Someone deserves her own thread

We have not seen much of Bridget Sloan since 2009 and whilE I am not impressed with parts of routines the rest of the world seems to think this has potential.

Is Bridget Sloan a dark horse? Regardless she deserves her own blog:)

New Floor routine



7 Responses to “Someone deserves her own thread”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    If she can at least score low 15s on bars and floor I think she should be on the team over Nastia plus she does beam and vault in case of injury

  2. theirway11 Says:

    She seems significantly more badass these days

  3. Dee Says:

    Gah I should have watched this before I made my prediction on the other thread for the team…I think she looks pretty good, actually.

  4. Aerial Says:

    I’m kind of cheering for Sloan now! In her humble and quiet way, here she is ready to do AA, and had to miss her chance at Classics last month. She seems like a real person first and a gymnast second, while I’m not convinced all the other competitors are actually human first.
    Although I’ve never realized her flexed feet on bars so much, I like her back-to-back piked releases, and she looks both solid (attack on beam) and trim (much more than a couple months ago.) I really hadn’t factored her in and she’s been off the radar for so long, but these routines show promise. I hope she rocks Nationals, and then we’ll see where or how she could fit in accordingly afterwards.

  5. MacStabby Says:

    She’s looking good. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy watching her.

  6. doughnut sundae Says:

    “Girl this isn’t Florida! Put the crack pipe down!”

    Astronaut Sloan had a strange sense of deja vu. She’s heard this all before – but where? A-ha! It was back on Earth, at the Ranch. America’s ever-inquisitive national team coach had been drawn to her cabin by billows of smoke.

    Bridget Sloan is poetry in motion: wonderful lines, impeccable form and surprising fluidity. She is imperturbable and healthy and living the life of a true amateur, a simpler one. Honestly I cannot think of anything disagreeable to say about her.

  7. sanitynmotion Says:

    Out of everyone she’s the ultimate dark horse. I can see her making this team if she rocks floor and bars at nationals. Although it doesn’t sound in her favor if Marta doesn’t even bother LOOKING at her beforehand. I think in Marta’s mind Bridget is out, so she really has to impress from here on out.

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