to talk to the media because that’s what’s killing her. I even said to my mom “is if just me or did that sound cocky?” and of course she said if course not. I hope she’ll watch her mouth and her emotions if she comes back for this next quad.

    As for the other teammates, sorry aly, good job jordyn, good job Kyla, and good job mckayla. I could truly see mckayla being the main person sticking throughout this quad so she could debut her triple twist, and Kyla because she has so much she could do to improve. I don’t see aly just because I don’t, but I see jordyn sticking through it but falling in the end like ASac.

    • Viola Roadkill Says:

      Seriously, you are getting at her because she didn’t show the right emotions?? You’re grasping at straws here.
      And what was wrong with what she said? Ok, it’s a bad idea to say that on TV, but that’s bad media training as you said, NOT arrogance. How was it cocky for her to think that before Komova’s score came up, knowing it was unlikely that she’d catch her?

      • Kazic Says:

        I don’t understand the people getting on Gabby because she didn’t cry. People internalize things differently. Some people are stoic. It’s one of the reasons I think the media didn’t love Jordyn untill she cried at quals. She’s very focused when she’s competing.

        I do think Gabby needs media training. She needs to learn to edit. Even if you think something you have to learn to know when to say it, and when to just let it pass and be the graciuos winner (or loser). I just keep reminding myself, she’s only 16.

    • mim Says:

      honestly i think she didnt cry because she expected to win. i don’t think she was shocked or thought there was a tiny possibility it wouldn’t happen. i just think she was THAT confident.

      that’s not necessarily a BAD thing but it depends on your take on it all. some people may find it entitled and cocky, others may find it supremely confident and inspiring that someone has faith in themselves. i think it comes across as ungracious but i don’t think she is purposely that way or understands how it comes across. she’s just young for her age and lacking in self-awareness.

      but then again, maybe she genuinely was shocked or overwhelmed.

  212. JAS4 Says:

    https://twitter.com/gymnewstics/status/231427750613876736 Wow just wow Apparently everything has to be made into a race issue now yes it wasn’t a smart thing to do on NBC’s part but I’m sure the whole line up was planned before Gabby ever won they just didn’t think to change it
    (accidently posted this on the previous blog but I will post it here too)

  213. Han Says:

    I would like to keep following the gymnastics, I try to keep up with it after the Olympics but now I am in Canada it is a little harder as I couldn’t find the competitions on tv and the feed online never worked well. Any canadians that follow? Is there a particular channel I should be looking for? What competitions do they have on tv? I was able to get the olympic trials and the competition before that, I forget which one.

    • Kazic Says:

      I am not Canadian, but if you can get Universal Sports up there, they follow most Olympics sports all year round.

  214. JAS4 Says:

    Don’t know if anyone’s posted this yet but it’s funny

  215. JAS4 Says:


  216. JAS4 Says:

    Wonder if she’ll still want to do gymnastics now lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      90 million? Sounds a but high. This will be a disaster in the making of her attention whore mother gets ahold of that money. If I was her old coaches I would sue for the Douglas family took from me and then some

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Think I read they are suing for like 20000…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        They took money from these coaches. Anyone with a brain would pay them back

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah hopefully they will pay off her old coaches the 20,000 or whatever and maybe Gabby will mention them nicely in an interview or something and then they will be happy lol

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