Shut Up Shannon: Finally some respect

I had to label this under Shut up Shannon even though she said nothing to annoy me today. This mention is about Shannon finally getting some credit from the main stream media.

I reserve the right to change my mind if actually names another gymnast ahead of Shannon but I am pretty shocked she got her named on a list of greatest Olympians. It’s only been 16 years. What took you so long main stream media????

Then they went and gave her the credit she deserved for being the gymnast to lead the US to gold. (overall it was her score that carried the team to Gold)

Here is the list of top 30 greatest Summer Olympians

Just don’t watch the videos. Some of these Olympians are just plain idiots.

Apparently I missed the other lists and I spoke too soon. ESPN is full of idiots. I guess I give them half credit for putting her name on this list.

Top 10

If that doesn’t work then look to your right. They have links.

ESPN makes NO SENSE, How do you make a comment like this and then put Mary Lou Retton ahead of Shannon Miller?

If Mary Lou Retton put U.S. gymnastics on the map, Miller redrew it

You can’t argue with the top 10 IMO. Michael Phelps, Carl Lewis, Mark Spitz, all amazing Olympians.


And just because I don’t want to give this next article it’s own blog I expect you to read this article. Consider it homework. Then I want you to laugh with me because you have to imagine Nastia reading this article and getting sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad. It made me smile:)



54 Responses to “Shut Up Shannon: Finally some respect”

  1. terrigymfan Says:

    I love the well-thought answers some of the athletes in that video gave, Shawn Johnson the greatest Olympian of all time?

  2. JAS4 Says:

    At least they are finally recognizing Shannon! But I have a feeling Mary Lou will be on that list somewhere lol even though Shannon should definitely be ranked higher lol

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I was about to say no way JAS that Mary Lou is going to be on that list, and then I saw the second link GTT put up. She is No. 15. Enough to make me barf.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I figured that she’d be on there because she is pretty much mentioned with anything related to gymnastics or the Olympics lol

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      Uhhh my opinion Mary Lou deserves even less credit than Nastia. She only got a gold 2 silver and 2 bronze, AND it was not a fully attended games, which I believe is the only reason she won

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      GTT sorry if you like MLR lol

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Mary Lou doesn’t belong on any of these lists. It’s like she’s the “former” Nastia. Gag me. Why she still gets invited to the Olympics is beyond me.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Because she smiled. The only reason she is mentioned so much is she was the perfect little pixie that always smiled.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Shawn Johnson smiled. She just didn’t win the AA. Damn it.

      • gymglitterxx Says:

        Not even that she smiled, she arrogantly fist-pumped before she’d even gotten her scores. I can’t imagine anyone acting that way now days even media hog Shawn.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        You know what’s funny – Komova almost fist-pumped after she finished floor at Worlds (I thought). You could TELL she thought she had that gold medal in the bag. It was the first smile I’d seen from her all competition.

        Actually, if I were a gymnast (now) I’d fist-pump all day long. You know why? That kind of behavior obviously makes you rich and liked by the media. They like cocky arrogant people. Hence the Gabby/Nastia love. Even Shawn is starting to piss me off with all her stupid tweets about getting to interview Olympians and shit. Enough already. You’re no longer competing. Get out of my face. Sorry. I’m bitchy right now. It’s past midnight and I’m still working.

  3. terrigymfan Says:

    OMG. I just saw that video with the top 10. Somebody said Kerri Strug. Please, will someone just shoot me and put me out of my misery?

  4. JAS4 Says:

    Says Beth’s knee is doing much better but she sleeps with an ice machine on her knee and apparently one person does room by themselves because Beth rooms by herself

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      LOL, Queen Beth.

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      Who guesses one of the girls will room with Gabby just so she doesn’t have to room alone and look like they’re leaving her out again? You can tell they are making more efforts to include her in pics, and remember McKayla’s comment that Gabby goes in the little icebucket? LOL ridiculous some people I swear

      • elitefan Says:

        I noticed on twitter today she had a picture of her, Aly, Jordyn, and Gabby in the sun and she commented that Kyla refused to get her picture taken in the caption. It’s ridiculous that someone actually asked her about it before…these girls have more important things to concentrate on!

        I did like John Geddert’s tweets this morning:
        On the way to AM training. On a mission to earn the afternoon off!

        and then…

        The girls rocked it today! Afternoon off and a trip to the salon to get the nails done (them not me)

  5. Aerial Says:

    Not a huge fan of Shannon, but it was thrilling to watch her over many years, and always had great respect for her and her achievements. While I find it hard to look at media of her these days resembling Latoya Jackson, that’s not the point. The point is she DOES deserve this respect and for some decent journalism these days to recognize TRUE gymnastics stories and who really has paved the way for others. She deserves that.

  6. terrigymfan Says:

    Anybody notice the most ridiculous aspect of this list of all? It’s supposed to be a list of the 30 greatest Summer Olympians of all time, regardless of country, but almost every athlete on the list is from the US! No wonder everybody says we are self-centered and jingoistic.

  7. nero Says:

    So…..are they live streaming podium training tomorrow? I have expat shield if it’s just BBC and not NBC but I hope we find out soon so I can figure out when I need to wake up tomorrow!

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      What time does it livestream? I will be at work from like 8-4:30;(:(

      • Catherine Says:

        USAG have said they don’t know. It doesn’t look like it if today’s wasn’t. It was in 2008 not for the benefit of fans but to test everything out.

      • nero Says:

        I have no clue when podium training is, I hope we find out soon. But I just found this, it’s really great. It shows the date and times of everything converted to eastern time. So we’ll all know when we can watch the competitions live streamed and when they’re going to be tape-delayed on NBC IDK about you guys but I’m watching the live stream and recording it on my DVR 🙂

        The tape-delay is stupid. The average Olympic watcher is probably not going to stay up until midnight to see the last rotation of the team finals and AA. Gymnastics is very popular, they should start the tape a little earlier IMO

  8. Catherine Says:

    FUUUUCKKKKKKK! Word is Larisa is injured- painful foot condition ‘fasciitis’. Tough to know if she can compete through the pain or not, she had a meltdown in training earlier and she has to compete in basically everything except vault and bars EF. Hope this is all overblown.

    • JAS4 Says:

      I think that’s what my husband had before its basically a pulled/ torn muscle in the foot and when he had it he could hardly stand to put a lot of weight on it but they put him on prednisone and it felt better in few days but I imagine they could give her a cortisone shot and it would help her to compete

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I remember when Tim Duncan had it. He barely could play then I think they put him down for the rest of the season.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Oh my god haha GTT I startled when you said “I think they put him down” haha.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I could not think of a better way of saying

      • Dee Says:

        LOL “put him down” geeze now I’m laughing at work

        Not funny about Larisa, though. I’ve heard of that foot problem before and apparently it’s horrible painful.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Drugs, drugs, and more drugs for her. Sad because she was probably going to go for broke in the AA. I saw her potentially winning it. Aly might have a better chance at FX gold medal now.

      • Kel Says:

        If that is the case, then I really think this is between Russia and the US. The Chinese girls sounded like they were struggling on floor and not sure what their vault upgrades are. Are they doing any amanars? I think it was Catherine who mentioned Russia has more than a point D score over the US if all the gymnasts do the amanars. Even with just 2, their D score is still higher than the US. Hopefully, the US has better execution. Nice to see that the US girls are having some fun in London and got an afternoon off today!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t see Russia all of a sudden gaining consistency. Mustafina is the key. If she gets killed on her execution it will be huge for Russia.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Russia is totally capable of hitting randomly. Who knows. It’s like a crap shoot. Although I think they’ll give Team USA a run for their money.

  9. Gymbee Says:

    Nastia holding on to her last moments of being relevant:

    Crazy how fast 2012 has come, Beijing felt like yesterday, wonderful opportunities, wanted to give it one last shot, no regrets, fell at trials, easy way out would be to quit, but got back up and finished, people cheered because they loved her, did a good beam, people cheered again.
    Now is proud of the team and FIG athlete rep.

    Btw, that athlete rep gig totally rubs me the wrong way. Did FIG have a back-up athlete rep in case she qualified? It seems crazy that not even a month ago she was trying to make the team, “woops” fell from the bars and didn’t make it so she just slips right back into being athlete rep.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      NBC likes the bitch but no one else even remembers her. We just need Jordyn to win the AA, Cry and then Nastia will not exist anymore.

      Nastia rubs me the wrong

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It’s like you know I refuse to read anything about her anymore and now you want to torture me.

      WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU????????????:)

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Thanks for the recap. Although, I did click on the link to the article (not reading it) and whoa, who let slutty mck-sluttpants out. She looks like she’s trolling the streets for some action. Someone introduce her to Ryan Lochte so she can either get knocked up, contract herpes, or both. 😉

  10. nero Says:

    I joked that they should have made the venues for ping-pong or other dumb sports that no one watches pink AND apparently they did. I’m sorry badminton, I’m sorry I wished this upon you.

    The fences surrounding tennis are pink also. I read it’s because pink is either the official color of the Olympics, or one of the official colors. Who in their right mind thought that was a super great idea? Nastia?? The Olympic medals have a purple ribbon which I think look great and is the color of royalty, they couldn’t have gone with that?

    I’m surprised they didn’t dye the water for swimming pink.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Haha yup everything is pink and baby blue! I live here in London, and even my little neighbourhood 40 min away from the city center is decked out. I’m starting to think Seb Coe lost a bet.

      • nero Says:

        Is it as bad as I’m making it out to be? Every time I see a picture like this it makes me want to throw up/punch a wall

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        OMG did they not think of us poor television watchers? I’m going to go blind! WAY too bright! This is scary and I hope Rio takes notes and tones this shit down. There really needs to be the addition of “cooler” colors on the floor, i.e., blue or purple…holy cow.

        China is all about red. Imagine those poor gymnasts, they probably won’t make podium because they’ll go blind with all this pink shit.

      • nero Says:

        Ha, Brazil isn’t exactly known for ‘subtle’ colors. That floor will be neon yellow surrounded by green.

        These gymnasts will be washed out by the white floor surrounded by the bright pink. I hope they wear darker leos so I can actually see them while they’re performing

      • Dee Says:

        Rio is going to be WAY worse color-wise, I fear.

        I am really worried if our girls wear all red….you wont be able to see them!

  11. Lithi Says:

    I only want the US to win team gold just to see some Mag 7’s heads explode. Mainly, Moceanu. Anyone wanna bet she’s got voodoo dolls of the US girls and sticking pins in them in hopes injury or headcaseyness gets the better of them?

    Now that I said it watch Russia or Romania waltz away with it.

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