Bow out Nastia. You are making a fool of yourself.

I listen to this interview and I remember just why I will never like this girl. Perhaps in twenty years when she grows up and becomes an adult (which she technically is now) she will understand just how obnoxious she sounds.

Who is she trying to convince in this interview us or herself? Acting like she is “honored” to be competing here at Trials, like she earned her spot getting here is ridiculous.

Listen to the interview, she is not bowing out gracefully. She is giving herself full credit for competing even though she isn’t hitting at all. She actually is politicking for a spot on the team with her “If I only had a few more weeks” BS.

Then of course she has to mention four years ago, acting like this Olympics doesn’t matter. I guess the politically correct thing for me to do right now is praise her for not quitting and giving it her all even though she is embarrassing herself out there but I honestly don’t feel that way. She is making a fool out of herself.

It was only two weeks ago where you told us you had upgrades planned after you tanked two bar routines. Then you show up at Trials with the same exact routines.

It’s time to admit not only to yourself Nastia but to the rest of the world that you did not give your all during this comeback until it was too late. Then maybe I will have some respect for you.

Even if she hits tomorrow and gets the going away gift of the Century it does not change the facts that Nastia thinks she is self entitled to get whatever it is she wants. That will never change.



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  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Also – if nationals were a “fluke,” what was this? A total flop if you ask me…

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Her ego won’t let her quit. At least she hasn’t gone the injury excuse yet. That could have been what she was going to do until Sloan went down.

      She is just so damn arrogant. I just want to shake some sense into

  2. Biyatch Says:

    Just teared up a little watching Bridget’s interview

    True class

    • Dee Says:

      That made me feel so awful inside. I hope she does take names at Florida πŸ™‚ I think she will go so far in NCAA!

    • rhodanyc Says:

      This killed me. I also thought it was interesting, in light of reading somewhere else on this blog that ASac had ditched Liukin on Twitter, that Sloan mentioned ASac in the video and not Nastia.

  3. JAS4 Says:

    If she falls on bars tomorrow that’s when we’ll hear the injury story and how she would’ve made the team if it weren’t for her injury lol

  4. Kel Says:

    Does she really think another 3 weeks would make a difference? Would she really want to go to the Olympics in the shape she is now in and risk falling on her ass in event finals? Is she really that delusional???

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      yes, yes and yes

      • Kel Says:

        3.1.3. Inability to follow the training plan as directed by the National Team Coordinator.

        I found this on the selection process for the women’s team. There are a lot of reasons a replacement athlete can be used and a nominated team member can be removed from the team. This is the one that Marta would be the most likely to use. Of course, the athlete has the right to a hearing if they disagree with the decision.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I can totally see Marta naming a team that everyone expects and then trying to replace Kyla or someone with Nastia at camp for whatever reason

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting, what I get from this interview is “I’m tired and out of shape, my best years are behind me, I half assed this comeback and don’t really want to be here, but my dad made me.” Course, maybe I’m just projecting πŸ˜‰

  6. Dee Says:

    It doesnt matter what Nastia says or does these next few days. She did not do what she came here to do, and although she had a wonderful career, she in some ways tarnished what she accomplished by showing up and providing us with this shit show. People that dont follow gymnastics closely will remember that she is the girl that was on top in ’08, and at the bottom in ’12. I so wish she would have hung her hat after Visas.

  7. JAS4 Says:

    GTT you called it He Kexin reportedly has a 7.4 D Score on Bars!

  8. Jazzy Says:

    I love reading your blog! My thoughts on last night: My heart broke for Bridget and Rebecca. I’m fine with a WOGA free Olympics b/c I have no love for Valeri, but Rebecca has been around for so long and it’s so sad that she never got her shot for the Olympics.

    Love Aly! She’s so solid and she belongs on that team doing beam and floor. I hope she can bring home an individual medal. We’re also ASac fans in my house, but I don’t think she should be on this team. I wish she was kick-a$$ on bars; then she could go and compete vault and bars, but that’s not the case.

    Nastia needs to go back to Texas. She’s terrible on bars and not great on beam. It’s over sweetie.

    I agree with your team.. I hope you’re right!!!!!

  9. Exgymgurl Says:

    She’s hurting her endorsement chances also. Shawn’s agent was smart, Nastia has never had the level of endorsements even that ASac does. I think Ross needs to show and cement night 2 and just relax and do her thing and ignore Nastia. I think price could take raismans spot, if only Ali hadn’t established that consistency Marta loves…. I think mannoying gets it on vault / floor and Kyla gets it on bars beam, especially considering she can cover all 4 events and that Nastia and Bross have both cemented their fates with their falls. Now Nastia knows how Jana felt falling at camp on bars in 08 :-(. In the best of all worlds price and Ross would go and mannoying or Raisman would stay home….

  10. Jazzy31 Says:

    Yes it’s time for Nastia to go back to Texas. She was a disaster on bars and that was her only hope to make it. And no, Nastia, “a few more weeks” isn’t going to make a difference. It’s o-vah!

    My heart broke for Bridget and Rebecca. I don’t like Valeri very much, so I can get behind the idea of a WOGA-free Oly games, but I do feel for Bross. I wonder if she’s NCAA eligible.

    Love Aly!! She’s so solid and so deserves to be there on beam and floor. I do like ASac too, but she’s not right for this team. I so wish she had a kick-a$$ bars routine so she could have been selected for vault and bars.

    I’m going with your team. I wasn’t a Gabby fan for a long time, but she does seem to be more reliable than she used to be. Would love Finnegan to get an alternate spot, and I look forward to seeing her in the next few years either way.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Bross went pro 😦 Sucks for her.
      I love Aly, completely agree. She deserves it so much, and we need someone who’s not likely to break under pressure.
      ASac is my favorite though, wish she fit on the team. I think she could be an alternate for Maroney.

      I still don’t like Gabby. I get so nervous whenever she goes up.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She went pro a long time ago. I don’t think Spring Creek is a real she might have trouble getting in.

      • Gymglitterxx Says:

        GTT what is Spring Creek? A college?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        No it is the fake school woga gymnasts go to where the rumor is, no one learns .lol

  11. Gymsurfer Says:

    Well said GTT. I do wonder if Dadday and sponsors are pushing her not to quit? Is that possible? Or is this 100% ego (as opposed to money) driven? Either way I agree she really needs to go away. What she did Friday night was a total embarassment.

  12. JAS4 Says:

    Sam injured

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t think I will be live blogging men today. I was so bored watching last time I don’t even think I will watch. We will see.

      I think he needs to compete. He hit one competition. It isn’t like he has a past history to look back on besides this one Nationals.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I doubt I will watch all of it lol
        Do you know when the Chinese are supposed to announce their team? I really want to see a video of He Kexin’s 7.4 D Score routine then tweet it to Nastia and she’d flip lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That would be

      • JAS4 Says:

        If I knew how to make video montages I could make one of Kexin hitting her bar routines and of Nastia’s routines from Nationals and trials lol I’m sure all of the #teamNastia people woul just love it lol

      • JAS4 Says:

        Apparently the men like making a theatrical enters nice lol

      • JAS4 Says:


      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LOL That would be awesome. Someone did one of some the form issues of Nastia on bars in 08. There were so many form issues they left out but it was still funny.

        I know some of the code ( I am better at the execution deductions then adding up the start value. I can’t do that at all) but in comes in handy when you know out of handstand is a 3 tenths deduction and you read biased deductions by certain Nastia fanatics and they don’t give her the deduction and then you know they are biased shit heads.:)

      • JAS4 Says:

        I’m not very good with the code stuff but you can tell she misses handstands and has leg separations everywhere lol and I have to say I can’t stand her dismount I know there are others that do it too but it’s just an ugly dismount lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Her score was impossible. A point for the fall. 5 tenths for the knee bend (that was a new one for me that I just read πŸ™‚ the dismount alone. She doesn’t know how lucky she is to get that 14 score and it just proves Trials scores are ludicrous.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Marta fixes everything for her favorites lol like last night there is no way Gabby’s floor should have out scored Jordyn’s floor but of course Marta was fixing things for her favorite lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I hope they take artistry deductions for that abomination. She has no dance ability at all. She is horrible.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think Marta knows that too which is why she wants Maroney to have a good floor so bad if she were smart she would have told Kyla to upgrade because if Kyla had a higher D Score with her execution I think Kyla would score higher on floor than McKayla

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Tape delayed, hmmm. I read somewhere mens team will be named tomorrow.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think they actually just picked up where they were when the tv broadcast started and just showed a few highlight routines from before the broadcast started but they said the top two and anyone who places top three on three events will be named today but they didn’t say when the rest will be announced probably tomorrow with the girls I’m guessing?

  13. JAS4 Says:

    Bridget update

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am glad she is okay but I was really looking forward to her not making the team so I could make fun of the Colts sucking but oh well:) (It would have been all in fun because I like Bridget in spite of the fact she said nasty stuff about my Patriots:)

  14. Gymbee Says:

    Do you guys know anywhere to watch the men outside of the US?
    I tried the link from yesterday but it’s only some soccer on.

  15. JAS4 Says:

    This made me laugh

  16. Kel Says:

    I need to stop trying to post on the USAG facebook page. I put a post on there (twice) about the Jordyn vs. Gabby “rivalry” that NBC is trying to create. I talked about how Jordyn is so much more consistent…Gabby is overscored. I then mentioned how arrogant and full of herself Gabby comes across in interviews and how off putting that is. She talks so much about herself…how she’s got this and how she’s a beast. I rarely hear her talk about the team, while Jordyn and Aly talk so much about the team and less about themselves. Well…the post has been removed twice now. Hmmm…what exactly does that mean?

    • JAS4 Says:

      It’s USAG censorship lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It means you cannot tell the truth about Nastia or Gabby because Marta likes them.

      • Kel Says:

        Yeah…that’s just so incredibly frustrating. I thought that website was about expressing opinions, but apparently if you have the “wrong” opinion then you will be deleted. Sucks. Love your webpage sooooo much more! You can say whatever is on your mind πŸ™‚

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I put up with pretty much anything but Nastia fanatics and people that come here just to start The nah, nah people have no place here.

  17. The GYM JUICE Says:

    Um I’m watching the men’s trials and Tim said the scores from nationals carry over is that true?

  18. Gigi Says:

    Did anyone else think Nastia looked a complete hot mess when she got on beam? Not so much her routine, but her hair and her all general outwards apperance? She had it up in a messy half ponytail which I usually do when I’m scurbbing the floor. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s finals.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She looks tired and unwilling to admit to herself she is done.

    • Biyatch Says:

      the half through pony tail bun KILLS me. Maroney does it too. Aly used to as well although she has been taking a page out of Alicia’s book this year and doing a slicked backed professional looking bun. For Aly, especially since there are other messy aspects in her gymnastics, the clean less frizzy hair helps the aesthetic so much. Oh and I still can’t stand Gabby’s weave; the pony tail is like a helmet.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I know plenty of people that would never go out of the house looking like Gabby. She’s a mess

      • Gymbee Says:

        I agree about Nastia, why can’t she keep her hair nice and elegant? It looks like she just threw it up a sec before stepping onto the competition floor.

        And oh lord Gabby with that awful weave! I actually thought it would make her head too heavy and it would mess up with her balance or something. You’re right, it’s exactly like a helmet.

  19. Gigi Says:

    Does anyone remember way back when Shannon Miller tried to make a comeback? I might have my dates and memory messed up, but I seem to remember that she tried and failed to make the 2000 team. I only remember her crying after the selection committee didn’t call her name. Anybody with the same memories? I’m drawing a few similaries to Nastia. Any comments?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Miller competed AA, Fell on vault or would have been fifth AA. I think that is different then messing up 5 out of 6 performances.

  20. Jazzy31 Says:

    Yes, I remember that with Shannon. It was the 2000 Olympics that she attempted it. What was weird about that was that she even PETITIONED through at least part of the trials and still expected to make the team! (of course she petitioned at the 92 and 96 trials too I think)

    Yes, Nastia’s hair was driving me nuts!! I don’t even think I’d wear that style to the grocery store! Maroney does it too but hers is neater at least.

    • JAS4 Says:

      What I want to know is where is her 80s pink head band and leggings from the gymnastics/iceskating tour thingy lol

    • hurms22 Says:

      It’s almost like she’s trying to be Maroney. Haha. It’s pretty obvious with all the dirty looks she gives Kyla, Gabby etc. that she doesn’t like not being the most talked about person.

  21. Gigi Says:

    Oh, I agree. I just was thinking about a gymnast who was trying for a comeback. Like I said, my memory is foggy.

    On a further note, I can’t believe that Nastia would consider going to the US Olympic Trials knowing that she isn’t ready. She’s going to be one of those athletes who should have gone out while on top not while still chasing the gold.

  22. stephencl89 Says:

    One thing I have definitely noticed about Nastia is her over all defiance of defeat. The kind of quality that you only get from someone destined for greatness (in sports or higher aspirations). No matter what people say about her or how many times people want her out she pushes on even when defeat may seem imminent. This is the same type of American drive that lead Washington, even though losing every battle of the Revolution, to push for a sneek attack across the Deleware. She will push on, not because of arrogance, but for a drive to see things to the end. Tolkien, greatest writer of the 20th century, believed the same thing; drawing each line of his story out it its bitter end (you even learn the fate Sam’s pony, Bill). In my own life I took a Pre-Calculus class in HS that I failed the first semester and had a chance to drop for another class but I didn’t and failed the second semester aswell. Now I was told, even by the teacher, to drop the class but I wouldn’t let myself because I didn’t to be known as a quitter, not to my parents or friends but to myself. I say that to say this, Nastia V. Liukin will go down as great because she strode ahead in the face of looming odds where others with even more tallent didn’t even try.

    Also, most feats are seen as arrogant only to those he see defeat as just that instead of a stepping stone to something greater.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It’s not about defeat. It’s about training for a few months and being arrogant enough to think you deserve to be here. If she had come back and trained and fought and tanked that would be one thing. She did not do that. She showed up to Nationals without a dismount. You do not find that arrogant?

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I’ll say this about Nastia and Olympic Trials night 1: she seemed more “involved” with everyone else in that arena. She was talking more and saying “good job.” Nationals was another story.

      I’ll say this as well: comparing Nastia to Washington and Tolkien is like comparing Britney Spears to Shakespeare. Wha??

      Out of all these Olympic comebacks (Chellsie, Bridget, SJ, ASac), the biggest joke of them all was Nastia. Yet she’s been getting away with murder. Who in their right mind would start a comeback in a sport like gymnastics EIGHT MONTHS before the Olympics? Every other girl that did a comeback was in it for YEARS. YEARS.

      Nastia is either arrogant or ignorant or a mixture of both; I can’t tell which. She was able to “push on” only because she was given free gifts from USAG. To be honest, after her display at nationals no way in hell should she have been given a Trials ticket. That was a joke. And a slap in the face to everyone else competing in this arena tonight. I don’t care what anyone says – her whole comeback is A JOKE.

      • stephencl89 Says:

        And nearly every other girl has been sent packing. You seem like one who when the going gets tough you quit. It doesn’t matter how long she trained but whether she has something to give the team. With her bar routine last night I saw a steller preformance with exception on the fall and knee bend, she improve in the connction areas from nationals and now only has to fix her dissmount. So whatever chip you have on your shoulder you have toward her, you need to fix it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I let you post until now because we have been having a discussion. You don’t get to tell me to get over anything. This is my blog.

        It does matter how much you trained because these others girls have been working their butts off for years. They knew it took the work and they did it. Nastia is so self entitled she trained for a few months and show up like she deserved a spot on the team because she won 4 years ago. Any way you slice that is arrogance.

        She admitted at Nationals that she showed up and didn’t have a dismount. She has mentioned several times how much better she will be in a few weeks because she wants her name to get her on this team.

        There is not a single other gymnast at Trials that had the nerve to show up at Nationals un-prepared accept Nastia and none of them expected a free pass to Trails, accept Nastia.

      • Biyatch Says:

        Preach sanitynmotion. If Nastia gets an alternate spot over Alicia I might throw something at my tv tomorrow.

        Seems at this point the alternate spots are more up in the air then the actual team. I’d give the nod to Alicia, Price, and then either Finnegan or one of the bar workers (Li or Bross, since they, you know, actually at least hit bars.)

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree but I would take Anna over Bross. Her scores are better at Trials and we know Marta is not a fan. Not that I would take either per say.

        I would take, Elizabeth and then Alicia. The third alternate is tough. Neither one of these gymnasts is scoring well on bars, (one because she doesn’t compete bars) so the third alternate has to do it right? Sarah or Anna

      • Gymbee Says:

        Well, according to the Nastia fans, “she didn’t have that much time to prepare”. In the Liukonian calendar, there are apparently only 8 months between the Olympics – so the others who follow the Gregorian calendar had 4 years, but not Nastia.

      • gymtruthteller Says:


  23. stephencl89 Says:

    It’s funny but I have never gotten that from her. I hear more arrogance from these first timers who talk up how great they will be more than from Ms. Liukin. All I have heard from her is who honored she is to be this far and how extraordinary she believe these other girls are. Arrogance is believing you can be All-Around Champion 2012 with only a few months of training but she isn’t aiming for that is she? She is aiming at areas she is really good in or excelled in in her prime for team events. To boost the USA if she can.She has been a model of poise and grace through this whole event with never a harsh word toward any. So what arrogance do you seem to materialize?

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Did you hear about the time she called Chellsie Memmel fat?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      How is it not arrogant to show up at Nationals without a dismount and expecting to make Trials. Then getting that free pass and showing up, expecting to make the team and still not being prepared.

      Did you see her interview after day 1 or 2 of Nationals where she said she had only trained a full UB routine for a week. How is it not arrogant to show up at Nationals and act like you deserve to be there.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think your blog has been invaded by Mary Margret lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        lol I know. You have to know the fanatics will question everything that doesn’t think Nastia is perfect.

      • JAS4 Says:

        They have a hard time believing that the whole world doesn’t by into the Nastia is perfect logic lol it’s amazing how they completely look past all logic to defend her “perfection” when Marta clearly hands her free passes left and right

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        According to the fanatics Nastia just showed up for fun, she had no intentions of trying to make the Olympics team. GIVE ME A BREAK.

        When he wanted to discuss I was fine but I am not dealing with retards from Texas so he has been banned.

        I was about to say, we can agree to disagree then he started on the I should get over it, blah, blah, blah.

        Guess where his IP address is from, Texas.

        I wish Woga never knew about this blog and just went back to Russia. Every once in a while someone from Texas shows up and posts the same thing. I have np patience for it. I am PMSing:)

      • JAS4 Says:

        It’s probably Nastia’s WOGA gang or maybe even the queen herself lol who just refuse to listen to reason lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I’ve had to ban 3 people for this type of behavior and all 3 IP address were from Texas, including one from Plano texas. This guy is from Richland Hills and according to the map it is not far from Plano. Nuff said

        If anyone wants to stalk him feel free, here is his IP address

      • JAS4 Says:

        It’s probably all of her friends from home or maybe family but they would probably have a Russian IP address

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I know that Woga knows about this blog because when a unamed person was posting here she asked me to take down what she wrote because Woga knew about it and it was starting an uproar.

        Woga can bite I don;t want to be their friend or any gymnasts friend so I will say what I feel. They need to get used to it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Just an idiot from Texas. Clueless schizophrenic

      • Kel Says:

        Lol! I think so too!!! Nastia even said in interviews that she accomplished all of her personal goals in 2008 and that she just wanted to see if she could make a comeback. Well…if you accomplished all of your goals, then why were you even trying to make the team? Get out of the way and let the girls who have truly been working hard earn their rightful spots on this team!!!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’m so sick of hearing Nastia say how she’s “checked off her personal goals” or whatever. She always has to bring up her past victory to make up for her current “comeback” which is making her look like a flop. It’s embarrassing. For her. She needs to stop.

        If she really cared about the “team” and making the team gold she would have started her comeback YEARS ago when SJ started hers. She only waited until the last minute because she probably was told something or either was that stupid to think she’d be able to be in Olympic shape within 8 months in the sport of gymnastics during a period where team USA is deeper than ever. She’s not in this for the “team” she’s in this for herself.

        I really think she’s trying to establish herself as a “legacy” but is totally falling short. She wants to be able to say not only did she capture an AA gold she helped USA capture a team gold. She really wants to be more decorated than Shannon Miller. This is totally all about herself. I’ll bet she is idiotic to think she has a shot at that UB Olympic gold too.

        She better not make this team. She better not even be named as alternate. It would totally expose USAG as a complete crock of shit.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I can stop laughing. Please don’t think everybody in Texas is an idiot just because of this Stephenci89 character. I loved it when he said Natasha had a “stellar” performance on bars last night “with the exception of the fall and knee bend.” Reminds me of when they asked General Schwartzkopf what he thought of Saddam Hussein’s generalship skills. He said something like, “Well he’s corrupt and he’s not a leader and he knows nothing about military strategy and tactics, but other than that he’s a helluva general.”

      • Gigi Says:

        Please don’t bash everyone from Texas. I’m from Texas.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Okay Gigi. I am sorry. I will keep with bashing all people from NY instead. That is more fun:)

      • JAS4 Says:

        Geddert on scoring issues, Bridget, and other things

      • Gigi Says:

        But since I’m from Houston, I’ll make an exception for bashing Dallas. πŸ˜‰

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That sounds like a good plus I like the Houston Rockets and I hate the Dallas Mavericks.

      • Gymbee Says:

        From Geddert’s blog from JAS link:

        “I did have an interesting conversation with one well established coach about the expenses incurred by the club owners during the long haul to an Olympic Games. He stated that the athletes and their families get significant funding from the national office and related programs yet sometimes the out of pocket expenses for the clubs is under appreciated by the parents of some upper level athletes. I did let him know that this may not be the case in all situations and he was surprised to hear that the Wiebers offered up a percentage of Jordyn’s pro income to help reward our contributions to her success.”

        Who do you guys think doesn’t offer money? :-p

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think it is very nice of the Gedderts but highly stupid. They pay him to coach. That is all he should get. Unless he wants to coach Jordyn for free.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Who do you think will be named the team coach? If Jordyn wins I think it will be Geddert but if Gabby gets the first spot then it will probably be Chow or if Nastia somehow gets on the team I could see Marta choosing Valeri lol will they announce the coach when they announce the team?

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I’m from Dallas! How about just bashing those in Dallas who don’t have enough sense to see through Marta’s BS?

      • JAS4 Says:

        #hotpinknation is apparently on vacation tonight lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        ABOUT TIME

  24. Catherine Says:

    LOL at invasion. I hope the USAG facebook retard crowd don’t arrive en masse. The best part with them is that when they really know there’s nothing else to say to stick up for Nastia they throw out the infamous ‘well I don’t see YOU up there doing what she’s doing’. That’s right, it takes a special sort of person to compete at Trials knowing they don’t have the endurance to even finish the routine. I don’t wish evil except on my worst enemy but I hope Nastia’s star falls bigtime now because I am so sick of hearing about her.

  25. JAS4 Says:

    I just saw a twitter account that made me laugh in their about me it says “I know pretty much everything there is to know about gymnastics” I seriously hope this twitter is a joke (which I think it could be) because they tweeted that they think the team should be Jordyn, Nastia, Rebecca, Bridget, and Alicia lol
    If its not a joke then it must be ran by Mary Margret herself lol

  26. sanitynmotion Says:

    I haven’t checked FB in a long time but I can’t wait to see what MaryMargaret says after this weekend’s events…especially if what I feel like what will happen happens and Nastia will be named as alternate.

  27. JAS4 Says:

    German teams

  28. Kadie Says:

    Wow…. You really hate nastia πŸ™‚ I think she was a iignorant but not arrogant. She did not have any serious injury that was plaguing her, so maybe she misguidedly believed she could come back quickly. I thought her exit interview was pretty gracious. She acknowledged her time was up, and expressed that she was excited for the other girls. Im pretty ambivalent towards nastia, but some things sound a little harsh here right? I mean, clearly she knows the type of dedication and work it takes to get to the Olympics. She did it before. And she absolutely gotta free pass to the trials, but I guess I don’t really have a problem with that. She did a lot for the sport, and the country, so why not? Michael jordan was no where near awesome and went to the allstar game, and larry bird was practically in a wheel chair and played In the olympics. Some peoples names are worth alot for what they accomplished in the past. She’s not going to London, so who cares? Shannon miller had a short comeback in 2000, that’s kind of similar to nastias. Liukin jus decided she didn’t wanna let it go, even tho she should have. I would probably have a hard time letting it go too. I like your blog for your blunt in your face delivery, and ya clearly know your stuff πŸ™‚ maybe just give the girl a break jus this once πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to your thoughts on London! And I think gabby Douglas sucks too. Cept for ub

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I tried giving her a break once. No really. I even wrote a blog called ten things I like about Nastia Liukin. I’ll have to find that blog because I am pretty sure I wrote it:)

      I don’t hate Nastia. I hate the way she thinks she is above it all. I hate the way she acts when she loses and the way she treats people that beat her. I hate the way she acts like she deserves to be there just because.

      She was given a free pass to this Olympic team and special treatment no one else was afforded and she still could not capitalize on it. Sorry but she is arrogant and as someone that posts on this blog mentioned she used Trials as her own personal retirement party putting her need for attention ahead of giving the girls that actually trained hard and for longer then a week before Nationals their ten minutes of glory.

      The end, and I love explaining this to every new Nastia fanatic that shows up here acting nice at first then turning into raving lunatics I have to ban. Yet I keep giving you people your due , for a little while anyway.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Here you go. I found the blog. It was called FanNastica:)

  29. Kadie Says:

    Hahaha…. I actually read it thinking I was going to see thing nice things you wrote πŸ™‚ I should know better. But it was funny all the same. The blonde hair thing was pretty good.

    Just read your posts on searches that bring people to gymtruthteller, and I swear I made all those searches. After reading what a bunch of people said on this blog I was so curious so I searched all those things and it brought me right back to you πŸ™‚

    I’m glad nastia is done, as well as all the 08 athletes and I’m kind of hoping that after these Olympics there will be some sort of renaissance. I’m over the too powerhouse gymnasts and too artistic gymnasts alike. And wayyyyyyy over the “i wanna be a star” attitude these gymnasts have (minus raisman) Gimme a shannon miller from 92 any day.

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