Podium Training

I finally watched this routine and could Valeri look any less interested in what Rebecca is doing? For Nastia he is under her the entire time, spotting. Rebecca he has his arms crossed and he looks bored.

Watch the beginning of the video too when Nastia says something to the girl in blue, she then turns around like she was told to move and she does. It looks like Nastia told her to move out of the way so she could see. You know what my reply would have been.lol

Here is what, whats her name has to say. I never remember her name. Still don’t and I don’t feel like checking to see so…..

Interesting tidbit, Marta making excuses for Nastia before she competes. Intersting how she says she wantsd the good routine at Trials. Funny I thought Nastia had to play by the rules. So why is Marta already talking about her at Trials, a spot she has not earned yet. Why? FREE RIDE. At least admit it Marta.

4:14 p.m.: Other Martha tidbits: She says that she needs to see a full bar routine from Nastia Liukin. She says she hasn’t seen one yet. She’d also like to see a beam routine with slightly better connections. Martha also indicated that Nastia’s bar routine doesn’t even have to be amazing (actually, the words she used were “very good”) — she just wants to see one. The “very good” one can wait for Trials.

Kim Zmeskal in charge of the little ones? Really? What talent has she produced so far again? Oh right, Chelsea Davis ZZzZzZzZZZZzzzzz(Rolling eyes)

Peppy Miller. Yes I want to smack her:)

I already like her floor and now she is impressing me on bars. Elizabeth Price is my new hero. Why you ask? because she can keep her legs and feet together during her bar routine. NO ONE else does that. I hope she hits and becomes the first watchable Parkette EVER!:)

This routine is growing on me. You can watch Shannon Miller and Steve Penny laugh at each others jokes at the end of Sarah’s floor routine. Oh Shannon. Steve would have screwed you over first chance he got if he was in charge of your gymnastics career.

Anna Li hitting bars.

Aly being Aly

Messy Sarah on beam.

Jordyn on floor


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30 Responses to “Podium Training”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    I love how those FB idiots swore up and down that Nastia was going to camps and she had verified a bars routine. Idiots.

    And no Shannon “we’re not all looking at Nastia Liukin.” At least Shannon admits Kyla is doing well. Sub her for Tim, please!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Shannon all of a sudden woke up to Kyla during Classics. It was like she didn’t know that Kyla existed.lol

  2. JAS4 Says:

    Alicia said she has her tumbling passes back on floor if she has her back by trials it would be interesting to see how things turn out but if Kyla and Gabby are on the team there is a need for a good floor and bar worker which could potentially be Bridget if she is up to par

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It’s funny that you would say that because I was thinking the other night that Alicia is not dead in the water. A bars/floor specialist could help Alicia even if she is training floor.

      Kyla, Jordyn, Gabby, Alicia, Bridget

      VT Jordyn, Kyla, Alicia
      UB Jordyn/Bridget Kyla, Gabby
      BB Alicia/Bridget Jordyn, Kyla
      FL Alicia, Bridget, Jordyn

      I forgot Aly.lol A work in progress:)

      • JAS4 Says:

        If Alicia has a better floor and beam than Maroney I could see her being chosen over Maroney

      • JAS4 Says:

        If this is true and Alicia has the FHS double by trails and if she has her floor back I think the team could really use her the score from her vault could event make up for having to use Jordyn’s bars in TF

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Well if Marta is giving Nastia a free pass on bars then she should give ASac a free pass on floor…although I would think that unless a miracle happens, I don’t see Marta counting on ASac for floor.

        Bridget does have the leg up in this scenario…

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I think there will most likely only be one 08 girl if any on the team and we all know who is most likely to get that but Marta keeps talking about beam and bars specialist but she is overlooking floor I think the team needs a bars/floor specialist more than beam which is where Sloan could potentially be used but of ASac gets the FHS double I think it will mix things up a bit

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The team needs a third floor worker if Mckayla is used for vault. She did well last year in team finals but we will see. Marta will mkost likely screw over Kyla on floor in favor of her pet Gabby

      • JAS4 Says:

        Marta interview

  3. Biyatch Says:

    The best was whoever was doing the blog for the Couch Gymnast.

    Bross looks good on beam but I think Nastia is messing with her confidence a little…Nastia looks unbelievable. To be honest.

    Nastia isn’t actively messing with Becca’s confidence…her presence is.

    The fact that she’s so together.

    I’m honestly surprised that she stuck it out at WOGA after the injury/Nastia announcing her comeback. They are directly in competition for the same spot with the same coach. Seems like a bad situation even before you throw in Bross’s Patterson.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      No offense to the couch but Becca has always been a mess. Nastia is not the problem.

      It is really obvious who Valeri is coaching and who he is doing very little for.

  4. elitefan Says:

    I love the image of little McKayla as Tarzan for two years…Amanars in training hahaha

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      That Tarzan thing totally explains the shoulder muscle development….. Nice her poor mom

    • terrigymfan Says:

      She’s a little darling. I love it when they have personality and McKayla has it in droves.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Definitely 🙂 That’s why I always liked her and Alicia. None of that fake “just want to go out there and do my best, tihihi” shit.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I also like the way McKayla refuses to take Dominique’s bait and commit to, or even suggest she might add, another 1/2 twist to her vault before the Olympics. That would be crazy at this late stage. Dominique actually presses her a couple of times on that. Good for McKayla in not falling for that trap.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      You can tell when someone is into themselves when they are interviewing SOMEONE ELSE and have to interject with stories about themselves along with the answer to whatever the interviewee just told them. I mean – Dominique, I liked you when you were a gymnast and all, but your career is OVER and we don’t give a CRAP that you were just like Mckayla when you were younger with your alarm clock. And if your vaulting was so great, why didn’t you land that sucker at worlds and take the title over Shannon Miller? Geez.

      That being said, this interview makes me like Mckayla more. Like Shawn Johnson she’s not a product of a set of parents living their dreams through their daughter. She also comes across as genuinely sweet and charismatic yet on the competition floor she just exudes this confidence. I really hope she can make this team. She deserves it. I hope her floor can be awesome.

      And yes I agree why risk going for a triple twist when your 2.5 is CLEARLY the best in the world.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I notice that too about Dominique’s questions Sandy! She basically told Mckayla, “What’s the big deal about doing 2.5 — I was doing that twenty years ago.” LOL

        One thing I like about Mckayla is she sounds and acts so much like a normal teenage kid (I have teenage daughters and know what they sound like). She hasn’t been programmed to give robotic, cliched responses. She also really seems to be enjoying herself.

        On adding another ½ twist, I would think you wouldn’t do something like that unless you give yourself at least 6 months to a year lead time to perfect it before doing it in major competitions, especially since your are talking about adding difficulty light years ahead of anything anybody has every tried before. For Dominique to suggest Mckayla just “toss in” another ½ twist into her routine in time for London is absolutely silliness.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah I think hopefully Dominique was pressuring McKayla only for excitement reasons (i.e., “how cool would it be to see a triple twist vault…McKayla, PLEASE throw one in there before the Olympics is over and you retire due to whatever reason: burn out, injury, etc…)

        I mean, for the same reason I hope to see ASac throw her upgraded vault (full handspring double?) but if there’s risk of injury or catastrophe then they shouldn’t take that risk – especially now. It’s the OLYMPICS.

        P.S. is ASac doing that stupid tour? I hope she continues with the sport so I can see that damn upgrade. And yes, that’s totally me being selfish. Because I already am bummed I don’t get to see any of Shawn’s supposed upgrades on beam, ever. And I never get to see what she was doing in her floor routine. Sigh.

  5. elitefan Says:

    Also, some men’s gymnastics comic relief: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlgeRhPwH9U

  6. Gymbee Says:

    Must be fun for Bross to have Nastias name stamped on her leo – “Nastia” by GK. Nice morale boost right there ha!

    Omg, if Alicia has a FH double that would be amazing. Have her and McKayla bring in the scores and the team could be:

    Jordyn, Aly, Gabby, McKayla, Alicia.

  7. terrigymfan Says:

    Your too funny GTT saying it looks like Natasha ordered the girl in blue to move out of her way! She could have just as easily been asking her what the weather was like outside, but somehow it’s fun to think the worst of Nastia. LOL

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      No way she asked her the weather.lol She said something to the girl, the girl looked back and then she moved. I stand by my original opinion:)

  8. JAS4 Says:

    Apparently Jordyn is fundraising too

  9. JAS4 Says:

    Does anyone else notice what’s different about one signature from all the others?

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Shawn and Nastia’s signatures kind of look the same. What’s underneath them? ’08? ASac is the only one without some sort of drawing or something under it. She probably wants to forget about these games, is why.

      • CollegeGymnast Says:

        I was thinking Nastia’s has the flash on it

      • JAS4 Says:

        I will have to look at the picture again but I think Nastia signed Olympic Champ or Gold medalist or something under hers

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