Rebecca Bross on beam. Day two of the Olympic Trials

Watch it while you can before NBC finds it and takes it down.



71 Responses to “Rebecca Bross on beam. Day two of the Olympic Trials”

  1. Gymbee Says:

    THANK YOU for finding this! I really wanted to see her land that Patterson!

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    Yay. Few wobbles but finally able to end it clean…guess the pressure really was off at this point.

  3. Jessica Says:

    I feel so bad for her. She’s joined the ranks of Kristie Phillips and Vanessa Atler…so hyped and then no Olympics. I sincerely hope she takes some time off to heal herself-mind and body-and then comes back next quad back to her full talents/capabilities. And as an all around gymnast again.
    I’d rather see her story end on an up note.

  4. cokezero Says:

    Nice routine. Poor girl, she’s looked miserable this entire process. I wonder where she goes from here. I still say she should have never gone pro. Given that she has, maybe she can find a way to carve out an AA showing next quad, away from the crazy family and Valeri.

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      Crazy fam? LOL tell me the gossip, I never heard about that!

      • cokezero Says:

        From what I remember Geddert kicked them out because her father was overly demanding, and that’s why she’s at WOGA now. And if the coach of the current World’s AA champion thinks you’re pushing a child too much… that says something. As one example apparently he would force her to run home from practice alongside the car if she had a bad day.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Wow, really? That’s just awful. What these parents do to their poor kids, I swear. I’m guessing Jordyn must have trained with Bross at one point…I wonder if everyone knows about her psycho dad, and why psycho dad isn’t ratting Marta out by now…(he must be angry his kid has been left off the Olympic team)…

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      OMG wow I never knew Becca had trained at Geddert’s! I can’t picture Valeri as the type to put up with crazy parents either though, haha

  5. Alex Says:

    I love her. I so wish this quad had been different for her. Hoping she will stick around and kill it at Worlds.

  6. nero Says:

    I LOVE that Jo and Aly were tweeting to Nastia, Alica, Bridget AND Becca and thanked them. So sweet, love them all

  7. JAS4 Says:

    That was the best routine she has done in a long time

  8. hclovespink Says:

    Thanks for posting this….I would love to see her with a new coach and return to all around!

  9. Missing:( Says:

    You don’t think Sarah will still be missing all the way through the Olympics, do you? We need her!

    Do you think there’s anything any of us can do so she’ll come back?

  10. JAS4 Says:

  11. lol Says:

    Aly and jordyn can be nice to the older girls because their spot was never in jeopardy of being stolen by nasty •. They don’t even know just how close to being screwed over their. Bff mckayla was• I have never seen a bunch of more cluless. Group of teebagers in my life•

  12. Aerial Says:

    I think her Dad is crazy but I thought they willingly left Michigan. I read an article where her Mom said they didn’t think she could achieve her goals there (go figure in hindsight with Jordyn current world champ). Although if they were really kicked out, of course she wouldn’t admit it. Geddart seems the type to be able to counter strong personalities and also to want the fame.

    Thank you for posting this routine. It’s a shame it wasn’t shown when others’ “swan song” routines were shown. I found the hugely supportive and knowledgable crowd to be very moving. I love how they cheer her on for every skill – the people in the stands were probably almost as scared as Becca as she attempted this routine after bars. The huge cheers before the god-forsaken Patterson, and when she landed it (!), were awesome.

    Even though she appears mentally and physically done and is 19 (though if healthy, that age doesn’t mean anything anymore), I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t ready to throw the towel in yet. I’d love to hear from her if she decides to do interviews (and especially if she’s finally candid in them… she seems to humble and worried about others to be.)

  13. terrigymfan Says:

    I’m was amazed at how many important routines NBC failed to show. This was obviously a story — would Bross recover from her disastrous bar routine — and they didn’t show it. They also didn’t show Mckayla’s second vault, or her fall from beam the first night. I thought it became apparent during the trials that if there was any suspense, it was whether Price might overtake Maroney and get her spot. Maroney’s fall from beam the first night was important because it meant she was faltering, and her sticking her second vault Sunday night was huge because it just cemented the idea she should be on the team. NBC showed no flexibility to react to the moment and instead just stuck with their preplanned program.

    • Aerial Says:

      And I disagree with those saying NBC didn’t show Bross on beam to be courteous to her, assuming she’d crash. Yeah right. When has NBC ever shied away from wanting to zoom in on the downfalls and bad times? I thought they’d show her for sure for that reason alone – drama, the highs and lows of the sport, ratings. If they can air Nastia’s entire bombed bars routines multiple times throughout the broadcast, and cut to commercial after each routine or simply even just updating the standings, there is time to go back and replay Bross’ wonderful “comeback” on beam. Also to show Maroney’s stuck second vault, etc. etc. as you mentioned. Those broadcasts were looooooong and yet showed very little IMO.
      I remember in 96 they made the time to show every competitor who’d made it to the trials… Teft, Kulikowski, Fontaine, etc. What an honourable thing to do! I enjoyed that so much and thought it was a fitting tribute to the athletes.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Haha courteous my ass. They kept showing ASacs fall from 4 years ago!

      • terrigymfan Says:

        The other thing that drove me crazy was I could hardly understand Al when he said the alternate names because of the crowd noise. I saw Finnegan and Price out there so I knew they were but honestly did not know Anna Li was one until about two hours later when I saw it on this blog. They could have put the names on the screen.

      • Aerial Says:

        Considering they had been showing Finnegan both nights of Nationals and day 1 of trials, it was also unfortunate they didn’t show her night 2. It also bugged me (especially as a teacher, lol) that Stupid Penny didn’t wait for more attention before announcing the alternate names. At first I missed half the alternate announcement too.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Yeah, it might have been Penny who was saying the alternates and I couldn’t hear him. I think NBC should have put the names at the bottom of the screen. As it was they ended the broadcast without really telling us who the alternates were.

  14. terrigymfan Says:

    Does anybody know if they ever publish how each judge scored the athletes? The reason I ask is there were eight judges at trials, One group of four judged beam and vault and the other group of four judged bars and floor. Whenever an athlete performed a routine, the high and low score would be tossed out and the middle two averaged for the result.

    Now I often hear it said that this judge or that judge is in Marta’s back pocket. It would be interesting to go back and look at each judge’s scores for Classics, Nationals, and Trials. If any particular judge or judges consistently gave the highest scores to Marta’s favorites, or gave the lowest scores to the ones she doesn’t like (relative to what other judges gave the same athlete), that would look very suspicious.

  15. nero Says:

    What in God’s name did I just listen to? Shawn did not have a ‘clean’ beam routine, she almost fell on her standing full and she certainly did not ‘stick’ her dismount

    And WTF, she was not 8th going into floor she was 3rd

    This is just like that stupid Coke commercial that keeps playing on my TV where she states that the Iowa floods happened ‘2 weeks before the Olympics’ Honeychild the floods happened the beginning of June, 3 months before the Olympics.

    sorry, I was looking for gym vids and stumbled on this one and listening to it made me angry and I had to vent

    • Gymbee Says:

      That coke commercial annoys/amuses me too. I was thinking the same, 2 weeks before they were either in Texas or already in China. And that scene at the end, she is much heavier than she was at the Olympics.

      • Dee Says:

        The coke commercial cracks me up because they show a picture of her floating in the water and she is wearing a leotard from Pan Am’s…they could have made it a little more realistic.

        Then again…who remembers leotards and when they are from? LOL

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        She didn’t shed a tear when she tore her ACL over a year ago, but now Aliya can’t stop crying. This is probably why:

        It’s like kryptonite for divas. Everyone becomes an indistinguishable member of the herd. These warm-ups are unforgettable.

      • hurms22 Says:

        LOL the best part is when she waves home after her beam routine and the entire background and her leo are completely different from what was on a millisecond ago.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I also don’t understand how those floods jeopardized her chances of making the Olympics as she claimed.

    • Zoey Says:

      The floods hit Des Moines in mid-June 2008. It was 1 week before trials and 2 weeks before Shawn left to go to the ranch before the Olympics. Regardless of the time line the entire gym was under water and the cities of Des Moines and West Des Moines were experiencing major problems due to the floods. Not saying I would make a commercial out of it but I can’t imagine how stressful it was to not only lose the gym you’ve been training in your whole life but also be trying to focus on the olympics. Not to mention how worried everyone was about other friends and family who were affected by the floods too. It was super stressful and I wasn’t even trying to make an Olympic team! But man, my heart broke for Chow when they interviewed him with his gym under water.

      • nero Says:

        That is my whole problem with Shawn though, the need to constantly make the story bigger than what it actually is. The floods DID mess up her training schedule and put more stress on her and her coach. That would be enough, but no let’s dramatize it even more saying it was weeks before the Olympics when it wasn’t

        She DID have a knee injury and it hampered her return, but exactly how big was the injury? I’ve heard everything from it wouldn’t require surgery to a full reconstruction to two full reconstructions. Then she goes on TV and interviews saying training is going well can’t wait to show upgrades blah blah, while she’s really shopping in LA

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I know I’ve said it before, and I don’t want to beat a dead horse or whatever, but I have to wonder how famous this girl would be had she not won the gold on balance beam. I also have to wonder if she’d still be around – I think she would. She probably would have come back earlier and not gone on that ski trip and might have even made this Olympic team…but oh well. Just goes to show what one placement will do. She’s always now hailed as an “Olympic gold medalist” to the point where those that don’t really follow gymnastics (which let’s be honest is MOST people out there) think she is the reigning AA Olympic champion.

      Yeah and at the end of that Coke commercial it was obvious she was no longer in shape to the point where she was in the middle of her comeback.

      I wonder how it feels to go from being a gymnast/in better shape than anyone else/no body fat whatsoever to being a “normal” type person. Does the transformation happen fast, and do you get depressed at all? It seems like two weeks after a gymnast retires you can almost “tell.” Weird how fast the body transforms!

      • nero Says:

        I don’t mind Nastia and Shawn riding their Olympic gold medals, they worked hard and won them and their accomplishments should be praised.

        What I am not liking about Shawn is the fact that her and her team feel the need to exaggerate and even blatantly lie about Shawn. I mean her knee injury went from not serious to TWO total knee reconstructions, sometimes I hear she also tore her hamstring sometimes not

        Then when I was listening to this clip I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. After beam she calculated the score that EVERY gymnast after her and all of them on floor needed to get? She knew her score needed to be .7 tenths higher to win then the top score she could possibly get? All in a matter of about 8 seconds after Nastia’s score was posted??

        I had no idea Shawn was a member of Mensa

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        LOL I didn’t listen to it. I remember hearing that by floor she knew she couldn’t win it but I didn’t know she was calculating and tallying EVERYONE’s scores. Funny.

        I also agree Nastia and Shawn deserve the fame that came with their medals. I just have to wonder how “much” Shawn feels she lost by not winning AA gold. I don’t think she lost anything. I probably wasn’t good at making that point. I tend to go off on tangents.

        I’m overall frustrated though at how this whole knee thing played out. I’ve been hearing a bunch of things like you but none of them are consistent enough to make anything of it, and it’s like she’s not saying anything but “there just wasn’t enough time, the knee wasn’t holding up.” I’m sorry but when people tend to repeat lines to the media it means something is up. It’s no different from Nastia repeating how she couldn’t “stand the thought of being in the stands at London not knowing what would have happened had she given it her all to try and come back…” yada yada.

        I don’t know if Shawn will ever come out with the “real” reason why she completely stopped training. I’m sure her knee was a part of it, but if she “really” wanted to do the comeback and try for a spot on the team she could have just done the Bross/Nastia thing and specialized in beam and bars. She already proved though that she had a very decent DTY vault so she could have even just been an “everything but floor” specialist. Whatever. Something is up and I wish we could know what it was but now we’re left to guessing. I can’t help but think though that a bunch of sponsors came around demanding her time and throwing money her way, and she knew it was one or the other. Marta wasn’t going to give her any favors either and left her off the world team even though she was hitting, so maybe she just knew why bother continuing when it wouldn’t end the way she wanted it to.

        I wonder if she was even trying for those Jesolo/Pac Rims spots. If Marta left her off of those too then I can see why she just threw in the towel. That’s why I’m so impressed ASac continued on despite it being obvious all odds were against her.

        Anyway, guess we’ll never know…

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Sandy, your question about how these top level gymnasts feel about the “transformation” to their bodies that must occur when they suddenly retire and aren’t training intensely, and they presumably start losing their ultra lean tone and muscular definition at least a little, and their body fat percentage increases, is something I’ve always wondered about too. I’ve mentioned I was a competitive runner and swimmer in high school. I always loved the look and feel of my ultra-lean body when I was competing and training hard. Once I stopped the intense training it didn’t take long before I started to notice less tone and started to put on a few pounds even though I have a naturally slim body type. I really had to modify my caloric intake quite a bit and eat more “healthy” to get the extra pounds off even though I was still exercising more than I am sure most girls my age were doing.

        I think it was a little different for me as a runner and swimmer because I could actually eat a lot while I was competing without fear of putting on any extra weight. These elite gymnasts though already seem to be watching their caloric intake so closely. On the one hand that must be good because I would think they don’t have to suddenly modify their diet when they quit, but on the other hand they don’t have anywhere to go but “up” as far as the caloric intake is concerned. I would think they would really have to be disciplined to not put on the pounds given the sudden decrease in the amount of exercise they are getting without any ability to counteract it by reducing their caloric intake. (I hope I am making sense here. LOL).

        I’ve also heard that a lot of these elite gymnasts don’t have their periods while they are training intensely but get them very quickly once they stop. That has to be just another “body change” they have to deal with on top of the other changes. Mine didn’t start until I was a freshman in college. I was a naturally “late bloomer” but I am sure starting so late had a lot to do with all the training I was doing in high school. All in all there was definitely a lot of adjusting for me in terms of my body after I stopped running and swimming competitively.

        Sandy, I think you mentioned one time you used to do water polo. I know from the few times I tried that sport it is about as intense and physical as it gets. What was your experience when you stopped? It would also be interesting to hear what any former gymnasts experience was like on this.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Terri – I totally share your love for the water (I’m a swimmer as well…and yes, water polo player too). I can’t run for crap though, so I admire you can do both land and water sports!

        I still haven’t stopped completely in terms of swimming/water polo…I mean, no way do I train as intensely as I did in high school and college (5-6+ hrs per day, two-day workouts, 5 days/week); I probably work out 1 hour a day 4 days a week now…maybe 5, give or take. I still swim a lot and supplement non-swim days with P90X workouts, which KILL. Anyways, I haven’t really “stopped” yet; I still have an athlete’s body but I’m sure that can’t go on forever. I do have some extra “flab” since the high school/college years but it’s not enough to worry about. I had to modify my diet though BIG TIME after I stopped training as intensely. I used to eat whatever, whenever. I could consume everything and anything and still drop 10 pounds easy during swim season. When I entered the real world I learned fast I couldn’t do that anymore (my jeans started to get tight and it wasn’t from the dryer!); I really didn’t want to buy a whole new set of clothes so now I eat more like a human being than a vacuum (seriously).

        I guess it’s expected when you go from being a serious athlete to being in the “real world” where you sit most of the day in an office (it drives me crazy but I need a pay check) that your body is going to respond accordingly. I just felt like this change must be super extreme for a gymnast; they are so small anyways that gaining 5 lbs on someone 5 feet tall I’m sure would look like gaining 20 lbs on someone 5’10” tall.

  16. artisticfan Says:

    Who knows for sure if Shawn’s knee could hold up. I personally was never big on specializing. I feel all or nothing. Maybe Shawn didn’t like the idea either, and the younger competition was very fierce this year. Marta was looking for more AA gymnasts. She probably wouldn’t want to continue if she knew there wasn’t much of a shot. Now she can keep her 2008 image rather than possibly fail like Nastia. Or give it everything and still come up short like Alicia. And like you said she probably had all her sponsors hounding her for all her time and decided to get out the easiest way with injury.

  17. terrigymfan Says:

    Ha! I tried to blame the dryer too! Seriously, I try to get in a good run or swim every day to stay in shape but like you I sit in front of a computer for most of the day so I definitely watch my diet. (Having to work for a living is such shame, isn’t it?) Going from eating anything I wanted to “slow down a little girl” took some adjusting especially since I was a freshman in college at the time and all that cafeteria food was suddenly available (and no one there like my mom to tell me no.) I participated in running and swimming club sports in college but nothing nearly intense enough to continue on as I had in high school as far as the eating was concerned. You are also so right that these gymnasts are usually quite short so just 5 or 10 pounds can make them look a little “chunky” while it is easier for us taller girls to hide it.

  18. Catherine Says:

    Ads like that are why I’m glad I was only exposed to them during Trials. Irish TV is sooo different, you’d never get an ad as blatant as that. I think it’s hilarious, I almost expect to see Gabby pulling a mat out of the water or something..

    I’d like to see what Bai Chunyue looks like now! I expect to see gymnasts gaining weight and normalising, I’d never criticise it..but she was stocky when she was competing, and is the shortest one on record…4 ft 1!

  19. TCO Says:

    Sean had a second surgery on the knee. You don’t have multiple surgeries if things are fine.

    She tore 2 ligaments and meniscus (the “terrible triad”). It was a major injury and even now she can not do floor ex.

    You little gymternet fucks had it wrong from the beginning and now you don’t want to admit it. .

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      TCO If that is really you, always putting this so

    • nero Says:

      Shade, Johnson’s agent, characterized the injury as minor.

      “The original diagnosis was if a person had walked in there and done this it would probably heal on its own over time and you wouldn’t have surgery,” Shade said. “But because of the potential that she might do gymnastics and compete again, you need to have this surgery so her knee would be strong enough.”

      Johnson wrote that she managed to “tough out the rest of her trip and still have a blast” before returning home to Iowa and seeing a doctor

      Can you walk around once you tear everything in your knee? I’m not trying to be a smart-ass I want to know. Mustafina didn’t look like she could walk around after she tore her ACL

      • Aerial Says:

        But she was training and competing on floor (successfully it appeared) for awhile after her comeback. The whole thing is weird.

      • Rplum Says:

        You can, in fact, walk around with a torn ACL. It is painful at first and there is usually a lot of swelling. Studies show that adults of a “normal” recreational level have the same results following an ACL tear after 2 years, regardless of having surgery or not. For someone to return to gymnastics, or even any kind of impact activity, it is recommended that it be repaired due to instability.

        The reports of Shawn tearing her hamstring may have been due to her having a hamstring graft for her ACL reconstruction? I’m not sure what she did use, but that would be my guess.

        Insufficient knee or not, I credit Shawn for bowing out when she did, and letting the focus be on the girls who did make the team, unlike Nastia – who used the trials as her retirement party when she wasn’t able to cut it.

      • Gymbee Says:

        And she was the one saying in like April that she was “excited to show everyone her upgrades” – so she was blatantly lying with quotes like these and when she said training was going fine then?

        Btw I tore my ACL and partially torn meniscus while doing gymnastics. They said if I didn’t want to do gymnastics again, they would’nt have fixed it. It’s fine now, but my knee does get a bit sore when I run a lot.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Ya that pisses me off the most…why say that you “can’t wait to show upgrades” and “training is going great” when in reality, you were planning on retiring before anyone could see them? She could have at least hinted that the knee was hindering progress but she was still working through it. Instead she acted like everything was A Okay.

        I wish more fans would call her out on that and she would have to say the “truth” or at least I hope she comes out with it later…she might just be keeping silent for now during the Olympic mania to allow the current gymnasts their rightful attention. I respect her for that.

        Meanwhile, whoever said Nastia was using Trials as her retirement party – that was a perfect description. She will take any attention away from those girls every second she can. And everybody keeps praising her for how well she’s handled herself and how graceful she was to bow out like she did and what a model for everyone else. Yeah, right. First she announces the comeback right AFTER those girls won gold at worlds and then she retires AT the Olympic Trials after the Olympic team is announced. And the networks can’t stop showing her epic fail bar set. Oh well. If it were me I wouldn’t have bothered with this comeback in the first place no matter what Marta told me…I’d rather go out on top and not flat on my face.

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      I don’t think Nastia planned to use the trials as her “retirement party” although it turned out that way. When you love a sport that much, and it has pretty much been your ENTIRE LIFE, I’m sure it’s incredibly hard to throw in the towel and walk away. Nastia has said several times that this comeback was not about seeking more personal glory, but about seeing if she had anything left in her at all that could be used to help the team in London. And when her falls DID stop her from making the team she accepted the decision gracefully rather than complaining Chellsie Memmel-style.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Well what could she do? Petition to the Olympic team, despite clearly not being ready?
        Chellsie Memmel didn’t complain though, she petitioned, and was graceful and kept her mouth shut afterwards.

      • The GYM JUICE Says:

        Sorry but no she didn’t. Chellsie sent out multiple tweets about how “disappointed in USA Gymnastics” she was, and basically that she should have been allowed to compete at Nationals. I was very surprised at her negativity on twitter, even after she was offered a spot in the Kellog’s tour.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Chellsie did not complain like she could and anything she did complain about was proven right when Nastia fell on her ass twice. She did not deserve a place at Trials if Chellsie didn’t. Chellsie came out smelling like a rose.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think on twitter she just said she was disappointed she didn’t mention USAG in that tweet

      • Gymbee Says:

        Yep. On twitter she mentioned it by two tweets “Disappointed” and “It’s wierd being on the floor in a blue suit and not a leo.” That was it.
        To me at least, that is not ungraceful or complaining at all.

  20. JAS4 Says:

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      “I would say my problem – a tough one right now – is how to calculate five best athletes on each single event inside of one team. It’s very big mathematical problems.” – Andrey Rodionenko

  21. JAS4 Says:

    I wonder if there will be anymore upgrades before the Olympics I know they are changing Jordyn’s beam around but I wonder if Gabby will do the 6.9 bars set that she is supposedly capable of or if Kyla will do any of the rumored upgrades on floor I would like to see Kyla add the twist to her bars dismount like Jordyn did

    • catherine Says:

      More than one of them stated that there will be no more upgrades. Just fine tuning I suppose, like jordyns beam and mckaylas third pass. Kind of need upgraded bars at this stage with all the amanaring going on but I get the feeling gabby might headcase on it if its done now.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am pretty sure upgrading time is over. If Gabby had a 6.9 routine she would have used it before the Olympics. Marta told her to hit what she had first and her UB is not going to score a 15.800 at the Olympics. It took me awhile to realize this but Gabby has only a 1 tenth start value over Kyla. If Kyla can fix that one form issue she might give Gabby a run for her money on score.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think Kyla and Jordyn both have 6.4 D Scores but I agree I think Kyla could potentially beat Gabby on bars Marta hypes Gabby to be a Komova type bar worker and yes Gabby is good and has the potential to be better but she won’t score anywhere near Komova, Mustifina or probably even Grishina who has the same the same start value as Gabby

  22. Becky Says:

    When was Bross with Geddert? I had no idea she was there. I remember a couple years ago Carly Patterson and Nastia being interviewed about a possible WOGA three-peat & in that interview they talked about watching her grow up in the gym and being in the “little kids” group (or something to that effect). Was Bross’s dad that crazy when she was that young?!?

    At work tonight I noticed Nastia’s geinger fall was playing on ESPN highlights tonight (on one of the countdowns).

  23. Becky Says:

    Also, Kristi Phillips was a judge on Bars and Floor at Trials. When Bross’s bar disaster was happening I couldn’t help wonder what was going through Phillips’s mind.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Would love to have seen chellsies bars againt anna li at trials:-( i guess martas my way or no olympics for you message was more important for the 2016 quad… Oh and anna li is raising money $8000 goal for her dad to go to london. What did people do before shayla worley?

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      Kristie Phillips…..hmmm GTT one of Martha’s pawns? lol

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Is Kristie suspected to be a Martha pawn? I haven’t heard that before.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Becky, just wondering what you are referring tobregarding Kristie Phillips?

    • gymglitterxx Says:

      Terri I think Becky is saying she wonders if when Kristie was sitting there judging and seeing Rebecca’s Olympic dreams shatter, maybe Kristie was having flashbacks about her own bad experience at the Olympic trials.

  24. JAS4 Says:

    Russian team announced

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