After spending 4 hours in 90 degree at a baseball game last night I got home just in time to watch the Miami Heat win the NBA title. I am not a Heat fan or heat hater (though I have my issues with their GM) so I was pretty even on who I wanted to win this series. There are players on both sides I cannot stand (Lebron James and another guy from the Thunder whose name makes me sick to even repeat) and players on both sides I like (Derek Fisher and Kevin Durant) but while watching the celebration the first thing I noticed was Kevin Durant leaving the court.

Here is a kid that not only spent time on the court to congratulate the Heat after he lost but watch him slap hands with the fans on his way out of the building. Who does that? I can tell you who doesn’t do that. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. When they lost to the lakers they didn’t even congratulate them. Garnett didn’t do that this year when he lost to the Heat either. He and Rajon Rondo left the court the same way Pierce and Garnett did a few years ago.

Class is taught. Kevin Durant was raised the right way. While his heart was broken he still took the time to hug everyone on his way out the door.

Kevin Durant was born in 1988. That makes him only one year older then Alicia Sacramone. Age should never be an excuse for bad behavior and I guess I should mention that Durant plays for the Oklahoma Thunder and the game he lost was in Miami Florida, the home of the 2012 NBA Champion, Miami Heat.

The guy that put the video up? He must have been raised by monkeys in the rain


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2 Responses to “Class”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Being humble goes a long way!

  2. gym1002 Says:

    Kevin is one classy guy!

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