Prediction time

I don’t make predictions. They just don’t work for me but I would love to know what your predictions are.

There are some things I want to happen like Kohei Uchimura winning the AA and Beth Tweddle winning bars but I have no predictions:)

Other things I want to see happen, Gabby Douglas being scored fairly. China winning the team Gold medal, Kyla Ross winning beam and Aly Raisman winning a floor medal. (want doesn’t mean I think it will happen)

When it comes to the womens AA I don’t really care who takes gold (as long as it isn’t Gabby) but it would be nice for Jordyn to win. I actually want Jiang Yuyuan to win the AA but that can’t happen since she is the alternate. I don’t want to wish an injury on anyone but I still want her on this team.

that reminds me, I hope He Kexin wins a bar medal (sinister wink:)


Podium Training report.
The US seems to be hitting like crazy. I don’t know about you but that scares me. Getting out the kinks is important. We will see.


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150 Responses to “Prediction time”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Hrm. If the US is hitting like crazy, let’s hope that it stays that way. I’m going to predict Team Finals right now and leave it at that…I’ll come back later to think about AA and the events.

    Gold – my dark side is saying Russia. I hope it’s wrong. I’m going with Team USA.
    Silver – Russia. And they’ll probably be all pissy about it and rip their medals off their necks.
    Bronze – Romania. Go Ponor!

  2. Kel Says:

    I don’t have any predictions for the men. I hope they win team gold or silver. I hope Danell and John qualify for the AA and take silver and bronze. I would also like to see Jake and Sam medal in some individual events (as well as Danell and John).

    For the women, I predict Jordyn will medal in the AA but I am not convinced it will be gold. I think both she and Aly will qualify for floor and beam final, but I think only Aly will medal on floor. I think Gabby might qualify for the uneven bars final, but I don’t see her medaling. If McKayla is not injured, I see her winning vault final. Bottom line…the US will not win as many medals as in Beijing.

    I predict the women will win team gold or silver. I still think that is a toss up. They have been hitting like crazy in practice, but so has Russia. Someone is bound to make a mistake in finals…it is just a matter of who.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Yeah I think you’re dead on when you say this team won’t win as many medals as they did in Beijing. Kind of too bad really. If they only come home with Team Silver I really hope Marta is fired for once. That’s the only reason I would wish bad on them, for the sake of the future gymnasts and USAG.

    • sarah Says:

      I’m really want all the US girls to medal except Gabby,
      It could happen, unlikely that kyla will,
      but Mckayla will in vault
      Aly got a chance on floor,
      Jordyn in AA (maybe beam and floor)
      Gabby doesnt look likely because there are so many amazing bar workers (Komova, Mustafina, Kexin, Tweedle, Yao Jinnan)

  3. Johnsonlover Says:

    It’ll definitely be between Komova and Wieber, they are my strongest predictions for AA gold, they are by far the biggest contenders. Silver and bronze could be very interesting, it could come down to Jinnan, Douglas (if she hits), Lu, and mustafina. It might come down to a mustafina/Douglas showdown if gabby’s on top of it, BUT I bet she’ll be very inconsistent.

    Beam: Sui Lu, no doubt, LOVE HER to pieces. Great lines, and has difficulty, so does yao jinnan Jordyn and Aly are contenders as well.

    Vault: definitely mckayla, if she gets that toe in check. If not, chusovitina, ha thanh, izbasa, and many more are contenders.

    Bars: komova definitely, she’s beautiful and consistent. Of course there are other contenders like Douglas, Nabevia, mustafina, He kexin, and quishuang.

    Floor: of course wieber and raisman are strong, but izbasa is currently the queen, she could come off strong, then we have sui Lu, and ksenia A

    • Anonymous Says:

      Interesting Iordache doesn’t factor into any of your predictions… She def has a shot at medals in AA, beam & floor IMO.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ohhh no one on here say that was confirmed… I see on Examiner it says that it is confirmed but you never know. I wonder what events will she do in pre-lims other than bars?

  4. JAS4 Says:

    Even though I want to see McKayla’s floor used in finals I don’t know if it will be used at all from what it sounds like I think they will use Kyla in prelims and use Gabby in finals I think Marta may have made a big mistake not having Kyla upgrade although I would love if they did they showed up to TF and Kyla shows up with the rumored floor upgrades and McKayla shows up with a TTY lol wishful thinking πŸ™‚

  5. nero Says:

    Mckayla, Jordyn, Aly and even Gabby have a chance to win an individual medal. I hope against hope that Kyla will be able to sneak in somewhere…..anywhere!!! If bars final goes to shit she could grab the bronze, same with a few wobbles here and there during beam

    I wont type any of my predictions because I’m a superstitious little bitch, I just hope team USA gymnastics men and women hit the shit out of all of their routines

  6. Lithi Says:

    Oh, crap. I posted the following in the “Shut Up Shannon” entry but I’ll c+p it here.

    I only want the US to win team gold just to see some Mag 7β€²s heads explode. Mainly, Moceanu. Anyone wanna bet she’s got voodoo dolls of the US girls and sticking pins in them in hopes injury or headcaseyness gets the better of them?

    Now that I said it watch Russia or Romania waltz away with it.

    Teach me to read this blog oldest entry to newest. *shakes head*

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Moceanu will just change the transcript to,” We were the first to win gold” lol

      When you want to read an old entry you go to the bottom of the front page ( ) and click on older entry

      • Lithi Says:

        What happened was I scrolled down to read the older stuff (Iwas only 3 entries behind) and bypassed this. Reading comprehension fail on my part. πŸ™‚

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        At least unlike Mary Lou she can say “we won gold first AND EVERYONE COMPETED.”


  7. Jen Says:

    Just sent you an email!

    Okay, prediction time, with commentary (actually it’s more my wish list with a side of predictions…)

    Team Finals:
    1. USA – even if Russia has two Amanars, those aren’t enough to close the gap…
    2. Russia – plus, Russia is going to fall off beam at least once
    3. Romania – but even that fall isn’t going to be enough to get Romania into silver medal territory

    1. Wieber – I think it’s going to be a splatfest – unfortunately – and thus Wieber will hit and win.
    2. Komova – even with a fall, her difficulty and high e-scores on other events will get her on the podium and give fuel to the cray-cray Russian fans for another four years, “If Vika hadn’t fallen she would have, blah blah blah”
    3. Raisman – Gabby is going to fall in prelims, probably more than once if I had to guess. Aly qualifies and b/c of the splatfest, finally grabs an AA medal.


    1. Maroney – girlfriend is going to get a cortisone shot and then kick everyone’s ass.
    2. Izbasa
    3. Chuso – because she’s nearly 40 and even if her vaults are crap, I don’t care, she needs another Olympic medal

    Uneven Bars:

    1. Mustafina – I feel like if she hits, she wins, 7.0 d-score and she’s one of the few Russians I trust to hit under pressure
    2. Tweddle – I hope she wins gold, but I feel like it’s going to go to Mustafina.
    3. Komova – 7.0 d-score, but her dismount is hit or miss…could be bronze, could be gold, could be nothing at all

    Balance Beam:

    1. Sui Lu – she’s just freaking awesome
    2. Iordache – with her faciitis acting up, I’m hesitant to have her medal on anything, but if she gets anything, it’ll be beam
    3. Kyla FUCKING Ross – because I said so


    1. Raisman – she should have won last year. She’s getting it done this year with that first pass and actual legit leaps out of tumbling passes, unlike SOME people
    2. Grishina – I’m not an artistry troll, but I do love her routine, a lot and apparently girlfriend has a double/double now
    3. Moors – also, just flat out love her routine and hey, Canada should get a medal…

    • Catherine Says:

      It is enough, surprisingly. If Russia have 2 amanars they still have an 0.5 difficulty lead on USA.

      • Kel Says:

        I really can’t see them having 3 amanars and even if they do 2 well, I think they will get killed with execution. Here’s hoping at least!!! I think there is debate over the difficulty scores too. I saw somewhere else that the US had 6 tenths more difficulty even with Russia having 3 amanars.

      • Jen Says:

        I’ve done the math. Even if Mustafina and Komova score 16 on bars, Komova and Paseka hit their Amanars well, they’d have to score 15+ on all three of their beam routines to match the US hitting 12/12.

      • Catherine Says:

        I think execution can hurt others, not just Musty. Ponor for example, and Aly’s form and leaps. I know that M’s floor and vault will get big deductions but I don’t think it’s enough when you think of their bars advantage. Their beam (if they all stay on of course) has been seriously upgraded..they have 6.4’s and 6.5’s on it. I agree absolutely that they absolutely cannot afford a fall or major error, but I think they can afford a wobble or two. Definitely very close.

  8. Nina Marie Says:

    I agree with Jen except I don’t think Aly will get an AA medal (of course I hope she does, though…).

    Random question, GTT – will the live blogging on your site be during the tape delay or the actual live online broadcast? If it’s the first option ( i vote for that) will anyone have the willpower to NOT look at the results until Tim and Elfie walk us through the play-by-play? Maybe you need two separate threads — those that know the outcome and those that don’t?? It’s not as fun to know the ending beforehand, but, now we’re talking about willpower again…

  9. sanitynmotion Says:

    OK, so my team final was (and this is based on what I “want” it to be, unless if USA getting silver = Marta fired, I’d reverse the top two, sorry!):

    1. USA
    2. Russia
    3. Romania

    My dark angel is telling me Russia may win this but I’m hoping he/she/it is wrong.

    All Around (what I think it will be):
    1. Komova
    2. Weiber
    3. Iordache (if she has that foot problem then I’ll say Yao Jinnan goes here…maybe Aly if she doesn’t eff up bars)

    I REALLY don’t want Komova to even be on this podium. However, I hope that by saying she’ll win gold jinx’s her. It’s a thought.

    All Around (what I want it to be):
    1. Weiber
    2. Musty (I like this girl, helicopter legs and all!)
    3. Aly (hate her form on beam and bars, but I like the girl)

    1. Maroney
    2. Isbaza
    3. Chuso

    1. Tweddle/He Kexin – tie! (muahahahahaha Nastia eat your heart out)
    2. Komova
    3. Musty

    (my gut feeling though is that Komova will win bars but I hope not…if Tweddle doesn’t win bars I hope it’s He Kexin)

    Beam (what I want it to be):
    1. Ponor
    2. Ross
    3. Iordache or Sui

    Beam (what I think it will be):
    1. Sui
    2. Ponor
    3. Iordache (foot problem, substitute Yao or Weiber here)

    1. Raisman
    2. Iordache (if she has that foot problem, then Izbasa)
    3. Sui Lu

    • Ness Says:

      I also have this feeling in me that almost just knows Russia will win the team. I do not mind them winning, but i want USA to win this bad.

    • hhollis Says:

      Well whatever the outcome, if Komova is on the podium I hope she is a little more gracious this time around (I personally didn’t enjoy the public pouting at worlds).

      I’m not sure about Gabby- there’s def a chance she could hit and end up on the podium in the AA. I’m ready to get this show on the road and see what happens!

      1. USA (I hope I’m not jinxing them)
      2. Mutha Russia
      3. Romania

      1. Weiber
      2. Musty (maybe Gabby if she hits)
      3. Aly if she hits bars

      An unexpected (but not impossible) outcome for the AA could be:
      1. Gabby
      2. Weiber
      3. Musty/Aly if she hits bars

      Not to jinx anyone- but I’m hoping to have 2 Americans on the podium regardless πŸ™‚

      I don’t know as much about the guys but I’ve started to follow them a lot more since trials. I’m hoping they can pull out a silver. I hope Danell comes home with a few medals (hopefully one gold).

  10. mim Says:

    hello, im a new reader from Australia but saw you had limited your comments to your current readers so I dont think my previous comments were approved. enjoy reading your and your commenters thoughts/opinions regardless, so i would love to be a twitter follower! no hate coming from me and you won’t get any nastia or gabby love from me, ha πŸ˜‰ my twitter name is @iloveframboise.

    if not, no harm done I’ll just read your blog from a distance!


  11. Catherine Says:

    Iordache always featured heavily in mine, so I’ll carry on as if she’s absolutely fine- which she could be.


    Iordache (With full difficulty and health. If not, she’s out and Musty takes bronze)


    Russia (Russia can afford to headcase a bit and absorb Musty’s twisting- especially if they have a third amanar)
    USA (they are behind on difficulty..)


    Kexin (Looks very solid in all training. If she headcases, Musty takes bronze)


    Iordache (If she doesn’t have full difficulty and health, then bronze goes to Wieber/Raisman)


    Iordache (If she’s not able, then Ponor takes bronze in her place)


    Pena (monster low landing stops her chances of gold BUT she doesn’t crash and she has a dty so that’s a lot of difficulty..)

    • Dee Says:

      agh! In mine I totally forgot about Moors on floor! I would looooooove to see her on that podium, that floor is so stunning.

  12. Ness Says:

    Womens Gymnastics Predictions:





    Mustafina(I REALLY want her to get an individual gold)

    Chusovitina or Pena

  13. Dee Says:

    Here are my predictions and wants:
    Team Prediction: USA (gold…I really think they have a shot), Russia, Romania

    Team Want: For a wild card team to win the bronze, such as the Aussies or GB. I think that would be SO awesome…but it wont happen unless there is a major tanking on someone’s part.

    AA prediction: Jordyn, Komova, Mustafina…I’ve always felt that if Jordyn hits, she will win this.

    AA want: Jordyn and Aly to be the ones that compete for the US…I just could not deal if Gabby was competing and Aly was in the stands. Girl deserves a shot.

    For the individual events, I just want to see Aly get a floor medal, Maroney win vault, Chuso to medal on vault, Tweddle to win any color medal on bars – just get her on the podium!

    The one thing I cant decide on is if I would rather see Izbasa defend her Olympic floor title OR see Ponor win floor, since she was my favorite in Athens and it would be so cool to see her come back and win. hmmm….I love them both so I can’t decide. Beam I dont care about because the routines I always love never win!

  14. Ivelyn Says:

    Womens Gymnastics Predictions:


    NB. It’ll be close, but even with 2 amanars, Russia has shown surprising upgrades on both BB and FX which were deemed weaknesses prior to London.


    NB. As much as I would love Wieber to win, I don’t think she has the difficulty to match with those three. Yes, she is Miss Consistent, however I really do believe judges will deduct with her form on UB and everyone else has upgraded to cushion any execution mars.


    I would absolutely love Grishina to win a gold! I love her gymnastics!


    If once of the above three headcases, Ponor ends with a medal.


    Tweddle – sentimental favourite!


    This is really Maroney’s to loose!

  15. Biyatch Says:

    Live link to podium training:

    My boss is going to hate me.

    • Biyatch Says:

      UB order: Aly, Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby
      BB order: Kyla, Gabby, Jordyn, Aly

      Didn’t catch the vault order, Gabby sat one down so it’ll be interesting in TF between her and Gabby, apparently McKayla vaulted well despite injury.

  16. Gigi Says:

    My mother just texted me and said Aly R has a nasty cut on her foot.

  17. Luke Says:

    Looked solid from Podium training from what I read, although Gabby sat an amanar and fell on beam…I just can’t see her handling the pressure in BOTH the TF and AA, she’s bound to miss on one of the nights. The question is…which?

    My gut says: Gold – USA Silver – Russia Bronze – Romania

    I think Wieber sneaks in for an AA gold because Komova misses the amanar/wobbles on beam. Other than that, gold for Maroney on vault, maybe a bronze each for Wieber & Raisman on floor/beam. Nothing else seems likely. I always lol when I see people saying Gabby has a medal contending UB routine…maybe IF Beth, Komova, Musty and He all fall/explode!

  18. sanitynmotion Says:

    Did you guys see that Iordache is out of the AA?


    What a disappointment for her. This sucks. I wanted it to be a really good competition with everyone able to participate. Argghhh…

    Damn this sport!

  19. nero Says:

    Fuck, poor Iordache. At least she’ll still get to do some routines. Anna Li is out. tore something in her neck. Thank God it wasn’t more serious

    I’m halfway through podium training, the girls look good. I hope no one bitches about their #hotpink leos. It’s podium training let them get it out of their system

  20. Aerial Says:

    I don’t like to do predictions either. It’s not a quad where I’m confident enough on the current scoring and routines, outside of the US and some int’l faves. But here are my hopes, tres basic…

    Team USA – gold
    Team Russia – gold

    AA – I’ll need to be in the moment to see whether or not I think Jordyn deserves it over the other top contenders. Prefer Jordyn over Gabby on the US front

    Vault – Maroney, obv my fave

    Bars – Tweddle

    Also, while I respect the US team, they haven’t totally captured me as yet as one of my favourite US teams. I don’t have a super keen interest in anyone beyond Maroney. But they’re so hard working and most so jacked on difficulty, I would be happy to see random medals of any colour won for them. Even Aly Raisins!!

  21. JAS4 Says:

    I just saw on NBC that McKayla apparently broke her toe back in May and then she aggravated it during training so that’s what’s is wrong with her foot

    • Aerial Says:

      Wow, she has been persevering through a lot these past couple of months. I am crossing every finger and toe for this kid as the start of competition draws ever closer…

      And GTT, I think your new page has crashed Twitter! Have been trying to check it out since I got up this morning.

  22. nero Says:

    Paseka apparently didn’t land a single amanar. If she crashes in Quals I still say they’re going to have her chuck it in TF.

  23. sarah Says:

    My predictions

    Team Finals:



    1st-Jordyn Wieber
    2nd-Komova(It’s going to be very close though with Jordyn)
    3rd-Aliyah Mustafina


    1st- Sui Lu
    2nd-Aly Raisman
    3rd-Jordyn Wieber


    1st-Aly Raisman
    2nd-Ksenia Afan
    3rd-Victoria Moors(wishful thinking maybe….)


    (Kexin will headcase)


    1st-Maroney(By a large large margin)

  24. sarah Says:

    OMG, how amazing/hilarious would it be if He Kexin won uneven bars and Nastia had to interview her for NBC??

  25. Wha? Says:

    Why even have a vault final? Just hand Maroney the gold!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      That’s silly. What if that Pena girl sticks her first vault landing? That’s like saying just hand Cheng the gold four years ago and we all saw how that went down.

      • Catherine Says:

        In a sense, Maroney is unbeatable. Pena’s best efforts are standing it in total squat- from what Blythe said it took some figuring out if her arse or feet landed first. It also has form issues. Her DTY is fine, but still not as high scoring or as difficult actually as Maroney’s second vault. She could medal, but not gold.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I agree Maroney is unbeatable unless she does what Fei did in Beijing (sit one of her vaults). I don’t see that happening, but you never know…

  26. exgymgurl Says:

    Tweddle will win bars, Im so sad about Larissa… 😦

  27. JAS4 Says:

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Wonder if Anna will hold out for another Worlds. Marta won’t take her anyways. Marta was never planning on using Anna as a replacement. Even if Gabby were to be injured – or Kyla – she probably would have put in Finnegan for her beam and floor.

  28. nero Says:

    Will Graves ‏@WillGravesAP

    And while I maybe playup the Jordyn/Gabby thing, when Gabby was showing her OLY pins, Jordyn grabbed Gabby’s credential and said “so cool”


    • nero Says:

      Dear fucking God, I can’t with people I really CAN’T. This is what some dumb-ass wrote on USAG facebook under the pic of them with Ryan Seacrest

      “I never see Gabby and Jordyn standing next to each other in team photos. Is this just coincidence or is the rivalry too severe?”

      • Dee Says:

        Well, at least Gabby was in the photo or it would have been true proof that Jordyn strangled her with her credential! Glad to know she is safe and that the severe rivalry can live to see another day!

  29. exgymgurl Says:

    So now Marta has broken EBee, Anna Li and McKayla at least partly…… 3 out of 8 gymnasts broken…. we still have 5… maybe ASac should have kept training, and if she’s going to keep breaking people…we are now one injury away from Aly Raisman on bars in TF and Sarah Finnegan being named to the team. Although knowing Marta she would go with 4 athletes and have them all perform AA for prelims over naming a 5th.Rumor has it Kyla is going first on beam to “set up” the other scores pushing for higher scores for Gabby Jo and Aly… I’m not buying it

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I completely disagree with having Kyla go up on beam first. Did Marta not learn her lesson four years ago? She’s trusting a newbie to set up this team on the one apparatus that will likely give them trouble.

      I think Aly should go first – she’s the perfect table setter – then Kyla, then Gabby, then Jordyn. Or even Aly, Gabby, Kyla, Jordyn. Marta is just out to screw over Kyla but she’s doing it at the mercy of this team gold.

      P.S. I thought Jordyn would get rid of those beam connections with the full back. I now predict she won’t medal on beam in finals. Kyla has a better shot of medaling on beam but Marta won’t allow it to happen.


      • JAS4 Says:

        Beam would have been Kyla’s best chance for an individual medal but Marta is trying to make sure she scores lower so she won’t make finals!

      • gymglitterxx Says:

        I swear I read an article in IG or somewhere that said Martha is retiring? And that was like two years ago? They were asking her who she thinks would make a good replacement and she said “Valeri would be a good person but certainly I’m not naming my successor.” SUCCESSOR? So doesn’t that mean she should be gone by now? WHY IS SHE STILL HERE!?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        How can she know this when she doesn’t even know if these Olympians will even return? I am hoping some will.

        Ugh. She disgusts me. I want her fired.

        I hope she kind of sets herself up for failure this quad and gets freakin fired. I don’t see how putting Kyla up first on beam will do her well. She was probably planning on having Gabby and Aly as the last two spots and then Geddert stepped in.

        This is how I think the line up should go:

        vault: Aly, Gabby, Weiber, Maroney
        **it’s too bad Kyla’s DTY scores lower than Aly’s craptastic vault; she is beautiful in the air and basically sticks it.

        bars: Aly, Weiber, Douglas, Ross
        **Ross beat Weibe night 1 of Trials, and we all know that was no fluke. Marta put a stop to this happening again, but Kyla deserves a shot at those UB finals.

        beam: Aly, Kyla/Gabby, Kyla/Gabby, Weiber
        **Aly is trustworthy. We need to avoid another ASac moment from Beijing. I only trust Aly to go first here; I am not sure Kyla is a good choice. I can see disaster potentially happening, sorry – and we all know how much I love Kyla.

        floor: Kyla/Maroney, Gabby, Weiber, Aly
        **if stupid Marta had made Kyla upgrade, we wouldn’t have to worry about Maroney’s foot. As it stands it doesn’t seem like a good idea to put Maroney on floor if her toe is broken.

  30. Catherine Says:

    UGH! The where’s gabby crew need to be put down. The photo of the other four behind the nbc today desk got a lot of it. McKayla instagrammed it and had to have ‘Gabby was getting her makeup done’ in the caption and still got trolled. GTFO

    • nero Says:

      Ugh, she tweeted a pic of four of them tanning or something and tacked on that Kyla was next to her but didn’t want her picture taken

      The fact that they now feel the need to point where everybody is if they’re not in the picture is disgusting. THEY DON’T HATE GABBY, everybody needs to sit down

    • Gymbee Says:

      I just saw that, came here to write lol. It is really frustrating, and it shows that they see the moaning people have been doing. I wish one of them would write “Gabby was in the bathroom” at some point lol.

  31. Gymbee Says:

    Oh, btw did you guys read Shawn’s first blog for Today? I liked how she said retiring is awful, and that she didn’t know what to do with herself. Comes off as so much more honest and open than Nastia’s blog post, an ode to herself.

    • nero Says:

      Booooo I’d rather focus on the actual gymnasts rather than the former ones. This tumblr sums up my feelings perfectly

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’m a Shawn fan. That being said, this is the MOST awesome post, ever. Totally sums up what I’ve been thinking, too!

      • Gymbee Says:

        HAHAHA I love that! Brilliant! πŸ™‚ I’m not a Shawn fan after all the “oooh I am excited to show upgrades” bull.

      • Aerial Says:

        Wow. All the work that went into that one was worth it!
        Though I have to say, Khorkina was a sore loser in my books and had one of the most inflated egos ever. But I appreciated everything else in the post!

      • Guest Says:

        But I would rather want Shawn get more public attention during the London Olympics such that no body would remember a certain Russian.

      • Dee Says:

        ahahaha The whole comment about having a powerful body working against her made me crazy. I love that the tumblr pointed out that it’s not easy-peesy to be a non-powerful gymnast…learning stuff that requires lots of power is a bitch if you dont have that body type.Pretty leaps and jumps only get you so far.

      • Dee Says:

        ummm so I am on that tumblr you posted, Nero, and I am literally sitting at work sobbing from laughter. Oh my god. So good.

  32. sanitynmotion Says:

    Yao Jinnan seems to be injured too. What is this, a last leotard standing competition? I’m kind of disappointed. I really wanted it to be an all-out battle, and with Romania and China potentially losing their best All Arounder (or having their best All Arounder not “be” at their best), it’s almost like a give-away. Except when it comes to Russia and the US of course but I would have hoped maybe Romania could have snuck in for a surprise attack. Now it’ll be them trying their best just to make do and keep up with everyone else.

    So now we have Maroney with a foot injury and she can only do vault (which she was probably only going to do anyways since Gabby is the pet, but her floor is definitely more exquisite than Gabby’s). I don’t see Kyla doing the 3 up 3 count because her score is too low.

    Iordache is injured but will hopefully compete at Team Finals; who knows. She was a favorite for the AA and for beam/floor gold.

    Jinnan also injured and not her best. She could have snuck in for the AA podium or even gold.


    • Catherine Says:

      Hope has emerged on the Iordache front..even though Bitang wrote her off for the AA in an article she said it’s about 50/50 she will do the AA and that the final decision has to be down to her. Maybe they are waiting for permission for cortisone or something and are hoping she can rest up for Sunday and improve. Judging by the fact that she knocked out full beam and bars routines and did some light tumbling on floor and an FTY, she is absolutely gunning for this- if she can, she will. It wouldn’t be the first time somebody competes through extreme pain.

      Gutted for Iordache if she can’t do the AA, gutted Maroney can’t do floor, devastated Jinnan is injured too. Adrian Gomes of Brazil broke down in an interview- she injured her back and is out for Brazil. Koko Tsurumi and Rebecca Tunney both had near misses in PT- Koko landed on her head! But both competed after. I was so sure about Iordache I even put money on her. How devastating to face what she’s facing now.

      Not really appropriate but laughed at last leotard standing. Just picturing..and the winner is, Cata’s skanky ho leo!

      • Dee Says:

        oh that is scary about KoKo, I’ve always thought she was adorable! Tunney is a surprise to me. I cant wait to see what she does in competition.

  33. Viola Roadkill Says:







  34. Catherine Says:

    Oh and I am Beautiful Gymnastics @Gymnasticsbeaut (damn you character limit!!) on twitter.

  35. tulip Says:

    My predictions are based on the most current reports that Musty is not competing all around. Otherwise, I’d have her in the mix on beam and AA

    1. US- I think the US is too solid to not win. I think John Geddert is a good “balance” (as in not an insane dictator) to Marta to help them with nerves
    2.. Russia- I just see this being where Komova falls on beam
    3. Romania- with or without Iordache, I see them on the podium

    AA- this will be a nailbiter. it may even be so close that there could be a tie. If Gabby makes AA finals, I predict this is where she falls

    1. Wieber
    2. Komova
    3. Grishina- Iordache if competing

    1. Maroney
    2. Izsbasa
    3. Chuso- she can fall on her head and she will get the medal/Lifetime achievement award like Fei in Beijing

    1. Komova
    2. Tweddle- her medal is a done deal unless she falls a few times
    3. Musty

    1. Sui Lu- Iordache is she competes night 1
    2. Ponor
    3. Wieber

    1. Grishina
    2. Raisman- Could win floor with her difficulty but the intl judges will kill her enough on execution and she comes in second. Like Johnson in Beijing
    3. Afan

    The medals will be more evenly distributed by country than in Beijing

  36. tulip Says:

    GTT- would it be best to use Twitter while the events are going on? I don’t have Twitter but would open up a private one then delete after its all done! I don’t want to miss a second of the fun with all of you! (I’m assuming I could join in lol)

  37. Gymbee Says:

    My predictions aren’t really predictions as much as hopes and fears!

    I hope the US and Russia can battle it out fairly, and that there won’t forever be an asterisk attached to whichever team wins.
    I like the Russian team a lot, but I REALLY want USA to win this one.

    1. USA (hope) Russia (fear)
    2. USA (only good thing about this is that it will be another silver, and not a gold, attached to Martas name haha.)
    3. Romania/China.

    Individual wants:

    1. Wieber
    2. Komova
    3. Raisman

    1. Ponor
    2. Wieber
    3. Ross

    1. Raisman (I’d love it if she medalled!)
    2. Izbasa
    3. Sui Lu

    1. Tweddle (I would cry of joy)
    2. Komova
    3. Douglas

    1. Maroney for the win!
    2. Izbasa
    3. Chuso – needs to medal cause she rocks.

  38. newbie Says:

    How did the US look in podium training in 2008??? Just curious since they had so many issues in qualifications….

    • Dee Says:

      I dont even remember reading a single dang thing about podium training in Beijing. Would be interesting to look and try to find something.

  39. Exgymgurl Says:

    I think if Iordache got a shot she may be well enough to compete all around
    I think b+b won’t show their hand until they have to in qualification

  40. Kel Says:

    What a day! From everything I read, the US looked good in podium training. Some issues with Gabby sitting her vault (when does she not sit her vault?!), Gabby and Kyla falling off beam, and Aly having some problems with her opening floor pass. But…all in all it sounded promising and I think it’s encouraging the girls weren’t perfect today. Save perfection for the finals!!! Based on podium training, I feel better about the US. The Russians sounded pretty bad on vault and floor and without Iordache, I worry about Romania. I think, at this point, Romania and China will battle it out for bronze (based on the injuries). I can’t see Iordache risking competing AA…sounds like it would be difficult for her to do 4 events in preliminaries, compete team finals (even if it is just 2 events), and then turn around and do AA.

  41. sanitynmotion Says:

    I didn’t see anything about Musty not being in the AA. Did you mean Iordache Terri? I’m upset about Iordache’s injury, only because it sucks that it won’t be as great of a competition as it could be.

    • tulip Says:

      I read it on the IG FB page earlier todays part of their summary of podium training. I just went back and it was gone. Maybe IG spoke out of turn and got their hands slapped.

  42. JAS4 Says:

    Anyone want to tweet to Marta lol!

    Apparently Gabby is rooming by herself

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I would not be surprised at all if Gabby was the one separating herself from the girls. She already thinks she is better than she is.

  43. JAS4 Says:

    I’m pretty sure everyone already guessed Aly would be team captain now it’s official lol I’m sure Marta is thrilled since she hates the whole team captain thing

    • nero Says:

      They have to vote a captain, I’m pretty sure it’s a USOC formality or something. It’s not like soccer though, where the two captains go talk to the ref about a bad call.

      I can see it now; Afan, Aly and Ponor huddled around the judges arguing if Paseka got her amanar all the way around

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Dang why did they wait so long? I forgot about that actually. Now she can have the same “bragging rights” ASac has.

      By the way, did anyone see how she made the prediction of the next “golden girl” to be Gabby? She admitted that last time around it was Shawn Johnson. Just kind of a weird interview. I don’t know why she’s doing them. Probably for money. It’s too bad HER sponsors didn’t fly her to London…

      • terrigymfan Says:

        It must be a tradition to name the oldest member team captain. Is that right?

      • Dee Says:

        I dont know, but maybe they all vote for the oldest because they think she is the most mature? I knew Aly would get it. I love how the turds on facebook were like “Why couldnt it have been someone else?” and trying to conspire that there was a “fix” that only Brestyan gymnasts can be captains. LOL. Like ASac and Aly are the only two captains in US Olympic team history.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I remember that Amanda Borden was the 96 team captain and thought she might have been the oldest, but I just checked and it turns out both Shannon MIller and Dominique Dawes were slightly older. Miller and Dawes were the two big “names” though. I am sure if they had voted Miller over Dawes there would have been hostility from Dawes. Voting for Amanda (supposedly because she had a very outgoing personality) avoided the conflict. I’m guessing Shannon deferred for that that very reason. She was always a great team player IMO.

        With this year’s team you just know there would have been all sorts or hoopla raised by the Gabby crowd if they had made Jordyn the team captain. Jordyn is a real team player too so I am sure she put her ego in check and said Aly should be the captain.

      • JAS4 Says:

        List of the men’s judges wonder if/when they are going to put up a list of the women’s lol

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Dee, in looking back at my previous post, if we had grammar/writing/spelling police on this board, they would have immediately called me out for saying Miller and Dawes “were” slightly older than Borden. When you think of it, they still are slightly older than Borden!

      • brainy Says:

        WAG Prelims Judges:

      • JAS4 Says:

        Women’s lineups should be out tomorrow about the same time

      • Dee Says:

        LOL Terri, at least we know what we are saying hahahah

  44. kittykat Says:

    Not a prediction, but christ the US podium training leo is ugly

    • Dee Says:

      ahahha that IS a prediction. A prediction that the rest of the leos will be fug, too! My money is on the fact that they will all be awful.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Probably true JAS, I spoke to a ex NCAA gymnast friend of mine that had this issue her response was that the treatments take a few days to kick in which explains why Bitang was irritated Larissa hadn’t said something sooner. She may feel fine at this point and its not really a condition that a few more days of olympic competition (which is where we are at this point) will make worse. Shes Romanian. She can rest after the olympics… watch out world B+B are back

      • Catherine Says:

        Blythe has said she will compete too. Word is rest has helped her and she only had one day of bad pain. Also that a shot of cortisone is not on the cards- apparently the heel is not the best place, it could aggravate the injury and they don’t want to risk her whole foot going numb. I will be delirious with happiness if Larisa competes AA- unless they have further information, the last article said she will compete full difficulty on sunday- but didn’t mention AA.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        My friend didnt have the cortisone shot, she only had a combination of advil and some other pain meds. Anti inflammatory NSAIDs over the counter plus the ultrasound that they can do works wonders.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        So relieved about Iordache. I hope she’s at full recovery by the time of team finals and the AA. Kind of would love for Romania to win gold…I mean, if US doesn’t win gold I hope it’s Romania!

  45. Sarah M Says:

    Watching the podium training on youtube before got taken down,
    Looks like Aly really got a shot at AA over Gabby
    Aly actually looked pretty good on bars, like not just for Aly but in general.
    Beam, Aly way solid like usual, Gabby had a couple obvious balance checks.
    i saw Aly and Gabby both do 4 vault Gabby sat 3rd vault.
    Floor, Aly had minor problems for first pass, (but confident she will have that fine for competition.) rest was amazing. It didn’t have any sound, so Gabby floor was actually alright.

  46. exgymgurl Says:

    Funniest thing EVER is team Russia training in Alabama Leo’s yesterday…. I guess GK only makes a certain number of styles every year or the Russians were trying to save $$

    • terrigymfan Says:

      That is a riot!. I know money is tight in Russia but that’s ridiculous.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      I would not have realized it were it not for Aunt Joyce’s caption of Mustafina “Why did we let Sarah Patterson dress us”

    • missy Says:

      hi but I believe the Russian leo is not from GK but Alfa factor (don’t know why they switched to AF though)

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I think AJ just meant they look very similar to Alabama leos. I don’t think she meant they were actual extra Alabama leos that the leo company had in stock, although I wouldn’t put in past to the Russians to do something like that!

  47. Biyatch Says:

    PS GTT will you accept me on twitter, my twitter is bexaboo322

  48. Dee Says:

    I dont know if this was already mentioned, but Gymnastike’s podium training hits mention that Pena stood up the handspring double front yesterday. Her second vault, DTY, was shaky, though.

    I will most likely be hiding under the couch when she vaults, if she makes it to event finals. That vault scares the piss out of me.

  49. JAS4 Says:

    Marta please please get a twitter I’m sure there are lots of people who have things they’d like to say to you lol

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      There’s a Marta love out there I do not understand. Yes, I was on USAG’s FB page yesterday and there was a picture of Marta; everyone was like “LOVE her! hearts/stars/etc.”…ugh. I don’t know, I look at her and see evil. I just don’t get it.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I guess these are the ones who ONLY listens to USAG for news and info of the team.

  50. H Says:

    While we wait:-)

    Here, are two articles you might find interesting if you have not read them yet.

    Doping in gymnastics?

    China’s experiment with drugs blamed on US and Russia:

    Memoirs of a top Chinese gymnast:

  51. sanitynmotion Says:

    Now I’m irritated. Anyone else feel like Shawn’s media whoring is going to the extreme? I was a big fan of hers but now I’m just like get on with it already. It’s turning out that she’s not as genuine as she originally came off. I thought her plans were “college” and whatever else…now she makes this “big” announcement that she’s back on DWTS All Stars. Hrm, guess her knee can handle THAT…

    What’s she going to do when the fame train comes to its last stop? I guess that’s when the “real” depression sets in. She talked about how after retirement she didn’t know what to do with herself (until Bounty called) but really. I guess she’s going to have to hope that she can make it another four years until the NEXT Olympics? Or will she end up going to college after all at age 22?

    • Gymbee Says:

      Completely agree. She’s turned into such a fame-whore. She did seem all sincere, and I remember she wanted to go to med school etc.Yesterday she tweeted “BIG NEWS tomorrow” blabla. A month ago she said her knee was so swollen all the time that she could hardly do anything, but during DWTS she said it was really hard training. Just doesn’t add up.

      She will milk that knee injury for all it’s worth, I bet it will come up in every fluff behind the scenes piece from DWTS once it starts.

    • Dee Says:

      LOL “until bounty called”

      Shawn is becoming one of the worst fame train offenders. I understand her entire life has been gymnastics and getting to the Olympics, but…the time has passed. It seems like an epidemic: Sooo many people are trying to cash in on things from four years ago. I loved the Beijing Olympics but London is here and why can’t those in the past allow the current athletes to have their time? I never really predicted that she would be riding the fame train so hard…but now she is seriously becoming the worst one of all!

    • Guest Says:

      Fame whore means a person try to get the attention which he/she does not deserve. Shawn just return to the Entertainment side like Apolo Ohno does because of the former contestants, but she haven’t stolen the spotlight in gymnastics area like a certain Russian did in the Trials.

    • nero Says:

      ugh ugh ugh GO AWAY SHAWN! It’s getting really annoying. I thought we were done with her whole “My knee just can’t take it anymore” “I want to be able to walk when I’m 30”

      Now we’re going to get weeks of her complaining and whining and moaning about her injury. You know who never complained about her injury? Rebecca Fucking Bross. That girl is an inspiration for her toughness and her attitude towards the girls who made the team

      I hope she’s one of the first kicked off but we all know that wont happen. I wonder how hard her agent had to pimp the DWTS people to get Shawn on it. And exactly how long has this been in the works? The all star season was known well before Shawn retired and we saw her at the last season’s finale when she was still a ‘gymnast’. The whole “I thought I was just going to go to college” looks even more tacky now.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Spanny and some others were reporting that Shawn was a last minute addition due to all the Olympic publicity

      • nero Says:

        I wonder who dropped out then? I just looked at the list, I’m no DWTS expert but aren’t there like 4-5 winners? Who wants to watch winners win again? They should have done like all 2nd placers or something

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t know why that show is still on the air. It’s like half-a$$ dancing (except the pros) performed by wannabe “I need a jumpstart/prolongment to my career” – lame. It’s all (for the most part) F-list celebrities that either had careers awhile back and are seeking another ditch effort to board the fame train or famewhores who want to try and prolong a career that’s in the midst of currently dying (that would be most of the reality TV stars they have on there).

        I’m sorry, but after this Olympic mess is over, and a new champion is crowned, Shawn’s “legacy” will be history for the most part. Especially if they crown some “it” girl in the US. Of course, the media is making the “it” girl be Gabby since they find Jordyn’s personality dull and boring, so it’s all so forced it’s outrageous. Yet Jordyn has the most likely chance of winning gold in the AA of the US team. If Jordyn wins gold, it’ll be like Carly Patterson winning gold (hopefully she’ll avoid trying to be a rock star/sub-par singer). If Gabby wins gold though watch out. You know all of us will be running away from our television sets screaming as she performs the Dougie on David Letterman.

        I still find it funny how Shawn’s “schtick” is “Olympic gold medalist.” I guarantee if she hadn’t won a single gold in Beijing she never would have quit gymnastics. That gold medal means everything in terms of being able to fame whore after the Olympics. Unless you’re someone like Michelle Kwan, who basically dominates for a decade and wins world championships again and again.

        Sorry for the rant. I just wish someone would call her out (to her face, on live TV) her bullshit. I bet her sponsors started calling four to five months prior to the Olympics and she told herself she should just give up for the sake of fame whoring her way through the next 10 months or so and collect every penny she can while she still can. She probably also figured Marta wouldn’t select her for the team and maybe she knew about the Nastia thing. Whatever.

    • missy Says:

      yeah I am no MD but all that twisting and dancing is kinda hard if your knee is swollen and still painful :p we should all blame Cheng Fei for falling off beam in EF and other EF finalists in Beijing LOL πŸ˜€

      • missy Says:

        LOL actually not 100%sure if Cheng Fei fell on beam (wasnt that vault and FX where she fell?) but yeah totally agree that its getting old …

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She fell off beam in team finals

  52. tulip Says:

    Just sent you an email for access to Twitter. I’m @intothe_mystic
    Cheesy I know but it’s just for this. and my name is Tracy
    Can’t wait!

  53. nero Says:

    are you guys watching this pre-ceremony stuff? There are farm animals and fake clouds floating around. This is either going to be really cool or a complete disaster, no in between I think.

    • Gymbee Says:

      My husband (and some other friends of mine) was at the dress rehearsal yesterday. He said it was AMAZING! I could go but I wanted to keep the surprise for tonight πŸ™‚

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Are you going to be there in person tonight Gymbee?

      • Gymbee Says:

        I wish! In front of the TV.
        But I still didn’t want the surprise ruined πŸ™‚

      • terrigymfan Says:

        You are still a luck dog! Just being in London right now admid all the atmosphere has to be so soooo exciting.

      • Gymbee Says:

        It is! It is so amazing! I feel so privileged, it’s electrifying! I start working next week as a volunteer, can’t wait.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Come back and tell us everything.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I will πŸ™‚ I’m hoping some of the gymnasts will want to go watch some athletics (there’s a place for athletes on the stands) and I will hang out there part of the time. Watching the parade now, my god there are a lot of countries haha!

  54. JAS4 Says:

  55. H Says:

    Twitter GT

    I have sendt you an email:-) My twitter account is

  56. kittykat Says:

    GTT, would you be so kind as to accept my twitter follow? I’m kat_fish1 πŸ™‚ thankyou!

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