and in stupid news that makes no sense

The US uniforms for the Olympics were made by China. How stupid is the Olympic committee?

This is the kind of oxy moron that makes you shake your head like Celine Dion singing the National anthem at the Olympics in 1996 or Nastia Liukin wearing pink to win the AA at the Olympics.


An interview with Shannon and Carly

Watch Jordyn’s sendoff to the Olympic (camp). It’s also her Birthday.

Listen to Dominique Moceanu whine about Bela again. I would have more respect for her if she did it about Marta. What Bela did is past tense. If you want change we need the truth about the current dictator in-charge. The thing that annoyed me most about this interview and every interview she does is it always comes back to her being bitter about not getting to compete at Nationals.

The one thing I agree with her about is that Bela is like Bud Selig. He cares more about the attention for himself.


She is honored to be on his show (gag me, he’s a tool) Took her seven years to write and process the info she put out there. It’s not easy to be brutally honest. Things were challenging, domineering father and coaches. Emotional pressure on her unnecessarily. She always had the mindset she wanted gold. Challenging to not be broken down by the Olympics. She looks back and can’t believe she had the focus she had. Focused on being in the zone. She loved the sport.

Her father hit her in front of the Karolyi’s. Summer before games they would threaten to call her parents. Constant state of fear. Tried everything she could to be a good soldier. Tried to push through. She new their tactics were not right. Only later she realized how wrong their training methods were. Nobody spoke out so this is what she needed to go through.

The general public views Bela a a Gepetto type persona with his “you can do it” catch phrase. Dominique thinks that USA-Gymnastics should use a different person to promote their sport.

Bela wanted to steal the show (On carrying Kerri out) When the camera is on Bela knew how to act.

The rest in boring. YOU listen to it 🙂

Now she loses me. Cleveland is a great sports town? PLEASE. These are the racists that chanted “rice K” at player on the other team. No one shows up for Cleveland unless they are winning. They are a horrible sports town.

Read what Betty thinks about Bela and the mature way she handles herself.

Baby Kyla, new interview

At least she is honest about though I will never understand the people USA-Gymnastics thinks is Hall of Fame material.

It’s a very nice speech. Tasha gives credit to Bela for her success. Sorry Moceanu but Bela did help some people. Ha she thanks Moceanu and her weird husband and teh cheers are very subdued. Bela was in the room.


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  1. Gigi Says:

    HA!!!! And why are their wearing a beret?

  2. terrigymfan Says:

    Probably made with underage child labor, just like their gymnasts.

  3. Becky Says:

    Why does Ralph Lauren hate America? Yuck!

  4. nero Says:

    Whats worse is this exact same thing happened four years ago! The uniforms were made in China by Ralph Lauren and they had the stupidity to do it again.

    My dad and I came up with better uniforms. Dark blue pants, a red t-shirt with USA on it and a baseball cap. Not the most formal, but I think that would look way better on everybody. Instead of looking like yuppie east-coasters who just spent a semester in France.

  5. Luke Says:

    Just curious…have any of the mag 7 ever sided with her or defended her claims? I seem to remember Dawes and Chow shrugging it off like she was exaggerating. She keeps looking for attention! She dodnt deserve nationals in 2006 and had no shot at the team in 2000, even if she played the injury card. Her scores were all subpar to everyone, and even Dawes had a strong bars set that could score a 9.7 internationally. She needs to MOVE ON

    • nero Says:

      My favorite thing is how she is constantly harping how she’s ‘moved on and those things are in her past and wants to focus on the positives in life’ OH and let me just sit here talk about it some more.

      Jim Rome is gross. Going to go youtube Jim Everett almost kicking his ass

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Rome is an idiot, literally

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She loves the attention. You know she showed up to Tasha’s HOF thing so she could be in the room with

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Dom’s complaints in the book are mainly about Bela and Marta as her
        personal coaches, not about Marta as the team coach in 1996, so Dawes
        and Chow are not in a position to know whether her claims are true or
        not.  Kerri Strug , who was the only other Karolyi gymnast who was a
        member of the Mag 7, is the main person who would know about Dom’s
        claims.  Kerri supports Bela but I also think she has commented on the validity of Dom’s claims about Bela.

        I think Dom’s allegations that Bela used Dom’s dad as a vehicle for
        inflicting physical abuse on her are true.  I also agree 100% with her
        characterization of Bela’s true character as a charlatan and fraud who
        portrays himself as a Santa Claus when in fact he is an publicity
        seeking abuser.  Now GTT is correct that this is past history – stuff
        that happened back in the 90’s, and early with respect to other
        gymnasts – so it is arguably not that relevant now.  I would
        completely agree except for the fact I continue to see Bela sticking
        his face in front of cameras when he has no official role in anything
        now.  I know a lot of people see him and think, “Oh, there’s that
        great friendly teddy bear guy with a heart of gold who everybody in
        the gym world loves.”  I’ll be completely honest — I cannot stand the
        man and therefore am glad someone is still calling him out.   Also,
        Dom did grow up in a very abusive environment (even Bela and Marta
        aside) and how she dealt with it is a worthwhile story in and of

        I freely admit I wasn’t following gymnastics too much in 2008 when Dom
        first started bringing this up, and therefore have only been hearing
        her story this year.  Maybe if I had heard her when she first brought
        it up I would be getting tired of it and would find her annoying like
        many of you do.  Right now, though, I find her to be one on the more
        likeable figures in the world of gymnastics.  Obviously, there are a
        lot of people on this blog who disagree with me on that.

        I also admit that’s Dom’s claim that she was unfairly denied a trip to
        Nationals in 200 is pretty weak or at least highly debatable.  I
        imagine a lot of impartial observers would say she didn’t deserve to
        go.  However, she is right that the system that places all power for
        making such decisions into one person, Marta, is inherently subject to

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Sorry about the formatting of that last comment. Not sure what happened.

      • jazzy31 Says:

        I totally agree Terrigym. Her book was a very interesting read, and what she experienced under Bela and Marta is relevant to today because they are in charge now. They might be behaving a little better b/c they are in the national spotlight now, but their character is still the same. And Dom is right: why is one person running everything?

        I didn’t even know she tried a comeback when she was in her 20s until I read the book, but I feel that Marta blocked her out of spite. She did what she was told was required then was told she couldn’t compete anyway. (Sound familiar, Chellsie or Alicia??…) What would the harm have been to have her compete? If she bombed then so be it, but let it play out on the competition floor, not behind closed doors with Marta orchestrating everything.

        I think Dom is very likeable too, and her story is compelling. Good for her for speaking out and showing everyone what the Karolyis are all about.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t find her likable. I find her phony.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I find her so 16 years ago but if she can help in any way to expose the Karolyi’s and get a change going in the USAG organization then I’d be behind her on that note.

        I just find that she uses this “Karolyi bashing” for her own personal gain and to aim the attention her way every four years. Won’t be surprised if this happens again in 2016. If more people came to back up her accusations and if more people spoke out against Marta in general, that would be the only way anything’s going to change.

        I almost hope that something is exposed in the near future that would get everyone’s attention on Marta in a negative fashion. I feel like if Marta tried to pull a Vise on Weiber or something Geddert would be out there screaming.

      • gymglitterxx Says:

        Sanitymotion, what happened to Holli would never happen to Jordyn. Martha doesn’t just pick random people to “cheat out of a spot” on the Olympic team (or whatever people feel happened to Hollie). I personally feel that Holli should have been on the team, but she was injured and admittedly not in top form. I really don’t think Mohini was placed on the team because of Pamela. As much as I hate Martha, I have to believe that she really believes the teams she picks can win gold, with the one exception being Tokyo when she kept a useless Alicia on the roster and risked a disaster on bars.

        As far as the Bela stuff, I wish Dominique Moceanu would shut up already. He made into a national all around champion, and her subsequent injuries which interfered with her Olympic success were inevitable and not Bela’s fault. Dominique is just bitter and blames Bela for the fact that she failed to live up to expectations and becomes “the Next Nadia as she was billed for so long. Nastia went through some injuries that held her back as well, does that make Valeri a bad coach? No.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Nastia’s injury was complete bull shit. Much like the strees fracture Moceanu had in 1996 that disappeared when the Olympics ended. Notice Shannon kept off her hamstring and didn[t do floor for awhile. Her injury was real. Moceanu’s ended as soon as the Olympics was over.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        What part of a 9.8 start value on beam screams, Olympic champion to you? Or a 9.8 start value on floor because she never got credit for her dance connection?

        Sorry not buying it. Marta under estimates every other team, tries to play it safe and it backfires.

        What I love about this team is they earned their spots even if not in the right order. She had no choice to take this team because they proved it time and time again. Even though she tried to fix it for Nastia.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Only Kerri can really make a comment and she hasn’t that I know of. Jaycie said something indirectly during that Gawd awful radio broadcast with the idiots but she only made a comment, indirectly.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        What’s really stupid is NBC showing it tape delayed …. I found a way to watch ASac fall on beam live with Flemish commentary…l I can’t believe that bela Marta all of them are a joke. I honestly think the US should get team gold but won’t. Im sick of this quad and almost sick of the next one in the US. Kateyln Ohashi had better hold back and heal…and get away from valeri…

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    I’ll bet the medals are made in china too…

  7. JAS4 Says:

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Interesting way to go pro yet go to college and still remain involved in gymnastics. I wonder if she is going to get paid or get tuition waivers for her services. If so going pro was really a smart move (I think it was anyway for someone of her status).

      • JAS4 Says:

      • Dee Says:

        Smart move on her part! I hope she enjoys it.

      • mc Says:

        Most university staff get free or reduced tuition…smart move Wieber 🙂 I wonder if this will start a trend with so many of the top gymnasts going pro.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Wonder if this means she’s retiring after the Olympics.

    • advil Says:

      Brilliant! Rebecca Bross, are you listening?!

  8. hclovespink Says:

    Does anyone have a link to their leotards please? I tried googling!

    • Catherine Says:

      No, Aly has commented on twitter that they are beautiful. John Geddert said that there are 12 training leos and 9 comp leos. That’s it so far…they might not be released at all, USAG facebook has said several times that they won’t be released until the gymnasts walk into the arena.

      • Dee Says:

        Who made them? Adidas/GK?
        Puh-lease let them all be red, white and blue! (or some variation of!)

    • hannah Says:

      Thanks! I guess it will be fun to see them for the first time when they are there! I really hope it is red, white and blue, I LOVE pink but not when representing your country. I am from England and a lot of the promo things, gifts, umbrellas etc advertising London olympics is pink! I have a pink, blue and white umbrella! Its cute, but pink is not part of our flag!!

      • Catherine Says:

        Ah they should be purple if not flag colours! Love the fact that purple is the theme, favourite colour. I am Irish, will be visiting London after the games to see everything 🙂

  9. Alex Says:

    off topic- I just finished the Aly documentary, and wow. What a nice kid. Everyone in her family seems really grounded and kind, and she seems like a sweet girl. I really enjoyed it and recommend you watch if you haven’t!

    • jazzy31 Says:

      We’ve watched the first 2 parts and saw my daughter’s back at the meet and greet from January! 🙂

      Yes, I love Aly – she seems like a great kid and I really hope she brings home an individual medal from London.

    • sarah Says:

      loved the doc,
      kinda hated her coach at times…

  10. Dee Says:

    GTT, I felt like an arse for wondering why Tasha was inducted to the HOF and some of her teammates from the Olympics and Worlds were not, glad to see someone else questioned this. I just thought it was an interesting athlete choice.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      None of these HOF’s make much sense. The international HOF inducted Dawes before Milo and that one NEVER made sense.

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      Hmm idk, I wasn’t around while she was competing but I’ve always gotten the impression that Tasha is pretty special. I think her look and marketability might have something to do with it.

  11. Catherine Says:

    In other news, Qiushang’s amanar has surfaced on youtube, not too shabby at all. A bad enough leg sep and a step to the side but it isn’t dangerous or sloppy looking. Musty has been confirmed to do one in London by Rodionenko, DAMN. I highly doubt they would if they feared she would tear the ACL again but it’s just going to be sloppy and scary all the same, her DTY is lovely..

  12. terrigymfan Says:

    Has anyone heard any news or rumors coming out of training camp at the Ranch? I think they started yesterday, or maybe that was just when they arrived.

  13. nero Says:

    Komova throwing shade at the Americans. From AJ

    – Is it true that your main rivals in London will be the first American woman? What do you think of them?
    – I like their mental toughness. They go on to the platform in the “impenetrable” mood, they do not sobesh. But too much I do not think about them. There is no hatred towards them I have not. I’d like to beat them, and we are quite capable. That they hate us. As they looked at us at the last world championships in Tokyo! About how to say hello when they met, there was no question, they deliberately did not talk with us. This is after our victory in Rotterdam.When they managed to beat us, they are relaxed and even came up at a banquet to congratulate you. With silver medals

    I thought that was funny. I played club and high school soccer, all of my club-mates were spread out over our three high schools and I wouldn’t even talk to them before the games when our high schools played each other.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Hrm. This kind of makes me like Komova more, actually. Brutally honest.

      • Catherine Says:

        It makes me think she’s immature to blast them like that in an interview. It just adds to her post sportmanship rep. She wasn’t even IN Rotterdam! I highly doubt US hates Russia.

      • Dee Says:

        I still can’t get interested in this girl. I’m glad Musty is back so there is another Russian to generate some hype.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I admire honesty – especially since it’s the “American way” to make everything seem so great/peachy in general. It gets boring.

        And I didn’t take Komova’s statements as a “slam” – it’s the truth (and is the nature of sports in general not to engage/be super friendly with your rivals), and she even says she acts the same way (giving the soccer example). I highly doubt US hates Russia, and I highly doubt Russia hates the US (well, maybe overall but not specific people per se). Some of this obviously needs to be taken with a grain of salt since it’s not a perfect English translation. “That they hate us” who knows what that really meant. And who knows what/how the question she was asked was formed.

        And P.S. I have always hoped Musty takes the AA title this Olympics.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        In 1996 when the annoying Romanians and Pod ended up on the podium they were all huggy to each other because they were bitter the US team won the gold medal. When I watched them act like best buddies I always thought that was there, haha US, you didn’t medal in the AA then Milo made the comment that she was the only one to repeat her performance in the AA from the last Olympics which was meant as a dig at Shannon Miller since she was the only other medalist from 1992 competing at that time.

        Milo also said in 1994 that she never considered Miller a rival even though Miller had beaten her in two straight AA.s

        Pod also whined about not getting enough attention back in 1996.

        There is always going to be a cold war factor in the US vs Russia even though it has been how many years?

        Boginskaya made a comment that she was told the American people hated her and she was surprised that she was getting cheered and that they actually liked her.

        This US team is the least annoying US team we have had since 1996. (accept Gabby who annoys me to the end of earth) I actually like the rest of the girls. If any team is going to be the first team to win this since 1996 I wouldn’t mind it being this team. As long as Gabby is put in her place by the judges.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Sandy, I think the soccer example was Nero’s.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        OH, geez. That’s funny because I was wondering too how Komova had time for soccer. LOL.

        In any case, that’s a pretty common theme in sports overall. That’s why people like Dara Torres (who helped her competitor zip up her swimsuit right before the 50 meter race in Beijing because it was stuck) are pretty special.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        That’s certainly the way it was with the track and swim teams I was on. We hardly talked to each other before the meets, much less our opponents, because we were focusing on the immediate task coming up. After the meets was a different story.

        That translation of Komova’s interview is so bad it is hard to know exactly what she really said or was meaning to say.

      • Catherine Says:

        I think even if it is a bad or slightly inaccurate translation, it’s still a stupid thing to say or imply. She’s old enough to know better. Especially as she doesn’t have just cause. Both should view each other as worthy opponents, not enemies or people who hate or dislike them, it’s just stupid.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I agree that calling your opponents poor sports ahead of a competition is not a good idea, especially here where it looks like she is just misinterpreting things, It seems especially surprising since I cannot imagine the Russians routinely chit chat and yuck it up with their opponents before these competitions either. The Russians always seem stern and focused to me.

    • Elitefan Says:

      I feel like she can’t directly compare Rotterdam and Tokyo because it was a completely different team except Aly.

  14. sanitynmotion Says:

    Qiushang always had the talent but was never able to put it together, especially at the more important meets. China is being very risky with her AND He Kexing on the team (He has been having a tendency of falling on bars at the worst moments) but at the same time, I can understand it. If they all hit, there’s a way better chance of making the podium as opposed to doing it the “safe” way.

    I really hope nobody gets injured at the Ranch…I can’t help but wonder if some of those girls are scared history will repeat itself.

    Any news about ASac? Why is everything so quiet about her? It’s kind of odd, don’t you think? I’m wondering if she’s going to speak out or something, but is figuring the best way to go about it.

    • nero Says:

      Why do people think she’s going to speak out? Speak out about what?

      First off, it’s right before the Olympics and Alicia doesn’t seem like that type of person.

      Second, and I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but I really am not seeing how she fit in as an alternate. If someone cares to share their point of view on why she should be I’m more than happy to hear it. I’ve looked at it and she didn’t fit IMHO

      Her rudi was 5th in scoring at trials. Maroney, Price, Wieber and Douglas all had a higher vault score. Kyla’s amanar, if she manages to land in on the actual mat, would probably outscore Alicia also.

      She was great on beam and placed second but it was actual really close with Jo and Kyla making mistakes. I looked at the two day total, go to USAG and click on Gabby winning and up at the top you can chose to see the scores for EF, and the difference between 2nd and 5th on beam is .25

      • Dee Says:

        yea…I dont exactly see her pulling a Nastia and making a big public scene regarding herself while it is team USA’s time in the spotlight. Maybe after the Olympics she will say something, or maybe she is just over it and has already moved on.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Speculation is she wanted to do her new vault and Marta told her no. If she told her no with a side wink or, we still want you I think Alicia has a reason to be mad.

      • JAS4 Says:

        From what I can tell McKayla seems to be a Marta favorite and if Alicia had done her new vault even with her second vault being a DTY it’s a good possibility that she would have beaten McKayla on Vault and she would have almost had to take her because with the FHS Double Alicia had the potential to score a 16.7+ which would add 6-7 tenths more than McKayla for TF

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think Marta wanted all of the girls this quad to be young (except Nastia). She didn’t want to risk injury at her death camps. It won’t look good if this time around a good fraction of the team shows up to London injured, which is what happened last time.

      • gymglitterxx Says:

        To be honest I don’t think Alicia CAN do the FHS double. If she was capable, why would she not??

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That is a good point but I think she would have gone for it if Marta had not told her not to.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I thought Marta told her not to…or something like that…I think she played it safe because of what Marta may have said to her, and now she’s probably kicking herself for it. She should have gone for it and made a statement. Like her leo night one of Trials.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I meant even say something about being retired – it seems like she just disappeared. You’d think her sponsors would want something on her behalf.

      Also, if she was told by Marta to only do her rudi vault and she’d make the team, then it would be interesting to hear that coming directly from the athlete, don’t you think? Did Hollie Vise ever say anything when that happened to her? I just hope she can call Marta out for her BS at some future point. At least it would open people’s eyes on what type of woman she is. The idiots on FB all think she’s some sage grandma-type lady who genuinely cares for these athletes’ well being.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Hollie never said anything to the media but the thing with Hollie is she was told there would be a bars/beam specialist spot on the team and she was in contention for it. There was no such spot once Mohini got Pam Anderson on her side and the media picked up the story.

        There is no way Mohini ever should have been on that team. Forget that she performed well with her easy routines in the end, Marta went safe on that team and it cost the US a gold medal. She ignored the issue the team had on floor (something I called way before the Olympics when NO ONE else was talking about it) and it messed everything up.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        GTT I’m wondering if that floor issue might rear its ugly head yet again this time around. Yeah, we have two great floor workers (Aly and Jordyn) but the third spot, which looks like will go to either Gabby or McKayla, might be weak. If Marta had allowed (or told) Kyla to upgrade her floor this probably wouldn’t be an issue, but I do wonder if that decision on Marta’s part will cost the US yet again.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think floor could be an issue as well because I don’t see Gabby or McKayla scoring 15+ On Floor at the Olympics if Kyla had at least a 5.8-5.9 D Score on floor with her execution she could probably score high 14s I think Gabby and McKayla both scored 13s or possibly low 14s at Worlds on Floor and even with upgrades they may only score mid 14s

      • Catherine Says:

        Gabby and McKayla’s floor have decent SV. I trust that McKayla third pass will be changed to double tuck+ leap and screw the twist out. With that fixed, it can score high enough, good for a 14.7 or thereabouts. Certainly a worthy third floor worker. If for some reason it’s left the same or if she effs up in prelims, Gabby’s floor is usable and is out of a 6.2. I think that’s a decent back-up, either one for the other. (I want McKayla’s floor to be used, Gabby’s could be slammed..who knows)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Out of the two, I’d rather have McKayla on floor but the problem is, if Team USA has a mistake elsewhere (i.e., beam) that third floor worker will be ever more important if they want gold. I feel like this quad Marta focused so much on vault and bars that she really may have missed the boat on floor. If Russia is ahead or even tied with USA by the fourth apparatus (floor), I can’t help but fear that USA would be awarded again with silver at most. Those judges love that Russian dance style – and Russia will likely put up Komova and Afan on floor (and Komova’s ankle is stronger this time around). Their third floor worker could be either Musty or Grishina…both of them are likely to score higher than Gabby or McKayla.

      • Catherine Says:

        Well Russia ia fairly weak on floor. Komova currently only has 5.8 SV, Musty 5.9, Grishina and Afan are below 6 too- Grishina I think is 5.5. Even with a few tenths upgrades, still ahead- McKayla 6.0 (Gabby 6.2) Aly 6.4, Jordyn 6.2. Musty’s twisting is a built in deduction, Komova is weak on floor with deep landings. A bigger advantage on floor would be good, seeing as they now have 3 amanars but it’s still an advantage.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Speaking of someone getting hurt at the Ranch, in 1988 Kristie Phillips, who was the second, non-travelling alternate, told a reporter at the Olympic team training camp that the best thing that could happen would be “for two of the gymnasts ahead of me to get hurt.” Talk about creating tension with that statement! Supposedly the rest of the gymnasts wouldn’t allow her to adjust the bars for them because they thought she would sabotage them.

      • Catherine Says:

        Wow how subtle of her! Imagine having the knowledge that if you hurt yourself somebody would be thrilled and only too eager to take your place…

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Yes. Honesty is not always the best policy. In Kristie’s defense it was a statement totally out of character for her, and her experience of falling from best in the US in 1987 and being considered “the next Mary Lou” to not even making the Olympic travelling squad a year later was so horrific that she really was nearly out of her mind emotionally when she made that statement.

    • Gymbee Says:

      ASac seems to be on vacation with Bridget Sloan in Florida. Good for them 🙂

  15. JAS4 Says:

  16. nero Says:

    If THIS is a preview of the venue I will row my ass over to London and change the mats myself.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      My eyes!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I know. I said the same That is gross

      • terrigymfan Says:

        It almost seems dangerous to have to workout with all that pink in the background.

      • Dee Says:

        I read an interview with peng peng once where she said it takes days o training to get your eyes used to where to focus because of the red, since all gyms are in blue unless they are all gymnova. She mentioned it being scary/hard to do routines the first few times.

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      LOL I don’t think it’s pink, I think it’s all the Gymnova red. But yes very bad on the eyes. Did you know the traditional use of blue in gyms is because it has a performance enhancing effect on athletes? I hope all this crazy red doesn’t throw them off!

      Also, all this gym drama is going to make my head explode!

      • nero Says:

        Well this explains why the venue should be blue and why it seems that every country chooses to wear red leos all the time! Go to 19 minutes in

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Makes sense. I would think blue is not distracting. I read somewhere that people sleep better in a room with blue tones. Supposedly red is the worst color for a bedroom for sleep.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah blue tends to “relax” while red provides the opposite effect. Fast food restaurants often are decorated in mostly red hues because they want people to get in, eat, and get out – no hanging around taking up tables. 🙂 Also, it’s often suggested to wear read “power ties” in interviews for the same reason – color is associated with “power.”

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        So we will be sleeping like babies in a blue bedroom? What about a pink one?

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        If judges were hormonally-challenged piers, wearing red would make sense. As it is warm colors will only highlight mistakes, which is what critics are dying to see.

        The warmer the leo, the lower the score I would say.

    • JAS4 Says:

      Looks like they dyed everything with pepto

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      Pink aplenty. Mustafina and Wieber will be in heaven. Both of them should be thanking their FIG athlete rep for this.

  17. formergymgirl Says:

    I used to train at a gym that had a red floor and i found it totally off putting. I felt like i couldn’t concentrate or tumble properly because it completely disorientated me. The training halls look bloody awful. Just hope the arena isn’t going to be like that

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I would also think the balance beam wouldn’t stand out as well against a red background.

  18. JAS4 Says:

    Be sure to pick up the new Olympics Special of US Weekly!! 🇺🇸❤🇺🇸

    A post shared by Nastia Liukin (@nastialiukin) on

    More proof of the plot to put Nastia on the team if she hit one bar routine

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am telling you it was set up to be. I don’t know why anyone would even doubt it at this point.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah it’s obvious if I were Alicia and Chellsie I’d be pissed and ready to write a tell all lol

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I wonder what held Marta back from putting Nastia on as an alternate. I mean, she does what she wants anyways, no question.

      • JAS4 Says:

        It wouldn’t have surprised me one bit for Marta to have named her as an alternate but I think with Nastia not hitting one bar routine she knew she couldn’t make up a reason to put her on the team over someone else

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She still would have accepted the spot which is why she was competing. Her arrogance is so ………………… fill in blank

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah she thought she deserved a spot based on passed accomplishments and I really wonder if they didn’t give Shawn the boot after the last time she went to camp and told her to ride the fame train out because the only person from 08 Marta would put on the team was Nastia but I could definitely see Gabby being the new Nastia if the Olympic judges don’t call her mistakes

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      THE GOOD. Until five USOC approved and IOC/BOA accredited athletes march onto the competition floor on Day 1, anything can happen.

      THE BAD. Right now, Team USA is at the mercy of an orthopedic surgeon’s best sales lead.

      AND THE UGLY. If history repeats itself, America’s dolls will begin to break during podium training, and Nastia, who is approved, accredited and on site, will be pressed into service. This way all of the publishing and advertising dollars spent cutting Shawn out of the picture and photoshopping Nastia into it won’t go to waste.

      Catherine said there are 9 Olympic competition leos under lock & key. I’m sure one of them is a memento for a team member who will not be competing while another just happens to fit Nasia perfectly.

      I think America’s national team coordinator is THAT ornery. 😯

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I should ban you for even thinking that thought let alone posting it on MY blog.LOL

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        I just don’t want anyone to be shocked when – I mean ‘if’ – it happens.

  19. JAS4 Says:

    Apparently Marta has them competing at camp

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      STUPID, Marta is an idiot

      • JAS4 Says:

        Wonder how long it will take her to break someone this time?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        This just makes no sense. Why would you want to have a freak accident hurt one of your Olympic team members? Boggles the mind.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Maybe she is taking out her anger on them because she couldn’t put Nastia on the team and have Valeri coach who know but haven’t they had enough competitions in the last month and a half before the Olympics? Not according to Marta’s rules she thinks they should be competing at camp so they’ll be exhausted before the Olympics I think they should do camp like the men after trials then go home and train/rest before the Olympics

      • nero Says:

        Russia has no problem doing it. They are down to one alternate

  20. formergymgirl Says:

    What is Marta’s problem? You’d think she would have learnt her lesson from ’08 with all the injuries. The girls have more than proved their worth now. Her training methods are behind the times. She is sabotaging her team by having them train so intensely. She may as well just hand the gold medal to the Russians. I really believe the gold is the US’ to lose. By the time they walk out into the arena they will be both mentally and physically exhausted. Their bodies are fine tuned and muscle memory alone will get them through their routines, however, a great deal of a gymnasts ability, especially on the Olympic stage is a mental game. If their minds aren’t strong they will be in trouble. Look at A sac. She lost it for a split second and fell apart. I see history repeating itself. Marta is a complete ass with all this regimented training. Pounding the shit out of their bodies before they have even arrived in London. I’ll be amazed if no one gets injured.

  21. Catherine Says:

    They better not get injured, there’s still a few days of camp left to go through, ughhhh.

    Injury count: Canada, 2. Russia, 2. Brazil, 1. China, 1. France, 2. Belgium, 1.

  22. sarah Says:

    ok, this has nothing really to do with whats written in this blog, but this is the only place I,ve found that people actually know what they are talking about. (i am so sick of the stupid four years fan, or hearing how gabby douglas is going to win All Round)
    But i was wondering if USA girls, really will win, and who has chances of medaling in event finals.
    Correct me if im wrong,
    Russia, looking really good at the moment, does anyone know how many amanars they actually have. If they have 2-3 its going to be pretty close, they easily beat us on bars, but all of them have pretty low SV on floor. As long as they arnt dumb enouth to put douglas on beam in team finals, we should be slightly ahead there?
    Also anyone know how good the Romanias new floor routines are, and what there SVs are?
    Is Mckayla the only US girl that trains two vaults?
    In dont think there is any chance of douglas medaling in bars, Way to many good bar workers.
    Does Wieber or Raisman have any chance to medal in Floor? Since every country scores so differently it hard to compare.
    Does ross/wieber/raisman (i know only 2 from a country can go through but i have no clue out of them who would score higher or if any of them would even get to the final) have a chance of medaling on beam?

    • nero Says:

      Russia has ‘3’ amanars and by three I mean Paseka’s scary ass one, Komova’s which no one has seen and Mustafina said she’s going to chuck one at the Olympics. I fear for them. I still have USA as favorite. Wieber, Ross, Maroney and Raisman have nerves of steel. As long as Gabby is not used on beam she should be fine

      Romania’s SV on floor are pretty high but only if they get those BS back tucks out of their tumbles credited, ugh

      Mckayla is the only one right now that has two vaults. Price should train a second one and she will be world vault champ 2013

      Douglas has a chance on bars but she’ll probably be 4th….it’s going to be very close though

      Wieber and Raisman have a good chance on floor. Raisman qualified first at worlds and has upgraded. Jo sticks that double double cold, same with her double pike. Floor will be close also

      Beam really depends on qualifying. I really only think Wieber would be able to medal on beam. Kyla has a low SV but there is normally not much to deduct from. Aly doesn’t make mistakes, so who knows?

      I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

    • Catherine Says:

      USA in EF…Aly has a very good chance in floor, Jordyn less so. Beam one of them has a chance at bronze. Vault will be won by McKayla. Bars Gabby probably will make it, but only if someone headcases- SV is enormous on bars and she usually competes 6.4, it’s low enough. I highly doubt she can medal. On the team, only McKayla has two vaults.

      Russia has 3 amanars, Paseka who has crashed hers this year, Komova’s which looks clean and Musty’s which has been confirmed but not seen and used to be sloppy AND dangerous.They are upgrading their floor- Musty to a 6.2 from 5.9, and Grishina and Komova to a 6.0 from 5.8. Afan’s is 6.1, so they’re not much down on floor though of course execution isn’t amazing on Vika’s or Musty’s.

      Romania’s upgrades on floor rely on some dodgy connections. Iordache could have 6.7 (otherwise 6.4), Sandra 6.5 and Ponor 6.1. Formidable if they hit. Iordache’s is awesome and the others are well put together- Pink Floyd and Fever will make an appearance!

      It’s hard to say how well Aly in particular will do, she might get deducted harshly for form or it might be fine and her SV will still get her through. I don’t think Kyla can make beam EF ahead of her and Jordyn because her SV is lower, but I could be wrong.

      If you go to my blog I have breakdowns of d-scores and some other assessments.

      • Catherine Says:

        Btw, the d-scores I used her and in the start values post on my blog are all POTENTIAL, plenty of them have not been competed fully. Larisa and the Russians upgrades are a bit mysterious as to whether they can actually bring them all, but if you think about it- Gabby has not brought her full potential on bars all year, or beam.

        I think Gabby will qualify among the last to bars EF. She normally competes 6.4 or 6.5 SV, but Vika, Musty and Tweddle have 7.0, Kexin has 7.4, Dufournet has 6.9, Jinnan has 6.8 (rumoured 7.2 now!), Kononenko and Seitz have 6.7…I think she’ll need a lot of falls from others to get anywehre near the podium.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I hate that stupid back tuck connection thing. It reminds me of Jordyn’s beam routine where she sandwiches her full back between two other moves. Just stupid, and doesn’t flow. I wish they’d change this damn code. Every beam routine is starting to look the same, everyone has to do an amanar or else, and now every pass on floor just looks off.

      • sarah Says:

        awesome, thanks everyone,
        catherine your blog is awesome, just added it to favorites with this one.

    • Biyatch Says:

      It would probably benefit Aly to qualify 2nd to floor finals. The 2nd spot goes last. I believe the 1st spot goes 3rd.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Sadly Gabby has a shot at the AA gold medal but hopefully her beam and floor are judged fairly and she doesn’t.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Can you imagine if Gabby won the AA gold I think the ego might possibly be worse than Nastia’s!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The new Nastia. Things have almost been going too well for me with this Olympic team. Gabby that biatch will ruin it all for me:)

        If she deserves it I won’t complain but if the stupid internationals judges ignore her mistakes like the US judges did1 I will have my new Nastia.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I agree if she is actually the best and deserves it then fine but if she is gifted like Nastia I will be pissed lol

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Did you guys think Nastia shouldn’t have won the AA in Beijing?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Shawn screwed up vault but I bet if we nit picked Nastia’s crappy overrated uneven bar routine to death the score would be a lot closer than it was. Same with her floor.

        If Shawn had not screwed up vault I would be calling BS on that AA almost as fast as the BS the 1992 Olympics AA was.

      • JAS4 Says:

        There is no way Nastia should have scored the same as Shawn on floor and if she wasn’t gifted on Vault since when does a Yurchenko 1.5 score over 15?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It was over 15. I forget exactly but maybe a 15.050 or 15.150.

        Nastia code whored herself that Olympic win. Even her bar routine was a bunch of pirouette crap.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah her 7.7 D Score on bars is what got her that gold medal it think under this code Nastia said her routine would have only been like 7.0 which is still a high D Score but not like the ridiculous 7.7 for a bunch of pirouettes

  23. Biyatch Says:

    Alicia was on Andy Roddick’s radio show and was very diplomatic

    [audio src="" /]

    • Gymbee Says:

      She’s funny! 🙂

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      She kind of glossed over the whole “disappointed” stuff but I’m glad she’s still happy with herself and her comeback. I admired the fact she didn’t give up. Queen Bee and all she did the athletic community proud.

      And WOW that US Magazine thing spells things out pretty clearly; kind of wonder if Kyla saw it and what her thoughts would be if she did. Sad to think she’s an Olympic only because Nastia couldn’t hit her bar routine. That is, if she gets through those death camps without hurting herself…

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