I love Beth Tweddle


Here is a link because I can’t add a picture.


15 Responses to “I love Beth Tweddle”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Now I just want her to win bars, without a tie. He Kexin can get silver.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention this before I was so mad about everything in general but WTF is up with pink and purple leos??? Is it so hard to make a patriotic leo of red, white, and blue? This is just plain sad really. I am not a fan.

    What will team finals be, more unicorn colors? I feel like I’m back in Kingergarten. Please let the team final leos have some patriotic feel. I feel like only the Romanians know how to do this anymore.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Did you watch Gabby’s beam yet?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Just did and entered in my thoughts on a previous post.

        Jordyn was underscored on beam by AT LEAST 3 tenths. Add that to her final score it would have been her and Aly to the AA final, which is what I would have definitely thought appropriate. This is a disaster.

        I haven’t watched floor but I don’t think I need to if Gabby scored in the 13’s.

        I am not even as much of a “I hate Gabby” person either. I am trying to look at this completely non-biased. Jordyn indeed was screwed. Badly.

        I don’t see Gabby winning this competition. At all. I never did. Her floor is too weak and her beam/vault too questionable. Even if she brings it all together, I don’t see her getting above a silver. I never understood the Gabby hype leading up to this (even though I do think she has wonderful leaps and great potential overall, and I do like her UB routines – her release moves, let’s be honest, are awesome) and I think all that it did was divide the team and bring down Jordyn’s confidence level. I don’t know, I really just don’t understand the need to overscore this girl. I don’t even hate her but I don’t see the need for it.

        If these quals were judged fairly, Jordyn and Aly would have been in that AA final, end of story. That’s my final answer.

  2. hclovespink Says:

    Proud to be British….i love Beth too!

  3. JAS4 Says:

    Beth is classy really want her to win gold on bars!

  4. Jazzy31 Says:

    She’s awesome. Go Beth and win bars!

    They just showed US beam on NBC. The commentators didn’t even comment on Jordyn’s beam score which seems odd. I’m starting to think that there is something suspicious going on that NBC wants to ignore..

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Not only that they didn’t show the first part of Gabby’s missed connection. They only showed the bobble. In fact they never even mentioned Gabby’s bobbles

  5. Wha? Says:

    I don’t like Tweddle, but that was a really classy thing to do. Kudos for her!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Wha? Everyone loves Beth Tweddle:)

      • brainy Says:

        Agreed! I saw/read that Beth T. trains 2 routines. Anyone know which she’ll throw for EF or D score for the other routine? Great to see a gymnast hit a routine with huge D score hit & gets rewarded.

      • Catherine Says:

        The one she did is 7.0. BBC commentators said over and over again that she’s able to add two tenths to that.

  6. Exgymgurl Says:

    I love Beth!!!! she’s gold in my book, and from a media /PR / marketability standpoint this makes Jordyn more popular… WHY??? Because she’s headlining people magazine, drudgereport, new York Times, and she’s the story, not Douglas, not Raisman, she’s the story and if she kicks ass in team finals she’s more relatable as someone that had a bad day and recovered than robot perfect jordyn. If I’m her agent this is huge$$… How many teenage girls/ moms have faced disappointment over loss, not getting into a college a stupid boy etc… You bounce back you don’t cave. She’s way more marketable and relatable now with the right spin on this. She’s waaayyy more interesting.

  7. Dee Says:

    If anyone knows Olympic heartbreak, it’s Beth. I love her even more for this! Almost all of team GB hugged jordyn by what i saw, and heard later that they all said they respect her and feel for her.

  8. Gymbee Says:

    Love Beth. I’m so happy she went and hugged her.

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