IG Magazine Radio show

I have been listening for awhile here is what is going on. They talked about the men, I slept:)

Jaycie Phelps: They asked her about Dominqiue Moceanu and she said she would not comment on Dominique but that her experience was great. She also made a comment I can’t quite quote but it was something about if you want an easy coach you can do rec gymnastics. If you want to go to the Olympics you will be pushed.
This is Jacycie’s Olympic team.

Wieber , Raisman ,Douglas ,Ross, she hesitates………….. She picks herself:) Mckayla Maroney. She was hemming and hawing between Elizabeth Price and Mckayla.


Now we get to listen to this women, whoever she is talk Politics. She says American are spoiled and don’t always appreciate what we have. Then she talks about how Lleyva is so appreciative of what he has. It came across pretty obnoxious. Who the hell is she to tell me or anyone we don’t appreciate this Country. Whatever.

John says that Lleyva never pumps his fist because he is respectful of the Country. What BS, Lleyva does do that. Maybe not as much as Horton (no one does that) He also says Danell is very respectful of teh past and he talks about how much better they all are then he was (well duh)

We get it, Lleyva loves America.lol Next…………

John was crying because he made the team, Man up dude. Then they talk about Kim Zmeskal tweeting earlier that these guys “joined the club” You mean the get a gift AA title, make the Olympics and choke club Kim? That team.lol

Now we get this girl again telling us the team does not go by AA. WOW, Because the people listening to a GYMNASTICS RADIO show for a GYMNASTICS MAGAZINE don’t know that already.lol

I wonder if anyone besides me is listening to this. It’s all men’s gym talk.

Now the girl who I am renaming, the stupid Girl says Alicia deserved her medal last year because she helped get the girls there and that is why Horton deserves a spot. How do you even argue with stupidity? Take a lesser gymnast because she/he was a leader? Not on a 5 member team.

There is a loud guy in the background talking about an open bar, woo. I should have gone to Trials.lol

Now stupid girl says Danell’s step dad is always jumping around like an idiot. (Okay idiot is my word, but jumping around is , stupid girls.

They seem to think Horton will not be on this team. They are making excuses for why he could be but they don’t act like he will be.

Now they are being hilarious. Paul Hamm was a saint and he was always helpful, even if you didn’t want it.lol .

never mind this is boring. This blog is boring. This radio show sucks. I

Now wait a minute, John just said that Paul is the best gymnast male or female for the US ever. Give me a break.lol

Did you know that Paul and Shawn stopped training because they really wanted others to have their chance.lol Oh John I’ll tweet you loser.

An article where Shannon talks about the team.

John R really is an idiot. I love how people were grilling him on twitter. Then he says that Shannon didn’t win the AA so she doesn’t compare to Hamm. What a moron.


Some guy:

Girl talk. Top 3 stories, Nastia, fans were patient , ready for the old Nastia. How the team is trumped by Nastia is lame
# 2 , the depth of the women competing. The potential to join the Mag 7, then they made fun or if, like Mag 3.

Number 1 is???????, Jordyn Wieber, will she win is the number one story. Will she make the team, will she win the AA at the Olympics.

Stupid girls, top 3

#3 is Gabby Douglas: Best tcathev, (I hate this word) I guess she never saw, whats her name from 94. She thinks Gabby has artistry, LMAO.

#2, Jordyn, both Gedderts.

# 1- Something about Bridget Sloan, blah, blah, blah. Now Mckayla, blah, blah, blah.

The fragility, still work even if you are not named, injuries.

Now we are talking about how the girls don’t get along but the men do. I bet the girls will argue with that.

Then about Alicia’s leo being from 2008. Alicia is looking for redemption.

John’s top 3,

Nastia. Boring. Comebacks are hard and people should appreciate them, he gets mad when people say don’t try a comeback.

If you can do it, umm Nastia, can’t. Has he been watching? John says it’s okay that Nastia is showing up because she wants to. This is just dumb. They really buy her BS.

Valeri is now a dad and a coach, not just a coach. Maybe he acts like this because he knows she has not put in the work.

#2 – the 2008 Olympians. We won’t have one on this team.

# 1- Jordyn/Gabby


They all agree with us (so far) about the team.

Jordyn, Aly, Gabby, Kyla, Mckayla but they all want Alicia on the team.

Alternate, Price.


This was a pretty controversial radio show.lol

What we learned, John is an idiot. Stupid girl is an idiot and other guy is unmemorable:)O

Let me say this because John is apparently too stupid to grasp the concept from twitter people. The Patriots never taped the walk through of the rams. The media told the world it happened, the NFL kept quiet about how it never happened and let the world think it did happen when it did not. The NFL knew that it never happened and they did not tell anyone for months.

How hard is it to LOOK UP FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



23 Responses to “IG Magazine Radio show”

  1. Jazzy31 Says:

    I didn’t hear this show, but that sounds like a b*tchy comment from Jaycie. Did she read Dom’s book? She wasn’t “pushed”, she was abused. Plus Jaycie didn’t train at Karolyi’s so who is she to judge what went on there?

    • elitefan Says:

      It’s interesting because in the book, Dominique credits Jaycie with cheering her up after she messed up on vault and was scared to see her dad, and implies that the rest of the Mag7 had inferred she was training under such bad conditions:

      “Thankfully, as I was lost in my thoughts in the waiting area, my teammate Jaycie Phelps noticed my sadness. “What’s wrong?” Jaycie asked with a warmness that almost made me cry. “I’m worried about my father, what he’s going to say.” I didn’t need to say anything else because she knew exactly what I meant. Word had pretty much spread throughout the community that Tata was a hothead with super high expectations. My teammates may not have known me well, but they knew that I feared Tata like I feared the Karolyis. I hadn’t seen my parents yet, but I knew Tata would probably be very disappointed that I fell. “Come on, Dominique! We just won the gold medal! Be happy!” Jaycie said excitedly.

      I will always appreciate Jaycie for trying to comfort me. She insisted that I put a smile on my face as we lined up backstage.”

      Moceanu, Dominique; Williams, Paul and Teri. Off Balance. Simon & Schuster, Inc. Kindle Edition.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        In Jayci’s defense she did not make a comment about Dominqiue though the tone in her voice said she was annoyed.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I agree Jazzy.

  2. JAS4 Says:

    They need Dom on herself on that show to tell all about the Karolyis lol

    • The GYM JUICE Says:

      I don’t believe a word she says about the Karolyis. Sure they are tough coaches, but when Dom was at the the top of the sport 1995-1996 she wrote a book praising Bela and Martha as great coaches. After not making the nationals team I think she started trashing them just because she is so angry and biter about what happened and wants to blame someone else for her struggled gymnastics.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        The Karolyis were abusers. There is way too much evidence of that not just what Dom said. You can’t hold her to what was said in her book as a 13 year old. Books by athletes at that are always pure PR fluff. I doubt Dom even read a draft of that before it was published. Others wrote that book for her. Jaycie did not train with the Karolyis and so has no knowledge of them at all.

      • Luckystar Says:

        I’m not a Dom fan, but being a famewhore and being abused at some point aren’t mutually exclusive. I think she’s both. I wish she would actually try to do something productive to stop abuse in gymnastics though, rather than just bleat on about in interviews.

      • Gymsurfer Says:

        I agree with Terrigymfan. What Dom said about the Karolyis was also written about in “Little Girls in Pretty Boxes” and even in Kerri Strug’s book, although she enjoyed training with Bela and Marta she said some gymnasts quit because they were mistreated and that she herself hated them sometimes.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    I don’t like Jaycie now – idiot.

    I don’t know what this show is – did they announce who made it on the men’s team? I don’t know their deal, sorry. I only follow the women. I’m still catching up on night 1 of Olympic trials for the women…

    Just saw Bross’ beam. How sad. That poor kid will need some therapy after this weekend.

    • Luke Says:

      There is no gymnast I dislike more than moceanu. Give it up already. You had your moment in the spotlight and it wasn’t even well deserved considering you were a total flop at the 96 Olympics and people like Domniqie Dawes and Amy Chow even outshone you on that team. She has stopped at nothing to try and stay the center of attention in this sport. She would sell her kids for a tv interview im cobvinced

      • Gymsurfer Says:

        She was far from a total flop. She performed admirably except for her fall on vault. Remember she was injured and it was the Karolyis fault for downplaying her pain in the first place.

      • Luke Says:

        That plus a botched beam and floor routine in the All Around. A fall on her event final beam routine. And a sub par floor routine (well executed, but without any major difficulty – all fluff) that got her fourth. A far cry from someone who was supposed to be the poster child for the US team that year.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I kind of agree with you about Dominique. I find her overrated as a gymnast and always overscored. She had bent knees and was hardly ever on her toes. I never got the hype and the fact that the judges overscored her in team finals in 96 was very annoying to me.
        I understand she did not have nice parents but who did? I don’t and I survived and I was treated worse then she has ever alleged she was.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I really haven’t analyzed Dom’s career enough to say if she was overrated or underrated, but I think that she is very much correct that the Karolyis were abusive. Too many others – most who unlike Dom are not and have never been attention seekers — have said the same thing going back to the Romanian gymnasts who said Bela actually beat them (an allegation corroborated by Bela’s choreographer Geza).

        As far as Dom’s personality is concerned, she is definitely a media hound and attention seeker and plays the “I was a victim” card a lot, all things I do not like. I’m about 50-50 on Dom overall especially after having read her book because it really was not that mean spirited. She says bad things about the Karoyis and her dad but almost no one else. I can see why others like you GTT and Luke would disagree though and not like her.

  4. Luckystar Says:

    I doubt that the guys team gets along soooo much better than the girls. That’s just sexist bs based on “girls are catty” stereotypes. I’m not saying the girls are all best friends or that they never fight, but there do seem to be a lot of close friendships (I.e. Bridget and Alicia, or Mckayla and Aly and Jordyn).

    I love your blog btw. I’m glad I’ve found somewhere to talk gymnastics that’s free from the crazy once-every-four-years fans.

  5. Gymbee Says:

    I don’t get how pumping your fists is disrespectful to the country? I need to listen to this 🙂
    Thanks for the recap GTT!

  6. Nn Says:

    The thing I remember most (and doesn’t mesh with what is talked about now) was made during the AA final n 96 when it was noted how moceanu was seen eating a huge chocolate brownie when out celebrating the team gold and how the announcer was shocked she was allowed…. Granted when she fell on her head I thought that’s what you get for eating that brownie…discipline!

  7. Biyatch Says:

    Men’s team announced:
    Orozco, Leyva, Horton, Dalton and Mikulak

    alts: Legendre, Brooks and Naddour.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      They should do the Olympic team selection for women the same as men: have the national scores carry forward. It rewards consistency and makes sense. Having Marta choose 4/5 members is total bullshit.

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      Horton made the team? I thought he stormed out of the arena, so un-leader like, because he knew that after that Nastia moment on floor he would be watching the Olympics on TV, like the rest of us.

  8. Lithi Says:

    I wonder if Dominique has tried or is trying for a reality TV show. That would be a trainwreck of monster proportions. Non-stop Karolyi bashing while she goes worming her way back into relevancy.

    That opened a pretty ugly door, didn’t it?

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