NBC Screws Ross and FU Valeri

Yes she has to get used to this type of stuff but NBC made her wait for several minutes to do floor. Hell of a thing to do to a first year senior trying to make the Olympic team.

Conspiracy theory time, Marta planned this. I wouldn’t put it past her.

Than read this and tell me why she is even here?

Not as bad as the one done by reigning Olympic all-around champion Nastia Liukin.

Liukin, doing her first competitive bars since the Bejing Olympics, was unsteady throughout and didn’t have a landing other than to fly off the bars. Her score of 13.150 was the lowest of all 21 girls who competed in the event and afterward she said it was what she expected.

“I’ve only put this routine together in a week,” she said. “Martha knows what I can do. After nationals, I’ll have two weeks to go back and put the whole routine together.”

Her father and coach, Valeri, said the shaky performance was what he expected. “We have no landing yet,” he said. “It hasn’t been enough time. The first thing is to not get her hurt and she won’t do a landing Sunday in the finals. But by the time trials arrive, Nastia will have a full routine.”

It’s okay. We don’t have a dismount yet. “It’s what we expected??” Are you kidding me?

Nastia has been told she has a spot on this team if she hits. Can it be any more obvious by their ignorant comments? Daddy isn’t even making excuses for her. He agrees with her.

It gets better, Read this.

Her father and coach, Valeri, said the shaky performance was what he expected. “We have no landing yet,” he said. “It hasn’t been enough time. The first thing is to not get her hurt and she won’t do a landing Sunday in the finals. But by the time trials arrive, Nastia will have a full routine.”

Shannon works out with Yogi Bear

Okay it ain’t Yogi Bear. It’s some yoga thing but here it is.

I have to work tomorrow (thanks Boss) so I don’t know if I will be home b y 4 to watch the events unfold. I should be home pretty close.

Who can find the start list for tomorrow?

USA-Gymnastics set it up so we have to wait til the end to see if Nastia chokes. She again gets to go first because we all know they can;t have her body temp drop while she waits.

We end with Kyla on vault and we know that won’t be shown

See ya tomorrow


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21 Responses to “NBC Screws Ross and FU Valeri”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    And of course she is going on beam first this time didn’t Marta or someone say it would have been better if she went on beam first on day one so of course it magically happens lol I imagine if she gets through her routine she will get a really high 15s score or 16 lol

  2. love4gym Says:

    she is too confident .I don`t think that she could fix all her mistakes in two weeks and the last part make me laugh WTF she won’t do a landing ..Can’t believe that martha already qualify her for trials

    • Gigi Says:

      I agree with you completely. She needs a good 6 months to be close to being ready. She’s going to make a fool of herself.

  3. JAS4 Says:

    Yeah I am almost positive that if she get through her routine she will be on the team even if she isn’t one of the top three bar workers

  4. Jen Says:

    It’s a MONTH before the Olympics and her routine isn’t ready. It’s like the Russian girls who are vaulting Amanars into the pit still. Time’s almost up. In fact it probably IS up. *eye roll*

    Can I just say however, that I LOVE how confident Kyla sounds in her interviews. She’s a fantastic mix of confident, realistic and professional, all wrapped up in a 15 year old with near flawless execution. Awesome.

  5. Miranda Says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while, I really enjoy it, but had to add my first comment now, haha. I simply adore Kyla Ross, and it really pisses me off how NBC ignores her! As they were “putting together their team” on the white board, she wasn’t mentioned until the end, even though she had the best bars score of the night…I know some people find her boring but I think she’s fabulous, has great execution and seems like a great girl. I will be so angry if she does not get on this team. I really agree with most people’s views on this blog, glad some people agree with my opinions on gymnastics haha

  6. formergymgirl Says:

    How the hell has Nastia got a free pass to trials already and especially with such a low score? Marta has already made up her mind. If she makes it to the Olympics i hope she bombs and eats mat because it will only be what USAG deserve. Nastia on the team will be the biggest curse ever. If you took a team of say Wieber, Douglas, Raisman, Ross, Marony I believe the gold is the US’s to lose because they are too strong – the Russians will fall apart, the Chinese are unpredictable and the Romanians do not have the strength in depth. Keep one of those girls off the team to gift Nastia a place she doesn’t deserve and she will contribute nothing but help team USA fall apart.

    • Gymbee Says:

      And in the post-team final interview, after US ends up outside the podium, we will be treated to “well there just wasn’t enough time for me” and the fans will go “poor Nastia…. she had a shoulder injury and didn’t have time to get ready, couldn’t the London 2012 organisers see that?!”

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Because its fixed. She doesn’t have a 2 event min score to go through and yet she will…and yet Chellsie won’t…..

  7. The GYM JUICE Says:

  8. gym10 Says:

    Wish they had let Chellsie Compete. Absolute travesty IMHO. I don’t think either of them would have gone in the end, but it’s obvious that preferential treatment is SOP in the USAG.

  9. Lauren H Says:

    I’m not trying to stick up for NBC/USAG, but Kyla wasn’t the only one who had to wait for the camera. Yesterday they made Horton wait on pommels while Orozco competed floor, and that was far from the only other time this happened. The camera breaks were far more common on the women’s side too. I felt bad for the gymnasts, but at the same time it was great for me because it helped me be able to see everyone on wanted (on the women’s side anyways).

    The problem is the start lists that USAG creates…they are HORRIBLE. There are times when theyll have 3 top gymnasts competing at the same time, while later on there will be only no names competing.

    Guaranteed it’s going to happen again today, but worse since it’s being broadcast live on NBC today. Look at rotation one…Nastia and Jordyn are both fourth on their respective events. I know bars takes longer normally, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jordyn ends up having to wait to go because Nastia is on beam.

    One last thing, I think Nastia not doing bars until the fourth rotation is going to be disastrous. The only good thing for everyone watching on TV is it will allow NBC less time to replay her bombed routine.

  10. Exgymgurl Says:

    I think Chellsie could do better bars and beam than Nastia. USAGYM doesn’t want the best people competing. They want the people the sponsors are willing to pay for. Watch, they’ll barely show the stands if they show tons of kids it’s because the gym clubs and the TV people had them move down. I hope in London they finish off Podium and Gabby doesn’t even qual in the AA. I hope Raisman does, because as much as we pick on her form, it’s not close to as bad as Gabbys. Compared to Ghent, USA Gym has so much score inflation at Visas were going to be lucky to see 14s. Jordyn Ross and Maroney (vt) score well internationally. You don’t think all the Brevet judges have watched Nastias routines on YouTube already? I’d say Nastia would be lucky to score a 14 outside the US on that beam routine. The only reason I want to see Nastia at the Olympics is so that Ponor beats her ass on beam and Mustafina Komova Tweedle And the chinese beat her ass on bars. theyll all beat Gabby also. I’d say in 2 weeks Nastia still doesn’t have endurance to get through bars and if this keeps up she looks even more foolish. Because people will remember she looked pathetic didn’t take it seriously and did nothing. BTW did anyone notice all of her acne? Despite the spray tan, all I could see when I looked at her was massive acne and sweat. As the Romanians say if you sweat that much your too fat.

    How much do you want to bet valeri is given permission to be all over spotting her today?

  11. Gigi Says:

    I just watched Nastia’s bar routine.Not good. Not even near good. I’d bet dollars to donuts that Martya puts her on the team though. Which means some other girl who was more qualified will lose out. Nastia, IMO, will end up going to London, performing a sub-par bar routine and not making it to the event finals. It’s better to go out when your on top. Remember when Shannon tried to make a come-back?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Shannon doesn’t get enough credit for doing as well as she did with a badly bruised knee. She would have been on that team if Steven Nunno wasn’t such an idiot. He would not follow the code and insisted that Miller would get credit for both her BHSQT and “Miller” when the Miller wasn’t in the code. I remember reading he was fighting USA-gymnastics on her start value. Instead of fixing it he insisted on whining. If she had any other coach she never woulod have gotten injured and would have been on that team. She was hitting everything at camp.

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