Chellsie Talks and SIGN the petition

SIGN the petition

Listen to it here

Chellsie is doing okay. It is a very tough time and thinks it is a little harder when others make the decisions. Would have liked to have made it through a little further, at least Nationals

Plans on starting a new chapter of her life.

She is disappointed and expressed those feelings to USA-Gymnastics. It must be a hard decision for usa-g to make but it was hard on her, disappointing that they don’t want to give her a chance. Things happen for a reason and this is what they decided.

Lots of fans support, mentions the petition. Could not ask for better fans.

Announcers keep trying to goad her into the political discussions. Admits there is politics in every sport, life, jobs , everything. She had dealt with politics before. Doesn’t think it will ever change.

Is taking things day at by day time. Wants to tour and see the fans. Took the judges course. Can do that if she chooses. Maybe College. Loves to learn.

Gymnastics has been her life for twenty plus years but it’s scary it won’t be the for front anymore.

She will root for the US. The girls work hard. She will watch the Olympics.


Chellsie was all class in this interview but USA-gymnastics wouldn’t know what that word means.


Bleacher report article.



21 Responses to “Chellsie Talks and SIGN the petition”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:


  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    She could barely get through that shame on steve penny Marta and Terin Humphrey.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I liked it better when she was keeping quiet. It gave me hope. Now that she is talking that scares me.

  3. Aerial Says:

    Well, no matter what people think of her gymnastics or her refusal to Nats, anyone who listens to that can’t deny she is a truly lovely, humble and gracious person. How could you not cheer for her?

    I have secretly been hoping she continued to train this week just in case the s hit the fan and she ended up being allowed to go to Nationals. I am still waiting for that apparent release they were going to make to appease the fans and stop the increasing bad press and questioning of their organization and protocols with many articles popping up. (Good work Misty et al!!!)

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I’ve said before I think generally speaking these gymnasts are excellent role models for girls. I just listened to this with my daughters. What an outstanding example of how to handle things the right way when things don’t go your way. She is first class in every way.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I hope she is continuing to train at least until nationals I mean she has trained all these years what’s a few more weeks

  5. JAS4 Says:

    That last comment was me WordPress put anonymous and I didn’t realize lol

  6. rhodanyc Says:

    Andy Memmel takes the gloves off! Can’t believe those assholes asked her to retire. Love this blog, btw.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thank you for this article. This means war for this blog.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Wow. Andy didn’t pull any punches did he. It’s all 100% true.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Andy is my new hero. Obviously Chellsie’s extremely upset. I feel terrible. I hope she never retires and sticks it in Marta’s face. Maybe she can go to Worlds in 2013 and beat K Ohashi.

  7. missy Says:

    wow Chellsie is such a class act, she is obviously disappointed but she respects the decision made. I really hope they allow her to compete at National, but it doesn’t seem to be looking good. Hopefully I am wrong!

  8. Lauren Says:

    this may have been posted on another of the Chellsie posts, but I just read this article on Deadspin, and it’s quite a nice summation of all that is wrong with this…

  9. terrigymfan Says:

    GTT: I would like to suggest another topic. Ask everyone for examples of gymnasts Marta Karolyi has screwed over in retribution for some perceived slight. Chellsie Memmel is of course on the list. I bet with all the historical knowledge of those who read this blog we could come up with about twenty. Whoever submits an example should explain who the gymnast was. what they (or somebody associated with them) did to piss Marta off, and what she did to get them back. I will even volunteer to summarize all the submissions into one convenient “laundry list” when it is done.

    • JAS4 Says:

      That’s a good idea then we should send that list to Steve Penny as well lol

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      REALLY good idea Terri! We should send that list to all the press. They’d LOVE this s*it. Any kind of controversy. Well – we know Moceanu would join in, muahahaha…the good thing about it is that she “does” have fans. She’s loud and in the media’s face, all the time, whenever she can be. Maybe we can use her craziness to get the point across to everyone. Although…I’d totally prefer a different person. Maybe Shawn Johnson will eventually speak out (probably not, because she doesn’t want anything negative going along with her image)…hrm.

      Other people I can think of that USAG has screwed over: Vanessa Atler, Hollie Vise, Courtney Mckool (right? Wasn’t she pissed Marta benched her at the Olys?), …ok I need to think about more. I’m still just SO PISSED at Steve Penney right now.

    • GymJustin Says:

      Where do I start with that laundry list?
      Kim Kelly (major controversy with her being left off the 92 team despite a 6th place finish at trials),
      Vanessa Atler (another 6 place finisher at 2000 trials denied spot on team),
      Dominique Moceanu petition denial and grievance in 2005, Tasha Schwikert being left off the 2004 team due to ”behavior issues”, and now Chellsie. This isn’t including the list of athletes that have petitioned to be placed on the team without even going to nationals or trials (Betty Okino, again, Dominique Moceanu on the other end of the knife and Shannon Miller, and Annia Hatch in 2004)

  10. Gymbee Says:

    “We absolutely adore Chellsie Memmel and want to support her, but it’s pretty clear as to what the benchmarks are.” -steve penny.

    NO, it’s not clear what the benchmarks are! Unless he is talking about they are clear for gymnasts Marta doesn’t like, but less clear for say, Shawn, who was allowed to compete at nationals last year? In that case, yes they are clear: if marta hates you, just retire.

  11. Blake Smith (@bloksmit) Says:

    Chellsie Fucking Memmel!! She just cemented her BAMF status after that. Such class!! I hope USAG and Marta get what’s coming to them for all they’ve done to Chellsie and other athletes!!!

  12. Katie Says:

    I never post, but one more thought on press …. NPR loves these human interest stories.

  13. Alex Says:

    Just sent this to Steve Penny and will send to other USAG people as well:
    Dear Mr. Penny:
    I am writing regarding the recent decision to deny Chellsie Memmel’s petition to nationals.
    I have been following the story since the Secret competition, and I have to say that your recent statement was deeply disappointing to me.
    I have been a longtime fan of USA Gymnastics, and a spokesperson in my community for our sport. I participated in gymnastics as an athlete, then coach and judge, and have used my social network to promote viewership for national competitions, as well as local sanctioned competitions.
    I was hoping that you and USAG would use this opportunity to make a positive statement for the sport. Women’s gymnastics is a sport that has always seemed shrouded in secrecy and politics. This secrecy, along with the recent changes to the code and scoring, have created a sport that has become less than fan-friendly. This Chellsie situation was a priceless opportunity for USAG. The fans– hardcore and not– galvanized to support Chellsie. This was, and still could be, an opportunity for USAG to create a positive relationship and camaraderie with fans. If we gymnastics supporters felt like we could be heard, it would be a terrific opportunity to create brand and sport loyalty. Instead, we are told that what the fans want doesn’t matter, that decisions can be made according to whatever rules the committee decides to apply to each situation, and that, most importantly, Chellsie will not be given the opportunity she so deserves. This makes the sport even less approachable and appealing.

    I understand that no sport can be governed by committee (in this case by USAG and the fans), but I don’t believe it would set an intolerable precedent to allow fans to feel confidence in their sport’s governing body and let them know they’ve been heard. In fact, I believe this gesture of goodwill would go far in creating longtime USAG fans.
    Of course, at the heart of this matter is the issue we fans are concerned with. Please be just and allow Chellsie to compete at nationals. Just think of the positive spin the media could put on this comeback story, rather than the bitter taste we’ve all been left with.
    With Respect,

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