Steve Penny tries to force Chellsie into retirement

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You can read the article here. I don’t know where to start.

Thanks to rhodanyc for posting the article.


23 Responses to “Steve Penny tries to force Chellsie into retirement”

  1. Biyatch Says:

    Steve Penny would have been better off keeping his mouth shut. He comes off as further of an ass.

  2. tulip Says:

    Steve Penny is an absolute piece of garbage. Calling her like that. Classless. And good for Andy for speaking the truth. I have an awful feeling that the dirty tricks and games are just beginning.

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    Wow and gosh what a great piece of dirty laundry to air in an Olympic year….This helps the team how exactly steve penny? And I’m sure your sponsors secret, Hilton, Proctor and Gamble, Visa, Kellogs, all must LOVE this publicity. Because next Chellsie Memmel’s not so nice fans that don’t back down against injustice might send emails to sponsors linking the petition. In fact we should write to the VPs of sales and marketing for all of these companies… Shouldn’t be that challenging of a list to come up with…. Or the press contacts for inquiries… Those are on every web page

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The Sponsers are next. I will work on this tomorrow.

      I cannot believe he had the nerve to tell her to retire and then call his PAYING CUSTOMERS names.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I think this is P&G:

        I don’t know what is the best approach, should we all just bombard the sponsors?

      • exgymgurl Says:

        whatever sponsor contacts you find just copy and past a link to either the journal sentinel article, the petition or the other one and simply ask them why their brand and their product supports an organization that is making unclassy disparaging comments about it’s athletes and treating one of its most decorated athletes unfairly.

        I’m sure thats why Kellogs, Visa etc all wanted to be a part of usa gymnastics.

        You can just say very simply Is this what your company supports? Because I dont and I will spend my $$ elsewhere

        short sweet to the point, someone in their ecomm will respond, if you write back it goes to a supervisor, if you write back again you may get a phone call. In any case every email you send costs them $$ and doesnt help their business. Trust me they will keep track of them and someone at the top will know. Course if you can find their VPs of sales / marketing even better

        Someone should write Ellen, didnt she have Jordyn on earlier this year? She would probably have Chellsie on considering how classy she has been through all of this

      • Gymbee Says:

        I saw someone tweeted the Ellen Show about this. I tweeted Visa, linking the journal sentinel article.

        Good idea about emailing all of them. I am so pissed about this I will do my best to boycott the brands that sponsor USAGym.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        This is great. I think before we urge a boycott of the sponsors, let’s get them ON OUR SIDE. Show them what’s been going on. We can boycott them if they poise no action. Obviously Penny has no class, and when they question him he’ll probably get more outraged and, like Joe Biden, will not know how to insert foot in mouth.

        Maybe we should post stuff on all sponsor’s Twitter/Facebook pages too – at least post this article and concerns about how poorly USA gymnastics is ran and how bogus and political it is and how athletes (most of whom are minors) are being treated unfairly after showing consistent and determined support for this organization. Demonstrate the boot camps and how they cause injuries and how ONE person has all control and there are no checks and balances. I really like the idea of petitioning to the sponsors. That will definitely wake USAG up – when their financial support starts withdrawing. Money talks!

  4. Exgymgurl Says:

    I can… The sponsors need to see this article linked. We should do a cut and paste letter with their email addresses phone numbers…

  5. Exgymgurl Says:

    If you email Steve penny copy so that Chellsie and co can see what we are sending and that we are nice and cordial considering……

    • JAS4 Says:

      Love how he says her fans aren’t so nice but he has the nerve to try to get Chellsie to retire to cover his own self and USA Gymnastics in case you didn’t know mr. Penny that’s not so nice!

  6. Gymbee Says:

    Oh my god I’m almost shaking with anger over this! How dares he! I am sure they are sitting over there just thinking they can ride out the storm, and that the “not so nice” fans will back down after nationals is over.
    We gotta keep on going. I want them to lose sponsors over this or at least get sponsors asking questions and get more bad press.

    Btw, Andy Memmel rocks. I always had a good impression of him.

  7. Dee Says:

    Wow. Way to go, Steve. I really have nothing to say to that except that it changes a lot of my feelings towards USAG.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Dee Gymbee at least its out in the main stream press. Steve Penny may lose his job over this quietly resign or retire or something because if there is enough pressure from the clubs in USAG that pay the dues like the Memmels club does, they dont want to be represented like that. They PAY his salary.

      What is sad to me is that his behavior and the arrogance of his quotes confirm the WORST of what the doubters have thought for a really long time.

      Im waiting because I think next we are going to hear Shawn Johnson come out and say that she was asked to retire quietly. That may be why she’s not training as much as a lot of us would like….

      This is like #donnamartingraduates old school 90210 and
      from the wizard of oz…

      #paynoattentiontothemanbehindthecurtain (that would be Steve Penny)

    • Gymbee Says:

      This quote is from a true bully:

      Asked about exceptions the organization has made for other gymnasts, Penny said, “We could spend hours talking about the circumstances. This situation is very unique and has its own set of circumstances.”

      Basically shooting down the question from the reporter, making him seem dumb for not knowing the “circumstances” are different.

  8. formergymgirl Says:

    This Steve Penny seems like a right ass. Seriously, he has no integrity whatsoever. I mean, making comments like that is just going to fuel the fire and shows him for the kind of person he must really be. There would have been absolutely nothing wrong with letting Chellsie compete at nationals despite what happened last weekend. No harm at all. The girl is obviously still a huge talent. Why not let her show the country what she has and let her go out in style and on her terms. It’s a disgrace asking her to announce her retirement. Her and her alone should make that decision, not be told when to. What special set of circumstances is he talking about? To me she seemed much more of a valuable asset to the USA Olympic team than Nastia would be. I mean, wasn’t she training all around? I saw her podium training floor on Youtube. She looked strong. She has dedicated pretty much her whole life to our wonderful sport, had some amazing successes and is a true iron lady in terms of competitiveness. She has torn her body up just to try and get in shape for this last goal of hers and I can’t believe she is being denied the chance just because of one poor performance. Isn’t Classiscs deemed more of a warm up competition than anything of greast importance? I know it’s a qualifying meet for nationals but surely someone with Chellsie’s reputation and past successes doesn’t need to prove herself. I live in England and don’t really understand how USA gymnastics runs the show over there but it seems to be very unfair and very inconsistent. Maybe the folks who run the show at USA gymnastics were getting a bit nervous by Chellsie. I really believe that Marta and co have already picked the Olympic team. They are just going through their “process” in order to look like they are being fair (even though everyone knows they’re not). She seems to make excuses for the gymnasts she favours. For Andy Memmell to say that she has her “princesses” it must be true. As for Andy Memmell, way to go! How wonderful of him to stand up as a father and coach and say it just how he see’s it to the press. USA have some immensely talented gymnasts. Thing is, the way the selection process is run is abolsutely ridiculous. Why feel the need for 3 qualifying comps and camp verifications. Use nationals and trials to decide the team and stick to it. Forget camp verifications and all this behind the scenes garbage and spend the last month preparing the team as a unit, getting them to bond, taking care not to work them too hard so they don’t peak too early and get injuries that will just get worse. I fear that by the time the girls get to London their bodies will be shot and they will falter. It will all be Marta’s fault because this is what happened in 2008. She should have learnt her lesson,

    • JAS4 Says:

      I think they are nervous because Chellsie could be a much better candidate for the team than Nastia because she could be used for bars and floor where Nastia would probably only be used for bars because there are enough good beam workers and at least Chellsie trains AA so she can fill in anywhere in case of injury they are afraid she will be a much better choice for the team than Nastia and apparently that is unacceptable for Marta and Steve Penny

  9. formergymgirl Says:

    Again, only an outsider looking in because I don’t live in the US but, it seems to me like USA gymnastics pick out their next “It” girl and just plaster her all over the place, big her up at all the competitions, make excuses for her if she makes mistakes whereas they come down hard on the other gymnasts if they make similar mistakes. An example of this is Gabby Douglas. She seems like the most recent It Girl. They deliberately put her in the American Cup to cause an upset. IG Magazine made a huge point of highlighting the fact that even though she wasn’t officially competing she beat Jordyan who is the current national champion. I think the headline was something like “Jordyn wins American Cup but Gabby steals the show”. I find it disrespectul to all of her fellow gymnasts. Sure, her bars set is pretty good but unless the others in the UB final at the Olys fall then I don’t see Gabby medalling. She will be behind Komova, Tweddle and probably a chinese gymnast or Mustafina. Her floor is horrendous. European judges hate floor routines like that.
    Just on the point of the Olympics and the Russains, etc. I really think that if Marta puts the right team out then it’s USA’s to lose, I don’t know what the Chinese have got but the Chinese always make me nervous – they seem to make mistakes under pressure. Having watched the European Champs not so long ago I am not convinced by Russia. This really dissapoints me as I would love them to start kicking ass again but, they looked dishevelled, unprepared, sloppy and half-assed. Their form on vault is pretty awful and they weren’t scoring very highly. They just didn’t look strong or have any real competitive spirit. Romaina are doing better but I don’t think they have all that strength in depth. Iordache is the next big thing but on some events she scores quite low.

  10. sanitynmotion Says:

    Exactly. This year it’s Marta’s gold medal to lose. It’s also her THIRD CHANCE of winning Olympic gold during a period when USA is heavily favored and coming off of a world championship win. If that gold medal isn’t achieved (and especially if it isn’t achieved because of injury), SHE. SHOULD. BE. FIRED. End of story.

    There’s a special place in hell for Pennyman. I hope this really exposes the organization for what it truly is. Chellsie, you might just be going out in style after all.

    • formergymgirl Says:

      There seems to be too much internal competitiveness in the US the girls are constantly being compared and asked to verify themselves too much. Look at the Romanians. They are like a family. Of course they will always be rivals on the competition floor in individual events but as a team they are tight. They are like sisters. With all the comps and camps the US girls have to go through they are being asked to peak multiple times and eventually they will burn out. Why have the trials so close to the actual olympics? It gives little time for preparation as a team unit. I bet the girls won’t even know till they get on that plane to London whether they are actually competing or not. Also, i don’t get why nationals is decided over two days. Seems a bit too intense. I don’t understand either why Anna Li got through to nationals because she completely hashed bars and floor.

  11. Me:) (@BessieMooFan) Says:

    I agree that denying Chellsie the chance to compete at Visas was not a classy way for USAG to handle it and that it was probably done to show Chellsie what she gets for not attending Marta’s camps. However, anyone saying they were getting “nervous” is wrong. Chellsie was in no way a threat to Nastia’s or anyone else’s spot on the Olympic team. I mean come on, the girl couldn’t even stay on the single event she was able to compete. I do think they should have let Chellsie through to Visa’s however, and allow her to end her career with dignity instead of further embarrassment.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I kind of agree with you she wasn’t a threat to Nastia and her one bar routine but Chellsie had this knack for showing up and kicking ass like she did last year until bars and in 08. She was a threat to what Marta wanted.

      • Casc Says:

        She wasn’t a threat to Nastia… yet. But if you think how fast is she able to improve when healthy (double layout on floor anyone?), then you know that it wasn’t impossible. Chellsie is an all-arounder, but she gets a very good scores on bars and floor (which is kinda unique, when a lot of all-arounders are the ones who whose bars strategy is just “survival”). And nobody has to be an expert to see, that these two events are the key to building a golden team. There are two months before London and I believe Chellsie could be prepared – especially if she would know, that she is going to do bars and floor only. Anyway, denying her chance to try is unbelievably stupid, when there is possibility that they will actually need her (even if not a big one).

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