Pick your Olympic team. Pre-Nationals

With everything you know as of right now, June 7th 2012 I want you to pick your Olympic team.

I do not make predictions I am never right.lol but I will try.

There is a hard salary cap here at GTT. You can only pick 3 Alternates and 5 team members.

5 member team. 3 alternates and team line up,Go.

Olympic Team: Jordyn Wieber, Kyla Ross, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Mckayla Maroney

Alt: Alicia Sacramone, Nastia Liukin,(I know right) Sarah Finnegan

I really wanted to pick Elizabeth Price or Bridget Sloan but Marta is getting Nastia on this Olympic team hell or high water. Plus I am always wrong so I hope this works against her:) If you watch Price on bars in Podium Marta isn’t even watching her.


5-4-3 (Not Competing)

Vault: (Gabby) Kyla, Aly. Jordyn, Mckayla,
Uneven Bars: (Mckayla) Jordyn, Aly, Kyla, Gabby (Hiding Aly)
Balance Beam:(Mckayla) Gabby, Aly, Jordyn, Kyla
Floor Exercise: (Gabby) Mckayla, Kyla, Jordyn, Aly

Gabby and Mckayla are interchangable on beam and floor. Marta’s pet competes. I could see Marta sitting Kyla on floor but that serves no purpose but to screw her out of a chance at the AA since Gabby and Mckayla are interchangable. Come to think of it Marta will never sit her pet Gabby so I guess Kyla will get screwed here.

Team Finals

Vault: Kyla, Jordyn, Mckayla
Uneven Bars: Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby
Balance Beam Jordyn, Aly, Kyla
Floor Exercise: Jordyn, Mckayla/Kyla, Aly

I am adding Kyla on floor because there has to be an upgrade. I can’t see that 5.5 set staying.

I feel bad for Jordyn because she has to do all 4 events.

There you have it.


51 Responses to “Pick your Olympic team. Pre-Nationals”

  1. Gymster Says:

    Team: Wieber, Douglas, Raisman, Sloan, Sacramone
    Alt: Nastia, Maroney, Ross

    VT: Raisman, Douglas, Wieber, Sacramone (Sloan)
    UB: Raisman, Wieber, Sloan, Douglas (Sacramone)
    BB: Sloan, Sacramone, Raisman, Wieber, Douglas (Im torn, because I really want Douglas for AA, but no way is Marta going to put her up in TFs, so.., idk, leave off any of them.)
    FX: Sloan, Douglas, Wieber, Raisman (Sacramone)

    VT: Raisman, Wieber, Sacramone
    UB: Sloan, Wieber, Douglas
    BB: Sloan, Raisman, Wieber
    FX: Douglas (or Sloan), Wieber, Raisman

  2. JAS4 Says:

    I wouldn’t mind a team of: Jordyn, Aly, Kyla, Gabby, and Bridget/Maroney ( depends on who has better floor scores)
    Alt: Bridget/Maroney, Finnegan, Alicia
    Note: if Alicia has the FHS double and floor at trials then I’d say Jordyn, Aly, Kyla, Gabby, Alicia
    BB: Aly, Jordyn, Kyla
    UB: Bridget, Kyla, Gabby or (with Maroney) (Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby)
    VT: Kyla, Aly, Jordyn or (Aly, Jordyn, Maroney)
    FX: Bridget, Jordyn, Aly or (Kyla, Jordyn, Aly)

    Team with Jordyn, Aly, Kyla, Gabby, Alicia(w/ FHS double and floor):
    BB: Alicia/Aly,Jordyn, Kyla
    UB: Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby
    VT: Aly, Jordyn, Alicia
    FX: Alicia, Jordyn, Aly

    Marta’s team: Nastia, Gabby, Aly, Jordyn, Maroney
    Alt: Kyla, Bridget, Finnegan
    BB: Nastia, Aly, Jordyn
    UB: Jordyn, Nastia, Gabby
    VT: Aly, Jordyn, Maroney
    FX: Gabby/Maroney, Jordyn, Aly
    I could easily see Marta picking this team four of Marta’s favorites and Jordyn

    • Casc Says:

      It is not possible for Aly and Alicia to be both in the same team. Team needs three girls with good bars and one with “ok” bars – just in case, you know, injuries happen at the Olympic Games (imagine 2008 without Chellsie’s injury…). Alicia has no bars at all, and Aly’s bars… well, calling them “ok” would be an overstatement. So if Alicia would have FHS Double and FX by Trials, the only thing she can do is to kick her teammate out of the team.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I can see ASac and Aly making the same team as long as the three others are Douglas, Ross, and Weiber. Aly threw up an “ok” score on bars in worlds last year, so she’d have to do it again. I can’t see Marta taking on this kind of risk though for ASac. Liukin, yes but ASac, no.

        Even so, with this team proposed (with ASac/Aly), beam is stacked and vault is still great. It will come down to floor. Weiber, Aly, and Douglas would have to do floor, UNLESS ROSS WOULD UPGRADE HER EFFING FLOOR ALREADY.

  3. nero Says:

    Jordyn, Aly, Gabby, Maroney, Kyla.
    VT(Kyla) Aly, Gabby, Jordyn, Mckayla
    UB(Mckayla) Aly, Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby
    BB(Mckayla) Gabby, Aly, Kyla, Jordyn
    FX(Kyla) Mckayla, Gabby, Jordyn, Aly

    This lineup allows Gabby and Aly to fight out for AA. I can’t see it going to Kyla, her floor routine is too low. I think Gabby will get second AA she is pretty even over all events like Jordyn, plus this lineup can see how she handles the pressure and if she can do more in TF

    Team Final
    VT- Aly/Gabby(if Gabby can hit her amanar it’s better than Aly’s) Jordyn, Mckayla
    UB-Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby
    BB-Aly, Kyla, Jordyn
    FX-Mckayla/Gabby, Jordyn, Aly

    Kyla’s spot can easily be replaced by Nastia/Bridget/Bross

  4. Shawn Fan! Says:

    Team: Jordyn Wieber, Kyla Ross, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raissman, McKayla Maroney (also my predictions for AA finish at visa)
    Alternates: Sarah Finnegan, Rebecca Bross, Bridget Sloan

    VT: Kyla, Gabby, Jordyn, McKayla [I hope Gabby gets it together and does a solid vault. Her personality issues aside, if she gets over her headcase’ness, her vault will score MUCHO higher than Aly]
    UB: Ross, Gabby….all other spots are negligibly different
    BB: Aly, Gabby, Ross, Jordyn
    FX: Ross, Gabby, Jordyn, Aly

    I hope either Kyla or Gabby has a solid AA showing at VISA’s and Trails to be eligible for AA…..I think either one will take it much further than Aly…..

    Team Final:
    VT – Gabby, Jordyn, McKayla
    UB: Ross, Gabby (other spot negligibly different who takes it)
    BB: Gabby, Ross, Jordyn
    FX: Ross/Gabby, Jordyn, Aly

  5. Exgymgurl Says:

    Sloan, Wieber Raisman Ross, Maroney
    Alt ASac Liukin Finnegan And I know you said 3 but Vega will be on that list for the prestige factor

    Bars Wieber Ross sloan Raisman
    Beam Wieber Raisman Ross Sloan
    Floor Ross Sloan Raisman Wieber
    Vault Sloan Ross Maroney Wieber Raisman

    3 up bars Wieber Ross sloan
    Beam Raisman Wieber Ross
    Floor Sloan Wieber Raisman
    Vault Maroney Wieber Raisman

    Why? Marta likes a vault specialist the only thing Sloan did in TF in 08 was vault the only thing hatch did in 04 was vault

    Marta likes AA gymnasts. all of these girls are AA gymnasts
    Marta only likes to compete 4 gymnasts see 08 and 04 this way if one gets injured she has legit backup Ross is not needed for floor. When Sloan beat Bross in 2009 her floor was clean I know I put 5 on vault it’s gonna depend on warmups. I think gabby has a meltdown like she did at pan Am’s and started to at classics ( missing vaults etc) and is not as consistent as the others. I like naming a team where she is completely peace outed

    • Another gym mom Says:

      exgymgurl, fascinating stuff. I was wondering about Vega myself. Prestige factor because of her coach? The Sloan theory makes me start thinking – going to look at some of her videos. Love reading everything you say.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I totally agree with you on the Maroney case. I don’t know about Sloan though. Marta seems to want to pass over/ignore Sloan entirely. I’m with you though I’m hoping Sloan will pull a Memmel this year.

      Also, I think Marta will take Nastia over Sloan for the hype factor. However if Nastia is on this team either Maroney or Ross will be sacrificed.

  6. Gymbee Says:

    Team: Wieber, Douglas, Raisman, Ross, Maroney
    Alt: Bross, Sacramone, Liukin


    FX: Wieber, Maroney, Raisman, Ross (Douglas)
    UB: Wieber, Raisman, Ross, Douglas (Maroney)
    BB: Douglas, Raisman, Wieber, Ross (Maroney)
    VT: Raisman, Wieber, Douglas, Maroney (Ross)


    FX: Wieber, Maroney, Raisman
    UB: Wieber, Ross, Douglas
    BB: Raisman, Ross, Wieber
    VT: Wieber, Raisman, Maroney

    • Gymbee Says:

      Btw I bought Shawn Johnsons book for my Kindle. Started reading it, there’s nothing in it on her retirement (I thought the final chapter would be about that, but that would mean she’d decided to retire ages ago). Final chapter is all about how she “took the chance, no regrets, blablabla, no matter how it goes it’s better to try than to wonder what if”

      Started on the first chapter, and it’s about her childhood. Can’t wait to get to the juicy bits (if any.)

  7. Vanessa Says:

    Wieber, Raisman, Douglas, Liukin, and Maroney

    Alt:Bross, Ross, and Finnegan

    3 up 3:
    Floor- Wieber, Raisman, Maroney
    Beam- Wieber, Douglas, Liukin
    Vault- WIeber, Maroney, Raisman
    Bars- Douglas, Liukin, Wieber

    This is not the team i would choose but i believe it is the team martha will choose.

  8. Dee Says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever tried one of these “predictions”! Woo…

    Forgive me, I freaking refuse to have Douglas on my fake team. I cant deal with her gymnastics and am slightly in denial that she has a chance. So for my team, let’s hypothetically say she tanked at Trials.

    Wieber, Raisman, Maroney, Ross, Liukin.

    Alternates: Douglas (oh-kay FINE, maybe she didnt totally tank), Finnegan, Bross?

    Don’t shoot me. You know that there is no way Nastia is not on that team, now that she showed up with her long-awaited 9.0 difficulty score bar routine.

    Prelims: I dont know. Maybe they can draw straws!

    FX: Maroney, Raisman, Wieber
    UB: Ross, Wieber, Liukin
    BB: Ross, Wieber, Liukin
    VT: Raisman, Wieber, Maroney

    Maybe I shouldnt make Ross lead off on two events…so I would probably switch that order but not the gymnasts.

    So I am probably way off the money and a lot of the predictions before me seem pretty legit.

  9. Catherine Says:

    I value Finnegan more than Ross. Ross’ amanar is unusable and I don’t know if her bars are really worth more than Finnegan’s excellent beam and floor. Unlikely but I can hope..

    Team: Maroney, Wieber, Raisman, Finnegan, Douglas
    Alternates: Ross, Price, Sloan

    Prelims: UB Douglas, Wieber, Maroney, Finnegan
    BB Finnegan, Wieber, Raisman, Douglas (or Maroney depending on visa scores)
    VT Maroney, Wieber, Raisman, Douglas
    FX Finnegan, Maroney, Wieber, Raisman

    TF: UB Douglas, Wieber, Finnegan (or Maroney, depending on visa scores)
    BB Finnegan, Wieber, Raisman
    VT Maroney, Wieber, Raisman
    FX Finnegan, Wieber, Raisman

    • Biyatch Says:

      No way Martha screws Aly out of the potential AA spot. It would have been so easy for them to tell Aly to stop training bars, but they haven’t. Unless Aly breaks or falls 16 for 16 at visas and trials you can already pencil her in on the leadoff on bars and the anchor on floor in prelims.

      • Catherine Says:

        True, wasn’t fully thinking of that, only of how Jordyn Sarah and McKayla all have better bars and none of theirs are special either. It is painful to think of Aly’s bars but yes will substitite hers in instead of Maroney/Finnegan.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I would think overall Finnegan would be more useful than Aly for her floor/beam – she would be scored higher internationally – but Marta won’t take that chance because she’s new. Aly has proven time after time she’ll hit under pressure. That’s invaluable, and that’s why Aly will make this team.

        Ross’ bars are worth more than Finnegan’s beam – she struggles hitting everything – but I agree, overall Finnegan’s a beautiful gymnast. I just have this feeling now is not her time. Her bars are too weak, and we don’t know if she’ll hit under that kind of (Olympic) pressure.

  10. terrigymfan Says:

    My guess:

    Team: Jordyn, Aly, Gabby, McKayla, Nastia
    Alts: Sarah, Kyla, Rebecca

    Vault: Jordyn, Aly, Gabby, McKayla
    Uneven Bars: Jordyn, Aly, Gabby, Nastia
    Balance Beam: Jordn, Aly, Gabby, Nastia
    Floor Exercise: Jordyn, Aly, Gabby, McKayla

    Team Finals:
    Vault: Jordyn, Aly, Mckayla
    Uneven Bars: Jordyn, Aly, Gabby
    Balance Beam: Jordyn, Aly, Nastia
    Floor Exercise: Jordyn, Aly, Gabby

    • Gymbee Says:

      Would you have Aly instead of Nastia in TF?

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Then why take Nastia? She’s only useful for beam in this scenario, which I’m still not 100% on with her slow connections. I’d take Ross over Nastia in a heartbeat. I really don’t think Marta will risk using Aly for team finals on bars.

      I know Marta will risk a lot to take Nastia in general, so I don’t entirely disagree with your team. In fact, this team is my top three guesses, assuming Kyla does not upgrade her floor and Marta tells the judges how to judge at nationals and trials.

  11. Biyatch Says:

    If Alicia gets a floor routine and the upgraded vault (although potentially even just with her Rudi) I could see the team being:

    Jordyn, Aly, Gabby, Alicia and Nastia.

    If Nastia hits Martha is taking her. It basically comes down to that. Alicia is just more useful then McKayla.

    The bitch fight for captain would be so epic. Aly earned it last year when Alicia went down, but that was Alicia’s spot to lose. And Nastia is still Nastia with her “pep talks” and all.

    V: (Gabby), Aly, Jordyn, Alicia
    UB: (Aly), Jordyn, Gabby, Nastia
    BB: Aly, Alicia, Jordyn, Nastia (scores determine who sits in TF)
    FX: Alicia, Gabby, Jordyn, Aly (the spot in TF would be between ASac and Gabby and whoever doesn’t lose their shit. Obviously Gabby has the higher D score but is unreliable and has the worst music/choreography like ever but Alicia’s tumbling is still a question mark but her actual dance and routine is polished and likely to be recognized well on the international scene.)

  12. Jen Says:

    Okay, so with what we know right now:

    Team: Wieber, Raisman, Douglas, Ross, Maroney

    Alternates: Liukin, Finnegan, Sloan

    Prelims (lead off to anchor):

    V: Ross, Raisman, Wieber, Maroney
    UB: Raisman, Wieber, Ross, Douglas
    BB: Douglas, Raisman, Ross, Wieber
    FX: Ross, Maroney, Wieber, Raisman


    V: Raisman, Wieber, Maroney
    UB: Wieber, Ross, Douglas
    BB: Raisman, Ross, Wieber
    FX: Maroney, Wieber, Raisman


    This has been my team since just after Worlds last year and I’m still feeling pretty confident in it.

    As much as Martha loves Nastia, she has a 6.5 bar D-score that’s not going to outscore Ross or Douglas’s routines, a beam that’s not going to break 15 internationally, BUT I do think she makes the team as an alternate because she’s one of the few girls I think could be called on at the last second and “hit” it, if necessary, since she’s been through the whole Olympics things before.

    My heart actually breaks a little bit to leave Bross off this list entirely. Her bars right now (without hit routine scores from Liukin, Li or Sloan) is only 3rd best in the country. Her beam is a near guaranteed fall. I don’t trust her to hit her routines if she’s on the team and I don’t trust her to come in as an alternate and hit.

    My one real caveat for my team is it depends heavily on McKayla Maroney’s floor performances in the next few weeks. If she’s hitting her routine decently (i.e. not falling all over the place, uncontrolled landings etc.) then I think she makes this team easily. If not, I could see Sarah Finnegan swooping in, ESPECIALLY if Douglas and/or Ross really start hitting their Amanars.

  13. as if Says:

    Iā€™m picking:
    Jordyn, Ali, Gabby, Kyla and Sarah.

    I’m not convinced Nastia can do a full bar routine yet with a d score of 16.5+ and Mckayla needs to score high 14+ on floor as Marta has said she won’t take McKayla for just 1 event.

    Vault: Kyla, Gabby, Ali, Jordyn
    Bars: Ali, Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby
    Beam: Gabby, Ali, Jordyn, kyla (sub in Sarah for Gabby if she is showing any nerves but I’d rather give her the chance to do a/a)
    Floor: Gabby, Jordyn, Sarah, Ali
    Floor: Ali, Gabby, Jordyn, Sarah (leaving Kyla out of the a/a but with at 5.5 d on floor, it’s just to low)

    Vault: Ali, Gabby, Jordyn
    Bars: Gabby, Jordyn, Kyla
    Beam: Ali, Jordyn, Sarah (no way Gabby beam in finals)
    Floor: Ali, Jordyn, Sarah

    Alternates: Bross/Luikin (bars/beam), Maroney (vault), Sloan (all around)

  14. Shawn Fan! Says:

    For all those who put aly in bars for anything : have y’all seen her on bars recently? At secrets? PT??? Aly cannot do bars

    • Biyatch Says:

      No one has suggested that Aly be used on bars in team finals. I’ll repeat what I said above that Martha has continuously told Aly to push for the all around. Everyone and their mother knows that her bars are not good, it is simply an event that she has to survive. Martha isn’t going to take away her shot at the AA final by not using her in prelims. There have been certain athletes that Martha has told directly in the past to stop doing bars all together (Alicia for one, also Kytra Hunter, etc.) and just focus on the other three events. That was not the case with Aly and in prelims where it doesn’t really matter they aren’t going to totally strip her of that shot. Plus if McKayla’s on the team, internationally her bars can be harsher even worse then Aly.

    • Jen Says:

      Her form on bars if awful, however, with her new routine she’s been consistently around a 14.3-4 on bars. Honestly I have no idea how the judges get it, but they do. That’s not godawful enough to keep her from doing an UB set in prelims and keep her out of the AA, in fact, she may even outscore Russia’s 4th uneven bar worker, depending on their team composition and she’ll mostly definitely outscore everyone from Romania except for Iordache.

    • JAS4 Says:

      The only way I would even possibly use Aly’s bars in team finals (other than having to because of injury) is if Alicia showed up with the FHS double with its 7.2 start value if Alicia does it with her usual score she could potentially score in the high 16s which would make up for having to use Aly’s bars which would score probably low 14s

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah, seriously, talk about a vault advantage, though you probably still wouldn’t have to put Aly up in TF on UB. I guess in that case the team would be: Wieber, Douglas, Raisman, Ross, Sacramone.

        V: Raisman, Wieber, Sacramone: 15.6, 15.8, 16.4
        UB: Wieber, Ross, Douglas: 14.8, 15.4, 15.7
        BB: Raisman/Sacramone, Wieber, Ross: 14.8, 15, 15.3
        FX: Douglas, Wieber, Raisman: 14.6, 15, 15.1

        Team total: 183.5 (which is just a ridiculous score)

        Okay, I’m all for this, GO ALICIA!

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I confess I suggested Aly on bars in team finals and I admit after reading these comments and looking at her again there is no way. I’m changing my prediction to say Nastia on bars in team finals along with Jordyn and Gabby. Of course that prediction is based on the idea that Nastia makes the team to begin with my proving during Nationals and Trials that she can do a good bar routine. If not she shouldn’t be on the team at all.

  15. Adex Says:

    Wieber, Ross, Maroney, Raisman, Douglas

    Alternates: Sacramone, Liukin, Sloan

    VT: (Sacramone) Ross, Wieber, Douglas, Maroney
    UB: (Liukin) Wieber, Douglas, Ross, Raisman
    BB: (Sacramone) Ross, Wieber, Raisman, Douglas
    FX: (Ross) Maroney, Douglas, Wieber, Raisman

    Team Finals:
    VT: Raisman, Maroney, Wieber
    UB: Wieber, Ross, Douglas
    BB: Raisman, Ross, Wieber
    FX: Wieber, Maroney, Raisman

  16. Christina Says:

    This will be the team šŸ™‚

    Team: Jordyn, Aly, Nastia, Gabby, McKayla
    Alternates: Kyla, Sarah, Alicia

    Team Finals:
    VT: McKayla, Aly, Jordyn
    UB: Nastia, Gabby, Jordyn
    BB: Nastia, Aly, Jordyn
    FX: Gabby, Aly, Jordyn

    I think this would be a pretty strong team if they all hit!! šŸ™‚
    Good luck Team USA!

    P.S. Whether you like or dislike her, you have to admit that Nastia fits well with the team and will do well with the international judges. She is calm and experienced, unlike a lot of these girls- plus her artistry is at a different standard than all of the younger girls.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I should make this my signature but I don’t have to admit anything.lol but Kyla fits as well on this team better then Nastia does. She has only a 1 tenth less start value on bars and her beam is way better then Nastia and she can back up an injury on vault and floor. She can be the 2nd vaulter

      • JAS4 Says:

        If Alicia comes through with her FHS double and floor I think the team of Jordyn, Aly, Kyla, Gabby, and Alicia would be a strong team because you are taking less risk with more AA and Alicia is at least capable on 3 events but even if you took Maroney or Sloan instead of Alicia I think it would be better because they are AAers as well it just seems a bit risky to take someone who can only do two events given the injury history and I don’t know why Marta has the whole world thinking the USA needs bars/beam specialist when if anything they need bars/floor specialist I think it’s because she is trying to make a case for Nastia so she keeps saying bars/beam specialist but she is completely forgetting about floor unless Gabby, Kyla, Alicia, or Maroney start pulling close to a 15+ on floor

      • JAS4 Says:

        I also think that if Kyla can beat Aly and Gabby or even Jordyn but especially Aly and Gabby in the AA I think it will help keep her spot safe from Nastia

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Say Kyla finishes second AA where IMO she is most likely to be who does Marta replace Nastia with?

        Aly , The girl that always hits but has wishy washy form or Mckayla the one event gymnast, competing AA but pretty useless on every event but vault and possibly floor?

        IMO the only team tahty makes sense is Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby, Aly and Mckayla.

        Honestly the only athlete I can see this team with out is Mckayla.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I think that would be the best team with only the exception of trading Alicia and Maroney of Alicia comes through with her stuff but to put a two event person like Nastia on the team is not only screwing a person like Kyla or Gabby out of a spot but it could also screw the team because of two vaulters or floor people are injured what are they going to do with Nastia

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You have a great point. I can only hope and pray that Marta is playing the games she played with Hollie with Nastia and there is no spot for her on this team.

        It makes no sense to take a 2 event gymnast on a team where 3 athletes have to compete in team finals and only 5 members are on the team totally.

        I hope she is using Nastia to motivate everyone else.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah if Marta is determined to have a bars specialist is Bridget does well she could fill that spot much better because she is an AAer and her floor and beam look decent as well so far and even if she only vaults a FTY or DTY at least she has a vault that could be used if two vaulters were injured and as much as I am hoping Alicia gets her floor and the FHSD I wish she still trained bars even if they were like Aly’s or worse at least she would have them if needed

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I think Christina and I are making the same prediction – that Nastia will be on the team doing beam and bars. I am not saying that’s the way it should be, just that I think Marta is going to bend over backwards to put her on the team. At least that is the way Marta has been talking.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I agree with you I think Marta wants Nastia on the team regardless the only wy she might not be on the team is if Gabby, Kyla, Bridget, and Bross all beat her bars and she doesn’t place top three on beam but I have a feeling Marta will make sure she places top three on both events

  17. Kel Says:

    Team: Jordyn, Aly, Kyla, Gabby, Mckayla (Alternates: Nastia, Sarah, Rebecca)

    I still think there is a great chance Marta will put Nastia on the team. I hope not…I hope politics doesn’t dictate who is on the team. I think it would be really interesting if someone other than Jordyn wins Nationals and/or Trials.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    My Team Locks would be Jordyn, Aly, Kyla, Gabby and the 5th spot is shaky. I really think we need another Floor worker more than Bars (unless Kyla upgrades?). Or unless Rebecca Bross was doing Floor… if she had her pre-injury Floor we would have our UB/FX specialist we so desperately need to make the puzzle work! But I digress…

    1st Choice: Bridget only IF her Bars and Floor can be used in TF (huge ?????).
    VT – Kyla/Gabby, Aly, Jordyn
    UB – Bridget, Kyla, Gabby
    BB – Aly, Jordyn, Kyla
    FX – Bridget, Jordyn, Aly

    2nd Choice: McKayla only IF her Floor can be used in TF (highly unlikely IMO). The benefit to this one is Gabby only has to do Bars.
    VT – Aly, Jordyn, McKayla
    UB – Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby
    BB – Aly, Jordyn, Kyla
    FX – McKayla, Jordyn, Aly

    3rd Choice: Alicia IF her Floor can be used in TF (i.e. her floor is better than Maroney and others). I do not like this one because Aly would have to do bars in TF if someone is injured, she can still get low 14s but not TF worthy.The benefit to this one is Gabby only has to do Bars.
    VT – Aly, Jordyn, Alicia
    UB – Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby
    BB – Aly/Alicia, Jordyn, Kyla
    FX – Alicia, Jordyn, Aly

    And finally my 4th Choice but probably Marta’s Pick: A Bar worker who Adds more to the Team score than Bridget, McKayla, or Alicia can on other events. The only two who mathematically could do this are Anna and Nastia (maybe Bross?) I do not like this one because then we have to use Gabby on Floor (again, unless Kyla upgrades?). This team looks Likely since we all know Marta wants Nastia and she already said McKayla is a no-go for one event and I doubt she will score high enough of floor.
    VT – Kyla/Gabby, Aly, Jordyn
    UB – Kyla, Gabby, Nastia
    BB – Aly/Nastia, Jordyn, Kyla
    FX – Gabby or upgraded Kyla, Jordyn, Aly

    Alt to this team: Sarah, Sabrina, Bross.

  19. sanitynmotion Says:

    I’ve had the benefit of reading everyone else’s posts here before I make my prediction, so with that in mind I have the following comments:

    1. I agree with GTT’s initial team selection – I honestly think that’s where Marta’s mind is right now too, with Maroney’s spot on more shaky grounds for being solid on only one event.

    2. I also agree if Nastia hits, Marta will want/have to take her – let’s be honest, it’s great promotional material for USAG, and now that SJ is out of the picture, Nastia makes the best “story” for former Olympian comeback. They’ve been building up this comeback for weeks with non-stop press releases and promotion. If Nastia hits, Nastia will either take Kyla or Maroney’s spot.

    That being said about Nastia, it will come down to floor:

    Scenario 1: If Nastia takes Maroney’s spot, either Kyla or Gabby will have to do floor (again, Kyla please upgrade).

    Scenario 2: If Nastia takes Kyla’s spot, either Gabby or Maroney will have to do floor (Maroney, please hit).

    I hate the fact that it all revolves around Nastia but let’s face it: it kind of does. I would love to enter in Bridget or Sarah, but I’m not sure they are high enough (at this point) on Marta’s radar.

    Yet I’ve never been right in my pre-selections for this sort of thing – Marta always throws me in for a loop. Like when Anna Li, Sabrina Vega, and Gabby Douglas made worlds last year (over Shawn).

  20. gymster Says:

    I could see, if Bridget beats Kyla on 2/3 events (not including vault), leaving Kyla home and taking Bridget. The only thing Kyla has that is really ‘special’ is that Amanar- and if you are taking Jordyn, Aly, Gabby, and McKayla, you have enough- Kyla’s is the least solid (except for Gabby, but she is on the team for bars alone, not even taking into account vault).

    The case that could be made for Alicia, imo, stands firmly on her floor and her 2TH. If she has a competitive floor, and her vaults beat Maroney, she could find herself on the team.

  21. newbie Says:

    Does anyone know what time live webcast starts on USAGYM.org??

  22. jewelz Says:

    After 2nite my team
    prelims Aly
    1 Gabby
    2 Jordyn
    3 McKayla
    prelims gabby
    1 kyla
    2 jordyn
    3 aly
    prelims aly
    1 jordyn
    2 kyla
    3 gabby
    prelims Mckayla
    1 gabby
    2 aly
    3 jordyn

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