Mens prelims and

I am not sure how live blogging is going to go tomorrow. The computer freezes every time there is a commercial and when I try opening two pages it almost always freezes. I somehow doubt tomorrow will be any better. I will try. If not I might start a chat room anyway just in case.


WOW, Russia moved into seconds. Every time I saw them they were falling a part.

Yay Fabian, into 3rd for the AA and I thought his highbar was lowballed compared to the others.

I am in:) I think I am more excited about not going to work tomorrow than I am about watching mens but it is working.

I have approved all the twitter accounts so if you weren’t approved please send another e-mail and post it here.

First off the women have their line ups out and I am not happy with it. Kyla is first on beam which is only happening because Marta knows she is consistent. She was put their to calm queen Gabby because we all know her starting on beam would be a disaster. In better news Kyla is competing floor. Mckayla is more hurt than they are letting on if she doesn’t do floor.

What do you think?

Womens’ line up

Vault: Raisman, Douglas, Wieber, Maroney
Uneven bars: Raisman, Wieber, Ross, Douglas
Balance beam: Ross, Douglas, Wieber, Raisman
Floor exercise: Ross, Douglas, Wieber, Raisman


I can’t find any results from the men and my password will not work for the live coverage so live blogging is in jeopardy for tomorrow. I am working on it.

China had a melt down in prelims but I have no details. I am off to find results:)


FIG twitter, Kohei fell twice today

AA after sub 2: 1. Danell Leyva (USA) 91.265; 2. John Orozco (USA) 90.590; 3. Kristian Thomas (GBR) 90.256; 4. Kohei Uchimura (JPN) 89.764

USA (275.342) leads the men’s team ranking after subdivision 2, GBR in second, JPN third (270.503) and CHN fourth #ArtisticGymnastics

God help us if Japan and China tank finals. Horton and Orozco’s ego’s might explode. I think I will skip NBC tonight. The bias will be nauseating.

Full team results are here

NBC Results

Horton says team are goof balls.

Now I feel better about Kohei. Looks like his pommels were a huge disaster. That means he should have over 3 points in deductions which would easily pout him ahead of Llyeva.


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39 Responses to “Mens prelims and”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    My directtv password/username doesn’t work either… 😦

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      This I guess I will be going to work tomorrow because if I can’t watch I might as well make money.

      I am going to call them and see what they can do. Why is it so many people can’t get their passwords to work.

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    Seriously peeved that kyla can’t to AA but more so now her chances of qualifying for beam finals are in jeopardy because of her placement. Her coaches should have fought harder and also had her upgrade floor a year ago but they are too nice and oblivious (ha, new favorite word). I would have thought that Aly would be perfect to lead things off on beam but she’s the reigning national champ so I get it.

    I have a feeling McKayla was put on this team for vault only from day 1. Marta just said that she needed to count in her for at least 2 events leading up to trials because who knows maybe she was debating which girl to screw over for Nastias placement, kyla or McKayla. McKaylas floor has never been what you call consistent but then again gabbys floor is questionable. It will be really interesting to see how the judges score gabby on floor (and on everything else to be honest) during quals.

    I probably won’t be watching live but will still be checking the blog. Are you live blogging here and on twitter? I don’t mind not being surprised in fact I prefer it this way…my nails are bitten enough!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      If I can get my password to work I will be live blogging. If I can’t I will be going to work. I’ll let you know/

      • Anonymous Says:

        I really hope the plan is to use Aly to Vault TF and NOT gabby regardless of her score in pre-lims. Two events (bars&floor) is more than enough for her to handle. I am also curious to see how she scores on floor…. she might do ok because her leaps are beyond 180 degrees and her tumbling is usually good, hopefully her choreo/music don’t damage her score too much (for the team’s sake).

        Beam is such a toss up for USA because they are all so close scorewise. Its hard to argue with any lineup for this event.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Oh I can argue with it. Kyla scores better out of the US and I have no doubt she will score better here then she did in the US.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I hope Kyla makes beam event finals. It might actually hurt Jordyn and Aly’s score to have Kyla first bc their leaps will stand out like crazy after the judges just saw Kyla’s

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It will serve Marta right to propping up Gabby over what is best for the team.

      • Anonymous Says:

        sooo true. my wish is Aly & Jordyn to qualify for AA and floor finals, Kyla & Aly to Beam Finals but we will see how it plays out! what would your lineup for beam be?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That is tough because even though Aly is the beam National Champion I would start with her. Then Gabby, then either Jordyn or Kyla. I might do Jordyn last because she is the only gymnast we have doing all 4 events in team finals and she deserves something for it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        true and Jordyn also has a world medal on beam. I would be ok with your lineup but if Beam ends up being USA’s final event in TF then I want Aly last lol.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That is a good point. Same if we end on floor.

        I can’t ever remember the US ending on beam

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        If we qual first we end on floor like Beijing… Russia and Romania and china will let us qual first..

  3. Jessica Says:

    I tried to watch the men’s live stream…so many problems. I finally was able to log in thru TIme Warner, but the feed was so slow and choppy. And there were lots of ads. Guess someone has to pay for the service.
    I only saw the last two rotations. I missed Superman’s falls. I am not surprised at this. He has been king poop for so long, it was bound to happen.
    I am excited for the guys. I really like all the members…well, Leyva is iffy…and want them to do well.
    On the women’s side…I am not surprised with Ross going first. I have always thought of her as a throwaway score waiting to happen. I don’t wanna wish my life away, but I can’t wait for all the finals of gymnastics 🙂 !!!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Orozco made no event finals. He was beat by at least two teammates on every event. AA is his only final. I doubt a 14.7 will get him in to the pommels final but we will see.

  4. Exgymgurl Says:

    My direct tv is working now on my iPad and my other systems… I think it was a glitch earlier but it keeps cutting the replay of dressage… I think they are overloaded and theirs no replay of GB / china men’s gym subdivision. They are offering a free four hours… That should be enough to cover qualifying live for wag

  5. nero Says:

    ahhh I don’t know. I think Japan will win, there is no way they are making that many mistakes again. But I’m rah rah Team USA for EVERYTHING during the Olympics, even basketball and I pretty much hate everyone on that team

    But Leyva and Horton are kind of getting on my nerves. But I really like Dalton and Sam and want them to win. so. many. emotions.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I like Sam and Jake fine but Orozco annoys the hell out of me. I can admit a lot of that has to do with where he is from (damn that Bronx) Horton has always been annoying but there is something I like about him even when he is driving me nuts talking to the camera’s.

      Kohei must win the AA. He deserves it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      China is not going to miss twice either. I am not a rah rah US fan when it comes to gymnastics. I watch it too much and know too much about it to follow blindly

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        China / Japan shouldn’t miss twice. Unless this is a wierd lighting / food humidity and weather issue. Team USA training at altitude in Colorado Springs may have been an advantage

    • nero Says:

      What’s Olympic order for men? I know the USA will end on high bar but where do they start? And Japan is 3rd where will they start/end?

      • Jessica Says:

        MAG order starts on Floor Ex, Pommel, Rings, Vault, P-Bars and then high bar.
        I believe the top 2 teams start on Floor, then next two on Pommel and so on.

  6. terrigymfan Says:

    I’ve kind of thought Mckayla should just do vault for a long time. Her floor is not that great to start with and I’ve always thought we were risking injury and her ability to do vault by having her screw around with floor. I hope it is not too late. I agree with Sandy that I think this has been Marta’s plan all around and saying Mckayla needed to do floor was to play mind games with other gymnasts saying her policy is you must be at least a two routine gymnast.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That doesn’t explain a 5.5 start value from Kyla on floor. I refuse to believe this isn’t Marta’s doing. Kyla has grown but there has to be a jump she could have learned to gain start value. Her leaps are perfect most of the time.

      • hclovespink Says:

        Do you think the white mat caused the men to fall a lot on the high bar? I have never done gymnastics except when I was 4 lol but I had read somewhere that the white bar and white floor blend together. Do you think this will affect the women? Also I heard the floor is foam not springs? Anyone whose done gymnastics, will this make a big difference? Can’t wait for tomorrow! 😉

      • terrigymfan Says:

        You’re saying if Marta had this plan all along (just use Mikayla on vault) she should have had Kyla upgrade her difficulty, is that right?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyla has too much talent for a 5.5 start value on floor. Even 3 tentsh would make a huge difference in her score.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Kyla definitely has too much talent for the 5.5 but I can almost guarantee that Marta had no intention of putting Kyla on this team (hence leave the floor D score low and don’t bother upgrading beam)…either Kyla or Maroney was to play the sacrificial lamb to Nastia. Then when Nastia fell splat on her face that plan bombed, and it was too late to go back. So now USA will have to absorb Gabby’s FX in team finals. I can see it either being OK or being a situation where Marta shot herself in the foot with the whole Kyla thing. Maroney was never consistent on floor and probably would have not been used (OK, change that to “most definitely would have not been used”) in Team Finals in Tokyo Worlds had it not been for ASac’s injury.

        I think Marta had this plan all along because she figured to use Gabby on floor (not Kyla/Maroney)…someone has it out that Gabby “must” be the darling of these Olympic games (and Team USA).

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      Why would Martha make Kyla use a low start value? So she could keep her out of the Olys completely and use Nastia? Well that might be true but I kind of think if Kyla was ABLE to do a better floor, why would she not?? (Same with Alicia and the double front.) It’s unfair that the person who gets to pick the teams can force them not to perform up to their full potential.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yes, exactly. Marta fixes things to go her way. She had Kyla keep a low start value on floor hoping that Nastia would hit and she could leave Kyla at home with the notion of Nastia on beam/bars would be “best” for the team over Kyla on beam/bars. She intentionally held Kyla back to be a beam/bars specialist. Her amanar (at the time) didn’t really matter since four other US women were capable of one. If Kyla and her coaches went against what Marta suggested and had Kyla upgrade floor, it would be harder for Marta to have left her at home.

        I don’t know why these people don’t see past Marta. I’m not even in the gymnastics community and I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her (with a 100 pound weight on her back)…

  7. Cristan Says:

    GTT, I’m not sure if it will work in the US, but you could try going through the Eurovision Sports TV website to watch the women. If it doesn’t work by just clicking on it, you can just re-route your IP address if it says you’re not in the right geographic region.

    The address is:

    The schedule for what channel you need to click on is here:

    They are streaming everything live, and it seems to work pretty well.
    Hope this helps and you don’t have to go to work!

  8. Leann Says:

    on the FIG start list, it says McKayla is only doing one vault. Is she not trying to do vault finals anymore?

  9. JAS4 Says:

    I had to use the four hour temporary pass on the live extra thing to watch this morning from my phone I have to get my husband to fix the password thing when he gets off work but it was pretty decent from what I saw a few freeze ups here and there but nothing major I hope it works good tomorrow too!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It froze for me every time it went to commercials. EVERY TIME. At first it would just freeze and come back but then the commercials came and I had to reboot control alt delete literally ten times to be able to move my mouse.

      Tomorrow should be fun:)

  10. TCO Says:

    USA! USA! USA!

    Miracle on ice!

    Kill the commies!

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