Chellsie Memmel petition update. Guess who just signed it?

1 minute ago

Shawn Johnson (Des Moines, IA)
4 minutes ago

If you needed to know who your true friend was Chellsie you should look at the names on this petition.

Don’t forget to sign the petition

Recent Signatures

Josef Klinterhafer (Columbus, IN)
1 minute ago
Kylie Pollard (Rockhampton, Australia)
2 minutes ago
5 minutes ago
Anthony Gulley (New Castle, IN)
6 minutes ago
Sherry Johnson (Rochester, NY)
7 minutes ago

Shawn Johnson (Des Moines, IA)
9 minutes ago
Mary Morris (Doylestown, PA)
11 minutes ago
Darrin Stracener (Waxahachie, TX)
11 minutes ago
Ali Guess (Portland, OR)
11 minutes ago
Rachael Anderson (Marysville, WA)
11 minutes ago

How long before Nastia signs it to look good?????????

IG Magazine just retweeted the link to Chellsie’s petition. How nice, 12 in the middle of the night. Thanks for that help now PUT IT ON YOUR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Random, non gym related happy me

White out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kings win
Sox win


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32 Responses to “Chellsie Memmel petition update. Guess who just signed it?”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    I’m glad to see at least someone on the national team is willing to stand up for Chellsie!

  2. yay Says:

    Glad this is getting the attention it should

  3. Kelly Says:

    awesome. everybody watch!

    • MacStabby Says:

      Great video! Well done, and very moving.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Reminds me: Anna Li’s floor (while the choreo was nice) was an absolute complete mess. She can’t hit bars in a competition to save her life. Her beam was so-so. Yet SHE gets a pass to nationals even though she wasn’t really named to the world team – she was an alternate. Memmel would have done much better at nationals overall than Anna Li – I would bet money on it. I bet she would bring in a higher bars score too.

  4. nero Says:

    Doesn’t Shawn live in West Des Moines, Iowa? IMPOSTER!!! JK 🙂 I wonder how many current/former gymnasts have signed it

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The names I have seen are Josh Dixon, Vanessa Atler, Shawn Johnson and Kathy Johnson.

      I think that is it of the names I have seen.

      Not sure is Kelly Kim is Kim Kelly,

      • K Says:

        No Dominique Moceanu? lol

      • terrigymfan Says: says there is a “Kim D, Kelly” living in Portsmouth, Va. Not sure if she is Kim Kelly the gymnast.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I don’t think it’s Kim Kelly the former elite gymnast. I just checked with a friend who says she is pretty sure she lives im Alabama.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Dominique didn’t sign it? Weird. This is another reason why I love Shawn Johnson. Now I don’t really care if she might be dragging us fans along with her training; she’s just awesome. Period.

        May she show up to nationals and wipe the floor with everyone. And may her bars outscore Nastia’s watered-down crapola.

        Is the petition process over? I was wondering – is there a way to get it out to all of the NCAA gymnasts? I’m sure a lot of them would sign it (Mattie Larson)…if not just to give a slap to Marta Karolyi’s face.

  5. pikedfullin Says:

    Don’t forget about Paul Ruggeri!

  6. nero Says:

    Since we’re all on the topic of Chellsie I was thinking what other events in Beijing she would have done if she wasn’t injured. It’s hard to say because she wasn’t scored on anything else besides bars

    I don’t think she would have done beam. Alicia scored .025 less than Shawn and Nastia in prelims.

    Maybe she would have done floor but I’m not so sure. Between Visa’s and trials she scored anywhere between 15.1 to 15.8. But I think with her tumbling form and leaps she would have been hit hard on E score even more than Shawn. Shawn was scoring in the 16s on floor and in Beijing scored 15.4-15.5 with all of her tumbling passes. I think it’s safe to say she would score at least .5 less

    Alicia struggled both in podium training and prelims so maybe she would have been replaced by Chellsie

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I think there would have been a good chance Chellsie would have competed floor, especially after Alicia’s fall on beam – I could see Marta telling Chellsie to “get ready” the way she did to Mohini on beam in ’04. I also think Chellsie would have had the chance to at least qualify to apparatus finals in floor and beam…I don’t remember what happened to her bars that she didn’t make a final – probably didn’t hit the landing or something in quals.

  7. Thegirl Says:

    Well, so far my printer HATES me….. But all the printing is going well. With signatures and comments it comes out to about 100 pages, glad I bought a lot of paper! I’m also emailing it, so far to most of USAG, now emailing to the media, including NBC, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Associated Press, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, etc. Any ideas on who else to send it to or if you find any media email addresses, please let me know. The more the better.

  8. exgymgurl Says:

    I forwarded a link to the petition to one of the gym writers on ESPN yesterday, and I’m so glad Shawn signed… whole new level of respect for her. As a shout out to my sister who was at trials in 84, Bart Conner fell twice and petitioned to the team….. I can’t imagine the 84 team without Bart Conner…. and Dominque Moceanu signed the petition all..

  9. LG Says:

    Hey Misty, ALso email to Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports, USA Today and anyone else who covered her not qualifying. It will be a good follow up post for them. Sports Illustrated also covered as did ESPN and also ESPN W. Let me know if you need contacts.

    • Thegirl Says:

      Hey there, I’ve so far sent emails to the following: usag, fig, associated press, milwaukee journal sentinel, chicago tribune, nytimes, st. louis post dispatch, nbcolympics, foxnews, espn, cbsnews, cnn/si, headline news. Getting the word out to NCAA gymnasts is a great idea. I’ll try the LA Times as well.

      Dominique Moceanu did sign the petition, as did her husband. I haven’t had the time to look through the list for gymnasts names but I know there has been a few who’ve signed.

  10. nero Says:

    So Shawn and Nastia are in the same rotation, I’m sure that was totally and completely a random coincidence. NBC seems to be on the Chellsie petition train, I’m sure they’re working on the fluff pieces as we speak.

    Not to mention Alicia’s achilles and Rebecca’s knee, we all love hearing about athletes coming back from injury

    Jordyn, the reigning world champ. Gabby and her dad, Aly the rock, Mckayla’s vault

    I expect more fluff pieces shown than actual gymnastics!

  11. nero Says:

    Does anyone know when the girls arrive for Visa’s? I’m guessing probably around Monday or Tuesday? That’s a pretty short turnaround from classics

  12. Sofia Says:

    I really think the fact that Shawn signed this petition shows guts, integrity and real character! She very well could have lessened her chances of being judged fairly at Nationals, but maybe she already knows that fairness wasn’t going to happen to her no matter what, so why not? Either way, I admire her, and i don’t hold my breath for Nastia to sign this! Put her neck on the line for a fellow gymnast?? Never gonna happen!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Plus we don’t know if it was actually her. Her name was signed but it could have been an imposter. We will never know but if she did sign it then she gets all my respect.

      • Sofia Says:

        Great point, duh, I should have realized that it might be a fake, lol. I hope it isn’t, as I would like to believe Shawn would and did sign it. Can you imagine what an awkward position these gymnasts are in? They must sympathize with Chelsie, but if they sign, surely the powers that be would ostracize them?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I understand these gymnasts have to look out for themselves. It isn’t fair to ask them to put their dreams in jeopardy. Marta would take it out on them.

        At the time I posted that Shawn had signed it it never crossed my mind it might now have been her but it could have been.

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