While I was sleeping

Beth Tweddle won both bars and floor at the British Championships. Bars were a little sloppy and I much prefer her other routine. I hope she is getting out the kinks now because she must win bars in London. Beth deserves the fairy tale ending.

Floor has new music. Beth is not a dancer but this routine suits her a lot better then the last one. I was actually enjoying it until about 40 seconds in but this is Beth. She makes Aly look like a ballerina.:)

A new montage of Kyla Ross that is pretty good. I love ones with dramatic music. NBC should hire this person to do the fluff music for the Olympics. One day I hope to have no life at all where I would have the time to create a montage, to the music Carmen Burana.:)

Kyla Article The Examiner is kind o0f useless unless it is quick hits .


48 Responses to “While I was sleeping”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    I really want to see Beth win gold!

  2. nero Says:

    Beth’s floor routine is really bad and the fact that she only does three tumbling passes only highlights how bad the choreo is.

    IF Russia loses TF and AA Beth is going to get mega-screwed on bars.

    The draw for bars is 2 3 7 4 1 5 8 6

    It’s really unlikely she’ll go into finals in the #1 spot, GB does qual with the USA, before Russia. I can see her going in #2 or #3 with Komova being #1

    If all 4 hit their routines in qual it will, most likely, go Komova, Musty/Beth, Gabby. That’s really good for Komova who will go last out of these four and probably for Gabby also.

    Could Kyla make it into finals? Jordyn did at worlds. That would be awesome if she qualified in sixth and was able to steal a medal

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She just had surgery and is resting and while I agree she cannot dance this routine, for the first 40 seconds was better then anything she has ever done on floor in her entire career. It might not be saying much.lol

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Three tumbling passes doesn’t mean it’s “crap” – Sarah Finnegan only has three yet she has a really great floor routine that scores in the 15’s (which is even believable outside the US).

      Bars will definitely be the event final to watch. I think if everyone hits Komova will get it but Beth will definitely medal. I really would love to see Beth win gold though. I think that would be a Kleenex moment.

      • Dee Says:

        I think I will have a Kleenex moment the entire bar final! I cry so bad watching the Olympics. I’m not sure why, I honestly never wanted to go, so it’s not like I am bawling over “what could have been”. I hope I”m still married after this LOL I was a total train wreck watching ’08 with my mom. She even asked WTF my deal was. It’s mortifying but I just can’t control it.

        I will be a mess no matter what color Beth wins. And if she makes a mistake and loses it all, I will just be on the floor.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I was in my third trimester pregnant with my son during the 08 Olympics I think I was the definition of crazy hormonal mess lol my husband probably though I had lost my mind lol

      • Dee Says:

        omg JAS i was thinking the other day how it is good that I am not pregnant and trying to watch this with all those hormones. if that were me, it would be mental ward for sure. LOL

      • JAS4 Says:

        Lol I was a crazy mess that made my husband buy me burger king fries 24/7 because I craved them lol I was to huge and swollen to do anything but sit on the couch and watch the Olympics and cry and eat my bk fries lol

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Oh I’m the same way…it’s just an epic moment (the Olympics) and you can’t help but feel for the athletes because it cost them so much (personally, physically, emotionally) to even get there. I never figured I’d have a chance of making the Olympics but I cry every time too – for the sake of the athletes. I mean, they’ve trained day in and day out all their lives for this, and all it takes is a second to either make you or break you.

        Although I also cry sometimes just watching shows on TV…on So You Think You Can Dance for instance there’s always a few stories on there that have me balling…like the girl who’s mom just told her to leave and never wanted anything to do with her, or the boy who was in a huge car accident and almost died, then came back…or the boy who’s mom tried to commit suicide, failed, and he’s there wanting her to be proud and hoping she wants to stick around and be there for her son…

        OK sorry. But yea I guess I’m an emotional TV watcher. And no I’m not even pregnant.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        OMG I just saw this thread with all this pregnancy talk. I don’t know if any of you are aware of the Braum’s ice cream chain. It’s a burger and ice cream joint chain mostly in Oklahoma and North Texas. I avoid fast foods but I when I was pregnant I would literally wake up in the middle of the night and make my husband run me to Braum’s for a cheeseburger, fries, and vanilla milk shake – no other place would do. I’m also a sucker for a sappy story with a “happy” ending just like you Sandy. I just can’t keep the tears from welling up. I also tear up every time I hear the national anthem played at the Olympics – sometimes even when it is another country’s national anthem, especially Britain’s although of course you don’t hear that too much. I still can’t keep the tears away whenever I watch that scene in the Sound of Music when Christopher Plummer proposes to Julie Andrews.

  3. JAS4 Says:

    • nero Says:

      IDK why I torture myself by going on the USAG facebook page. Almost every post is asking when trials are. LOOK at the page people, it has the dates/times/NBC right there at the top, damn.

      And then when USAG posts something, like this pic, there are people asking when the Olympics are and shit about Shawn Johnson sdhaskjhfjdkfhuehfakjfhkajshf

      I really hope the British Trials are how it’s going to be setup at the O2, it’s so much better than anything else they’ve done. But if they must go with the God forsaken Gymnova colors this pic shows a good way it can be done. I think the red is too much, but whatever.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I agree the red is a bit much I wouldn’t mind seeing a really dark midnight blue to make the light blue really stand out

      • Gymbee Says:

        God I know!
        “we know when the Olympics start, but do we know when the gymnastics start?” – I wanted to write “no, all the teams show up to the opening ceremony and draw numbers out of a hat to decide”

    • Dee Says:


      My personal favorite was when a woman said the other day: “The age restriction should be lower and older gymnasts should not be allowed. A 24 year old cannot hold a candle to a 14 year old. It’s crazy to try.”

      Really? Ever hear of an Alicia Sacramone? World Vault Champion at age 22/23? Huh. I guess I just imagined her.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        How funny would that be…if the age limit were even 18? USAG would be BEGGING Chellsie Memmel to come to Trials instead of throwing her out like yesterday’s garbage!

      • Dee Says:

        Now THAT would be interesting….minimum age limit 18. Can you imagine?

  4. JAS4 Says:

    Kim Kelly Inteview about the 20th Anniversery of the scandal

    • nero Says:

      Apparently you and I are bored! Yeah what happened to her was super shady but she lost me after this

      When she was told that Nastia Liukin, Alicia Sacramone and Bridget Sloan — members of the 2008 Olympic team who have not trained regularly since then — were coming back and hoping to make the team for the London Games, she said, “That’s such a shame.Get over it. Let those younger ones who have worked so hard have their time. It’s never-ending, and so annoying.”

      Bitch please. I hate people with this type of attitude. So Michael Phelps should have stopped after one Olympics? What about Chusovitina, or Tweddle? Should they make way for younger girls?

      A Gymnast’s shelf life is usually extremely short, if they can try for a second Olympics I say go for it! I think Sacramone is great for the younger girls, to show that if you make the Olympic team it doesn’t have to end after that, and if you don’t make it you can still try four years later

      Someone like Finnegan or Vega, who probably wont make the team, might be better as they get older. ASac is a great example

      There is a high turnover in gymnastics, I think it would be great to see Maroney, Raisman, Wieber, Ross all stick it out after the Olympics.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think it’s just that she is bitter and maybe is jealous that they are aiming for a second when she didn’t get to go to one Olympics or maybe it’s that she is worried that the younger girls are going to get screwed for a Karolyi favorite like she did but either way that’s a bit harsh and I agree if someone they want to go for a second Olympics why does it matter in a normal world where Marta didn’t rule USAG the best would go reguardless of if they are first year seniors like Kyla or as old as Chusovitnia but as much as I am not a Nastia fan her anger (which indont blame her for still being angry)should be directed towards Marta and USAG not towards athletes competing 20 years later they are the ones who screwed her not athletes that we’re babies when she got screwed over. And why be down on the athletes or try to lessen their gymnastics because they don’t have compulsories which I agree are difficult especially with competing the free choice as well but she doesn’t mention the fact that athletes now compete far more difficulty than they did 20 years ago but I agree that what happened to her was awful and anyone in their right mind would be bitter and angry but why drag people who were babies in ’92 into your anger instead direct it towards the people responsible like for example right a tell all book on the Karolyis and USAG I’d buy it or at least wait for reviews lol

      • JAS4 Says:

        Write* sorry it’s late and I’m the queen of typos Lol

      • Gymbee Says:

        Agreed! The Olympics are meant to have the best athletes from each country, and if people who are already Olympians can beat someone who hasn’t been – fair play.
        I hate seeing comments like that.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I can’t agree more. I have a friend that was a gymnast around the same time as Nadia and she has this opinion too – like, “let the younger girls go, you’ve had your chance.” What gives with that attitude? If you’re the best, you’re the best to take on the team and it shouldn’t matter what your previous accomplishments were. I think it’s refreshing and wonderful when people that have already accomplished their dreams continue to stick with the sport, especially for us the fans who can continue to see them go for it.

        And yeah – I could give Nastia credit for doing a comeback after she won AA gold, but any of that credit quickly recedes when I observe her attitude and her decision to start this comeback literally months before the Games (making the announcement just after this new crop of young girls won team gold at Worlds). The way she went about it totally pisses me off, whereas someone like ASac did it the right way – she came back YEARS before the Games and hasn’t quit. Yes she has this “redemption” thing – she didn’t accomplish what she had set out to – but it’s refreshing to see some familiar faces continue to go for it. I hope she does show an upgrade because that will be so cool as well. I can’t help but root for someone like that.

        Back to Kim Kelly, I think she’s just bitter about the whole specialist thing, and that’s probably why she thinks ASac and Nastia’s comebacks are “ridiculous.” She knows if it came down to having to be an AA gymnast, neither of these women would be able to do their comebacks.

        It also sheds light on how she must feel about gymnasts like Shannon Miller and Dominique Dawes.

        I see why she has a chip on her shoulder and I totally can’t blame her though. She should get together with Moceanu and they should launch an attack on USAG and make these stories more “public.” She probably doesn’t though because it just opens up old wounds. I’m surprised her sister allows her daughter to do gymnastics after what Kim went through!

        It will be interesting after these Trials to see how the team unfolds and what drama might be going on with USAG…I can’t help but hope something egregious happens to make it more “public” how toxic USAG is and how it needs to be changed.

        I.e., I can see some sh*t hit the fan if Nastia is taken over Ross. Sadly, I can see this easily happen. Either she’ll be taken over Ross or over Maroney, and Marta will defend this decision by saying they need a bars/beam backup more so than a vault backup.

      • Dee Says:

        “That’s such a shame.Get over it. Let those younger ones who have worked so hard have their time. It’s never-ending, and so annoying.”

        Really? K Kelly said that? If so, then why doesnt she take some of her own medicine and get over her own Olympic let-down? It’s been 20 years and I’m honestly sick of seeing crap about it. Either get over it or make like Jenny Hansen and get back in the gym.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I am also surprised Kim made the comment that the older gymnasts should “get over it” and leave it to the younger girls. I certainly disagree with that sentiment. The team should be selected by picking the best gymnasts, without all this nonsense of worrying about who has competed before, who hasn’t, their “body-type,” etc.

        I disagree though that Kim is bitter just because she said that and/or did the interview. They called her up not the other way around. Plus, as far as I know she hasn’t been constantly talking about what happened to her back in 1992. If your read that article carefully, in fact, Kim actually didn’t say anything to the reporter who wrote the article that actually criticises the Karolyis, USA Gymnastics, or what happened to her in 1992 even though she has every right to do so. What she criticises is someone in USAToday who inaccurately said she was “taken off” the team for not performing well at a “camp.” The USAToday reporter also implied it had something to do with the “semi-centralized training system,” which is totall untrue because they didn’t come up with that until years later. The actual critical remarks she made about what happened in 1992 were ones she made in 1992, not ones made now. The other critical remarks about what happened in 1992 are by Donna Strauss and the reporter who wrote the article. Kim actually talks mostly about her family. She doesn’t sound bitter to me but rather one who is annoyed a little bit that others keep bring the 1992 matter up.

        I disagree with Kim’s remarks that Nastia, Alicia, and Bridget “should get over it” and “leave it to the younger girls” but I think those remarks really had nothing to do with what happened to her in 1992. I think she just doesn’t like the “specialist” system. I think she perceives Nastia, ASac, and Bridget as gymnasts who haven’t really trained full time and couldn’t possibly have a chance at making the team if they had to do it as all-arounders. She is right about Nastia. Not sure about Bridget but I think ASac has paid her dues. I also think Kim’s remarks about “leaving it to the younger girls” were directed more at those three specific gymnasts rather than meant as a general statement that gymnastics should be left to “younger girls” and ones who have not competed in a prior Olympics.

        One little error in the article was that the “late night” meeting where Kim was screwed over did not occur at the Karolyi Ranch. It occurred at Brown’s Gym in Orlando immediately after the session where all the gymnasts were supposedly “evaluated.”

      • Gymsurfer Says:

        The sport of gymnastics is already so fraught with politics and subjectivity. Now according to Kim, there should be MORE subjectivity based on AGE? Whatever happened to just going out there and competing now matter what your age or body type, and being judged on your ability to execute a skill in a superlative way? Isn’t that what gymnastics should be? And Germany has or had a gymnast in her thirties, if I recall correctly – and her vault was outstanding. Kim needs to get over her bitterness and move on already.

        By the way, any word from Jennifer Sey as we approach this Olympiad? She was pretty bitter and bitchy too in 2008 when her book came out (anybody read her Salon posts??)

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Gymsurfer, I agree with you entirely and think the idea that gymnastics should be left “to the younger girls” is wrong. However, I think it was just a throwaway statement Kim made over the telephone to a small town newspaper reporter from a different state when asked her opinion about 3 specific gymnasts she thinks haven’t been training hard enough. The statement about “younger girls” was ill-considered but I don’t think it reflects a general view on her part that older gymnasts shouldn’t compete, or that gymnasts who competed in one Olympics should never try for another Olympics. What I think she meant was that those 3 particular gymnasts haven’t been training hard enough should leave this year’s competition to the other girls who are younger. I certainly don’t think it indicates she is “bitter” about what happened to her in 1992.

        I know you may think I am bending over backwards to put the best possible spin on what Kim said, but she of all people would be opposed to building in more subjectivity, discretion, and consideration of inappropriate factors (ones having nothing to do with actual performance) into determining who makes the Olympic team. If anybody was ever screwed over by an arbitrary and completely discretionary selection process – one that considered irrelevant factors such as “body type” – it was her. Plus, Kim is one of the real “good guys” in the gymnastics world in my view. Absolutely no one in gymnastics – not Chellsie Memmel or anybody – has been mistreated the way she was by USA Gymnastics in 1992. But rather than mope about it she went to college and led her team to the 1996 NCAA Championship. She also won the 1996 NCAA Championship in floor exercise. Since that time, she has lead a normal unassuming life in a small town where she has been a gymnastics coach at the local parks and recreation department, a kindergarten teacher, and a special needs teacher. She hasn’t been conducting interviews or writing books about what happened in 1992; in fact, she only talks about it at all when someone else brings it up. Okay, I am going to shut up about this now.

  5. Alex Says:

    Does anyone think Nastia can beat Beth? 😉

    (Also, I am kidding….just in case!)

  6. Kel Says:

    USA Gymnastics http://usagym.org/pages/​events/trials/results.html

    Hope this link works! The start list for Trials is now up. It has Nastia competing on all 4 events, which I am sure is incorrect. She has to start on bars both days, which I imagine she is not thrilled with.

  7. Kel Says:

    For some reason, the link just seems to take you to the USAG website. But…you can access the start list from their website.

  8. Kel Says:

    If you go to the USAG website, the start lists are listed under their tweets.

  9. Kel Says:

    I find it really interesting that on both days Nastia goes 4th on bars and 3rd on beam. All of the other girls in her rotation move around to different spots, but she is in the same exact starting spot both days. I wonder if she got to choose what order she went in. Seems pretty improbable that a computer would put her in the same exact spots both days.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I wouldn’t put it past Marta but I also am happy she isn’t up last. If they were setting it up for her to be the star and hit and be named she would have been last. Now I have to do see who is last on day 2.lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Low and behold Gab by on floor. Did I call it or did I call it. She isn’t last but she is the name that is last. After her is Anna Li and Vega

      • Kel Says:

        Yeah…wow, didn’t even think about that. Looks like it is a set up between Gabby and Jordyn again as Jordyn goes next to last on Vault.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I have feeling Marta will make sure she gets that number one spot regardless of actual performance

      • JAS4 Says:

        It also wouldn’t surprise me if Marta wants to wear Jordyn out by the time the AA finals at the Olympics so she is putting extra pressure on her with Gabby competition is one thing but over scoring to drive someone crazy is another lol I still think she tried to do that in 08 to Shawn before the Olympics during camp by un-naming them to the team

      • JAS4 Says:

        Gabby is last or close to it on bars both days too

      • nero Says:

        It depends, I think. Nastia, Becca and Anna aren’t going to do floor, but everyone is going to vault. That means there are 7 vaulters and 5 on floor

        So if you start with Alicia on vault and then alternate going vault, floor, vault, floor etc It’s even until Vega, then Jordyn and Price would have to vault one right after the other.

        If you start on floor and go Dowell, Sacramone, Finnegan, Raisman etc it ends up the same, ending with Price

        Unless they do something weird and do two floor routines before a vault

        Jordyn is getting the crappiest draws, you would think she would get to go in Olympic order on day 2.

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