The arrogant American

I always defend my Country when people call us the Arrogant Americans because I think the label is unfair. The more I watch this Olympics and read up on what the media and some athletes have to say the easier it gets to understand why so many people hate us.

If the only thing you heard about something came from the US media why wouldn’t you hate us? All that seems to matter to any of us is Gold and if you listen to the idiots on television you get gems like this from Nastia Liukin’s agent. Why the hell is this man making a comment about an athlete that ISN’T HIS? There is a way to say something. A time, a place and this was not it. How this fat slob got this job is beyond me.

Gabby Douglas had this to say when she found out Jordyn did not make the AA. It has to be the most obnoxious comment I have ever heard another gymnast make about a teammate during the competition.

“Everyone was talking about me and her (Wieber) and ‘the showdown’, and after Aly’s floor routine everyone got really shocked. But, all have to learn how to deal with disappointments. But I’m so proud of Aly. She deserved it.”

Don’t get me started on Hope Solo.

FYI, Michelle Kwan says differently Mr agent.


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56 Responses to “The arrogant American”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    If Gabby somehow gets the Gold or any medal especially if she is ahead of Aly she will be the new Nastia for sure

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    OK, I read a little thing on Hope Solo and I need to read up on it more apparently because I never bothered following up the hoopla. Something about Chastain.

    I totally get why other countries hate us too. Add in the Obama factor and prior to that, the Bush factor and call it a day.

  3. Biyatch Says:

    the funny thing about this… his client got the most coveted gold in gymnastics and yet was less marketable than the silver medalist

    • hclovespink Says:

      So true!

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Exactly why he’s not Nastias agent anymore… Pre Olympics Shawn had it all locked in ortega coke mcdonalds just like jordyn does with Kellogs, oil of Olay ( p+g) AT&T, Hilton hotels, the list goes on…. Aly and gabby may have magazine covers, but those aren’t high$$ endorsements like jordyn already has. Those two are so tacky in that video… Michelle Kwan is hella more marketable than lipidski or Sarah Hughes….. Gag… Jordyn probably has 1 million plus pre Olympics

  4. Biyatch Says:

    also i wonder if any of these girls try to make it to rio

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Think now Weiber will seriously be considering it. Aly has already mentioned thoughts about it (that she’s considering it already, even before these games have completed) and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyla tried to come back and do more for herself individually. She has the package and the potential. Plus Kyla just began her senior career, so she’s not as beat up I would think.

      I honestly hope at least Kyla and Jordyn stick around. Even Maroney (I think she could def be more than a one-trick pony). Even Aly. The only bummer is all of these girls saw what happened to the ’08 squad when they tried to come back. They know the secret is brown nosing Marta.

      • Elitefan Says:

        I’m hoping Maroney sticks around and gets the TTY in her name. Also Jordyn after today…would love to see her have more worlds success

      • Dee Says:

        I also hope Maroney gets the TTY to her name. She seems so capable.

    • mim Says:

      i read on twitter (will have to find where, maybe gymnewstics) that mckayla has her sights set on hollywood (acting) post-gymnastics career. not sure if this is after london or instead of college or whatever.

      love mckayla but why am i not surprised by this ha. would rather see her in rio.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I think Mckayla is the only one of these girls who is going to come out of this with two gold medals. I think Komova will get aa gold. Aly or Gabby might pick up a silver or bronze in aa but I could see them not medaling at all. Gabby might not medal at all individually. Aly could get a medal on floor but I don’t think it will be gold.

        My point is that Mckayla could be the real winner coming out of this as far as marketability. Plus she has that beautiful, exotic look about her and personality. I can definitely see her being an actor.

      • Rhanda Says:

        Yes, because gymnasts or any kind of elite athlete crossing over to being an “actor” has always worked out so well…um, NOT. EVER. Ha ha. 🙂

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Not so far! But Mckayla is different I think. We’ll see.

  5. hclovespink Says:

    Omg what a prick that guy is, I hope jordyn doesn’t hear that, doubtful but what a mean idiot. And I didn’t think anyone could annoy me more than nastia but I think gabby has topped her. Ugh please don’t let her medal in aa!

  6. Kylie Says:

    Yea admittedly often in the media America does come off arrogant. Fortunately for someone like myself I have been lucky enough to travel to your country many times and I know that it is not true.

    Some people could use some serious media training, it should be mandatory if they are going to speak to the media in any shape or form.

  7. sanitynmotion Says:

    This guy is so outlandish and stupid it’s not even funny. Jordyn is a gold medal winning champion on the world stage already; anyone in her shoes would have gone pro. Plus, she’s been featured on enough ads and has enough sponsors I’m sure at this point she’s collected way more than a college scholarship would have given her.

    Most of the collective audience he speaks of doesn’t really know who Nastia Liukin even is (more so prior to this Olympics). The closest I get from people who don’t follow the sport is “that blonde girl” and now, most definitely “that blonde girl who fell on bars” hahahah.

    Shawn Johnson is way more marketable than Nastia ever was. Even today she’s completely out maneuvering Nastia when it comes to marketability. Yet Shawn is (and he’s right on this part) marketed solely on that gold medal she won on beam. But if USA gets that team gold Jordyn will have that same potential, of being called “an Olympic gold medalist.”

    Only as asshole like him would market someone like Nastia. Sadly, if he were to say that about someone like Gabby he’d be totally called out.

  8. nero Says:

    This motherfucker is so lucky I don’t live in London because I would hunt him down Jason Bourne style

    I’m sick and tired of the only ‘marketable’ gymnasts being the cute, smiley, golly shucks, type of girls. You know why I like Jordyn and Aly and Rebecca the best? Because they’re REAL, they’re awkward, they don’t put on some fake smile and laugh through every question. That is why I started not liking Shawn, the ‘marketability’ went to her head and she became more and more rehearsed and fake

    When Geddert said Jordyn hasn’t said anything and went in her shell I was sitting here like ‘that is ME’. Something good happens a little smile, something bad happens I’m not talking to anyone

    And Gabby, Jordyn is hurting and upset and still praised Gabby, Aly and the whole team. Gabby threw shade at Jordyn.

    • nero Says:

      Well Alexei Nemov was the guinea pig in Athens that ushered in the new scoring system, perhaps Jordyn will be for the fuckery that is the 2 per country

      I mean Alicia scored .025!!!! Less than both Nastia and Shawn on beam and wasn’t allowed to compete

  9. HPP Says:

    Ugh ugh ugh. If Gabby medals in the AA I will vomit.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Gabby won’t medal… In AA or events…. Like Moceanu 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        After watching this on the big screen I am so livid right now that I don’t want to start a blog. I am afraid of what I might say.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Please do I’m sure we are all thinking the exact same thing!

  10. Catherine Says:

    I don’t like the American media, but it doesn’t change how I view it as a country, I admire it- except for eh certain republican views. But every country has its whackjobs in politics, it’s a pity USA’s are so dominant.

    Anyway, not watching that video now, maybe tomorrow. Saw that Gabby comment earlier, horrified. Has nobody taught her to shut up and be gracious? Whatever she personally thinks, she should have said ‘I am delighted to qualify, but gutted for my friend and teammate’ and left it at that. Say if Cata did the AA (yes I know she doesn’t)and her and Izbasa bumped Iordache out. You would absolutely NEVER see either of them glory in Iordache’s despair. Even the rest of the US team. It’s just Gabby.

    • Rhanda Says:

      Gabby is super immature when it comes to the media. I’ll never forget the whole “When I hear the crowd gasp when I’m on my release I always think ‘Calm down, I’ll catch it.'” In a random convo with other girls you wouldn’t think twice. As a reported statement, much like the whole she made above about Jordyn, she just sounds shallow, arrogant and yes, immature. I don’t want her to medal in anything, and I doubt she will!

  11. nero Says:

    Gah I just saw a .gif over on Jordyn’s tumblr of Tweddle giving her a hug. TWEDDLE FOR ALL THE MEDALS

  12. sanitynmotion Says:

    Nastia tweeted a picture of her and Michelle Kwan. I hope Michelle was cold to her. 🙂

    If they aren’t showing Gabby’s full beam (I am going to watch in a bit), is there a place we can go to see everything? Does You Tube have it yet?

  13. Exgymgurl Says:

    Nastia can tweet all she wants… In people magazine giving parenting tips really?…. Vanilla sky jeans? Super girl by Nastia (dropped at JC Penney!!!) visa for a second or two? Jordyn Wieber is lucky she’s not competing because I think the US will be shut out of AA medals and she’ll drive the team gold like Shannon in 1996…. And Shannon has a gravy train

  14. DL Says:

    That Nastia chose this guy to be her agent back in 2008 says a lot about her.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I was told by several people that he went after Shawn and she said no, so he took Nastia instead

      • DL Says:

        I remember at the time he gave a bittercakes interview to the NYTimes saying that there could only be one “America’s sweetheart” each Olympics and that Nastia was it, etc.

  15. nero Says:

    poor Jordyn is trending on twitter. For the past two years I have witnessed nothing but hate for this girl, but after this I have seen more people be supportive and caring to her. I hope she continues, after today I think she will. She’s got some great gymnasts to look to; Tweedle, Ferrari, Chuso.

    It will be much harder for Jordyn with the depth of the USA, but it could happen.

    Jordyn 2016 All Around Champion!

  16. tulip Says:

    GTT- Can I please ask a favor? I sent you a tweet when I requested to join your account there. Because I am brand new to it, I sent the name and email I use to post here. Of course not knowing that it wasn’t a PM and would actually be there for the world to see, would you be so kind as to delete it when/if you receive it? You’d be helping a serious rookie! Greatly appreciate it and that you have this forum for us die hards.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Sure but what did you send it too. This blog?

      • tulip Says:

        I believe I sent to your twitter yesterday. My user name: ‘into_themystic’
        Then again, for all I know, I sent it out there to god knows who. If you don’t see it, I’ll send another request to follow.
        It’s totally okay for everyone to laugh at me- I am!
        Thanks much!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It isn’t there. Try again:)

      • tulip Says:

        Just sent another Tweet… thank you for you patience. If there is something else I need to do to follow, let me know. 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think we are golden now. I wonder how many people signed up for new twitters to follow

  17. Kelly Says:

    Wow, these two are something else. “What a disaster”? Jordyn did really well. About giving up NCAA eligibility, Jordyn is a world champion gymnast- college gymnastics is not for her.

    • nero Says:

      her mom said she’s already made enough to pay for college. Jordyn is definitely more of an internal athlete, I really can see why she didn’t want to do NCAA

      And we all can see that in today’s gymnastics world it doesn’t have to be ‘one and done’. If Jordyn wants to, she can have more successful years

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I thought I read that she has signed on to be an assistant coach at UCLA? She most likely will at least get her tuition waived. “Mr. Agent” above is not only a 100% asshole, he doesn’t even know the facts.

  18. terrigymfan Says:

    I avoided the blogs all day so I could watch it on TV without knowing the result. I am heartbroken for Jordyn. The two gymnast per country rule for aa finals is absolutely outrageous.

    I have to say this is probably the first time I have ever agreed with everything Bela said. I almost found myself liking the guy.

    I am rooting for Aly now in aa finals but since I don’t think she will win, I am now rooting for Komova. Anybody but Gabby.

    I so hope Jordyn recovers and puts in a fine performance Tuesday night. I think she will because she is a fighter and one first class girl.

  19. Dee Says:

    I hope that guy represents Gabby so they can act like smacked asses together, say ridiculous things together, and then be forgotten about like Carly and nastia.

    I want to smack that stupid ass in the face. He obviously is a great agent, since when people hear “beijing” they immediately think “Shawn”. Heh.

  20. kittykat Says:

    oh my shit, that guy is a fucking jerk. He needs a good ball-kicking

  21. Luckystar Says:

    All a gymnast needs to be marketable to the masses is an Olympic medal. That’s it. Bonus points if it’s gold.

    Dom has made a freaking fortune off her single gold team medal. Shawn is probably the most famous of the 08 girls and she didn’t win the AA.

    Most people who casually watch gymnastics don’t care about the difference between individual events, AA, and TF. They are all the same to them. Teenage girls doing crazy shit with there bodies.

    A decent agent can market an Olympic gymnast without requiring them to get the top spot. This guy clearly doesn’t get that though because Nastia won the whole f’ing thing and NOBODY knows who she is (and I say this as someone who doesn’t hate Nastia).

  22. sanitynmotion Says:

    I watched the NBC version but haven’t seen floor yet.

    Conclusion: WTF is happening on beam. Kyla did a gorgeous routine and I’m guessing the only reason she didn’t make event finals is because of her D score.

    The code needs to be changed. Ponor’s beam set was a disaster yet because of her “tricks” she gets in over beautiful execution such as Kyla’s. Atrocious. (This coming from a major Ponor fan…I still hope she gets the gold on beam).

    Jordyn’s beam was underscored by at least three tenths. Her first connection to the full back was complete. If Gabby got credit, and even if Aly got credit for the connection after her front tuck, Jordyn deserved credit for hers. It actually was an overall decent beam set with one major wobble. I can see how Gabby’s beam would outscore hers if it came down to the D score, but only by a tenth or two, max. So if Gabby scored 15.3 ish Jordyn should have scored at least 15.1 ish…thought it was funny too how after Jordyn completed beam even Tim said “that should bring in a HUGE score.” …not. So awful.

    Although it appears John knew her situation because he blatantly said to her after she finished beam “you need to rock your floor.”

    • Catherine Says:

      It is Kyla’s d-score, she’s several tenths down on those who did qualify- 6.5+ the rest are. I feel a lot worse for Larisa Iordache, whose full difficulty is 6.8/9 and who would have won the whole thing if she was in top form.

      Gabby was absolutely overscored on beam. They clearly love her, damn. Disgusted at her amanar score- where were the block deductions and the deductions for lack of amplitude? McKayla’s was so high she wasn’t able to stick it..girl needs a TTY, stat.

  23. Kylie Says:

    Ok I finally watched the video as it wouldn’t work for me at work. WHAT A F WIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously he needs someone to gag him. Arrogant plonker

  24. Gymnerd Says:

    Oh, my God. What. A. Dick.

    Fat fuck.

    And I hope Gabby trips over her own giant ego on all 4 events on Thursday.

  25. Gymbee Says:

    Oh my god, what a prick! Who says that!?
    Not like he is a big authority figure on marketing athletes, he managed to screw up with the one price cow that he had.
    He also fails to remember that Wieber is already a world champ, and also, the olympics aren’t over yet.

  26. Gymbee Says:

    Another thought – how about Alicia Sacramone? She had a disastrous olympics, but she kept getting endorsements after the Olympics too. Under Armour, P&G, Visa?

    • Rhanda Says:

      Good point. Do you think Alicia was more established though? Did those endorsements come right after the Olympics or when she was back in international competition a few years ago? I think it was the latter and it made sense: she has a great marketable personality, she was Olympics “infamous” and was on the whole redemption kick. I’d definitely have chosen Alicia over, other athletes at that point. She had a good chance of getting to a second Olympics then too.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Yeah I think all that factors in. It all just proves this Morgenstein character wrong though. A clever PR agent doesn’t have to rely on only AA gold to market their client.

        If Jordyn continues, she could go the “redemption” route too, and immediately be more relatable to the general public than some robotic smiley athlete.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Of course I just want to slap tha guy. As bad as something like this is we can rest assured that Jordyn will recover. People aren’t that fragile especially someone with the iron will and constitution of Jordyn. It’s a little like Kim Zmeskal. Kim has done pretty well for herself despite what happened in 1992. She never made any money from endorsements but it was a different age back then when even Shannon didn’t cash in after the 1992 Olympics. I know it is a cliche but it really is true that we often learn more in life from our disappointments, and how we react to them, that our successes. Jordyn is going to be just fine no matter what.

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