Gabby Douglas the new Shayla Worley. Chellsie petition, SIGN

The second I heard about this link from a member of this blog it brought up memories of Shayla Worley and 2008. Asking people for money to get her family to an Olympics she didn’t even qualify for yet?

I am not adding the link because I will not help this girl who has an agent use people for money to get her family anywhere. What is wrong with this childs mother? Anyone that wants to send her mother and siblings to London is an idiot.

I wonder if they will keep the money like Shayla’s mother did when Shayla didn’t make it?

The path to living the Olympic dream is one of dedication, hard work and sacrifice. Gabrielle’s time and commitment to her sport has …The path to living the Olympic dream is one of dedication, hard work and sacrifice. Gabrielle’s time and commitment to her sport has spanned the distance of 10 years. She has given up all the “normal” things that most people take for granted. But if you ask her right now, she would say that it is all worth it.

It is sad when bloggers try and make themselves part of the story. Giving money anonymously, fine but signing your name? wow

Did you know that someone involved with the US forced Bridget Sloan to give up her Olympic pass so Shayla could visit the Olympic Village and hang out with queenie? Crazy

Hey did you also know that there is a petition to force USA-Gymnastics to let Chellsie compete at Nationals? I wasn’t sure I mentioned it on this blog yet:)



17 Responses to “Gabby Douglas the new Shayla Worley. Chellsie petition, SIGN”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Didn’t Gabby go pro so they could have money? And about the Bridget Sloan thing why am
    I not surprised lol

  2. Gymbee Says:

    Jeez. Thought she went pro? Can’t she pay for it herself?
    I can’t believe Bridget Sloan had to give up her pass! That’s completely ridiculous – an Olympic accreditation pass are personal, more or less like a passport for the duration of the games.

  3. Blake Smith (@bloksmit) Says:

    Poor Gabby, maybe she should just live with that family in Iowa from now on.

  4. sanitynmotion Says:

    Are you kidding about Bridget Sloane? Why?! I don’t know if Shayla would have made the team anyways. What a brat.

    As for Gabby’s mother that behavior isn’t surprising coming from her. I’d be embarrassed if I were Gabby. I am not going to hold Gabby to her mother’s actions though…not yet. Kind of on the fence there.

    I still think Gabby should be on the team over Nastia or Bross (sorry, her bars are consistently better than Bross, and Bross can’t seem to NOT fall on her dismount). And Gabby’s beam is improving a lot. Her leaps are great. She had two falls last year during nationals but since then she hasn’t fallen off the beam in competition (although I think at Classics having a hand come down on the beam qualifies as a fall, so that might not be accurate). In any event, her score at Classics was the same as Kyla Ross’ (who also didn’t do what she could have done on beam, although I think she was a bit underscored given what they gave Nastia for missed connections and even Gabby for the hand on beam) and it was a mistake that could easily be fixed. She didn’t fall apart after making it either, which is really good. So I think giving her the “headcase” title is a bit unfair – especially considering Bross has made way more mistakes in competitions and yet just because her “demeanor” is serious/focused nobody calls her anything close to what they call Gabby. I also think Gabby has great tumbling on floor – I mean, the kid has potential. Whether or not she makes it to London I hope she sticks around because when she cleans up her idiosyncrasies she would be the one to watch. Too bad she has a fame whore of a mother.

  5. Aerial Says:

    I don’t like when the actual person or immediate family member asks for donations from others, especially in these economic times. Both requests at the time turned my stomach.

    I think that Gabby’s family is in a different place than Shayla’s, but still. I would hope that if it were me, if I had Gabby’s fanbase, or I was a likely Olympian – my gym community, or that my best friends or someone else would start a fundraising initiative and publicize it. I cannot imagine my parents asking for financial help although they would definitely sacrifice everything to be at the Olympics and not being there for such a glorious accomplishment is something they would never live with. If they needed help, I cannot imagine them writing a self-righteous letter like the Worleys, wanting to fund a relaxing holiday for the extended family, or even a nicer post like Gabby’s mom.

    Like I said, I would hope that my community might pull together for me and do initiatives there. I always love when I see that stuff happen locally if we have a potential athlete. Plus, it’s not the athlete or parents themselves naming a monetary amount and saying, “Send us a cheque”… no matter if the money will be used well or not if their child doesn’t make it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Gabby’s mother is having financial issues due to stuff she let happen. Shayla being rich is besides the point (IMO) both situations, asking for money before you make the team is what is wrong.

  6. terrigymfan Says:

    In previous years USA Gymnastics paid for the parents of the team members to go to the Olympics. When did they stop doing that? I think its absurd they don’t at least do that
    given how much money these athtletes are goong to make for the international and US Olympic committees as well as USA Gymnastics.

  7. terrigymfan Says:

    That’s mighty generous of them.

  8. gabbyfan Says:

    ** Although the Olympic team won’t be announced until July 1st, we believe Gabby will be be a part of this team. However should she not be named to the team, all money will be donated to Our Military Kids Org ( Gabrielle received a grant from this fund to use towards her gymnastic expenses when when she competed in the Jr Olympic program**

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am going to try and stay calm here but if you have read this blog you know that isn’t a possibility but your quote should have been up on the petition from the beginning.

  9. Catherine Says:

    They didn’t make Bridget give Shayla her pass . . . They could have got Shayla a visitors pass but it was just easier for her to go into them using one of their passes!!

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